NYR/PHI 2/24 Review: HEAVE HO, TEN IN A ROW! Rolling Rangers Make History; Matt Rempe Creates Two Moments That You’ll Never Forget Too, REMPESTEIN Overshadows Another Monstrous Performance from CZAR IGOR – But Why He Shouldn’t Fight In Every Game, Insane Lafreniere Stat, Enjoy The Moment & More

I don’t know if REMPESTEIN, government name Matt Rempe, has the shelf life of “Linsanity” in New York or if he can become the real deal Holyfield – and as his mighty right hand would suggest; but whatever the end result may be, the seven-footer (on skates) is making his presence felt for the Blueshirts these days. On Saturday afternoon, REMPESTEIN had his finest hour yet – as not only did he demolish another victim (Nic Deslauriers), but more important than that – scored the game winning goal in the Rangers’ 2-1 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers – and during the team’s tenth win in a row too! What a time to be alive!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. Two words: MATT REMPE!

Off puck drop, I’m getting a late start on tonight’s GAME REVIEW blog, as between being out (then staying out way late after the Rangers’ 2-1 win in the City of Brotherly Love), and my computer deciding to crap out (and if I wasn’t twice Rempe’s age, where my near 42-year-old hands hurt whenever I punch something – then I would’ve given this old dinosaur P.C. a few haymakers myself), so I apologize in advance for the tardiness of these words – and the fact that I won’t be hitting 10,000 words during this tome either.

(I also apologize for the word-salad and horrible grammar in that paragraph too!)

But hey, for a man who sure loves his adages, here’s another:

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

In other words, in lieu of my normal ten-thousand words – I’m going to let many pictures do the bulk of my talking tonight – and Rempe’s hands, both of the fighting and goal scoring variety, will also do some talking too!

And if it wasn’t for the fact that Saturday’s 2-1 win over the Flyers wasn’t so historic and monumental, then I would’ve just taken the night off and then talk about it during tomorrow’s (now tonight’s) GAME REVIEW blog – and when “Lavy’s Lot” seek their eleventh consecutive victory in THE OHIO STATE.

But to do that (gloss over the Rangers’ tenth straight win) would be a disservice to what the team accomplished in the cheese-steak city – and man, oh man – was a lot accomplished in Philly – and where at just the three-minute mark of the game – Rempe made orange-and-black heavyweight, Nic Deslauriers, look like one of those fentanyl/tranq addicts from Kensington, PA:

As Daniel Powter once sang in his number-one single from 2005, “So you had a bad day, got f-d up by Rempe….” Photo Credit: ESPN

Perhaps forgotten in both the Rangers’ and Rempe’s historic performances from Saturday afternoon was the fact that there was a chance that #73 wouldn’t even be in Lavy’s line-up – as it was thought that a suspension was in his future after turning the face of New Jersey’s Nathan Bastian into the equivalent of someone who was in a car accident – and then went flying head-first through the vehicle’s windshield.

On Friday, the team’s off-day/travel day to Philly, it was reported that not only would Rempe NOT be receiving a suspension – but his match penalty from Thursday night was also rescinded.

This was great news all around, as it allowed bench boss Peter Laviolette to have his brute (and now “elite goal scorer” too!) in his line-up against a rival – and one who’s playing very well these days under the guidance of coach John Tortorella.

Better than that?

While Rempe has only been an NHLer for all of six days (4 games), and is already garnering both a reputation and the attention of everyone; since his match penalty was stricken from the record – it means that in the event should he ever be (erroneously) assessed with a match penalty again – then he won’t be considered as a “repeat offender.”

And by 6:30PM Saturday, which was the time when the final horn had sounded in Philly?

Rempe’s jersey number, #73, meant something else, and in some Sam Rosen math for you too – 7+3=10 – as in ten wins in a row for the Rangers – where not only did Rempe continue his “legacy” by turning the flesh of another Blueshirts’ foe into mincemeat – but no less than four-minutes following Tyson Foerster’s 1-1 equalizer – Rempe responded with a goal himself.

The Rangers, now up 2-1 at the time (6:31 mark of the third stanza), never scored again.

Neither did the Flyers.

While Rempe will get all of the lede attention throughout not only the mean streets of Rangerstown, USA, but in all of the league too (he was even ESPN’s featured player – and as his post-game interview would suggest); what should also be remembered is the performance of CZAR IGOR, as #31 turned back 39 of the 40 shots that he saw.

And once again, the two things that we always see whenever CZAR IGOR is at his finest took place during this game too, as it was just one lone “BLUESHIRTS’ BRAIN FART” that marred another one of his myriad of shutout bids – and the reason why he continues to lead the NHL in most one-goal games allowed ever since his debut from January of 2020.

That said, this wasn’t the smelliest “BLUESHIRTS’ BRAIN FART” either, because as the Rangers have been doing a lot of lately – they played another complete game – and where everyone gave it their all during the team’s sixty-minute effort.

In other words?

The other team is paid to play too – and especially a rival in their own barn.

While my 25-word season-long daily disclaimer for this 2023-24 campaign – and one that reads as such, “WHATEVER THE RANGERS DO IN THE REGULAR SEASON DOESN’T MATTER. THEY CAN ONLY BE JUDGED BY WHATEVER THEY DO IN THE 2024 STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS!” still applies; every Blueshirt backer in the land should appreciate what we’re seeing these days – as ten-game winning streaks, and in the near one-hundred years of this franchise’s existence, doesn’t come around often.

To be precise, it’s only happened twice since 1926:

And while I’ve already ran my disclaimer – these 2023-24 Rangers now have a chance to make history – as the only team to have ever won eleven games in a row.

There will be no rest for the Blueshirts when looking for win #11 (and where like 1940, number eleven also has a special place in franchise history – and I don’t think that I have to give you the resume of Mark Messier at this moment right now either), as by the time that you read these words – the Rangers are sleeping in a Columbus, Ohio hotel, in preparation for their final game of this mini three-game road-trip – as they will play guest to the last-place Blue Jackets on Sunday.

Butta, TEN O’CLOCK TOMMY, my dad and yours truly at my local watering hole during the Rangers’ 2-1 win – and where a Labatt Blue or 73 of them were consumed during the festivities!

Just to catch up on the news, on Friday, not only was Rempe not suspended, but Brennan Othmann, and since both Jimmy Vesey and Artemi Panarin are 100% healthy, was returned to the Hartford Wolfpack.

Also on Friday, former Rangers’ head coach, Jean-Guy Talbot, passed away at the age of 91-years-old.

It’s not nice to speak bad about the dead, so I won’t do that – so I’ll just say that Talbot was a legend in Montreal – and not so much as a one-and-done season (1977-78) bench boss of the Blueshirts.

RIP Talbot – and what a life that he had – as long before his track-suit wearing days in New York, he previously won seven Stanley Cups with the Canadien dynasty teams.

For whatever reason, the majority of the Rangers’ beat reporters decided not to cover Saturday’s game. Lazy pricks! Hell, I’m writing this with a bunch of Labatt Blue and Bulleit Bourbon in me – and I don’t have the luxury of an editor either!  But for Laviolette, it had to feel rewarding not having to deal with the likes of Wince and Mollie.

In what’s now somewhat dated, even if it’s not even 24-hours old, is the pregame edition of “LAVY’S LOUNGE.”

For the sake of posterity, here it is for you below:

The only thing to come out of this brief chat with mostly the Flyers’ beat reporters was that CZAR IGOR would be making his fourth consecutive start in a time-span of six days.

This is not a case of hindsight being 20/20 (especially since I’ve made this point before on this site one or a million times before), but I was happy to hear that Laviolette was going to continue to roll with his hot hand.

But what I was pleased with the most was the fact that Lavy went with his best line-up possible (and this is not a shot at Jonathan Quick – so do NOT take it in this manner), and with this game, the first contest of a back-to-back weekend set – CZAR IGOR, the starter, received the tougher game on paper (standings don’t lie – and CBJ is an all-out fiasco – and a mess also going through a regime change right now), while Quick, the back-up (or 1B these days), will draw the worst team of the Eastern Conference on Sunday.

(And as this paragraph would suggest – I could use an editor! Another HOLY WORD SALAD BATMAN!)

Then again – and food for thought?

With CZAR IGOR red-hot right now, and with a chance to make history (the winning streak) – maybe #31 gets a chance to post the team’s 11th consecutive win.

But gun to my head? (And why would you put a pistol to my cranium over this to begin with – you scoundrels!)

Lavy has trusted all of his players, whether it be “THE FAT CATS,” “The Young Guns” and his goalies too – so he may not break up what’s been working – which means JQ32, who like anyone else on this team, deserves to be on the ice too – as Sunday’s starter.

And yes, I apologize for rambling and being all over the place – but between all of the booze consumed and my overwhelming emotion of pure ecstasy with this team (and that doesn’t happen often – and as four Stanley Cup wins in 98-years would lead you to believe!) – give a brother a break!

Here was Laviolette’s line-up for the fifty-eighth game of this 2023-24 season:

FIRST LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

SECOND LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Vesey

THIRD LINE: Cuylle/Brodzinski/Kakko

FOURTH LINE: Rempe/Goodrow/Edstrom

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Gustafsson/Schneider


BACK-UP: Quick

Healthy Scratches: Belzile and Jones


The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





24 2 22 .917 19 2 1 0 0 57:37 0


40 1 39 .975 35 3 1 0 0 60:00 0

Unless you have no soul and are devoid of all human emotion whatsoever too – then how can you not be a fan of MATT “F’N” REMPE these days? Like Cinderella’s slipper, he’s been a perfect fit for this roster ever since making his NHL debut on Sunday during the Stadium Series game. His teammates apparently think the same – and as is evident in this picture here – as REMPE THE REDWOOD was awarded the Broadway Hat on Saturday – and for the second time in six days too! Photo Credit: NYR

As previously mentioned, I went out for this match, so the normal style of GAME REVIEWS will return following the Rangers/Blue Jackets game.

For this 2-1 win, I’m just going to blend in my thoughts with the highlights.

After watching Patrick Kane score again in Detroit’s blowout win over the St. Louis Blues, the ESPN appetizer to this Rangers’ main course meal against the Flyers (and where are all of these ridiculous chart geeks and limp-wristed writers who proclaimed that Kane would be “WASHED” after his surgery?); we then went to Mark Messier, P.K. Slewban, Emily Kaplan and Ray “I’m Not a Hater” Ferraro, as it were these four handling the bulk of the broadcast duties – and now in the city where they should take down the Rocky Balboa statue, a dedication to a fictional character – and replace it with a REAL LIFE REMPE statue!

And yes – I’m going overboard with all of this Rempe stuff – but how can you not love it?

Not only is Rempe somewhat a throwback player to the days where enforcers were not only important – but required too (and as mentioned many times before on this site, then if you haven’t seen the “Ice Guardians” documentary, then make it your duty to watch it – and just listen to what’s said about the Wayne Gretzky era of Oilers) – but what I really enjoy about him is that everything he does is genuine.

What I mean by that, is just listen to him speak, how he plays, how he reacts, etc.

Right now, as I write these words way into the wee early hours of February 25th?

There’s not a person alive that enjoys going to work as much as Rempe does.

Whether he’s hopping over the boards, trading dukes, scoring goals or talking to the media – there’s a feeling about him, like a child on Christmas morning – and one that’s infectious.

And when you think about it, these vibes aren’t just exclusive to the Rangers and their fans either.

After all, following Matt Martin introducing Rempe to the league (and as mentioned then – this was Martin doing Rempe a favor – as he didn’t have to give #73 his first NHL moment), on Saturday, it was another heavyweight veteran, this time Nic Deslauriers, that wanted to see what the Rangers’ rookie was all about.

And at just the three-minute mark of this game – Deslauriers found out:

I want to hear official confirmation that Rempe will be sticking around for a while – but even then – in my moment of bliss – I may go out and drop $150+ on a #73 jersey anyway. That’s how jazzed up I am! Photo Credit: NHL and NYR

Just a few talking points about this fight:

— Not to piss on anyone’s parade – and as you can tell – I’m loving this as much as anyone else – but for as much as I enjoy these tilts amongst monsters – I don’t want to see them in every game either.

— I don’t think that I have to remind anyone why fighting was lessened by the league in the first place – and where every Ranger fan by now is keenly aware of the Derek Boogaard story as well – but between the risks of CTE (and the crippling addictions, mainly opiates, that usually result afterwards) and broken hands too – while I’m not saying that Rempe should never fight again – I’d rather see him spread these bouts apart.

— But damn pal – not only are these fights exhilarating, and just like goalie duels, it’s one of my favorite brands of puck too – OLD TIME HOCKEY.

— Another reason why I was a DAY ONE rider of the REMPE RAILROAD? Because much like his opponents – he tears apart all of this new-age bullshit – aka ANALytics.

— Simply put: What Rempe does on the ice can’t be accurately depicted by one of soy boy Sieve Vagistat’s charts and graphs – and it’s not just the fighting – it’s the whole package.

— What’s the whole package? Easy, it’s Rempe’s massive frame that allows him to screen goalies as if he were a one-man solar eclipse (and that’s how he picked up his game winning goal too), his hitting and just the fear of physicality that his opponents are now worrying about – as not only does the big man fight – but he can lay a hit or ten too.

— Kudos to the officials who knew the magnitude of this game – and unlike Jack Hughes – what the fans pay to see too – as the refs let these two beasts trade hands for over a minute.

— I’m also wondering if Rempe, who has said multiple times that he just enjoys fighting, has a future as a two-sport athlete – because after watching him hold his own in the NHL this week – then it’s my belief today that he can hold his own too against the UFC Heavyweight champion, Jon Jones – and the kingpin of boxing too, Tyson Fury!

— As said up top, I have no clue what Rempe’s long-term future is with the Rangers, but whatever happens next – and much like the marks he leaves on his victims – he’s already left his mark in franchise history.

— An example of this point? Look no further than to Tie Domi.

While Domi played over 1,000 games in the NHL throughout his sixteen seasons, I think a lot of fans have allowed romanticism and revisionist history to forget the fact that Mr. Domi only played in 82-games with the Rangers during his two-and-a-half seasons in town. But what they never forgot is what Domi did with (and for) the Rangers – and where still to this very day – the biggest autograph request that the former Blueshirt receives is from his heavyweight Garden fight against Bob Probert.

(And all of this is fully covered in detail during my “Tricks of the Trade” four-book volume set.)

On Friday, the Devils announced that Nathan Bastian, with his mauled face, was placed on the injured-reserve with a “lower-body injury.” They didn’t tell us if the “lower-body injury” was a “kicked ass.” Today, and following the events of Rempe’s fight with Deslauriers – I’m wondering if I’ll wake up (sometime Sunday afternoon!) and then read that the Flyer is out with an upper-body injury – due to a hematoma! Photo Credit: ESPN

If there were two things to gripe about during this game, and a pair of occurrences that we’ve seen a lot of during this winning streak, then it was the fact that the Blueshirts allowed their opponents to fire forty shots at their goalie, while also being blanked on the power-play (0-5).

But, and as noted all-week on this site – when you’re on an epic winning streak – then how can you focus on the negativity?

And as also written in this space – while the power-play, once the perceived strength of this club, most certainly needs work – the Rangers have tightened-up in other areas, their weaknesses – and as their four-for-four penalty kill tells you, coupled-in with another goal, the game-winner no less, from the bottom-six.

When it comes to all of the shots on goal allowed, and while some will attribute the NHL All Star Game/bye week for CZAR IGOR’s turnaround – you could also make a case that Shestyorkin regained his game by receiving a larger work load.

Not only is he more engaged (and as all of his patented homerun passes, now connecting these days, but passes that weren’t connecting during his slump, will tell you), but the CZAR is the STAR again too – and you can see that needing to be the man for the Blueshirts is giving him confidence.

And just like the three other wins from this week (Islanders, Stars and Devils) and where CZAR IGOR was in the barrel for all of them – the Rangers were heavily out-shot in the odd-numbered periods, while out-shooting their opponents during the second stanza.

By the time the first period ended, CZAR IGOR had 18 saves to his name.

For some goalies, that’s a full game’s worth of work.

Conversely, the Flyers’ backstop, Sam Ersson, technically a rookie this season (he played in 12-games last year), only had to come up with half of the saves that his foe did, nine in all.

In the middle period, the roles were reversed, as Ersson totaled ten saves to CZAR IGOR’s five denials.

But once again, and following goals scored by Alexis Lafreniere and Rempe, the Rangers’ opponent had an all-out attack when seeking the equalizer.


He made seventeen crucial saves in crunch time, while Ersson only had to make five saves.

However, the Rangers have always relied on their goaltender, so all of these saves/shots on goal isn’t as big of an issue to me as it is to others.

But yet again – the power-play has to be better – and should the erratic first power-play unit, and like CZAR IGOR, regain their prime form – then you won’t have to worry about one-goal margins with the game on the line.

The GAG Line 2.0 did it again on Saturday, as Alexis Lafreniere, while on the “foreplay,” scored the first goal of the game. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Akin to the winning streak, several other streaks were extended on Saturday.

As mentioned, the Rangers’ power-play wasn’t good again – but for whatever reason, their foreplay (4×4) was strong.

For the third consecutive game, the Blueshirts notched a goal while both teams, like Alice in Chains, had a “Man in the Box.”

Extending this foreplay streak was a man who extended his own consecutive game goal-scoring streak, the first-overall pick, Lafreniere himself – and as he did at the 11:56 mark of the second period:


Crazier than the foreplay outscoring the power-play?

This insane stat:

While this stat also speaks to the Rangers’ record (most wins in the league, but one point shy of Vancouver – but with two games in-hand over the team they bested in 1994 too), what a feat – and where yeah – following the game against the Devils – you hoped that #13 would follow it up.

He did just that.

Now if he can only score in the 24 games that remain, then this win-streak will hit 34-games!

And yes, for the people who need it (some people on social media actually thought I was serious on Saturday when I joked and said that Rempe is leaving a bigger legacy than Messier – and for anyone who replied and didn’t get the joke – I just ignored all of these people who are devoid of a sense of humor) – I AM JOKING AND DON’T EXPECT LAFRENIERE TO SCORE 24 MORE GOALS THIS SEASON.

But it would be nice!

As everyone and their mother knows – I never lost faith in CZAR IGOR – and as I did on Saturday – proudly wore my road-white #31 jersey when watching this win!

You have to think that the pressure of winning – and going for history – has to be a burden for the team.

As they have done a lot of lately, the Rangers bled their blue hearts out and by the time the final frame rolled around, they were still up 1-0.

At this point in the game, the Rangers had played two perfect road periods (if you ignore the power-play) – which is no easy feat considering the opponent and with their winning-streak on the line.

I don’t want to knock him, but I can’t ignore this either.

After personally telling me that he’s unbiased whenever calling Ranger games, at the 2:30 mark of the third period, Ray Ferraro talked about how CZAR IGOR had a shutout going.

Six-seconds later?

The announcer curse – as Foerster scored the first – and only – Flyers goal of the game against the Blueshirts’ third pair and third line.

Three-minutes and fifty-five-seconds later?

Rempe’s first NHL goal:

Many people, including Rempe himself, described this goal as ugly and fluky:

While admittedly there was some luck involved – at the same time – Rempe, like Chris Kreider, put himself into position to score off of a rebound or deflection.

In this case, a deflection sent from his center, Barclay Goodrow (and it still aggravates me to no end when Ranger fans can’t see the value in #21), caught a piece of Rempe’s 73-inch shin and then went past Ersson – and which also gave Braden Schneider the secondary assist to boot.

2-1, GOOD GUYS – and where Rempe’s first goal was also his first game-winning goal too!

Following this “strike,” CZAR IGOR never relented – especially during the fourth-and-final Flyers’ power-play, which took place at the 15:57 mark after K’Andre Miller high-sticked Sean Couturier.

But, and to speak to how strong the penalty kill was, of CZAR IGOR’s 39 saves – only one of them was short-handed.

(And to speak to how bad the power-play has been? CZAR IGOR, including during a four-minute power-play after Garnet Hathaway high-sticked Miller in the second period, tripled his short-handed total, as he made three saves while the Rangers had the man-advantage.)

Come triple-zeroes?

2-1, GOOD GUYS, your final – and the tenth win in a row!

Here’s all of the elated post-game reaction:

And here’s Deslauriers, who admitted he goaded and challenged Rempe to the fight – and where like Martin – also gave props to the Ranger:

Arguably, the 2023-24 Rangers are more exciting than the team from two-years ago (and that Stadium Series win surely makes things bigger and better too) – and the one that reached the Eastern Conference Final. With a trade deadline in less than two weeks – I’m more interested than ever to see what Chris Drury does. Previously, I thought he’d make a huge splash. Now? With the team so hot, I don’t know how much you want to play around with the team’s chemistry – but I do think that the general manager has to spend to the ceiling – and by filling that $4.5M cap-hit that’s available to him too (Filip Chytil). Photo Credit: NYR

As an official “RANGERS’ HISTORIAN,” and as personally anointed to this lofty status by the great Stan Fischler – I can tell you the following as a fact:

You don’t get many moments like these.

Enjoy it – and then worry about the playoffs once we get there.

And if you can tell lately – that’s exactly what I’m doing – and as all of my “watch parties” at my local watering hole will tell you.

Sure, I love writing on this site – but sometimes, especially now – I rather prioritize going out and watching these games with friends and family rather than being cooped up alone in my man cave!

Plus, and with my new work hours – I’ll have twenty more times to do that this season – and on “west coast” time too!

Back at it Sunday night with a normal style of a GAME REVIEW – although it was fun writing this one and doing something different!

And should you need more words out of me?

Well that brings us to…

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5 thoughts on “NYR/PHI 2/24 Review: HEAVE HO, TEN IN A ROW! Rolling Rangers Make History; Matt Rempe Creates Two Moments That You’ll Never Forget Too, REMPESTEIN Overshadows Another Monstrous Performance from CZAR IGOR – But Why He Shouldn’t Fight In Every Game, Insane Lafreniere Stat, Enjoy The Moment & More

  1. Yes the Czar was great, as usual! Rempf should work on scoring some goals. Fighting will get you noticed but goals and assists will get you a better contract!!!! I think Torts told his players to go after him. I wouldn’t put that passed him). ESPN/ABC coverage of the game was okay. It pissed off Ray Ferraro (the best part!!!). Emily Craplan should find a new job, she is just not good. (she nods her head like Sam!!) Sean was…….I need Bulleit to talk about him, not good either. ( I watched with the sound off!!! ) I get wiped out on that stuff. Drink better bourbon!! Great blog just the same!!! Cheers!!!

  2. Yes the Czar was great, as usual! Rempf should work on scoring some goals. Fighting will get you noticed but goals and assists will get you a better contract!!!! I think Torts told his players to go after him. I wouldn’t put that passed him). ESPN/ABC coverage of the game was okay. It pissed off Ray Ferraro (the best part!!!). Emily Craplan should find a new job, she is just not good. (she nods her head like Sam!!) Sean was…….I need Bulleit to talk about him, not good either. ( I watched with the sound off!!! ) I get wiped out on that stuff. Drink better bourbon!! Great blog just the same!!! Cheers!!!

    1. Your Rempe comments were prophetic.

      Kaplan is a much better writer than as a TV personality.

      The sweet Bulleit goes down nice with the beers! At home, I drink the better stuff, but when out, I’ll take the non-top shelf stuff!



  3. Hey great hanging with you and your dad yesterday
    Gotta do that again! Here’s one my son Pete came up with – The Rempe-ire State Building

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