In-Depth Tie Domi “Shift Work” Book Review & Tons of New York Rangers Thoughts & Opinions: Shattenkirk’s First NYR Press Conference, Polishing The Turd Known as the Nassau Coliseum, No Love For Tanner Glass, Thank You Kevin Klein, The Ruff vs AV Storyline Begins, Jagr Watch, The 2013-2014 Rangers, MSG Networks & Much More

One of, if not the most iconic, fights in New York Rangers history, featuring Tie Domi vs the Champ, Bob Probert. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

What’s up everyone and welcome to another blog here on If you are of the Irish Casper-white skin descent such as me, I send you my sympathies, during this brutal time of year. While I try to avoid the sun as much as possible, the limited exposure I’ve taken this summer has my skin redder than a baboon’s ass. For all you Italians, Latins & other non-Irish skin-types, you don’t know how lucky you have it. While my tattoos conceal some of my redness, for my Irish ass, my skin is always two colors this time of year – red or white. There is no brown. There is no such thing as tanning.

I will never have that Ron Duguay tan going, ever. See the guy to the right of Bill Pidto? My skin is whiter than that and has no tolerance for the star that’s 93 million miles away!

While I’ve been relatively lucky to have avoided the sun at work & every day life this summer, my daily 9 avenue walk back to Penn Station from Mid-Town East has my neck, arms and back feeling like they’ve been given an “Indian-Burn” from one of today’s featured subjects, Tie Domi. Oh and save me your PC shit on the term “Indian Burn!” This sun should’ve melted you snowflakes anyway!

I know I’ve spent too much time on this topic already, but if you’re like me and your skin feels like it’s a McDonald’s Apple Pie under those hot lights, with the sun interrogating your skin fiercer than a good-cop/bad-cop buddy movie, you feel my pain.

In other words, I can’t wait for the summer to end and for the hockey and football seasons to return. I’ll talk more about the latest Rangers on-goings after the Domi book review.

However, before getting to Tie Domi, just some quick plugs, in case you’ve been MIA during the summer:

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“Shift Work” has since gone on to become a national best seller in Canada and was on top of the American hockey book charts as well.

During an extended lunch break at work on Tuesday, I was able to read Tie Domi’s autobiography, entitled “Shift Work”. This book was released in November of 2015, so it’s relatively new and about a player from a modern era. The reason I told you that I was able to read it during my lunch break is because this was an easy read. If I had to give you my overall opinion on this book from the jump, I felt, just like the “Mike & the Mad Dog” 30 for 30, it was light on substance.

At just a little over 200 pages and printed with a bigger-than-usual font, “Shift Work” is an easy read. Granted, I can speed read & retain, but for the average reader, I think they could finish this book on the toilet after inhaling a massive meal at “White Castle.” I don’t know if it’s funny or sad that I always talk about taking a dump on these blogs, but no one has whined that my toilet-talk is offensive, yet!

When I finished “Shift Work”, I got the impression that Tie Domi was a normal guy in a prolific job. One of the last true enforcers in the NHL, Tie Domi wasn’t like the other enforcers you read or hear about. He didn’t have a drinking problem. He didn’t have a drug problem. He didn’t need pain medication to get through games. He didn’t have a violent temper away from the ice. Perhaps that makes for a boring book, as I enjoyed Bob Probert’s book much more. (You can find my Bob Probert “Tough Guy” book review here: )

While I enjoyed Tie Domi talking about his career and there were good stories, I felt the book was light on material. I felt Domi breezed through his career. Keep in mind, I read a ton of hockey books, so if you read this book, without reading the hundreds of others I’ve read, you may enjoy this more than me. However, when you read a book like “Thin Ice” or Theo Fleury’s autobiography, this book pales in comparison.

Perhaps my opinion of this book is skewed because I’m an American. I think a Canadian fan, especially a Maple Leafs fan, would enjoy this book more than I did. I live in America, the land of the 24/7 negative news cycle. I’ve been programmed from our fake news media to be excited by negativity. Sex sells in every way conceivable. (No pun intended with the use of the word conceivable.)

I want to read about puck bunnies, drinking beer, snorting coke and who a guy wanted to punch in the mouth. Reading 20 pages of Tie Domi telling me how he’s tipped every person that he’s ever met in his life, while a noble gesture, came off preachy and perhaps, “Canadian” to this American reader! (If you’re not familiar with my writing style, please realize I’m saying these things tongue-in-cheek. I love Canada and talking to my Canadian friends/readers.)

 When I closed this book, I got the impression that Tie Domi is a good guy, was a team player and treated fighting as a job. I got the impression that while he loved hockey, he doesn’t want his life to be defined by hockey. He spent many pages talking about his various businesses. If you take anything out of this book, you will also realize how important family is to Tie Domi. In fact, reading stories about his father (who was shot in the head and survived during battles with the communists in Albania) made me think that a book about Tie’s father would be more interesting than the book I read about Tie, from Tie himself.

I’ve largely praised most of the books I’ve reviewed on this site. After all, if I am going to spend time writing about a book, it’s usually because I enjoyed it. While “Shift Work” wasn’t bad, it falls very short when compared to other books, even when compared to an autobiography of Domi’s peer, Jeremy Roenick. (You can read my Roenick book review here: )

The two things that hurt the book the most to me was that while Domi would go on and on about subjects personal to him such as gratuity and family, Tie wouldn’t talk names or about his much publicized affair with Canadian politician, Belinda Stronach. I mean, the Stronach affair was front-page news in Canada. How do you not even mention it, outside of a one-line sentence that said something like, “after a publicized divorce”?

While Tie had no problem singing the praises of people he liked, like Mark Messier, Mario Lemieux (Who is one of his closest friends), Pat Quinn, Mats Sundin, etc, he wouldn’t name drop names of the people that he didn’t like or gave him issues.

For instance, Domi wrote this in his book, about the 2005-2006 Maple Leafs:

“like he couldn’t take the pressure…and eventually things came to a head at a team meeting. This guys stood up in front of the team and started criticizing the guys around him. He talked as though he was untouchable and knew all the answers, and acted as though everyone else was the problem. We were stunned, and he just kept going on and on. A lot of my teammates were staring at me in shock. It was the first time Mats Sundin ever looked at me as if to say, ‘Do something. Now.’ When I saw that, I snapped.

“ ‘Hey,’ I yelled. ‘Why don’t you shut the hell up? If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it. We don’t need any negative B.S. right now. I don’t know what kind of leadership you learned on other teams, because you don’t have any.’ ”

There were only three new additions to the Leafs that year, in Eric Lindros, Mariusz Czerkawski and Jason Allison. Presumably, Domi is talking about Eric Lindros. However, Domi wouldn’t say his name. I didn’t understand why not, especially if you’re trying to sell books. Again, maybe it’s the American in me, but “DOMI KNOCKS OUT LINDROS IN NEW BOOK” is a headline that I would click and want to read about.

Tie Domi, later in his career. Photo Credit:

I don’t want to come off like I’m ragging on the book, a book I got for $3.00 on, because it was worth my $3.00. I did take some stories out of this. However, if you’re a consumer on a limited budget, there are much better and more open hockey autobiographies out there.

With that all said, here are some key pages from the book. I do not have permission to reprint pages from the book, so please understand I’m promoting your book, a one Mr. Simon & Schuster, and please don’t sue me!

Mark Messier, the greatest captain in hockey history, got top praise from Tie Domi throughout this book.
More Mark Messier stories
Another ex-Ranger, who is now cousins-in-law with Tie Domi, Adam Graves, was put over a lot in this book. I think it’s safe to say that Adam Graves is the greatest human ambassador that the NHL has ever had.
If you consider this “breaking news”, Domi reveals that he’s gluten intolerant and dyslexic.
While it seemed Domi made the best out of all his stops, he enjoyed playing for the Rangers.
The fight that made Tie a house-hold name.
This story from Tie’s childhood makes me think of Peter Griffin vs The Chicken.
Domi on missing out on the 1994 Rangers after asking to be traded.
Domi asked for a trade and didn’t want to go to Winnipeg. He later said he enjoyed his time there.
As you would find out later in the book, Domi wasn’t much of a drinker, but he still hung out with a cop to prevent drunk tough guys from challenging him, which usually lead to lawsuits.
I always thought hockey players should carry razors like pro wrestlers to get juice to draw major penalties!
Old Time Hockey with Glenn Healy.
If you’re a Leafs fan, you will love this book. Domi loved the Leafs, loved his coaches (Burns & Quinn) and had a strong friendship with Sundin.
The Flyer fan incident
While Domi took responsibility and said the hit on Neidermayer was the biggest regret of his career, he thought Samuelsson deserved getting a nice cold fist to the mouth.
When appropriate, Domi would also punch his teammates too!
Cool story on meeting Michael Jordan.
I really enjoyed stories about Tie Domi’s father.
Maybe new Ranger assistant coach Lindy Ruff can nail Marc Staal & Henrik Lundswiss to the bench?

As stated, you can get this book for cheap on If you’re a Leafs fan, you will enjoy this book. If you’re looking for a hockey book with some wild tales about debauchery, this isn’t the book for you. As a reader, instead of having the “I wish there was more” feeling, I had a feeling of “that’s it?”

It is worth mentioning, Domi who seems to have lived a clean life, also is part of various deals with various businessmen. He’s also a huge family guy, with a son in the league. (There are several Max Domi stories in the book, obviously.) Those could be huge reasons why this book is PG, compared to the many R-rated hockey autobiographies that are out there.

This is the first Rangers Adidas jersey that I will be buying!

On Tuesday, the Rangers showed off their latest toy, in Kevin Shattenkirk, during an official media press conference. It’s been a great summer for Shattenkirk, who is now officially engaged to be married, as of a week ago. Returning home, Shattenkirk will build a new family in New York for at least the next four years. I wrote about the Shattenkirk deal in-depth (link provided at the top of this blog) so while there isn’t much news to add, this press conference had me even more excited to have 22 in the line-up.

On an aside, I did find it funny that younger Ranger fans immediately had questions about the ex-22, Nick Holden. These are the same fans that tweet me relentlessly with the “LUNDQUISS IS THE GRATEST GOALY OF ALL-TIME” tweets. Those same fans immediately deduced that Holden was going to be traded or out-right released. Newsflash: star players buy their number from other players all the time. While Holden’s name has been rumored as trade-bait (Perhaps Toronto, in a potential deal for center Tyler Bozak), Shattenkirk getting his 22 doesn’t have anything to do with Nick Holden’s future as a New York Ranger.

If there was any true news to report from Shattenkirk’s press release, outside of that he’s happy to be here (and he proved it with the contract he signed, unlike the egomaniac Henrik Lundswiss, who held the team up for money during his negotiations) it’s that he’s looking forward to playing with fellow American Ryan McDonagh. Who knows, maybe he even gets time with another American, in Brady Skjei too?

You guys all know me. I can’t stand Henrik Lundswiss for a myriad of reasons. I did find it funny when it was brought up that Shattenkirk wants to win a Cup here and the Rangers 4-86 record in 90 attempts at the Cup, Lundqvist’s name was mentioned. Shattenkirk said something to the affect of, “If he struggles, we will counter-balance him by playing well.” Oh, Shattenkirk, you never had a chance!

My attitude about the New York Rangers will never change. I want them to win a Cup no matter what. I just don’t see it happening with Lundswiss. With Lundswiss here for four more years, the length of Shattenkirk’s contract, his best chance at a Cup, as a Ranger, will be during a potential second contract. I just wonder how many goalies Shattenkirk will have to watch as the back-up of Lundswiss, only to become a starter elsewhere (and post better stats) in the league?

As I said when the deal was made, I’m all-in on Shattenkirk. I’m rooting for this guy to do well. The way he handled his contract negotiations is everything I love as a fan of the team. He put his money where his mouth is. Plus, he’s an American, in a sport where American’s aren’t the most dominant. If Lundswiss will create strife and agony for me every night, at least Kevin Shattenkirk will help negate my feelings about Lundswiss on this team. I’m really looking forward to rooting for the new 22 in Rangers blue.

I don’t know if many of you will agree with me or not, but Kevin Shattenkirk, as a free agent, is one of my favorite free agent acquisitions in some time out of all the teams I root for. I just love what he did to get here and his story in general. I’m really pulling for him to do well.

Outside of the 1994 Rangers, the 2014 playoff run was the most fun for me as a Rangers fan.

If you read my article on Mercedes Martinez, linked above, you will see that I sold all my wrestling properties and walked away from the wrestling business in June of 2012. While I was always a huge sports fanatic and love the Giants, Yankees, Rangers & MMA, sometimes the wrestling schedule, which was very weekend heavy, made me miss games. When I left pro wrestling, my love for my sports teams & real-life job schedule, ensured me that I wouldn’t be missing games any more, especially in this streaming era. (I can watch/listen to a game at work on my phone, if I have to work OT/a night shift.)

Rangers-wise, getting out of wrestling at that time was perfect timing. The first full season after I left, the Rangers went on their best run since 1994. To this day, while Martin St. Louis had a short tenure here, he remains a big piece of Rangers history to me. I will never forget that playoff run in 2014 and how he carried the team against the Penguins in the second round.

“Owning my life again”, meaning that I wasn’t on the road every weekend or had to stay at home to produce/ship DVDs all day & night, meant I had much more free time on my hands. During that season, and ever since, I’ve been able to catch 40+ Ranger games live, both at home and on the road. While I always attended Giants, Rangers and Yankee games during my 10 year run in wrestling, I was lucky if I averaged 10 live games combined (between all three sports) a season.

Like many fans with sports, we all have personal moments and can remember seasons by what was going on in our personal lives at that time. While I did make good money from wrestling and it helped supplement my income, it was time to walk out on, what I perceived at the time, on top. I did second guess myself, as the last show I ever promoted was my most profitable one.

My friends at that time, names I’ve talked about on this site, such as Bison, El Shoes & Borgata Ray, helped talked me into selling (and leaving on top) rather than watch the fall. (Story for another time, but my business made its money on footage and not live gates. The way footage was consumed was about to change, which I foresaw, but still, when you made the most money you’ve ever made on a show, it’s tough to walk from.)

To me, there is no better sport live than hockey. Baseball is boring and regular season games can drag. The NFL is made for TV, especially in this Red Zone/Fantasy Football era. However, hockey, the best way to promote the sport is by getting people to go live. No other sport or entertainment fulfills me more than a live hockey game.

That 2013-2014 team will always be etched in my memory. However, four years later, the team has changed so much. Just check out the roster from the team that played in the 2013-2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Only Lundqvist, McDonagh, Zuccarello, Nash, Kreider, Staal, Miller and Fast remain. To boot, Miller & Fast were brought up & played limited games.

Many names have came and went since, and that doesn’t include the in-season trades of Captain Ryan Callahan and Michael Del Zaster.

Ex-Rangers from that team have found success elsewhere. Cam Talbot was a Vezina candidate and set an Oiler record for wins this season. Carl Hagelin has won two Stanley Cups. Brian Boyle and Anton Stralman played in a Conference Final for Tampa the season after. Fan favorite Derrick Brassard is now in Ottawa. The Rangers bid adieu to long-time stalwarts & warriors in their own right, in Derek Stepan and Dan Girardi. Brad Richards would win a Cup with Chicago and retire. Marty St. Louis would retire the next season. Gritty players Dan Carcillo and Derek Dorsett moved on, as did another fan-favorite in Dominic Moore.

Since that time, the Rangers have stayed with the idea of building around Lundswiss. While the roster changes, the result remains the same – no Stanley Cups. Of course, the Rangers brass and some of the fanbase will never accept reality and will blame anyone else for the Rangers failure. I can’t wait for Ranger fans to blame Shattenkirk when the Rangers come up short next season, especially after Lundswiss gives up 4+ goals and blows several two goal leads. The Rangers never learn from their mistakes.

The Rangers said goodbye to another 2013-2014 roster member in Kevin Klein. Photo Credit: Andy Marlin.

While the big names of Stepan and Girardi have moved on this off-season, to the Arizona Desert Rangers (Raanta/Stepan/Duclair) and to the Tampa Bay Rangers (Girardi/Callahan/Stralman) respectively, two other Rangers are looking to extend their careers playing overseas.

Klein will be playing hockey in Switzerland next season, for the ZSC Lions in Zurich. Kevin Klein kind of slipped through the cracks with all the news the Rangers have made this off-season. While I think he was never the same player after breaking his arm blocking an Ovechkin shot two seasons ago, people forget how great he was when he came here in the Del Zaster trade and in the 2014-2015 playoff run. I really hope he does well and gets a chance to catch on with another NHL team.

In a few years from now, I hope Kevin Klein gets the special Rangers treatment and is paraded around “Rangerstown” and MSG. While his Rangers tenure wasn’t the longest, it was profound with many great memories. Thank you Kevin Klein.

Joining Kevin Klein on the ZSC Lions will be his ex-teammate, Brandon Pirri. Pirri, who started off hot, quickly fizzled out for the Rangers this season. While Klein may never make it back to the NHL, for Pirri, his play in Switzerland could be his audition for an eventual NHL job. While I don’t, and I would assume other Ranger fans don’t, have fond or lasting memories of Pirri, all the best to him as well.

This heavy winter jacket adds 20 pounds, I swear.

With all the roster shaking and hoopla, one name hasn’t been talked about at all, from any NHL reporter – Tanner Glass. All you got to do is go through the archives of this site or Google “Tanner Glass” for my opinions on Glass – I am a fan.

While I have accepted the fact Glass won’t be back, despite being an AV guy, it’s a shame you don’t hear his name in the free agent frenzy. While the Rangers are changing up their roster, I think Glass would fit in well with the other ex-Rangers in Arizona. He is a positive influence in any locker room and on any club. If Glass signed with Arizona, he could help with the young studs there, in their transition from young & inexperienced NHL players, to becoming more mature and seasoned NHL players.

Another bonus with Glass – playoff experience. You’re in denial if you don’t think Glass was one of the better Rangers this past postseason.

Klein & Pirri are already packing their bags to Switzerland. I do think both of those players are still NHL caliber, and I really believe Glass is too. I hope Glass isn’t forced into retirement or playing overseas, because no team wants to give him a chance. If this is the end of Glass as a Blueshirt, and it probably is, I got to say, he did provide me with several unforgettable Ranger moments, such as pummeling the Flyers and starting the scoring in the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let me be the first to thank him for his contributions to this franchise, especially after a shaky first season here.

Jagr remains a free agent. Photo Credit:

I am sad to report, that in day 19 of NHL free agency, Jaromir Jagr is still unsigned. I have pled my case on Jagr a million times already here, so I won’t repeat myself – just check out my previous blogs. It is a fucking shame that Jagr is still unsigned.

It is sickening to me that the Rangers were going to offer Patrick Marleau a three year deal, while Jagr remains out there. Jagr had just as many points as Marleau last season and on a worse team. One year, $1.5M, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? Get it done already.

Lindy Ruff will be a topic all season long for the Rangers

As I continue to breeze through topics, another topic I’ve talked about in-depth about is the acquisition of Lindy Ruff as the new Assistant Coach of the Rangers.  I like the move, but I don’t like how Jeff Beukeboom takes the heat. However, Scott Arniel helped bring Ruff here, so now Arniel, the assistant who should’ve been replaced, gets to stay, while Beukeboom, who had a good first year after replacing another ex-Ranger, in Ulf Samuelsson, moves on. Hate, hate, hate this.

As anyone would predict, the second AV falters, fans & the media will be clamoring for Lindy Ruff to replace him.

From Mr. Fake News “SHATTENKIRK IS NOT COMING TO THE RANGERS” Larry Brooks, of the NY Post:

“Now that we have Lindy on board, I know what some fans and people in the media will say if we get off to a rough start or hit some bumps in the road,” the Rangers’ head coach told The Post by phone Monday after the official confirmation that longtime NHL head coach Lindy Ruff would be joining his staff as an assistant. “They’ll be saying that Lindy should replace A.V. and that’s the reason he was hired.

“You know what? That kind of talk doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve never taken things like that personally. I’m in this to win,” he said. “I want us to have the best coaching staff we can. For me to be able to bring in a coach like Lindy to take care of the defense makes us a stronger staff and gives our team a better chance to win.

“It’s great for us.”

The concept of hiring Ruff to replace Jeff Beukeboom — after No. 23 had spent one season behind the defensive end of the bench — originated with associate coach Scott Arniel, who had been Ruff’s assistant in Buffalo from 2002-06.

“Jeff and I were going through our player and coaching staff evaluations at the same time Arnie was interviewing for the head job in Buffalo and Florida,” Vigneault said, referencing general manager Jeff Gorton. “When Gorts and I decided to make a change with our defensive coach, Arnie suggested that we should consider Lindy.

“My first thought was, here’s a guy with more games and wins than I have (1,493-1,134; 736-614) and if I were fired, I wouldn’t consider being an assistant, I’d just stay home and wait for another offer [as head coach]. That’s what I told Arnie,” Vigneault said. “But he told me, ‘No, you should call him. I think [Lindy] would be interested.

“Arnie has a great network.”

Vigneault did some homework with a couple more friends. He spoke with Dallas GM Jim Nill and Toronto consultant Jacques Lemaire, a confidante since they worked together for the Canadiens two decades ago. Both encouraged Vigneault to pursue it.

So he did. And the 57-year-old Ruff, who has coached the fourth-most games in NHL history and owns the fifth-most victories, was interested after having been dismissed after four seasons in Dallas when the Stars failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Vigneault and Ruff first spoke for about a half-hour by phone. The coaches then spent an afternoon together in Ottawa, near Vigneault’s home. They meshed.

“We had great conversations,” Vigneault said. “Lindy brings so much to the staff in terms of experience and knowledge and the way he sees the game. And he has experience running the defense on the bench from his days as an assistant in Florida and with the [2014] Canadian Olympic Team.”

Vigneault said that he is more than open to adopting Ruff’s ideas regarding systems after the organization’s coaching staff meets during the first week of August.

“We’re all going to brainstorm and see what we should do to take advantage and get the most out of our personnel,” Vigneault said. “I’m very interested in Lindy’s ideas about how to play in the defensive zone. I think his defense has been one of the best in north-south play and in getting up into the play.

“We’re going to see what fits best for our group. There’s no doubt that [Kevin] Shattenkirk changes the dynamic for us,” Vigneault said of the free-agent signing. “I’m interested in seeing what [Anthony] DeAngelo, who we got in the trade with the Coyotes, can do.”

There are few coaches with Ruff’s pedigree who sign on as assistants. Pittsburgh’s Jacques Martin is one. It takes a certain type of self-awareness, self-confidence and ego to handle it. Same goes for the head coach overseeing him.

“Having Lindy makes us a stronger organization and stronger team,” Vigneault said. “That’s what it’s about.”

If you read me regularly, you know I’m an AV guy. I don’t blame AV as much as I blame Lundswiss for the Rangers failures. You can only work with what you’re given. It’s not AV’s fault that King Diva Bitch can’t hold a two goal lead, gives up 4+ goals a game left and right, acts like a cunt, hits innocent women and is the most overrated & overpaid goalie in the league. It’s not AV’s fault that two better goalies under his tenure, in Raanta and Talbot, were dealt, while the Rangers continue to hold on to this sick idea that a 36 year old career loser can win a Stanley Cup.

In AV’s time here, he’s made the playoffs every year, got to a SCF, made two ECF appearances, won a President’s trophy and saw an exit in every round (Quarter, Semi, Conference, Stanley) in his four year tenure. He’s not Tortorella, but if you go by the numbers, AV is already on any Top 5 coaches in New York Rangers history list.

I know many Ranger fans want AV out of here, akin to the way I want the Rangers to move on from Lundswiss and I’m sure a constant storyline all season will be Ruff vs AV. It will be something to watch all-season long. Keep in mind though, AV has two more years left on his deal. Then again, it’s not like James Dolan is against blowing money.

Despite MSG Networks getting a new facade outside their office/studio, no one wants to buy them.

Did you see that no one wants to buy the for sale MSG Networks? You can read the story here:

For nearly Two Billion Bucks, no one is offering James Dolan anything for this property, which was spun off from the MSG Corporation years ago. Why would anyone buy at that price? I’ve talked about the MSG Network in-depth on this blog (For more, check out the blog on my 1979 Ranger vs Islander playoff game, linked at the top.)

The MSG Network has the potential to be a great full-time station in New York, but the ball is dropped repeatedly there. However, how could anyone in their right mind buy this network under current market conditions, especially for an insane price? The Knicks are fucking terrible and the laughingstock of the NBA. The Rangers have one cup in 77 years. The Islanders, Devils and Liberty? Their ratings are on-par with QVC infomercials.

In this attention deficit disorder and streaming era, while sports are DVR proof, which in-turn, means people have to watch commercials, more people are consuming content after cutting the cord. You see what ESPN has done with all their layoffs. It just shows you that away from the franchises he owns, James Dolan is clueless when it comes to business. He didn’t have the foresight to sell a property he wanted to sell years ago. He will be lucky to even get half of his asking price. Maybe Dolan can do a benefit concert with his crappy band to raise funds for a sale?

Two plus size models doing our thing at the Nassau Coliseum
Nothing but class.
Empty rafters for an empty building!

I live 15 minutes away from the Nassau Coliseum. I can literally drink four beers in a car (sitting backseat, of course) on a trip from my house to the Coliseum. While I hate the Islanders, I can’t deny, having the Islanders in Nassau is what’s best for the Islanders and benefits me. I have talked about this before on my blogs, as a kid, I used to go to the Nassau Coliseum all the time for autographs. I also have many fond Ranger/Islander memories, at the Coliseum, as both a teen and as an adult. (Fleury going after Chara is my favorite memory as a teen, Girardi’s OT winner was my  favorite as an adult.)

In my never-ending quest to enjoy life and create new experiences, (I attended my first Belmont Stakes as well this year), I attended my first-ever live big boxing event this past Saturday at the Coliseum. While I’ve been to small shows at Gleason’s Gym, this was completely different. I’ve always been hot-cold on boxing. I think it’s just the nature of the sport. I’m not going to go too deep here, but obviously, the lack of stars, (especially at heavyweight), UFC taking over, fixed fights and bad PPV main events have turned people off. Think about it this way – Connor McGregor, who is not a boxer, is about to be 1/2 of the biggest and highest grossing boxing event in history. It shows you this – boxing needs characters again.

While I really enjoyed the fights at the Coliseum (All three main events had knockout decisions, which is part of it, even though the fighter I was rooting for the most, Long Beach’s Seanie Monaghan lost) I took my opportunity at the Coliseum to look at it from a hockey perspective.

With my two friends who share the same name, in a junior and a senior, we got tickets for the show last second for a great price. Our seats were VIP, which at $40 a ticket, seemed like a homerun. However, when we asked the usher where VIP was, he laughed and said “why would you want to go there?”

As many know, the Coliseum had some work done. Instead of renovating the building, they just polished a turd. The Coliseum still sucks. VIP consists of the opportunity of paying $30 for a shitty buffet and features a bar with one bartender. The beer selection is tiny, although it features a lot of Long Island brewers. However, I’m not one for that IPA shit. If I’m at an event, I’m pounding Miller Lite. I don’t give a fuck about some bathtub beer brewed by some fucking transgender Bernie Sanders voting millennial in his mother’s basement. I stick to the basics.

On an aside, one of my good friends is 20 years older than me, but can out-drink any person I know, besides me. (I know Eddie is probably reading this – so let me give him his credit before he bitches at me: he can drink more hard liquor than anyone I’ve ever seen, but as evident by my belly, I can smoke him when it comes to beer drinking!)

Eddie gives me hope that I can still live my lifestyle in the year 2037, when I’m his age today. We paid $40 for our tickets, but wound up spending $300 EACH after drinking. (That also includes a steak dinner before the show.) It’s not cheap to have a high booze tolerance! At least the dive bar was cheaper, that we closed down at 5AM after the show!

I was very disappointed that the Nassau Coliseum remains a shithole. If I have anything positive to say about the venue, it’s that they have an outdoor beer garden and a place to smoke during events. They also don’t have Islander shit anywhere, so that’s good too! That said, I really do want the Islanders to go back there, as the Barclays has been a failed experiment since day one.

Nassau County politicians – ruining hockey & the Coliseum from day one!

I was tagged in this picture several times this week. It’s a sad reality.

For all my mumblings and groanings about this team, I’m anticipating the next NHL season. While I really don’t expect the Rangers to win the Cup (Pittsburgh vs Edmonton is my prediction), it doesn’t mean I’m not rooting for the boys in blue to go all the way. I’ll root for anything to get out of this hot summer skin-burning weather and get back into wearing a Rangers jersey 7 days a week!

As far as what’s on tap, unless something major breaks, like the Rangers signing Jagr, I’ll be back next week with either another book review or old-school game review. Thank you for everyone who emailed me saying they enjoyed the old game review. I had fun doing that blog.

It’s almost midnight as I put the finishing touches on this, and with a 4:30 alarm clock on the horizon, it’s time to put a bow on this.

As always,

Let’s Go Rangers!

Sean McCaffrey

@NYCTHEMIC on twitter

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  1. OMG! I’ve been saying this stuff about Lundqvist for years. I call him the Queen. Finally someone who thinks like I just read your article for the first time, you made another follower. Thank you

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