The Calm Before The Storm: Looking at the New York Rangers Before Free Agency Begins on Saturday, Why I Want Jaromir Jagr Back with the Rangers & How He Outplayed Most Rangers Last Season, Why I Would Pass on Kevin Shattenkirk, An NHL “Super-Team”, Viva Las Vegas, Snowflake Lundqvist’s Feelings Are Hurt, Sather Mistakes, Brendan Smith Re-Signs & More

If you’re a new reader & haven’t checked the archives of this blog, FYI – Jaromir Jagr has always been a favorite of mine. Photo Credit: NYDN

What’s up everyone and welcome to another blog here on I know I said I’d probably slow down in the summer, and keep it to one blog a week, but there is still so much going on. I fully expect to be back either Sunday or Monday too, because NHL Free Agency starts this Saturday, so it’s going to be a crazy weekend around the NHL. Maybe it will slow down after the first two weeks of free agency and I can go back to doing book reviews.

I also want to thank Michael Jurkowski, who hooked me up with a ton of old Ranger playoff games on DVD. I plan on doing a “live-review” of a game on this blog, akin to my normal reviews. If it’s funny & a good read, all the better and I’ll do another one. If it bombs, so be it!

In case you missed it, here are my last several blogs. I know I had a few blogs jammed together, just because it’s been busy the last few weeks.

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I was cleaning shit in my house and found some of my Jagr Ranger cards today. How ironic!

Just for reference, I wrote this blog in January of 2015, or for those keeping track, 30 months ago:

The NHL All-Star Fiasco & Looking at the One of the Greatest Players of All-Time, Jaromir Jagr

With NHL free agency starting Saturday, July 1st, all 31 NHL GM’s will be blazing the phones and spending money like drunken sailors. However, unlike years past, to me, this NHL free agency class isn’t as strong as years past. For starters, there is no true elite player available. There is no first line center on the market. There is no “game-changing” type of player to me.

In case you don’t know who’s up for sale, here’s a compiled list of the Top 30 Free Agents, in no particular order, with their salaries & age, from :

2016-17 cap hit: $4,250,000

2016-17 cap hit: $5,750,000

2016-17 cap hit: $2,800,000

2016-17 cap hit: $3,100,000

2016-17 cap hit: $6,750,000

2016-17 cap hit: $3,250,000

2016-17 cap hit: $1,000,000

2016-17 cap hit: $6,666,667

2016-17 cap hit: $5,750,000

2016-17 cap hit: $4,000,000

11. BRIAN BOYLE, C, 32
2016-17 cap hit: $2,000,000

12. SAM GAGNER, C, 27
2016-17 cap hit: $650,000

13. NICK BONINO, C, 29
2016-17 cap hit: $1,900,000

2016-17 cap hit: 4,000,000

15. MIKE FISHER, C, 37
2016-17 cap hit: $4,400,000

2016-17 cap hit: $2,500,000

17. RON HAINSEY, 36, D
2016-17 cap hit: $2,830,000

2016-17 cap hit: $2,600,000

2016-17 cap hit: $3,875,000

2016-17 cap hit: $4,333,333

21. RYAN MILLER, G, 36
2016-17 cap hit: $6,000,000

2016-17 cap hit: $4,350,000

2016-17 cap hit: $3,750,000

2016-17 cap hit: $5,900,000

2016-17 cap hit: $1,700,000

2016-17 cap hit: $3,325,000

2016-17 cap hit: $3,300,000

2016-17 cap hit: $2,500,000

2016-17 cap hit: $650,000

30. STEVE MASON, G, 29
2016-17 cap hit: $4,100,000

OTHER UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS TO WATCH: Evgeni Dadonov, Scott Hartnell, Alexander Burmistrov, P-A Parenteau, Dwight King, Daniel Winnik, Brian Gionta, Jay McClement, Kris Versteeg, Jonathan Bernier, Derek Ryan, Chris Kunitz, Benoit Pouliot, Jarome Iginla, Jiri Hudler, Mark Streit.

Your ex-captain still holds the record for most goals in a Rangers season, with 54. Photo Credit:

Before looking at everything else, let me make my case for Jaromir Jagr. Yes, I know this comes off hypocritical because I’m always preaching that the Rangers need to get younger, but with every rule there is an exception. When it comes to age, no one has been a bigger exception, outside of Gordie Howe, than Jaromir Jagr.

When it comes to building your team, while you take a player’s history into account, that can’t be the end-all. The biggest question is this – can the player still produce for you for the upcoming season? That is why I’m so sour on Henrik Lundqvist and his contract but why I would have no problem with offering Jagr one.

In 2016-2017, the 45 year old Jaromir Jagr, who is on record as saying he wants to play until he’s 50, played all 82 games last season. He finished with 16 goals and 30 assists, for 46 points, playing mostly third and fourth line minutes. He averaged a career low of 17 minutes on the ice per game, but really, that’s all you need him for anyway. You’re not getting the 30+ goals and 100+ points Jagr, you’re getting a guy who can give you 50 points a season.

Compared to the 2016-2017 Rangers, only Hayes, Miller, Kreider, Stepan and Zuccarello had more than 46 points, with Zuccarello logging 59 points. These are 5 players all in their prime or coming into their prime. They didn’t exactly smash Jagr’s point production. It also means that Jagr got more points than $7.8M Rick Nash & many other Rangers. Don’t forget, Jagr is playing on third and fourth lines, with players who aren’t as good or established as the Rangers.

When it comes to goals, Kreider was the team leader with 28. Only 6 Rangers, again, all in their prime or coming into it, had more goals than Jagr. And it wasn’t by that many either. 6 Rangers also had more assists than Jagr’s 30 assists, with Zuccarello netting the team high of 44 tallies.

Now, the Rangers need offense, especially in the playoffs and even more so on their powerplay. Jagr can provide that. It has been funny watching Jagr on the powerplay the last two seasons in Florida, because when he gets that “Spidey-sense” that he can score a goal, he looks just like the 45 year old man that’s bedding 18 year old puck bunnies! He springs right to life!

Photo Credit: This Czech model's twitter
Google the details yourself, but this 18 year old “woman” readily bedded Jagr (43 at the time) for publicity. Yes the age difference will upset people, but sex will always have a double standard between men & women. (Old men with young women and old women banging their students gets high fives, but an old man with a young boy or an old woman with a young man turns heads.)

What may be most impressive is that Zuccarello, the Rangers team point leader, only played 18:50 a game, where the 45 year old Jagr averaged 17 minutes a game.  At 45 years old, Jaromir Jagr can still produce and would be a solid addition to any team in the league.

Jaromir Jagr tweeted this out today:


Instead of snowflake reporters writing about the feelings of Henrik Lundqvist (more on that later), why not make a case in their tabloids for Jaromir Jagr? If it wasn’t for the age, and I just told you Player A gives you 16 goals & 30 assists for a relatively cheap price, you would be all for it, right?

With Jaromir Jagr, you get more than just the 46 points. You get a team leader, someone who has been there before and someone who can be a learning tree for the young bucks, which the Rangers have aplenty right now. Jagr also speaks Russian, so it could also help the development of Pavel Buchnevich.

If you haven’t been reading my blogs from when I started this little thing (After selling my wrestling company & website, I needed another writing outlet and started this in 2014), I was a huge fan of Martin St. Louis. I liked the idea of having Marty St. Louis, but always said this – the Rangers didn’t have to give up the draft picks to nail him down. I think Tampa would’ve done a straight MSL for Callahan swap.

When MSL was here, he really helped a lot of the younger players. Many players were quoted in the media, citing Marty, as a big influence. I think you really saw Mats Zuccarello grow tremendously, from playing with MSL. Even this last season, Zucc has emulated MSL’s deft passing skills.

On a personal note, I’m just a fan of Jagr. I love watching him play, I think he should be treated as a legend and he helped me get back into the Rangers. I’ve told this story before on this blog. I grew up as a Rangers fan. My father and his father had season tickets, but I was born and fucked up my dad’s cash flow & time. While growing up in the 80’s, I couldn’t tell you the names of more than 3-4 players, but I loved the Rangers jersey. I used to wear my dad’s old “NEW YORK” (Before the word Rangers was on the front) jersey all the time.  As I got older and entered middle school, I got more and more into it and finally knew what was going on, to a degree. Come 7th grade, in 1994, the Rangers won the Cup. I thought that’s how it would always work. How wrong I would be!

In high school, I had Devil and Islander fan friends. It really made the rivalry and shit talking fun since we were all into it, played together and broke balls about it. We all used to chase for autographs and all that jazz too. Once we were all out of high school in 2000, the autograph seeking stopped and we all had to grow up a bit. When I say “grow up a bit”, I mean that we decided to drink before, during and after games, so chasing down Mike Richter for an autograph, while bombed, didn’t seem like a wise idea.

Come college, the Rangers were in a bad period, but I still watched. However, as my schedule ever increased with my job in pro wrestling and learning how to run heavy equipment, when the 2004 strike/lockout happened, I was furious. Keep in mind, Richter just retired and the Rangers just traded Graves & Leetch. Just like anyone growing up with the 1994 Rangers, I loved those guys. To this day, I fucking hate Glen Sather. Leetch should’ve always retired a Ranger. The fact he didn’t, is another point I use when people say “LUNDQUISS MUST REE TIRE AZ A RANGER!”

Anyway, just like the 1994 MLB strike, I took the 2004 NHL strike personally. I was furious and pissed. When the NHL came back, I said fuck these guys, because while I didn’t understand all the stuff that went into the lockout as I do now, at the end of the day, a bunch of adults said fuck you, you’re not watching the Rangers this season.

I would watch the Rangers here and there. While I was glad it was back, I was just pissed off and said fuck you. However, the season after the lockout, Jaromir Jagr was the fucking man. It was him that made me drop my grudge against hockey for stabbing me in the back. I was hooked again. It’s just a weird little story like this, and we all have them, is what gives Jagr a special place in my heart. I wouldn’t call it a “front-running” thing either, because the Rangers still sucked, but Jagr made me realize I had to watch every game again. Granted, my schedule in pro wrestling didn’t provide that opportunity, but that’s a story for a different time. Also a different story for a different time – how “NHL 13” kept me sane & rekindled my love for hockey during the 2012-2013 lockout. Thanks MAXIMUS SEX POWER!

So ANYWAY, as I come back from another tangent, with 46 points, why not bring back the ex-captain? As I’ll get to below, the free agency class isn’t that great to begin with. Outside of his age, and going by last year’s production & his career alone, I leave you with this – WHY NOT JAROMIR JAGR?

Then again, if I was Jaromir Jagr, I’d take less money, sign with Pittsburgh and go for the Cup. More on that idea later on.


Obviously, the big fish most NYR fans want to land is Kevin Shattenkirk. I’ve talked about this a million times already, but for the sake of this blog, very quickly here’s my take. I’m down with getting Shattenkirk and I get all the positives – still in his prime, NYR needs a defenseman and help on the powerplay, but at the same time, can anyone name one long-term contract that’s worked out for defenseman past 30 years old?

Reportedly, there are 10-12 teams interested in Shattenkirk, with the favorites being Tampa Bay, Buffalo and the Rangers. Many teams can afford to give him a big long term deal, but is it the wise move? To me, and I’ve always preached this –  you got to treat players like stocks. The days of long term deals and paying your way out of mistakes are gone.

Where I think Senile Sather would’ve signed Shattenkirk to 10 years at $10M per year, Sather’s successor, Jeff Gorton, seems wiser with the money of James Dolan. Again, as I always say – why the fuck does Glen Sather have a job? All Gorton has been doing since becoming GM is fixing Sather’s mistakes, yet Sather is still his boss. It only took 3 years to fire Phil Jackson. We’re going into year 18 with Senile Sather!

I’ve seen many Ranger fans say “Shattenkirk is a fan of the Rangers and will take a hometown discount.” Can someone really explain this logic to me?  If Henrik Lundqvist won’t take a hometown discount, got Torts fired and threatened FA during his negotiations, what makes you think anyone owes the Rangers a hometown discount? Keep in mind, Hanky-Panky is the one who said “I want a cup at all costs” before doing all this!

Furthermore, think about your job. I like drinking in bars, but I wouldn’t trade my job to be a bartender. I want my money! If you work in an office, would you do the same job for less money in your peak earning years?

For Kevin Shattenkirk, this is the time in his life where he can make the most money possible and be set for life. He can also set his children up for life too. Why do NYR fans expect him to take less money, when he can provide for his family & future generations during this FA period? It also helps that Shattenkirk may be the biggest fish in a weak pond. Where he wouldn’t get as much last year, he can take advantage of a weak market this year. In other words – Shatty owes the Rangers jack shit.

In essence, all I’m saying here is that I wouldn’t mind Shattenkirk as a Ranger, but for the right price. That said, I don’t see why he wouldn’t take the most money offered at this stage in his life. We’ll see what happens Saturday.

Brendan Smith re-signed with the Rangers on Wednesday. Photo Credit: NYR

Just to break up the free agency talk for a bit, the Rangers re-signed defenseman Brendan Smith on Wednesday. Acquired from Detroit at last season’s trade deadline, Smith was a positive force for the Rangers in the playoffs. Here’s the Rangers press release:

Quick take: I like this move. The Rangers need a solid defenseman. While Detroit Redwing fans were happy to see him go (I talked about this in my NYR/DET blog, when I attended the last NYR game at The Joe in March), I thought Smith played well for NYR.

Smith gets $17.4M for 4 years, which is an annual cap hit of $4.35M. To me, I think this is a great deal for the Rangers and for Smith. If Smith held out, I do think he could’ve got $5M+ on the market. I really think this is a deal that works out for both parties. At 28 years old, Smith will spend his prime with the Rangers. To me, this is a win-win deal.

Steve Mason is probably too high of a cap hit, but if the Rangers are looking for a solid back-up goalie, he’s the guy.

We all know that I’m the Cam Talbot guy and can’t stand Henrik Lundqvist for a myriad of reasons that’s been explained on this site a million times. That said, who else is better than me to talk about the next back-up goalie that will outplay King Nothing?

If you haven’t heard already, the Rangers didn’t qualify MacKenzie Skapski. Brandon Halverson, once heralded to take the faux throne, is not the goalie he was hyped to be. With Hellberg gone, and really, he wasn’t that great either, just another Swedish bust like a 2000 7th round pick, the Rangers are in the market for another back-up goalie. For those keeping track, the last two Ranger back-up goalies are now starters in the NHL. Cam Talbot was in the Vezina running this season while Antti Raanta posted better numbers than Lundswiss this season. Then again, this is the same fucking team that will continue to fail by building around an overpaid, overrated and crybaby goalie.

With Mike Condon and Keith Kinkaid now off the board, the back-up goalie spot is slim pickings for the Rangers. Keep in mind, I would’ve shipped Hank’s ass out of here and kept Talbot two years ago. Since the Rangers never learn from their mistakes, they shipped Raanta out last week and will continue to build around the Swedish Titanic, as Lundqvist continues to descend into the water and in the Vezina rankings.

Again, I might sound like a broken record, but ever since Hank signed the new contract, barring the 2014 Cup run, it’s been a decline, just like any aging athlete. Where the Rangers have traded or moved on from nearly every legend/star player in their history, for some reason Lundqvist gets the free pass, which is even more astounding, in this hard salary cap era.

For the Rangers, the key to their regular season success has been the play of the back-up goalie. The fact that the last two back-up goalies are now starters in the NHL is all you really need to know. Outside of Pittsburgh and Tampa, which went with the younger goalie over the established veterans of Fleury and Bishop, respectively, has there been any other team to be so lucky to have strong back up goaltending?

The last three seasons of Lundswiss have been similar. Start off slow (Cue the “HE ALWAYS STARTS OFF SLOW” excuse, despite being paid the most in the league.), have an ok stretch against bad teams, get hurt, get his doors blown off for a month, and come back just in time to blow every lead he gets in the playoffs. While this is going on, the back-up goalie posts better numbers, for about $8M less.

Even the most ardent Lundqvist fan has to admit this – Talbot and Raanta were more than capable and could’ve been the starting goalie here. The Rangers strong back up goaltending has to led to many wins, which in turn, allows Lundqvist to go through his shit-shows.

I dread a season where the Rangers don’t have a strong back up goalie. You could make a case that without Raanta, that it’s questionable if the Rangers even make the playoffs this season. Don’t forget, when Hank was having his shit shows against bad teams, Raanta was beating some of the best teams in the league on a regular basis.

So now, with Raanta as a starter in Arizona, the Rangers are in need of a back-up goalie. If you think Lundqvist can play at a top level for 70+ games a season, like Cam Talbot did this year, you’re out of your mind.

To me, Steve Mason would be the best choice. I think he’s the best goalie out of the current FA crop. However, with a high cap hit of $4.1M, I don’t see the Rangers going for him. Someone like Antti Niemi, who was just bought out by Dallas, seems more logical, because he’s cheaper.

While NYR fans talk about the bad PP, weak defense and lack of a true number 1 center, (and they aren’t wrong) the Rangers will be dead in the water if they can’t find a back-up goalie that can carry Lundswiss during the regular season. Fun times ahead!

The NBA has been known for their superteams. Photo Credit:

Where in the NFL & NBA you see superteams, outside of the Redwing teams at the turn of this century, you really don’t see it in the NHL.

In the NBA, it’s all about superteams. Only superteams win championships in the NBA these days. Where Lebron gets a lot of heat for starting this trend, this started way before him. Remember when Pippen and Barkley joined Drexler and Olajuwon in Houston? How about Malone and Payton joining the Kobe & Shaq Lakers?

Superteams are successful in the NBA. In the NFL, you see veterans signing for less in an effort to win a Superbowl. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have brought countless veterans a Superbowl ring. In hockey, the most famous example of a player chasing a Cup was Ray Bourque, the long time Bruin who joined the Avalanche and won a Cup.

If I was the Pittsburgh Penguins, I would sell the Cup to every big name free agent right now. If you’re Jaromir Jagr, who hasn’t seen a Cup in 25 years or someone like Dan Girardi or Jarome Iginla (Who has to be kicking himself for leaving), why wouldn’t you go there for the veteran’s minimum? You’ve already made your money. Even if you’re getting limited minutes and/or scratched, don’t you want the Cup? The Penguins are in an enviable position – Crosby is in his prime, they got a great core and one of the best goalies in the NHL today, who has two Cups & just finished his rookie year!

I’m surprised you don’t see more superteams being formed in the NHL. Is it all about the money? I don’t know about you, and maybe this is a totally mark-fan perspective, but if I already had millions & was set for life, I would take less money for one season for a crack at the Cup. With no free agent in this years class being able to carry a team, like a Crosby, like a McDavid, like Kane/Toews, why not add that Cup to your resume?

For the NHL, I would secretly encourage this. Sure, the NBA playoffs sucked this season, but it made more money and drew astronomical ratings. Casual fans tune into superteams. People want to watch a chance at history. Why are the Penguins one of the most hated teams in the league? Because they win and have a perfect heel foil in Crybaby Crosby, who not only cries but delivers.

With superteams, you have an opinion automatically. Either you jump on the wagon (Outside of a few Chris Mullin and Chris Webber jerseys, I’ve never seen anyone wear a GSW jersey until these last few years) or you vehemently despise the team. Either way, you’re vested. Like a good movie, everyone has an opinion on good vs evil, and I really think a superteam would help the NHL’s profile to casual fans, which in turn is more money for the league & players.

If you’re a twitter motherfucker like me, prepare to scroll your ass off on Saturday. Follow Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger for the most accurate reports. Follow Larry Brooks if you want to hear about Lundqvist’s feelings.

Ah yes, 4000 words in and maybe I’ll talk about more than three free agents now!

Gonna shoot straight with you – I have no clue what the Rangers are planning. Are they a team rebuilding? Several moves suggest that. Are they a team trying to win it all? Free agency can tell us that. It’s really hard to tell what this team is trying to do, but at this point, RIGHT NOW, before free agency, the team is significantly weaker than it was when Lundqvist blew the series against the Senators. They are missing a number 1 center, a starting goalie (who was relegated to back-up to appease the Swedish Egomaniac) and the defenseman who blocked the most shots. They also without up-and-comer Oscar Lindberg.

While I’m all for Jagr, what I don’t want are the old about-to-be ex-Sharks. I want no part of Marleau or Thornton. BIG PASS on these two. That said, expect the Rangers to sign both! I don’t want Marleau or Thornton because I think they are too old and can’t contribute to a Cup winning team. In Marleau’s case, I’m really sour on him, because anything I’ve ever read from an ex-teammate of his has been overwhelmingly negative. Thornton is a beast, but he won’t be for the Rangers.

Two ex-Ranger names have been floated around, in Brian Boyle and Benoit Pouliot. PASS on Pouliot. If you need me to explain why, just look at the penalty box during his next game. As for as Boyle, I wouldn’t mind him back, but it seems that he’s going back to Tampa. If TB wants to give him big money, more power to him. For the Rangers, they need to get young. Again, this team is so tough to figure out. Are they rebuilding or trying to win? The moves they made suggest rebuild but keeping Lundqvist suggests trying to win, even though it won’t happen with the woman batterer.

While Shattenkirk is getting the most play for the defenseman, other names include Michael Del Zaster, the porn star stalker. I want nothing to do with him. Alex Radulov of Montreal is available, but most reports have him returning. He would be a good add, but he wants a long term deal and you know my opinion on that. Karl Alzner, another future ex-Capital would be a good addition, but at 28 years old, he probably wants the big money & security.

The other FA D-men are older/veteran players. If you’re going for a Cup, it makes sense to take one for a one year deal. Right now you got Mac, Skjei, Smith, Staal, Holden and Kampfer locked in. Holden and Kampfer are expendable. I guess it all comes down to what Shatty does.

For the Rangers, who could use some offensive firepower, not much is on the market. Do you take a gamble with Nail Yakupov, who has never panned out, but is still only 22? I don’t like the Thomas Vanek talk, because he feels like a dirty Tahitian hooker at a fraternity party – he’s been passed around so much.

Nick Bonino, formerly of the HBK line in Pittsburgh is a rumored Ranger target. At 29 years old and at a relatively cheap cap hit ($2M), he might be worth the risk. Scott Hartnell, formerly of Columbus, and someone on the Rangers radar for the last three trade deadlines, was just bought out. However, again, are the Rangers rebuilding or trying to win now? Like Lundqvist, he would be 36 by the time the playoffs come around next season.

To me, my pipedream remains trade for Ovechkin and land Jagr. Sadly, neither will happen and we will be watching Thornton and Marleau! It all goes down Saturday and I’ll have something up once the Rangers are done wheeling and dealing.

The benefits of a gambler – free rooms in Las Vegas!

Before finishing up by kicking Lundqvist again, it seems the Rangers first game in Las Vegas will be a hot ticket. Knowing that, my friends and I have already booked our trip. Can’t wait for tickets to go on sale.

If you are interested in this game, and really, it’s a Sunday game, and a perfect four day trip for Vegas, there are three groups that I already see advertising group rates. For myself and my merry band of degenerates, we prefer to have our freedom and do our own thing, but if you’re looking to travel with Ranger fans, I know and are both doing group trips, independent of another. I also saw another group, whose name escapes me, doing a group trip too.

While the Rangers in Vegas is 6 months away, I can’t wait. It’s going to be a blast and I’m sure I will see some of you there!

Larry Brooks played therapist to Lundqvist’s latest crying antics today.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the latest snowflake cupcake article from Larry Brooks, which you can read here:

Larry Brooks, who despite blocking me on twitter because he thought a “Family Guy” jewish joke I made was racist, despite his newspaper printing articles 10000 worse than anything I’ve ever written, is still one of my favorite reporters to read. He’s from the old guard, but when it comes to Lundqvist, he always dons the kneepads and goes right to the verbal fellatio.

Here is the article, with full credit to Larry Brooks and the NY Post:

An offseason of core-splitting featuring the buyout of Dan Girardi and the trade of Derek Stepan has struck home for the Rangers’ senior and most important player.

“You expect changes every year because that’s just part of the business we’re in, but this summer has been a little different because of the magnitude of the moves,” Henrik Lundqvist told The Post in an email from his home in Sweden. “Losing guys that you have played with for so long will obviously affect you on a personal level.

“These are players you get to know really well over the years. You care for them and their families. We’re all going to miss them.”

Girardi, eligible to become a free agent on Saturday, had joined Lundqvist on Broadway during the 2006-07 All-Star break. Stepan, sent to the Coyotes last week for the seventh-overall selection in the draft and Anthony DeAngelo, had been part of the squad since the start of 2010-11.

“That being said, we understand that it is part of the business,” said the King, who is entering his 13th season as a Ranger. “At the same time, it is exciting to be part of an organization that does everything it can to put the best team possible out on the ice.

Lundqvist said the left knee injury he sustained in helping to lead Team Sweden to a gold medal in last month’s World Championship tournament is healing on schedule and will not have any impact on his preparation for the upcoming season.

“It hasn’t changed my offseason plan,” said the 35-year-old goaltender, who will have a new backup in the wake of Antti Raanta’s departure to the desert as part of the Stepan deal. “I always take three weeks off after the season, start with light workouts and begin skating in late July.

“That will stay the same this year. I will be ready for camp and for the season.”

I just want to say “THANK YOU” to Ranger fans. Many of you have fought with me over the Lundbitch topic over the years, however, when I checked social media today after this article, I would say 90% of the reaction was “STOP CRYING LUNDQVIST.” Instead of Lundqvist crying, a proud tear rolled down my eye!

The little Swedish bitch, whom I hope Donald Trump deports one day, has done nothing but cry and play the blame game his whole career. If you don’t like what’s going on, how about waiving that no move clause and get the fuck out of New York! Lundqvist has outworn his welcome and I’m sick of his crybaby bullshit, just like many of you.

I’ll you what, if the Rangers truly wanted the best team on the ice, they would’ve kept Talbot two years ago and tell Lundqvist his time is up.

If Lundqvist is so sad about all this news, maybe he can do what Kevin Klein did – retire and save the Rangers the Cap hit.

It’s funny – remember how fans under 18 were clamoring for Joel Lundqvist just a month ago! HA!

Chalk this latest Brooks article up as another reason why I can’t stand Lundswiss. It’s always about him and never the team.

The way this team is going, I’m gonna need many Carlsberg’s to get me through next season!

Shout out to Richard Lowenstein, someone from my area, who delayed this blog’s posting for an hour because I was engrossed in our Rangers conversation. Rich is a lifetime NYR fan and a fountain of information.

Looking forward, Saturday is the big day. I’m going to let 48 hours pass and then have something up Monday or Tuesday.

After that, I want to do a “live review” of an old Rangers game that I got on DVD. I think it’s a fun blog idea. We’ll see how it goes. I also got a ton of hockey books and because the book review blogs have been a hit, I plan on reviewing whatever I can.

As of right now, I’m very nervous about next season. Is this team a playoff team? You can’t opine now. Let’s see how free agency works out.

Through the good times and many bad times, the motto remains the same…


Sean McCaffrey

@NYCTHEMIC on twitter

PS: How great would it be if the Rangers landed Jagr? You could get the new Adidas NYR jersey and it would still be considered a throwback. Get my fat ass 2XL 68 jersey ready!

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2 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm: Looking at the New York Rangers Before Free Agency Begins on Saturday, Why I Want Jaromir Jagr Back with the Rangers & How He Outplayed Most Rangers Last Season, Why I Would Pass on Kevin Shattenkirk, An NHL “Super-Team”, Viva Las Vegas, Snowflake Lundqvist’s Feelings Are Hurt, Sather Mistakes, Brendan Smith Re-Signs & More

  1. Under the pic of Jagr with the young chick you commented, “…But an old man with a young boy…turns heads.”

    I would hope so… It’s pedophilia.

    1. You’re right, I phrased this wrong. Should’ve been young man, not young boy. That said, I know I’m not the only male to say “damn, I can’t believe that kid banged his hot teacher” but at the same time, furious about an older man with a child too. South Park did an episode on this topic that kinda nailed this topic.

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