Retire Frank Boucher’s 7

Messier, Leetch, Howell, Gilbert, Graves, Bathgate and others were all great Rangers, but NO ONE comes close to having the legacy that Frank Boucher had with the New York Rangers.

At the beginning of the 2014-2015 season, when I first launched this blog, I was reading a book by Stan Fischler. In the book, he mentioned that ex-Ranger lifer, Frank Boucher, wrote an autobiography. I immediately went to and found “When the Rangers Were Young”, by Frank Boucher, on sale, for pennies on the dollar. A few days later, I devoured the book like a kid seeing ice cream for the first time.

I was hooked from that day forth. While I knew the name of Frank Boucher, I never knew who the guy really was. As you read these words, which I’m writing on 2/1/18, I feel like I know the guy somewhat. I’ve been lucky enough to talk with his family, have Boucher heirlooms sent to me, and most importantly, work with the family to justify an overdue wrong – the omission of Frank Boucher from the M$G rafters.

In these last few seasons, I’ve been in contact with several people within the Rangers and M$G organization and have put the Boucher family in contact with those people. With my grass roots campaign to get Frank Boucher’s #7 retired/honored at M$G, I’ve seen other bloggers and even reporters follow suit. I am not looking for any credit. However, make no bones about it, nothing would make me happier in M$G, short of a Rangers Stanley Cup victory, than looking up and seeing Boucher’s 7 hanging there. And once that happens, the campaign for Bill Cook begins!

My quest to see Boucher get his honor has been a long one. I’m just one fan. I don’t make any decisions for the team. (Obviously.) In the following links below, you can chronicle my journey to see the greatest Ranger ever, get the recognition he so surely deserves.


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