The Masked Maniac Chronicles

                                                                                                                          The Maniac Chronicles #1

For Those of You Who Aren’t Aware of Who I Be…I Am The Man with the 21 3/4 Inch Arms…The 63 1/4 Chest…..The Reeeeeaaaal Big Neck & The Extremly Potent Penis ….I AM THE MASKED MANIAC & This is The Return of The Maniac Chronicles…..This Column is About Everything….Everything from My Poor Grammer to Wrestling…To Sports to America & Just About Everything I feel like Talking About….I am As Politically Incorrect as Any Human Can Be so if You Cant Handle it then Put Your Head Under a Moving Car Tire….

If You use the Words Bullying….Judging or Offended then You Are Whats Wrong with America!

For those who arent aware I have after 30 Years Retired as The Man who got Over Everytime I stepped into a Professional Wrestling Ring despite Possible being the worst Wrestler of All time and My 20 Year career as the Greatest Indy Wrestling Promoter of all time has also ended……Running wrestling shows in NY and NJ from 1993 until 2007 ish was one of the most amazing times of my life and I never realized just how amazing that ride was until I started running shows in Florida which was about 8 or 9 years Of just about never enjoying 1 minute of Promoting or even wrestling….NY was filled with some of the greatest wrestlers Ever….I started the careers of so many of todays stars and in Florida its filled with some of the most Delusional Moronic Schmucks who make me Look like Bret Hart…..In all my years as a Florida promoter Francisco Ciatso and Bruce Santee could be the only 2 wrestlers I have met who “get it”…Im sure there are a few more im fogetting but those 2 could have made it in the late 90’s and mid 2000’s when the NY indys ruled the World….But that being said I used to say if you cant draw 500-600 a show east you shouldnt be running shows…In NY I Averaged close to 1000 a show….In Florida while I had some 700-900 seat crowds at the Fairgrounds those were lucky flukes and on the norm averaged closer to 300 and to me even though most other promoters are giving away free tix and still drawing 50 a show I was embaressed to draw 300ish….I remember a year or so ago drawing 500 and everyone telling me how great it was and to be honest I was and am ashamed of 500 and 400 and 300…..You dont run shows to tell people your a promoter or in the wrestling business….you run shows to make a Poop load of Money and support your Family Not to be friends with a bunch of Delusional Drug Fiends!

49 Years Old & Never Too a Drug in My Life….Never Smoked & Never Drank & Benched Pressed Over 600lbs & Inclined Over 500lbs This Week….

I Wonder if Firemarks Widow is Still Whipping Men for Cash or Ringing Up Chinky Orders at the Chinese Take Out….?

Welcome to The New America Where if You Dont Agree with a Minority Your a Racist & if You Disagree with a Fruit Booty Your a Homophobe….

We as Americans are Told to Report Anything or Anyone Suspicious yet if We Say a Peep about a Muslim Fully Covered with just some Seedy looking eyes showing were Racists….

Florida Wrestlers are sooooo Delusional I book one of them I cant remember his name but he was a tix seller and a Josh Deely type of sucky one vs Leo the Lion Hunstiger & this Moron was so full of himself he tells me how it will ruin his many years of wrestling and cost him bookings…..

Can Someone Please tell Black People Maury Povichs name is Maury & Not MURRY!

Oh Yeah before any of you Imbeciles Rant that im a Racist My wife is of a Different Race born in a Different Country….I married into the Right to Attack all Races…..

And while im at it Black Girls Weaves Look Like Rotted Dead Animals Thrown on top of Their Heads…..

Tommy Pickles Still exists in the Mind of Believers…..

I Wonder of Smelly Randy Still Bangs His Mommy…?

I will never forget the time Smelly Randy was looking for a ride home for him and his Mom and turns out she was in the bathroom of the Deer Park Community Center Offering some Oral Enjoyment for anyone willing to drive them……

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Dont Pester Me on Facebook….Moronic Schmucks…..

Can Someone Please Tell Women & Girls who Wrestle on the Indys that Most of them Look Like Inbeciles….They have so much Cellulite that it makes me want to Vomit and they flat out Stink…..

Its Sad that Fans Cheer and Support These Delusional Drug Fiend Wrestlers that are former WWE/ECW/WCW Stars…..These guys sit in the lockerrom doing drugs and laughing at fans and promoters with their Lies about why they dont show or why they suck or why Vince McMahon is Evil….These guys you cheer and support are the low of the low….These guys you cheer are full blown Crack Heads…..they just want to see what they can get from people…..

For those of you who remember the Big Jim toys from the 70s I bought My son Dylan 2 dozen of them on Ebay in a lot and would you believe they were Mint and perfect….Amazing!

I Do Miss My USA Pro NY Shows…..

Has Sabboth Stiffed Anyone This Week…?

Does Anyone Speak English in this Country Anymore…..

Im Typing this While Watching a Dirty Looking Black Lady Workout in the Gym while wearing a Bathrobe and Slippers…..Ugh!

Has TNA Shut Down yet…?

In Case You Havn’t figured it out yet I am as Politically Incorrect as Anyone to ever Grace this Earth and I wonder Daily How Glenn Gilbertti & His Weak Liberal Views can live with themselves Knowing their Views are Helping to Ruin America…..

Have Any former WWE/WCW//ECW Guys Dropped Dead Yet this Week or gone online and Begged the Fans who Blindly support them for Money…?


At what Point are the Jets going to Realize that their QB is a Lowlife Malcontent….?

I Miss Seeing Vordell Walker….Not to many others I Miss Seeing…..

Now The Weak Liberals are Whining and Complaining about the Quarantine of People with Ebola…..Where’s Disco Gilbertti and his Picket Sign..?

Not Shocked that Honey Boo Boo’s Deblasi Neck Fat Mother is Dating a Child Molester Seriously who else would date her…?

I Can sit in the car all day Listening to Jerky Boys & Howard Stern Prank Calls Non Stop…..

Spent some Great Times with Mike Tobin and his Macho Women this Summer….Especially us on the Beach……

I make a Lot of Jokes about a lot of people but when it comes to Loyalty Nobody beats Matt Striker….Matt came to work for me last year….Flew himself in & REFUSED Pay….

It would be to easy for Colt McCoy to be the QB for the Jets….I mean why would we want a White QB who is polite and well spoken & wants to succeed….

For those who message me daily and ask for me to do another Maniac Podcast….I would if I could find someone reliable to run it and not bail on me once they get a Rash between their Legs…..

To be Serious about the Jets…I was Pro Rex Ryan for a Long time but to be Honest what needs to be done is a complete Gutting of the Team from the GM who has 20 million available salary cap money and refuses to use it to the coach to each and every player on the team….they have not one player who is a MUST stay….

Im Worried about this Country…I Love America…I truely believe all men are created equal except for Radical Islamic Muslims but this Crap thats going on in America has to stop…You have to watch everything you say…Cant Joke cant fool….Unless Your a Minority or a Fruit Booty Freedom of Speech does not in any way Apply to you….

Hard to Believe just how many Wrestlers who worked for me from 1993 to 2014 have dropped dead or Killed themselves…..Even more hard to believe How many of them that live and breath Drugs are still alive ripping off the fans and laughing at them behind their backs……

I think for the 1st Maniac Chronicles Ive Whined like a Yenta Enough…..Ive Missed You all & Lets see how long this lasts until I get Bored or Neck Fat sends me emails Whining about how he has left me alone and im picking on him……



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