NYR/SJS 1/23 Review: The One Line Blueshirts Blow It Against The Last-Place & Historically Awful Sharks in the Most “Rangery” Way Possible, Another Two-Goal Lead Evaporates in Two-Minutes; The Alumni Goal Allowed Too, Mopey Mika, The Feckless Finn & LaCantFinish Still Stuck in the Mud, Help is NOT on the Way; Latest on Chytil, Emily Kaplan Pilfered By Beat, Too Many Excuses, M$GN & More

On the final leg of their four-game PST road-trip, where “Lavy’s Lot” ultimately finished 1-2-1 – the Rangers created a new candidate for “worst loss of the season” in their sickening 3-2 overtime “blow job” to the last-place San Jose Sharks. It’s just amazing, that despite how bad the Blueshirts have looked during the past months’ worth of games (under .500), that they still remain first-place in the division – but between the Flyers hitting a skid, the Canes battling injuries and “Metropolitan Mediocrity” – the team from the Big Apple is still five-points ahead of the second-place Flyers – and with a game-in hand to boot. And yep – that’s your silver lining from this INEXCUSABLE and PATHETIC loss from Tuesday night.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. I sacrificed six-hours of sleep (and a six-pack too) for this?

Off puck drop, and if you need a reminder, then here it is:

My “real-life” job (this site is my “fake job” – or what normal people would refer to as a “hobby”) have shifted my hours from 3PM-11:30PM, which is why the style and tone of this blog may both look and sound different than usual.

(But you be the judge and let me know.)

And because of these new working hours – that’s why I’m even more personally pissed-off than usual following tonight’s 3-2 overtime loss to the shitty San Jose Sharks.

After all, not only did I put in a hard eight-hours at the “9-5” (or in this case, 3-11:30), and where not only did I watch tonight’s terrifying defeat after the fact on my DVR – but I’m here to share my usual 10,000 words with you – and where 10,000% of them are either negative or furious!

But another kick to the dick was to be expected, no?

After all, just check out my Rangers/Ducks GAME REVIEW blog here: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/12124/

If you notice, then you’ll see that I said nothing had changed for the Blueshirts and that the rare (at least these days) victory felt hollow.

Furthermore, this is how I closed that blog:

“To wrap-up this win – I just don’t feel confident about the Rangers right now – and where I still think that they need to make a bevy of moves in order to win a Stanley Cup.

“And really – and be honest with yourself – would it surprise you if they lay a dud to the last-place San Jose Sharks on Tuesday night?

“I hope not – but as they say – that’s why they play the games on the ice!”

Want more “expertise” from someone who alleges to be glass half-full?

This is what I tweeted out before tonight’s game – and prior to going “dark” on social media (I didn’t want any spoilers – and as noted in Sunday’s blog):

For those wondering, these were the second-highest odds that the Rangers have received from the “sharps” in Vegas this year – as earlier this season, they were nearly 5:1 against the Chicago Blackhawks – and where they almost lost that game too.

For the first time in his Rangers’ career (sans the playoffs – of course) – the normal start-of-the-season slow-as-shit Zibanejad slump has now turned into a mid-season slump – and it’s hurting the Blueshirts – and it’s hurting them big-time.

Not even my season-long daily disclaimer, the one featured below, can shelter and blind my rage right now:


As noted up top – it’s just amazing that the Rangers are not only in first-place – but because of the competition having their own issues too – they are still favored to run away with it.

But of course – playoff hockey isn’t regular season hockey – and does anyone think that the Rangers can go all the way with this roster as presently constructed?

And as we’ll get into below – if you think that Filip Chytil is the X-factor, the missing link if you will, between a playoff loss and a Stanley Cup win – then you must’ve laid $350 to win $100 on the Rangers tonight!

This is not news to regular readers of this site – I’m CZAR IGOR’s biggest fan (outside of his family) – and I was also wearing his KHL jersey to Ranger games going all the way back to 2017 – which was three years before his NHL debut! (Hi Travis!)

There was so much bad stuff that went down on Tuesday night – outright dog shit to be precise – and yep, and as always – most of it was the “same old script,” including, but not limited to, the following:

— Only the GAG Line 2.0 can score.

Once again, the two Ranger goals were produced by this line, as Alexis Lafreniere and Vincent Trocheck were credited with assists on what was pretty much a goal that was all Adam Fox.

The Rangers’ second goal, their last goal, was the end result of another individual effort, this time from “The Breadman.”

Mika Zibanejad’s line?

All I hear is Edna Krapappel-Flanders (RIP) from “The Simpsons” in my head:

Photo Credit: The Simpsons

— Another “Blueshirts Brain Fart” (trademark pending) and another goal in the back of the Rangers’ net.

On this night, it was Erik Gustafsson’s turn to join the party, as “The Gus Bus” became the latest offender – and culprit when extending CZAR IGOR’s no shutout streak. Speaking of…

— Another sub .900% for #31, who finished at .864%.

Say what you want about the three goals that CZAR IGOR gave up tonight – and really you can finger-point at numerous things – such as the GUS BUS miscue, a screened/deflection goal and a game-winner where perhaps the Sharks committed two penalties (interference) prior to scoring it.

That said, the other goalie, and not a very good one, was better – and had a much heavier work load too (check the BOX SCORE segment for all of it).

And while on this topic…

— Another AHL starter/fringe NHLer knocking off the Blueshirts.

Tonight, it was MacKenzie Blackwood – a former Devil who has now become a journeyman.

At this rate, should Sieve Vagistat try to gear up for an NHL comeback – then I can see him beating these 2023-24 Rangers too.

That’s how bad this negative trend has reached.

— The Lotto Pick Kids? To quote the deceased Edna Krapappel-Flanders again – “HA!”

The Feckless Finn and Lacantfinish need a few more games each for their next Haley’s Comet Goal.

Kakko, still enjoying his four-points this season, was once again horrible as a member of the top-six – and where you have to wonder if Will Cuylle has made a pass at Laviolette’s wife.

There’s no other reason to explain Kakko getting chance-after-chance on the top-six and with nothing to show for it.


Same old story – he plays well – but he can’t score to save his life – and where just like in about half of these losses this season (if not more than 50%) – another failed chance (of many) from the first-overall pick was a major difference between a win and a loss.

— The “Feel Good Rangers” becoming someone’s slumpbuster? Hello San Jose, here we are!

The Rangers, previously possessing the best power-play in the league, went 0-3 against not only the league’s worst penalty kill – but a PK that’s tracking to become one of the all-time worst in NHL history.

There was no other bigger offender than Mika Zibanejad – and where if he’s not shooting a one-timer to Timbuktu – then he’s turning over the puck too.

— Blowing a two goal lead within two-minutes? You know it!

Once again, the Rangers, up 2-0 in the third period – and it only took the Sharks 2:08 (so an eight-second improvement – throw a party) to tie the game.

I know that the Rangers have allowed two goals within two-minutes or less twenty times this season.

From the EYE TEST, I’d reckon to guess that the Rangers have allowed two goals within a time-span of four-minutes or less in 90% of their 47 games played this season.

— Last but not least, the ANTI-RANGER HAT TRICK? You can check this one too!

Former Ranger Ryan Carpenter scored the Sharks’ equalizer tonight. Not only was this San Jose’s second goal within 2:08 – but it was also the former fourth line center’s third goal of the season – and with his goal scored in the Sharks’ 6-5 loss at M$G earlier this season – two-thirds of all of his scoring has taken place against CZAR IGOR and Co.

And of course – every SAMMY WHAMMY hit tonight too (all covered in the GAME REVIEW) – but to blame this jackal for the Rangers’ issues is silly. However, it’s just insane how all of his “prophecies” always burn the Blueshirts.

There’s a lot to get into tonight and I’m running on fumes here, so let’s rock-and-roll – and as fast as possible.

Let’s hit the pregame news and notes first – and then everything else from the Rangers’ latest fiasco afterwards.

Up first, the Scrambled Egg Head Czech, Filip Chytil.

Chytil’s former girlfriend, ESPN’s Emily Kaplan (this is an on-going joke – they never dated – so you don’t have to tell me), broke the news on Monday that #72 is returning to New York – and as you read these words – he’s already back. Photo Credit: ESPN

On Monday, Emily Kaplan tweeted the following:

Kudos to Kaplan – and who like a Canadian reporter – out-scooped the horrible Blueshirts’ beat.

But if you want word on the best Hal-Al food cart in Manhattan – then Wince and Mollie should be your go-to birdbrain beat reporters.

What pissed me off the most about Kaplan’s tweet, aside from Chytil soon to sink the Rangers’ salary-cap situation, is that Kaplan broke this story – and these terrible Ranger reporters, without a moral fiber in their being, then pretended that they knew what the eff was going on.

Both Wince & Mollie, and a few hours after Kaplan had the scoop on her former flame – reported the same – and without crediting Kaplan.

Instead, these two dimwitted thieves said “a league source told me…”

Guess what?

A league source told me that Chytil was coming back to New York too!

Do you know who that source was?

Emily freakin’ Kaplan?

Is it that hard to credit someone for their work?

Then again, you currently have the king of the Blueshirts’ beat, Larry Brooks, out-right stealing stuff from this site – and “The Blueshirt Underground Show” too.

Back to the story and out of the beef with these bozos!

I gave you all of my Ranger trade ideas on Saturday night, and if you missed it, then you can find that blog here: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/12024/

As noted in that blog – all of these trade ideas were suggested – and can only be done – should Chytil be unable to return.

Now that it looks like his return is imminent (most likely after the All-Star Game and bye week – but that’s not confirmed – that’s just speculation) – the Rangers are back to square one – not a pot to piss in – and where it’s going to take a miracle to make the moves that are required at the trade deadline.

I know that many fans believe that Chytil can help this team – but I have yet to see why.

Throw out Chytil’s zero goals in nine games played from this season.

Has there ever been a time where he’s been a game-changer?

And now with a litany list of concussion history under his belt?

I know my Blueshirts’ history – and all 98-years of it (I am a Rangers’ historian after all!) – and I predict that his next concussion will take place after March 8th – when the trade deadline expires.

That’s just the way it works for this franchise.

Is Chytil an upgrade over bottom-six centers like Nick Bonino and Jonny Brodzinski?


But is he better than say an Adam Henrique who could be had if Chytil doesn’t return?

Hell to the mother-effin’ NO.

Similar to Lafreniere and Kakko, I look forward to Chytil’s return – where once back – he’ll score a goal and just like last season, then go twenty-games without one.

After all, and just like #13 and #24 – Chytil’s next game will be his tenth – and it’s usually every ten games when one of these three score.

Welcome back.


(But in all seriousness – should he return as is assumed – then I think that it’s a major mistake for the human-being. As noted many times before, I think he should be extremely cautious, ala Sidney Crosby, and sit out the season. Nobody wants to see this guy as a vegetable by the time that he hits 25-years-old.)

In other Rangers’ center news, it was announced on Monday that Vincent Trocheck is going to the All-Star Game – an announcement that should’ve been made weeks ago! Photo Credit: NYR

Due to injuries elsewhere, it was announced on 1/22 that Trocheck is a replacement for the likes of Jack Eichel and Connor Bedard – and despite playing in a different conference – #16 is going to the All-Star Game.

I’ve already tackled this topic in-depth before – but needless to say – once Panarin announced that he wouldn’t be going, then Trocheck, and certainly not CZAR IGOR, should have been the Rangers’ first representative.

Congratulations to Trocheck – who not only is going to the All-Star Game (his second but his first as a Blueshirt) – but he is now also tracking to become the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award winner this season.

And foolish me!

I thought that the GUS BUS was going to win that award – but like the Stanley Cup – year-end awards aren’t won in November!

As far as anything else from Monday, and while speaking about Gustafsson who missed one game and then returned during this west-coast swing – also taking place on 1/22 was the Rangers announcing that the frequent-flier known as Matthew Robertson was returned to Hartford.

At least he got an NHL paycheck for two days.

I’m not liking Laviolette’s new trend of making excuses after losses – and as he’d do again following this 3-2 OT loss.

Following a morning skate where nothing of note took place, and only after the corporate “RISE AND SHINE” practice was concluded, Laviolette conducted his pregame edition of “LAVY’S LOUNGE.”

Here it is:

The biggest thing to come from this pregame interview was not “LAVY’S LINE-UP” (which wound up being the one that he started with in Anaheim – and not the one that he finished with), but his remarks about Chytil.

I wouldn’t say that Laviolette was dismissive about the Chytil questions, but he just said there’s no timetable on his return, while confirming that he is back in New York.

He reiterated this statement several times over, as these dumbass beat reporters weren’t satisfied with his original answer.

Here was Laviolette’s line-up for the forty-seventh game of this 2023-24 season – and where for the life of me – I don’t know why Cuylle is still on the third line:

FIRST LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

SECOND LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Kakko

THIRD LINE: Cuylle/Brodzinski/Wheeler

FOURTH LINE: Goodrow/Bonino/Vesey

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Gustafsson/Schneider


BACK-UP: Quick




The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





31 2 29 .935 25 2 2 0 0 61:29 0


22 3 19 .864 15 4 0 0 0 61:29 0

Brian Boyle is really growing on me as a studio analyst – and he should replace Vagistat on a permanent basis. Without question, this was his best broadcast as a solo analyst – and his last game with Henrik Lundqvist was pretty amazing too. Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the first time this season, we had a studio panel of Bill Pidto and Brian Boyle, as John Giannone was off calling the Knicks on radio while Sieve Vagistat was presumably (and ALLEGEDLY) at “The Ramrod.”

Not that this means anything, but I always thought that Pidto handled the Knicks and that Giannone was exclusive to the Rangers.

To open, Boyle said the two most obvious things – the Rangers had to salvage this road-trip and you can’t lose to the last place San Jose Sharks – a DQ team that had played the night before (4-3 shootout win over Los Angeles).

(And so much for that!)

After the B&B connection raved about Adam Fox, the new broadcasting duo praised CUYLLE HAND LUKE – where yes – he should be in Laviolette’s top-six – and not the feckless Finn.

Vincent Trocheck was talked about in an admirable fashion when Boyle said what I’ve said, what you’ve said and what everyone’s mother said too – NONNA TROCHECK’S BAMBINO should have been named as an All-Star from the jump. However, Boyle and Pidto shied away from saying, “instead of CZAR IGOR.”

And of course, and unlike Vagistat – Boyle was able to intelligently talk about Trocheck, having played the center position throughout the course of his career (and yep – Boyle logged a whole lot more than just 46-games during his NHL career too).

With no ANALytics and stupid charts to promote, the two continued to talk about the Rangers and mentioned how Filip Chytil was on his way back to New York – but to back up what Laviolette had said earlier in the day – there’s no timetable on the Czech’s eventual return.

Returned from a commercial break, Pidto and Boyle informed us that the San Jose Sharks suck – and how they rank dead-last in every pertinent stat – real stats – and not EXPECTED stats.

The former Ranger center also brought up how the Sharks began the season 0-10 and how that was just embarrassing.

Following that, M$GN got a great camera shot of Panarin giving a stick to a young tyke. As mentioned about 9687786876387468736746 billions times before on this site – I always love seeing this stuff – and this is how you create fans for life – and I speak from personal experience (Petr Nedved for me – even though I was long hooked before then).

Our next segment featured Bill & Brian at the bar that no one ever drinks at and where Boyle won my heart when he said, “I’m not an analytics guy, I’m not into that…”

After hearing that – maybe I will have my friend Mike Cosby, from Gerry Cosby’s jersey company, remove my Kevin Shattenkirk nameplate from my #22 Rangers’ jersey and replace it with Boyle’s surname!

Up next was an interesting conversation about Ryan Reaves in Toronto – and his lack of playing time too. Pidto had a good question when he asked his partner, “do you really care about playing time when you’re 37-years-old and have a three-year deal?”

Boyle said yes – but Pidto’s point was strong.

The two then talked about other around the league subjects, such as the Connor Bedard injury and Carter Hart announcing that he’d be stepping away from the Flyers for a while due to “personal reasons.”

After Pidto us to gamble our life savings on the game, we then went to Beavis and Michelettihead.

For new readers, don’t take my comments about Sam and Joe to heart. I use them for comic relief – and I do actually enjoy their shenanigans – even if they do rile me up with their never-ending mindless wandering and reverse curses. Photo Credit: M$GN

During their initial face-time segment, where if you can believe it, it looks like both Sam and Joe have shed even more forehead follicles from their clear-as-day scalps; both men said a Rangers’ win tonight saves the trip.

(Again – so much for that.)

Obviously, I disagreed with what they had said, because had the Rangers won, then the Blueshirts would have beaten the two worst teams (Ducks and Sharks) in the NHL – and to “King Kong” yourself after a win over the Sharks is like bragging about winning a spelling bee against a bunch of four-year-olds.

(And now with the loss? Hmmm.)

After Sam talked about the third line, where he almost busted out “STUCK HERE IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU” after saying “Cuylle on the left, Wheeler on the right;” Sam and Joe confirmed to us that the Sharks should be relegated to the ECHL.

(Stuck in the middle? A whole bunch of Ranger “jokers” – or should I say “chokers?”)

And of course, and without the puck even dropped – Logan Couture, just because he was returning – was named as tonight’s KIA CARD PLAYER OF THE GAME.

You can’t make this up.

After that, Sam pulled his pants down and rubbed himself red-raw and furious when talking about Fabian Zetterlund.

Once toweling his crotch dry, Rosen then sincerely asked Micheletti for his “Taco Bell Take.” Jumpin’ Joe then praised the longest-tenured Ranger, Chris Kreider.

And now, GAME REVIEW time!

The fact that these two can’t score goals is Gallant’s fault? Am I right? I still detest ever “TURK TRUTHER” in this fan base!

FYI: Since I didn’t “live tweet” this game due to my work schedule, and to make things easier for myself – everything that you’re about to read below is stuff that I wrote as I was watching the game.

In other words, instead of “blog notes,” I kept an on-going notebook here, just so I could get this blog published ASAP.

I only bring this up because you’re going to read stuff below (and I did rewrite some things for syntax purposes) and then think that I just wrote from a “hindsight is 20/20” perspective.

But no joke: I wrote everything below as it was happening – and said, and even with the Rangers up 2-0 – that I had a bad feeling about what the final result would be.

I swear on beer and whisky – so now you know that I’m telling the truth!

Let’s roll.


The second line, still featuring Kakko, began the game and where Mopey Mika won the first faceoff.

Joe, not a second after the win at the dot, said that the Rangers had no excuse to lose this game – so you can tell how he has no confidence in these guys either these days – and you can’t blame him.

Sam’s response?

To go for a round two on himself and treat his body like it was an amusement park when praising Zetterlund – where yep – the HOF announcer had to inform us that the Shark was a former Devil. (Sam loves the Devils’ and Isles’ alumni.)

With 18:53 remaining, Zibanejad and Hertl collided, but both were fine afterwards. Rosen then told us that Hertl is a “big horse” – and then talked about his groin.

I’m not making this up.

I’m also not making this up:

Rosen said that it was thought that Hertl’s horse cock injury was career-threatening.

After telling us how much the Sharks were injured and sucked, while also giving us every player’s social security number; it was then brought up that if the Rangers were to win tonight, then Laviolette would tie Al Arbour (Isles’ alum) for 782 career wins as an NHL head coach.

Down to 16:50 remaining, JONNY HOCKEY forced a turnover and then had a mini-breakaway look at MacKenzie Blackwood. Since the Rangers aren’t allowed to score breakaway goals – Blackwood (Devils’ alum) made the save.

Twenty-seconds later, Kakko turned over the puck – and so much for that Selke Trophy.

After still lamenting about the injured Sharks, as Sam continued to read the San Jose media guide as if it was a phone book; with 15:15 to go, Duclair raced to CZAR IGOR but Adam Fox was able to get back and break up what would’ve been a goal allowed (these days).

Down to 13:32 to go, Zibanejad, following a broken play, couldn’t beat Blackwood – and then went wide on the rebound after.

No less than a minute later, a Goodrow and Vesey 2 x 1 odd-man rush was denied by Blackwood too, as the Sharks’ goalie stopped the former Hobey Baker winner.

After talking about DQ a bit, and where maybe this was telling – Rosen didn’t use the customary preface of “OLD FRIEND” when talking about him; down to 12:05 remaining, Fox, during a broken play/scramble at Blackwood’s net – the 2021 Norris Trophy winner was able to slam the puck home through the wickets.

1-0, GOOD GUYS – and finally – an early lead for the Rangers – something that we haven’t seen much of lately.

(But the end result would still be the same.)

As usual, following the Fox goal (and maybe Laviolette should use his timeout or ask his players to fake an injury whenever his team scores) – the Sharks had two chances at CZAR IGOR – but fortunately – no quick goal allowed – and as is often the case.

Down to 10:05 to go and as Rosen told us that Trocheck had now recorded his 300th assist 300 times, the Sharks once again got to CZAR IGOR, but Hertl lost the puck just as he was about to make his move.

Following a bad JONNY HOCKEY turnover, Schneider and Gustafsson bailed their forward out, but the Sharks remained on the attack, which led to CZAR IGOR making his third save of the period with 8:05 remaining.

Fifteen-seconds later and Goodrow went for a puck on pads play, and on the rebound, Vesey was wide-open and had an empty net to shoot at – and yep – the puck, which was on-edge, went wide.

And yep, this too – Sam confused Goodrow for Vesey – the usual.

With six-minutes remaining, Lafreniere, who could’ve shot the puck, opted for a wrap-around one-timer to Panarin. “The Breadman” whiffed.

Come 5:15 to go, Miller prevented Duclair from a breakaway – which also meant that the Sharks were still sitting on three measly SOG at the time.

A minute later and CZAR IGOR made a simplistic glove save on Couture.

With 3:14 remaining, Blackwood, while screened, stopped Lindgren as #55, while not that successful with his scoring chances, continues to make things happen.

As Sam and Joe raved about Trocheck some more (and this was good – as both were happy to hear that he was finally going to the All Star game), a Kakko to Mika one-timer went nowhere – the usual.

Sam and Joe then told us that Acacio Marques, the Blueshirts’ equipment trainer, was celebrating his 2,000th NHL game – but who he spent the majority of those games with was never mentioned – as the name JIM RAMSAY has been stricken from the Rangers’ record.

After stopping Kyle Burroughs, CZAR IGOR left the net empty for the Shark to score an easy rebound goal – but Burroughs missed the vacated net afforded to him – and as if he was paying tribute to both Kakko and Lafreniere.

However, and just seconds later, and with 1:23 to go, Trocheck was sent to the sin bin for kneeing.

The Sharks’ power-play had their chances, but between shooting wide, over-passing and a big glove save on Hertl, the Rangers’ penalty kill kept the Sharks off of the board.

1-0, GOOD GUYS, through twenty-minutes.

And since I was watching this game on delay – I don’t have my live 1P Tweeter thoughts for you tonight!

If these two forwards don’t score, then don’t expect anyone else to.


Following Sam’s ritualistic question of “SECOND PERIOD, WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR HERE JOE?” (“How about a CZAR IGOR shutout for once Slammin’ Sammy?”); the Rangers killed the remaining 37-seconds on Trocheck’s penalty.

And yes – Sam brought up “wet spots” again (but not his wet noodle) after Hertl failed on a good scoring chance.

Down to 18:22 remaining and there was “THE BREADMAN” who went Harlem Globetrotter on the Sharks for another elite goal scorer’s goal this season.

2-0, GOOD GUYS, following Panarin’s shake-and-bake (on Sturm) and top-roof goal. Man, is he feeling it this season – and yep – another strike for the GAG 2.0 Line too.

After the goal, and following Rosen talking about Panarin procreating goals and children (his future newborn is due sometime next week); the Rangers’ third line had an excellent shift in the Sharks’ zone with 17:00 remaining.

Thirty-seconds later and CZAR IGOR came up with two highlight reel saves on Alexandar Barbanov. However, following the second save, Trouba was boxed for delay of game – which was odd – since CZAR IGOR had froze the puck – or so I thought.

And not that it matters – Rosen didn’t see what happened either – but obviously – he doesn’t see 99.9% of the these games anyway.

(We later got a replay that showed us that Trouba put the puck over the glass – and a play that the M$GN cameras missed live.)

The Rangers finished this penalty kill by going 2-2 on the night.

The Blueshirts may have gotten a break here too, as just 33-seconds in, Lindgren tripped Hertl but nothing was called.

The biggest stop here was with nine-seconds remaining – and whew – CZAR IGOR robbed Kunin on a rush from the goalie’s right side.

Down to 13:24 remaining, and Kakko, who you finally did notice, drew a hooking call on Okhotiuk.

Now on the power-play for the first time tonight – the Rangers couldn’t get their field goal against the worst penalty kill in the league – but they did get brownie points for spending 98% of their power-play in the Sharks’ zone.

The Blueshirts’ man-advantage went like this:

Mika denied, Mika blocked, Mika turnover – and this was all in the first-minute.

During the back half, and with only Wheeler of the PP2 unit coming on with 30-seconds remaining, #17 turned over the puck and that was that.

Down to 10:45 remaining and with his team running around like chickens with their heads lopped off – CZAR IGOR, like a centerfielder trying to bring a homerun ball back from over the wall, nabbed a Sharks’ shot out of the air.

At the half-way mark of the game/period, we remained at 2-0, GOOD GUYS – but it just felt like the Rangers were allowing the Sharks to hang around.

In other words – and maybe this is just me (and read my blogs from the last few weeks for such evidence) – it’s hard to feel confident in this team right now.

This much is for sure: They lack that “Mariano Rivera” factor – as you’re always concerned about them closing games – and their inability to blow out a bad team like this despite numerous chances to do so was deja vu.

As Lafreniere went wide with 8:28 to go, six-seconds later, Panarin was boxed for tripping Hertl. This was a good penalty, as if it hadn’t happened, then Hertl would’ve had a clear-as-day breakaway at CZAR IGOR.

But similar to what I said on Sunday night about Mika’s one-timer – this penalty doesn’t happen if Lafreniere put the puck on net.

Once again, the Rangers’ PK was successful here on third kill (no SOG allowed either) and Kreider almost had a short-handed goal too – but you know the deal – the odd-man rush shot went wide.

Following the kill, Blackwood stopped Vesey while Panarin was blocked. Then, with 6:03 to go, Jan Rutta was boxed for holding Trocheck.

The league’s former best power-play against the league’s current worst penalty kill went 0-2 at this point in the match.

This latest failure saw Mika turn over the puck twice (two clears for the Sharks), Fox get stopped by a Blackwood blocker save, the PP2 coming on with 40-seconds remaining, Brodzinski missing the net from six-inches away (not exaggerating – even though Blackwood got a piece of it – but even so – it was a play like this which has earned #22 the “4A” label), Trouba shooting wide and that was that.

Once returned to full-strength, Blackwood stopped Lindgren with 3:39 to go and where Rosen said, “this is still a close game.” 

And yep Part I: That’s how I felt too – as I was waiting for the other shoe skate to drop.

And yep Part II: Had I been watching this game live, then I would’ve had my “live tweets/blog notes” to prove it. (But for right now, and until I get off this swing-shift at work, then we’re on the honor system – and let it be known – I’ll never lie to ya!)

With 3:00 to go, CZAR IGOR made a pair of saves, as the Pitlick-less fourth-line struggled a bit.

Down to ninety-seconds remaining, Rosen said it best, “there’s nothing going on right now” – but he didn’t mention how the Rangers were keeping these shitty Sharks’ hopes alive either.

However, we did remain at 2-0, GOOD GUYS, after 40-minutes and where boos from San Jose fans were audibly heard while we also got an earful of the many Ranger fans that were in-attendance for this game tonight cheering.

That would later change.

While David Quinn hasn’t won much in San Jose following his wrongful exile in New York – his first win with the Sharks took place at the Rangers’ expense – and this win tonight was even worse than that.


With the final frame upon us, Rosen brought up how Laviolette was looking to tie Arbour again, while Micheletti said it was time for the Rangers to pull a Jon Taffer and “SHUT IT DOWN” (my words, not his).

On the GAG 2.0 Line’s first shift, Fox put a SOG that was stopped, but on the rebound, Lafreniere was there – and you know the rest.

Just two-minutes into the period and Rosen was already in wrap-up mode, as he talked about the ASG, the bye week and the Rangers’ return against Colorado on 2/5.

Just nineteen-seconds later – bang – Sharks’ goal – and OF COURSE.

During episode #789687698698786876696 of the SAMMY WHAMMY, episode #7679869767966896896 of “Every Blueshirts’ Brainfart Goes Into Their Own Net” and yep – episode #67796978968697 of CZAR IGOR is not allowed to shut anyone out – on this particular play, Gustafsson, from behind his own net, went to pass the puck around the boards – and there was Sturm to intercept the puck and bang the rubber home.

2-1, good guys.

This was a brutal turnover – and a true minus one for THE GUS BUS.


He didn’t even see this coming – and really – only Sturm saw this whole play coming.

But as Rosen was bringing up how this game was now close – not one word about the failed power-plays and how awful Zibanejad had been.

With 17:05 to go, Trouba skated/split past four Sharks but Blackwood was there for the save, as once again, another AHL/fringe NHL goalie was heating up against the Rangers.

This was also evident when Blackwood stopped Panarin, who had all day, set-up in the right circle, and then looked to pick his spot – but there was the former Devil for the save with 16:26 to go.

Somehow, Sam and Joe translated this save into “DAVID QUINN IS THE BEST COACH POSSIBLE FOR THE SHARKS.”

I’m not making this up.

I’m also not making this up:

Sam brought up how the Gustafsson turnover broke up CZAR IGOR’s shutout – but didn’t mention how #31 hasn’t had a NYET NYET in nearly a year.

And like clockwork – ANOTHER SAMMY WHAMMY – and the usual ANTI-RANGER HAT TRICK TOO:

With 15:33 remaining, the Rangers blew a two goal lead and gave up two goals within nearly two-minutes of game time – and with former Blueshirt, Ryan Carpenter, scoring a deflection/tip/screen goal following a blast from the point from a Sharks’ d-man.


Rosen: “This all happens too frequently,” as he mentioned that the Sharks had now scored twice within 2:08.

The affable announcer didn’t bring up his black magic, ju ju, curses, hexes and vexes though.

But of course, to blame Rosen for this is silly – but it is also uncanny how he’s become the almighty personification of “THE ANNOUNCER JINX.”

Micheletti? You could hear the disgust in his voice.

Good for him.

Down to 14:00 remaining, the Gus Bus went wide and then the Gus Bus had his rebound stopped at the Blackwood Station.

Once returned from commercial, Rosen brought up how CZAR IGOR’s save percentage was .333% this period – and for the kicker – .666% of Carpenter’s goals this season have been scored against the Rangers (2).

But it gets better/worse – as the usual same old shit happened:

With 13:15 remaining, Trocheck set-up Lafreniere, dead to rights, one-foot away, wide open and with nothing but a soccer net to shoot at.

However, because it hasn’t been ten games played yet since the first-overall’s pick last goal – #13 shot the puck wide.

I know that he’s a baseball player in the off-season, but he’d be a hell of a kicker for the Buffalo Bills.

A minute later and with frustrations settling in, we had a fourth-line scrum following a CZAR IGOR freeze.

Right after that, CZAR IGOR made a save and fortunately, the Sharks went wide on the rebound, as they must have been inspired by Lafreniere.

During a Sharks’ attack with 11:00 remaining, CZAR IGOR came up with a big save on a Zadina one-timer – and where this much was obvious – the tide had turned – and the Sharks were smelling the Rangers’ blood in (frozen) water.

Heck, for the first time all game, we heard a “LET’S GO SHARKS” chant – and you never hear that in San Jose these days.

Now under ten-minutes remaining, the Sharks continued to attack – and where the Rangers looked baffled by one of the worst teams in NHL history.

Come 8:30 remaining and a Gus-to-Wheeler one-timer was blocked.

25-seconds later – and a Trocheck one-timer was stopped – and took a Sharks’ bounce too.

Down to 6:50 remaining and Blackwood was able to freeze a puck after a broken play – and where the nerves were really increasing for Blueshirt backers.

After a puck was sent out of play with 6:21 to go, Micheletti expressed his disgust in the Rangers again – and you couldn’t blame him.

Down to 5:55 remaining and Addison crosschecked Vesey. This led to some shenanigans between Addison and Goodrow – but only the Shark was boxed for his initial penalty.

The Rangers, now on the power-play for the third time tonight (and only two shots on goal to show for it), and with the game on the line, saw the PP1 unit pass around, Blackwood only having to make one save on Panarin with twenty-seconds remaining – and then finished 0-3 against the league’s worst penalty kill.

With 3:30 to go, CZAR IGOR made a save – and where he was stretching a lot after it – and where Micheletti also thought that #31 may have tweaked his chronically injured groin.

Come 2:00 remaining and Zibanejad turned over the puck in the o-zone again.

35-seconds later and Blackwood game up with another big save, this time on Lindgren.

It was telling that Laviolette used his fourth line with forty-seconds remaining in regulation – as just previous to this – the Sharks had an all-out attack.

In other words, the head coach wanted the loser’s point above all else here – and wasn’t looking for the win.

2-2 after sixty-minutes.

Overtime was needed for the Rangers against this AHL team.

When I need a walkoff goal to win a game, then the last player I want on the ice is Julien Gauthier – I mean Alexis Lafreniere. Photo Credit: NYR


For some reason, Lavy started Mika, Kreider and Miller – and not Trocheck, Panarin and Fox.

To the first trio’s credit, Mika won the draw and Blackwood soon made a stop on Miller.

But to the discredit of Trocheck, Panarin and Fox – they soon lost an o-zone draw which then set up a Sharks’ 2 x 1 – and one that they (Couture) just missed the net on.

And with 3:31 remaining and with Lafreniere and Mika looking lost and not being being able to avoid contact – the Sharks got a 3 x 1 down low and bang – Hertl for the 3-2 overtime game-winner.

Here’s the game-winner – and one that Laviolette made excuses for during his post-game interview:

Do you want to say that both Lafreniere and Zibanejad were “picked” – or interfered with – on this game-winner?

Sure, be my guest.



And to have Lafreniere and Zibanejad out there, two players who have probably forgotten what the back of a hockey net looks like – that’s on the H.C.

Had either one of these two idiots been able to score on their plenty of chances – then Hertl never gets this chance.

And while it’s not all on Lafreniere and Zibanejad – they are becoming more-and-more part of the problem – and not the solution like guys such as Panarin, Trocheck, Fox and Cuylle.

Here’s Laviolette complaining about the final goal of the game – and not his team falling into old habits – and into every negative trend that’s been plaguing this team this season too:

Poor Dave Maloney – who had to act nice here in his M$GN post-game interviewer role – but a former captain that was much more vicious when calling this game on the radio.

(I didn’t hear his call – but I heard about it on Elon Musk’s app.)

Final Thought on this game?

When Sam and Joe are openly lamenting and expressing their disgust on-air, then you know it’s bad.

Might as well place your prop-bet wager on a Brett Howden anytime goal now, as the Rangers will host the Golden Knights this Friday. Photo Credit: NYR

Up Next:

A travel day back to New York on Wednesday, followed by a practice on Thursday and then a Brett Howden M$G hat trick on Friday.

After that, the Rangers travel to Ottawa on Saturday – their final game prior to the All-Star Game and bye week – and where you should place your Vladimir Tarasenko anytime goal scorer prop bet too.

What a horrendous road-trip, and while I think that the loss to the Knights was the worst of the four games played (and the season too) – this was a hair shy of being as bad as that one.


Double UGH – as I’ll be lucky if I get any sleep prior to returning to work tomorrow!

Thanks for allowing me to vent to you.

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  1. Why not just get Maroon for now? It certainly won’t solve all our problems but it will at least plug one hole. The Rangers sorely need a guy who disrupts, agitates, gets under the skin, throws the other team off their game. When was the last time we had a guy like that? Carcillo? Avery? Maybe then everybody plays a little bigger and some ice opens up for the skilled guys. This team will hold their own or respond to the rough stuff but will never initiate it. Drury’s gonna be up against it this deadline but he should be able to make this team tougher without breaking the bank.

    1. I wish I had the answer and I have no clue why Drury is waiting.

      I guess Klein was that kind of a guy and maybe Trouba too – but a forward – then I guess Carcillo, who was an every other game player at the time.

      I know they tried with Cody McLeod later on, but he wasn’t it.

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