BCBS For 2/15: Tony DeAngelo Breaks His Silence; Correctly Chooses Larry Brooks For His Exclusive Interview, An In-Depth Look At This Entire Interview & Article Including “The Game Within The Game”, DeAngelo Haters & Headline Reading, Brooks Debunks TDA BS, Staal Helps Ex-Partner, “Puff Piece” vs Real News, TDA = Ratings, DeAngelo’s Potential NHL and Perhaps NYR Return & More From The Never-Ending TDA Roller-Coaster

Stop me if you’ve heard this before – Tony DeAngelo’s name is once again the top story in Rangerstown, USA, after an interview he gave to Larry Brooks, which was published on Saturday, 2/13. DeAngelo’s comments to Brooks were DeAngelo’s first comments since being waived and sent home by the team.

“I wish things had happened differently, but like I said before, I’m not in any way playing the victim card.”- Tony DeAngelo, on 2/12/21, to Larry Brooks of the New York Post, in a quote that was then ran on the New York Post on 2/13.

Another quote from that same interview, a quote that either Larry Brooks or his New York Post editors thought was so huge, that they highlighted it, put it in bold print and increased the font size when running it? This one:

Photo/Quote Credit: Larry Brooks/NY Post

Not for nothing, but I’ve followed Tony DeAngelo on Twitter ever since he was traded to the Rangers in June of 2017. I’ve watched his pregame and post-game interviews. I listened to every single one of his “Watch Your Tone” podcasts, where I then recapped each episode on this site. That all said, there is just no way Tony DeAngelo came up with the word “insurrectionist” on his own. I’m of the belief that Larry Brooks asked Tony DeAngelo, “Are you an insurrectionist?” and DeAngelo replied with “I’m not an insurrectionist.”

And for those of you who don’t know what the word “insurrection” means, the website Dictionary.com defines the word “insurrection” as an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.

Yes – this is where we are at folks, where not only is Tony DeAngelo alleged of being every -ist in the book by his haters, and where not only do the DeAngelo haters accuse him of supporting every -ism in the book too, DeAngelo is now accused of wanting to overthrow the government. Can you believe we’re even talking about this?

For those of you wondering where does this latest -ist story, as in “insurrectionist”, stem from, let me answer that question for you now. All of this started because Tony DeAngelo wanted to leave the toxic world of Twitter and join another social media platform instead. Simple as that.

To expand here, all DeAngelo said was that he was thinking about starting a Parler account, which is/was a social media platform that also featured other members of the hockey world on it. However, since this is Tony DeAngelo, he’s now accused of promoting civil unrest throughout America by his frothing-at-the-mouth legion of haters. The hypocrisy is just outstanding, considering these people didn’t seem too upset about athletes or celebrities promoting the riots that took place this last summer. (Of course, these riots and acts of violence weren’t happening in the communities of these celebrities, but that’s a story for a different day!)

And as I’ve been saying for some time now, with the way Tony DeAngelo has been treated by fans who don’t have the same political beliefs as him, why would any athlete ever interact with fans on social media? After all, both prior to leaving social media and this recent altercation with Alexandar Georgiev, Tony DeAngelo was the most fan interactive New York Ranger on social media, where in turn, the majority of Ranger fans on social media trashed DeAngelo daily. #BellLetsTalk though, am I right? WE MUST STAND AGAINST BULLYING! STAND PROUD AND SAY IT LOUD – DEATH TO BULLYING! (This is then followed by 7867867867896789 tweets wishing DeAngelo dead, fired into the sun and other sorts of ludicrous nonsense.)

Worth noting too here – other hockey players in the league, several present Rangers included, have started to delete Tweets and Tweets that they have liked, where these players have shown support to conservative politicians. I won’t name names, because I don’t want to incite the “tolerant” jackals and cretins on social media, but this just goes to show you, these athletes are aware of what’s been going on with Tony DeAngelo and don’t want to become the latest target from these people who promote the idea of different opinions, as long as your opinions line up with theirs. And as you’ll read about later on during this blog, what’s going on with DeAngelo is a hot topic of NHL locker rooms, as Marc Staal has recently stated.

I should also mention, for the new readers of this site, as I see the site traffic of this site increasing daily, I know when you talk politics, you will always alienate half of your audience. I will always make an active effort to limit political stories and opinions on this site, because after all, you don’t want to read them and there’s nothing I can say that would flip a liberal into a conservative or a Republican into a Democrat. That said, this much is a fact – the whole “Cancel Culture” stuff and trying to destroy someone over their political beliefs; well that all seems to be rooted from one side. You do the math. I don’t think I have to explain this any further to you.

What an intro!

As I predicted, Tony DeAngelo’s name will still be one of the top stories among Ranger fans, at least until the day he’s traded or bought out.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. Yes, once again we are talking about Tony DeAngelo. I know you’re probably sick of this never-ending roller-coaster, but Tony DeAngelo continues to make the news cycle and you can’t ignore it.

I’ve often wondered, if the internet/social media scene was the same as it is today 10-15 years ago and had this site existed, would Sean Avery be a constant topic of discussion? For me personally, every time I cover/opine on the latest Tony DeAngelo story, I have the feeling that Tony DeAngelo is a bigger product of his era than anything else. While I know Avery got a lot of ink in his time, his time took place in the infancy of social media. This is just something that always crosses my mind.

Think about it. Had Tony DeAngelo been playing in an era prior to the internet/social media, no one would care about his political opinions, which is where most of the hatred for him derives from. The only thing people would care about, and as they should care about, would be about his play on the ice.

And that’s really been the crux of my argument in all of my writings about DeAngelo – I don’t care how these hockey players think about politics. The only off-the-ice stuff I really care about, is if these guys are criminals or not. Last I checked, DeAngelo doesn’t have a rap-sheet that rivals an NFL player. And think about that too – you got guys in the NFL committing murder, rape, abusing children, selling drugs, assaulting women, cheating on their taxes, shooting themselves and all this other bad stuff, but it’s Tony DeAngelo that’s painted out as Satan himself on a daily basis. It’s crazy!

During my blogs from last week, including in my 2/12 Boston/NYR game review blog, I said had Tony DeAngelo been Sean Avery, then NY Post reporter Larry Brooks would be calling out David Quinn right now. While Brooks didn’t exactly call out David Quinn, Brooks did what he once did for Sean Avery – gave DeAngelo a forum. Photo Credit: MSGN

If you haven’t seen it already, on Saturday, Larry Brooks landed the exclusive Tony DeAngelo interview. To show you how important or big this story was, this interview and article on DeAngelo is the longest thing that Brooks has written this season. Of all the things the Rangers have done this past off-season and during this season, it’s Tony DeAngelo that has garnered more words out of Larry Brooks than anything else.

In addition, and not for nothing, if you’re Brooks or any of these beat reporters that relies on clicks and advertising revenue, you should hope that NYR and DeAngelo can come to a peace accord. It’s what’s best for not only the Rangers and DeAngelo’s business, it’s also what’s best for the business of the NYR media.

And heck, look at Adam Herman. It took Tony DeAngelo for Adam Herman to get his blog acknowledged by both John Davidson and Larry Brooks. Isn’t it ironic, how Adam Herman, the supreme SJW, was trying to cancel Tony DeAngelo on the first day of “Black History Month”, but it was Herman that wound up canceling himself, with his made-up story full of flat-out lies? You gotta love the irony! (Let’s also not forget the biggest story here – Herman tried to use K’Andre Miller, as if he was “Token” from “South Park”, in an attempt to push his lies. In his attempt to cancel DeAngelo, Herman falsely and recklessly dragged Miller into his fan-fiction and BS.)

Yes this photoshop is horrible, but you get the point. From my research, Larry’s tweet, where he shared his story on DeAngelo, was the most viewed, shared and commented tweet from Larry’s account all season. I can also personally tell you that my DeAngelo stories have been the most clicked blogs in this site’s history. (My Farewell to Henrik Lundqvist Blog was my most viewed blog, as I assume everyone wanted to read what I had to say on that, after championing for the Rangers to get out of that contract for years.)

In tonight’s blog, I’m going to look at this Tony DeAngelo interview and article from every angle possible. I really think this interview and article was interesting for many reasons, which I’ll soon get into.

For those of you who haven’t read it, I urge that you do. You can read the article and interview here: https://nypost.com/2021/02/13/ex-rangers-player-tony-deangelo-bares-soul-in-interview/

Seriously, if you haven’t read it, click that link. I’ll wait. I think it’s important for you to formulate your own opinion and get your own take on it before I continue on.

It’s still crazy to me that we’re even talking about this story, regarding this TDA/NYR parting of the ways. It seems that it was just yesterday, when the Rangers re-signed DeAngelo, Ryan Strome, Alexandar Georgiev and Brendan Lemieux. Photo Credit: WYT

For fans of all sports, including hockey, you often hear about the “game within the game”. To use another -ist here, as in “conspiracy-theorist”, before getting into this interview itself, you have to look at why Larry Brooks was chosen to conduct it. And again, I’m looking at this story and interview from every angle, so while I don’t truly believe there is any “conspiracy” here, I do want to look at all the facts too.

For years on this site, I’ve told you how the Rangers have used Larry Brooks in the past, as a way to put out information, specifically when it comes to contract negotiations or other player specific information. All you have to do is check the archives of this site or the archives of Larry’s articles, where he talked about the contract statuses of Kevin Hayes, Mats Zuccarello and Chris Kreider. These are just three examples of many.

While I have no way of knowing if the Rangers gave Brooks the okay on this interview or not, we do know that the Rangers have used Larry to promote their own agenda in the past. That can’t be disputed. After all, players will always come and go, while the front office people tend to hang around longer. Just look at Glen Sather’s tenure.

This interview/article got a ton of reaction, where I would venture to guess that for all the negative response this article received, where even reporters from ESPN and The Athletic trashed Brooks for writing a “puff-piece” and accused him of being a “public relations director”; that 90% of this negative reaction came from people who just read the headline. It should be noted, that Brooks doesn’t necessarily come up with his own headlines either, but as is often the case with a Tony DeAngelo story, his haters will never let the truth get in the way of a good story. It should also be mentioned that Brooks probably has typewriters that are older than his “peers” who are trashing him right now.

In addition, several of Larry’s peers accused Larry of “holding water for DeAngelo”, as if any Hall of Fame scribe owes a soon-to-be jettisoned player anything. Again, these people will ignore facts when presenting their narratives.

“Ex-Ranger Tony DeAngelo Bares His Soul” perhaps wasn’t the best headline for this story. That said, I guess it is a headline that will illicit reaction, one way or the other. For the people who hate DeAngelo, and there are many of them out there, it’s safe to assume they would’ve trashed this article no matter what the headline was anyway.

Seriously, let’s face it. Even if this article was about Tony DeAngelo seeing a car accident while driving, stopped his car, performed CPR and saved the lives of every member of a black family in this proposed scenario, there would still be haters of DeAngelo who would say – “BUT DEANGELO DIDN’T REPAIR THE CAR THAT HAS A BLACK PAINT JOB. TONY IS A RACIST! DID YOU SEE WHAT HE SAID IN SARNIA? I NEVER HEARD WHAT HE SAID EXACTLY, BUT I KNOW IT WAS A RACIAL SLUR DESPITE IT BEING SAID MANY TIMES THAT IT WASN’T! RACIST! #BellLetsTalk”

And as I’ll soon get into, despite Larry Brooks FINALLY debunking the crap out of Sarnia, all of DeAngelo’s haters continued that narrative after this article was printed. Again – they’ll never let the truth get in the way of their hatred.

If you want to see an example of some flip-flopping from Brooks, where he eventually landed on the side of Rangers management, go read his articles around the time of the Kevin Hayes to Winnipeg trade.

Was this article a “puff-piece”, as haters of DeAngelo and peers of Larry Brooks are accusing this article of being? I don’t think so. While I don’t deny that Brooks has a history of writing what best suits the Rangers front office, at the end of the day, he got the DeAngelo interview. What was Brooks supposed to do, say no? He’s a reporter and this is a huge story in the hockey world right now, as is evident with everyone commenting about what Brooks wrote. If anything really bothered me about this article, it was the reaction. For all the stuff these people accuse DeAngelo of, Brooks printed facts about these allegations and all of it was ignored.

What really pissed off the DeAngelo Hate Club, was that Brooks said EVERYTHING I’ve been saying on this site for years. Of course, I’m a small potatoes blogger. Brooks is a Hall of Fame reporter. I can say something that’s true but it won’t get widely as read or get the attention of something that Brooks writes.

In fact, as we just learned with Adam Hermtrans (who Brooks in this article, and like John Davidson during his press conference, said was a liar, without mentioning Hermtrans specifically by name) the only time facts from a blogger gets mainstream attention is whenever they make up a lie. Sensationalism, and not facts, is what draws clicks these days. I mean really, if I posted this blog with a headline of “TONY DEANGELO SAYS RACIAL SLUR”, that would get more clicks and shares than the headline I used tonight and the truth I’m talking about right now.

That said, everything Brooks said in the article? I’ve given you all of this information here for the last 3.5 years.

In the article, Brooks not only negates the made-up “racial slur” story from Sarnia, but Brooks has Marc Staal and people that actually know DeAngelo defending DeAngelo. The whole “DeAngelo is a bad teammate” narrative was destroyed, because as I’ll soon get into, Marc Staal DID NOT have to get involved with this story at all. In fact, it would’ve been better for him personally had he didn’t.

You can argue if DeAngelo deserves a second, third, fourth or whatever number you want to use here chance. That argument has merit. I can’t deny that. From a hockey perspective, and as I’ve told you in the past, since DeAngelo has previously admitted the following himself on his own podcast – he is a hothead. He has a bad temper. His attitude and clashes with his coaches in Syracuse led him out of the Tampa Bay Lightning organization. On his own podcast, during his interview with his ex-Sarnia Sting coach in Trevor Letowski, DeAngelo admitted that his temper got him into trouble there. (You can read the recap/review of that episode of “Watch Your Tone” here: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/91020/  )

As previously written on this site, you can also make mention that for a player that now looks to be heading to his fourth franchise in his 25th year of age, that’s not a good thing. Similar to an Anthony Duclair, there has to be something wrong with a player if so many franchises are moving on from a guy by the time he’s 25 years old. That argument has merit too. What doesn’t have any merit, is all the -ist accusations labeled to Tony DeAngelo. And really, that’s why this article pissed off a lot of people, people who spread all the crazy “I Hate Tony DeAngelo” narratives.

Reporting standards have sunk so low these days, that not only do you have bloggers like Adam Hermtrans making up fan-fiction and reporting it as news, you also have places like Yahoo & Deadspin reporting that DeAngelo started “Watch Your Tone”, in an attempt to spread alt-right hate rhetoric on a weekly basis. As someone who has listened and recapped every episode of “Watch Your Tone”, (all of these recaps are on the archives of this site) NONE of that ever happened. The whole podcast was DeAngelo and his buddies talking sports. Heck, they talked more about the NFL than the NHL and anything else! (Also of note: for all the bad teammate narrative junk that’s out there, DeAngelo, on one of the final episodes of WYT, also mentioned he was the fantasy football commissioner of the Rangers fantasy football league. What a bad teammate! How dare he unite the team with this bonding activity! The audacity!) Photo Credit: Watch Your Tone

In another “game within the game” thing here, Larry Brooks was the perfect outlet for DeAngelo. I don’t know if this needs to be said or not, but had Tony DeAngelo went to a Rangers fan blog, this story wouldn’t have reached the most amount of eyeballs available. Plus, depending on the blog, just like how Larry is getting trashed and dissected right now, so would’ve been that blog. For example, if DeAngelo went to a blog/site that didn’t like him, that site would’ve trashed him as they covered the story. If DeAngelo went to a blog/site like this one, who has defended him from day one, this site & yours truly would’ve been accused of being a patsy for DeAngelo. That said, that’s why DeAngelo couldn’t go to a blog, no matter how that editor felt about him.

Furthermore, DeAngelo had to go to someone in the press. Had DeAngelo released a statement on his own, whether it was on “Watch Your Tone” or in another video clip, he would’ve got 100% the hate and dismissal from people, which Brooks is currently incurring right now, including from people who write for The Athletic and ESPN. These people would’ve never believed DeAngelo, had DeAngelo released something on his own. In fact, it’s likely these people would’ve called him a coward for not allowing a member of the media to interview him.

Larry Brooks, for whatever you want to say about him, is still the top reporter in Rangerstown, USA. He has the biggest audience. He’s been around the longest. He’s the Hall of Famer. Not only can Larry Brooks take the heat, he’s been through this circus many times before, as again, just look at his stuff with Tortorella and Avery. (And I also know that this blog will be slammed for defending DeAngelo too, but now in my seventh year of doing this site, similar to Brooks, none of that crap bothers me. I’ll never go with the majority just to be liked. I always stay true to my opinions, something I’ve done from day one here, as you may know! In addition, when I see some of the people in “the majority”, I much rather be a lone wolf!)

If there’s one thing that really sticks out today, is that when you look at a lot of people on the NYR beat scene, you know their stance on politics. That never used to be the case. Vince Mercogliano, for as gung-ho and as hard-working as he is, has infused liberal politics into his reporting and tweets. (And that’s his right to do so.) As previously recapped on this site, a “BLM” tweet from Trouba was news to Mercogliano this summer. Henrik Lundqvist supporting NYPD (and on multiple occasions) was not.

I don’t know if DeAngelo considered going to Mercogliano or not. Prior to this most recent incident, DeAngelo has given exclusive quotes to Mercogliano. After all, if DeAngelo wasn’t a hockey player and was just a fan of the Rangers, he’d be a Mercogliano reader, as DeAngelo, like his haters, was/is very active on social media and a young guy, which seems to be the bulk of Mercogliano’s readership.

If you look at the readership of Brooks vs Mercogliano, and to give you a generality here, older fans tend to read Brooks, while younger fans tend to read Mercogliano. (I read both of them, and I really try to read everyone, because the more information available to me, the better. I also enjoy Leslie Treff, Colin Stephnson, Mollie Walker and others that cover the beat. They all have their unique takes and I’ve always subscribed to the adage of “knowledge is power.”)

When it comes to what I’ve noticed, Mercogliano engages with young fans on Twitter, while Brooks admonishes them and blocks them on Twitter. (Of note, Mercogliano very often touts the fact that he doesn’t block anyone, to his credit.) In addition here, Brooks is a newspaper guy, where mostly an older generation still reads, as younger generations bypass newspapers and get all of their news online. If you want to put this theory to test, if you’re a young person (under the age of 30) reading this blog, ask your parents (providing they are Ranger fans) if they know who Larry Brooks is. Then ask them if they know who Vince Mercogliano is. (And to be fair, Mercogliano has only been on the beat for two years, which is another reason why Brooks is the bigger name. There’s also the fact that Brooks is a HOFer too and carries more clout/prestige.)

If you want to throw Rick Carpiniello into the mix, who has covered the Rangers beat for a long time, I don’t think he was ever considered for this story. While he’s not Howard Stern or anything like that, his situation is similar, in the fact that once Howard Stern left free radio for paid radio, his viewership/readership numbers dropped. I used to see Carpiniello articles shared all over the place years ago, where now, I don’t see that often. (I still miss the Nash-O-Meter!) To bottom line this, Stern is no longer as relevant as he once was. Once Carpiniello’s work went behind a paywall, it feels like his relevance on the beat isn’t as great or as wide-spread as it used to be.

To sum all of this up, Brooks is still the top man on the beat, the NY Post employs more writers and podcasters to cover the Rangers than any other media entity and Brooks has the largest audience. And from both a DeAngelo and Rangers perspective, Brooks is the perfect person to go to, if you want to increase (and decrease) the stock of a player. If the Rangers stay true to their word, and won’t bring DeAngelo back, it helps both DeAngelo and the Rangers for Brooks to put a positive spin on things. The words of Larry Brooks carry more weight than any other reporter on the beat.

After years of me telling you that the Sarnia “racial slur” against a person of color story was BS, Larry Brooks finally confirmed it on Saturday. Photo by Terry Wilson / OHL Images.

At this time, I want to give you the quotes that DeAngelo gave Brooks, with my comments added in BOLD. Once again, all of this stuff comes from Larry Brooks and the New York Post.

“I’m obviously disappointed about the way things ended in New York and how things have unfolded, but I’m not going to sit here and play the victim card at all.”

In response, haters of this article/interview said DeAngelo played the victim card throughout. All DeAngelo did was answer questions from Brooks.

“Hockey-wise, there are mistakes that I have made. I’ve gotten hot-headed at times. I’m the first one to admit that and I take responsibility for it. I’ve tried to learn and get better and better at it, but there are still times where things have happened and emotionally I’ve gone over the line a little bit, and I accept responsibility for that. The thing with Alex, exactly like he said, emotions got away. I wish things had happened differently, but like I said before, I’m not in any way playing the victim card.”

As talked about on this site repeatedly, it’s DeAngelo’s temper and immaturity that gets him in the most trouble. Back on 8/20, I talked about this a ton. (You can read that blog here: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/82020/ ) While DeAngelo definitely needs to get a hold of his temper in order to resume a playing career; when it comes to social media, he needs to realize that he’ll always be a target and whether it is fair or unfair, he’s an athlete; where whatever he says on social media will always be scrutinized.

In addition, while not out-right saying it in this interview, I am also led to believe, that just like in Sarnia and just like in Tampa, DeAngelo, because of his mouth, clashed with David Quinn. I have no evidence of this, it’s just my opinion that’s based on what’s out there.

“I accepted responsibility for it then, I still accept responsibility for it now. I learned from it. I make a mistake with something I said. I explained myself many times to any NHL team I met with [leading up to the 2015 entry draft], the people in the OHL I met with back then, I apologized to my teammate who I was still friends with following the incident. It was mistake. There was no excuse for it. I wish it had never happened. But it will never happen again.”

DeAngelo was talking about the Sarnia incident, which Brooks confirmed had nothing to do with a black player or a minority. I was always of the belief that DeAngelo called someone a “fag” or something akin to that. Brooks is reporting that DeAngelo said something derogatory to a white person, where we still don’t know what exact word was said.

“I’m definitely misportrayed in my opinion. I’m not a racist, I’m not an extremist and I’m not an insurrectionist.”

As talked about earlier, I think Brooks may have coerced DeAngelo into saying “insurrectionist.” Again, because I want to be clear here, I have no proof of this, it’s just my gut-feeling that comes from listening to DeAngelo speak in the past. I also feel that DeAngelo is right – he has been misportrayed. Had he not been living in this era and in these times, no one would’ve cared about his political beliefs, which is the root of all the hatred that DeAngelo receives. After all, the fake news Sarnia story only got traction once DeAngelo made it known that he wasn’t a liberal.

When DeAngelo first came to the New York Rangers, I shared a joke that @NYRKELSMADS made up, where she jokingly called Tony, “DeMAGAngelo”. It was funny at the time. Nobody cared. Then DeAngelo’s tweets supporting Trump increased and many in the fan base talked about TDA as if he were burning two crosses prior to breakfast.

“That stuff is completely false. That’s nothing that I stand for and I don’t think anyone stands for. People have different opinions and I respect everyone’s opinion. I never attack anyone for their opinion. I have mine that obviously I shared, but I never thought that I crossed the line with anything.”

That’s always been the cruel irony with DeAngelo and people like him. DeAngelo, and these people who think like him politically, don’t care if you have an opinion that’s different than theirs. However, the other side gets bent out of shape about what DeAngelo and these similar-minded people think.

“I understand people not liking it, the way things went, but I’m definitely not an extremist, that I can tell you. I thought I gave my opinion, I respect other people’s opinions, and that’s all I thought I was doing. There is a lot of nasty stuff on social media, and sometimes it frustrates you. I know I shouldn’t respond to people who said things I thought were over the line, but I did, and it was stupid, but I won’t be doing that anymore.”

I’ve said this all in the past – DeAngelo needs to realize he isn’t some Joe Schmo on social media and everything he says will always be investigated under a microscope. I get that he’s young, he’s fiery and hot-headed, but he can’t engage with his haters. It only fuels them. You still have one jerkoff pounding his chest about successfully goading DeAngelo into challenging him to a fist fight. There’s no way to defend DeAngelo for taking that bait, even if that loser personally attacked DeAngelo’s family.

“The post about COVID-19 was taken out of context. I shouldn’t have tweeted it, obviously, but I was commenting more about how the media was covering it following the election, the parades after the election that President Biden won, there were no more worries about masks and social distancing in the street compared to the way the Trump rallies were portrayed. That was my point, not that the virus wasn’t real. There have been family members and friends that have had it. I respect the seriousness nature of it, I have followed all the health and safety protocols. I didn’t explain it well on that tweet, but it’s important for me to do that now. I’m not a COVID-denier.”

Only people with an anti-DeAngelo agenda accused DeAngelo of being a COVID-denier. There were millions of people on social media pointing out the hypocrisy about this topic at the time. None of them said the virus wasn’t real, they just pointed out how people kind of ignored COVID-19 protocols after Biden won the election. If you get anything out of this, DeAngelo wasn’t the first to say this and there are people still out there saying this. However, because this is DeAngelo, once again, anything he says will always get blown out of proportion, especially from a left-leaning media.

“I’ve always wanted to do something with the military. I’m going on the third or fourth summer in a row working with them. That’s my big passion, charity-wise. I love the military, I respect military members and anything I can do for them, especially for wounded warriors, I’m there. And kids. I love working with kids. I like people, and I get along with a lot of people. I like getting involved in causes and helping out where I can.”

“I want the chance to show people who I really am. I’m very determined to get back and not prove people wrong, per se, but prove to teams that will chance on me that they are right.

I want to show that I’m not what people say I am and that if a team is willing to take a chance with me, that I will help their team, be good in the community and be there for a long time. I think I can help a lot of teams. I am hopeful and I am staying positive.

I’m just a guy who wants to play hockey.”

This is the stuff that people pointed out as being a “puff-material” and the work of a public relations director, as this had nothing to do with DeAngelo’s dismissal from the Rangers. It’s also stuff I’ve talked about previously on this site, so I guess it’s good that an outlet like Brooks put it out there. And that was my biggest takeaway about this article – there’s been so much bullshit, fake news and false information about DeAngelo and Brooks looked at all of it, and dissected and refuted it, piece-by-piece. That’s why the TDA haters are upset right now. Brooks torpedoed all of their false narratives.

I told you from day one of the Rangers trading of Marc Staal, that Tony DeAngelo would miss playing with Staal. The two had a great chemistry together which allowed DeAngelo to have the best season of his career. Again, go back to the archives of this site for my in-depth breakdown on this. Photo Credit: Getty Images

In the article, Brooks also got personal testimonials which spoke about DeAngelo in a positive light. Some came from parents of youth hockey players who have benefited while working with DeAngelo.

However, the biggest testimonial came from ex-Ranger Marc Staal, who said the following:

“There has never been any indication at all that Tony has racist tendencies. I hear these things about him, and it’s as if they’re talking about a different person. The guys here in Detroit, they’re all super-curious about him.

I feel bad for him, to be honest. Whether it’s the junior stuff that warps into this, I don’t know. He’s a lightning rod, and yeah, he yells at coaches and referees and he has these moments where he goes overboard, but he’s a good teammate.

Racist? I’m telling you, some of this stuff is just insane.”

No matter how you feel about DeAngelo, the fact that Marc Staal took the time out to take Larry’s call and knowing that he would be interjecting himself into this thunderstorm of a story, speaks volumes. For all the nonsense that’s out there about DeAngelo being a bad teammate, here’s an ex-teammate sticking out his neck for his former partner of the Rangers blue line.

Staal also confirmed what I’ve been saying on this site – DeAngelo has a bad temper and will battle his coaches too. And really, I think that’s the main reason why DeAngelo is out. David Quinn sometimes treats this job and his players as if he’s still at the college level. DeAngelo has a history of being a quick mouth to begin with. It’s why I think you always saw DeAngelo and Brendan Lemieux get scratched for things that Quinn took offense with, while Chris Kreider and Jacob Trouba commit worse offenses daily on the ice, yet they are never punished with a night in the press box in street clothes. Quinn likes to preach toughness and all that, but he doesn’t want to be challenged by young players with larger-than-life personalities.

We all know that great talent will get 78678678679 chances, no matter what they do, whether it’s Antonio Brown in the NFL, Jon Jones in the UFC, Aroldis Chapman in MLB or any other example you want to use. DeAngelo, due to his 53 points last season, where he was the fourth highest scoring defenseman in the NHL, will eventually get another chance.

I also think, that had DeAngelo came out of the gate hot this season, he’d still be with the Rangers right now. Of course, because DeAngelo is DeAngelo, he will always have to walk on eggshells, which in the future, most likely takes away from his game a bit. DeAngelo seems to get his motivation from his temper and snarl. Moving forward, he may have to be less aggressive in order to continue to play in the NHL. It’s an unfortunate catch-22, but perhaps a situation a veteran coach, with a veteran team, can figure out. Perhaps David Quinn was the wrong guy to handle DeAngelo. That said, it should be noted, that Jeff Gorton didn’t think so, as Gorton gave DeAngelo the near $10M contract.

In addition, let’s face it – had Zibanejad said something to Georgiev after that Crosby OT GWG, and had Georgiev punched Zibanejad, do you think this hypothetical situation would’ve played out the same? I don’t think so, and for many reasons. In fact, had Georgiev hit Zibanejad, I think Georgiev would’ve been punished, despite Zibanejad’s horrid season thus far. I also don’t think the Rangers would’ve waived Zibanejad either. DeAngelo, because of his mouth and challenging nature, has always been held to a different standard.


As mentioned throughout, most of the response on social media to this article was negative, because just as people with agendas always do, they chose to read the headline, rather than reading the actual article with an open mind and looking at the facts presented.

I’m not going to share the negative responses, because one, what’s the point and two, it’s the same old cycle of shit.

I will share this tweet with you though:


The Professional Hockey Writers Association Twitter account shared Larry’s article. This had the DeAngelo haters crying, up in arms and wanting the PHWA account to be deleted. Not mentioned by one of these people is how the PWHA regularly shares articles from the NY Post all the time. Again, for these people, they’ll never let the truth get in the way of their narrative.

And I’m telling you, this is absolutely crazy, because it’s not just fans going bonkers, it’s the liberal brethren of the hockey media too, like Greg W. from ESPN & many “reporters” from The Athletic. I can understand fans being morons, but for other members of the media to just ignore the facts in Larry’s story? They are still going on about Sarnia. What a black mark for hard-hitting reporting.

As mentioned on a past blog, this picture got me banned from Facebook, as it was suggested that I was meddling in the Presidential election with this horrible photoshop. Like that was my intent when I put Gorton’s head on Trump’s book, in an attempt to pay homage to Gorton re-signing all four of his RFA’s this past off-season. This bad photoshop was considered a no-no, but a picture of Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s bloody head is fine. Again, I know no one wants to hear about politics, but the hypocrisy and double-standards have reached unprecedented levels wherever you go.

As far as what’s next for DeAngelo, as I speculated last blog, Brooks confirmed that DeAngelo is skating at a rink that’s nearby to his home. While the rink wasn’t named, I wonder if it’s the rink that ex-NHLer Colby Cohen has an affiliation with, as Cohen is friends with the DeAngelo family and was a guest on “Watch Your Tone”.

Similar to what I said at the end of my last blog on this site, I really hope whether it’s James Dolan or some other sort of mediator, I hope this person can get Jeff Gorton, David Quinn and Tony DeAngelo all into a room, where they then can hash out all of their differences and find common ground.

Even if you despise Tony DeAngelo, just take his name out of the equation. If you could land the fourth highest scoring defenseman of last season and a true power-play quarterback for $4.8M, wouldn’t you sign up for that, especially with the Rangers power-play being 2-31 in their last nine games played?

Maybe Larry’s article was a “puff-piece”, in order to gain suitors for a trade. However, maybe the Rangers should re-read what Larry wrote and reconsider their current stance on DeAngelo. Of course, that would mean Jeff Gorton swallowing his pride and going back on his definitive statement about DeAngelo playing his last game as a Ranger; but at the end of the day, Gorton’s job is to field the best team possible. At this current stage of the game, the Rangers haven’t received one trade offer that makes trading away DeAngelo worth it. A buy-out would be even worse, considering the fact that this franchise is one of the league leaders in most dead salary cap money.

If there is anything that we can all agree on, it is that this is a major wake-up call for DeAngelo. Perhaps akin to sending a drunk driver to AA for six months, maybe DeAngelo’s agent can strike a deal with the Rangers, where he’ll go to anger management as a condition of a potential return. That’s the real issue with DeAngelo. It’s not the alleged -ism’s or -ist’s – it’s his temper which then leads to personality clashes with his head coach. It’s also the same temper that riles up DeAngelo on social media.

Maybe one day DeAngelo can become a coach and he can run a team the way he best sees fit. Until then, he’s a player like the rest of his teammates and he has to go along with whatever his coach says, even if he doesn’t agree. We all have bosses that we don’t agree with in life and we have to play by their rules. That’s what DeAngelo needs to take out of this moving forward. If he doesn’t, he’ll live the rest of his life in regret and thinking what could’ve been, rather than what he did accomplish.

Maybe Jeff Gorton can bring DeAngelo back and lend him the Steven McDonald badge. That badge has seemed to produce magic for the Rangers during the last two years. Photo Credit: NYR

In a suggestion from Jeff P., I’m running the PLUGS segment at the end of the blog. For you regular readers, let me know if you prefer the PLUGS segment at the top or bottom of whatever blog you’re reading. I’ve always included them at the top, as a way to remind you what I’ve previously said. I also figure that you regular readers just scroll by the PLUGS segment too! But hey, at least you don’t have to deal with pop-ups, ads and spyware here!

Anyway, here are my last few blogs, in case you missed them:

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NYR/WSH 2/4 Review: Rangers Topple The Caps In Their Best Team-Wide & Depth Victory of the Season, Anthony Bitetto Etches His Name Into Rangers History; Scores Highlight Reel Goal of the Year, Panarin & Strome Continue To Excel; A Zibanejad Goal Seems as Likely as a Cold Day in Hell, Jake “NO MISTAKES” Trouba; Rivals Dan Girardi, NYR D & DQ, CZAR IGOR’s Best Yet; Tells the Caps Nyet, Tony DeAngelo Update, “Up in the Blue Seats” Podcast Review; Maloney Interview, EXCLUSIVE NYR NEWS, HWP, Drury, Herman Reports a Panarin/Shestyorkin v Bitetto Incident & More!

Hopefully these three days off will allow Mika to recollect himself and get going, as the season now moves past the 25% mark. Photo Credit: Getty Images

In another plug, our pals at “The Blueshirt Underground Show” are scheduled to return this Monday night (2/15) at 7PM. You can listen to the show and interact with the hosts live, by visiting: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY7uJZRhIkM1iLKEdo6gmag

If you’re looking for more on the DeAngelo drama, friend of the blog Derek Felix has an article up on his site about all of this. You can read it by clicking: https://newyorkpuck.com/2021/02/14/new-york-posts-larry-brooks-gets-deangelo-to-break-silence-puts-end-to-irresponsible-blogs-unsubstantiated-rumors/

In other Ranger news, the team practiced on Saturday, where it’s got to the point where I hope David Quinn just lets them shoot at an empty net for two hours, in a psychological attempt to allow his players to visualize what it’s like to see the puck go into the net. The lines were all mixed up due to the Panarin injury, so I wouldn’t put much stock/worry about what happened at that practice.

The team was off on Sunday, where they will then practice on Monday. If Panarin is back for that practice, I think we’ll get a better idea of what the lines will look like against New Jersey on Tuesday night; a game that’s looking more probable to take place than it did from the last time I wrote to you here.

As far as the Lake Tahoe game that I’ve been talking about here, there’s no update on that, but I’d imagine a decision will be rendered soon, as that game is now less than a week away. For right now, it’s still scheduled to be Philly vs Boston, with the Rangers the most likely candidate to replace Philly in the event that they are corona’d out.

And before I go home here – anyone seen Adam Hermtrans lately?

If you haven’t already, subscribe to this blog for the next update:

As of right now, this game looks good to go on Tuesday night. Photo Credit: NHL.com

Barring another event filled news day, I’ll be back Tuesday night with a recap of NJD vs NYR. Then again, with the way this season has been, you can never count on a slow news day!

Until then, and as always here, thanks for reading and…


Sean McCaffrey


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20 thoughts on “BCBS For 2/15: Tony DeAngelo Breaks His Silence; Correctly Chooses Larry Brooks For His Exclusive Interview, An In-Depth Look At This Entire Interview & Article Including “The Game Within The Game”, DeAngelo Haters & Headline Reading, Brooks Debunks TDA BS, Staal Helps Ex-Partner, “Puff Piece” vs Real News, TDA = Ratings, DeAngelo’s Potential NHL and Perhaps NYR Return & More From The Never-Ending TDA Roller-Coaster

  1. Cancel culture is top down and being promoted by the establishment, TPTB, call them what you will.

    Parler like Gab, Subscribestar and other alternative media sites before it that sprung up in the wake of the censorship going on at Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo isn’t being canceled by people like Adam Hermyn, college kids, marginalized groups and such they are being canceled by groups like the CFR and especially one of its offshoot NGO’s the Atlantic Council.

    The censorship at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo is also being coordinated by Atlantic Council members

    All of this censorship is government censorship by proxy

    For instance


    Note what happened soon after they arrived at Facebook


    When these sites started banning all these people at these platforms they attempted to flee to these other new alternative platforms that were springing up and again the AC stepped in and attempted to shut them down this time through Pay Pal and Stripe which are the two largest payment processors……….key censorship positions there held by AC Millenium Fellows

    Pay Pal




    I could give you a dozen more names at Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc……always ACMF’s, always in the roll of “head of public policy” and always with a resume heavy in government, national security and especially State Department connections…….it would seem odd for someone with a State Department and foreign policy wonk career path to suddenly decide to veer off and become “content nannies” at these companies.

    They telegraphed that this censorship was coming several years ago with hit pieces like this one that sources to the AC DIgital Forensic Research Lab.


    and this one published by another CFR offshoot organization founded by a CFR member…..Data and Society

    Not how many of these Youtube figures have been banned from Youtube since this smear job from D^&A was first published……….scroll down through the paper and read the list of names, I am sure you will recognize many from the news stories about all these bannings.


    What I am saying is that this cancel culture movement is top down and being coordinated by the establishment and these quasi government actors and is much bigger than just Tony D and Gina Carano who are just unfortunate to have gotten caught up in it.

    1. Did you see that Parler is coming back and how several members of the NHL Alumni tweeted about it? Wonder if they’ll be accused of being “insurrectionists” too?

  2. Great analysis Mr. M.

    For Marc Staal to step in of his own account was a huge “Tell” to the locker room aspect of this sorry affair, if nothing else. As to Gorton, and of course none of us knows the backstory, maybe a suspension could have been an alternative if he felt that some kind of drastic disciplinary action was in order.

    FWIW, yes I have simply scrolled by the PLUGS in the past- though they did act like something of a warm up band and get me ready for your latest post. Maybe because of your different take and blog approach – and those photo-shops!. But recently, with your fan base heating up the Comments section, I have started checking for any replies you may be getting. That aspect of the blog undoubtedly adds to your workload, since you so often take the time to respond, but the Comments have added a very enjoyable element to your product. At least, please do not alter the format of the Home Page. Thanks for not just rolling out, unannounced, a “new and improved” product.

    1. Right, Staal could’ve continued his drama-free existence in Detroit and not say a thing. I’m sure TDA’s situation is being discussed in every locker room right now.

      I still think it was a battle of wills with DQ and TDA which led to Gorton intervening. Once he threw down the ultimatum, he couldn’t go back on his word.

      Yeah that was the point of the plugs, an appetizer or a “what happened last week” type of teaser.

      Everything else will stay the same, don’t want to fix what’s not broken and I’m not a true webmaster anyway. I can do the writing easy, it’s everything else that’s a pain in the ass. I’m happy with the easy format of the homepage and definitely won’t be changing that.

  3. This “Covid denier” smear is just that, a smear.

    Why shouldnt people question all the anomalies concerning this pandemic?

    For example how many Covid deaths have actually occurred?

    How could anyone know or tell you when anyone infected with C19 that dies death is immediately attributed to C19 whether they are asymptomatic or not, whether they have 2 3 4 comorbidities or not……..how could the death totals not be overstated with such a confirmation bias at work!?

    Covid 19 deaths are overstated and that is an obvious FACT, they have to be because every single person that was asymptomatic whose death was attributed to C19 actually died from their other comorbidities and not C19.

    And you don’t have to be a scientist a doctor an epidemiologist or a genius to understand this conceptually.

    For all we know C19 deaths are vastly exaggerated by orders of magnitude even.

    What happened to the flu and other contagious and viral diseases?

    If C19 were overstated you would expect those contagions and diseases to show a dramatic decline…….and guess what, they have…..C19 apparently was the cure for the common cold and the flu all along, who knew?

    What about the numbers of deaths for COPD, emphysema, heart disease, pneumonia, bronchitis, cancer etc……are they all inexplicably dropping like a stone as well?

    If the CDC and the WHO and the government are obviously showing a confirmation bias towards attributing deaths to C19 do we really expect them to tell us about statistical anomalies in the data for all these other diseases that would tend to prove the C19 death toll is dramatically overstated?

    I would not expect so……but “trust the science”….”trust the government”…..”trust the authority figure”…….”experts say”

    I remember when the left used to question the establishment, the government, the authority figures but those days seem to be long over and now they act like some self anointed Brown Shirt censorship mob for the government.

    Reee! reee! someone is questioning the governments C19 numbers on social media!!!…..ban!! ban!! ban!!…..burn the witch…..lock them up!!

    Wouldn’t this post get me banned on Twitter, Google, Facebook et al?

    And not only would they be OK with that, they would cheer!

    The irony is they think they are “fighting the establishment”…..”speaking truth to power”….”battling against the patriarchy” and “the billionaires” when they are really just hauling water for the same.

    All the establishment or the system or TPTB or whatever you want to call it have to do to get their support is frame any and all issues as a Trump vs Biden, Maga vs SJW, right vs left, Rep vs Dem, lib vs con debate and they will fall right into line, question nothing they are being told and attack the other side.

    If the central banks ever pull all this funny money fiat monetary support they have been flooding the globe with to prop up markets and economies the death totals from the most epic depression in world history that will immediately follow will make these C19 death totals look like pigeon feed.

    Everything has been shut down for a year yet the markets keep taking out the highs??……seems like C19 was one huge plus for the billionaire class at the investment banks and for their straw men at the hedge funds, no?……but don’t question that either.

    In my opinion a global economic collapse is exactly what they are preparing for hence the sudden supremacy of cancel culture in society, that supremacy is because it is being sanctioned by the people I just mentioned above.

    1. Why do we need a vaccine when the recovery rate is 99.9%? Granted it drops to 99.8% if you are over age 75. Those most at risk, those with co-morbidities, should isolate for their own safety. Average Covid 19 mortality age is higher than the national life expectancy age. Still, let’s try to keep to hockey, for Sean’s sake?

      1. You guys can talk about whatever you guys want, as long as it’s not criminal lol. And hey, Covid is a big topic in the NHL, especially with the NHL tightening protocols yet ironically opening up arenas.

  4. Frankly the Larry Brooks article did nothing to persuade or dissuade me. I didn’t believe TDA was a bad teammate. I didn’t believe he was a racist. I didn’t doubt his charity work or his interactions with kids. Why would I? Because some idiots with no proof and some political ax to grind are cowardly posting or tweeting like little schoolgirls on social media. Show me proof! Innocent until proven guilty. Just validates why I’m not on these platforms. I agree with your opinion, Sean that he was probably insubordinate to the coaching staff. With all the impressionable youngsters on the team it would be something that couldn’t be tolerated. Again, this is just an opinion but one that, if were true would make sense. Excessive anger is a sickness. I’ve known a few people like that in my life- nicest people in the world until they snapped. Which is why I thought Tony should have gotten help for his sickness, maybe concentrated on the defensive part of his game instead of willfully throwing himself into a boxing ring. So yeah, I thought the Brooks piece was fluff. Find an ex-teammate, some grateful dad and his kids and confirm what was probably true in the first place. And sell some newspapers. But like everyone else, not telling us what really happened. I DID find something in the article that just cracked me up. The last line – “I’m just a guy that wants to play hockey “. Oh how I wish TDA would’ve said that when he first came to New York.

    1. You may have not believed that TDA was the “R” word, but if you go on Twitter, and read stuff from real reporters (not just fans) you would think he was David Duke.

      I still contend that TDA has a loud mouth and DQ didn’t want to look weak, which is kind of what you’re saying too. However, I always liked TDA’s attitude and how much he hates losing. I know there has to be a fair balance, but when I look at this team, outside of Lemieux, they all look too accepting of losing right now.

      Regarding if this piece was fluff vs news, it was an interview rather than a true full blown report. I wonder if NYR gave Brooks their blessing or not.

      I don’t think (and I still don’t think) that TDA realizes that he’s a celebrity. I get he’s a kid in his early 20’s using social media like everyone else his age and that’s what he grew up with, but because of his status, what he says, fair or not, will always be scrutinized. If you watched his podcast, all of his buddies are on social media and talking about stories from there, so from that aspect, TDA was just a normal guy. However he doesn’t have the normal job.

  5. For what it’s worth, and I wish this wasn’t so, sports and politics are now intertwined and probably for a long time. As the major sports leagues have promoted “social justice” more and more, there’s been vitriol at open conservatives like DeAngelo. As you mentioned, there was little to no blowback for the many athletes, including in the NHL, who spewed pro-BLM crud on twitter, with a few even promoting the groups that bailed out the rioters. (I’m looking at you, Blake Wheeler.) Also as you mentioned, liberals are much more intolerant of others’ views than conservatives have been. But it also seems to be working for them. They now control the government and just about every major institution in America. Food for thought for those of a more conservative, anti-PC mindset. Maybe time for a strategy change for us unless we want to be second-class citizens in perpetuity.

    I agree with you that Tony probably gets one more shot. I’d love for it to be with the Rangers. Sure a longshot, but what if Tony’s good buddies on the team sat down with Quinn to see if something could be worked out? I mean, they’re paying this dude to sit at home and practice skating in South Jersey while their power play sucks and could use the help. The suggestion of anger management (mentioned by Brooks some time ago) works also, if as much for PR as for anything else. For better or worse, Tony represents more than just a hockey player to many people and I think this contributes to the outbursts he has. He just cares that much.

    One more thing about the media – I’ve never read “The Athletic”. The snarky retorts by their writers on Twitter show this isn’t a serious publication. It’s really unseemly. Scott Wheeler borderline defamed DeAngelo by tweeting that his time with the Rangers was filled with “racism”. Tony, you can add Wheeler to your defamation lawsuit against Herman if necessary. Hopefully it won’t be necessary, as you’ll play hockey for ten more years, making much more $ and dating much hotter women than these “journalists” ever dreamed of.

    1. Jeff and anyone else interested…..
      If you want to know why we are at this point and how we got here you have to read about such subjects as……..
      Who created the global banking system as we now know it?
      Who created the Foundation system?
      Who created the first US income tax?
      Who created these Non Governmental Organizations?
      Who created these “think tanks?”
      Who owns the media and how are they interconnected with all these other groups?
      What influence have these Foundations, NGO’s and think tanks had on government, politics, academia, media, business, finance et al over the last 100 years?
      Who owns them, who runs them, who is connected to them?
      That will give you the who.

      To understand the why we are at this point you would have to study the current state of central and investment banking, government finances, global debt and leverage which above all else is their main concern.
      These organizations and the people that run them and work for them are neither left nor right, they are left and will promote the left when it suits their agenda and they are right and will promote the right when the right suits there agenda.
      They are both Democrats and Republicans.
      Google “Carrol Quigley on the history of banking” for a primer and read the works of historian Antony Sutton.

      Read about the history of the Council on Foreign Relations and The Tri Lateral Commission.

      I will give you an idea about how powerful these organizations are and how much sway they have over every aspect of society with this astounding example.

      Everybody has seen 100’s, even 1000’s of news reports about Jeffrey Epstein but I defy anybody to find me a single story from any MSM source or politician that mentions that Epstein was a member of the CFR and Tri Lateral Commission for many years and was personally connected to the most influential man in US politics for the last 60 or 70 years and that is David Rockefeller.

      Barely a mention of this key fact from any source even though it is a trivial matter to verify as membership lists in these two most powerful NGO’s have always been public record.

      The reason this fact never made any headlines from either right or left media or got even a single mention from right or left, cons or lib, Dem or Rep politicians is because they cannot touch it with a 100 foot pole as it would implicate too many people on both sides of the aisle. It would literally give away too much of the plot.

      I don’t think anyone would disagree that Epstein was some sort of Kompromat agent running a honey trap espionage agency………..but the media and politicians both left and right will not touch that aspect of his case or ask the questions who was he spying on and who was he spying for.

      Check some Tri Lateral Commission membership rosters for who Epstein was potentially spying on……..it is mind boggling!!!………then check his little black book for who he was spying for…….their names are there.

      Politicians, academia, media easily shut down such research using the “conspiracy theory” straw man and you will make no friends or converts if you come up with the correct answers, in fact you will likely be treated like a nutcase but the answers are there if you know where to look and who and what to look for.

      If you do study the CFR and TLC then take a fresh look later at all the other powerful people in Epstein’s LBB that have never even gotten a mention

      Hell one guy in Epstein’s LBB literally ran for president in this last election cycle without getting a single mention from the media or any opponents that he was in Epsteins LBB……..he is also a CFR and TLC member and I don’t mean Trump………although he too is in Epstein’s LBB but we heard about him, the other guy?… no!

        1. Check this column out


          I know you are interested in history but if you are studying history as the vast majority of people have been encouraged to do by studying presidents, prime ministers, Senates, Congress, Parliaments etc you are getting it all wrong as again most people do including most historians…….this is by design.

          To study history you need to study the historical figures from central and investment banking, industry and corporations and their Foundations, NGO’s, think tanks etc that have been operating behind these other figures in government and who invariably put those figures into those positions in the first place………on both sides of the political aisle.

          They don’t need to rig any elections because the usually have both candidates in their pockets and if a candidate were not in their pockets it would not matter because that persons entire cabinet would be.

          I am not a Dem or Rep and no believer in people like Trump, Biden, Obama, Bush, Clinton, GHW Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon et al because I follow these other people and know that the people that I follow have been pulling these other peoples strings since the beginning of the last century and even before………same exact last names then as now and from then to now.

          Names straight out of Epstein’s LBB in fact………Goldwater uses the word “protege” in that column a lot and that was what Epstein was, a protege……and a protege to the very same man Goldwater was talking about over 40 years ago.

          It is not easy to study history from the angle I am proposing because for over 100 years any and all inquiry in this area has been mightily discouraged and academia, media, politicians will not touch it with a 100 ft pole, so there are few sources at an academic level but there are some like Quigley and Sutton and a few others but trust me this shite is as real as a heart attack.

          Epstein is the perfect example of this, 1000’s of stories about his obvious Kompromat operation and not a single mention in any of them that he was an invited member in good standing at the 2 most powerful NGO’s in modern history and obviously a “protege” of the people who invited him to join.

          Not a word even though this is trivial to prove and is a matter of public record and always has been. Nobody could deny his 8 and 11 year tenure at these NGO’s or deny who placed him there.

          They will mention only the people they absolutely have to mention and that is Clinton, Trump, Prince Andrew and Bill Gates but look at the people Epstein had access to here (see link) below that never get a mention……..from an espionage point of view it is truly mind boggling……….but it all went straight down Winston Smith’s memory hole and no politician, media, academic anywhere is EVER going to mention it……….this is how much power these people have at this point……..not only have they achieved total regulatory capture they have also achieved complete control of the media and academic narrative.

          After Epstein I completely gave up on hope that this very sinister and self serving unelected and unelectable government that resides outside of government constraints and controls the official government itself would ever be exposed

          It is just never going to happen.

          Ok I don’t want to turn your blog into the Hockey/Central Banking Conspiracy Hot Take Forum or something like that but the bottom line is that “cancel culture” and every aspect of it comes from and is being promoted by these people, their NGO’s and think tanks, their sock puppets in politics, media and academia, it does not come from marginalized groups in society, minorities or from sloganeering SJW’s like Adam Herman who are just useful idiots to them.

          : )

          My God look at the type of people and the positions they hold that Epstein had access to!

          You can also bet that over the last 100 years there have been many people just like Epstein working one angle or another that have been placed at these “membership by invitation only” NGO’s and “think tanks” for the exact same purpose…..to get dirt on the other “members” and pass that dirt on to the people that founded, funded and operate these groups and who put them there.

          PS It is exactly the same situation in Canada and in the EU.


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