Michael Zevon Returns, And He’s Not a Fan of Obama

The following comes from DOI contributer, Michael Zevon:

There is a massive rally in France right now crying for freedom throwing support against terrorism. People holding up pens & pencils for freedom of speech & expression. WONDERFUL. PFFFFFFT. THIS RALLY MEANS SHIT & WONT CHANGE A THING!

George Bush said on 9-12-01 it was civilized society vs the savages. He tried to organize Western civilization to rally against radical Islam. We went to war in 2 nations fighting these animals with hundreds of thousands of troops while the rest of the civilized world either sent handfuls of troops or sat on the sidelines.  

Meanwhile that cunt racist Barack Obama has never once said the words “radical Islam” and it’s mind boggling.  Or is it?  If you researched this piece of dog shit before voting for him you would have known his ideology. He hated how our nation was founded. He was raised by openly admitted Communists. His mentors were communists. He started his political career in the home of domestic terrorists Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dorn. He was unfit for the office that is the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. 

Obama took out the Egyptian President and propped up the Muslim Brotherhood. Did the same in Libya. Reversed all the progress in Iraq we made and helped create ISIS. He has armed ISIS in Syria while trying to disarm Americans here at home. He has been releasing top ranking radical Islamists from Gitmo and all the while never misses a round of golf.  

Meanwhile you have brain dead fools in this nation thanking Obama because the price of gas went down like it does every year at this time. They rejoice that the unemployment  rate has dipped but fail to mention that more people are out of the work force entirely than ever before.  

With good leadership you get good results. We have the worst President in the history of our nation who had zero experience but got an entire race to vote for him due to the color of his skin. 

And what do we have to look forward to? An entire gender voting for Hillary Clinton because she has a vagina. The world is in danger. The United States should be leading. Instead we have the dumbest generation ever setting the world up for a major disaster like we have never seen. 

When the next terrorists decide to use machine guns to kill innocent people i hope the pen is mightier than the sword or more freedom loving people will die 

God Bless America.

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