Two Blogs One Cup Memorial Day Edition: Cinderella WashCaps vs The Super-Cinderella VGK, Complete Preview on the SCF, NYR Hires “The Quinnenial” David Quinn as HC, Future of NYR, AV, Draft Party and “Patrick Roy – Winning. Nothing Else” In-Depth Book Review

Read all about the Stanley Cup Finals in the first blog.
Check out my Patrick Roy book review in the second blog.

What’s up everyone and Happy Memorial Day Weekend. As we honor fallen heroes this weekend, I present to you two new blogs. Thank you to all who have served. Enjoy:

BCBS Blog For 5/28: The Cinderella Washington Capitals vs The Super-Cinderella Vegas Golden Knights Headline One of the Most Anticipated Stanley Cup Finals of All-Time, Preview of the SCF, Bye-Bye Bolts, The Rangers Hire Yes-Man David Quinn as Head Coach, My Complete Take & Opinions on the “Quinnenial” & The Future of NYR, AV, Confusion in M$G, Draft Party & Much More NHL & NYR News/Notes

“Patrick Roy- Winning. Nothing Else” Book Review: 500+ Pages on One of the Greatest Goalies/Players of All Time, As Told To You By Roy’s Father; The Conn Smythe vs the Vezina, Roy’s Illustrious and Hardware Filled Career, The Montreal Screwjob, The Avalanche, Roy’s Talent as a HC, Personal Roy Stories, Who’s The Best Goalie Ever & Much More About One of The All-Time Greats

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