The Rangers Win 5 Straight, But There Are More Important Issues at Hand

The Great Cam Talbot

This is where I would normally recap another Rangers win. The Rangers defeated the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday night, improving their win streak to a season high 5 games. Sure, I could talk about how the Swedish Slug, King Contract, gave up two easy goals or how the referees took away a goal from the Blueshirts. I can talk about how Kevin Klein is keeping his name alive in the Norris race. I can talk about Miller time. I can even talk about how the Rangers re-signed the Great Cam Talbot for another year.
However, in NY, there is a bigger story at hand, even bigger than the Rangers biggest win streak of the season. Unlike every network in NY, I’m willing to interrupt this blog to talk about the two innocent cop lives that were savagely taken away from a black barbarian on Saturday afternoon.
I’m assuming by now, if you live in NY, that you heard about the two cops who lost their lives due to a double homicide in Brooklyn. If you haven’t, check out this link:
Please read the above link to its fullest. It is an unbiased article on this story.
Perhaps I may offend you. Perhaps you will never want to read me again, but I feel this story is too important to ignore.
I guess I should preface this that I vote Democrat. I’m a liberal. I’m pro gay-rights, pro-choice, pro-union, pro-religious freedoms. However, to paraphrase the movie “American History X”, “There’s a war out there, and we’re losing.”


These two innocent men, working overtime in the counter terrorist unit, were callously murdered by a black savage at 3PM on Saturday. Unfortunately and ironically, they were stationed in an area to also prevent crime, in a violent black community. Two families were destroyed for life, by the actions of a suicidal coward. The coward bragged about what he was going to do, and even predicted his own death. Most would assume this as another black vs white race issue, but the color the black mongrel was going for, was NYPD blue. Despite the cops being Asian & Latino, Ismaaiyl Brinsle, the gangbanger thug, took these two lives with no thought or abandon.

I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion, but White America needs a voice. I’m not talking about a stupid racist KKK voice, but a realist White Voice. Black America has that self-service cowardly pig Al Sharpton. Gay America has their advocates. Latino America has their people. Jewish America has their voice. Every sect, race and creed has their voice. This is all fine. This is America, everyone should have a voice and a say. What is missing though, is a REAL WHITE VOICE to speak on behalf of white victims. 

The liberal media and black America would make you think it’s racist to defend White people. It is taboo to defend white people, because if you’re white and you do, you’re branded as a racist. FUCK THAT, I’m a realist.

How come there is not one nice black community in the world? Go ahead, think about it. Go to the source. Africa? A motherfucking shithole. How about every top black city in America? Detroit? A dump. Baltimore? A cesspool. Oakland? Harlem? Washington DC? Newark? It is a fact.  There is not one nice and safe black community in all the land. Is it in their DNA? I don’t know. It just seems like blacks can’t have nice things. They kill property values. Every one of their “urban” (a nice white word for the word “negro”) communities is shit. You can’t walk into a black neighborhood without several intersections featuring a check cashing place, a fried chicken place, a pawn shop and a liquor store.

You never hear a black community saying, when a white person moves in, ‘THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!” When a black person moves into a white neighborhood, and whether white people want to admit this or not, they say “FUCK!”

I don’t want to hear about how the white man has held the black man down. Slavery was over 150 years ago. Get the fuck over it. The Jews were persecuted over 60 years ago. They rebounded quite nicely. Millions of Jews died in World War II. Today, they are captains of industry and the envy of the poor. The blacks? Most of them are looking for handouts. The ones that aren’t, call each other “nigga”, in all forms of their silly entertainment. Martin Luther King did not take a bullet so Jamal could call Leroy “MAH NIGGA”100 times a day.

The incidents in Ferguson and Staten Island were unfortunate. However, as someone who has had my personal run-ins with the police, if you’re doing something wrong, the police will investigate. Own your shit. Personally, I have had two incidents with police. Both my wrong doing. When I was busted, did I attack a cop? Did I fight a cop? No. I was wrong. I admitted my wrong doing and dealt with the consequences. I feel like my interactions in these situations, while a low point in my life, made me stronger and wiser in life.

These black pieces of shit in these two cases mentioned above were gangbangers. They attacked the cops. They fought back. One robbed a store and tried to maim a cop. What do you expect? No retaliation? THE LIVES OF A COP MATTER, just like how any life matters. 

Cop lives are not barter for a new race war in America!


Above is the picture of a primate who belonged in the Bronx Zoo with the rest of his family tree. This cocksucker said he was going to give “WINGS to PIGS” and killed the two innocent cops today. WHERE’S AL SHARPTON now to demand a public outcry? Probably at Popeye’s chicken.

Listen, I don’t blame Al Sharpton, NYC Mayor Bill Deblasio or anyone else for these murders, outside of the creep who did this. This was an isolated incident. You couldn’t prevent this. This was the lone action of one criminal. I understand why people are pointing fingers and why cops are turning their backs on these men, but I truly doubt Sharpton or Deblasio wanted this. You can’t control the actions of one pyschopath. It is popular to gang up on Deblaso right now, but come on, there is no way anyone can think he wanted this. Siding with anti-cop protestors will define his reign as Mayor, whether he likes it or not. However, to blame him for the actions of one coward, is not fair and just looking for someone to blame.

White America needs a voice. We need our advocate. We have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two fucking morons, who call themselves Reverends to make themselves sound important, parading in front of cameras whenever they  feel like their fellow skinman has been wronged. Where’s our white face here? I am more than willing to be the voice of White America.

White America is dubbed as evil. White Americans lose jobs because of affirmative action. If pussyfooted people want a black fireman who gets a 60 on their FDNY test over a white applicant who gets a 99 on their test, they can have those firemen. Give me the best man for the job.

I am sick of hearing about oppression and holding people down. Blacks are literally getting away with murder now. Even sickening, and this comes from a huge sports fan, when two NYPD officers were killed by a black savage, you didn’t hear one word on any network channel. NCAA sports became first, because NCAA sports equates to more money than the lives of NYPD officers. However, if some lowlife malcontent gangbanger was murdered by a white cop, all these games would be forgotten about for “BREAKING NEWS” flashes. 

It shouldn’t be a crime for White America to support themselves. Blacks have BET. Gay’s have Bravo. There are Bollywood, Jewish, Christian, Latino and everything else under the sun TV channels and forms of news, media & entertainment. I support that. The reason for this blog isn’t anti-anything, it’s a message that White America has no voice. America supports a Black History month, a Latino appreciation month, etc. What’s wrong with celebrating White America? If it wasn’t for white reform, there would be no welfare, health programs and everything else that allows the majority of black people, who aren’t making up the 90% of prison population, to survive.

Be clear as you are reading, the message of this blog isn’t to frown upon anyone else, ask for retaliation or to shun any race, sect or creed, the purpose of this blog is simply – White America needs their public figure for times like this.

Don’t read this as me being anti-black or anti-anything else. I’m in support of White America and our cops. What happened today was pure racism against NYPD Blue. I’m assuming the stupid negro who murdered these two cops just shot the uniform without realizing neither was pure Caucasian. 

All cops – white, black, latino, asian, gay, straight, bi, Jew or whatever, all take an oath. All live to protect and serve. Without a police, there is no civilization. Why would people want to take this away?

It is tough to be a cop, especially a white one. Everyone has a camera in their pocket. Not all videos are shown. We live in an attention deficit disorder world, where a 6 second Vine video is prefered over a 3 minute video showing the truth. 

The media glorifies anything negative about our cops and not the good they do. I can’t imagine being a cop today. Why would any cop with 17, 18, 19 years on the job, risk their pension, life and career going into a “slum” (another word for a negro community) when the chances are they will become a victim, lose their pension or could wind up dead? The negatives outweigh the positives for any white cop than any other time in NYPD history.

How many times will the media, many of themselves victims of having “WHITE GUILT” show images and stories of black “victims” in their high school graduation caps, but ignore the pictures of those same people posing with guns, drugs and their words promoting hate against the police? 

I am not a cop. I hate what this world is becoming. White America needs a voice. I don’t know how you get into activism. However, White America, I am here for you, let me roar for you. It is about time that whites take a stand and refuse to become victims anymore. All you hear in the media these days are how about blacks are being wronged. White America is not the majority anymore. Wake up white people. How come for every story where a black person is “wronged”, we don’t have the same story concerning white victims? What’s the agenda?

My black and minority friends may hate me for publishing this blog. If you know me, I’m not a racist, I’m a realist. Not every black person is a gangbanger, just like how not every white person is a public place killer. However, blacks have their voices out there. They have their advocates and PACs. When does White America get their chance?


I would like to thank our cops out there. Reading the media, you would think they are all blood thirsty killers. This is not true. There are many good cops out there. Cop lives are not barter material for criminals or for political causes. Families were ruined today. Kids lives were ruined. Two men lost their lives. Instead of feeling sympathetic, you have monkey’s like “THE GAME”, a musician piece of shit rapper laughing and making jokes about these two dead cops. Fuck that. If a country singer said “thank god, one less negro to worry about” after Ferguson, that singer would lose his career.

I leave you with this, from the NYPD website:


The MISSION of the New York City Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our City by working in partnership with the community and in accordance with constitutional rights to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment.



  • Protect the lives and property of our fellow citizens and impartially enforce the law.
  • Fight crime both by preventing it and by aggressively pursuing violators of the law.
  • Maintain a higher standard of integrity than is generally expected of others because so much is expected of us.
  • Value human life, respect the dignity of each individual and render our services with courtesy and civility.”

Thank you NYPD. Many of us know you are not the enemy. My condolences for your tragic losses today. White America must rally for the NYPD and refuse to become more victims for a senseless cause with wreckless motivation.

Ranger hockey talk resumes tomorrow.

RIP Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, may your deaths not go without punishment, thought or resolution.

Sean McCaffrey
@NYCTHEMIC on the twitter


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