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by: Sean McCaffrey
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In this world we live in, where we can put rocket ships in outer space, perform life changing surgeries and master baking cheese inside the crust of a pizza slice, it still baffles me how we can not create a phone that has a battery life of more than one hour.

Yesterday, Sunday, October 12th, was a huge sports day for the NY area. Not only did the Giants & Jets play key games, the New York Rangers had their home opener. Carrying over from last season’s unexpected success, where even the most hardcore Ranger fan, like myself, has to admit the team overachieved a bit (Goalie injuries in both the Philly & Montreal series & avoiding the Bruins), the Rangers hosted “RANGERS BLUESHIRT BOULEVARD”. For the event, the Rangers shut down all of 33rd street from 7th to 8th Ave, and had numerous fan activities, live bands on a nice set and was just a great day to bond & enjoy laughs with other Ranger fans. The event started at 12pm and ended an hour before game time, at 6pm. While this was going on the Jets took the field as well.

For Jet fans, and as talked about in previous columns here, at, the Jets are just a mess. Jets fans have no reason to panic because there are really no expectations. It’s been the same cycle for 45+ years. The only difference between the Jets and a wife is that the Jets will always fuck you. It’s just what Jet fans are used to. How can you panic when you know the Jets will be rolled time and time again?

However, for the NY Giants & The NY Rangers, the two teams with the most success in recent years, as the Giants are the only team in the NFL to have won 2 Superbowls in the last 6+ years and the Rangers fresh off a Stanley Cup appearance, panic has set in. Or at least that’s the feeling I got when I finally got home from the Rangers game on Sunday night.

I should mention I got home an hour earlier than I expected, due to Hank laying a big fart & questionable officiating, so it was time for me to head to the LIRR after the second period. If the Rangers were in such a fan friendly mood, as evident by their “BLUESHIRT BLVD”, they should’ve gave a refund to every fan that attended last night’s crapfest. But we’re fans, win or lose, and you take the good with the bad.

Due to my phone battery lasting as long as a Walker extra on “The Walking Dead”, I couldn’t keep up with live play-by-play and fan reaction on social media at the game in between periods. To note, it’s amazing that no matter where we go in life, whether it’s a bar, restaurant, a bathroom, or where ever, our first thought is “WHERE ARE THE MOTHER FUCKING OUTLETS?” We live in a world where we crave and need to steal electricity where ever we are. Our precious phones consume our lives, and you are probably nodding your head, as you read this column on your phone.

My rant on these watt sucking contraptions aside, when I finally got home & rushed to my nearest outlet, I caught up on all the Giants & Ranger fan reaction. Being a diehard fan of both teams, and perhaps borderline obsessed, I read countless articles and fan comments on social media as the Eagles were blowing away the Giants.

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It was nothing but doom and gloom, but fans of both squads need to remember several things. Going to the hockey first, the Rangers never have hot starts. Last year they were 3-7. The Rangers are also missing their starting center in Derek Stepan, their biggest free agent of the off-season, defensemen Dan Boyle & the straw that stirs the drink of the Rangers, Mats Zuccarello, was held out due to his physical play the night before. Being 1-2 is not the end of the world. You play 82 games.

What is cause for concern is how Henrik Lundqvist’s game has been exposed in recent games. No doubt about it, when it’s all said and done, King Henry or Hank, as he’s called by True Blue fans, is going to the Hockey Hall of Fame. He’s a great goalie. He’s just not the best goalie. Hank has had the fortune of having dedicated shotblockers (especially in the Coach Tort years) & superior defensemen, with the likes of McDonagh, Girardi & Staal. I am one of the Ranger fans that believe Jonathan Quick just flat outplayed him in the Stanley Cup. Hank is known to give up leads time and time again. In crunch time, I would rather Rask from Boston or Quick as my netminder.

That being said, hockey fans need to realize that the goaltending isn’t as elite as it was in previous generations, where defense was a strength. The NHL is always trying to increase scoring. The game gets harder and harder for goalies. This will always be the way, as high scoring games is how NHL executives think they can convert casual and new fans to their product.

For the Ranger fans going crazy right now, relax. It’s only 3 games. The NHL is all about just making the playoffs, because once you’re in, anything can happen. Just look at the LA Kings two cup runs. Let the injuries, lines gelling and time pass, and you will see, the Rangers will be a top 3 seed.

Moving along to the NY Giants. The NY Giants talked more shit than any other game they’ve ever played, and in return, got a nice big heaping pile of crow to eat for their efforts. I can’t imagine how red Couglin’s face was during his closed doors meeting with the players after that pile of shit. This was the ugliest Giants game in a while, but the Giants are known for this. In recent Superbowl years, they’ve had piss-poor starts, only to make Tom Brady cry at the end of the season.

The old adage in football is “ANY GIVEN SUNDAY”. And it’s true. How many times have we seen under dogs win? Anything can happen. Just this past week alone, the mighty Steelers got rolled by the lowly Browns while the Cowboys, primed for their usual December collapse, handed the Superbowl defending champions, the Seattle Seahawks, a rare home loss.

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Things aren’t looking good in Giants land, especially in the wake of Victor Cruz’s potential season-ending injury, but it’s hard to forget that last year, the Giants started 0-6 and if they could’ve beat Dallas in the latter weeks of the season, they could’ve potentially won the division. Up next on the docket, those same Dallas Cowboys.

For the Giants, you have to hope that this Philly ass raping, a raping that looked like it came straight out of “OZ”, is the raping they need to wake the fuck up. However, I do believe Eli Manning needs to be bitch-slapped unmercifully every time he does that stupid shoulder shrug or throws his hands up in the air after every bad play. But he has two Superbowl rings, which is 2 more than the Eagles have, so who am I to question his methods?

Calm down Giant fans, we’re in for a roller coaster. We have seen glimpses of greatness and know that this team can win on any given day. We’ve seen it before. Never doubt Tom Coughlin, a rare breed who despite his old age, always changes & adapts to the times. I would never bet against him. A win against Dallas, and everyone is puffing out their chests again. But, don’t forget, one win or one loss doesn’t define one team.

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– Happy to see the Alex Rodriguez of the NY Rangers, Rick Nash, starting off strong. People forget he was out 6 weeks and had post-concussionsymptoms last year. This is his first true healthy season with the blueshirts. It’s time to live up to that contract. So far, he’s been the player we all thought he would be.

– Anthony Duclair, who I wrote a piece about on here, at, has played 3 excellent games, already notching two assists. I’ve seen the kid play 4 times live. I think he’s the real deal. Let’s hope he continues at this level and isn’t a flash in the pan. The Rangers need to get young, and could use a legit bonafide young blood superstar. The second coming of Manny Maholtra would be a travesty.

– Poor, poor, poor Don Mattingly. The guy can’t catch a break. I must wonder if it rains where ever he goes too. He will probably lose his job over this latest collapse. Despite having the highest payroll in all of MLB, his teams can’t get into the World Series. This latest playoff blunder shouldn’t rest squarely on his shoulders, as his bullpen was terrible & his offense let him down, but it’s just business to fire a manager after a letdown like the Dodgers had.

– Who would’ve thought that the St. Louis Cardinals & The San Francisco Giants would be the most successful franchises in all of baseball in recent years? I think whoever comes out of this series wins the whole thing. Both fanbases are loyal too, so it’s hard to root against them, as a fan with no bias either way. They have built top-flight organizations. Maybe the lowly Mets should take notes.

– It’s time for Odel Beckham Jr. to break out. This injury to Cruz could make Beckham, well, the next Victor Cruz.

– The whole Forg1ve3 and Re2pect stuff needs to stop. It’s already jumping the shark. People are using it for everything. Just stop. Enough. Let Jeter have his thing and stop bastardizing and trivializing it.

– Kevin Durant could be out 6-8 weeks. I wonder how many times in Oklahoma, the front office just keeps banging their heads over letting James Harden walk for nothing.

Aaaaaaaand, that’s a wrap.
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