The First “Skate” Drops: Nick Bonino First Casualty of Reeling Rangers – Yet All Flaws Still Exist, Chris Drury’s Summer of ’23, Filip Chytil Back with Blueshirts – But for How Long? Jake Leschyshyn Round III, Ron Duguay “Cancels” Rangers, What Did Will Cuylle Do To Laviolette; Fox and Lindgren Broken Up Too & More

The Blueshirts, below .500 since December 5th, 2023 (11-11-2 – or 11-13), made Nick Bonino, and his paltry salary-cap hit of $800,000, the first casualty during the first slump of “The Laviolette Era.” If you think that this move changes anything in Rangerstown, USA right now, then you’re out of you’re mind.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on What a turn of events.

And poor Nick Bonino, who most certainly didn’t deserve the fate that he received on Thursday, January 25th – or so I say – and will soon explain too.

(But I do understand Chris Drury’s decision.)

Before getting into all of the latest news and notes from 33rd & 7th, a few site and personal comments:

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who wrote in about my “real-life” job (tons of “congratulations” remarks – and a big thank you to friend/reader Linda H. too) – and where yes – it’s taking time getting used to these new and ungodly hours.

From the feedback that I received, everyone said that Tuesday night’s blog (you can find it here: ) didn’t miss a beat – and really – that’s all I care about – as I don’t want anything that I write to come off as being “mailed-in.”

After all, I’m not a member of the Blueshirts’ beat – and a beat who mails-in more material than a U.S.P.S worker!

Unlike them, I take pride in what I do!

However, I also received emails (and tweets too) from some readers who missed my live play-by-play on the old Tweeter machine – but for the time being – that’s the way it’s going to be during weeknight games.

But bear with me, as I’m hoping that I’ll be back on a normal working schedule sometime soon enough – and fingers-crossed – by the playoffs!

Secondly, while I will be going “dark” on social media on Friday night starting at 7PM (no spoilers!) and will then watch & write about the game when I return home; the “live tweets/blog notes” will return on Saturday during the Rangers vs Senators game – and where yes – I wish that this game wasn’t going head-to-head with the WWE’s Royal Rumble too.

(What a mark – but I am fortunate enough to have two large TV screens bolted onto the wall in my man cave!)

Thirdly, for yours truly (and definitely the Rangers too, who without a doubt, need a reset-and-recharge during their bye week), I guess it worked out that following Saturday’s game, the Blueshirts won’t play again until 2/5 when they will host Alexandar Georgiev and his Colorado Avalanche.

In other words, a working-week without distractions – and even better than that – maybe I can get some sleep next week too!

Fourthly, and last but not least, this will be a short blog tonight (at least for this site), as I wanted to catch-up on all of the latest news in an effort to decrease my “workload” tomorrow night following the Rangers vs Golden Knights game.

With all of that “junk” now out of the way; let’s pick up from where we last left off – that disgusting 3-2 overtime loss from Tuesday night against the historically shitty San Jose Sharks.

I can’t lie – I just rolled my eyes when I heard that the Rangers would be “re-auditioning” Jake Leschyshyn on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Getty Images

After being brutally embarrassed last Tuesday night in San Jose; come Wednesday morning, “Lavy’s Lot” boarded their plane and had a lot to think about during their six-hour cross-country flight back to the Big Apple.

Since the Blueshirts were in the air on Wednesday, that meant that they weren’t going to be on the ice.

However, come 5PM Wednesday on the east coast, and with the varsity roster back to their homes, the Rangers announced the following:

I don’t lie to you on this site, so while we all know now why this recall took place – at the time – I had no freakin’ explanation on why such a move went down.

And for that matter – nor did anybody else.

When I first heard the news, and even now, knowing that it was because of what was going to happen to Nick Bonino a day later – I just didn’t get it.

Even if there was an injury or a potential trade looming – Jake Leschyshyn, of all people, as the Rangers’ recall? Really?

Need I remind you that during his “epic” career with the Blueshirts, a sum of fourteen games played throughout the course of the past two seasons (thirteen in 2022-23, one this season) – the center is yet to record his first NHL point as a Ranger.

Then again, at least he’s not the second-overall pick of the 2019 NHL Entry Draft, Kaapo Kakko – a player who is currently sitting on four-points in 26 games played.


And with zero goals scored this season – Leschysyhn also has as many goals as Filip Chytil has in his nine games worth of action.

Double ugh!

From my “sauces” in Hartford, better candidates for such a promotion, including Adam Edstrom (who did score a goal in his only game played with the Rangers this season) and Riley Nash are presently injured.

As far as Brennan Othmann, who many are clamoring for?

While not officially stated by anyone in the organization, I’m led to believe that what I’ve said all season is the case – it’s better for Othmann to spend a full season in Hartford – and then compete for a varsity spot come training camp ahead of the 2024-25 campaign.

And I’m not going to rehash all of this again, outside of restating for the 789567565675685785th time that it does Othmann no good to play limited fourth-line minutes (and no power-play time) in New York – and when he can be playing both first-line and power-play minutes with the Wolf Pack.

But of course – everything written right now about Leschyshyn doesn’t really matter – because it’s doubtful that he even plays during the Rangers’ final two games prior to the bye week and All-Star Game.

(Long-story short? He’s an “insurance” call-up and will only play if someone on the varsity roster receives an injury or health ailment.)

This now brings us to Thursday.

I know that a large majority of Blueshirt backers are having parades about Nick Bonino being waived – but not me. Photo Credit: Getty Images

On Thursday morning and now returned to Tarrytown, NY for practice – and for the first time in a while too – Nick Bonino wasn’t in-attendance.

At the time, the Rangers said that #12, nickname “BONES,” was excused due to “personal reasons.”

As the practice ensued, it was soon revealed by the Canadian scribes (and not the Rangers’ beat reporters – the usual) that it was the Blueshirts’ intention (in this case, general manager Chris Drury – but you have to think that Peter Laviolette had a say in this matter too) to waive the former two-time Stanley Cup champion.

And while this was a major development during the practice (and I’m not done yet on this topic) – there were other newsworthy items taking place too, including the following:

— Filip Chytil, in a red no-contact jersey, was back on the ice – and yes – more on this, and all of these items for that matter, once finished discussing Bonino’s departure.

— The longest-tenured Blueshirts’ defensive pairing – and defensemen too for that matter – Adam Fox and Ryan Lindgren, the other BFF duo of this club, were broken up, as Fox skated with the GUS BUS, while Lindgren was paired-up with Braden Schneider.

— The shakiest defenseman on the team today, K’Andre Miller?

He’s still cemented on the Rangers’ first-pair, alongside team captain, Jacob Trouba.

—  Blake Wheeler, and not Will Cuylle, was “re-promoted” to the second line, the BFF line, the frustrating “dynamic duo” known as Mopey Mika and Christopher James Kreider.

— Kaapo Kakko, and just like it was prior to his injury, is now returned to the bottom-six – and where he spent a large part of his time in Anaheim on the Rangers’ fourth line.

While the Feckless Finn received the least amount of TOI this past Sunday – he was returned to the BFF line on Tuesday in San Jose. (More on the assumed Rangers’ line-up for Friday night below.)

Once this “water-cooler” talk of a practice reached its conclusion, we then had one of our longest “LAVY LOUNGES” of the season – and where the head coach spoke for nearly twelve-minutes:

While it’s highly probable that Jonny Brodzinski, the current captain of the ‘Pack, is the next one due back to Hartford (once Chytil can return) – I also don’t think that we’ll see Bonino with JONNY HOCKEY and Brennan Othmann ever again either. Photo Credit: M$GN

At this time, let’s talk Bonino.

As mentioned, during the Rangers’ practice, it was reported that Bonino was going to be waived at 2PM Thursday – and that’s exactly what happened – and as Laviolette would address during his press conference too.

I don’t know if “fall from grace” is exactly the right expression to describe Bonino’s 45-games with the Rangers – but it was evident that the 82-game grind, an NHL regular season, was starting to wear him down a bit.

On December 1st, four days prior to what eventually became the current slide that the Rangers are now going down, this is what I wrote about Bonino during my “2023-24 Quarter-Pole Report Card”:



The $800,000 center has been a revelation for the Rangers – and it doesn’t matter that he “only” has one goal and one assist in the team’s 21-games played this season.

What matters is that he’s playing to his role, as he’s not here to score. Instead, he’s here to win draws and to defend.

And he’s been more than advertised when exceeding in these areas.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating again – how many millions-upon-millions of dollars have the Rangers spent over the years when trying to address and fix their many years of malaise at the dots?

For only $800K – Bonino has done what no one before him has been able to accomplish.

Sure, assistant head coach Michael Peca deserves some credit for the team’s best in the league 56.1% faceoff success rate this season (and where I also do believe that Chytil’s absence bolsters this stat – as he was the worst center in the league at the dots last season – and a trend that has continued throughout his career); but either way – “THE BONINO EFFECT” is clearly apparent.

Not only has the INNOVATOR OF ICE HOCKEY been successful with his backwards/reverse style of taking draws – this new concept has been adopted by his teammates too – as Goodrow, Zibanejad and Trocheck are also winning draws in this fashion.

To go along with all of his contributions at the circle, Bonino, who only averages 11:59 per-game in his bottom-six role, ranks second-best on the club in blocked shots (50). Only Jacob Trouba (75), who averages 22:49 per-game, has more blocks than the player affectionately known as “Bones.”

For the former two-time Stanley Cup champion, his winning pedigree has been contagious – and despite his prime-years behind him – he’s still going all-out for his new team.

You couldn’t ask for anything more.

The Rangers sure love their “Welcome to New York” graphics, and we saw a bevy of them this summer too – but you don’t see too many “GOODBYE FROM NEW YORK” graphics! Photo Credit: NYR

While Bonino was never here to score in the first place, 24-games later, and now at the 57% mark of the 2023-24 campaign – #12 was still stuck on his one goal scored. He also added three assists to his ledger during Games #22 through #47, for a final stat line of 1G, 4A and 5 points.

Winning faceoffs, one of Bonino’s biggest strengths, dropped off since the 25% mark of the season too – as Bonino finishes his time with the Rangers with a 51% success rate – nearly the equivalent of a flip of a coin.

When the news first broke about Bonino’s deportation from New York, it hit me – that innovation, taking faceoffs backwards and in reverse, has gone away from the team during the past six-weeks or so.

And it’s not just Bonino, as other centers, such as Barclay Goodrow and Vincent Trocheck, who both adopted Bonino’s method, have stopped taking draws in this fashion too.

While you can’t blame the Rangers’ recent dip at the battle of the dots for their problems – I do think that it’s part of it when explaining their present struggles.

But obviously, while the faceoff game is a key component between winning and losing – this current Blueshirts squad has a litany list of issues right now – and the topic of faceoffs isn’t exclusive when talking about this team’s woes.

If you include Tyler Pitlick to the bottom row, then Drury is presently batting .800 with his summer six-figure signings for the varsity club – but only if you consider Blake Wheeler, now returned to the top-six, as a success.

I am aware that I’m all over the place, but while I know that many are celebrating Bonino being waived (and I’ll explain why I’m not doing so at the end of this), just some food for thought:

— I wonder what the two goalies, CZAR IGOR and Jonathan Quick, think about this?

Again, I’m just talking about the goalies here – and not management and/or the head coach.

Bonino leaves the Blueshirts as not only their best shot blocking forward – but as the league-leader in this department (78).

(Jacob Trouba, a defenseman, leads the team in blocked shots with 142 of them. For reference, and with Bonino now gone, Goodrow is team’s best shot blocker, with 45 blocked shots.)

Of course, and to give you the other side, naysayers will cite that Bonino’s shot block totals are somewhat artificial and/or inflated – and due to the fact that the majority of his shifts are spent in his own zone.

While that can be true too, what can’t be denied is that Bonino had no problem sacrificing himself for his new, and now former, team.

— Bonino had the worst plus/minus stat (-12) on the Blueshirts.

You know me – I’m an eye-test guy – but for a fourth-line player, and one that usually averages the least TOI on the team – a -12 is no bueno.

And while I know that many have tried to devalue this plus/minus stat over the years (Alexis Lafreniere is -10, now the worst on the team, which is crazy because he plays with Panarin and Trocheck – and just imagine how much better this number would be if #13 was able to put the puck into the net?) – this stat does the support EYE-TEST.

Analytically, and while you know that I don’t care about such crap – but to be fair, I want to give you all sides of the story – Bonino ranks dead last in every made-up chart and stat imaginable.

— What does it say that Bonino’s head was the first to roll – and in favor of Jonny Brodzinski too?

I harbor no ill-will for JONNY HOCKEY, but let’s face it – his “NHL Legacy” is as a “4A Player” – a tippy-top minor-leaguer – but not much of a varsity athlete – and just ask Junior Soprano if you don’t believe me!

But of course, Brodzinski is five-years younger than Bonino, and not only has less mileage on him (and don’t forget – Bonino has had many deep playoff runs as well which only increases the odometer) – but is much faster than the now exiled Ranger too.

But still – a career minor-leaguer defeated a Stanley Cup champion, with tons of NHL experience for a job – and for as long as that may be.

(Chytil will end #22’s playing days soon.)

— Bonino was a “Laviolette Hire,” yet that couldn’t save him.

As Lavy has brought up ever since taking over, and as he did again on Thursday – he’s a big fan of Bonino – both the player on the ice and the person off of the ice.

But the NHL can be a cruel mistress – and it’s a business too.

While who knows if Lavy and Bonino exchange Christmas cards or not – at the end of the day – Lavy supported his GM’s decision – as hockey is a “what have you done for me lately?” business.

From all accounts, Bonino is a quality human being and possesses the utmost quality of character. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Yes, I know.

I’m spending way too much time and energy on a player that at the end of the day, is just a footnote, a not-too-memorable one at that, in Nick Bonino.

And let me be clear – I totally understand why this move was made.

Heck, I kind of suggested it myself two-weeks back – and then a week later too – during my “trade blog” which you can find here:

For a writer who sure loves his cliches, here’s another:

“Father Time is undefeated.”

This is my way of saying, and acknowledging too, that while the grind had gotten to Bonino – I still think that he had some value as an every other game type of player – or at the very least – as a playoff “Black Ace.”

I guess what bothers me the most about this transaction is how so many people (fans) celebrated it – and as if this was the final solution which will then cure all of the Rangers’ problems.

I’ve only been saying the following ever since founding this site over ten-years ago:

I’ll never understand why so many people fixate on fourth-liners (and third-pair defensemen) like Ranger fans do – and as if these players are make-or-break, the difference if you will, between a Stanley Cup win and a playoff series loss.

If you want to say that Bonino hasn’t helped lately, then fine – I’m not arguing against that.

I’m just saying if you think that this move is what will soon spark the Rangers – then you must be smoking the crystal meth.

Bottom line?

Top players need to show up – and the Rangers aren’t getting any of that from Mika Zibanejad these days.

And the excuse period for both Kaapo Kakko and Alexis Lafreniere has long surpassed its freshness date too.

As you’re all aware of (and I’m not just blaming them – as like Bonino – their issues are a sum of the parts – although at much greater degree than the now former #12) – entering this season, a lot of the Rangers’ success hinged on whatever the Year Four (Lafreniere) and Year Five (Kakko) players would do.

And by now – you know it all.

Lafreniere plays well but can’t score.

Kakko is an overpaid version of Jesper Fast – and worse than that – nowhere as good as the former multiple-time winner of the Rangers “Players’ Player” award recipient.

As far as Bonino’s future goes, nothing is set in stone yet – outside of his tomb with “Rangers’ Alum” on it.

It is both thought and speculated (but again – not confirmed) that Bonino has no interest in playing in the AHL.

Come 2PM Friday, we’ll get a better indication of what’s next for Bonino.

Since he’s now waived, another team could claim him, and maybe the Blackhawks could be a suitor.

If not, then perhaps the Rangers will release him from his contract, as a favor/acknowledgement to what he brought to the team, where in that event, then Bonino can sign on with someone else for even less than he’s making now.

In closing, while Bonino’s tenure with the Rangers will eventually become forgettable over the course of time (in other words – he’s not Mats Zuccarello) – I do hope for the best for him.

It just didn’t work out – and since this is a “WIN NOW” team – harsh decisions had to be made.

Moving on to our next topic – Filip Chytil.

While the MAN WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED BY THE RANGERS, former team trainer Jim Ramsay, won’t be around the next time Chytil suffers a concussion – odds are that the Czech will receive another one. As you have to know by now – once you get one concussion, then you’re more susceptible to receiving another – and with seven documented concussions (and who knows how many more that went undocumented), you have to figure that #72 won’t finish his career without sustaining any more head trauma. Photo Credit: Getty Images

I won’t go too long on Chytil’s return, because after all, I’ve already done all of this.

In other words, check out this site’s archives for every word that’s been previously written about Mr. Chytil.

On Thursday, and as first broken by ESPN’s Emily Kaplan – Chytil is back in New York – and now returned to Rangers’ practice.

During his “LAVY’S LOUNGE,” the head coach said that this was the first step in Chytil’s return and where everyone and their mother believes that #72 will make his return to the line-up on 2/5.

As previously opined on this site, and as a “Rangers’ Historian” who is all too familiar with every bad thing that’s ever happened to this franchise – it’s my prediction that Chytil will score a goal in his next game played (like both Lafreniere and Kakko, Chytil is another first-round pick that scores every ten-games played and then does nothing else in-between) – and will remain healthy through the trade deadline.

Then, and following March 8th, the date of the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline?

That’s when Chytil will receive another concussion.

In other words, Chytil’s return screws the Rangers, as they won’t be able to make a big splash due to the salary cap – and even worse – his next concussion will take him out of the playoffs too.

Like, love, dislike or hate Chytil, this much is true:

Like Bonino, he’s not the best fit for a WIN NOW team.

And just like Bonino as well – a tough decision should have been made here – which means that Chytil should have been shut down for the season.

At the very least (and I still think that it’s foolish for Chytil to come back at all this season – and I say this as someone who is well-versed in this concussion topic) – Chytil should be shutdown for the remainder of the regular season for cap-help.

Again – this is a BUSINESS.

(Even so, I still wouldn’t play Chytil in the first-round, as it’s the hardest hitting round of the playoffs and I don’t want to see him become a vegetable one day – but if he has to play, then I’d rather see the Rangers go down the “Nikita Kucherov” route – and as explained about about a million times in the past on this site.)

One second-to-last reference to Bonino for the rest of the season?

This one:

If you think that the addition of Chytil, and just like the demotion of Bonino, will get this team out of their funk and straight to the Stanley Cup Final – then you my friend are smoking the crack cocaine – and not even the good stuff that the 1986 New York Mets get – as you’re getting the stuff that the 2024 Penn Station junkies get!

Good luck Filip Chytil – and may you be able to recite your own name come this time next year.

Laviolette pulled a “Miller” on Thursday – or so I say! Photo Credit: ESPN

Based on the practice lines from Thursday, the Rangers’ line-up for Friday night against Vegas looks like this:

FIRST LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

SECOND LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Wheeler

THIRD LINE: Cuylle/Brodzinski/Kakko

FOURTH LINE: Vesey/Goodrow/Pitlick

FIRST PAIR: Miller/Trouba

SECOND PAIR: Gustafsson/Fox

THIRD PAIR: Lindgren/Schneider



Healthy Scratches: Leschyshyn and Jones

LTIR: Chytil

I’m sorry folks (and yes – the following is an exaggeration as I don’t believe this really happened) – but did Will Cuylle make a pass at one of the women in Laviolette’s life – and whether it be his wife or his daughter?

After all, what else does #50, who only had a one-game audition with the top-six (and one that only ended because the useless Kakko returned), have to do?

We all know that the Rangers have to make some moves at the deadline.

But in the interim, why isn’t Cuylle getting a chance?

I mean really – Wheeler in the top-six again?

And a Wheeler, who much like his summer signing peer, Bonino, could be the next one out of town?

I just don’t get it.

All Cuylle has done is succeed – and exceed too – in his role as a bottom-sixer.

Why not give him the ball?

After all, he can’t be any worse than the three-time demoted Kakko (under Lavy).

And while I can understand why you don’t want to fool around with the GAG 2.0 Line – maybe Cuylle only adds to their scoring totals – and especially since Lafreniere has only hindered this line’s goal scoring totals.

We all know that this team needs a shot in the arm.

And we also know that not much can be done until the hours prior to March 8th.

In other words, going back to what hasn’t worked in the past makes no sense to me.


I can’t explain Lavy’s decision to break up Fox and Lindgren. Photo Credit: NYR

For the life of me, I don’t understand why Fox and Lindgren, the Rangers’ most successful d-pair, are being broken up – and while Miller and Trouba remain in-tact.

That said, I do understand why you’d want to give Schneider some help – but demoting Lindgren isn’t the answer.

By pairing Fox with Gustafsson, this creates a more offensive-oriented duo – but where Fox – the team’s best d-man – and most offensively aware too – will have to limit his scoring chances while manning the Blueshirts’ blue line.

Even Brian Leetch had Jeff Beukeboom – and not Sergei Zubov.

The flip-side of this, and the logical answer for these changes, is that the team’s best defensive-defenseman, #55, should allow #4, Mr. Schneider, to take more offensive chances.

But at what cost?

By decreasing Lindgren’s time in order to increase “MILLER TIME” doesn’t make sense these days, as #79 personifies the team’s “consistently inconsistent label.

But of course – I’m a HOCKEY FAN – and not a lifelong HOCKEY MAN like Laviolette.

That disclaimer aside, I don’t know how Lindgren and Fox get broken up, while the other “Thunder Buddies,” aka BFF, Zibanejad and Kreider, remain in-tact.

The current Metro standings following all games played from 1/25. Photo Credit: Google

As noted before on this site, and as is evident in the graphic depicted above – the Rangers are very fortunate that the whole Metropolitan division is in a state of mediocrity.

The Flyers, once red-hot, are now on a four-game losing streak.

The Devils, Islanders and Capitals are all in a state of disarray.

But the Hurricanes, who entered this season as the odds-on favorite to win the division?

They are now only two-points back – and where winning this division does matter.

After all, who would you rather see in the post-season?

A John Tortorella led-Flyers, a Devils’ team that embarrassed you last year – or a Detroit Red Wings (second wild-card) squad that would be just happy to end their playoff drought?

Man, do the Rangers need to turn it around – and turn it around quick.

One last thing before going home.

I don’t hide it and regular readers of this site already know – I’m a big fan of Ron Duguay, he’s been one of my sources in the past, he showed up for free at a watch party that my friends were running (“The Blueshirt Underground Show”) and his equal love of Rangers’ history has united us. Plus – he’s just a great guy and I always enjoy our conversations. Photo Credit: Woodlawn Cemetery

I haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet (my work schedule sucks – my last reminder for the night!), but as I was putting this puppy to bed, I saw the following tweet from Ron Duguay:

The other #10 (and yep – where Panarin is now the most famous #10 in Rangers’ history – and Duguay will admit as much himself), later said that he wasn’t “canceled” by the team – but that he was “canceling them.”

I really don’t know what this means, but if I were to assume, then I am to think that Duguay’s politics, and his current girlfriend too (Sarah Palin), could be the reason why.

As we all know – social media – and public perception too – skews liberal – and while the majority of America continues to vote for <GASP> Donald Trump.

I don’t want to get into politics on this site, but we all know that politics ended Duguay’s previous gigs with both the M$GN and theNew York Post.

But do you know what I like the most about Duguay?

Just like his former podcast host, the birdbrain twit, Mollie Walker – he “doesn’t give a shit” either.

However you feel about Doogie, this much can’t be denied – he always stays true to himself and won’t bend over backwards for anyone.

It would be very easy for him to wave the liberal pom-poms/go with the flow – and then maintain all of his post-career employment opportunities.

Instead, and as a man of morals – he sticks up for what he feels is right – and if you don’t agree with it, then that’s on you if you make an issue about it.

What’s sad about this world in 2024 is that if you don’t align with the assumed political majority (or at least on social media), then you become a scapegoat.

For both yours truly and hockey fans?

I hope that Duguay gets another NHL-related gig somewhere – as his valuable and experienced hockey brain should always be exposed to the masses.

Both the M$GN and NYP got scared – but as we’re seeing with others – fighting back is an option – and people are getting sick of the non-stop liberal narrative that’s always being jammed down everyone’s throat.

That said – and to be clear too – I don’t care how any of you vote and/or feel politically.

Be a liberal. Be a conservative. Hell, be a communist or an anarchist too. It doesn’t matter to me.

What does matter to me, and what I hate, is how one side feels the need to “cancel” the other side for thinking differently.

This is America – where freedom of speech and the exchange of different opinions should be allowed – and without fear of reprisal.


It’s like the Joseph Stalin “Russian Gulag” era – and where only one voice is allowed to be heard without impunity.

Kind of sounds like Kim Jong Un. No?

Be you Ron – and one day – we’ll get that Tex Rickard screenplay done!

If the Golden Knights want to win tonight against the Rangers, then they should claim Nick Bonino – as that’s an easy goal for right there! Photo Credit: Getty Images

Back at it late Friday night, with a Rangers v. Knights GAME REVIEW.

One last time – I’m going dark on social media come 7PM – and for those who have my cell phone number – please don’t text me about the game either!


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4 thoughts on “The First “Skate” Drops: Nick Bonino First Casualty of Reeling Rangers – Yet All Flaws Still Exist, Chris Drury’s Summer of ’23, Filip Chytil Back with Blueshirts – But for How Long? Jake Leschyshyn Round III, Ron Duguay “Cancels” Rangers, What Did Will Cuylle Do To Laviolette; Fox and Lindgren Broken Up Too & More

  1. Sean – I agree with you that political comments aren’t a good idea for this blog, especially since in mentioning former President Trump in the Duguay segment of this report you got it wrong by writing that “the majority of America continues to vote for Donald Trump.” In fact, the majority of America has never voted for Trump. He’s only been in two national elections, and both times his opponents received millions more votes than he did.

    1. Yet he is correct in stating that Ron’s political leanings and current relationship with Sarah Palin has been a driving force, first for his dismissal from MSG and now his disassociating himself from Ranger Alumni events. I suppose not really shocking considering that current ownership has used facial recognition to keep anyone critical of ownership out of the building. Sad ending fir a guy who was a big part of the Ranger family for over 40 years.

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