NYR/ARI 3/30 Review: MILESTONE MANIA FOR BEST IN THE WORLD BLUESHIRTS! “Lavy’s Lot” Leave Eight Eggs in Arizona’s Easter Basket at Mullet $quare Garden, Broadway Hats Galore: Laf’s First Hat Trick, Quick’s 392nd Win, Kreider’s 300th Goal, Fox’s 300th Point, Lindgren’s Three-Pointer, Goodrow’s GWG & Panarin Continues His JAGR WATCH Too, Chase For Franchise History, “Where. Is. Mika?” – And the March That Never Happened; Fuel for the Anti-Trouba/Miller Crowd Too, Senile Sam Outright Loses It; Boyle Kills It on M$GN (And May Find Himself in Hot Water Too!) & More

Similar to their most recent victory at M$G, which took place this past Tuesday night, the 6-5 overtime win against the Flyers (https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/32624/ ) – Peter Laviolette and Co. were ecstatic with the final result on Saturday night at Mullet $quare Garden – as the BEST IN THE WORLD BLUESHIRTS survived-and-won a sloppy 8-5 mess over the lowly Coyotes – and against the zebras too. While of course, the Rangers weren’t happy with a lot of their play in the defensive end – this match was also a reminder of one of my most infamous sayings on this site – and one as later echoed by Brian Boyle during the M$GN post-game show too – “not every win is a Picasso!” In fact, and just like that win against the Flyers – this wild and wacky victory was more finger-painting than true artistry. That said, how can anyone complain, as once again, and in one more of my infamous expressions to boot – the Rangers “FOUND A WAY” – and this time around – they did so by picking up what felt like a million different milestones throughout this tilt too!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. I don’t even know where to start!

How about this – “Just like how they drew it up!”

But I can tell you this, that following this 8-5 victory in Tempe, AZ, and where I should disclose that this win was abetted by two empty net goals too – which were just two of the many milestones recorded on this Easter Eve night – that the Blueshirts ultimately retained – and improved upon – their BEST IN THE WORLD status:

The Rangers have created some breathing room between themselves and the Eastern Conference teams chasing them, as presently, it’s now the Dallas Stars that are the biggest threat in the Blueshirts’ hopes of winning the 2024 Presidents’ Trophy. And I’m not going to explain all of this again – YES, THE RANGERS WANT TO WIN THIS TITLE – AND NO – THEY DON’T CARE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT ANY PERCEIVED CURSE EITHER! Photo Credit: ESPN

When it comes to this epic milestone 8-5 win in front of a 4,600 person crowd, where I’d also reckon to guess that 4,598 of these patrons were adorned in Rangers’ blue – again – it’s tough deciding where to begin.

As an esteemed Rangers’ historian (I’m humble!) – I can’t think of any other regular season game in franchise history where you had a slew of different milestones, both individual and team related – and all taking place at the same time.

Perhaps the biggest milestone amongst all?

The fact that Barclay Goodrow scored his first game-winning goal of the season, a short-handed snipe at that!

Okay, okay, okay – I’m joking about this being the best milestone recorded – but like Kurt Angle, “It’s True, It’s True” – the alternate captain, the team’s fourth-line center, picked up the game-winner.

Mr. Goodrow also finished the game with a perfect shooting percentage of 100% too!

The team’s second-line center (and where some people, and for whatever reason, still consider him as the team’s first-line center – and perhaps due to his $8.5M annual salary), Mika “No March” Zibanejad?

A shooting percentage of 0% (1 SOG) – and somehow – #93 didn’t register a point when the Blueshirts had an octet of an explosion on this penultimate March night.

But of course, Mika’s routine failures aren’t the lede tonight – and while everyone else will ignore them too during the euphoria of this victory – I do think that it’s worth reminding you about them.

As I attempt to get some of the “buzz-killing” out of the way first – and just so I can celebrate all of the milestones throughout afterwards; at this time, the big picture – my season-long daily disclaimer – and a 25-word recital that goes a little something like this:


Truth be told, while the power, intention and pressure of these words only increase and intensify following all of these victories, now fifty in total – at the same time – damn those Devils – as we should all be cherishing and celebrating these wins – but those 2023 Stanley Cup Playoff demons can only be exorcised with hockey’s royal silver, and a parade following the hoisting of the Cup too, come this June.

While success in the playoffs is the only thing that matters for this team, we’re also witnessing what will most likely become the best regular season in franchise history – and that’s a time-span that encompasses nearly one-hundred years – 98-years to be specific.

Granted, while the eras have completely changed many times over throughout the years, the amount of games played have increased, and of course – there’s also the invention of the overtime loser’s point during the past twenty-years of no-ties too; but either way, you can only play in the era that you’re in – and for these 2023-24 BEST IN THE WORLD BLUESHIRTS – they currently sport a 50-20-4 record – good for a sum of 104 points.

The best regular season team in franchise history, the 2014-15 Presidents’ Trophy winners, went 53-22-7 for a total of 113 points.

As fully explained this past Thursday night (https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/32824/ ) – the Rangers only have one more true road-game left (they will play the “visitor” role in a game at Belmont – but much like tonight at Mullet $quare Garden – that’s essentially a home game) in their eight remaining matches – a one-day trip to Detroit.

These “Lavy’s Lot” Rangers only need three more wins in their final eight games – and outside of the Red Wings – against “on paper” inferior competition to boot.

(And when it comes to “on paper” – yes, we all know how that goes – and as we saw tonight too – but that said – the Blueshirts “found a way” – again.)

They also need nine more points to match Alain Vigneault’s former team too.


They not only equate the regular season success from 2014-15 – but they surpass it too.

But wait, there’s more – and let’s keep it to the coaches in their first season with the Rangers.

“Iron” Mike Keenan, at the helm of the 1993-94 club? (You may have heard about this team once or twice before!)

During an era of where the tie still existed (so this hurt them in comparison to what’s going on today), they went 52-24-8 for a total of 112 points.

The Turk, government name Gerard Gallant, in his 2021-22 season?

Those players, many still on this team today, went 52-24-6 for a sum of 110 points.

This 2023-24 team, which only added to their never-ending and jaw-dropping milestones on Saturday night – should add many more as we wind down the regular season.

And yep – while all of these historic feats and accomplishments are remarkable – the Rangers need to remain healthy during their final 24-periods of regular season play.

It was a sea of blue in Arizona on Saturday night – and all of these fans witnessed multiple acts of history. Photo Credit: Pauly D.

Back to the milestones – and oh yeah – back to figuring out where to begin such discourse too!

I guess we have to lede with the story that made league history – Jonathan Quick winning his 392nd game – where as a result – the lifelong Ranger fan became the all-time winningest American-born goalie:

When Quick began his career, I wonder if he ever thought that he’d become the best American goalie by winning an 8-5 game at a college rink? Sadly, the Blueshirt beat reporters never asked this question when speaking to JQ32! Photo Credit: NYR

As you can tell by the five goals that Quick surrendered on Saturday night, and not many of them through his own doing either – the Rangers had to at least put up a touchdown in order to get their goalie to his historic 392nd win.

The Rangers did just that – and then converted the two-point conversion – via two empty net goals too!

Among the never-ending milestones, which doesn’t include the fact that more than 75% of the team are currently enjoying the best seasons of their careers too?

The following:

Lafreniere, who has had several two-goal games this season, finally found the third goal that had eluded him throughout his career. Not only did the first-overall pick score a hat trick – but he chipped in two assists too – which means that he also picked up his first five-point game of his career! Photo Credit: NYR


The longest tenured Ranger, and one who will most likely see his #20 jersey go to the rafters of M$G one day? Chris Kreider, after previously being robbed by these felonious officials, used the travesty of injustice perpetrated against him as motivation – and as a result – soon scored the 300th goal of his career. With the goal, he’s now 106 back of franchise-leader Rod Gilbert (406). Photo Credit: NYR

Somewhat buried at the bottom, if not forgotten about completely because of everything else that went down, Adam Fox (2 assists) picked up his 300th NHL point in his 349th career game. He’s now one of thirteen NHL rearguards all-time to pick up point #300 in 350 games played or less – and where only Brian Leetch (295 games played) hit this milestone quicker as a Ranger. Not shabby company! Photo Credit: NYR

The GAG LINE 2.0, the most productive scoring line in the league today, picked up a grand total of eleven points in this 8-5 win – and where Trocheck (2 assists) also aided two other goals that he didn’t receive an assist on too! Photo Credit: NYR

As talked about several times throughout the past few weeks, Artemi Panarin, the greatest free agent signing in franchise history, continues to set new scoring highs with each game played.

Tonight, Panarin scored his 44th goal of the season, and with his three assists, boosted his helper total to 63.

For you math majors, that’s a total of 107 points on the season.

While it’s probably unlikely (but I wouldn’t rule it out either!) that Panarin can catch Jagr’s franchise single-season record of 54 goals – “The Breadman” still has a good shot of joining Chris Kreider, Vic Hadfield and Adam Graves as one of the few Blueshirts to become a made man in the Rangers’ Fifty Goal Club.

And with eight-games remaining for a player that seemingly has a multi-point game in nearly every match contested this season?

Panarin is now sixteen-points shy of Jagr’s franchise record (123).

And should Panarin reach such a number?

Then that will become the most impressive regular season milestone in a season that’s full of them – and akin to Oprah Winfrey giving away free swag!

In his second game back from injury, Ryan Lindgren had his best offensive performance of the season yet. “THE TERMINATOR, “THE CYBORG,” “THE IRON MAN,” “THE HEART-AND-SOUL,” or whatever other nickname that you like to use whenever describing #55, scored one goal and added two assists. He also finished as a +4 – best amongst all rearguards tonight. Of note? Trocheck finished with a season-high +6!

In what was another one of those roller-coaster games, full of many highs (GAG LINE 2.0, Lindgren, Goodrow, etc), and also full of many lows (Zibanejad, the Trouba/Miller pairing, etc), most of this match played out with the Blueshirts enjoying a comfortable lead – only to watch it evaporate time-and-time again.

And don’t let the final score fool you either – because as mentioned – the last two scores were of the empty-net variety.

The Rangers, who got off to a hot start, or at least for the first two-minutes or so, then found themselves on their heels a bit.

While the Blueshirts would out-shoot the ‘Yotes to a tune of 12-11 during the first frame; it was the “home team” (at least officially) that largely dictated the pace, and as a result, had an edge in the zone time department.

The extra Rangers’ SOG of this period proved to be beneficial, as following an odd-man rush as set-up by an outlet pass off of the stick of Panarin, and with his center, Trocheck, flanking him by his side – Lafreniere just sniped a puck past Arizona goaltender, Karel Vejmelka.

Up 1-0 at the 14:15 mark of the first period, this 1-0, GOOD GUYS, score remained as both teams took to their respective dingy and inadequate locker rooms come the initial intermission.

Up next?

A five-goal second period, and for the finale, a whopping seven-goal final frame.

Lindgren, who was perfectly set-up on a tee by his best friend Mr. Fox, banged home the 2-0, GOOD GUYS, goal at the 1:59 mark of the second stanza – the end result of one of the best shifts from this 2023-24 season too.

Come the 6:27 mark, The Irishman, Matias Maccelli, scored a ref-assisted goal, as Fox was completely interfered with by the other leprechaun in Arizona, Jack McBain – but the refs decided to bury their heads into the desert rather than calling the blatant infraction instead.

How ironic, considering all of the two-minute interference minors that have been assessed to Fox during Lindgren’s most recent absence.

Also of note?

These Coyotes, saints to their God Gary Bettman, were truly angels tonight – as while the Rangers were banged three different times for penalties – these parasites of the league were never put in the box once.

Right after the Coyotes howled for the first time, just eighteen-seconds later, and there was Lafreniere – not only for his second strike of the game – but with the immediate 911 response too.

Better for this fan?

This was a PURE GAG LINE 2.0 goal too, as both Panarin and Trocheck assisted on their right-winger’s 3-1, GOOD GUYS, goal.

But the Rangers could never put these Desert Dogs to sleep.

Clayton Keller trimmed the margin at 3-2 come the 11:06 mark, while Nick Bjugstad scored a kick-to-the-nuts equalizer with only 42-seconds remaining.

Now tied at three-goals a piece after forty-minutes of action – defense was soon thrown out the window, and like Debbie Harry – it was “Rush, Rush to the Yeyo.”

Kreider, previously robbed of his 300th goal by these jackals posing as competent NHL officials, used his anger as motivation when finally scoring this milestone-marker at the 5:45 mark.

Now at 4-3, GOOD GUYS, you thought there was a chance that this could be the game-winner.


Zac Jones, who I’ve been placing $5 prop bets on to score goals during the past week, finally made a +1200 ($60) winner out of me – as the man who most certainly deserved a goal following his play from the past month, scored at the 7:16 mark to give the Rangers, and in what we thought at the time too – a comfortable two-goal, 5-3, GOOD GUYS, advantage.

Ha. Ha.

And when Goodrow, of all people, scored a short-handed goal at the 9:33 mark, which then allowed the real home team to double-up their opponents by a 6-3, GOOD GUYS, score?

Turn out the lights – rout on!

Ha. Ha. Ha.

The Coyotes quickly halted the good vibrations and celebrations.

After allowing a shorty on their previous power-play, the Coyotes, now returned to the man-advantage, saw Lawson “The Louse” Crouse score at the 12:21 mark.

6-4, good guys.

Just 2:05 later, and RUH-ROH SHAGGY – as Logan Cooley, the apple of Sam Rosen’s eye tonight, cut the deficit to one, following his 6-5, good guys, goal.

While no one would have thought of it at the time – that Goodrow short-handed goal was no longer a cherry on top of a feel-good blowout.

Instead, it would have to hold up as the game-winner.

For as bad as this perpetual rebuilding franchise is (and hopefully Utah-bound too – as after tonight – I’m convinced – it’s time to eliminate this dreg city from the league) – they never gave up.

It was only when Vejmelka was pulled when Blueshirt backers could start breathing again.

No less than five-seconds after taking his seat for the first time – blammo – Panarin scored with 2:25 remaining.


The Coyotes, still pressing, soon pulled their goalie again, and in what was completely embarrassing for this pathetic franchise, but extremely joyous for the Rangers – is when about 4,000 hats were sent to the ice, following Lafreniere’s first hat trick of his career – his career-high 25th goal of the season too – and as it was at the 59:45 mark of regulation.


And while this style of victory worked against a team like the crappy Coyotes – obviously, and as everyone and their mother knows – this is not a sustainable style come the playoffs.

But for one night out of eighty-two?

It was good enough – and just like it was previously this season in other wild high-scoring affairs devoid of defense – two other wins to boot – which took place against the Bruins and Flyers.

At this time, let’s get into all of the pregame news & notes, and then into everything else from Saturday.

Laviolette, and just like all of us, is ready to get to the postseason.

Following Thursday’s thriller in Denver (https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/32824/ ), come Friday morning, and now in Tempe, AZ, the team held an optional skate.

Captain Jacob Trouba was one of the players who participated – and as we’d find out a day later – was ready to return – and as previously speculated on this site on Thursday night.

For whatever reason, the Rangers’ YouTube page, which always uploads all of the “LAVY’s LOUNGES” conducted this season, decided not to share what the head coach told the ignorant beat reporters following the sparsely-attended practice.

Based on what the beat reporters had to say, Laviolette told them that Erik Gustafsson wasn’t on this two-game jaunt – and where as a reminder – Florida’s Sam Reinhart didn’t receive a suspension, much less a penalty, after laying an elbow on the head of the downed Swede either.

But if Matt Rempe hits someone?

Well, you already know.

As far as Trouba goes, Laviolette insinuated that he was still waiting for the green light from the team’s medical/training staff.

Last but not least, Laviolette confirmed that Adam Fox was fine – but we already knew that.

Come Saturday, and now with everybody participating in the team-sponsored “RISE AND SHINE” skate; once concluded and the bench boss spoke again – and where the team decided not to upload this interview to their social media channels either.

In another short interview hosted in Tempe, NY, Laviolette confirmed that “THE GREAT EIGHT” was back and would be playing in his first game since the March 8th NHL Trade Deadline – which in other words – meant that the captain would be leading the two newest soldiers in-town for the first time – Jack Roslovic and Alex Wennberg.

In a move that didn’t make many happy, Laviolette also said that he’d be using the same 12-forwards from Thursday night, which as a result, meant no Matt Rempe for the second consecutive game.

On one hand, this Rempe scratch went along with everything that the head coach has done all season – by rewarding a line-up that played well for him in the game prior. On the other hand, and ever since the trade deadline too, Laviolette has said that he’d rotate his bottom-six forwards, as he wants to get as many looks and try out as many different things as possible.

That all said, then depending on the opponent (speed vs physicality), then I think that you’d want Rempe for at least the first playoff game.

As far as anything else, the bench boss also announced that Jonathan Quick would get the nod in net – thus giving JQ32 a chance to gain sole possession of the “most winningest American-born goalie in NHL history” title.

Here was Laviolette’s line-up for the seventy-fourth game of this 2023-24 season:

FIRST LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

SECOND LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Roslovic

THIRD LINE: Brodzinski/Wennberg/Kakko

FOURTH LINE: Cuylle/Goodrow/Brodzinski

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Jones/Schneider


BACK-UP: Jonathan Quick

Healthy Scratches: Rempe, Ruhwedel and Scanlin

Injured: Gustafsson


The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





30 6 24 .800 23 0 1 0 0 59:36 0


32 5 27 .844 21 6 0 0 0 60:00 0

THANK YOU M$GN for giving us Brian Boyle tonight – and a bigger THANK YOU for giving Sieve Vagistat the night off too! Of note? Ever since Vagistat said that the Rangers couldn’t beat anyone good, they then went on to win five straight – and perhaps with a six-pack win coming this Monday night against Pittsburgh! Photo Credit: NHL

Tonight’s M$GN broadcast was a tale of two cities, as in the New York studio, Brian Boyle was once again excellent.

And heck, even John “ROB YOUR PARENT’S CREDIT CARDS AND BET ON EVERY GAME” Giannone was funny too – especially his post-game line of “all business up front and a mess in the back at the Mullet Arena!”

Over in Tempe, AZ?

Another shit-show slog from Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti – where I hate to say it – this has to be their last season.

(And to be clear – I don’t hate to say this – this has to be Vagistat’s last season too!)

It’s just long past the point of embarrassment – and especially for a Hall of Famer like Rosen.

Hopefully the Rangers can end the biggest Rosen Curse of them all, “this one will last a lifetime,” and then as a result – Rosen can ride off into the sunset on a high note.

If not, then it’s this version, the senile and nutty old man, that everyone will remember once he does eventually call it a day – and that would be a true shame.

But I’ve said all of this before – so I can nip it in the bud here.

That said – more on Sam and Joe below – but let’s first breeze through Boyle’s half-hour.

Boyle opened the broadcast by stating the obvious – this couldn’t be a trap game for the Rangers.

And while it had all of the makings of one, especially sandwiched-in between a win in Colorado and a bunch of Metro opponents next on the docket – as you already know – the Rangers ultimately avoided such an event.

Boyle would later say during the second intermission segment too that it was important to have a happy flight home – as a loss to these schmucks would have temporarily derailed all of the good will inspired this season.

And following the win?

With all of the milestones – then I’m sure this had to be at least the second-best flight home this season – and where only the flight home from Winnipeg, after the successful 5-0 November road-trip, could compare.

The return of Trouba was brought up, as the captain was in the line-up for the first time in eleven games/26-days.

I’ll say it here, and just to get it out the way:


In fact, in a game where the Rangers scored eight goals, he finished with a team-low minus-two rating.

But I’m giving him a pass for tonight.

In my eyes, it was all about working off the rust.

But should such negative trends and play continue – then sure – maybe I’ll hop on another TROO TROO TRAIN, one that’s picking up a lot of passengers and steam these days in Rangerstown, USA – a full-time Miller/Schneider pairing – and a Trouba/Gustafsson or Trouba/Jones third-line pairing.

But I’m not willing to pack my bags and depart on such a train yet.

After all, how can you judge a player making his return in nearly a month’s worth of time – and one playing at a bullshit Mickey Mouse arena like the one in Tempe?

Boyle, who is growing on me like a boil, and as noted earlier, echoed many of my expressions tonight.

This time, and when speaking about Quick, he let his American flag fly – as the Boston-area born Boyler said that as an American – you always tend to root harder for your fellow patriot.

In a way, this goes in line with what I’ve been recently saying on this site about Zac Jones vs. Nils Lundkvist – and how it was the American who embraced a tough ordeal – while the Swede ran away from it like a crybaby.

During warm-ups, it was noted that Fox was wearing a fishbowl helmet, making him the sixth Ranger to do so this season. Talk about milestones!

After Giannone demanded everyone to bet their life savings on every game in the league, Boyle made a joke, when he tongue-in-cheek suggested that Laviolette is a little bit more lenient and liberal with his players creating offense when opposed to one of #22’s former coaches, John Tortorella.

Then, and at the end of this half-hour, I tweeted two Sam and Joe related jokes – or where perhaps the word “jokes” can be replaced with “predictions”:

Rosen would say these exact words – twice at that – during this broadcast.

And isn’t it sad that I could predict that this batty old coot would say this?

Here’s the other thing that I said at the time:

Shane Doan’s flesh-and-blood product, as a result of having sex with Josh’s mother, was brought up no less than a dozen times – and where Sam – and of course, during live play – gave us his “Shane Soliloquy” too.


Please retire – as this is just tough to watch – even if it is funny – but sadly – I’m laughing at Rosen – and not laughing with him.

(Holy dashes Batman!)

As time marches on, and since there’s always a recency bias too, Rosen, now paired up two-years less with Micheletti than he once was with JD (the prime years), will largely be remembered as a crazy old grandfather who never has a clue of what’s going on in front of him – and his mindless wandering inane rants only compounds his regularly recurring senile matters. Photo Credit: M$GN

The five-minutes of pregame facetime with Sam and Joe just get worse-and-worse.

Micheletti said that Trouba was a proven playoff performer.

While I’m a fan of the captain, I also haven’t forgotten about Game 3 of the 2022 Eastern Conference Final, nor the seven first-round games from last year either.

And again – while I’m giving Trouba a pass tonight (and really – I’m giving everyone passes for the remainder of the season anyway – and if you need an explanation, then refer to the disclaimer) – if this is the player that we’ll see in the playoffs – then Micheletti did nothing to alleviate the situation.

As Rosen gave us his first of a dozen diatribes on the Doan family, Micheletti then shrieked out the word “FABULOUS” – and as he did three times in two minutes.

As I was awaiting Rosen to inform us if the Doan family was related to the people who make Doan’s back-pain relief medication; Micheletti astutely alerted us that Zac Jones has learned to play hockey with his head, stick and skating – you know – just like anyone else.

To close these meandering minutes – Rosen, and as he always loves to do, then gave us the weather report.

And wouldn’t you know it? It was warm out in Arizona!

The Rangers, some two-and-a-half-hours later following this remark, were even hotter – at least offensively that is!

GAME REVIEW TIME – and where since this blog is going way over my allotted writing time – I’m going to skip over the slow parts, but for the complete play-by-play, then visit my Tweeter page over at: https://twitter.com/NYCTheMiC

What a game (again) for this trio – where if you can believe it – already the best line in the league – they are only getting better-and-better as we approach the playoffs. Photo Credit: Pauly D.


In a non-personality comment about this broadcast, and one that is through no fault of the M$GN either – this broadcast was a horror.

Since this game was played at a college rink – and as Bettman continues to do everything in his power in order to keep this lifeless franchise afloat – we had unusual and seizure-inducing camera angles throughout this tilt.

In a way, it felt like you were sitting atop of a glass dome when watching this game.

While M$GN was excellent whenever providing replays – in real-time – it was tough to follow the puck on some plays.

I just don’t know how all three Coyote fans watch their hometown broadcasts on a daily basis.

And while I’ve defended the Yotes before on this site, and their few passionate diehards that I had met during one of my previous trips to Arizona too – not tonight – and especially not after watching Lavy’s post-game interview that was conducted right next to an outdoor porto potty – or maybe that was just Mollie Walker outside with him.

The outdoor sun glare was too tough to tell.

And I admittedly say this as a fan of a big market team too – Arizona is an NHL money pit – and since they are being kept alive by teams like the Rangers – I’m just disgusted.

The Rangers, already a victim of the salary cap due to playing in one of the highest-taxed states in the league – don’t get any help in this department – and as the Coyotes continue to weigh down the NHL’s cap on a year-in and year-out basis.

Either fold them or send them to Utah or Houston.

Heck, send them to Atlanta if you have to.

And really – when you’ve been rebuilding throughout nearly your entire post-Winnipeg existence (1996 – nearly thirty-years now) – why must everyone else suffer in turn?

Just because Bettman has a hard-on?

I know that Yote fans don’t want to hear this – and I do respect them – but enough is enough.

This whole entire franchise is Mickey Mouse – and downright disgraceful too.

Here’s a parting shot for ya:

Imagine if this team was ever capable of reaching the playoffs?

Then I’d love to see how TNT or ESPN would present these outlaw mud-show games to a world-wide audience.

At just the 20-second mark of this game, a Kreider shot was blocked – however – since it’s impossible to shoot this game to perfection (you can’t fit what you’d normally would fit in one camera frame) – I couldn’t tell who blocked the shot.

Following Quick’s first save on McBain with 17:53 to go – Bettman must’ve called Sam & Joe in the booth – as both of these fools then told us how great the Coyotes were for the league.

I’m not making this up.

Most of the period from this point on, and prior to Lafreniere’s first goal, was largely in favor of the Coyotes.

Following two saves from Quick on Sean Durzi – Micheletti then sang the praises of the Yote.

After that was an Ode to Logan Cooley – and where Micheletti had to explain what offsides was to Rosen too – you know – despite both of these boneheads sitting five rows away from center ice.

With the Rangers just being pinned and pummeled into their own zone, and not much offensively going on either; Rosen broke some big news when he informed us that Ryan Lindgren loves playing hockey.

Fortunately for “LUCKY LINDY,” he found the profession best suitable for him!

Down to 11:25 remaining and Vejmelka stopped Schneider – the first Rangers’ SOG in about seven-minutes or so.

After that, Sam and Joe did their usual spiel, you know, where they routinely fellate the opposing coach, praise the great job that the other G.M. is doing, and of course – remind us how the other team is “hardworking.”

I’m still waiting for Sam and Joe to tell me which one of the other 31-teams AREN’T “hardworking.”

In our first sign of offensive life, with 8:00 remaining, Jones sent a puck from deep – and it just landed at the left post – and then sat there.

“It’s a game of inches Suzyn!”

Roslovic almost had the rebound here – but no go.

While tough to see on TV – the same doesn’t apply while in-attendance – which is why I found it comical how Rosen was screaming about a Ranger goal scored – and as he did with 5:56 remaining.

Following replay, and a loud <DING> too, it was revealed that Mika had hit the crossbar – and on the ricochet with Vejmelka on his belly – the puck landed right into the back of his legs.

Bless Sam’s heart.

A few seconds later?

We all saw Lafreniere’s first of the game:


Trocheck doesn’t get an assist here – which is why again – THE EYE TEST TRUMPS ALL – including loser Vagistat’s ANALytics!

Following Panarin’s outlet pass, Trocheck skated stride-for-stride with Lafreniere – and where as a result – Vejmelka had no clue when the puck was going to be shot – nor by whom.

Hell of a play!

Down to 4:17 remaining and Goodrow was boxed for high-sticking – where again – we needed a replay – as the cameras couldn’t cover this away-from-the-puck penalty.

Durzi was all over Quick here – but the best American goalie in history, following three saves, led the Rangers’ PK into going one-of-one.

But really, and like most penalty killing outings – this was a team-wide effort – and with a tip of the cap to both Miller and Wennberg too – who almost scored the game’s first short-handed goal.

In what was completely embarrassing, is when with 35-seconds remaining – Rosen confused Zibanejad for Trouba.

Again – Rosen was sitting about fifty-feet away from the ice – yet he couldn’t tell the difference between a long mane of black hair and whatever color that you’d use to describe Trouba’s crop-top.

I guess that since both players were wearing white jerseys – Rosen then decided to belt out any name that he desired.

And Rosen should have known that it was Mika with the puck – because who else can’t score from two-feet away unless they are playing the Flyers?

Yep – that’s what happened here – and where if I was the team’s psychologist – then I’d advise Mika to picture every opponent wearing orange-and-black – and with a big letter “P” on their chests.

Again  – eight goals tonight, a points’ party all-around – and your $8.5M center – a complete no-show during last year’s playoffs – couldn’t get on the board.

1-0, GOOD GUYS, through twenty-minutes.

Here’s what I said at the time:

Some fans will harp on Quick’s five GA and .844 save percentage tonight – but not me. After all, how many times has JQ32 saved this team this season? It was about time, a rare time, where his teammates did the same for him – which is why this will always be a TEAM GAME. Photo Credit: M$GN


For whatever reason, and as Zibanejad won the first draw of this period, Rosen was telling us to watch Sunday’s Ducks vs Canucks game.

He’s losing it – or should I say – he’s lost it for some time now.

Following Mika’s faceoff win – the Rangers never gave up possession of the puck – and where they made a full five-man change during an attack, which led me to tweeting out the following at the time:

The end result?

The latter – they scored:


What a pass from Fox.

And as a result of this Lindgren goal – both #55 and #13 had two-point games to their ledgers – and they weren’t done yet.

Following a Quick “bitch please” glove save on Durzi with 15:56 remaining, Vejmelka then denied Cuylle.

Then, and with 13:33 remaining, Maccelli (Joe, no relation to Machiavelli), scored.

2-1, good guys – and where McBain should’ve been boxed for interfering with Fox.

At the time, and I still do, I hated, hated and did I say hated, this goal.

I really thought that Quick would get a shutout in win #392 – and who knows – perhaps if the refs did their job here – and called a penalty – then JQ32 goes on to record the no-no.

But alas, there’s no point in crying over spilled milk.

Speaking of milk, HAS. LARRY. SEEN. MIKA?

And we’re back!

While we didn’t see Mika tonight, and as has been the case throughout this “Mika March;” we did see a whole lot of Lafreniere, and as we did again just eighteen seconds after Arizona’s first goal:


This GAG LINE 2.0 man!

They don’t stop – and like yours truly talking about the M$GN personalities!

What a freakin’ response too – as this took some air out of the Coyotes – but they’d be busting out their lungs again soon enough.

Down to 8:54 remaining, and Clayton, no relation to Helen, Keller scored a rebound goal – and the less said about the Trouba and Miller pair here, the better.

To be clear, while I’ll get on Missing Mika because it’s been a season-long problem, and an issue going all the way back to the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs too – Miller has been outstanding during the past month, while again, Trouba was making his return.

Over in the baffling broadcasting booth, and while the puck was in play no less, was a five-minute discussion about the state of Minnesota Gopher hockey – and for good measure – Nick Bjugstad being named as our KIA CARD PLAYER OF THE GAME.

I’d like to tell you that I was shocked and bewildered about all of this – but at this rate – it’s to be expected.

As Quick made a pair of saves that lessened the damage to Miller and Trouba’s plus/minus rating, and with the Rangers somewhat hitting an offensive wall too; following the praise for Bjugstad – he kicked a puck right into the Blueshirts’ barrel.

At least the officials saw this one – and immediately waved off the goal – and as they did with 4:39 remaining.

As you were just hoping for the Rangers to get out of this Mickey Mouse arena without any further damage inflicted, with 3:21 remaining, and there was Kreider cashing in a Trouba rebound for his 300th career goal.

Or so we thought.

Upon replay, and DESPITE ROSLOVIC BEING PUSHED INTO THE GOALIE BY A ‘YOTE – the refs erased the goal from the board.

This was utter bullshit – and combined with the way that Arizona scored their first goal – the officials had now given the Yotes a net-gain difference of two goals.

Here’s Kreider’s reaction to the these assholes in stripes – as he just tossed what should’ve been his 300th goal puck away:

Come 42-seconds remaining, this is when our Kia Card Player of the Game tied things at 3-3.

No one was more ecstatic than Rosen, who I quote, screamed out with glee, “THIS TIME IT COUNTS FOR BJUGSTAD!”

Please retire – and bless Sam’s heart too.

Here’s what I said at the time:

Kreider would soon do just that.

3-3 heading into period 3.

Here was my second period reaction:

I’ve been a DAY ONE GOODROW fan – and I’m not keen on all of the disparaging remarks against him either! Put it this way, if Jon Cooper always praises him, then I’m inclined to believe in the opinion of a two-time Cup winner rather than the opinion of someone who plays with their willy when looking at ANALytical charts! Photo Credit: NYR


In a word, BONKERS!

And my “pre-period prophecy” was soon fulfilled too, you know, this one:

We’d later see both things transpire.

Just 30-seconds into the period, and Keller gave the Miller/Trouba critics more material to work with – but fortunately – the Yote shot wide after getting behind this duo.

As the Yotes opened by dominating the first five-minutes of this frame, Micheletti informed us that Josh Doan is a “good passer of the puck.” As opposed to what? Passer of the gas?

It was also during this time where one of Panarin’s nasty habits from last season returned – and one that we haven’t seen any of during this campaign either – the maddening cross-ice pass for a turnover – and then a breakaway opportunity for the opponent.

Quick stopped this breakaway.

At the 5:02 mark, the Rangers put their first SOG of the period, but Vejmelka stopped JONNY HOCKEY.

Following a great play from Trouba that will be largely ignored by his detractors, as THE TROO TROO TRAIN hauled ass and prevented a Cooley breakaway – Kreider scored, and I rarely, if ever, use the “F-word” on this site, but I must use it here – his FUCK YOU goal – and the 300th of his career:

Kreider will never forget his 35th goal of this 2023-24 season – and despite my own age of 41-years-old – I was jumping up-and-down like a lunatic after watching him stick it to these birdbrain officials!

4-3, GOOD GUYS, and two middle fingers for the officials that robbed him of finishing this game with his 301st career goal too – which this score truly was!

Mr. Softball, Alexis Lafreniere, the player with the summer that many doubted (yours truly included), continued his amazing season less than two-minutes following CK20’s go-ahead goal – and as he did here by assisting on Jones’ second goal of the season:


If Kreider wasn’t victimized earlier, then I would say that no one deserved a goal more to their name than Jones.

I wrote my Zac Jones apology letter two-weeks ago – but one more time – was I wrong about him.

And Zac Jones, and Casey Jones from the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” – NO RELATIONS JOE!

And unlike others – I have no problem calling myself out on my own bullshit – and I love being proven wrong about my negative opinions too!

(Hint-hint Mika!)

Once again, and long story short?

Jones does have the makings of a varsity athlete!

Just ask Junior Soprano!

While I do think that Jones will find himself on the short-end of the stick should Gustafsson, currently suspected to have the c-word that we can’t talk about (“concussion”), soon make his return – at the very least – we now know that he can be an option – and I wouldn’t be opposed to alternating #6 and #56 during the playoffs either.

Sorry Chad Ruhwedel – but then again – that’s why you always saw the word “depth” prior to the word “defenseman” – and as it was when Drury first traded for the former Penguin.

The officials, absolutely irate that they swung the score two goals in favor for the Yotes, were furious with the Rangers now up by two.

With 11:57 remaining, they decided to call a phantom hooking call against Bobby Orr 2.0 – you know – Ryan Lindgren.

The Rangers had enough of this one-sided called game.

Ninety-seconds down, and thirty-seconds to go during the Rangers’ PK – and this is when Goodrow sniped his shorty:

6-3, GOOD GUYS – and hey – where was this sniper, #21 in Rangers’ blue, on 11/22/1963?


This was also Trocheck’s second non-credited assist, because as he was earlier with Lafreniere – he was flanking Goodrow during this two-vs-one odd-man rush.

Let’s fast forward a bit.

Crouse scored. Cooley, no relation to Will Cuylle, scored too.

6-4, good guys. 6-5, good guys.

Cooley’s goal was scored with 5:34 remaining – and I only bring this up because not only was this a crunch time goal – but it was another goal allowed by the 8/79 pair – and I sure heard all of their detractors on the Tweeter machine following it too!

As this game couldn’t end soon enough, another one of my expertly worded and crafted tweets:

With 2:30 remaining, Vejmelta left his net. Five-seconds later, and following an Arizona turnover in their own zone – BREADMAN!

7-5, GOOD GUYS – and where I was hoping that Arizona would pull their goalie one more time.

And by now – you know that they did – and as a result – the goal and game that Lafreniere will never forget:


And one more time – how embarrassing it must’ve been for the Arizona rink crew to not only clean up about 4,000 Ranger hats now strewn on the ice – but in front of a sea of Blueshirt blue too!

I can’t lie – this win led to a tear of joy to trickle out of my right eye!


Before giving you the post-game interviews, I want to make note that if you never see Brian Boyle on the M$GN ever again – here’s why:

During the post-game show, he told a story about Jim Ramsay helping out Chris Kreider.

And as this site has relayed to you time-and-time again – Mr. Ramsay’s name has been stricken from the Rangers’ record from the powers-to-be – and to be clear – I’m not talking about James Dolan – instead – I’m talking about Chris Drury.

Put it this way: The former 29-year employee was not allowed to be shown on M$GN airwaves during the two games that the Rangers played earlier against the Canadiens this season – nor did he get a tribute video during his M$G return either.

Even recent players, now alumni, like Nick Holden, Kevin Rooney, Dryden Hunt, Sammy Blais and others of this ilk, have all received tribute videos.

Not Rammer.

The Rangers, and as you’ll see below, can make rectify a wrong a week from now, when they host Montreal next Sunday.

As I was wondering how the Rangers were going to award tonight’s Broadway Hat winner – and due to all of the milestones netted (perhaps get one large sombrero for all of them – and then tell Mika to stand to the side?) – M$GN ran these excellent post-game interviews – and where as noted earlier – Lavy’s interview was exhibit #9675676785678567856 on why the Coyotes should fold or be moved:


I couldn’t be any prouder of this team – so in other words – please let this ride continue throughout my June 13th birthday! All I want is one Stanley Cup win as an adult! Photo Credit: NYR

Up Next: THE BEST IN THE WORLD BLUESHIRTS have a well-deserved off-day on Easter Sunday.

And for the non-existent MIKA MARCH that we just experienced – let’s hope that our long-haired hippie lights it up in April – and then throughout the playoffs too.

The Rangers open the fourth month of the year with home games against the Penguins (Monday) and Devils (Wednesday) – and where as recently previewed on this site – all that everyone will care about, including TNT, the national network that has the rights to Wednesday’s game – is if Rempe will be in Lavy’s line-up against the Devils.

And as I recently said – I’d scratch him – as it’s just not worth the risk against a Devils’ team that has nothing to play for.

What’s “pissing me off the most” right now?

I do have off from work this Easter Monday – but I’m like Ryan Lindgren – I don’t miss work unless the job site is closed.

In other words – I’m going to have to time Wednesday’s game into my work breaks – and I wish that that the Rangers were playing the Devils on Monday rather than on Wednesday!

And while I wouldn’t do it – since it’s a national game – and because this isn’t the garbage NBA – I do expect Rempe to play – because if he doesn’t – then the Devils might run the top guns in New York.

The Rangers finish the week on Friday in Detroit.

And to go back to my Ramsay talk – following this trio of matches – the Blueshirts will then host the Habs on Sunday at M$G – and who schedules a game against Wrestlemania which is taking place right down the road in Filthadelphia?


Bettman blows!

The Rangers have given us a lot to toast about this season! <Hic!>

It’s soon-to-be Easter Egg hunting time for Uncle Sean and his nieces, which means that it’s also late Saturday night bedtime for yours truly too, which for you, means…

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    Need to lock of Laffy. Because there is no doubt the Habs are gonna make an insane offer.

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