“CUYLLE HAND LUKE” Makes The Cut! Brodzinski, Harpur and Othmann Assigned to the Prison in Hartford; Wolf Pack’s Roster, Chytil Returns; Lafreniere Goes Away Day-To-Day, Lavy’s Line-Up, Gorton’s Greatest Trade, HBD To The Best NYR of All-Time & More

In what has to be the most positive news in all of Rangerstown, USA this weekend, the 21-year-old forward, BIG WILLIE STYLE CUYLLE (6’4″, 215 pounds – and yes – this is a Will Smith song reference – the horror!), and who arguably was the best Blueshirt on the ice during the club’s six exhibition matches too, made Peter Laviolette’s final roster cut. As a result, not only did the organization both take notice and reward Cuylle’s hard work – but they also made him the youngest player on this veteran-heavy team. What’s that motto? Oh yeah, “PLAY THE KIDS!”

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. October 12th, Game 1 of the Rangers’ 82-game schedule, is only a few more mere days away.

Prior to dropping the puck on this particular blog, I want to start off by giving you my mantra, my war-cry if you will, for this 2023-24 season one more time:


This mantra, motto, slogan, maxim, rallying cry, catchphrase, apothegm, adage or whatever other word that you want to describe the statement above as – these are the words that will open up every GAME REVIEW blog of this upcoming Rangers’ campaign – just as a daily reminder of the big picture at hand.

Similar to my once previous daily (and silly) pregame bets of a Blueshirts’ shutout via a 4-0 victory from the past two-years; this collection of 25-words will be the only thing running through my mind as I watch the Rangers this season – and nothing else.

Sure, there will be some GONZO overreactions during the next six-months or so, and in an attempt to both entertain you and lighten the mood during the dark times; but make no mistakes about it – the only thing that matters for this organization that’s promoting some words of their own, “WIN NOW”are the playoffs – and what they do once there.

(And we can only hope that happens – as that’s an assumption – and not a foregone conclusion.)

But of course, late April of 2024 (and hopefully – June of ’24 too) is still a ways to go and it’s the journey that always makes the reward that much sweeter.

For a franchise that once had a 54-year Stanley Cup drought, it will be extremely bitter should a new losing streak/drought hit 30-years-and-counting.

Another two-word phrase that everyone should be adopting and adhering to right now too?


At this time, let’s get into the news from the weekend.

Big Ben Harpur, who punched his way into the hearts of Ranger fans last season, was waived on Friday.

Following another dreadful preseason loss on Thursday night – and thank the hockey gods – the final exhibition affair too; come Friday, the Blueshirt players – and not management – had the day off.

The biggest news of the day was a 1-2 combination, as general manager Chris “ZOOM ZOOM” Drury, aka “The Pizza Man,” aka “JONG-UN,” and with his new head coach Peter Laviolette adding input into the decision too, decided to waive both defenseman Ben Harpur and forward Jonny Brodzinski.

As a result, the Rangers who got down to a 22-man roster with these two moves (and their final roster for opening night as well), pretty much told us that Will Cuylle had made the varsity squad.

Come Saturday, when the team returned to their training facility in Tarrytown, NY – the news was confirmed by both Cuylle and Laviolette himself – #50 is one of the 22-men who will spend this upcoming Thursday night in Buffalo, NY. (More on what both Cuylle and Lavy said below.)

I’ve been ranting and raving about Cuylle throughout training camp on this site, where even last Thursday night (https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/10523/ ), I said that he had to make the team.

While I felt (and still do feel) strong that Cuylle had earned his spot; at the same time, I wasn’t 100% sure that it was a done deal.

After all, another roster transaction from Friday?

The following:

I thought that Brennan Othmann played valiantly throughout training camp, but admittedly, he did seem to teeter off towards the end. Then again, so did everyone else besides a select few, including Cuylle, Kaapo Kakko, Erik Gustafsson and Nick Bonino.

When it comes to Othmann, the news of him being assigned to the Hartford Wolf Pack didn’t come as a surprise.

While sure, if this was a fair world devoid of guaranteed contracts, draft status and waiver eligibility, then he would’ve made the team over several other players, including the first-overall pick of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, you know, that Alexis Lafreniere feller.

However, and as we all know, this isn’t a fair world – and where those two little ugly words of “salary cap” negatively impact everything.

Heck, and as an aside, one look around the league will tell you as much, as nearly every club is carrying either 21- or 22-man rosters to begin the season – and not the former traditional 23-man rosters as it once was, and even as recently during the pre-pandemic seasons.

And yep, and as stated many times in the past on this site – the NHLPA is the worst union in sports – where as a result – both the league and the union have done no favors for the “blue collar” types – aka the players making “only” six-figures.

But alas, I digress!

Back to Othmann.

One thing that I’m 100% sure of, and this is a SPOILER and not a prediction? Barring injury, Brennan Othmann will make his NHL debut some time this season. Photo Credit: NYR

As we all know, and as discussed in this space to the point of redundancy – it was always the plan for Othmann to begin his professional career at the AHL level, and where yep – the slow, slow and did I say slow, progressions from the pair of recent Ranger draft lottery picks, Kakko and Lafreniere, is also part of it.

After all, you must be aware of the textbook definition of the word “insanity.”

Furthermore, when you also think about the “amazing” careers that two other lottery picks had during their days in New York, Lias Andersson and Vitali Kravtsov – then the safe call was to not go against the grain and promote Othmann from day one.

But of course, this is another case of how two conflicting things can both be true, because after all, in a fair fight, then Othmann would have won the job – and who knows – maybe he could be that rare Rangers’ diamond in the rough, the proverbial needle in the haystack – and who could waltz right into the NHL without a problem in the world.

However, the best bet and playing the odds as a result (Rangers’ history) was the right move – and who knows – should Othmann be able to dominate the American league – then perhaps he’ll be called up sooner than anyone expects.

Combine all of this with what’s been previously written on this site – then this is why I don’t think that Othmann’s “demotion” to Hartford was a big deal at all.

However, and as I continue to speak out both sides of my big-ass mouth (in my attempt to cover all bases) – had he made the final varsity cut – then yeah – that would’ve been a big deal.

What were big deals were the waiver wire transactions and the promotion of Cuylle.

Jonny Brodzinski, and his $762,500 cap-hit, were available to the whole league on Friday evening. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jonny Brodzinski, aka JONNY HOCKEY, the native of Ham Lake, MN and who turned 30-years-old this past June, was the victim of the Cuylle promotion – and much like how Harpur found himself in the same role as his captain in Hartford with Zac Jones making the Rangers’ varsity roster.

However, and with that said – Cuylle earned it.

Jones? Eh, not so much, as his contract/waiver eligibility status determined his fate.

While it’s a business, and while I also do believe that the Rangers made the right decision to promote Cuylle; at the same time, I also feel bad for the veteran of 101 NHL games (54 with the Kings, 3 with the Sharks and 44 with the Rangers).

Brodzinski, who will most likely triple his amount of NHL games played in the AHL this season (he’s played in 297 AHL games), isn’t getting any younger.

As everyone knows, in a way and despite some advancements in this department, the NHL still remains as a “Good Old Boys Club.”

What I mean by that is that more times than not at this time of the year, when NHL clubs are making their final roster cuts – opposing general managers won’t snag rival players – even if it will better their own organizations.

While sure, there are always exceptions to the rule, but put it this way:

Among the laundry list of names that were waived (and with the purpose of an AHL assignment following the waiver period) during the past several days – only one player went claimed by another team – Grigori Denisenko – and as Vegas did when Florida put him up for grabs.

What am I getting at here?

Simple – I thought a player like Brodzinski, a veteran-type, a positive locker room influence and a leader (he’s been the captain of the Hartford Wolf Pack for some time now), would’ve been a good fit for a struggling bottom-feeder club, a team in a rebuild that could use someone that possesses Brodzinski’s traits, such as the San Jose Sharks or Philadelphia Flyers.

However, that wasn’t the case, and just like Harpur (who was a victim of Jones’ contract – one where he can’t be assigned to the AHL without clearing waivers), Brodzinski will begin the season in Hartford – and with the Wolf Pack still holding on to their team captain.

Sadly (at least for them), it feels like a Brodzinski and Harpur Rangers’ return will only take place should an injury be sustained by someone on the current varsity roster.

Photo Credit: HWP

While the official social media accounts of the Rangers talked about these roster moves; as of right now, there’s nothing about them on the team’s official website.

However, once both Brodzinski and Harpur cleared waivers on Saturday at 2:00PM, the Hartford Wolf Pack posted the following press release on their website:

HARTFORD, CT – New York Rangers President and General Manager Chris Drury announced today that the club has assigned forward Jonny Brodzinski and defenseman Ben Harpur to the AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack.

Brodzinski, 30, appeared in 47 games with the Wolf Pack during the 2022-23 season. He scored 48 points (21 g, 27 a), good for the overall club lead. The native of Ham Lake, MN, also led the Wolf Pack in points-per-game with a 1.02 mark.

In 17 NHL games with the Rangers, Brodzinski recorded two points (1 g, 1 a) and a +3 +/- rating. He scored two points (1 g, 1 a) in five Calder Cup Playoff games with the Wolf Pack in 2023.

Brodzinski was named the 14th captain in Wolf Pack history on October 22nd, 2021. He has held the honor for each of the past two seasons.

In 297 career AHL games with the Wolf Pack, San Jose Barracuda, and Ontario Reign, Brodzinski has scored 242 points (115 g, 127 a). He’s also skated in 101 NHL games with the Rangers, San Jose Sharks, and Los Angeles Kings, scoring 17 points (9 g, 8 a).

Brodzinski was selected in the fifth round, 148th overall, by the Kings in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft.

Harpur, 28, split the 2022-23 campaign between the Wolf Pack and Rangers. He joined the Wolf Pack on a PTO on October 13th, 2022, then signed a one-year contract with the Rangers on October 27th, 2022.

In 17 games with the Wolf Pack a season ago, Harpur recorded five points (3 g, 2 a). That included a shorthanded goal in the club’s 4-2 victory over the Hershey Bears on November 20th, 2022.

Following his recall to the Rangers, Harpur dressed in 42 games with the club, notching six points (1 g, 5 a).

Harpur has appeared in 193 career AHL games with the Wolf Pack, Milwaukee Admirals, Toronto Marlies, Belleville Senators, and Binghamton Senators, scoring 61 points (10 g, 51 a). He’s also skated in 198 NHL contests with the Rangers, Nashville Predators, and Ottawa Senators, scoring 21 points (2 g, 19 a).

The native of Hamilton, ON, was selected in the fourth round, 108th overall, of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft by the Senators.

The Wolf Pack training camp roster now stands at 18 forwards, nine defensemen, and three goaltenders for a total of 30 players.

While I can’t claim to know much about the other teams in the AHL; from first glance, the Wolf Pack have a heck of a roster this season. Photo Credit: Joe C./BSU

As an outsider-looking-in, and because I only know what goes on in Hartford – and not everywhere else in the AHL – it’s my belief that the Wolf Pack have a team that could actually win the Calder Cup this season.

While expected-and-eventual call-ups would hurt the team’s chances (including goaltender Dylan Garand – who I think will take over for Jonathan Quick at some point this season – and that’s just my gut-feeling and not a fact); there’s a lot of talent (and a good mix of youth and veterans to boot) in Connecticut right now, including Matt REMPESTEIN, Brennan Othmann, Jonny Brodzinski, Ben Harpur, Adam Sykora, Adam Edstrom, Matthew Robertson, and someone that others are high on (I just don’t see it – at least not for the Rangers), Bobby Trivigno.

It’s just too bad that both Lafreniere and Jones would have to clear waivers to join them!

Sure, everyone loves “shiny new toys,” but Cuylle has the makings of becoming the real thing. Photo Credit: Philadelphia Flyers

Following Othmann being assigned to Hartford, and both Harpur and Brodzinski clearing waivers and then joining the Rangers’ 16th-overall pick of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft with the ‘Pack; on Saturday, October 7th, the Rangers reconvened for practice – and where yep – Cuylle was there too.

Who wasn’t there?

Alexis Lafreniere, as the team’s P.R. department announced that he was “day-to-day” with an “upper-body” injury.

Yep, you already know the joke that I have in my holster that I’m now going to fire at you:

I wonder if the injury was to his head, whether it be a mental issue that only a sports psychologist could fix, or worse than that – a hangover!

And let me clear – I AM JOKING. J-O-K-I-N-G!

That said, no one knows what’s ailing Lafreniere right now (besides he and the team), but what is known is that #13 missed what turned out to be a two-hour practice, the most intense skate that Laviolette has employed yet – and for a player that definitely needs the work – being MIA doesn’t help matters.

Speaking of Lafreniere; if you’ve been following both this site and my Twitter X account (@NYCTHEMIC), then you’re already aware of how I “broke” the story in regards to the rumors circulating around Lafreniere’s off-season.

If you don’t know, then just read my past few blogs or take a look at my account on Elon Musk’s app.

Why bring up this tired story again?

Easy – because the best reporter in the league, Elliotte Friedman, of SportsNet, backed me up on Friday, October 6th, via his “32 Thoughts” podcast.

Here’s a transcription of what was said – and with a courtesy to Michael Silvers who typed the whole thing up:

Transcription Credit: Mike S.

Let it be known that while I most certainly share all of my opinions with you on this site, where in a rare occurrence, some of these thoughts/predictions don’t pan out (so much for my Mats Zuccarello return idea!); at the same time, I don’t present my opinions as fact – which is why these blogs go on for so long – as I always feel like I have to use disclaimers/qualifying statements/prefaces (which funny enough, is what Peter Laviolette is now doing in all of press conferences too).

Another thing to be known?

I don’t make up stories for click bait – and as fully explained about 789678687967896796 times before.

Furthermore, I’m not a little weasel like Adam Herman either – as there will never be a time where a Rangers’ Team President calls me out for lying and making things up – nor will I go into hiding following such a (hypothetical for me) event either!

That all said, I do want to move on from this Lafreniere story – because perhaps just like you – I’m getting sick-and-tired of it too.

Plus, while I do think that both the news and opinions needs to be out there; it’s not doing him any good – and for a guy who’s on social media a lot (I have a huge story about this but I’m keeping it to myself for now because I don’t want it to come off as I’m kicking a guy when he’s down) – and above all else – I truly want to see him excel.

The 37th head coach in franchise history, Peter Laviolette. Photo Credit: NHL.com

As Laviolette would later say following Saturday’s practice (and I’m paraphrasing the following – as he didn’t say this verbatim); by getting down to a final roster of 22-players – the head coach can now go balls-to-the-wall with his team – as there aren’t an abundance of extra bodies lingering around anymore.

With Lafreniere out, and with Chytil returning (albeit in a no-contact jersey – and where no one is using the word “concussion” either), here’s the line-up that Lavy fielded on Saturday morning:

FIRST LINE: Kreider/Mika/Kakko

SECOND LINE: Panarin/Chytil/Cuylle

THIRD LINE: Vesey/Trocheck/Wheeler

FOURTH LINE: Goodrow/Bonino/Pitlick

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Gustafsson/Schneider



SPARE: Jones

The state of the Rangers’ defense, and the starting goaltender too, is the same as it was last season – a fact that comes as no surprise to anyone. Photo Credit: NYR

One look at Lavy’s latest line-up/roster, one that we will most likely see to begin the season, only creates one question.

Where does Cuylle fit in?

Since Lafreniere was out with his injury, Cuylle slotted on the second line with Panarin and Chytil.

However, and assuming that Lafreniere returns by Thursday (and that’s the impression that Lavy gave us during his post-practice interview), then Cuylle, who Lavy did say will play on opening night, figures to shift to either the third or fourth line – which as a result – may not be the best thing for Pitlick.

But again, and we know it’s not a fair world – Cuylle did earn a spot in the Rangers’ top six.

In other words – we’ll get a better concrete understanding of what the line-up will be on Thursday night once Lafreniere returns – and most likely by Wednesday night too – once the head coach is through putting his players through all of these rigorous drills, and all with the goal of implementing his favorite word, “SYSTEMS!”

That said, the Rangers didn’t promote Cuylle just to have him play 5-6 minutes a game either…

For the first time as bench boss of the Blueshirts, Laviolette was forced to deflect a tougher-than-usual question.

Here was the Saturday afternoon edition of “LAVY’S LOUNGE”:

As he’s continued to do ever since taking on the job in New York; once again, Laviolette gave disclaimers/qualifying statements/prefaces before answering every question.

Outside of pushing his systems, here were the highlights of this chat:

— Lavy was happy about making all of the final cuts, where he stated that it makes it easier for him to prepare his team for the upcoming season.

— On Lafreniere, which was the toughest question that Lavy has faced yet, the head coach was wise and grouped in everyone together, where he said that he thinks that most of his players wish that they had a better training camp – and were better on the offensive end of the puck too.

— Stop me if you’ve heard this before: A Rangers’ head coach wants to limit the non-stop and incessant cross-ice passes for turnovers.

— In other words, Lavy protected Lafreniere and said verbatim, “I don’t want to single anyone out.”

— Chytil and Pitlick are back, and Lavy thinks that his Czech center should be ready for the season – but wouldn’t guarantee it – and for the obvious reason.

— On Cuylle, Lavy said that no one had a better camp than him and that he earned his spot. Lavy also implied that Cuylle forced his hand (in a good way) and that as a result – his newest winger will be playing on opening night – and hopefully beyond that date too.

Let’s now get into Cuylle – a player, who should he follow-up on his strong preseason – will soon become another fan favorite in all of Rangerstown, USA. In a way, he exudes vibes of Ryan Callahan.

Three years to the date when former Rangers’ GM Jeff Gorton traded “Crybaby Andersson” to LA for the 60th-overall pick of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft; Cuylle, the player that Gorton selected with that pick, was promoted to the main roster on 10/7/23.

Here was Cuylle’s media interview from Saturday:

For every Blueshirt backer in the land – Cuylle said everything that you wanted to hear – where no joke, and I must admit – I was fist-pumping like a lunatic after watching the above video.

In what I enjoyed the most, Cuylle said that training camp was just the beginning – and that he can’t rest on what he had accomplished. Cuylle followed that up by saying that he now has to work harder than ever before in order to maintain his spot.

As far as how the news was broken to him, Cuylle said that Drury personally spoke to him, as the GM gave him a huge vote in confidence.

Keenly aware of how he’s the youngest player on the team, Cuylle said that all of his veteran teammates were extremely happy for him and how they’ve all helped him during his young journey.

Cuylle also said that he doesn’t care where he plays.

While he didn’t say this, and I know about all of the Tom Wilson references that are out there; he does remind me of Barclay Goodrow, meaning that he can slot in anywhere – which is something he said – when the newest Ranger in town stated that he’s versatile and can play on any line.

In other words, a “jack-of-all-trades,” a “Swiss Army Knife” type, if you will.

After Lavy praised Cuylle’s scoring ability (25 goals in Hartford last season) and his knack for succeeding in the “dirty areas,” #50 said that he welcomes the NHL challenge and will only continue to work harder.

Ugh, I can’t help myself.

Lafreniere (drafted 59 spots ahead of Cuylle in that same 2020 NHL Entry Draft), has only spoken to the media once since the start of camp – which took place prior to the first preseason game.

He was red-faced and blown-up throughout – where to be fair – I don’t know if he was immediately interviewed after practice.

Lafreniere didn’t really mention his off-season training, nor used the words “worked hard” either.


For a player who last season wanted to make this team, but for contract reasons, it wasn’t going to happen for him; he pushed how hard he worked this summer and how much he wanted to impress a new Rangers’ regime.

And judging by his preseason/training camp?

All of that hard work is clearly on display – and you have to take him at his word – as he’s only going to continue to bust his ass.

In other words?

He never wants to sleep inside of a Hartford hotel room ever again.

Similar to how most fans (and media members) are enjoying a honeymoon period with Laviolette; yours truly is in a honeymoon period with Cuylle!

He was the team’s best player throughout camp, and equally as impressive for a young man – he says all of the right things – and he says them with conviction – as his words don’t ring hollow at all.

Best case scenario?

One day, and a few years down the road in the future, when editing Volume IV (and writing Volume V) of my current four-volume series “Tricks of the Trade – A Century-Long Journey Through Every Trade Made In New York Rangers’ History,” I will be revising the trade made on October 7th, 2020 – when Gorton traded away Andersson for the 60th-overall pick of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

Who knows?

Perhaps this Andersson-for-Cuylle trade matches or exceeds the success that Gorton had when trading away Derick Brassard for Mika Zibanejad or when making the Rick Nash to Boston transaction (which over time, produced Ryan Lindgren, Ryan Strome and K’Andre Miller).

I’m rooting for it!

Some rapid-fire before going home tonight.

I hope to wear this jersey again – and especially in June of ’24.

Following all of the roster moves, the Rangers are now cap-compliant, and have approximately $675K extra in their coffers. (Source: CapFriendly.com)

While Patrick Kane won’t return to New York for $675K, and for as much as I hate to keep talking about Lafreniere; one more time – for a WIN NOW team, and should #13 continue to struggle – doesn’t it make sense to cut bait when you can, and return a now-healthy Kane into the fold?

But it should also be mentioned that the Rangers have many players making six-figures or less this season (and don’t forget that the salary-cap accrues over time too), and that it doesn’t solely have to be Lafreniere either.

However, unlike players like Pitlick, Vesey, Wheeler, Bonino, et al; Lafreniere is making seven-figures ($2.4M).

I know, I know, I know: Everyone is sick of the Kane drum being beaten around town, but until his situation is resolved – it’s an option that’s still available – and that it will be discussed until Kane’s fate is decided.

Why am I so pro-Kane, outside of his resume and future Hall of Fame induction?

Simple – The New Jersey Devils. (Flawless in the preseason to boot.)

Unless you want to completely bury your head in the sand and ignore this, then this much is obvious – the Devils are far superior than the Rangers – and if this was an arms’ race – then the team from the other side of the Hudson is winning the war.

Furthermore, everyone knows that I was a DAY ONE CZAR IGOR supporter, where I was clamoring for him to come to New York ever since 2017. (Blogs and tweets don’t lie!)

That said, we saw Akira Schmid out-duel CZAR IGOR in the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs – and that can’t be debated.

Sure, the Rangers had their issues, but when push comes to shove, it was the rookie Swiss net-minder who racked-up the shut-outs – and stopped every big shot that came his way too.

In other words, and especially in a league that’s trying to promote scoring and to the detriment of their goaltenders – you need as many offensive weapons as possible – especially should both DJ MIA and Aturnover Panarin go ghost again when the games matter the most.

Who knows?

Maybe Lafreniere steps up and makes this is a non-story.

But for now, the Rangers are one-weapon shy (if not multiple weapons) of being able to match the artillery in the red-and-black.

Bringing back Kane would make it a fight.

Yours truly paying my respects at the grave of Frank Boucher, where today, his granddaughters, Frankie and Bridgette, have become close personal friends. I love the hockey community.

If you’re a regular reader of this site, then you’re all too familiar with the name of Frank Boucher.

For newer readers, I’ve been championing his case for a rafter induction at M$G for nearly a decade now, and where you can find all of my writings about him here: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/retire-frank-bouchers-7/

Furthermore, my desire to see Boucher have his rightful place in the rafters of M$G was the genesis of my first book, “The New York Rangers Rink of Honor and the Rafters of Madison Square Garden.”

(His granddaughter, Frankie Baird, wrote the foreword to the book too.)

October 7th, 2023 marked the 122nd anniversary of Boucher’s birth, where for some ungodly reason, the Class of 1958 Hockey Hall of Famer, who spent 29-years with the Rangers (longest association with the club – and where he won three Stanley Cups too – which means 75% of them), is still ignored by the franchise today.

You can read my first book for everything, but without a shadow of a doubt – Boucher’s #7 belongs to hang next to Rod Gilbert’s #7.

I bring this up, because today, on the Tweeter machine, I saw a lot of fans talking about Boucher’s birthday – and to my delight – I saw young fans, fans probably half my age, clamoring for a Boucher night at M$G too.

Their words, their passion, warmed the cold cackles of my Blueshirt heart!

If only Drury, Dolan and company would do the same.

Yours truly with someone else who has a written a foreword in my books, “The Maven,” Stan Fischler.

Lastly, and most importantly, I’d like to send my best regards to everyone living in Israel right now.

It is not my intention to speak about politics on this site, but someone close to me, Stan Fischler, and my new buddy, Irad Chen, both live in Israel.

I am wishing for their safety and for this horrible conflict to end.

I am thinking about you both.

I mean, a Devon Levi prop bet, where he shuts out the Rangers on 10/12, is a lock. Who says no?

Originally, it was my plan to cover the news as it trickled in, but with the Rangers making all of their roster decisions by Saturday, I wrote this blog instead.

I’ll definitely be back before Thursday, and as the news trickles in – but really – outside of “LAVY LOUNGES” – it’s just full gear ahead to the start of the season.

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The 23 Concerns For the 2023-24 New York Rangers; Overreactions vs Facts, NYC Sports, Rangers’ Alum Derek Stepan Announces Retirement; His Place in Franchise History, Roster Cuts & The Varsity Club, “LAVY LOUNGES” & More

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