ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: “THE PIZZA MAN” Chris Drury Burns Rangers; The GM Does Nothing of Significance on Opening Day of Free Agency, The Cowardly “ZOOM ZOOM” Team President Hides Behind His Laptop Again, Why (And When) It’s Okay To Overspend, Larry “The Crook” Brooks Continues to Pilfer & Plagiarize; All The Proof You Need, NYP’s Rumor Mongering Not Helping The Trouba’s Either; Brooks Paints Dr. Kelly as Yoko Ono, TDL > FA – But Only If You’re a Playoff Team, Looking at the Blueshirts’ Future & More

In perhaps his last summer as general manager of the New York Rangers and Chris Drury accomplished absolutely nothing on the first day of the NHL’s free agency period – and where for more salt in the wound – the two players that he acquired, Sam Carrick (FA) and Reilly Smith (trade with Pittsburgh), would have actually suited the team better at the 2024 Trade Deadline – and rather than as they were on July 1st, 2024. Furthermore? You can expect such commentary to appear in Larry Brooks’ next column some 24-72 hours from now.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on We eagerly anticipated noon Monday for this?

As a result of the events from the first day of the NHL’s free agency period (7/1), then I must remind you that I told you that there was no coming back from that Eastern Conference Final loss, the most crushing blown opportunity of them all – and a sentiment that I feel even stronger about as I write these words into the wee hours of Tuesday, July 2nd.

For those unaware – it’s just my belief that it’s so hard to reach an ECF in the first place – and nearly impossible to reach three of them in only a short time-span of four years.

And yes, I’m aware of the years 2012, 2014 and 2015 – but similar to some recent ECF’s involving the Rangers – then do you really expect Lightning to strike twice?

Silver lining?

If any franchise can lose three ECF’s in four years, then who has better gambling odds than the Rangers?


And yes, this too – I hope to be proven 100% wrong about this – but one Stanley Cup victory during the past 84-years lends me to lean this way.)

As you all know by now, then going into the first day of free agency, and seemingly, and more times than not, and as perpetrated by the rumor-mongering and official conduit of the franchise, Larry Brooks of the New York Post – and the Blueshirts were linked to nearly every big name on the table.

By the end of July 1st, the “biggest” talent acquired by The Pizza Man at 33rd and 7th was Reilly Smith – and where my good pal, EL SHOES, a diehard fan of the Penguins (and someone who also brought me back into my favorite sport after I swore it off after the 2012 strike – so blame him for these blogs – and for all of the chicken-bacon-ranch pizza we consumed when watching Ranger/Penguin games too!), immediately texted me this:

It should be stated that Mr. Shoes also texted me a similar message when the Rangers first acquired Tanner Glass some many moons ago. While I know that not everyone was a fan of the former #15 of the Rangers – I was always appreciative of “THE GLASSIAH” (I even championed for him to win the Steven McDonald Award one year) – and a man who presently serves the club as their Assistant Director of Player Development.

I should reiterate for the 9867866866786786786782368726278th time on this site, and as you’ll see below – a point later plagiarized by Brooks (again); is that for an alleged “WIN NOW” and/or “CUP OR BUST” team like the Rangers – then really – it’s more about whatever they do during next year’s trade deadline – rather than what they do this summer.

Perhaps I’m being too optimistic when sharing this opinion; but despite all of the gloom-and-doom in Rangerstown, USA today – then I still have to believe that they’ll be one of the eight Eastern Conference teams contending for the Stanley Cup come April of ’25.

(And perish the thought if the Rangers aren’t a playoff team next season! Three-words: “SEE YA DRURY!” And this doomsday scenario could happen, and if you don’t believe me, then talk to the 2023-24 Devils.)

Should the Rangers qualify for the 2025 Stanley Cup Playoffs as expected – then yeah – my point remains – it’s all about the finishing touches made at the deadline – but where of course – Drury’s most recent deadline doesn’t instill any faith into anyone with an IQ over zero these days.

Neither does his opening day of free agency.

Another reason to doubt Drury?

Because unless anything changes, and where really, only Vladimir Tarasenko is the last remaining free agent option that’s still out there following all of the signings from around the league on Monday – then for the third consecutive season under the watch of PIZZA BOY – the Blueshirts will open camp devoid of a top-six right-winger – and one to play with the maddening BFF connection (MIA Z & CK20).

But of course, another right-winger du jour can be found at the deadline – but it does feel like Drury is gambling a bit by continuing to ignore his team’s most glaring issue/weakness.

And I haven’t even talked about the state of the defense yet either – and where after today (Erik Gustafsson to Detroit) – Zac Jones seemingly got a huge vote in confidence.

That said – DON’T WORRY – as thankfully – none of this will ruin Drury’s Christmas.

It won’t even ruin his Fourth of July either – and where following his nothingness from Monday – then I’m left to assume that he’ll be holding a kiddie sparkler while M-80s and dynamite go off behind him.

(And check the archives of this site if you don’t get this callback to what Drury once said.)

It wasn’t only Brooks, but he was the loudest voice when suggesting that the Rangers were in on the top names of free agency. Photo Credit: SP

Whether it was the media hype, Drury’s decision (or arranged marriage with his buddy Mike Grier) to punt Barclay Goodrow to San Jose for cap space, or his most recent (and failed) debacle when attempting to trade away his captain Jacob Trouba in order to open up an extra $8M to spend; either way, hopes were high as the Rangers entered free agency.

Rather than fireworks three-days shy of the July 4th holiday – instead, Drury’s decisions were the equivalent of going to the horse track, placing a big wager on the favorite – and then only to watch that horse break a leg once immediately coming out the gate.

And for a man, while as a letterman of the Rangers, who once described a loss to the Capitals as, “it won’t ruin my Christmas” – then Grinch Drury pretty much put coal into the stockings of every Blueshirt fan – and then shit right into their X-Mas meals too.

As everyone was wondering what superstar that the GM would land in order to put his team over the top – it wasn’t even one minute into the league’s free agency period where all hopes were dashed.

Prior to noon Monday, the official, but certainly not the unofficial, start time of free agency – and already – both Patrick Kane (Detroit) and Jake Guentzel (Tampa Bay) had signed new deals late Sunday night, thus eliminating both of them as potential Drury gets.

And once the clock struck 12:00PM?

Then, and before you knew it, and both Steven Stamkos and Jonathan Marchessault were off of the board too – as the pair of former Stanley Cup champions were in Nashville, TN – and as a result – both of them are now representing the Predator yellow.

As you were just waiting-and-waiting for Drury to do something and/or anything – and seemingly every other big free agent name were signing contracts elsewhere – and contracts so high that the league reported that they set a new record of $1.12B in total deals at 5PM.

(And of course – that stat/fact deserves an asterisk too, both due to inflation and more teams in the league when compared to years past. And don’t forget about that nasty pandemic as well. But either way – it’s still mighty impressive for this to happen in the salary-cap era – but not impressive at all when compared to the deals that NBAers are presently getting these days – deals so high, extremely so, and where many basketball players are being paid 75% of an NHL team’s total salary cap.)

How bad was Drury’s July 1st? So bad that the team president/general manager couldn’t even land Jakob Chychrun – a defenseman whose name is always at the top of every trade deadline and free agency class – and seemingly ever since the days when Eddie Livingstone was first betrayed by his NHA running mates! Photo Credit: NHLPA

Since I don’t have the time to recite every signing and trade made in the league on Monday, then for reference, check out SportsNet’s player tracker here:

In real-time, and now, after the fact, it was just maddening to see team-after-team make sexy and splashy signings, while other teams made terrific trades when bolstering their ranks.

Worse than that?

How seemingly every other team in the Metropolitan Division got better (okay – maybe Carolina was the lone team that was weakened), and including when the Capitals landed Chychrun for nothing more than Nick Jensen and a third-round pick.

Even the Islanders improved somewhat with their signing of right-winger Anthony Duclair – you know – a player that’s a much better option for the BFF than what the Rangers have today.

But of course, the biggest winners in the Metro on 7/1 were none other than the team that embarrassed the Rangers in the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs – the Blueshirts’ arch nemesis from the other side of the Hudson – the New Jersey Devils.

After a 2023-24 season lost, mainly due to injuries (largely Dougie Hamilton and Jack Hughes), the red-and-black attack restocked and reloaded by adding Brett Pesce, Brenden Dillon, Stefan Noesen, Mike Hardman and Colton White to their ranks – and where these names join the recently acquired goalie Jacob Markstrom, and the new bench boss in downtown Newark too, Sheldon Keefe.

Again, this is why the Rangers, and mostly because of Drury’s no-show 2024 Trade Deadline, blew it this year – as you had to expect their rivals to improve during this off-season.

And while as noted – I think that the Blueshirts will reach the 2025 playoffs regardless – that’s no guarantee either.

And once (or if) they get there?

Then it will probably be the same old shit – no big games out of Mika Zibanejad, Artemi Panarin and UGH – Kaapo Kakko – and where yes, and for the life of me – I still don’t understand how “The Feckless Finn” remains on this roster.

And it’s not just the big names that the Rangers missed out on – nor what their competition did either.

When looking for role-players (both the cheap and expensive) and men who could help shore up the squad, and Drury took a pass on everyone else besides Reilly Smith and Sam Carrick, as dough boy said no to Jeff Skinner ($3M/one-year in Edmonton), Sean Walker ($18M/five-years in Carolina), Corey Perry ($1.4M/one-year in Edmonton), Matt Dumba ($7.5M/two-years in Dallas), Garnet Hathaway ($4.8M/two-years in Philly), Ryan Lomberg ($4M/two-years in Calgary), Chandler Stephenson ($43.75M/seven-years in Seattle), Matt Duchene ($3M/one-year in Dallas), Jonathan Drouin ($2.5M/one-year in Colorado), Sean Monahan ($27.5M/five-years in Columbus), Nikita Zadorov ($30M/six-years in Boston), David Perron ($4M/two-years in Ottawa), Tyler Toffoli ($24M/four-years in San Jose), Tyler Bertuzzi ($22M/four-years in Chicago), Teuvo Teravainen ($16.2M/three-years in Chicago) and Brandon Montour ($50M/seven-years in Seattle), among others.

But PRAISE BE – both Kakko and Chytil remain!

Erik Gustafsson was fine as a one-and-done Ranger – and while he did have a rough playoffs – you also can’t forget about how admirably he filled in for Adam Fox either.. Photo Credit: NYR

Before getting into everything else that we have to discuss tonight; at this time, we must say farewell to Erik Gustafsson, who more than doubled his salary and secured his future on Monday, following his two-year deal worth $4M overall signed in Detroit.

And yes – Detroit was first interested in the other mode of transportation on the Rangers’ defense – “THE TROO TROO TRAIN” – but instead – settled for “THE GUS BUS.”

While I wasn’t shocked to see Gustafsson move on; at the same time, I thought that he could’ve been a good insurance policy for the Rangers. However, you can’t blame him for taking the far more lucrative deal in Motown.

However, a big goodbye and good riddance goes out to another new member of the Rangers’ alumni, center Alex Wennberg, who on Monday signed a two-year deal worth $10M overall with the Sharks.

I know that the Sharks have to reach the cap’s floor – but they must be smoking the meth if they think that Wennberg is worth $5M per-season.

For what it’s worth, other players now considered to be Blueshirts’ alumni, Blake Wheeler (expected to retire), Jack Roslovic (WOOF) and the one-game used Chad Ruhwedel, didn’t link up with anyone on Monday.

While on this topic, over in Hartford and the Rangers bid adieu to both goaltender Olof Lindbom (what a draft pick that was, as he was selected 39th-overall in 2018) and the pint-sized Bobby Trivigno.

Also joining these men as former Rangers are Nic Petan, Tyler Pitlick and Mac Hollowell – and three men who remain as unrestricted free agents as of this writing.

However, the Rangers did make qualifying offers on the two players that everyone knew that Drury would qualify – both Ryan Lindgren and Braden Schneider.

They also qualified Karl Henriksson, and while he was “only” drafted in 2019 – it feels like he’s been in the system for 2,019 years too!

The final player qualified on Monday was none other than Matthew Robertson – and a man who birdbrain Mollie Walker, Brooks’ fellow dingbat from the New York Post, who initially reported that the team wouldn’t qualify him.

Not one retraction or apology was uttered from the hockey airhead twit – and perhaps a lesson as taught to her by her Hall of Fame mentor!

And while on the topic of New York Post reporters – and once again – there was Brooks plagiarizing yours truly as he always does – and for the third time during the past seven-days!

(And for readers unaware – Brooks has been stealing material from both this site and “The Blueshirt Underground Show” for some time now (as in years) – where as a result – it can’t just be a coincidence anymore. In other words – IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!)

To give you a refresher before getting into Brooks’ latest pilfering, here was my last blog, which was posted last Saturday night:

Just check the archives of this site or my Tweeter/X timeline for all of it, but regular readers are aware of what I’ve been saying for some time now – and as I also said at the top of this blog too – it’s all about the trade deadline for the Rangers.

And for new readers – I’ve been saying this ever since the 2023 loss to the Devils – which means that I’ve been hammering this point home for over a year now.

Guess who else is now saying this?

Why who else – you guessed it – Mr. Brooks:

But wait K-Mart shoppers – there’s more!

Brooks, and more on him after talking about his robberies, pure plagiarism and crimes, decided to lift from me on Monday night once more!

As shared in the link above, I wrote the following about Trouba – where ironically – such thoughts were a reaction to a Brooks’ (fake) news report – and when he stated that Trouba had played his last game as a Ranger:

I wrote this 48-hours before Brooks rewrote what originally appeared here.

This all brings us to the following:

As you can see if you click here (and Larry, because I know that you’re reading/stealing this – this is how you properly credit someone – even if your latest stuff is just you rewriting what I first wrote and then presenting it as your own) – and now Brooks is saying word-for-word what I had originally said about Dr. Kelly Trouba – and for that matter – her husband too, Captain Jake.

Again – there are no coincidences here – as this happens all the time now.

Furthermore, this thought about Trouba’s wife didn’t even cross his feeble little mind when he first reported about a potential trade of the captain – and where you have to wonder if Brooks is either going senile – or worse than that – birdbrain Mollie has completely dumbed him down.

And if Brooks starts laughing like a diseased and maimed hyena during the next Rangers’ press conference – then we’ll know it’s the latter!

The Rangers have a Larry Brooks problem – again! Photo Credit: M$GN

Brooks, who again, may be senile (he got mad at me when I first called Mollie a birdbrain – and then got even madder at me, via an email, when I called her “clueless” for not knowing that Mark Messier was a two-time Ranger – as she didn’t know that he actually left in 1997), is becoming unreliable – which is pretty funny and ironic when you think about it – as that sums up Drury’s team too!

On one hand, Brooks remains as the only reporter on the beat with sources – and who breaks news too.

However, and unlike in years past – he’s no longer batting 1.000.

These days?

He’s not even batting his own weight – and that includes his expanding waistband too. (And I can say that as a fellow fat man!)

In the past two-weeks alone, and Brooks has reported a Kakko trade to be had at the draft, a reuniting with Patrick Kane, an alliance with Stamkos and now the latest – a Trouba trade to Detroit.

And that’s only four things from these past two-weeks – as this doesn’t cover the many follies and failures on behalf of Brooks from the 2023-24 season.

(And I’d share all of them with you – but this blog is already 10,000 words!)

Brooks’ stuff on Trouba is easily the most offensive – and where he’s now put Dr. Kelly Tyson-Trouba into a bad position – and as if she was the Yoko Ono of the Rangers.

And I wonder how her husband, not-so-jovial these days Jacob, feels about that.

Perhaps Trouba should look into if he can temporarily rent John Tortorella from the Flyers – and perhaps seek the P.R. services of Dan Boyle too:

John and Yoko Lennon – and with their female dog (a bitch), Molly. Photo Credit: The Trouba’s

Besides treating this site like his own personal copy-and-paste store; elsewhere and flip-flop Brooks, who at times, still remains as a conduit for the franchise whenever it suits them (I’ve brought this up before – and have proved it too – and most famously with Mats Zuccarello’s contract negotiations, and as recent as two-weeks ago too, following Goodrow’s removal), has wreaked havoc on the Trouba family.

I’m not going to reprint all of the disgusting things that I’ve seen written about both Jacob and Kelly by Ranger fans on social media (but I’ll tell you that the worst thing I saw was some fan suggesting that Drury “kidnaps” and holds baby Axel for ransom – where in this case – ransom would be Trouba waiving his NMC – and you thought my former opinions of wanting Lundqvist traded away were bad!), but I will say – all of this starts-and-ends with Brooks.

As I’ve said for the past month on both this site and on my social media feeds – you can’t pay a third-pair d-man $8M – and as fully explained here: (and here too: ), but at the same time – you can’t blame Trouba for using the parameters of his contract in order to stay either.

And for Brooks, who approvingly gave a nice song and a dance when describing Drury as “ruthless” for his actions in regards to shipping away Goodrow – he’s now singing and dancing to a new tune – and where if you can believe it – he’s now content with Drury getting run over by the Trouba Train – while getting a prostate exam from Dr. Kelly too!

Ruthless indeed!

Again, while I’d prefer the Rangers not to pay a third-pair d-man $8M either – I’m also aware that the Blueshirts would be looking for someone just like him, albeit much cheaper, come the trade deadline.

But if he stays, then so be it.

After all, it’s not like his contract, set to expire in two-years, is worse than paying a no-show center $8.5M all the way to 2030.

And unlike the Swedish-Iranian dee-jay – at least Trouba never hides after every loss either.

However, and to get to the point too, what bothers me the most about this story is Brooks’ all-out irresponsibility.

While I like to have my fun and go over-the-top as a beer-bellied blogger (and more times than not, I let you know when I’m doing so); at the same time, I’d never put out FAKE NEWS to you either.

After all, who wants to be known as a liar, a liar so bad, that you’re called out by the team president? (Hello Adam Hermtrans!)

For Brooks, a Hall of Fame scribe, and his latest articles read the same as anything else that you’d see on Rangers’ social media (as written by fans) – as he’s just blindly throwing darts and hoping that something will stick.

He’s also being played as Drury’s puppet too – and if he’s not – then that’s even worse – as how else can you explain Brooks playing and fiddling around into the personal lives of the Trouba’s?

And who knows if Drury ever really had a real deal with Steve Yzerman out in Detroit for Trouba’s services in the first place either.

But what we do know now with a 100% degree of certainty is that such a proposal, perhaps one from the realm of fan-fiction, is off of the table.

Whether or not Drury was using Brooks in the same way that he did when he wanted to get Goodrow to budge is not confirmed – although I suspect that’s the case.

While Drury got what he wanted the first time – he didn’t get it here – and for that – Brooks looks like a clown – as he’s the ultimate fall man after all of his manure spreading.

Sadly, the shit has not only hit the fan – but it’s also hit the face of an innocent bystander – Kelly Trouba.

Brooks owes the Trouba’s a public apology for his reckless reporting.

After all, and as any Journalism 101 student will tell you – all news stories need to be double-sourced – and you need to talk to every party involved.

Instead, Brooks just had a one-man party – and threw all abandon to the wind when considering the personal life of Mrs. Trouba to boot.

And he owes me an apology too for all of his plagiarism!

In summary, and within a time-span of less than 24-hours no less; and Brooks went from reporting that Trouba had played his last game as a Ranger, to saying how the captain will only be back next season because of his wife’s profession/residency.

Perhaps Brooks should look into if he can report the weather over at the NY Post too.

After all, everyone expects weather reporters to be wrong more times than not!

I can see it now:


(Yes, that’s a reference to Brooks’ often repeated DID. YOU. SEE. CHRIS. KREIDER. headlines!)


At this time, and after talking about all of the things that the Rangers didn’t do; let’s now get into the two <YAAAAAAWN> moves that they actually made on Monday.

Go figure: Drury could’ve traded for three Ducks during this past trade deadline, Frank Vatrano, Radko Gudas and/or Adam Henrique – and hell – he could’ve made it a quartet too with Carrick pulling up the caboose (who Anaheim traded to Edmonton at the deadline) – but alas – the great Kakko was considered as “untouchable.” Photo Credit: NYR

The Rangers only signed one free agent on Monday – and where as noted – for a league that spent $1.12B collectively – the Blueshirts only spent $3M in total, following their three-year/$1M AAV pact with Carrick.

Officially, here’s what the Rangers had to say, courtesy of

New York Rangers President and General Manager Chris Drury announced today that the team has agreed to terms with forward Sam Carrick on a three-year contract.

Carrick, 32, tallied 10 goals and six assists for 16 points in 77 games with the Edmonton Oilers and Anaheim Ducks this past season. He also added one assist in 10 playoff games. The Markham, Ontario native finished the season with career highs in faceoff win percentage (53.4), hits (167), blocked shots (35), and takeaways (24).

A 6-0, 200-pound forward, Carrick has compiled 28 goals and 25 assists for 53 points in 240 career NHL games between the Oilers, Ducks, and Toronto Maple Leafs. In 2021-22, he recorded career high totals in goals (11), assists (8) and points (19) while with Anaheim.

Carrick has also played in 471 career American Hockey League (AHL) games, accumulating 309 points (138G-171A). He was captain of the San Diego Gulls, Anaheim’s AHL affiliate, for three seasons.

Carrick was originally selected by the Maple Leafs in the fifth round, 144th overall, of the 2010 NHL Draft.

The only other Blueshirts’ acquisition from Monday came via a trade – and when Drury made another deal with Penguins’ GM Kyle Dubas – and this time for the brother of former Ranger Brendan Smith – sibling Reilly. Photo Credit: NYR

Here’s what the Rangers had to say about Smith – and a player that the Penguins couldn’t wait to wash their hands away from, courtesy of

New York Rangers President and General Manager Chris Drury announced today that the team has acquired forward Reilly Smith from the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for a conditional fifth-round pick in the 2025 NHL Draft and a second-round pick in the 2027 NHL Draft.

Smith, 33, tallied 13 goals and 27 assists for 40 points in 76 games for the Penguins in 2023-24. Last season, he reached several personal milestones including notching his 300th career assist, tallying his 500th career point and skating in his 800th career game.

The Mimico, Ontario native has played parts of 13 seasons in the NHL split between the Penguins, Dallas Stars, Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers and Vegas Golden Knights, registering 513 points (213G-300A) in 840 regular-season games. He has notched 10 or more goals in 11 consecutive seasons, has hit the 20-goal plateau five times and hit the 50-point plateau six times. Since the beginning of the 2016-17 season, his 13 shorthanded goals are tied for sixth in the NHL.

A Stanley Cup champion with Vegas in 2023, Smith has recorded 26 goals and 53 assists for 79 points in 106 career playoff games.

Smith was originally selected by the Stars in the third round, 69th overall, of the 2009 NHL Draft.

Sorry Charlie – I’d rather Barclay Goodrow than both Carrick and Smith. And that’s just my opinion – and I respect you if don’t share the same feeling. Photo Credit: Getty Images

As noted up top; Smith and Carrick are excellent depth additions – that is – at the trade deadline.

But to go into the season with them?


What’s most notable about these two players is that they have something in common with most of Drury’s summertime signings – they both have Stanley Cup Final experience – and just as Sammy Blais, Ryan Reaves, Goodrow, Jonathan Quick and others had.

Since the Penguins are retaining 25% of Smith’s salary, then Brendan’s brother will “only” carry a cap-hit of $3.75M, which means that if you include Carrick’s $1M cap-hit – then these two are slightly over $1M than Goodrow was.

Thankfully, Kakko and Chytil still remain – you know – the two players that should’ve been shipped out of town rather than Goodrow.

I want to be clear, so let me say the following in bold print:




Thank the hockey gods that the useless pair of Chytil and Kakko are still here!

That’ll show the league!

Once waking up from one of his multiple naps from Monday, then the cowardly GM did what he always does on a big day on the NHL calendar – he spoke to his media minions via a ZOOM call – while neglecting every paying patron, customer and fan of this franchise – aka – THE RANGERS’ WAY!

The Cult of Personality himself, Chris Drury. Photo Credit: NYR

The following quotes from another Drury Zoom call comes from a collection of news reports, which were originally featured at, The Hockey News, the NY Post and Newsday:

On Trouba – and where Brooks didn’t ask any follow-ups to, nor brought up his own involvement in this drama either: “Jacob plays hard every night. He provides a lot of leadership for us. Jacob knows what I think of him as a person and as a player and I’m going to keep any private conversations that I have with him or his agent as private.

“We’re always looking to move the team forward and be the best team we can possibly be. I’m not going to go through player-by-player, who is going to be here, who is not going to be here. We’re just trying to do the best we can in the off-season and put our best foot forward come training camp.”

Obviously, Drury wasn’t going to air out his dirty laundry to the media, and when talking about putting out the best team possible, since he said that he wouldn’t talk about any player, then I guess this is why the media didn’t ask him about why Kakko is still here – you know – the other player that Brooks said was on his way out.

On the exiled Goodrow: “Everyone’s well aware of what I think of Barclay and what he did for us. He was a great Ranger, played extremely hard every single night. When you’re in the position we’re in, then there are tough decisions to make and as a GM, you have to make them.”

To that I say – how does anyone know how Drury felt about Goodrow?

After all, the Team President/General Manager never talks to the fans, rather seeking a closed-audience with his media lapdogs instead.

As far as anything else – not one tough question was asked – and where the rest of the interview was Drury speaking in platitudes about his two future Hall of Fame acquisitions.

What a joke.

I was surprised that Drury didn’t sign Scott Gomez on Monday. Photo Credit: NYR

Just some final commentary on Drury’s idle Monday, and the NHL too, in a bullet-point fashion – and as I’m getting a rash just thinking about it again too:

— Yes, it’s still about the trade deadline, but as opposed to last year at this time, when the Rangers didn’t have much cap space – they had some money to spend this time around – yet continued to go to the dollar store rather than shopping at Sak’s Fifth Ave.

— I just wish that someone pulled a Richard Milhouse Nixon (Watergate) at M$G on Monday – by bugging Drury’s office – as I’d love to know what he’s really thinking and trying to do.

— As all of the deals in the league were being announced, I have found a new secondary team to pull for next season – the Red Wings – and not because of Patrick Kane – but because of their acquisition of my favorite goaltender (and yours too) – CAM “THE GOALBUSTER” Talbot.

And give it up to the former #33 of the Rangers – as the man who should’ve started in the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs has now earned over $20M in his career. Not too shabby – and where if you can believe this too – Talbot turns 37-years-old on July 5th. TIME FLIES!

— Once again, all of the teams from the states with no income taxes, and the states with minimal income taxes too, were all big winners, including Florida, Tampa and of course, Nashville. The Rangers, from the state with the highest income taxes in the land? The biggest losers. But until Gary Bettman finally decides to address this issue – then we’ll continue to see teams from states with no income taxes reach the Stanley Cup Final on a yearly basis – and as it’s been for some time now.

— Both Joel Quenneville and Stan Bowman were reinstated by the league on Monday – a coy and sly move if I say so myself – as Bettman and the NHL made this announcement while hoping for it to be swept under the rug with everything else that was going on. How woefully transparent.

As noted before – I’m 100% fine with them being back (they didn’t do anything – BRAD ALDRICH DID) – and as noted last time during my NHL Draft blog – if only they had owned multiple arenas and venues – then like James Dolan, currently embroiled in a sexual assault lawsuit with his good chum Harvey Weinstein – then they would’ve never been suspended in the first place.

The same goes for the foursome from the Canadian team – also alleged but not convicted – Carter Hart, Mike McLeod, Cal Foote and Dillon Dube.

— While I can understand Nashville overpaying for Stamkos and Marchessault; at the same time, in what world is Brady Skjei worth $49M – which is what the Predators gave him after inking him to a seven-year deal with a $7M AAV. Holy Skjeit!

— As I was watching Drury leave his two biggest holes wide open as usual, a RW and a defenseman; then this just lent more credence to what I have been saying ever since the Florida chokejob – we’ve seen the peak year from this core – and it’s all downhill from here.

— No – I don’t want to see CZAR IGOR become the highest-paid goalie in the NHL. Anything over 10% of the team’s cap is a mistake – that is – unless #31 can carry the team to the silver. Time will tell.

— I still can’t believe that both Kakko and Chytil are Rangers today. So much for WIN NOW.

— Mitch Marner still remains in Toronto – and there’s no wheels in motion about my Mika for Marner idea either.

— I really have no clue what Drury is thinking, but where I’m now to assume that he’s banking big-time on one of his prospects – and whether it be Brennan Othmann, Adam Sykora and/or Gabe Perreault to step-up.

If not one of these players from this trio, then who else is going to play with the BFF?

And you can’t break up Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere either – as you don’t fix what’s not broken.

Prediction: Jimmy Vesey gets some shifts with the BFF by November.

— As everyone thought that Drury was some sort of mastermind and was soon going to pull off something big; at the end of the day, all he did was pull his johnson.

— On Stamkos, I wonder if the way Drury treated Goodrow, his friend from Tampa, was a non-starter for him.

Then again, and as it is for many – not many players, especially non-Americans, want to play in NYC these days – and not because of the taxes – but because of the filth-ridden and drug-filled cesspool that this once great city has become.

And all of these riots and protests aren’t helping matters either.

Who wants to raise a family here with that going on – that is – except for the Lennon-Trouba’s!

— It was kind of sad when Drury was doing his Zoom call at 4PM – as it told you that he was done for the day. Pathetic. I hope whatever 5PM happy hour he attended was worth it.

— The war going on in the social media streets in Rangerstown, USA in regards to Trouba is nuts – as I actually saw people challenging each other to real-life fights over this.

Keep in mind folks – these players don’t go to your place of employment (probably White Castle or some 25-cent peep show booth that they clean up) and fight over you and your co-worker.

You should adopt that same mentality.

I say this a lot, but what’s one more time?

We all want the same thing – and while we all have our different opinions when trying to reach that goal – getting nasty, saying things you wouldn’t say to someone’s face in real life and worse above all, wishing death, is just mentally retarded.

Perhaps the best way to settle this Trouba situation is by having Dr. Kelly and GM Chris play a round of golf – and as Joe Biden and Donald Trump teased during their Presidential debate?

— This is my opinion, and it doesn’t have to be yours, but it feels like every other team in the division improved (sans perhaps Carolina), some by a lot, some by a little – and where the Rangers got weaker.

After all, Goodrow is gone and Kakko is still here.

— I know that the cockeyed optimists want to defend Drury right now, and I admire their good-willed intentions – but defending Drury right now is like saying Joe Biden is a master debater.

— It felt like the Arizona Coyotes, Quebec Nordiques, Hartford Whalers and the Atlanta Thrashers accomplished more than Drury did on Monday.

— Many fans and observers applauded Drury for not overspending – but if not now, then when?

Hell, this is the same franchise that overspent big-time during their rebuild – and as you may recall in 2019 (a teaser for our next segment too).

If the mission remains as CUP OR BUST as I suspect, then I would’ve been fine with Drury spending like a drunken sailor – as after all, just one Stanley Cup victory would change everything – and no one would care about the Rangers’ cap troubles in the seasons that followed.

I couldn’t help to think about what happened five-years ago, July 1st, 2019, when watching Drury do jack shit on Monday. Photo Credit: NYR

July 1st, 2024 marked the five-year anniversary where “The Letter” ushering in the rebuild was ripped-up – and where this current core first got together.

And I can’t believe it’s been five years either!

At this time, I just wanted to look at how these five-years have went for the men who were involved in what will always be remembered as a monumental day in franchise history.

Kaapo Kakko has been nothing but an all-out loser bust – and worse than that – he also has a horrendous and an entitled attitude. As a result, and since Drury won’t move him, then I hope that Trump wins the 2024 election and then deports him.

Artemi Panarin is without question the best FA signing in franchise history – and arguably one of the best regular season players in franchise history too – but sadly – he’s not a playoff performer.

Jacob Trouba has had one good year out of the five – as throughout his tenure he’s been extremely overpaid – and you already know how the Rangers, or at least according to Brooks, are trying to give him the boot today. That all said, every single one of his teammates love and respect him.

Vitali Kravtsov? LOL! I wonder if he still needs a dentist for his cavity! But seriously speaking, Drury traded the last right-winger to have a modicum of success with the BFF, Pavel Buchnevich, with the thinking that the younger-and-cheaper Kravtsov would fill the role. So much for that.

CZAR IGOR could wind up as the best goalie in franchise history – but Drury can’t overpay him either – as everyone must learn from the failed Lundqvist Era – or else be doomed to repeat it.

John Davidson, now back with the Columbus Cuck Jackets, is still picking out pieces of the knife that Drury stabbed him in the back with – but at least he got a good laugh when he dealt Jack Roslovic to Et Tu Drury!

Adam Fox is arguably already a Top Five d-man in franchise history – but even so – he still hasn’t had a signature playoff series – and where you also have to question his durability too – as injuries have plagued him during the past two runs.

It’s being rumored that a Tarasenko return on Broadway could be on the horizon – but even if it happens (I just doubt it because why would he come here when he loves Florida – and has a better chance to win with them too), it’s still one-year too late. But thank the hockey gods that Kakko is untouchable! Photo Credit: NYR

Sorry for the depressing tone tonight, but I did warn you after the Florida loss that this was going to be the case.

Today just made it even worse – and where the only silver lining that remains are those three words – “THE TRADE DEADLINE.”

Up next for the Rangers?

A closed two-day prospect camp on Tuesday and Wednesday.

What a great way to connect with the fan base!

After all, it’s not like the Rangers have multiple cable channels, a YouTube account, social media streams, a website, et al, in order to share these scrimmages with us!

In other news, the first two games that the Rangers will play in the 2024-25 season were announced on Monday – a 10/9 road-game in Pittsburgh, followed by a 10/12 home opener against the Utah Mormons.

A way in advance programming note? I’m going to Notre Dame and Green Bay during the home opener/Columbus Day weekend.

But since I’m a sucker – I’ll still probably find a way to watch – and then write about that home opener!

The full 2024-25 schedule is expected to be announced on Tuesday – and where like most of my fellow road-trippers – I’m hoping that the Rangers will play in Utah on a Saturday night!

Parting thought?

In a follow-up from my last blog, then I’m glad that I didn’t take off from work on Monday!

One last time.

$1.12B spent – and the Rangers grand prize of free agency was the $1M AAV Sam Carrick.

Go back to the pizzeria Chris.

And take Kakko, Chytil and Mika with you!

Bed-time for me, which for you, means…

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6 thoughts on “ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: “THE PIZZA MAN” Chris Drury Burns Rangers; The GM Does Nothing of Significance on Opening Day of Free Agency, The Cowardly “ZOOM ZOOM” Team President Hides Behind His Laptop Again, Why (And When) It’s Okay To Overspend, Larry “The Crook” Brooks Continues to Pilfer & Plagiarize; All The Proof You Need, NYP’s Rumor Mongering Not Helping The Trouba’s Either; Brooks Paints Dr. Kelly as Yoko Ono, TDL > FA – But Only If You’re a Playoff Team, Looking at the Blueshirts’ Future & More

  1. Sean,
    What does it say about the current state of journalism when you are hands down the best hockey reporter and historian for the NYR, and you’re a blogger! It’s more than that, you have a gift for entertaining your readers and your best trait is telling the TRUTH and being honest with the people who follow you.
    Everyone is highlighting Trouba’s contract as the #1 problem, that’s BS, Mika’s contract is worse because it goes thru 2030! Trouba is the ONLY player ( maybe Rempe someday ) on the NYR that strikes fear in opposing players, he can take out anyone’s top player whenever he chooses and they know it. Two years left at 8M, with his tenacity and leadership works for me. Mika is just soft, highly unpredictable, aging quickly, and most of all he plays scared. At 8.5M he is a total waste, he must be traded by eating a big portion of his contract or bought out. This would allow Krieder to drop to a second line and surround him with tough players to utilize his unique skills. Another hard hitting defenseman is needed, and if it means trading Miller so be it ( I doubt KM will ever develop playoff toughness ).
    Enjoy the long summer and seeming endless Drury rollercoaster ride.

    1. Thanks Jim, I appreciate that!

      From all reports, moving Mika hasn’t even be considered.

      Another S.O.S. season coming up.

  2. How ridiculous is this Trouba stuff? Hockey’s a business pure and simple. Reports said Trouba was shocked and disappointed. Disappointed? We all are. Shocked? Well he shouldn’t be. We all saw this coming and I’m sure he did too. When the cap hit well exceeds the value to the team the Rangers would be amiss if they didn’t explore their options. It was great business for Trouba and his agent when they signed that contract. But there was no clause in it that said he couldn’t be waived or bought out. Certainly no clause that said Kelly had to finish her residency. It’s unfortunate the way this played out but the bottom line is that the Rangers guaranteed the Troubas 56 million. If he’s traded I’m sure they’ll be able to figure things out. Personally I love what Trouba brings to the team. We haven’t had many D-men like him in my lifetime anyway. Beck? Beuke? But not at 8 mil. If he goes he’ll be missed. It’s just business, not personal. If there’s a villain in all this it’s Gorton.

    1. I’m going to expound more on this in my next blog – including the debut of – but perhaps Drury should’ve moved Trouba first? Once doing Goodrow dirty, Trouba (and his agent) warning meters went off and that was that.

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