NYR/CHI 1/4 Review: BEST IN THE WORLD BLUESHIRTS Scalp Worst in the World Blackhawks; Busy Rangers’ News Day Too, Recap of Messier & Lundqvist’s One-on-One Chat, Panarin Snubbed for All-Star Game But The Valid Explanation on Why; Vote For Trocheck, The Othmann One-Game Evaluations Are In (Outstanding!); Don’t Forget About Cuylle, Kakko Nearing Return, GAG Line 2.0, Miserable M$GN aka NBC Chicago & More

On Thursday night, and in a game that the Rangers should have dominated (heck, they were nearly 5:1 favorites, as the Vegas bookmakers listed them as -480 – biggest odds of the season) – they did just that – en route to a 4-1 drubbing over the cellar-dwelling Blackhawks. While this singular win, one game out of eighty-two, wasn’t mighty impressive, as it was more “workmanlike” and “taking care of business” than anything else – but the alternative, a crushing loss, would have created hellfire and brimstone in the streets of Rangerstown, USA. Thankfully, we don’t have to talk about such a scenario! As a result of the Rangers’ victory, and combined with the Bruins’ loss to the Penguins, the Blueshirts are back to being the BEST IN THE WORLD. And some people thought that the season was over after losing to Carolina on Tuesday. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. And just like that, all order has been restored to Rangerstown, USA!

Seriously, I still don’t know why I received so much negative feedback after one bad loss to the Hurricanes from Tuesday night.

And my prediction made after that game, and one that successfully played out on Thursday night at M$G?

The Rangers took care of business and matched their own hiney-kicking with one of their own.

As a result, not only are LAVY’S LOT now 10-1 following a loss (only one two-game losing “streak” – or should I say “slide” this season), but they have also returned to their status as BEST IN THE WORLD:

Update: You can put a number 37 in the games played column for the Bruins, who lost 6-5 to the Penguins following the Rangers’ 4-1 win. Thanks Sid! Photo Credit: ESPN

One thing that may be lost at this time of the year?

The 26-10-1 (53-points) Rangers are now just four games shy of reaching the half-way mark of the season.

And just to think – it feels like we’ve already experienced many twists-and-turns during this roller-coaster ride – and a ride with thankfully much more peaks than valleys.

There’s still a lot more to come – and yes, this is true too – ever since May 1st, 2023 – this past year has been slow – as everyone is chomping at the bit to get the playoffs started and to exorcise those demons – or should I say Devils.

There’s a whole lot to get into tonight, so let’s get right into it – but first – a reminder.

In case you missed it, I covered everything Brennan Othmann last night. You can find all of it here:

“The GAG Line 2.0,” as I have already nicknamed them as (and perhaps while also getting way ahead of myself too in my moment of excitement – but let me live a little!), was once again all over the box score on Thursday. Panarin, and with both of his linemates, Trocheck and Lafreniere, assisting, scored the game’s first goal. Trocheck also assisted on two others (Kreider and Trouba), as once again, the greatest Italian athlete in NYC had another three-point night. And this too – Trocheck belongs in the All-Star Game – but more on that below. Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images.

On a night where it was never “MUST WIN” but it most certainly was “CAN’T LOSE,” the Rangers rebounded – and as noted several times on this site after the loss to the Canes – the Blackhawks, and despite the Blueshirts’ tendency to play down to lowly teams – was a perfect “get right” opponent.

(It should also be repeated here that other teams, and largely due to both the Rangers’ status as best in the league and the whole playing at M$G factor, play up to the Blueshirts too. This is a good thing – especially come playoff time.)

Throughout the sixty-minute affair, you never thought that Rangers would lose this game – even if it did get hairy at the end of the second stanza.

As Sam and Joe would not shut the hell up about the Blackhawks all night, and where they were even going on-and-on about every family member on the visitor’s side too (more about these two senseless jackals in the GAME REVIEW segment), Trocheck broke both hearts of the announcers when he forced Connor Bedard into turning over the puck.

Following the d-zone miscue from the first-overall pick (2023), the Rangers’ center flew up the ice, found Lafreniere on one side of the rink – and then the other first-overall pick (2020) whipped the puck with pure precision to the other side of the ice for an awaiting Panarin.

1-0, GOOD GUYS, and at the thirteen-minute mark.

Admittedly, while I didn’t think that the victor of this game was ever in doubt, but to the credit of the second-to-last-place in the league (only the Sharks are worse) Hawks – they did hang in there.

And so did Brennan Othmann, who by the ten-minute mark of the contest, already had two of the first five Rangers’ shots on goal – or in other words – 40% of them.

While we’ll get into the 16th-overall pick of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft in just a bit – by the end of the night, the twenty-year-old led all shooters in SOG (5).

What a debut – and more about Othmann below.

Only up by one score when entering the second period, a Chris Kreider power-play goal (he now has 101 of them all-time – and is also presently fifteen back of the franchise leader, Camille Henry), that arguably was kicked into the net of Hawks’ goalie Peter Mrazek, was actually held up after a video replay/review.

While I don’t think that I’ll get much push back when saying that I didn’t think that this goal should’ve been upheld – I also know that I won’t get any push back whatsoever when saying that the Rangers were owed one of these calls – if not a thousand of them!

And it’s funny – after many people, including yours truly, called out the officials for pressing the “SCREW THE RANGERS” button after about a dozen or so calls that went against the Blueshirts earlier this season – all of a sudden – Lavy’s Lot are now on the right end of them. (They have won their last three reviews.)

Perhaps the NHL’s New Year’s Resolution was to be nicer to the Rangers!

But of course – we can’t have nice things either – as with just 2:57 remaining – every negative Rangers’ trend came to life on one play, and let’s count the ways:

— All-Star CZAR IGOR, still without a shutout this season, had his NYET NYET broken up.

— The goal scorer? A former Ranger of course, this time Colin Blackwell.

— This particular goal? Blackwell’s first of the season – of course!

— And yep, this was the daily “BLUESHIRTS’ BRAIN FART” that saw the puck wind up in the back of their net.

But fortunately, this was the lone black mark for the Rangers.

Now up 2-1 to open the final frame, the Blueshirts were done playing with their food.

Back-to-back quick strikes from Jacob Trouba and Jimmy Vesey, scored within a time-span of just 1:10, put the Rangers up on the scoreboard 4-1 – and at just the 2:41 mark of the period.

All the Rangers had to do was close out – and close out they did.

And heck, we even saw a fight sandwiched in-between – but perhaps the less said about this Jarred Tinordi vs. Blake Wheeler bout, the better.

After all, and after watching the former Ranger have his way with Wheeler – I thought that Tinordi should’ve been arrested by the members of NYPD in-attendance for “senior citizen abuse.”

CZAR IGOR, who was named as a first-ballot All-Star for the 2024 rendition just an hour prior to puck drop, didn’t really have to do much tonight.

In total, #31 made 21 saves, and where perhaps aside from two or three of them, was never challenged.

Come the final horn, the Blueshirts were right back to where they were supposed to be – first-place in all of the league – and celebrating at center ice during their traditional “sticks up” salute to the fans.

But of course, the BEAST OF THE EAST should have toppled the WORST OF THE WEST, which yep, you know it, brings us to my season-long daily disclaimer, which goes like this:


My face when listening to those two imbeciles, Sam and Joe, all game. Seriously, with all of the channels that M$GN has under their umbrella, maybe it’s now time to air an alternate feed and give us Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney (who call all of these games on the radio) – and akin to how ESPN2 uses the Manning brothers during Monday Night Football. Photo Credit: NYR

As stated up top, there’s a lot to get into tonight.

Before getting into everything else from Thursday, at this time, I wanted to recap the interview that Henrik Lundqvist conducted with Mark Messier on his most recent “Club 30” podcast episode.

Let’s roll.

As talked about last night on this site, Henrik Lundqvist released his new interview with Mark Messier earlier this week. Photo Credit: Bloomberg

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Mark Messier just appeared on Henrik Lundqvist’s “Club 30” podcast.

While the podcast can be heard through every podcast provider imaginable (audio only), the best way to listen to it is by watching it – and here’s the YouTube version of the program for you below:

At this time, my recap and thoughts:

For starters, and it should be mentioned, that the whole set-up of Lundqvist’s podcast is extremely professional – and akin to watching a slickly produced television show. (Think Pat McAfee.)

In other words, and as just stated above – you’re better off watching the YouTube version of the show – rather than listening to the audio.

Right from “puck drop,” I eagerly awaited this interview, as during Lundqvist’s intro, even “The King” refers to “The Messiah” as “CAPTAIN.”

And yep – that made my “Blueshirts’ Blood” pump!

To open the interview, Lundqvist talked about the last time when he saw Messier, when the two recently reconnected at James Dolan’s M$G $phere opening in La$ Vega$, when the two franchise icons saw U2 in concert.

Lundqvist, a noted and accomplished guitarist, asked Messier about his taste in music. Number Eleven then said that he was a big fan of U2, Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac.

And yep – yours truly are into these three acts too. Heck, and maybe you don’t know this – I also have a “Hey, Hey, My, My” tattoo!

Both Lundqvist and Messier were amazed about how impressive the $phere is – and how you need more visits to the arena to truly appreciate it. Of course, these mega-millionaires can afford to do so – while blue collar schlubs like us can not.

(Then again, they get free entry, so they don’t even have to spend their big-time bucks!)

On his many returns to M$G over the years, Messier said that he’s still bowled over whenever he visits the arena at 33rd and 7th. The best captain in all of sports’ history then said that he still vibrates whenever he walks through the door.

Messier also brought up “The Curse,” and how tough it was to erase a then 51-year-old Cupless drought when he forced his trade out of Edmonton and to New York in 1991.

When it comes to expectations, Lundqvist brought up how he started off as a “nobody” (his words, not mine), while Messier came in with major expectations – and where those expectations were to win – and to put all of the 1940 talk to bed.

“The Messiah” then told “The King” that such expectations were extremely “nerve-wracking.” The former Oiler also talked about how he had to instill a winning culture and how all of the burden was on him – and how his five Stanley Cups won in Edmonton meant nothing in New York.

When talking about the path to June 14th, 1994, Messier mentioned how he had to go through the losing, the disappointment and the process/journey when trying to win the Stanley Cup. He also talked about his critics from the time – but he never said Larry Brooks by name.

When trying to rank his six Stanley Cup wins, Messier told Lundqvist that it was like trying to name your favorite kid. (And Messier has said this many times before.)

And yep – you almost saw tears in Lundqvist’s face when Messier was talking about all six of his summer sips from hockey’s holy chalice.

Messier stressed the importance of having teammates who never won the Stanley Cup – and how to get them there. Again, you could see it all over Lundqvist’s face – “Damn, I wish that you were my captain!”

On first coming to New York, Messier said that he was “terrified,” as the expectations were “Cup or Bust.” However, while Messier was confident, he knew that the process would be tough and how lucky he was to play with Mike Richter, Brian Leetch, Adam Graves and Sergei Zubov.

Lundqvist asked Messier about the best team that he ever played on. The Captain mentioned 1985, but also gave high praise for the 1987 Oilers’ club.

Messier was also happy about the 1990 win in Edmonton – and just because they weren’t as talented as the previous four Cup winning teams in Alberta – and how winning without Wayne Gretzky was a testament to the team’s guts and drive.

(But Messier did say that he wished that #99 was there. I’m sure that Gretzky would concur.)

On legendary Ranger photos, Lundqvist brought up Messier hoisting the Cup – and the photo of Messier after 9/11/01 when he was wearing the FDNY helmet.

This photo will forever be ingrained in the minds of not only Ranger fans – but in the brains of most New Yorkers too. Photo Credit: NYR

On the post 9/11 game, Messier told Lundqvist that the game has to be played with emotion and how special it was for him.

“It was one of those moments when you were proud to be a New Yorker, when you were proud to be a Ranger. No one wanted to be insensitive to what had happened and everyone wanted to do it right. It’s one of those iconic moments for me and it represented something much bigger than my career and hockey.”

Lundqvist then said that he’s always emotional whenever seeing the 10/7/2001 photo of Messier and how he’s always choked up whenever seeing it.

On Edmonton vs New York, Messier said the Oiler fans were more close-knit, because of the smaller population, but how much he loved the devoted Blueshirt Backers. (Messier also alluded to the fact that Edmonton is basically a one-sport hockey city, where hockey is the fourth major sport in NYC.)

Messier also said that he knew how much it meant to lift the Cup in front of a fan-base that hadn’t seen a winner in 54-years.

On leadership, Messier said it was something that came to him over time and credited his father, Doug (a former minor-leaguer who also doubled-up as his agent), for instilling this trait into him.

Messier then plugged an old cliche, “all for one and one for all” – and how he saw it work.

Messier then told Lundqvist, “you know how it is when you win.”

The less said, the better.

On the playoffs, Lundqvist said that you could sense the task at hand in the locker room.

Messier used this comment to praise the role-players and the sacrifice that these guys make.

On role-players that stood out for him in 1994, Messier brought up both Edzo and Glenn Anderson by name.

When Lundqvist asked Messier about “being the guy,” #11 said that he never looked at himself in that way. Messier said that he was never skilled as Gretzky or like Mario Lemieux and how he relied on the players around him. He then said his best skill was “galvanizing the players around me.”

While of course, 1994 was the high, Messier also brought up the disappointment, and the burden on his shoulders, after the misses in 1992 and 1993.

Lundqvist and Messier, no strangers to one another, and this was clearly apparent during the interview, brought up how important it was to stay calm as the face of the franchise.

The pair then talked about the evolution of sports psychologists and how the game has evolved in this area.

On learning from his hockey career, Messier said, “all of it was relevant in my retirement. The grit, the grind, the determination, the problem solving was all critical.”

The two then talked about how their drive for competing has never left them in retirement.

The pair of Blueshirt legends then talked about their respective charity work – and how much it means to them. This all came off as 100% genuine and authentic.

Messier, who runs a new charity entitled “Game Seven,” then shared his thoughts with Lundqvist on the meaning of such a must-win game.

Lundqvist’s co-host, who was really irrelevant to this interview (I forgot he was even there at points), asked Messier if he ever had any “Game 7 moments in business?”

Messier said that he had – but I don’t think that hockey fans cared about this segment – or at least – I didn’t.

In a great segment, Messier devalued ANALytics. The two men then talked about the importance of mental health one more time. They then talked about the difference between walking the walk and talking the talk.

When it comes to team bonding, both Lundqvist and Messier brought up how pertinent the annual Halloween party was – and drinking with the boys on the road too.

On lasting 26-years in the NHL, Messier said, “It was never work. I loved playing hockey. It never felt hard to me. I loved training. I thought I was in the hockey business, but I was really in the people business.”

When expanding on this quote, Messier said how happy he was whenever a player deemed with a negative reputation was able to turn it all around, due to the culture that he implemented – and also brought up the ones (none by name) that didn’t have the character to change.

(A Petr Nedved follow-up question would have been key here – and I guess Trevor Linden in Vancouver too.)

Messier then said that MOTIVATION, and not INSPIRATION, was a paramount factor when building a winning culture.

To close, Lundqvist told us that he knew Messier ever since his rookie season, as Messier was a team advisor back then. Lundqvist said that he always admired Messier – and how he wants to continue to hang out with “The Messiah” now that he has more free time.

And this too:

Both said “LET’S GO RANGERS” at the end of the interview.

I’d concur!


An excellent interview, which is why I took my time out to recap it, but obviously, with only 45-minutes to work with, these two didn’t even scratch the surface.

And after listening to this episode?

I wouldn’t mind a 30-part series of these two Ranger legends shooting the shit.

And at this time, let’s get back to the Blueshirts of today.

Laviolette was most certainly excited about his new toy on Thursday.

At around 10:15AM Thursday morning – the biggest question of the past fifteen-hours in Rangerstown, USA was “finally” answered:

The Blueshirts are going to ease-in Brennan Othmann.

Rather than going ALL IN, and giving Othmann a shot with Kreider and Zibanejad; instead, the Rangers, Laviolette and Drury are playing it safe and employing a conservative approach with their best prospect.

At the practice, it was revealed that Lavy’s top-six was going to remain as status quo, while Othmann skated on a bottom-six line with Nick Bonino and Jonny Brodzinski.

(I really can’t get too hung up on numbering these lines, just because Laviolette deploys them in different ways game-by-game.)

Laviolette also talked about this decision during his pregame “LAVY’S LOUNGE,” so at this time, let’s get into this newsworthy interview:

(And oh yeah – the stench of Kaapo Kakko was back on the ice as well – and more below too!)

On the decision to recall Othmann instead of somebody else, Laviolette said it’s what management (Drury) and what the staff in Hartford suggested.

(OF NOTE: TO FOLLOW UP ON WHAT I SAID LAST NIGHT, IT WAS LATER REPORTED ON THURSDAY THAT ADAM EDSTROM IS NOW INJURED AND WEEK-TO-WEEK IN HARTFORD. In other words, the Othmann recall now makes perfect sense – and no one was “snubbed” either.)

Laviolette said that he was told [by Drury and the Wolf Pack coaching staff] that Othmann was ready and how he’s been coached-up for this moment every step of the way this season.

As far as who Othmann skates with (no alternatives were ever suggested by the birdbrain beat, or at the very least, there was no follow-up question such as, “did you consider this or that?”), Laviolette said what you’d expect him to say – Othmann has familiarity with JONNY HOCKEY – since Mr. Brodzinski was his captain in Hartford, while Nick Bonino is an established veteran center who has taken many young players under his wing before.

You could hear it in Laviolette’s voice that he was happy and excited for his new winger.

Away from Othmann, Laviolette confirmed that CZAR IGOR, and not Jonathan Quick, would be playing against the lowly Blackhawks.

As noted last night, I thought that Quick should have started, but I guess that Laviolette wanted to erase that bad loss from Tuesday night from his starter’s memory a.s.a.p – and with Quick’s eventual tenth win of the season be damned.

Kakko, who was wearing a non-contact jersey at the morning skate, was then brought up.

Of note: We still haven’t the foggiest idea about what his injury was (the specifics), outside of the fact that it was a “lower-body” injury.

Laviolette said that Kakko was pretty much back with the team now, and while still on LTIR – he will be traveling with the team as soon as this weekend, when the Rangers go to Montreal, Quebec.

I don’t want to go on another rant about Kakko again (Lord knows this manifesto is long enough already!) – but if you want Othmann to get some time – then the near-future return of Kakko isn’t exactly the best thing.

Then again, it may not be the best thing for Brodzinski either.

Finally, Laviolette also confirmed Pitlick’s injury, where he just gave the stock answer of  “week-to-week, lower-body.”

As you can tell, Othmann was extremely elated about making his NHL debut tonight. Photo Credit: NYR

Once the practice wrapped-up, the media, like vultures on a rotting carcass, raced to Othmann’s locker – and how can you blame them?

Despite Othmann still dripping in sweat and in all of his gear, the rookie was forced to answer a bevy of questions – and answered all of them with a smile on his face.

Othmann said that he has been waiting for this moment and how he felt that all of his hard work had paid off.

Othmann also praised Brodzinski for being a mentor figure and how he was excited to play with him at this level.

On the AHL, Othmann said that it’s the toughest league in the world, as everyone is trying to get out of it and make it the NHL.

In a topic that I brought up last night, Othmann confirmed that he called his parents right away and how they immediately boarded a flight destined to NYC for tonight’s game.

(We’d later find out that his sister and grandparents joined his parents on the flight to the Big Apple – and I’d suspect that they’ll be in Montreal too on Saturday night when the Rangers play next.)

Here’s the joyous Othmann – and during his first interview while collecting an NHL salary:

Here was Laviolette’s line-up for the thirty-seventh game of this 2023-24 season – and a new one for the first time in a while (you may have heard!):

FIRST LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

SECOND LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Wheeler

THIRD LINE: Othmann/Bonino/Brodzinski

FOURTH LINE: Cuylle/Goodrow/Vesey

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Gustafsson/Schneider


BACK-UP: Quick





The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





31 4 27 .871 25 2 0 0 0 60:00 0


22 1 21 .955 20 1 0 0 0 60:00 0

The two MVP’s of the M$GN broadcast tonight, John Giannone and Dave Maloney. Everyone else was absolutely horrible, sans Michelle Gingras in her token role.

I broke my usual routine tonight, as once it was revealed that Sieve Vagistat was flying solo tonight – I actually didn’t change the channel.

After all, I was also hopped-up on OTHMANN-MANIA – and wanted to hear as much as possible about him.

Of course, M$GN had different plans – and then spent most of these thirty-minutes jerking off Connor Bedard instead – the usual.

OF NOTE: I was told by my friends in Chicago THAT NOT ONCE, did the Blackhawks’ broadcasters ever pound their puds to Brennan Othmann.

For whatever reason, M$GN is hellbent on performing porn-star like fellatios on every Rangers’ foe.

To the M$GN’s credit, they did open tonight’s broadcast by showing us Othmann’s rookie lap:

Right after that, and I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP – Vagistat laughed off this tradition and said it meant nothing.

What an asshole.

And really, the only thing that’s nothing to speak of is his crappy little NHL career (worst back-up goalie in franchise history) – and his even worse ANALytical company.

(And yes – I understand that Vagistat was good enough to make an NHL roster – but just go with it – but also don’t lose sight of the fact that the Rangers could’ve signed me or you to play behind Lundqvist – as “The King” was averaging seventy games started a season during Vagistat’s terrible tenure.)

This too: Keep all of this in mind for later.

And no joke (Stan Fischler is going to kill me for starting so many sentences with the word “and”) – after showing us Othmann’s first twirl on M$G ice – Vagistat, no stranger (ALLEGEDLY) to “The Ramrod,” then started blowing Bedard.

Once being forced to talk about Othmann, Vagistat said, and I quote, “KEEP AN EYE ON HIS OWN LONG STICK.”

I didn’t even know that it was Pride Month.

After almost puking my guts out at my television because of who was on it, things temporarily took a turn for the better as Michelle Gingras interviewed JONNY HOCKEY.

Mr. Brodzinski, when asked about Othmann, said, “He will bring a lot of speed. His hockey sense [stands out] more than anything. I just want to make him comfortable. I know what I wanted when I was younger. I want to make this easy as possible for him.”

And that’s why J. Hockey is the captain of the ‘Pack!

He also succeeded in this mission – at least for one night.

Sadly, we then returned to Shithead Vagistat, who continued to talk about Bedard and then plugged his horrible analytical company that no other broadcast in the league, regional or otherwise, ever uses and/or talks about.

Why are we routinely subjected to this shameless and shitty self-promotion?

Isn’t it bad enough that this franchise has only won four Stanley Cups during the past 98-years?

And Vagistat’s daily presence is even worse than that fact!

Fortunately, the best moment of the M$GN broadcast came next, as former captain Dave Maloney chimed in his two cents to John Giannone.

Maloney, a real Ranger, and who never sat on the bench like Vagistat always did during his epic 46-game NHL career, talked about how overwhelming it was when he made his debut.

Then, and this was the best part, is when Maloney said how he wished how he had the opportunity to have a rookie lap (it wasn’t a thing back in 1974) and how Vagistat was an idiot to suggest that this wasn’t a meaningful moment/rite of passage.

With Vagistat ALLEGEDLY looking for a glory hole at one of the M$GN’s mens’ rooms (I can not confirm, nor deny, what I was told), Giannone, now all by his lonesome, agreed with Maloney’s assessment concerning the seven-foot jackass.

Seriously, you have Dave Maloney there, a captain of a Stanley Cup Finalist team (1979) no less – and M$GN dedicates the bulk of the face-time to the worst back-up goalie in franchise history.

I’ll never understand this.

There’s no other M$GN employee that is greatly as under-utilized as Maloney.

Once returned to the BUD LIGHT BAR (how fitting), I muted my television as I wasn’t going to listen to Vagistat’s self-serving bullshit any longer.

Unlike Vagistat, I do like – and sometimes love – Sam and Joe. I really do – but they are absolutely exhausting to listen to these days. While they are the nicest pair of human beings that you can ever meet – it’s time for them to retire – or just work for the broadcast of the Rangers’ opponent. Photo Credit: M$GN

At 7PM, we went to Sam and Joe in the booth – and where for the next three hours – you learned every fact about the Blackhawks’ roster from past and present – but where the names of “Corey Perry” and “Kyle Beach” were never uttered.

But both a whole dissertation and examination at Hawk’s left-winger Lukas Reichel’s family tree?

Sam and Joe had you covered.

Crazier than that?

These two buffoons also spoke about the family trees of three other Chicago players too (Nick Foligno, Jarred Tinordi and Alex Vlasic).

I’m also giving them a pass here – as I haven’t yet brought up the brothers Megna.

And no – I am not making this up either:

Sam and Joe did bring up Othmann – and even named him as their “KIA CARD PLAYER OF THE GAME” before the puck had even dropped – but of course, they couldn’t resist – and then quickly moved on and then gave Berard a verbal blowjob on-air.

The way that these two talk about the opposing players – then you’d think that they spend all of their free time trolling for hairy man ass in the streets of late night San Fransisco.

If that bad joke doesn’t work for you, then this much is true:

These two would make millions and millions of dollars by opening up their own public relations firm – where should this take place – then they could promote every opposing player as the second coming of Wayne Gretzky.




I am not exaggerating when saying the following:

If you were blind, and just listened to these two mooks tonight – then you would have thought that you were listening to a Blackhawks’ broadcast.

While the two Ranger rookies, Will and Brennan, had big games – instead of praising them – all you heard about was Bedard – and a Chicago rookie who did jack shit tonight besides setting up the first Rangers’ goal and finishing -2.

Sam and Joe, I beg of you, please retire.

If that’s not your plan, then can you please talk about the Rangers as much as you talk about the opponent?

At this rate – I’ll “settle” for 50/50 coverage!

And if you MUST, and NEED, to wax poetic about a Blueshirts’ foe, then just start your own podcast.

For eff’s sake!


This should have been announced at the START of the game – and not twenty-minutes afterwards. Photo Credit: Artemi Panarin/NYR


Since I’m going way over my allotted writing time, and because I’m already at word 8,000 (and I do have to be up early tomorrow) – I’m going to jump around a bit.

For the full play-by-play of tonight’s tilt, then check out my Tweeter feed over at: https://twitter.com/NYCTheMiC

Should you do that, then please be advised of the following:

I was very salty and surely surly about what I perceived to be an All-Star snub of Artemi Panarin.

(But can you blame me?)

Prior to puck drop, it was announced that CZAR IGOR was named as the Rangers’ first-ballot All-Star – and where as mentioned last night – a player from all 32-teams are represented, and as a result – considered as a “first ballot All-Star” – and for a lack of a better description.

And despite being CZAR IGOR’s biggest fan (I’m not going to explain myself again – check out this site’s archives for all of that) – when he was announced as the Rangers’ All-Star – I thought a robbery, if not a brutal murder, had been committed.

After all, and I’m not breaking any news here:

Panarin, and by far, is the Blueshirts’ best player.


End of story and this is not up for debate.


CZAR IGOR isn’t even the best goalie on his own team these days – and as the stats – which are used to determine All-Stars – would tell you.

(And yes, that above sentence was painful to write!)

I guess that since the Eastern Conference has been so weak in net this season, that the NHL just lazily filled-out the roster with the starting goalie from the BEST IN THE WORLD BLUESHIRTS – rather than actually looking at what Jonathan Quick has done thus far.

(That said, CZAR IGOR deserved an All-Star nomination in 2022 – so I guess this makes up for it – and just like Paul Newman winning an Oscar for “The Color of Money.”)

To go even further?

CZAR IGOR wouldn’t even be in my Top Five of Ranger players that deserve to be in Toronto during All-Star weekend, as outside of both Panarin and Quick, I’d also argue for Trocheck, Trouba and Kreider.

Since both the Rangers and M$GN decided to withhold such information from us until following the game – then we didn’t know at the time that Panarin had actually turned down his All-Star nomination.

As “The Breadman” later announced, he had dipped his “Bread Stick” into his wife eight months ago (my words – and most definitely not his!) – and come February, when the ASG will be taking place, his wife is due to go into labor with the couple’s second child.

Funny, but truthful observation?


Since Panarin’s wife’s due date is in early February – and I’m no doctor here but I do know how babies are born – that means that conception took place just days after the Rangers’ May 1st Game 7 loss to the New Jersey Devils.

In other words?

After the brutal loss to the Devils – Panarin literally said “EFF IT” – as he helped to get Gerard Gallant fired, shaved his head, and then took a hold of his wife too!

Seriously speaking?

Congratulations to the Panarin’s – and as reader Chris M. joked – “I guess that Panarin didn’t want his kid being born in Canada!”

(And I have to say this too: Many of you guys and gals are better than me. Maybe it’s because I don’t have Instantgram, the preferred social media medium of choice for these players – but many of you readers know which player is expecting a new-born child, who just got married, who eats broccoli for breakfast, etc!)

But one last time – we found out about this “Breadman Baby” information only AFTER the game – and where I was told by several readers that Maloney – and like yours truly – was also throwing a bitch-fit about Igor, and not Artie, for All-Star on the radio broadcast.

Sam and Joe?

This topic didn’t come up once.

Instead, they pulled down their pants, laid on the floor in a 69 position and then celebrated the fact that Bedard had made the All-Star cut.

I’m not making this up – except for the sex stuff – but I wouldn’t have been surprised had it happened!

Last but not least on this topic?

Since CZAR IGOR is in and Panarin is out, and with a fan vote coming up – then I’m advocating and voting for NONNA TROCHECK’S BAMBINO, Vincent, to get his weekend in Toronto.

Okay – and now for real – GAME REVIEW time.

Is there anyone else in New York besides Panarin that belongs at the All-Star Game more than Trocheck? I don’t think so. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Admittedly, the early stages of this game were slow – and I was surprised about that too – as I thought that following the loss to Carolina, that the Rangers would come out red-hot.

I’m not making this up:

As Othmann took his first shift, Sam and Joe only noticed this pertinent event at the end of it.

Prior to that, these two slack-jawed yokels were going on-and-on about the Hawks’ injury issues – and their losing record too.

It’s just amazing to me what these two men prioritize – and how you may also feel about me and my non-stop bitching about these M$GN broadcasts!

As Sam and Joe then transitioned by talking about the Blackhawks’ coach, and how they felt bad for him (again, this is a Rangers’ broadcast – and not NBC Sports Chicago), Othmann’s first shot attempt of the game, at the 1:50 mark, was blocked.

But as you all know by now – he’d finish this game with the most SOG.

Down to 16:30 remaining, Mika drove to Mrazek’s net but lost the handle right before he was about to shoot.

In a response, Sam and Joe started talking about Bedard.

After that, these two morons then went on about Jayson Megna, the former Ranger, as they had confused him with the Blackhawks’ Jaycob Megna.

Micheletti, after a producer fed his ear, then made the correction – and where I can’t believe that this didn’t happen – Sam didn’t give us the whole brother and who’s related to who speech!

I guess that’s how confused the senile old coot was!

Five-minutes in and the Rangers were looking for their first SOG.

From the benches, Giannone told us that he spotted Dan Muse coaching up Othmann – and how the assistant head coach told his new player that he had an excellent first shift. He also told us that #78 took a huge deep breath, a sigh of relief.

Again – Giannone was excellent tonight – as all of his reporting was stuff that you actually would want to know – and in an anomaly for this broadcast – all Rangers’ related too.

Kudos to my pal from the “PROJECTS IN BOONTON!”

With 14:38 remaining, Sam said the following:


This play happened so fast and we never saw a replay, so I’m not so sure what happened either, outside of Sam shitting his Depends.

Down to fourteen-minutes remaining, we saw Othmann’s first SOG, as from a tough angle (on the goal line near the boards penalty box side), he fired the puck at the Hawks’ goalie – and a save that was then made off of Mrazek’s mask.

(Opinion? By placing Othmann with Bonino and Brodzinski, he never had to worry about deferring to veterans – and as Kakko and Lafreniere felt during their rookie seasons – if not today too.)

Come 12:15 remaining, my favorite captain and yours, Jacob Trouba, blocked Bedard’s first shot attempt.

Sam and Joe were heartbroken – and as if someone had told them that their dogs had died.

Right after this, this is when Sam then gave us every branch of Vlasic’s family tree.


With 10:50 to go, the Rangers enjoyed their best offensive attack yet, as a Panarin-to-Schneider shot was stopped by Mrazek, Trocheck just went wide on the rebound and then Panarin whiffed on a one-timer.

While this didn’t go for a goal, this is when the Blueshirts’ offense first perked up.

Down to 9:20 remaining, the Rangers were leading the SOG department 5-1 – and it was also at this time when CZAR IGOR made his first save, when he stopped Boris Katchouk with his glove.

I’m not making this up either (I use this expression a lot – as even I’m dumbfounded by all of the “Rosenisms”):

Following CZAR IGOR’s tough save, Sam actually spelt out Katchouk’s last name for us and then told how he wasn’t related to the Tkachuk brothers. Sam then gave us the Tkachuk family tree too.

Please, put him in a nursing home, as it’s now getting to the point of embarrassment.

After Sam decided to rave about Colin Blackwell and then told us how he had no goals this season (and yep – this SAMMY WHAMMY would later hit), CZAR IGOR then made his second save with 7:30 remaining.

Then, and with exactly 7:00 left on the clock, the following:

1-0, GOOD GUYS – and for as much as I like/respect him – screw Lazarus for plugging that seven-foot shithead in his clip of the goal!

As described in tonight’s intro – another hell of a goal for the GAG Line 2.0 – and where each member of this trio picked up a point next to their names.

And yep – Sam sounded like he was going to cry that this goal was all set-up by the turnover that Trocheck forced on Bedard.


As Sam once again reminded us that Bedard was going to the All-Star Game, and as I was thinking that it was more criminal than Epstein Island that Panarin had been snubbed; with 5:10 remaining, Miller created a turnover in the neutral zone, drove towards the net, but Mrazek made the save.

No goal – but a strong individual effort.

The two time Stanley Cup champion, Nick Bonino, coaching up his two “Wolf Pack No More” linemates. And yep – the early one game evaluation on Othmann? OUTSTANDING! Photo Credit: M$GN

In something Rangers-related from Micheletti, Jumpin’ Joe echoed what I had said last night (and earlier in this blog – if you can remember that far back!) – how it was FABULOUS that Othmann’s family was there tonight.

And it truly was. I love this shit!

With 4:10 remaining, Mrazek came up with another good save when he stopped a Trocheck backhanded floater from just near the goalmouth.

Thirty-seconds later, CZAR IGOR got a huge break when he stopped Bedard. As he made the save, he landed on his belly and then seemingly slid towards the Hudson River.

Despite the puck not being secure – the refs gave the Rangers the benefit of the whistle.

If I was a Hawk fan like Sam and Joe, then I’d be pissed about this.

After this play? This is when Sam gave us a family tree lesson on Reichel.

Down to 2:02 remaining, the first line almost connected on another pure GAG LINE 2.0 goal, but Mrazek was able to come up with big saves on both Trocheck and Lafreniere.

Under thirty-seconds remaining, CZAR IGOR had to come up with two huge saves himself – and where on each occasion, he prevented the late back-breaking goal allowed.

On the first, Miller turned over the puck in the neutral zone, which then set-up a Bedard and Donato two-vs-one odd-man rush.

On the second, CZAR IGOR, who lately hasn’t been successful when attempting his patented homerun passes – had another intercepted.

But as he did for Miller, he bailed himself out too.

1-0, GOOD GUYS, after twenty.

Here’s what I said at the time:

We know that CZAR IGOR won’t be joined at the All-Star Game with Panarin this year – and I don’t think that Fox will be there either. (But to be fair: Fox missed nine games with injury.) Photo Credit: NHL


As this second stanza began, the all-Chicago broadcast continued, as Sam and Joe decided that this was a good time to tongue-bathe the asshole of Hawks’ coach, Luke Richardson.

After that, Micheletti, and I’m not exaggerating at all here, mentioned for the fifteenth time that the Blackhawks were in a state of rebuild.

Why Micheletti felt like he had to defend the horrible Hawks to Ranger fans all game-long I do not know.

This too:


Seriously – retire or start your own NHL podcast. This shit doesn’t belong on Ranger airwaves.

And as if it were meant to be – and with 17:30 remaining – Lafreniere forced Bedard to cough up another puck, in some first-overall on first-overall violence.

A minute after that, Bonino just missed Othmann, maybe two inches at most, from going on a breakaway.

And despite how quiet Morgue $quare Garden was tonight – once Othmann gets his first at the World’s Most Expensive Arena – then that place will be as loud as Sam and Joe celebrating the Rangers’ opponent.

As the game continued, Sam and Joe then raved about Bedard going to the All-Star Game and then gave us their opinions on the World Juniors Tournament.

Again, the Rangers were involved in a one-goal game here and none of this shit was necessary.

Following Fox coming close to pushing the game 2-0 with 15:29 remaining, the following exchange:

Sam: “I’m not touching this, I told you, I’m not touching this!”

Joe: “I just got you a whistle!”

I don’t know if Joe was referring to a rape (or is that word too severe, as I think the word “safety” is the P.C. word these days) whistle or not.

After Fox’s near miss, he then turned over the puck and interfered with not Brady or Matt Tkachuk.

During the Rangers’ PK, they drew a power-play themselves, as with 57-seconds remaining for the man-down units, Kevin Korchinski interfered with Vesey.

As the two teams entered foreplay mode, CZAR IGOR came up with a save, and with Jason Dickinson still playing a loose puck – K’ANDRE THE GIANT threw the Hawk into next week.

Finally, Trouba’s physicality and example is getting through to Willie Huber No More Miller.

Down to 12:35 remaining, this is when I thought that Kreider got away with a kick on his PPG:

2-0, GOOD GUYS – and goal #20 for CK20!

While I’m glad that this went the Rangers’ way – this was another example of yours truly not knowing what’s a good goal anymore – and just like how I don’t know what goaltender interference is anymore either.

Seriously, we’ve seen less “kicking motion” on goals that have been wiped from the board this season – and where I think that Cuylle has been robbed on two of these instances.

But on this night – this was a problem for Sam and Joe – and not me.

(For what it’s worth, Giannone said that the entire Rangers’ bench was laughing about this goal being upheld – so even they knew that they got away with one – but as said earlier – they are owed a few!)

Following the PPG, Sam decided to talk about Jayson Megna again, while with 10:20 to go, we saw that Blackwell still had some Ranger in him – as despite being two-feet away from CZAR IGOR – rather than shooting – instead, the Harvard alum turned over the puck after a horrible pass attempt.

Down to 9:00 remaining, we had a major scrum – and where Trouba laid the law on Entwistle.

With 6:50 remaining – every Ranger fan shit their pants:

This attempted Trocheck pass to Panarin was deflected and then caught #10 right in the mush.

Here’s what he looked like afterwards:

Photo Credit: M$GN

Thankfully, and praise the hockey gods – this injury wasn’t serious.

With Panarin’s mouth looking like a hybrid of a little kid eating a red ice pop and an Instagram model’s botched lip injection – The Breadman never missed a shift.

When he returned to the bench, Panarin went MARLON BRANDO on us – and then played the rest of this period with cotton in his mouth.

He only left the bench for the locker room with 2:50 remaining, following a Miller penalty – but only because he doesn’t play on the penalty kill.

In short, this just allowed Panarin some extra time to receive repairs.

And just to show you how fine he was – during the final seconds of this game – he was still out there – and in no way, shape or form was he ever “bubble-wrapped.”

As noted earlier, with 2:57 to go, and following a failed change between Gustafsson and Miller, this is when Blackwell scored the obligatory former Ranger goal.

2-1, good guys.

Right after, this is when Miller took his penalty.

Three things worth nothing:

— The idiots chanting “POTVIN SUCKS” need to cool it – or at least not do it during a PK in a one-goal game.

— The Rangers’ killed this penalty, so at this point, they were now a perfect 3-3 on special teams.

— Laviolette went to Othmann when needing someone to fill-in on the Trocheck line during the final thirty-seconds. Talk about a vote of confidence!

2-1, GOOD GUYS, after forty.

Here’s what I said at the time:

I love seeing Trouba score goals – and just like how I like any other player who spends most of their games blocking shots and hitting anything that moves picking up points!


I’m not making this up:

During the intermission, Michelle Gingras interviewed some sixteen-year-old cowboy when promoting an upcoming Bull Rodeo session at M$G.

And as you all know, the crossover demographic of fans that watch both hockey and bull rodeo championships is GINORMOUS!

What horrible timing – but as you could tell from this segment – they are desperate to sell tickets for this event that currently is only 25% “sold-out.”

What’s next, pushing The World Badminton Championships – and as hosted by Shuttlecock Sieve Vagistat?

I get why this silly segment took place here (more eyeballs as opposed to airing it before or after the game) – but in a one-goal game – this was just terrible – and just like 99.9% of this broadcast.

So this bullshit fit!

This too:

You’d never see this during a Knicks’ broadcast, as this shit is only force-fed upon Ranger fans.

As this period began – you were just hoping for the insurance goal – as one more goal for Sam and Joe’s favorite team would have nixed all the good-will created.

The Rangers, who just needed one insurance goal – got two of them – and within seventy-seconds to boot:

3-1, GOOD GUYS, as Trouba banged home a puck off of the boards bench-side.

Up next, Will “Don’t Forget About Me” Cuylle, displayed an utmost amount of patience, as he waited, waited, waited and then made a backhand pass to Jimmy Vesey:

4-1, GOOD GUYS – and as Sam and Joe looked for a rope to hang themselves from.

But the craziness didn’t end here, as just ninety-seconds following Vesey’s 4-1 goal, the following:

I didn’t really notice Tinordi and Wheeler going at it at all during this game, but for whatever reason, the two decided to go at it here during what looked like a routine scrum that then turned into a brawl full of haymakers.

And yes – Wheeler didn’t exactly win this fight either!

With nearly fifteen-minutes remaining and with Wheeler on a five-minute timeout, this is when Laviolette started double-shifting Othmann – and as a result – we then received our first glimpse of #78 along side the BFF’s of #20 and #93.

Man oh man, I was hoping for Othmann to score here – but while that didn’t happen – he did continue to play well – and he did pick up another SOG too.

With the game’s result already decided – Alexis Lafreniere continued his Zack Morris act with 9:57 remaining, as when on a breakaway, the man with no finish at all shot a puck directly into Mrazek’s glove.

One centimeter wide or high – then Lafreniere would have scored.

One day it will all come together for him – and hopefully prior to the playoffs!

For the remainder of the game, Sam and Joe went into overdrive, made every excuse in the book for the Blackhawks, asked Bedard to finger-bang them and all of this took place while ignoring what the Rangers were doing.

4-1, GOOD GUYS, your final.

Not the best win in the world but who cares – and where the broadcast was a flat-out slap to the face for every resident of Rangerstown, USA.

I know that I’ve been tough on this broadcast before – but have you ever seen me rag on them so much after a win?

That speaks volumes, as really, you could hear the tears welling up in Sam and Joe’s faces anytime when the Rangers did something good against the Hawks.

Here’s Lavy after beating Sam and Joe’s favorite team for the night:

Up Next: Q-Tips, as I have to remove the shit that was slung into my ears from Sam, Joe and Sieve tonight.

For the Rangers, they play next in Montreal on Saturday night.

Sam and Joe are already brushing up on their French.

See ya Saturday night.

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  1. Problem with Sam & Joe is as they get older, following the game becomes more difficult for them. So they fall back on the game notes, “I spoke to Coach X” nonsense and media guides. Odd that Rosen goes on and on about various families of opposing teams(what the fuck s this, the society page?), but never has a simple straightforward conversation with Michelleti about his son in law, Mike Modano. They aren’t following the game or offering any insight, so why not.

    1. Hey Brian—

      You’re 100% right about reading the pregame notes. Sam memorizes all of it and then feels he has to regurgitate all of it.

      They’ve brought up Modano before, but you’re right, it’s always in a round-about way.

  2. Sean –
    I could not watch a game if I could not see your comments at the same time. All on point and some are so viciously funny – the Don Murdoch reference for one 🙂
    Sam and Joe have tumbled down the hill so far, that you wonder what the hockey game being played in front of them has to do with anything they are talking about. They were better during Covid when they stayed in the studio 😉
    It looks to me that Adam Fox’s injury is still lingering – did he come back too soon? He is not anywhere close to the Fox I am used to watching.
    I am a total fan of Jimmy Vesey.

    1. Thanks Bruce – and sorry for the late response too!

      We’ll never know if Fox is still hindered by injury, that is, until the season ends.

      Amazing how they ask people to gamble on these games but never provide an injury report – and as the NFL is mandated to do.

  3. As I live in a different time zone, the games are often on in the middle of the day. My boss would be pretty upset if I was watching a game, but they can’t monitor my headphones!

    So, selfishly, I’d love for Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney to stick around! They provide such excellent colour to the game, perhaps because it’s radio. I heard immediately when Othmann started his first shift, his first SOG, and all other parts of the game.

    I’ll be sad when they move on, but there’s no doubt both would make exceptional broadcasters.

    1. Hey Chris—

      Where do you live if you don’t mind me asking?

      Kenny is the #1 man on the national network, TNT, but if it wasn’t for Rosen being an institution, then he’d be on M$GN full-time.

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