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  1. Your review of bars in MSG area before games was accurate and says it like it is!!! When I opened on 1969. Yes, 1969. There were very a few Blarneys and that was it!! Oh, how have things changed?? Our glass of beer was .10 cents!!! A shot was a quarter!!

    1. THank you Tom, I love your place. Was just there again last week. I enjoy the blue collar environment. You would know better than me, what is there, like 5 different Blarneys in a 1 mile radius? We know the original!

  2. I loved your review about last nights game with Dallas. Mostly with your attendance which was a perfect example of how they treat there fans. To me, it all falls on the shoulders of the owner, Jim Dolan. Unfortunately he could give a rats ass. He can care less for the Ranger fans that live in Connecticut by blocking us out of MSG televised games.

    1. Thanks Ron. The Rangers will never be a focus of Dolan unfortunately and until fans stop showing up to MSG (which will never happen), nothing will ever change.

  3. You were absolutely correct in the assessment of other bloggers. It’s the end of the world that Laff got to sit a game. Apparently they don’t watch. The last few games he has been a non factor and wondered if he was in the lineup. I don’t understand how the team regresses from one game to the next. I don’t think that’s the fault of the coach whose head should be on a platter. Lol. He is the best coach since Torts. The problem with Torts was that he ran them into the ground and they ran out of steam.

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