As The World Turns: The Latest on Chris Drury’s Tumultuous Trouba Trade Attempts; The Number One Reason Why The Captain Wants To Stay, Kane, Stamkos & Nearly Every UFA Linked to the Rangers (And Isn’t That Always The Case?), Another Brutal ESPN Broadcast (And Why); Complete First-Round Thoughts, Four New Blueshirt Prospects, Mika For Marner & More

While whatever happens this summer is important for the 2024-25 Rangers; regardless, it’s still my belief that the 2025 NHL Trade Deadline will ultimately determine the Blueshirts’ chances come next year’s Stanley Cup Final. In other words, the Rangers, as currently constructed, should be good enough to reach the playoffs next season – but it’s the deadline, the final touches, that will be most telling.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on Any news?

Like most of you – then I wish that I could call out of work this Monday, July 1st – where in such an event – then I’d plop my bulbous Blueshirts’ butt on my beer-stained couch – while also being glued to the NHL Network!

While maybe that’s an option for you (and I’m envious of you if it is); but alas, it’s not one for me!

After all, and unlike Kaapo Kakko – I am too valuable at my place of employment – and I can’t take off for days (or is it months – or even years?) on end!

As I presently write these words, some 36-hours away from when all 32 teams in the league can officially announce their free agent signings; then, and as it usually is during most summers – and the Rangers are right in the mix of things – and being linked to everyone and anyone too.

While there will be a lot of phone calls, shaking-and-baking and hundreds of millions of dollars soon spent; currently, and as noted last time ( ), it’s a pair of multiple time Stanley Cup champions, Patrick Kane and Steven Stamkos, that are receiving the most chatter in the mean streets of Rangerstown, USA.

Another former Cup champ, one that Rangers’ GM Chris Drury could’ve brought into the fold at the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline rather than the useless likes of Jack Roslovic and Alex Wennberg, Jake Guentzel – has also been linked to the Big Apple – but such linkage was soon broken following the latter rounds of the 2024 NHL Entry Draft – as now, it’s the savvy Tampa Bay Lightning that seems most likely to land the former icebird from the yellow-and-black Steel City.

But before going into what will be another MANIC MONDAY (“I wish free agency opened on Sunday!”); up first – the 2024 NHL Entry Draft.

The 2024 NHL Entry Draft is now behind us – and what an uneventful night it was. Photo Credit:

As noted about 409867863783784367836784 zillion times before on this site – I’m a history guy – and not a prospect guy.

After all, and from the K.I.S.S. department – it’s much easier to write about what actually happened, rather than predict the fates of 224+ teenagers.

In other words, and outside of the first-overall pick, Macklin Celebrini, now of the San Jose Sharks – then I’ve never heard about most of these kids before – and that includes who the Rangers drafted with their 30th-overall selection, E.J. “NO RELATION TO RAY OR EMERY BOARDS EITHER JOE!” Emery.

(Yes, that’s a Sam Rosen nickname!)

Rather than bullshit and lie to you by pretending like that I actually watch these prospects play (and where really – even the freelance people who do spend their time watching these kids don’t truly know how to scout them – as they have no clue about their personal lives, their make-up, what drives them, etc); instead – I’d rather talk about the broadcast that ESPN presented – and man, oh man, was it a doozy.

After all, and as the self-professed “world-wide leader in sports,” then ESPN should have been able to inform me about every player that was selected.

Fat chance – that is – unless saying “he knows how to skate” works for you.

Ditto some analytic bozo telling you what her made-up charts suggest as well – but more on that below.

At this time, let’s run down what was a four-hour broadcast – and sadly – four hours of my life that I’ll never get back either!

As the “Phil Mushnick” critic of all NHL broadcasts, then it was my opinion that the panel that ESPN presented on Friday night was severely lacking – and pretty much futile too. Photo Credit: ESPN

If two things were woefully apparent throughout Friday night’s four-hour presentation of the first-round of the 2024 NHL Entry Draft, then it was these items:

One, it was a shame that TNT, the league’s other American broadcasting partner, and one infinitely better than ESPN too, didn’t have the rights to this event.

Two, the four people that ESPN presented was a swing-and-a-miss.

While granted, John Buccigross does know about collegiate athletes, Emily Kaplan is growing into her new role (by her own admission – she always envisioned herself as a writer – and not as a TV talking head) and Kevin Weekes is the best jack-of-all trades in the game (and I’m still under the impression that he’s happy in his new career – as it’s my opinion that he’d be one hell of a GM should he switch gears); conversely, Meghan Chayka, the sister of the former failed analytical GM from Arizona (brother John), provided nothing of value.

I’m not making up the following either:

90% of Chayka’s comments were about her silly analytics (meaning that she’s never actually watched these players before) – and how her made-up charts suggested to her that about half of the players drafted would go on to become the next Sam Bennett.

(And when it comes to prospects – THE EYE TEST – and the HUMAN ELEMENT too – both severely outweigh whatever is on some analytical asshole’s arts-and-crafts inspired chart.)

At one point, I was hoping that a goalie would be drafted in the first-round – but only to just to see if Chayka would tell us if that netminder would become the next Bennett too.

But far worse than Chayka was Leah Hextall – and it pains me to write that – as I do have a soft spot for her grandfather, Bryan Hextall – and who as mentioned about a billion times before by yours truly – his name and number belongs/deserves to be hung from the rafters of Madison $quare Garden – and you can find all of it here:

I’ll share what I mean about Hextall below – but in a word – “WOOF!”

Perhaps worse above all else, and in what was the biggest omission from this broadcast, was the lack of a former NHL general manager and/or head coach – as that perspective would’ve shone a brighter light – and it would’ve given viewers a better insight too.

I mean seriously – what would you rather listen to – a GM who has been through these drafts before – or some person, who starts and ends everything she does by telling you that she’s a woman, just regurgitating nonsense from her own Microsoft Excel spreadsheets?

(And when it comes to the females on this broadcast, Kaplan, who is much better at her job than Chayka is at her gig, NEVER does this – as she lets her talent/hard work carry/speak for her instead – and for that matter, Hextall, who isn’t exactly great at her job, never tells you what sex she is either. Furthermore? This isn’t a man vs. woman thing here either – as if Sieve Vagistat, from M$GN, was there – then I’d be saying the exact same thing about him – and I have about 986787896986867986 blogs to show you if you need such evidence!)

Mike Grier, GM of the Sharks, was the first of many Ranger alumni members featured at the 2024 NHL Entry Draft. Photo Credit: San Jose Sharks

If there was any one observation that I had about the 2024 NHL Entry Draft, and aside from the broadcast itself, then it was about how many members of the Rangers’ alumni that are presently holding high-ranking jobs throughout the league.

For reference, here were the complete results of the draft:

Photo Credit:

As you can see, then among the first five franchises with picks, then 80% of them had links to the Rangers.

In San Jose, you have GM Mike Grier, while the team with third-overall pick, the Anaheim Ducks, are led by “The Little Ball of Hate,” manager Pat Verbeek.

By now, everyone knows that one of the biggest Blueshirt fan-favorites of all-time, John Davidson, is still the team president in Columbus; while former Ranger Rick Nash is currently being groomed to either be his successor – or the team’s next general manager.

And if that wasn’t enough, then with the fifth-overall pick of the draft, there was top executive Jeff Gorton – and his head coach too – Martin St. Louis.


But I guess that the following should also be mentioned when speaking about these luminaries and alumni – they are all presently spearheading losing/non-playoff franchises.

How long before Chris Drury finds himself in the same position?

I don’t deny Hextall’s knowledge and love of the game – but I also don’t think that she’s the best fit for television either. Simply put – TV is not for everyone. Photo Credit: ESPN

At this time, some chronological commentary from the first-round of the draft.

Up first, and after a pretty good video package presented by ESPN with Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” blaring in the background (I love that song – so this was a win for me!); Gary Bettman, who I’m convinced either has Parkinson’s disease or is a recovering alcoholic due to all of the shaking that he does, walked on stage – and where as you’d expect – was immediately met with vociferous booing.

Bettman thanked James Dolan for allowing the NHL to rent his $phere – and if it wasn’t for a UFC 303 PPV at the T-Mobile Center, home of the Golden Knights – then most likely, the event would’ve been held there instead.

And yep, and as predicted about 9876786786786786 times by yours truly heading into this event (which is why I never gave any credence in the “DOLAN TOLD DRURY HE COULDN’T TRADE THE FIRST-ROUND PICK” rumors) – while Bettman did thank Dolan for his facility – “Big Shot Jimmy” wasn’t there.

After all, he has bigger things to contend with these days – most notably his sexual assault lawsuit against him (and one that’s never mentioned by the birdbrain Blueshirt beat reporters either) – and where he’s presently being co-sued with his good pal, the lovely Harvey Weinstein.

While this is neither here or there; I am also left wondering this:

Stan Bowman and Joel Quenneville remain persona non-grata by Bettman – two men who never did anything – and where the real criminal in Chicago, Brad Aldrich, never has his name mentioned in the headlines for all of his vile and heinous sex crimes.


For the man who once had to pay $15M+ in a sexual harassment settlement because of the actions of his then Knicks’ president, Isiah Thomas – nary a word with what he’s involved with today.

Makes you wonder.

Too bad Joel Q. and Stan B. don’t own a venue in Vegas.

Following Grier’s pick of Celebrini, and where the former Ranger employee even had the audacity and outright gall to thank Glen Sather for all of his work with the Blueshirts (zero cups in 24-years); it was noticeable here, and this trend continued throughout the remainder of the broadcast, that not one GM congratulated the Florida Panthers for winning the Stanley Cup – which is usually a tradition at these events – as I can’t think of any other televised draft where the other opposing GMs didn’t congratulate that year’s champions.

Also noticeable throughout the Sharks’ pick?

Some drunk San Jose fan who planted himself next to the hard camera – as you could just envision some shirtless guy with teal body paint on his chest whenever hearing him scream, and repeatedly at that, “LET’S GO SHARKS, YEAAAAAAH!”

As Chris Russo once said to Mike Francesa, “Poorly produced Michael!”

I will say, I did enjoy how Hextall and ESPN not only interviewed every player that was selected – but their parents (I’m getting there) too.

As everyone who follows this game knows – you don’t make it to the NHL without a strong family support system – and where I’d reckon to predict that 99.9% of all players in the league today had tremendous parents – mothers and fathers who dedicated their lives to their son’s dreams – and as of all the car rides, missed time at work, sleepless nights, et al, will tell you.

Prior to Hextall’s biggest blunder of the night, I should make mention that there was a Vegas showgirl (not Elizabeth Berkley – and for that matter – no Gina Gershon either!) who took the suit jackets of every player before they tossed on their new NHL jersey.

I only bring this up because I’m surprised that the liberal/whiny fans of this sport weren’t complaining about what’s now deemed as an antiquated/anti-feminist job being showcased.

I guess they were too busy reminding us who does and doesn’t want to wear rainbow colors instead – aka the Birdbrain Mollie Walker Special!

And after teasing it a few times already, here’s Leah Hextall following the Chicago Blackhawks’ selection of Artyom Levshuov with their second-overall pick:

@espnnhl Leah Hextall had to remind Artyom Levshunov to hold the mic closer 😅 #NHL #hockey #NHLDraft #draft #ChicagoBlackhawks #Blackhawks ♬ original sound – NHL on ESPN

To be clear, Hextall instructing an excited teenager on how to hold a microphone didn’t bother me – although her repeated reminders did irk many.

However, what the hell was Hextall thinking, when on the biggest day of this kid’s life, a day of celebration, a major life accomplishment achieved, when she immediately asked him about his dead father?

This was a night where teenagers become men and where all of their hard work was rewarded.

Rather than talk about that – and Hextall was asking this young man about his dead dear-old dad.

What a buzzkill – and I wouldn’t book Hextall for any positivity training speaking seminars either!

And while I’m not exactly Fabio myself (in fact – I’m more beer-gut “Flabbio” than Fabio!) – who on the ESPN make-up/hair team is continually allowing Hextall to rock the Moe Howard bowl-style of hair cut?

What’s next, Buccigross with a Charlie Chaplin mustache – and one that today is solely associated with the one-time Fuhrer of Germany?

Again, and as you may suspect – I’m not a beautician – and my fashion style is limited to t-shirts, hockey jerseys and Wrangler jeans too – but even I know that a “Three Stooges” haircut isn’t exactly best for a visual medium like television!

Then again, perhaps this haircut was fitting – as it felt like Hextall was poking you in the eyes with all of her stupid questions.

And one last time for the sake of transparency – I know that she knows this game – but her work in television needs drastic improvements.

Weekes was the best person on the ESPN broadcast – but admittedly – that doesn’t say much either when you look at who else was on it. Photo Credit: ESPN

As Chayka rambled on about her useless analytics, and while we got a whole lot of “this player knows how to lace his skates, this player knows how to put on a jersey and this player gets diarrhea immediately after eating Chinese food” – and as you were missing Bob McKenzie too – a Margherita Man who once was the highlight of these draft broadcasts (NBC/TSN); up next was the most viral moment from the event:

Sennecke’s “WTF” reaction pretty much summed up how I felt about Chris Drury’s deadline – when he refused Adam Henrique and Frank Vatrano for Kaapo Kakko.

Hextall didn’t really harp on his reaction – and where I thought that she was going to bring up how his dog died to him during their brief interview together.

And when the Blue Jackets drafted Cayden Lindstrom, Hextall, and to her credit, didn’t bring up any of his dead family members, nor how he once got his penis caught in his zipper either.

Ivan Demidov, drafted by the Habs at fifth-overall, also didn’t get the Hextall treatment – as I was expecting her to ask him, “How do you say in Russian and in French, ‘My parents will die one day?’

Also notable about the Demidov pick was that the Quebecois crooner singer Celine Dion, who has had Vegas residencies in the past, announced his selection.

However, Karl Malone and John Stockton, nor a Mormon with eleven wives either, announced Utah’s sixth-overall pick.

But I still laugh at the irony that the new owner in Utah, Ryan Smith, shares the same surname as the founder of the made-up religion, Joe Smith.

And you also have to wonder how the Flames felt when the Utah Hockey Club made Tij Iglina (RELATIONS WITH JAROME JOE!) their first draft pick in franchise history.


The new franchise now has two sons of legendary players in their ranks, Josh Doan, son of Shane, and now Tij Igilna.

When does Max Domi arrive to Salt Lake?

Despite many reports suggesting such an event – “The Feckless Finn,” Kaapo Kakko, wasn’t traded on Friday night. Photo Credit: NYR

As ESPN continued to play their BREAKING NEWS jingles and chimes – I was just hoping to hear about a trade made by Drury.

And while several player trades were made earlier in the day – there wasn’t such a trade made during the draft.

Instead, the only trades that we saw were teams jumping ahead in the draft – and that was that.

Another observation at this time were the continual shots of the M$G $phere – and while I know that if you live there, then you’re probably used to it by now – but I’m surprised that this eyesore hasn’t created more traffic accidents – as the never-ending changing graphics is even more distracting than anything that you’ll see at Times Square these days – including the junkies committing crimes!

Following arguably Hextall’s best interview of the night with the new Krakhead in town, Berkly Catton; the Flames then took Zayne Parkeh with their ninth-overall pick – and where it was noticeable that Calgary management didn’t send out their congratulations to Matthew Tkachuk for winning the Stanley Cup.

Again, while I don’t know a thing about these acne-faced teenagers; it did draw my attention when the Devils, and with their tenth-overall pick, drafted a 6’7″ and 210 pounder from Russia, defenseman Anton Silayev.

In other words?


As Chayka continued to remind us that “her model” suggested that every forward drafted drew comparisons to Sam Bennett; this long and agonizing event continued – but at least Michael Buffer, the world renowned boxing announcer, was there to announce his hometown Flyers’ 13th-overall pick, some kid named Jett Luchanko.

Coming in at 20th-overall was Cole Eiserman, now a New York Islander – and where during this pick – I couldn’t tell if it was Lou Lamoriello or Joe Biden reading off this announcement.

Maybe Eiserman can beat Medicaid too!

As this four-hour event progressed, and a draft that felt much longer than one of these blogs; we then finally got to the Rangers and their 30th-overall selection.

While I’ll get more into this after this draft segment; it is important to note that Weekes, one of the best INSIDERRRs in the game, brought up how the idle Chris Drury was aggressively talking to the agents of both Patrick Kane and Steven Stamkos.

And if I haven’t been clear enough about these two during the past few weeks on this site, then I’ll say it one more time:


And I’ll take Kane and Stamkos over Kakko and Stinka Zibanedud any day of the week – and for that matter – twice on Sundays too!

At this time, and since who cares about who the Leafs (31st-overall) and the Oilers (32nd-overall) selected – let’s get right into it – the 30th-overall pick of the 2024 NHL Entry Draft, the Rangers’ E.J. Emery.

As noted on this site in the past – I didn’t really care about this 2024 NHL Entry Draft as a Ranger fan – and where really – I was only watching it for the possibility of trades. After all, it’s my assumption that this team is still operating under a “WIN NOW” mentality, so no matter who Drury selected – then it’s not like this player was going to be a factor in the 2024-25 season anyway. Photo Credit:

Immediately following the Rangers’ selection of Emery (full details below); everyone on ESPN then said how he reminded them of K’Andre Miller.

I don’t know if that is a good thing either – as while Miller will eat a plentiful of minutes for you – it’s not like he’s a menacing and physical presence either.

It was also reported in nanoseconds that Emery has already committed to the University of North Dakota for the 2024-25 season – so unless he decides to turn pro following his freshman season – then at best – his professional career will be limited to ten-games or less with the Hartford Wolf Pack during the end of their campaign.

In other words, and this was always going to be the case with a late-round pick – he won’t be a factor for the Rangers in 2024-25 – and that’s perfectly acceptable.

However, I did raise an eyebrow when Hextall, during her interview with Emery, brought up how he was black – and even for the color-blind – Emery does strike a resemblance to Miller – as he even rocks the same hairstyle.

What I’m trying to say here is that I didn’t know if ESPN was saying that Emery reminds them of Miller solely because of his skin color and hair – and not about what he does on the ice.

That said, Emery, in his first interview as a Blueshirt prospect, then proclaimed that he modeled his game after Miller – and how #79 in blue was his favorite player.

Such comments made me feel old!

After all, Miller, at only 24-years-old, is only six-years older than Emery – yet for the 2018 NHL Entry Draft pick – he’s now being idolized by teenage players!

One last time:

I have never seen Emery play before, nor know what to expect from him.

I also don’t have an inkling on what he’ll turn out to be either.

So to Emery, and the three other players that the Rangers drafted on Saturday during the latter rounds – the best of luck.

Since I can’t tell you anything about the four teenagers that the Blueshirts went after; then at this time, let me share with you what the franchise officially said about this quartet.

As expected – and Drury & his staff prioritized North Americans over soft ballerina Europeans during the 2024 NHL Entry Draft. After all, how many times can this franchise be burnt by the likes of Lias Andersson, Filip Chytil, Vitali Kravtsov and Kaapo Kakko? Photo Credit: NYR

The following comes courtesy of

Welcome to New York.

The New York Rangers completed their 2024 draft class on Saturday afternoon after selecting a total of four players at this year’s NHL Draft hosted at Sphere in Las Vegas, Nev.

The Rangers selected EJ Emery (First Round, 30th overall), Raoul Boilard (Fourth Round, 119th overall), Nathan Aspinall (Fifth Round 159th overall), and Rico Gredig (Sixth Round, 191st overall). This year’s draft class is made up of three forwards and one defenseman.


Selected From: U.S. National Team Development Program (USNTDP)

Position: Defenseman

Build: 6-foot-3, 185-pounds

Shot: Right shot

Stats: Produced 16 points (16A) in 61 games with the Under-18 U.S. National Team. He also added six assists through 27 games with the USNTDP (USHL). At this year’s u18 World Junior Championships, Emery totaled six assists through seven games as Team USA placed second behind Team Canada.

Noteworthy: Emery was born in Surrey, British Columbia, but was raised in Compton, California. He was born on March 30, 2006. Emery’s father Eric Emery played college football for California State University-Fullerton and went on to become a linebacker in the Canadian Football League for the BC Lions, Calgary Stampeders and Ottawa Rough Riders from 1985 until 1987. Emery is committed to play Division l hockey at the University of North Dakota in the fall. He noted he models his game after current Rangers defenseman and former USNTDP-product K’Andre Miller.

What he said: “My skating ability and how well I play defense. I would say I’m really good at being a lock down guy. I’m someone that can shut down plays, get the puck up the ice and make plays.”

Lilley on Emery: “EJ is a very talented young man. He’s raw, very athletic, just starting to come into his own. Has a lot of work to do getting a little bit stronger, but the foundation is there. He’s an excellent skater and his defensive game, we found as a staff, was one of the best in the entire draft.”


Selected From: Baie-Comeau Drakkar (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League)

Position: Center

Build: 6-foot-2, 190-pounds

Shot: Left shot

Stats: Tallied 62 points (22G, 40A) and a plus-27 rating in 68 games with the Baie-Comeau Drakkar of the QMJHL. In the QMJHL Playoffs, Boilard compiled eight points (7G, 7A) and a plus-five rating through Baie-Comeau Drakkar’s run that lasted 14 contests and ended with a 4-0 series loss to Drummondville in the Gilles-Courteau Trophy championship.

Noteworthy: Boilard was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec and was born on Jan. 7, 2006.

What he said: “I’m a defensive center. I’ve got some offensive tools. I’m a good playmaker, I’m good at faceoffs, I’ll continue to develop to be a two-way center.”

Lilley on Boilard: “He’s a natural centerman. He has skill, he had a good season in his first year in the Quebec league. He’s a smart two-way forward.”


Selected From: Flint Firebirds (Ontario Hockey League)

Position: Left Winger

Build: 6-foot-7, 190-pounds

Shot: Left shot

Stats: Registered 34 points (18G, 16A) in 65 regular games and notched one goal through four postseason games with Flint.

Noteworthy: Aspinall is a Markham, Ontario native and was born on March 30, 2006. He wears No. 76 for Flint and was selected #33 overall in the Second Round of the 2022 OHL Priority Selection.

Lilley on Aspinall: “We value his size. He’s got skill. He really figured out what he needed to do [in the second half of the year] to be an effective player. The second half [of the season] really put him on the map for us. Just another bigger player that still has to fill out and get stronger.”


Selected From HC Davos

Position: Center/Left Wing

Build: 6-foot-1, 179-pounds

Shot: Left shot

Stats: Gathered four points (2G, 2A) through 28 games with HC Davos. Through 17 games with Davos u-20, Gredig posted 15 points (7G, 8A).

Noteworthy: Gredig is from Switzerland and was born on Feb. 1, 2005. He sports No. 8 for HC Davos. Gredig represented Team Switzerland at this past year’s World Junior Championship. He handed out one assist through five games as Switzerland ultimately lost in the Quarterfinals to Team Sweden.

Here’s Emery joining Rangers’ management on stage at the $phere:

Again – congrats to all of these hopeful future Rangers.

Now, and at this time – a preview of what’s in store for Monday, July 1st.

I don’t know who Larry Brooks steals from more – yours truly or the guys over at “The Blueshirt Underground Show.” But I can tell you that this race is neck-and-neck! Photo Credit: NYP

Remember on how June 27th, and in the hours afterwards, how I told you that Jacob Trouba to the Detroit Red Wings would make sense?

Leave it to Larry Brooks to once again rewrite what I said – and present it as his own too:

I want to be careful and preface what I’m about to say next with this: I’m not looking to get involved with Trouba’s personal life – but his wife, Kelly Trouba, nee Tyson, is part of his pro career right now. Photo Credit: The Trouba’s

And now, the grand finale – the many wheels that are in motion ahead of the league’s July 1st opening day of free agency.

Up first?

Captain Jacob Trouba.

In an update to everything that I’ve recently said on this site about “THE GREAT EIGHT;” and after being the first person to tell you that you can’t pay a third-pair d-man $8M too – and today – Drury has drawn the same conclusion.

I can’t really use Larry Brooks as a source anymore – because, and as both proved and exhibited many times over in the past – he’s been reduced as purely as a conduit for the organization – and as he was most recently with Barclay Goodrow.

However, the reports out of Canada, where the likes of Elliotte Friedman, Pierre Lebrun, Darren Dreger and others of this ilk actually talk to the agents of these players, all said the same – Drury asked Trouba for his 15-team no-trade list in advance of its July 1st deadline.

According to Friedman, the best in the game; the Sportsnet scribe, on his “32 Thoughts” podcast, said that Drury had a deal on the table with the Detroit Red Wings for Trouba.

You can listen to the podcast here:

As part of the rumored deal, and where no return was mentioned, the Rangers would retain 31.25% of Trouba’s contract during its final two-years.

However, and in the most recent update (and keep in mind – what you’re reading now may be dated by the time that you read it – as this is an on-going development/story) – Trouba, and as I suggested before on this site, may add Detroit to his no-move list – a savvy and wise move from a player who wants to stay in the city that he’s currently playing in.

As I’ve said before in regards to this story – I’d also expect Trouba to rule out any team that can afford him – while listing teams who wouldn’t be interested in him and/or can’t afford him as franchises he’d be willing to be traded to.

If we’ve learned anything following the events of Saturday night, then it’s this:

Detroit has expressed interest in Trouba.

We’re now also learning that Trouba isn’t that keen on playing for his hometown team either.

Furthermore, Friedman is reporting that Drury looking to move on from his captain has caught Trouba completely by surprise.

While I can’t see how Trouba, who once said two-years ago, how Braden Schneider and his ascension will one day run him out of town (he said this in early April of 2022 when #4 was given the “BABY TROOBS” nickname), couldn’t see this coming; at the same time – I completely understand why he wants to stay in New York – and for one reason only – his wife, Dr. Kelly Trouba.

What I can confirm to you is that Trouba, back in 2019, forced his trade from Winnipeg to New York in order for his wife (then fiancee) to advance her medical career.

After all, there are more opportunities for the missus in New York than there are in Manitoba.

What I can’t confirm to you (but it’s just my guestimation/speculation), is that Dr. Trouba is still in her Manhattan residency – and still needs one more year to complete it.

In other words, had Kelly’s residency been completed – then Trouba would perhaps be more apt to accept a trade.

And of course, there are also numerous multiple personal roadblocks for Trouba’s acceptance of a trade too, including the fact that he has a new son, a home, and above all else – he does love living in NYC.

Furthermore, he also loves playing, and captaining, the Rangers.

But alas, hockey is a cruel business – and if Trouba wanted to stay in New York – then he should’ve played like a defenseman earning $8M.

Say what you want about Trouba, and I’ve said it all, but this can’t be debated:

His first two years in town, and he’s admitted this himself, were TERRIBLE.

It took him two-years to acclimate, and while he’s much better now than he was then – he’s still not worthy of an $8M AAV contract – never was, never will be.

And to reiterate this one more time too – YES – should the Rangers deal him, then they’ll be looking for a player just like him, albeit with a cheaper price tag, come the trade deadline – if not sooner – as in this summer.

While who knows what will happen next, this much we can now surmise:

Trouba’s relationship with his boss, Chris Drury, is now fractured.

And no one wants to be told that they aren’t wanted either.

However, since Dr. Kelly doesn’t want to be a stay-at-home mom (nor should she be if she doesn’t want to be either) – then it’s Trouba’s right to fight a Rangers’ removal by any means possible.

And that’s why Trouba agreed to the contract that he received in July of 2019 too – as it was such protection that he felt was required – and for his wife’s sake.

While yes, the Trouba’s could be split up next season, as Dr. Kelly works in New York while Jacob works elsewhere – that’s not ideal either for a couple with a newborn.

While I never thought that the Goodrow deal was as “ruthless” as Brooks suggested; we’ll now see how truly ruthless the GM is – and perhaps as soon as Monday.

(And unlike Goodrow – don’t expect Trouba to be waived either. After all, what team is going to pay a third-pair d-man $8M?)

And I want to add this too:

The worst contract on the Rangers isn’t Trouba’s.

Instead, that distinction goes to Mika Zibanejad – a meek center when it matters most (the playoffs) – and an $8.5M AAV deal that runs through the 2029-30 season.

It would be so on brand for the Rangers to land both Patrick Kane and Steven Stamkos this off-season – and as the past fifty-years of free agency signings in franchise history would suggest. Photo Credit: SP

When it comes to Kaapo Kakko, the most likely Ranger to be dealt – we have no update on this story – and hopefully – he’ll be elsewhere come Monday.

As Drury continues to hammer the phones while also contending with the futures of Trouba and Kakko; the general manager is also being reported to having shown major interest in both Stamkos and Kane – and as previously talked about on this site before.

The latest wrinkle?

The Detroit Red Wings – and how ironic considering that it’s this fellow Original Six franchise that seems willing to accept Trouba into Motown with open arms.

Steve Yzerman, GM of the Spoked Wheel, has also expressed interest in re-signing Kane – and unlike Drury – seems willing to give him term rather than an over 35-year-old veteran contract full of bonus incentives.

And Yzerman, formerly GM of the Bolts, also has a deep and personal relationship with Stamkos – where following the events of the 2024 NHL Entry Draft – Yzerman’s successor in Tampa, GM Julien BriseBois, made it clear – he’s done negotiating with one of the greatest players in Lightning history – and as a result – #91 will most likely be wearing a new jersey during the 2024-25 season.

It just remains to be seen if Stamkos will still be wearing blue, as a Ranger – or if he’ll be wearing Red Wing’s red.

To lend credence about Stamkos’ expected Tampa departure; the Bolts, following the draft, also traded away both Mikhail Sergachev (Utah) and Tanner Jeannot (Los Angeles) in order to open up nearly $16.5M in cap space – and where it’s now being reported by Friedman and others that the money isn’t being opened up for an extension of “STAMMER TIME” – as instead – it’s being opened up for Jake Guentzel – and where Guentzel was also once linked to the Rangers too.

While former Tampa captains have worked out in New York before (hello MSL); but wouldn’t it be so on brand for Drury to land both Kane and Stamkos – only for the Rangers, when remarkably reaching their third ECF in four-years, to only lose to the Bolts again – this time by a team led by Guentzel.


I rather see Mika traded than Trouba – after all – he has more term remaining.

I keep getting into these social media debates on what I’ve previously suggested on this site – a trade of Mika Zibanejad to Toronto for Mitch Marner (and where yes – I know that Drury would have to do to Mika what BriseBois once did to Ryan McDonagh two-years ago); so at this time, I just wanted to reiterate and explain what I’ve previously said:


You don’t have to tell me!

However, I’m also banking on the theory of a change of scenery will suit both Mika and Marner best.

And if it doesn’t?

Then Marner, in this hypothetical, as a Ranger, would see his $10,903,000 AAV contract expire following the 2024-25 season.

Should M.I.A. Z. stay, then he’s still on the books for six more years – and where his decline is very evident.

And since Mike Keenan is no longer around – then there’s no one to give Mika the “Mike Gartner Treatment” – a former Ranger while excellent in the regular season – never played at his best during the playoffs either.

And that’s where the most serious issue lies.

While maybe Zibanejad does recover from the worst regular season of his Rangers’ career next year – does it matter?

If he continues to remain as a playoff ghost (and there’s no evidence to suggest otherwise) and should we be re-posting the “MIKA MILK CARTON” pictures again for the 98267356426785462863478th time – then it’s just another wasted season.

Maybe Marner, in a new town, and on an expiring contract no less, steps up as a Ranger.

And if not?

Then for a “WIN NOW” franchise – SEE YA – and with over $10M in cap space to fool around with next summer too – and when CZAR IGOR and Alexis Lafreniere will be looking for the biggest contracts of their careers.

As predicted on both this site and in my “Rangers Killers” book too – and Akira Schmid most likely peaked during the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

In other trade news from Saturday, and Akira Schmid, who the Rangers couldn’t figure out during the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs, was traded to Vegas – as the two Devil Dog Jake’s, Allen and Markstrom, prevented a path for a Schmid return in smelly Newark, NJ.

All I could do was shake my head and laugh when I heard the news.

Another no-name schlub had the best games of his life against the Rangers.

Of course, of course!

As noted last time ( ), for everything Glen Sather, then check out:

Schedule update as we go home here.

I’m off from the real 9-5 (or in my case 3P-11:30P – and who knows what overtime I’ll do come Monday either) on Sunday – so should the Rangers make a trade on the final date of June – then I’ll return.

If not, then I’ll be back in the wee hours of July 1st/July 2nd – and with thoughts on whatever Drury did.

This much is certain right now – don’t expect a bevy of six-figure signings this summer – and as it was the case last year.

And hopefully, by the end of the next week, and assuming that all of the dust has been settled and all of the smoke has been cleared – then I can finally get back to working on – and finishing too – my next book – “RANGER ICONS: FIERY PHIL WATSON.”

Bed time for me, which for you, means…

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