Michael Sam – First Openly Gay Man To Be Cut From Two Teams!


Its another day of history in the world of sports as the Dallas Cowboys have cut Michael Sam from their practice squad today. This makes Sam the first openly gay player to be cut from two different teams!

Why are we not celebrating this monumental achievement? I mean shouldnt all athletes announce the type of sex they enjoy in privacy and then use it to gain support?  If a team cuts you its because you are gay. Not because you suck (pun intended). 

Personally speaking I am disgusted this is even a news headline.  Who gives a flying fuck what Michael Sam does with his penis?  Why did he drum up all that national media?  It was a shitty way to advance your career.  Labeling yourself and then having the Gay Mafia put pressure on organizations for not playing him, cutting him etc….

The dude should have waited till after the draft to come out publicly. That would have proved to me he wasnt trying to exploit himself. The dude exploited himself!!!!  Exploited a difficult life situation some people have committed suicide over.  All to gain leverage in getting a job in the NFL. 

So, the nation celebrated when the Rams drafted Sam making history. Lets celebrate another first: the first football player that announced to the world what he likes to do with his penis was cut…again. Way to go!

God Bless America

Michael Zevon

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