Two Blogs No Cup: Final Thoughts on the NYR 2016-2017 Season and “Thin Ice” Book Review

It’s a belated “Two for Tuesday” as I just posted two blogs on the site today. You can check them out here:

Final Thoughts on The New York Rangers 2016-2017 Season: Putting Flowers At The Grave as The Rangers Die Way Too Young, Final Report Card w/Grades For The Rangers & Even The MSG Networks Crew, 4 Cups in 90 Years, Looking Ahead, Keep AV & Fire Arniel, The IIHF Tournament & NYR Involvement, The Draft, Frank Boucher Update, The 1979 NY Rangers, Road-Trips & Much More In This Smorgasbord NYR Blog

“Thin Ice: A Season in Hell with the New York Rangers” by Larry “Ratso” Sloman In-Depth Book Review: Perhaps The Greatest & Rawest Book Ever on the NYR, A Memoir Of Sex, Drinking and Rock & Roll with The Rangers Is Now a Fascinating Period Piece 35 Years Later, Ranger Heroes Such as Duguay, Greschner, Beck, JD, Maloney & Others Bare Their Lives and Much More. Plus: Team USA’s Win at the IIHF Worlds Gives Them First Place, Kevin Hayes and Changes With the Wolfpack, Including The Firing of Ken Gernander

If you read “Thin Ice” feel free to hit me up, I could talk about this book all day long!

Thanks for reading!

Let’s Go Rangers

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