Rangers & Islanders Set To Do Battle For the 290th Time; First Regular Season Meeting in 424 Days, Matt Rempe(STEIN) Set to Make Unique NHL History; Laviolette & NYR Too, Blake Wheeler Officially Down For Remainder of the Campaign; Pat “Price Gouge” Verbeek, Panarin’s Politician Murdered in a Russian Prison, Ramsay & More

Barring anything crazy going down by the time that you read these words through 3PM Sunday, February 18th – then for the first time in nearly one-hundred years worth of Rangers’ history – the team will skate a line featuring two players at 6’7″ or above. For a Manhattan skyline known for its skyscrapers, there are now two more of them in town – Adam Edstrom and Matt Rempe. Unlike the recently taken down Pennsylvania Hotel, a landmark that once stood across the street from M$G – how long these two remain left standing in New York is up to them.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. To quote Triple H, “are you ready?”

By the time that you read these words, the Rangers and Islanders will be mere hours away from their first meeting of this 2023-24 season – which, and as noted many times before – is pretty ridiculous – and a statement that every fan, no matter their allegiance, can agree with.

After all, these two teams were nearly done with each other last season by Thanksgiving – and as for whatever reason – the NHL schedule makers haven’t spread out these games as they should.

(And yes – I apologize for posting this blog so late – but between my new work schedule and my dire need to use all of my overtime money in order to purchase a computer since the dinosaur one that I have now refused to work with me tonight – I couldn’t finish this earlier. Also? If anyone has any new computer suggestions, then fire away!)

Want more on this lengthy pause between the two warring teams of New York – and now slated to play their first game in over a year’s time in New Jersey?

Here you go:

The 290th regular season game between NYR (135-125-19-10) and the NYI, set for this Sunday at Metlife Stadium, features the longest period of time in-between games – 424 days* in total.

(*Sans 2004-05 lockout.)

For a league that promotes rivalries, it’s just mind-boggling that it’s taken this long for these two teams to hook up again (not one game played between the two teams in 2023 either) – and in the state of New Jersey no less.

But alas I’m jumping ahead, as I want to pick up from where I last left you, the Rangers’ 7-4 victory over the Montreal Canadiens from this past Thursday night (https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/21524/ ).

On Friday, we got the news that we all expected – Blake Wheeler is unfortunately done for the season. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Following the Blueshirts’ sixth consecutive win from Thursday night, a day later, Friday morning, and while we were all still hoping for a miracle – instead, we got the news that we all expected – Blake Wheeler is done for the season.

In turn, the Rangers placed their 37-year-old right-winger on the long term injured reserve (LTIR) list.

Business/salary-cap wise, this move saves the prorated amount left on Wheeler’s $800,000 contract.

As you’d expect, the players were reeling when they first heard that this Wheeler news was confirmed – and where captain Jacob Trouba, who played six-years in Winnipeg with Wheeler as his teammate (and then talked him into signing with the team this summer too), said what I wrote on Thursday night – not only has Wheeler possibly played in his last game as a Ranger – but he may have played in his last NHL game too.

Injury or no injury, going into the season, during the season and come the Summer of ’24 too – it was tough to envision Wheeler as anything more than a one-and-done season Ranger.

After all, the Rangers have plenty of young talent in their ranks, including Brennan Othmann.

Furthermore, it was obvious that Wheeler had lost a step or three too – which is why his former club, the Jets, bought him out of his contract last summer in the first place.

I’m not breaking any news to you here – Wheeler was always a stop-gap solution and a low-risk/high-reward player. Nothing more, nothing less.

At the same time, there’s also the human element to this injury – and where anyone with even just an ounce of compassion in them has to feel for Wheeler right now.

For what it’s worth, it’s being reported that there’s an outside shot that Wheeler could rejoin the team should the Blueshirts go far during the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs (either the ECF or SCF round) – but even if that scenario becomes a reality – are you really going to break up an in theory red-hot Rangers’ team (you have to be hot to go deep into the playoffs) – and by taking out a player for one who will be rusty and trying to regain his bearings?

I didn’t think so.

For Wheeler to ever wear a Rangers’ jersey again, then most likely, not only will the team have to go far during the playoffs, but the Blueshirts will have to sustain an injury in order to open up a spot for him.

And again – that’s assuming if he can ever return to full health to begin with.

In some bad irony – on February 15th (https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/21424/ ), I talked about how Drury had exiled two of his “Summer of ’23 Six-Figure Signings,” when the general manager waived, and then once clearing waivers, assigned Tyler Pitlick to Hartford. Just a day later? Blake Wheeler, and for a completely different reason, joins both Pitlick and Nick Bonino as a summer signing that didn’t last throughout the 2023-24 season. The only two of these six-figure salaried players from last summer that still remain? Jonathan Quick and Erik Gustafsson.

In an update to the Tyler Pitlick story, and as previously predicted in this space too – Pitlick, and unlike Nick Bonino, has accepted his Hartford assignment.

For the career journeyman, Pitlick, who on Friday, February 16th, played in his first AHL game since the 2015-16 season, skated on a second line alongside of Bobby Trivigno, and another former Blueshirt, Artem Anisimov.

In his Wolfpack debut, Pitlick recorded no points in Hartford’s 5-2 loss to the Laval Rocket.

A day later, Pitlick remained in the Wolfpack line-up for their Saturday night match against the Bridgeport Islanders.

When it was first announced that Wheeler was done for the season, there was a chance that Pitlick wouldn’t even have to unpack his suitcase in a cheap and dirty Hartford hotel room.

However, and similar to Bonino – once Drury decided to waive the veteran – that was it – and there was no coming back from his decision.

When Chytil was lost for the season one day after Drury waived Bonino; rather than returning #12 to the fold, instead, the g.m. opted to retain the services of JONNY HOCKEY, captain of the ‘Pack, rather than going with the long-time and successful veteran.

This time around?

That brings us to our next story!

All the best to Blake Wheeler moving forward – as he has to be absolutely devastated right now. Photo Credit: ESPN

I feel like I’ve been using this adage/cliche a lot recently on this site, but once again, the following applies:

“As one door closes, another one opens.”

In the case of the Rangers, two doors have opened in light of the bad news for Wheeler.

Jimmy Vesey went through this first proverbial door, as with Wheeler now lost for the season, head coach Peter Laviolette tabbed the veteran to fill the missing right-wing hole on the BFF line (Zibanejad and Kreider).

Matt Rempe, who many of us have been clamoring to see for some time now, went through the second door, as once it was announced that Wheeler was placed on LTIR, the Rangers then also announced a Hartford recall of the man known as REMPESTEIN:

I made my (FEED MY) REMPESTEIN bad photoshop several days prior to “The Blueshirt Underground Show” coming up with this “YOUNG REMPESTEIN” photo – and where this is true too – Joe Cutroni, the wizard who created this graphic, is much better at photoshop than I am at MS Paint – which is why I’m using his picture here! And while speaking of BSU, a reminder, they are hosting a Rangers/Flyers watch party next Saturday, on 2/24, in NYC. Photo Credit: BSU/Joe Cutroni

On Friday afternoon, the Rangers held their first (and only) practice at the NFL stadium that’s ranked dead-last in the league by both football players and their fans alike.

While Alex Belzile still remains with the team (and forever as long as that may be), it was Rempe, who was recalled, sent down and then recalled again, and all within a time-span of three-days to boot, that joined Adam Edstrom and Barclay Goodrow on Laviolette’s fourth line.

And yep – I loved this decision – as Lavy is using the savvy hard-nosed veteran, the two-time Cup winning Mr. Goodrow, to center this pair of towering rookies.

However, one day, and perhaps soon as next season?

Then I’d love to see a Cuylle/Rempe/Edstrom line!

But that’s something to worry about in the future – and not today.

Going into the Stadium Series with the lowlife Islanders, and following a pair of practices as well, here’s the projected line-up for the big game – and the first meaningful game at Metlife Stadium in some time too:

FIRST LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

SECOND LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Vesey

THIRD LINE: Cuylle/Brodzinski/Kakko

FOURTH LINE: Rempe/Goodrow/Edstrom

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Gustafsson/Schneider


BACK-UP: Quick

Healthy Scratches: Belzile and Jones

As a man (some may say fashionista too), whose wardrobe is 99% Wrangler jeans and t-shirts – I would have preferred the Rangers wearing these threads on Sunday – rather than their all-white cash-grab gimmick jerseys. Photo Credit: NYR

Following the team’s practice on Friday afternoon, where really – outside of the new lines being drawn up – not much was accomplished as this skate was more of a promotional/marketing tool than anything else – Laviolette conducted his post-practice edition of “LAVY’S LOUNGE.”

Here it is:

Laviolette, and like most of his players who were also interviewed on Friday (you can visit the team’s YouTube account for all of the interviews here: https://www.youtube.com/@nyrangers/videos ), expressed his thoughts on the loss of Wheeler – and how he felt for his player.

Aside from the previously aforementioned Trouba quote; Chris Kreider, Wheeler’s linemate, was also visibly shaken up about the gruesome injury – and where he was terrified when he heard Wheeler’s blood-curdling yelp once going down.

Again, outside of the line changes and the Wheeler stuff, there wasn’t much gained from any of these interviews – as this was more of promoting the cash grab gimmick game rather than anything else.

Crazier than that?

It was the one interview that the Rangers didn’t share on their YouTube account that left the most impact.

Here’s Greg Wyshynski’s (ESPN) recap of what Matt Rempe said on Friday:

I can’t lie – these few paragraphs gave me goosebumps. FEED MY REMPESTEIN! Photo Credit: ESPN

When it was first announced that Rempe was recalled – and as longtime readers of this site would have expected – I was fist-pumping like one of those morons from “The Jersey Shore.”

It didn’t even occur to me that Belzile could have been a fourth-line option – that’s how jazzed up I was about this news!

At the same time – Laviolette is no dummy either.

He knows what a game against the Islanders means – and especially a long overdue meeting.

And as the bench boss of the Washington Capitals who derailed the Rangers in the 2020-21 season – and where a pair of brutal losses to the Islanders at the end of that same campaign led to a mass exodus (John Davidson, Jeff Gorton and David Quinn) in New York too – he knows the task at hand – and especially during a huge gimmick game that’s being aired on national television.

In other words, that’s why it had to be the seven-foot tall (on skates) Rempe – a man who is dropping the gloves left-and-right against AHL punching bags – that had to be in his line-up.

As Greg W. said, and as I said earlier – should Rempe start as expected on Sunday – then both the Rangers and Rempe will create history.

The Rempe/Goodrow/Edstrom line would become the first line in Rangers’ history to feature two players standing at 6’7″ or above.

And then there’s all of the stuff that Mr. W. said too.

While at the end of the day, I know that height isn’t everything – but let’s face it – there’s something in the human condition that attracts us to tall people – and for hockey fans – especially tall people who can fight and play nasty.

(And do I need to remind you of Zdeno Chara?)

I think that you know what I mean with what I’m saying here, but tall people are somewhat naturally revered – while their polar opposites, midgets – are treated in a completely different manner.

After all, that’s why we have midget wrestling, dwarf tossing and other little people gimmick events – while tall people usually get better jobs – and more employment opportunities too.

Then again, some 85-years ago, the midgets did have their day in the sun – under the bright sun in Oz – as hundreds of midgets were employed as “Munchkins” during the 1939 classic, “The Wizard of Oz.”

HOLY TANGENT BATMAN – and no – I didn’t think that I’d ever debate tall people vs little people on this site, much less talk about a Judy Garland movie either!

Back to hockey!

There’s something comical about Lafreniere standing between the two skyscrapers! Photo Credit: NYR

To be clear, I’m not trying to oversell Rempe to you.

And to be even more crystal clear than that – don’t expect a hat trick out of him either – and where heck – I’d be shocked if he even scores a goal at all!

What Rempe brings to this fan of cliches, old-time hockey and the Rangers themselves, are the buzzwords that this new generation of chart-humping geeks hate, terms such as “JAM,” “GRIT,” “PHYSICALITY,” “SNARL” and “SANDPAPER.”

And similar to both Adam Edstrom and Will Cuylle – Rempe brings a youthful exuberance, which in theory – should have everyone’s blood pumping faster than a Kenyan running a 40-yard-dash.

Better than that?

Based on Rempe’s quotes – you can tell that he’s smacking his lips and will go balls-to-the-wall in his opportunity to impress everyone – including his head coach, his teammates and most importantly – his family too.

Bring it on – and where I just wish that Ross Johnston, formerly of the Islanders and now in Anaheim, was still in the blue-and-orange line-up.

After all, who can forget the heavyweight tilt that these two had during a preseason game earlier in September of ’23 – and one that Rempe narrowly won by a hair?

(For the full details, check out: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/92623/ )

As everyone and their mother knew – CZAR IGOR will start against his BFF, the Isles’ Ilya Sorokin, on Sunday.

Following their gimmick practice from Friday, where for the team, the only thing that was gained was skating during unique conditions; come Saturday, the team returned to their training facility in Tarrytown, NY for their final practice prior to Sunday’s 3PM kickoff.

As was the case a day earlier – outside of both practicing & the new line-up – nothing really of note took place.

Once the light pump concluded, Laviolette conducted his penultimate pregame edition of “LAVY’S LOUNGE” too:

Not much was really learnt during this five-minute interview.

The only thing of note was that Lavy played it coy – as he wouldn’t confirm that Rempe would play on Sunday – but he kind of said it in a wink-wink type of a way.

(Plus, the fact that it was Rempe that skated on the fourth line during the two practices – and not Belzile – told you all that you needed to know.)

Outside of that, Laviolette acknowledged the rivalry and the one-of-a-kind setting – aka, the basics.

While these topics never came up during the “LAVY LOUNGES,” but to answer some questions that I received from some readers, both on email and on social media; at this time, some rapid-fire answers/opinions/responses:

One, I don’t think that Brennan Othmann was ever considered to replace Wheeler.

As already said on this site to the point of ad-nauseam – haven’t we learned anything from Will Cuylle – and Lias Andersson, Vitali Kravtsov, Kaapo Kakko and Alexis Lafreniere too?

In other words – let Othmann get a full season in Hartford first – and then let him compete for a roster spot next season.

Two, while I did tell you what I heard about Jim Ramsay on Thursday night, this story is also picking up some steam in Canada too, and as Renaud Lavioe, a French-Canadian scribe, talked about in his most article: https://www.tvasports.ca/2024/02/16/les-joueurs-ont-de-la-classe-mais-pas-lorganisation

Unless you speak and can read in French, then you’ll have to use Google Translate to read the article.

But what Lavioe basically says is how classless the Rangers were for not acknowledging Ramsay, while also mentioning how the players, such as Kreider, Zibanejad, Trouba and Goodrow, all did.

And like everyone else – Lavioe didn’t report on what led to the split between Ramsay and the Rangers either.

Three, I do believe that the Rangers’ edict to ignore and treat Ramsay as if he was Chris Benoit, comes directly from Chris Drury – and not James Dolan.

After all, Dolan has enough going on these days – and say whatever you want about Dolan – he’s always been loyal to a fault (Glen Sather, Isiah Thomas, John Tortorella, etc).

Four, and last but not least, nothing was said about the Rangers’ trade deadline plans – and where you have to think that former Ranger, Pat Verbeek, currently the general manager of the Anaheim Ducks, is beaming ear-to-ear.

If you believe in “ONE STOP SHOPPING,” then Verbeek has every item needed on the Rangers’ shopping list – a center (Adam Henrique), a right-winger (Frank Vatrano) and a defenseman too (Radko Gudas).

But of course, the price for all three of these items have just went up – as Verbeek, who will have other suitors looking to make such purchases, can price-gouge an in-theory desperate Drury.

I’d buy a signed version of this photo! Photo Credit: NYR

Going into Sunday, the Rangers released the following news & notes:

* The Blueshirts are 4-0-0 in outdoor games and can become the first team in NHL history with five wins outdoors.

* New York has wins in six-straight games, tying the 2014-15 Kings for the longest winning streak heading into an outdoor game in NHL history.

* Peter Laviolette is set to appear in his fifth outdoor NHL game. His five such appearances will tie Joel Quenneville for the most by a head coach.

* The Rangers have been involved in a one-goal game in three of their four outdoor contests, including a head-to-head meeting with the Islanders at Yankee Stadium in the 2014 Stadium Series.

Here are my own tidbits:

— For the Blueshirts and the current tenants of the IBS Arena, the game at Metlife Stadium marks the sixth site where the two teams will do battle during the regular season (M$G, Nassau Coliseum, Yankees’ Stadium, Barclay Center and IBS).

— The Rangers and Islanders last played on 12/22/22 – a 5-3 win at M$G – and where the two rosters, while somewhat similar, are also completely different these days too.

Heck, the two teams also have two different coaches behind their benches too, as this time around, we’re getting Lavy vs. Roy – and not Gallant vs. Lambert.

— Since the opening of IBS in November of ’21, the Rangers are 2-1 at their new secondary home, and where all-time, the Blueshirts only have a losing site record against “baby brother” at Barclays.

— This will mark the first outdoor game where Henrik Lundqvist isn’t in net for the Rangers – as his successor, CZAR IGOR, will get the nod.

While Quick may have a toque on tomorrow from his seat on the bench, the back of his new bucket features the artwork from his captain, Jacob Trouba. Photo Credit: NYR

As previously mentioned on this site, and despite free ducats being offered to yours truly from a generous reader – I’m watching this game from my familiar bar stool at my local watering hole.

While I’m not trying to discourage anyone from attending the game; to me, these outdoor games are just a “bucket list” activity, where akin to standing in Times Square on New Year’s Eve – once you’ve done it once – then you will never feel the need to do so ever again.

As I’m writing these words, I have the Devils/Flyers game from Metlife Stadium on in the background.

How did ESPN open the broadcast?

By telling us how freakin’ cold it is – and how far fans have to sit away from the rink.

While ESPN wasn’t wrong, their words just flash-backed me to the time when I watched the Rangers pummel the Devils at Yankees’ Stadium – and how right after that game – I then sold my tickets for the Rangers/Islanders game – and where it was even colder on that weeknight.

(Rangers vs. Devils took place during daylight hours – and with a delay to boot, due to “sunspots.”)

Another note from my one-and-done outdoor game?

How one beer vendor just gave me and my pal free beers during the third period – as they had already froze. (And yes – I “chewed” down these beers – after all – I’m a professional!)

To me, and similar to a Giants (or Jets) game at Metlife (and really – any NFL game in general) – I just feel that these outdoor hockey games are catered and specifically made for television – and the live experience is horrendous.

Even with the best seats in the house, you can’t see everything – and with what they charge for such seats – I rather be working out my elbow at the bar!

Plus getting in-and-out of Metlife Stadium is a treacherous ordeal – and it only takes me ten-minutes, round-trip, to walk to and from my favorite bar – where as a reminder – they have even installed a Labatt Blue tap for yours truly!

(And yes – that fact may not be a good thing either – at least not for my liver!)

As far as any final thoughts on the game itself, and as I have been saying all week – it’s just one game out of eighty-two.

And more times than not, and as I’m watching right now with the Flyers and Devils – you really can’t learn anything about the two teams playing – as the unique conditions always leads to wacky situations.

(Then there are the whole “fixing” allegations – and such allegations that were later proven following the 2012 Winter Classic in Filthadelphia.)

Plus, it’s not like playoff games are contested under these outdoor/makeshift rink parameters either.

But it is a fun television event – and of course – you want to prevail at the end of it too.

And who wants to go out in public, whether live in-attendance or at a bar – and then have to listen to some piss-pot Islander fan give you hell after a loss?

That said – this game is bigger for the Islanders than it is for the Rangers – because at the end of the day, the Blueshirts are first-place in the Metro, while Lamoriello’s Losers are perilously close to falling out of the playoff race.

Outside of a Rangers’ win, what I’d like to see the most?

Edstrom and Rempe contributing – and leaving the bodies of the Isles black-and-bluer than what their lips will look like when playing outside on Sunday!

One last story before closing time.

The politician that Artemi Panarin once supported, which then led to all of the FAKE NEWS and false allegations against him during that insane 2020-21 season, Alexei Navalny, was found dead in a Russian prison on February 16th. Photo Credit: Artemi Panarin

As you all know, I very rarely talk politics on this site – and I hate talking about them in general.

And when it comes to Russian politics – well like hockey is to both Wince Mercogliano and Mollie Walker – that’s not my area of expertise.

If I can ever find the time, then one day, I’d like to write a book about the Rangers’ 2020-21 season, as really, it is the most absolute unique and craziest season in franchise history.

Between the pandemic, the Tony DeAngelo stuff, the aftermath that led to a new regime, the Tom Wilson and Islander games, and of course, the stuff with Panarin too – there was never more news that took place in such a short amount of time (56-games through four-and-a-half months) than that season.

(I didn’t even mention that despite all of the never-ending negativity – Adam Fox also won the Norris Trophy that season!)

And if you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about right now – then just go to the homepage of this site and click through all of the blogs posted from January through May of 2021 – as there’s no way I can quickly recap everything for you tonight.

While not exactly as close to Navaly as Washington’s Alex Ovechkin is to Vladimir Putin, Panarin was a big supporter of Navaly.

In an orchestrated and sinister plot by one of his former coaches in the KHL, Andrei Nazarov, a Putin supporter – “The Breadman” was accused of beating up a female teenager in Latvia in 2011.

Even at the time of these allegations – no one believed what Nazarov was selling.

However, since Panarin’s grandparents were still living in Russia, and due to “The Breadman” making it publicly known that he supported Navalny over Putin – Panarin took a leave of absence from the team in order to make sure that his family (not just his grandparents, but his father-in-law and other family members too) were safe.

Again – I don’t want to do a deep dive into Russian politics (especially since I don’t know every angle of the subject) – but this just tells you how crazy it is these days in Russia.

Once Panarin eventually returned, it was revealed that Nazarov went into business for himself – and that it was just the head coach – and not Putin – who created this bullshit story.

In the years that followed – Panarin returned to Russia – and without fear of ever being sent to a Putin “gulag.”

That fate wasn’t the same for Navalny, who after previously surviving an assassination attempt, actually left where he was staying in fear of political imprisonment (Germany), and then returned to Russia on January 17th, 2021.

Once landing at Moscow airport – Navaly was arrested by Putin’s patrol.

Navaly, who never had his freedom again, died in a Russian prison on Friday, 2/16.

According to all reports, even the ones that Russia is presently trying to suppress, Navaly was tortured for the past three-years, which included starvation, water torture (making him go outside in sub-zero temperatures and then throwing cold water on him – as opposed to waterboarding) and routine beatings.

One report even suggested that he was sodomized too – but as noted – only one report stated this.

When Panarin’s name was fully cleared after Nazarov’s nonsense (and again – no one believed this tale at the time anyway), “The Breadman,” whether forced or in fear of his family’s safety, said “I’ll never talk about politics again.”


We can see why.

I only bring this up because none of the Ranger beat reporters asked Panarin about Navalny’s death – but to be fair – I don’t blame them.

After all, who wants to become a potential accessory to murder – and who wants to live with such guilt too?

If Panarin wants to talk about this, then he will – but again – his family still lives in Russia – and where as we can see with Navaly – anything said can be a life-or-death situation.

But a real reporter, not in fear of losing a relationship with Panarin, would have asked him about this – but as we all know – when it comes to the Blueshirts’ beat of today – they aren’t reporters.

Instead, they are messenger pigeons.

Heck, they can’t even tell you what happened with Jim Ramsay.

If they won’t talk about Ramsay, then do you think they are going to talk about this?

Furthermore – it’s not like one of these beat reporters ever asked Adam Fox about the Israel/Palestine conflict – but they were more than willing to bend-over-backwards when promoting his new bagel venture – and where the stereotype of Jews (especially ones from Long Island) loving their bagels WAS mentioned in all of these stories.

(And Fox said this himself – so it’s not like the beat was trying to sell a stereotype story like ESPN promoting that only Italians live in New Jersey – and as witnessed tonight throughout this Flyers/Devils game.)

However, and perhaps while speaking out both sides of my mouth too (I just try to give you every side) – I can’t blame the beat reporters for shying away from this.

There’s just no reason to put Panarin into this position – and where this is most certainly true too – the political climate in Russia today is much worse than it was three-years ago – and really – that’s terrifying.

If anything can be learnt from Navaly’s murder?

Then for the people who bitch-and-moan about American politics on a daily basis – be happy that you live here and are able to do so.

The same doesn’t apply for Russian citizens.

And yep – what a morbid way to close tonight’s manifesto – but I didn’t want to ignore this story either.

RIP Alexei Navalny.

From Navalny to “Calvin and Hobbes” – only on this site!

Enjoy the game tomorrow – and where if you’re attending – make sure to dress warm and drink heavily!

I’ll return sometime late night Sunday – and where depending on my own alcohol intake – I may need a nap before starting the Rangers/Islanders Stadium Series GAME REVIEW blog!

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