NYR/BOS 3/21 Review: Breadman Bakes Hat Trick in Beantown; No Clam Chowder For Pasta or Cheese For “The Rat” Either, Rangers Give The Middle Finger to Sieve Vagistat, Jonathan Quick Makes History Again During 2023-24 Comeback Tour, Fox Trots, Mining For Miller, Rempe Returns to Mixed Results; “Laviolette Neutering,” Debunking Playoff Positioning Malarkey, No Show Mika Gets an ENG, M$GN & More

On Thursday night, in the city that made the lyrics “you wanna go where everybody knows your name” famous, the Rangers left Boston, MA with everyone knowing their names. Behind an “ARTIE PARTY,” aka a hat trick for Artemi Panarin; stellar team defense; a career-high 13th goal for the 2021 Norris Trophy winner Adam Fox; and of course, a tremendous showing in net from the goalie who is now the best American backstop in league history, Jonathan Quick – the Blueshirts won a hard-fought game against the Bruins by a 5-2 final – and where don’t let the final score fool you either – the Rangers netted one empty netter to seal the deal, and then one more, Panarin’s third, for the cherry on top. But no matter the final score – the Rangers, where need I remind you, are still without one-half of their top-four of d-men – proved to the hockey world that they can hang – and beat – any team in front of them. And here’s a final closing thought for ya – when’s the last time that the Rangers knocked off the Bruins – and where both David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand were pretty much rendered as ineffective?

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. Sieve Vagistat is an asshole!

But of course, the opinions of the worst back-up goalie in franchise history, and the worst ANALyst in hockey today, are not the lede story tonight (Panarin, Quick and the team in general are your top stories – and with all respect paid to Matt Rempe too!) – nor does anyone employed and living in their own homes value the words that spew out of the mouth of the seven-foot shithead anyway!

The young folk still asking their mothers to cut the crusts off of their sandwiches?

Then they, and only these sad folk, may appreciate Vagistat’s never-ending bullshit!

And to be fair – I guess that not everyone values the opinions of a seven-sheets to the wind beer-bellied blogger either!

But alas, here we are!

I only bring up the useless Vagistat, who must have dirt or naked pictures of some high-ranking M$GN executive for one reason – because everything that he said some 48-hours ago was proven 100% false on Thursday night – while everything that I said on Tuesday night came to be in tonight’s 5-2 win over the Bruins.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then check out my Rangers/Jets GAME REVIEW here: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/31924/

For those too lazy to click that link; as a reminder, Vagistat said that the Rangers couldn’t beat any of the top-echelon teams of the league and then bombarded viewers with all of his made-up arts & crafts, charts & graphs, in order to support his usual inane argument.

Of course, Henrik Lundqvist’s coffee boy (he takes it black – like Vagistat – heyyo!) omitted a ton of information with such moronic remarks, stuff such as that the Rangers were in the middle of a busy schedule, were 16-3-1 in their previous twenty games prior to Tuesday’s loss, knocked off every rivalry team put in front of them, were missing 50% of their top four of rearguards, and so on and so forth.

I know that I can’t stand Vagistat mainly because all of his garbage is ANALytical based, and that his smug attitude doesn’t help matters either; but it’s funny how real NHLers, not the select few who carried bags around and wore sunglasses & inconspicuous clothing whenever frequenting “The Ramrod” on off-nights, all said what I said on Tuesday night following the loss to the Jets.

Who said what I said?

(And I’m not suggesting that these people “stole” from me or anything – I’m just saying that all of us had the same mindset – THE EYE TEST PERSPECTIVE!)

A Stanley Cup champion Mike Rupp, one of Vagistat’s “peers” on the M$GN, Brian Boyle, a peer that Vagistat assisted in getting his walking papers, Rangers’ legend Ron Duguay, and a multitude of others.

(I just name these three by name only because this trio all continue to follow the Rangers to this very day, and where two of them, Rupp & Boyle, work for M$GN too.)

And if Lundqvist ever gets back on M$GN airwaves, then I’m sure that he’ll say the same as Rupp, Duguay, Boyle and myself – and hopefully – then flip Vagistat head-over-heels as if he was a net!

M$GN needs “THE KING OF COMMENTARY” back – pronto and stat! Photo Credit: M$GN

I gotta stop talking about Vagistat because it’s late, my dinosaur computer keeps freezing on me and mainly since I don’t want to let this charlatan ruin all of my good vibes following a big Blueshirts’ win!

But to end on this topic – he’s garbage – and he should be kicked to the curb by the M$GN – where he belongs since he’s a piece of trash!

(Of note, and because I didn’t know where else to insert this message? I know that I have something like 89756656567856785 emails and social media notifications to address – and I’ll probably get back to everyone on Saturday. Sorry, but my schedule has been nuttier than Sam Rosen these days!)

However, to go back to something else that I said, and as Boyle has asked this question a few times this season too – “where’s Mika Zibanejad?”

I know, I know, I know – I’m long past the point of a broken record, perhaps a record broken as spun by D.J. Mika himself – but once again, in another big game – he was a complete no-show.

Sure, Stinka Zibanedud woke up to score an A-Rod empty net goal with the Rangers already ahead, but prior to his 4-2, GOOD GUYS goal, as scored with only 2:03 remaining – he was a non-factor – and where you had to check the box score again to see if he was even playing.

And yep, and once again – Laviolette was forced to give the BFF line a shot of Panarin, as the head coach double-shifted his best player during the second period – and then throughout the remainder of this tilt, which in turn, the yeast rose – while Zibanejad continued his yeast infection season.

I don’t know how many times I can say this, so I’ll just say it once here for tonight and then move on – but needless to say – the Rangers will need the center they are paying $8.5M a season to show up in the playoffs.

The further that Zibanedud sinks, then the more-and-more that playoff opponents will just spend the bulk of their energies into shutting down the Rangers’ top line, Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere – and just like how the Blueshirts did to Boston’s first line (Danton Heinen/Pavel Zacha/David Pastrnak – and for good measure – Brad Marchand, an all-time Ranger Killer, was shut down too) in this 5-2 victory.

(Holy bad grammar Batman – but give a brother a break – as you already know the circumstances that I’m enduring when sending you this Rangers’ drivel!)

And the Feckless Finn, who everyone told me was back because he scored a pair of goals over the weekend against non-contenders – and shite goaltenders to boot?

Just like his Scandinavian cohort – another no show – and where unlike the Swede – no empty net goal scored to speak about either.

And before you accuse me of being a hypocrite right now in regards to my remarks about Vagistat, and in case you didn’t read Tuesday’s blog either, then let me be clear:

Unlike Vagistat, I do believe that the Rangers CAN beat good teams.

I just have “Devils’ Deja Vu” on the brain – and worried about another Casper The Ghost postseason from Zibanejad and Kakko.

But as I always say, I’m also a nervous wreck about Panarin too – but of course – both jadedness and concern is a large part of being a Ranger fan – if not the biggest key component of such fanaticism!

And after tonight, where Panarin now has 41 goals and 98 points on the season?

The pressure has never been greater – as another playoff no-show will erase all of the amazing feats that he’s accomplished this season.

As I continue to speak out both sides of my mouth, I apologize for sounding so down after a big win – as that’s not my intent.

My intent?

The same as it always is – which of course, now brings us to our season-long 25-word daily disclaimer – and one that goes a little like this:


The postseason can’t get here soon enough – and where I’ll have more thoughts about one of the new talking points in Rangerstown, USA – who the Blueshirts “SHOULD” draw in the first-round.

But let’s first bask a little in this Blueshirts’ win in Beantown, okay?

Already long the best free agent signing in franchise history, Panarin, in Year Five of his seven-year contract, is currently experiencing not only his best season as a Ranger – but the best campaign of his entire career too. (Big) money – or should I say “bread” – well spent! Photo Credit: NYR

One last thing about the obviously mentally retarded (this is not a putdown/slur – as I truly believe he fits the textbook definition of the term) Sieve Vagistat – and then, and I swear – I’ll move on.

Mr. Vagistat, following one loss out of eight-two games to the Jets, had the gonads to suggest that the Rangers didn’t have one player who can take over a game.

Panarin took that dumbass remark personally.

We already know that the BFF line is unreliable.

We also know that the Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere line, one that I dubbed as “THE GOAL A GAME 2.0 LINE” back in December, will easily finish this season as one of the top five lines in franchise history – and if they can bring Stanley Cup #5 to New York – then we’re talking at least third-overall.

I still have to do the math (English, and not arithmetic, is my wheelhouse), but I believe that this trio are averaging over 1.75 goals per-game.


Panarin, and solely on his own accord, boosted this figure with three goals, and for the kicker, Trocheck assisted on Zibanejad’s empty netter too.

How anyone can say that the Rangers don’t have a player that can single-handedly take over a game is beyond me – because outside of Panarin, who deserves Hart Trophy consideration (but most likely won’t get it due to the seasons that Nikita Kucherov, Connor McDavid, Nathan MacKinnon and Auston Matthews are having) – the Blueshirts also boast two year-end individual trophy winners themselves, Adam Fox (2021 Norris) and CZAR IGOR (2022).

Sandwiched in-between Panarin’s hat-trick tonight?

A game-winning goal for Mr. Fox – his thirteenth, a career-high – and where he also finished the night with an assist, his forty-sixth, which gives him a grand total of 59-points this season.

And let’s not forget, Fox also missed nine games earlier this season, which is to say that if Sebastion Asshole wasn’t around, then perhaps #23 is flirting with nearly 80-points right now.

While CZAR IGOR didn’t play tonight – Jonathan Quick did – and where after tonight, the Ranger Killer, who has alleviated some of the pain from 2014 (but not all of it!), improved his record to 16-5-2 this season – where as a result, he now has 391 career wins – thus tying Ryan Miller for most all-time by an American-born goalie.

And as much as it pains me to say it, but I have to be truthful and fair – Quick, a lock for the Hall of Fame, is now the best U.S. born goalie in league history – and with my deepest of respects paid to the goalie that I grew up on, and for that matter – who Quick grew up on too – Mike Richter.

And if the Rangers can win the Stanley Cup in 2024?

Then everyone can stop talking about what took place ten-years ago too!

The man who must have a second home at “The Fountain of Youth” was again incredible on Thursday night. Quick stopped 13 of 14 shots in the first period, and where most of these saves were not of the easy variety – which in turn – kept his team’s chances of winning this game alive. And that’s what happened as the Blueshirts found their pulse in the final forty-minutes of the game, out-shooting their opponents 13-6 in the second period, and then 9-6 in the final frame. Photo Credit: NYR

Despite what will eventually be remembered as a top-ten regular season in franchise history, if not top-five – I think that I always start off these blogs with a questionable tone- and just because that I’ve seen it all before.

In other words, I’ll see it when I believe it – but I do believe that these guys can bring us that long overdue parade to the streets of NYC.

At the same time, I can’t just forget about history either, nor jump all the way in.

My heart has just been broken too many times to allow it – but it still beats Blueshirts’ blue!

What I truly love about this 2023-24 team, aside from one of my previous and usual talking points (“NEXT MAN UP!”) is their resiliency.

There haven’t been many two-game losing streaks this season, much less three-game losing streaks.

And there hasn’t been a four-game losing streak season either.

Whenever the Rangers come off a rare loss, then more times than not, they rebound as if they were a 1990s Dennis Rodman.

Lose a game to the Jets that the people in the Peg took much more seriously than the team from New York ever did?

You move on – and that’s exactly what happened on Thursday night, in what was essentially a four-point game in the Presidents’ Trophy standings.

And as already said a few times this past week – I don’t believe in such a “curse” – and just look up what happened in 1994 for my reason why!

Even on the nights when Trocheck and Lafreniere don’t score – it’s not for a lack of effort or trying – as once again, these two stood head-and-shoulders amongst other mere mortals. Photo Credit: Pauly D.

If the Jets treated the Rangers like a litmus test, and as they did on Tuesday night – then the Rangers, some 48-hours later – did the same in Sam Malone’s hometown.

The Blueshirts opened tonight’s tilt with a strong first ten-minutes, but where commonplace, and one of my nauseating talking points, proved true again.

An early penalty (50-seconds in) drawn by Lafreniere (Brandon Carlo for high-sticking) couldn’t produce a power-play goal for the team’s top quintet.

As I just kept screaming to myself, “WHY DOESN’T LAFRENIERE GET A CHANCE TO PLAY WITH HIS LINEMATES ON PP1 OVER STINKA ZIBANEDUD – AND ESPECIALLY WHEN HE KEEPS DRAWING PENALTIES!” – come the end of the two-minute man-advantage, and Bruins goalie, Jeremy Swayman, had recorded three short-handed saves.

Another one of my redundant phrases?

“Special teams swing games.”

At the six-minute mark of the first frame, Adam Fox, somewhat a penalty machine these days, hooked Charlie Coyle.

At least it wasn’t another interference penalty at the blue line!

Baby steps!

And yep – Fox would later redeem himself too – and to be clear – I have no issues with Fox’s play at all – I’m just stating the facts – he’s taken a lot of penalties lately.

Now on the power-play, the Bruins wouldn’t score during their allotted two-minutes – but at the end of the day – they pretty much did.

Just four-seconds following Fox’s penalty expiring, Quick, who made two tremendous saves on Trent Frederic, was beat on Boston’s third attempt at his net, as Jake Debrusk had what felt like an eternity while all alone with JQ32.

Long-story short?

This goal allowed wasn’t even 1% on Quick.

Instead, it was 99% “the other team is paid to play too” – and the Rangers tiring out at the end of their PK, which officially goes down as one-for-one here.

Quick, not tested much during the first ten-minutes of the initial period, sure was tested like a parolee forced to give up their urine on a daily basis during the final half of the first frame.

Quick aced the exam.

Following a first period which may as well have been entitled by Charles Dickens as “A Tale of Two-Halves,” once receiving an intermission speech from Laviolette (he confirmed this during his postgame edition of “LAVY’S LOUNGE”) – the Rangers, and as they usually do, “found a way.”

While Panarin and Quick will dominate all headlines after this game – what shouldn’t be lost is how well the team played defensively.

And that includes all six in Lavy’s three pairings of rearguards.

None of the Bruins’ top guns could get on the board – and when Boston was looking to feed either Pasta or The Rat – then you could see the Rangers all over these passes like shit on a monkey – as they jumped each and every single one of these attempted passes for turnovers.

The confidence only grew – because while the Bruins were doing the same to the Blueshirts – it were the Rangers who were porn stars and lasted longer – while the B’s blew it quicker than a teenager in a limo on prom night.

At the 7:58 mark, Panarin finally got Swayman to sway a bit – and break – as #10, and as he’s been doing all-season, picked his spot for the 1-1 goal.

Assisting on the strike?

Two first-round picks from the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, Alexis Lafreniere (1st-overall) and Braden Schneider (19th-overall).

And yep – we can talk more about this in the future – and yep – in the form of a book too – as this 2020 Draft may one day go down as one of the best in franchise history – or at least in the modern era.

As the Rangers relied on their damning defense and while never refusing to break, and as it was against Carolina last week – once again, the Blueshirts scored a late demoralizing goal at the detriment of their opponent.

This time, and with just 35-seconds left to be ticked in the middle period, it was Panarin, who got the benefit of a Bruins’ defender (Jake DeBrusk – relations with former Ranger, Lou DeBrusk, Joe!) sliding into a puck – and a puck that then found itself behind Mr. Swayman.

2-1, GOOD GUYS – and where all of the hard work was now being rewarded on the scoreboard.

“The Three R’s” – Resolve, Resiliency and Rebounding, were fully on display during the crucial and game-determining final period.

At the 3:17 mark, Justin Brazeau, who at points, I thought that both Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti were going to strip right down to their skivvies and then start pounding their puds over the Bruin, beat Quick.

2-2 – and where again – not a goal that you could even 1% hang on Quick – as Boston’s big-man was able to jostle around K’Andre Miller.

I’ll have more about this later – but for now – I absolutely detested the #79 hate that I saw on social media following this Boston equalizer.

Forty-seconds following Sam and Joe’s new favorite boy-toy tying the game?

Mr. Fox’s 13th goal of the season – and as assisted by the two Swedes, Gustafsson (primary) and Zibanedud (secondary).

While the two Nordics got points next to their name here – make no bones about it – this was all about Fox’s sniping skills – and where you now have to wonder if he was in Dallas on 11/22/1963!

(Yes, that’s a JFK joke. Too soon?)

This career-best goal for Fox, again, his 13th of the season, would hold up as the game-winner – but it only held-up this way because of the defense – and when needed in this period – Quick too.

With under three-minutes remaining, and as your asshole clenched so hard that it was spittin’ out diamonds, the Rangers, and with Swayman sitting on the bench, collectively teamed-up – and then decided that Zibanejad should score the empty-net goal.

This is my way of saying that any Blueshirt on the ice could have scored here, but since they are unselfish, they decided to feed the man who needs it the most these days – as after all – $8.5M doesn’t get you what it used to.

(This is also my way of saying that for his exorbitant salary, Mika should be picking up his teammates – and not vice-versa. Such thinking comes from the ACCOUNTABILITY playbook!)

Swayman, pulled again following the 4-2, GOOD GUYS goal, soon had to remove hats from his skates with just 52-seconds remaining in regulation, as Panarin notched his hat trick in front of a pro-Ranger crowd in the Original Six City.

5-2, GOOD GUYS, 5-2, GOOD GUYS, your final – and where yes Mr. Vagistat- the Blueshirts can beat top teams, ya jackoff!

At this time, let’s get into all of the pregame news and notes – and then get into everything else during the GAME REVIEW.

It was revealed on Wednesday that Peter Laviolette instructed Matt Rempe not to get involved with Kurtis MacDermid’s theatrics during the Rangers’ March 11th 3-1 win over the Devils.

For the first time since the NHL Trade Deadline, on Wednesday, March 20th, the “new look” Rangers finally returned to their facility in Tarrytown, NY for a full practice. For Jack Roslovic, it was his first look at the digs, as previously, Alex Wenneberg, acquired two-days prior to the March 8th deadline, had a twirl on the Westchester ice.

There were two things revealed during what otherwise was a normal practice – and both were somewhat obvious.

One, Jonathan Quick left the ice first, confirming that he’d get the start against Boston, which meant that as a result, CZAR IGOR will start this Saturday night when the Rangers rematch with the Panthers.

Two, and the most obvious – Matt Rempe was back in “Lavy’s Line-Up,” which also meant that Jonny Brodzinski would be scratched in Beantown.

Following the pump, and prior to the team’s flight to Boston, MA, Laviolette spent ten-minutes talking to the inept beat reporters:

With Matt Rempe slated to return to his line-up, then of course, it was the big man that everyone wanted to talk about.

On Rempe’s return from suspension, the head coach said, “He likes to hit. He’s a good hitter. He’s got to make sure he’s doing things the right way. That one got away. Every other hit has been pretty good. They’ve been very heavy and physical. He brings that presence to our team. That’s part of the reason he’s here is because he can bang bodies. He’s also been good a good hockey player for us as well. When he does come back, we’ll look for those same elements.”

Funny enough, also after the practice, Rempe spoke to the media – but once again, and this has happened five times already – Rempe’s interview wasn’t shared by the club’s official YouTube account.

Why the Rangers continue to censor their biggest draw from their fans is beyond me – but then again – this franchise has yet to mutter one word about the death of former Blueshirt, Chris Simon.

And don’t get me started about all of the omissions in the rafters of M$G either!

Rempe’s interview was more eye-opening than the one that his head coach had sermoned, as #73 said the following about his suspension – and his refusal to fight Kurtis MacDermid in the aftermath of his hit on Jonas Siegenthaler too:

(The following quotes were shared by every member of the Blueshirts’ beat, as again, the Rangers denied their fans of this interview.)

“It was an accident, but you never want to see a guy get hurt or anything like that. I’m still going to play super hard (and) play the same way. I’m just going to make sure that my hits are clean.

“I had my instructions before the game. I wanted to go out and play the game.

“After the hit, the linesman grabbed both of us, so nothing could happen then.”

When Laviolette was pressed about “giving marching orders” to Rempe, and what MacDermid had said afterwards – when he badmouthed the Ranger for not honoring time honored traditions – the head coach said that he wouldn’t talk about any other player or team – and to be fair – he’s said the same in the past.

Laviolette also said that he’s spoken with Rempe about “staged fights,” and where the bench boss also reiterated Rempe’s value to the team – and where they want him on the ice as much as possible – rather than sitting in the penalty box.

There was also one point during this interview where what Laviolette said was misinterpreted, as the media laughed when Rempe’s fighting majors were brought up. In a quick response, Lavy made it clear that he has no problem with fighting when necessary – but that he just didn’t want to see his player putting the team in man-down situations.

The biggest story, and confirmation too, is that when you look at what both Rempe and Laviolette said, and then when you also consider how the monstrous right-winger looked for approval before fighting Nick Deslauriers of the Flyers – then it was the fact that Laviolette told Rempe not to fight MacDermid at all.

As everyone and their mother knew that the goon would be seeing revenge following Rempe’s big hit on Bastion, and the quick KO of Siegenthaler that ensued, from the Rangers’ February 22nd 5-1 win over the Devils – where in a response to that brutal loss – the Devils went right out and traded for MacDermid immediately afterwards.

(My grammar sucks – but sorry – I haven’t slept in 22-hours – and I hope that you understand what I mean to convey!)

In non-Rempe news, also on Wednesday, the Blueshirts announced that they have come to terms with one of their 2021 draft picks, Jaroslav Chmelar.

Chmelar will immediately report to the Hartford Wolfpack.

Here’s what the franchise officially said, courtesy of https://www.nhl.com/rangers/news/rangers-agree-to-terms-with-jaroslav-chmelar  :

New York Rangers President and General Manager Chris Drury announced today that the team has agreed to terms with forward Jaroslav Chmelar on a three-year, entry-level contract.

Chmelar, 20, played two seasons at Providence College, accumulating 12 goals and 16 assists for 28 points in 59 games. This past season, he notched five goals and 10 assists for 15 points in 26 games and was one of six players on the team to have double-digit assists. In his freshman campaign, he totaled seven goals and six assists for 13 points in 33 games.

Prior to playing at Providence, the Nove Mesto nad Metuji, Czechia native posted nine goals and nine assists in 39 games with Jokerit U20 (Finland) in 2021-22 and appeared in 15 games with the Jokerit U18 squad in 2020-21.

Internationally, the 6-4, 198 pound forward represented Czechia in the 2022 and 2023 World Junior Championships, winning a silver medal in 2023. In addition, Chmelar suited up for Czechia at the 2021 U18 World Championships.

Chmelar was originally selected by the Rangers in the fifth round, 144th overall, of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft.

Here was Laviolette’s line-up for the seventieth game of this 2023-24 season:

FIRST LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

SECOND LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Roslovic

THIRD LINE: Cuylle/Wennberg/Kakko

FOURTH LINE: Vesey/Goodrow/Rempe

FIRST PAIR: Gustafsson/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Schneider

THIRD PAIR: Jones/Ruhwedel

STARTER: Jonathan Quick


Healthy Scratches: Brodzinski and Scanlin

Injured: Lindgren & Trouba


The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





29 3 26 .897 18 5 3 0 0 58:29 0


26 2 24 .923 16 7 1 0 0 60:00 0

Best goalie tandem in the league – HANDS DOWN! Photo Credit: NYR

To give you an update on my viewing habits – yes – I had another slow night at work.

In other words, I timed my dinner break perfectly, and my two coffee breaks too – and was able to watch the game – while, and just like the Rangers – took care of business at the office during the swing shift!

And for those who have asked (believe it or not, there have been at least thirty people to write in) – I’m not minding these new hours as much anymore – especially if I can watch the games if I time everything right – and where I also need nothing to “spring up” on my either!

That said – the usual style of my minute-by-minute GAME REVIEWS will return on Saturday – that is – unless someone has a ducat to offer their favorite blogger!

This is also my way of saying that I didn’t watch tonight’s M$GN pregame show – but even if I was home – then I wouldn’t have anyway – as the man who belongs in a construction porto-potty that hasn’t been cleaned for a month, Sieve Vagistat, was tasked to carry these thirty-minutes.

At 7:01PM, and now on my dinner break, I tuned into the M$GN – and where I was greeted by the two buffoons in the booth – Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti.

An on-going theme all night?

These two bozos would not get their lips off of the pecker of Justin Brazeau – where following this broadcast – I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Sam and Joe got “ENTER HERE” tattoos on their buttcheeks in honor of their new favorite Boston bum.

Another recurring theme, and one that I’ve brought up many times before?

All of these never-ending ad reads that Rosen, and through no fault of his own, is forced to scream out.

A new one tonight?

“THE UNDER-PERFORMANCE COMPROMISED PREMISE” of the game – and where no – I don’t know what these three-words, when rattled off consecutively, means either.

Whatever this advertisement was for, I don’t know.

What I do know, is that this then led Rosen into reminding us for the 897567578578585656568th time that Charlie McAvoy is from Long Beach, NY, while Adam Fox is from Jericho, NY – and for the kicker – and get this – THEY KNOW EACH OTHER TOO!

The best thing about Rosen bringing this up again for the billionth time?

He called Adam Fox “Adam Graves” – and then after Micheletti slapped the back of his head – made the correction.

Bless Sam’s heart.

As noted, since I was at work, the time, blah-blah-blah – this won’t be your usual style of a GAME REVIEW – but I will comment on some of the top topics in Rangerstown, USA today during it.

And yep – GAME REVIEW time!

Here’s a take, an opinion, a conspiracy theory, or whatever you want to call it – I thought that Rempe, and especially after hearing Laviolette’s remarks from Wednesday, was “neutered” by his head coach. With both a team-low seven shifts and 5:11 ice time, Rempe only came up with one hit – and where unlike his other hits – it wasn’t that memorable. (And this is not a knock on Rempe, or Lavy either – I’m just telling you what I thought – that’s all!)


As said above, I was losing my mind when I saw Zibanedud do his “Mopey Mika” act during a Rangers’ power-play that Lafreniere drew.

Again, and for the 20678678969786789678967896786th time – Lavy will hit the line blender, change his forwards & d-pairings and even say, and I quote, “I want to try and look at new things before the playoffs” – yet Lafreniere on PP1 is not amongst these things.

And yes, and one more time for new readers – Lavy is a future HOF coach and I’m just some boorish blogger – but even so – how come none of these ineffective beat reporters dare to even broach this topic whenever grilling the bench boss?

I was about to write another love poem in honor of Quick following the Rangers’ first successful penalty kill of the game – but then DeBrusk’s power-play goal altered my decision.

Even so, this was a good PK for the Rangers – and an even better two saves made on Frederic too – but the Rangers bent here – but that said – ultimately would never break.

And again, Boston is a top team – and one that’s also paid to score and win games too.


Not a goal allowed to be mad about.

As Rosen was shrieking over “PAVEL ZACHA, PAVEL ZACHA, DORMEZ VOUS, DORMEZ VOUS,” and where of course, the senile play-caller had to make mention that he was a former Devil too; come 9:30 remaining, and Rempe, on his second shift, made his biggest impact in the game.

During this play, Rempe forechecked, extended an o-zone shift and truly proved his real value.

But after everything that we heard on Wednesday – and the suspension too – I thought that Rempe was tentative tonight.

While he did go to the net and forechecked when able, the physicality that we’ve quickly grown accustomed to wasn’t there – and perhaps in fear of knocking someone’s lights out – and not wanting to go against the advice of his head coach too.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I think this past week has gotten into Rempe’s head a bit (and I hope this makes sense – as I’m not trying to besmirch the Blueshirt).

I know this sounds simplistic, but let’s not forget why the K.I.S.S. theory always works either – but at the end of the day – I think that he just needs to “play his game” – and whatever the consequences are, then so be it.

Unlike his captain in Hartford, where again – I doubt that we’ll ever see Brodzinski and Rempe howlin’ with the ‘Pack again (at least not this season) – Rempe’s ice time was cut tonight.

His linemates?

Both doubled their right-winger’s time, as Vesey logged 10:28, while Goodrow played 13:01.

Of course, both Vesey & Goodrow play on the penalty kill too, but even so, and just to give you the black-and-white, Rempe’s 5:11 was all at even-strength, while Vesey (9:09) and Goodrow (9:34) nearly doubled #73 in this department.

And I know the two things that people will say – one that I agree with and one that I disagree with.

One – the two long-time veterans, Goodrow and Vesey, should log more time than a rookie.

No argument there.

Two – you can’t trust a rookie in a one-goal game against a top team.

This is where I disagree – because it’s not like Rempe is treating the puck like a hand grenade out there.

And since I believe that Rempe will get some playoff games – I do want to see him play in tight games (his best TOI took place during a Rangers’ blowout) – as now is the time to get him as much experience as possible.

With the Bruins, now up 1-0, both teams soon had a chance to get on the board.

A Gustafsson-for-Trocheck play almost found twine – and where yeah – I thought the GUS BUS should’ve let a shot rip – rather than trying to find a picture-perfect pass.

But hey, that’s his game – and it’s been working.

After that, and with 5:45 remaining, we had some “RANGER KILLER ON RANGER KILLER” violence, as Quick absolutely robbed the rodent in the #63 jersey.

Since this always the case whenever the Rangers are trailing – I was absolutely infuriated with the old coot in the booth.

No joke, and this goes for Jumpin’ Jinxin’ Joe too – Rosen was on his hands-and-knees and praying for a Pastrnak point – where had such an event occurred, then it would’ve given the Bostonian his 100th point of the season.

Only a fan of the black-and-gold wanted to see that – and Rosen too.

After that, and no less than three times at that (I counted), this blubbering fool, who pisses on his HOF legacy game-by-game, then told us that John Beecher (no relation to Tobias Beecher from “Oz”) was from Elmira, NY.

To quote Larry’s lap dog, “WHO GIVES A SHIT?”

Once was too many times. Three times earned Rosen a full-time stay at the senior home that Junior Soprano stayed at during season six.


Come 4:04 remaining and Kreider took a dumbass penalty – and really – “dumbass” is the best adjective imaginable following CK20’s o-zone tripping infraction – and where the longest-tenured Ranger tripped Hampus Lindholm twice on the same play.

As Rosen marveled over the great town of Elmira again – I thought this at the time:

With Kreider boxed, then had Zibanejad had a breakaway or two-vs-one odd-man rush, and as he largely does during these short-handed situations – then at least #93 wouldn’t be forced to pass it out of his love to his BFF.

However, such an opportunity never arose – but the Rangers were able to kill this penalty – and as a result – then left this period unscathed from adding any further damage to their 1-0 deficit.

Panarin has put the weight of Rangerstown, USA on his shoulders, and where he also feels directly responsible (as he should) after the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs loss. I just hope that he carries this weight all the way through June!


Two words for this second period?


The Rangers, battling and battling, finally struck blood – and as “THE BREADMAN” baked his first of three loaves at the 7:58 mark:

1-1 – and what a snappy looking goal for the pizzazz Panarin!

Rosen’s response?

Making the cast and crew of “Showgirls” (1995) blush when performing verbal sex acts on Pastrnak – as no one wanted to see the Bruin score more than Rosen.

To fast-forward a lot, and as both teams continued to play stellar defense (although the Rangers had the edge here – as they didn’t give up many shots on goal), Fox hooked the man that Micheletti wanted to share a hotel room with tonight, Justin Brazeau – and as he did with 2:57 remaining.

Once again, the Rangers’ PK did their job – and better than that – no goal allowed seconds afterwards.

That is – no Boston goal allowed.

(And I should mention that during this Rangers’ PK, Kreider extended his zero for his last 9875675676756785865 breakaway attempts too – but I’m not knocking him – I’m just giving you the facts. I’m a fan!)

With just 35-seconds remaining, and in what both Norm Peterson and Cliff Clavin would call a “fluke goal,” the following:

2-1, GOOD GUYS – and Panarin’s 40th following – a let’s face it – a fortunate sequence of events!

Once ending Boston’s power-play, Panarin was finally able to jump on the ice, fresh as a daisy, and against a tiring home team.

Once opening up the ice, Panarin put the puck on net – while DeBrusk picked up an assist after deflecting the puck past his goalie.


2-1, GOOD GUYS, through forty-minutes.

Similar to Panarin, Fox has also put the weight of Rangerstown, USA on his shoulders.


At the 3:17 mark, Brazeau scored his fourth goal of the season, and where if you didn’t know any better and just listened to the two goofballs in the M$GN booth – then you would’ve thought that this goal was sending the Bruin straight to the Hall of Fame.

As noted above – I hated the majority of the reaction that I saw to this goal.

On this play, Brazeau, a big boy himself, was able to out-muscle Miller while approaching the blue paint.

I thought Miller did everything that he could – but again – the other team is paid to play too – and it’s not like Miller was caught puck watching here – and as he was many times earlier this season.

Miller battled – and no hockey player, no matter who it is, wins 100% of their battles.

What just totally grinds my gears in this Miller criticism is that not only has he been marvelous ever since Trouba went down – but that’s he’s just eating minutes like Joey Chestnut devouring hot dogs on July 4th.


Mr. Miller played a game-high 24:53.

Second-best in New York?

Trocheck, who logged 23:00.

And for those wondering, amongst d-men, Fox played 21:59 – second-best behind Miller.

My point?

To rag on Miller for one goal allowed in nearly 25:00 of ice-time – and one that he busted his ass on to defend – while that’s just not right.

Rag on that twunt, Sieve Vagistat, instead!

Tied at 2-2 – and this would be the last goal that Boston scored – and where yes – CREDIT Miller for this fact too.

But it was the other d-man, the best that I’ve ever seen since the days of Brian Leetch, who put the Rangers ahead, thus negating the tie, and as Fox did at the 3:57 mark:

3-2, GOOD GUYS, following Fox’s entrance to “Snipe City!”

And yep – this lone goal made up for the two penalties he took too!

As I was hoping that Rempe would leave the ice and get his next suspension after throwing Sam and Joe down to ice level; the big man, crashing the net, almost scored with 12:35 remaining.

Again – another example of Rempe using his size to generate scoring – but at the same time – I don’t think that the Bruins ever feared #73 in his 11th game – and as his previous ten opponents did.

And yep – not a knock – just an observation.

As these two heavyweights continued their punch-and-counter-punch attack; down to 3:00 remaining and it was bye-bye Swayman.

It was also bye-bye Boston Birdie, as Zibanejad, following passes from Trocheck and Kreider (and where either man would have scored had they shot the puck), put the Rangers up 4-2 after his ENG.

While ENG most certainly matter, this was another mikA-Rod goal.

And with 52-seconds remaining, Panarin, the Derek Jeter to Mika’s A-Rod, scored his hat-trick goal in the Bruins’ empty net – and where if anyone deserves a “freebie” – then it’s Panarin.

5-2, GOOD GUYS, 5-2, GOOD GUYS YOUR FINAL – and screw Vagistat too!

Here’s a harmonious head coach after the big two-points netted – and an extremely huge two-points since Carolina, hot on the Rangers’ heels, won 3-2 over the Flyers on Thursday night too:

Here’s Quick and company after the win – and where yet again – if Panarin, who admittedly seems not interested in improving his linguistic skills, and if he would make it a habit to learn his second language, then he’d be a poster boy for the NHL.

But of course – I’m more invested in what he does on the ice – and not how he speaks off of it!

Damn right! Photo Credit: NYR

Two more things before going home – and then I’m done – I promise.

And both of these things comes from a recent New York Post article that the conduit, Larry Brooks, wrote – and which you can find here: https://nypost.com/2024/03/21/sports/there-are-rangers-benefits-to-a-runner-up-metro-finish/

One, Brooks had a gay old time when kicking the corpse of Vagistat too:

A Hall of Fame scribe is also making mention that Vagistat is a no good piece of shit. Photo Credit: NYP

However, and two – I hated, in fact, despised, the crux of Brooks’ article – perhaps the Rangers should look for the best playoff match-up as possible.

As Laviolette said on Wednesday, and where really, this is common sense (or at least 70 games into the season – as we’ve seen teams in the past “throw” games during Game 82 for what they perceive to be a better fate in the playoffs – and as the Islanders did in 2016 (Florida) and what the Rangers failed to do that same year (Penguins)) – no player, head coach, etc, plays to lose.

Laviolette even laughed at such an idea – which must’ve had Brooks shitting in his diaper after penning this piece.

Bottom line?

You can’t try to determine your playoff opponent with 12-games remaining in a season.

Ditto Games 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 remaining.

Another bottom line, and as I use this two-word phrase more than Mike Francesa?

No matter what – you’re going to play a tough team in the playoffs – and there are no easy outs.

The Rangers are in a weird spot right now.

Barring something ridiculous happening, then “Lavy’s Lot” will finish as the Presidents’ Trophy winners – or as either first- or second-place in the Metro.

On paper, and you know how that goes, of the potential playoff opponents presently available to the Blueshirts – then yeah – the Flyers seem like the least path of resistance.

But do you really want to see a John Tortorella coached team in the first-round – and especially an over-achiever squad that has nothing to lose?

What Brooks is saying, and where this opinion is echoed everywhere else too, is that the Rangers “must” avoid a first-round pairing with the Bolts.

I mean I get it – and as written in my “Ranger Killers” book – I’m well aware of 2015 and 2022.

But that was then and this is now.

Plus, what’s a better script than the Rangers to successfully make it “a third time’s a charm” against Tampa?

In a way, and just based on history – I could see the Rangers, and whether they finish first-overall in the conference or first-overall in the division, taking their projected opponents in this situation, the Flyers or the Red Wings, for granted.

It would be so on brand for the Blueshirts to be upset against an inferior foe.

But should Lightning strike thrice?

Then I can see the Rangers entering such a series as laser-focused – and determined beyond motivation to prevail.

In other words?

It’s my opinion that you don’t want to see a “resting-on-their-laurels” Rangers against a perceived to be slam-dunk opponent.

We’ve seen that unfortunate result one too many times before.

I rather see them challenged in the first-round – as I think that such a scenario will only make them better in the latter rounds – and should they hopefully reach them.

Granted, while you want to get out of the first-round with the least amount of games played as possible – I can see a gritty first- or second- wild card, and the Flyers too (should the Rangers fall to the #2 seed), just creating headaches against this Blueshirts’ core.

A test with Tampa?

A changing of the guard moment – or so I hope!

But as alluded to – all of this talk is from the hypothetical realm – and not a conversation that the Rangers, both the players and their head coach, want to get involved with.


Just win – and where this is most important:

To win the Stanley Cup, then you’re going to have to beat four strong teams regardless – and where keeping the competition level up to a pristine level throughout June is the best way to finish what hopefully will become a “storybook story.”

A prime-time gala with the Panthers takes place this Saturday night. Photo Credit: NHL

Up Next:

I believe the Rangers are off tomorrow (Friday), as they do need some rest in-between games.

After that, a Saturday night marquee match-up at M$G, as the Rangers will play host to the Panthers at 8PM on national television (ABC/ESPN).

Prepare to listen to Ray Ferraro mispronounce Shestyorkin/Shesterkin as “Sheshsheshsheshshesherkin” about one million times.

And please ESPN – give P.K. Slewban the night off too – I beg of ya!

Great win tonight – and twelve more games until the real thing begins.

And holy shit, I’m up to word 11,000, which means it’s bed-time for me and for you, your favorite segment…

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  1. Who the Rangers face in the 1st round matters less than having Kreider and Mika show up. If you could give Kreider Rempe’s grit, physicality and focus, he’d score 50+ goals every season. But he glides . Kreider did throw 1 check last night, and the Bruin fell down, probably out of shock.

    Solid defensive effort. Pasternak and Marchand, total nonfactors.

    Sam Rosen Checklist:
    -Joe and Sam maxing out the MSG coif budget to deal with their construction project haircuts to avoid the fact they’ve both been collecting SSI for a while
    -slavish reading of game notes at start to avoid watching the game
    -“old friend” Kevin Shattenkirk
    -calling Adam Fox Adam Graves
    -inexplicable cheering for the other team
    -who had any idea Fox and McEvoy are LI childhood buddies?
    -“I spoke to (opposing coach) this morning and…” conversation that did not actually happen.

    And Montgomery in every interview sounds like an overbearing dick who makes Torts look like Jimmy Buffett.

    1. Brian Welsome – Great comment on the “overbearing” Bruins coach that indirectly illuminates the success of the Rangers coaching staff. Laviolette has done a terrific job, and so has the rest of his staff. It was, of course, the right move to retain the brilliant Benoit Allaire, who continues to keep the Rangers goalies playing at an NHL best level. Credit also to Phil Housley for the improvement in the Rangers defensemen. It’s great to see the whole team playing hard for their coaches and for each other. Loved your comparisons of Montgomery and Torts to Jimmy Buffett. I was in Key West earlier this month, where Jimmy Buffett’s spirit is still alive and well. I haven’t been to Boston or Philadelphia recently, but you’re right that getting along with friendly Buffett would have certainly been easier than dealing with the prickly Montgomery or Tortorella.

    2. Totally agree – if Mika (and Kreider) don’t get going, then whoever they play doesn’t matter.

      “Construction project haircuts” hahhaha – but these days, it looks like a demolition job!

      What’s with all of the head coaches who look like a Dracula doppleganger these days?

  2. PS; At least Sam is a nice guy, as opposed the Jack Edwards. He should enjoy his retirement and get brought back for time to time for special events. Like will they ever retire Ron Greschner’s number 4 or honor Emile Francis? Among other disgraces.

  3. ‘94 Rangers – 2 relatively easy rounds against Isles and Caps
    2 grueling rounds in the semis and finals
    And wasn’t Tampa the more rested team a few years ago?
    I’ll take an easy 1st round any day. Less games, less stress, less wear and tear on the goaltender.
    And if the goal is to win the Stanley Cup then who needs these metro area rivals like the Islanders and Devils (who probably don’t deserve to even be there) juiced up to play us like it’s their SCF?
    The easiest path is always the best. It’s the reward for being one of the top teams for 82 games.

    1. I used to think the same, but then I saw this team get embarrassed in 2017 by Ottawa and then you know what happened last year….

      Speaking of last year, Vegas had a tougher stretch and the Panthers, after all of those days off (and yeah – the Tkachuk injury too), never looked the same.

  4. Sean – I assume that you and Brian Welsome got the pun when I used the phrase “the prickly Montgomery or Tortorella,” but for those who missed the point, what I meant was that Jim Montgomery and John Tortorella are both dicks.

      1. LOL. If prickly Torts ever gets into the HOF it will probably be at the same time as Iron Mike Keenan gets in, and that’s likely to be after they’re both dead because it will take that long for people to forget what giant pains in the ass they both are.

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