NYM/MIA Recap: Big Game Bartolo, Mets Six Pack of W’s, Getting Giddy & More

No bullshit. If the Mets keep this up, I may have to genuinely take a leave of absence from my job so I can full immerse myself in this season. 

I haven’t been this excited about the Mets since they returned home after going 9-1 on that West Coast road trip in 2006. That trip cemented games as must-see TV. 

Maybe the more rational fans out there are taking a wait and see approach. Usually, I feel like I fit in there. I try not to give the Mets too big of an opportunity to let me down. 

But as I type this out on my iPhone before you, I say: Fuck. That. 

No waiting. No seeing. I’m all in. Seriously. How much fun is this? Six wins in a row. Timely hitting. Smart batting approaches. Solid pitching from both the starters and relievers. This is, dare I say…a good Major League Baseball team. 

I’ve been on the phone texting and tweeting all night. Probably with a lot of you who took the time to click on over and read this today. Man, this game was fun. Even with the Mets being no-hit halfway through, I actually never doubted that it was only a matter of time before they pushed a few runs and put this one in the books. 

Bartolo Colon may have reached cult hero status tonight after hurling 7 great innings of one-run ball and adding a sacrifice fly and a smooth pickup on a comebacker in which, yes, he looked smoother than Wilmer Flores. 

These guys, no, scratch that…OUR guys look like they’re having the time of their lives. We LOVE seeing that! Yes, baseball is hard, but we hate watching guys on a field who look like they’d rather be canning pears in a factory all day. 

A day ago, I felt I had to justify my good feelings and my optimism. Not anymore. Whether it’s Lucas Duda smoking the ball, Juan Lagares making another incredible catch, Michael Cuddyer keeping an even keel as a veteran leader, Matt Harvey’s intensity or Bartolo’s combination of skill, girth and exuberance, I don’t have to justify anything. 

The 2015 Mets are giving me all the reasons to drive the ever living shit out of the bandwagon. I’m so happy Sean convinced me to start writing this blog as I can’t wait to see how my attitude changes as we get into the later months of the season. It’s gonna be a fun ride, peeps. 

Other game notes, I’ve been really happy with the situational hitting the past few games. Guys are going up to the plate with a specified approach. Not trying to do too much, just keep the line moving. Daniel Murphy especially has been adept at moving runners from second to third by keeping the ball to the right side which has led to a few sac flies. 

It was nice to see Murph rip that double to right tonight as well. He homered Tuesday against Philly and you hope this is him getting into a groove after missing most of spring training. When going well, Murphy handles the bat extremely well and has the ability to drive in a good amount of runs with his consistent approach. 

Michael Cuddyer has been red-hot during his current six game winning streak. As much as I was against signing him in the offseason, he’s already done enough to change my opinion. You can already see that’s he’s a very valued member of this squad. 

Lucas Duda. What else can you say? He’s been everything you want and more. 

Same can be said for Jerry Blevins who pitched a perfect 8th. So far an enormous pickup. Just hoping Terry is able to manage his appearances better than he has with the lefties of season’s past. 

And, of course, Bartolo Colon was great. Seven innings, one run and now off to a 3-0 start. I talked previously about Colon building value for a possible trade and it’ll be interesting to see how the club manages him once we get closer to the deadline. 

Six consecutive wins and did I mention that Jacob deGrom and Matt Harvey are pitching the next two games? I honestly can’t wait for tomorrow’s game. #LGM

Joe DiLeo

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