GIANT Problems in Big Blue Country

The only team in the NFL with two Superbowls in the last 6 years.

I would like to thank you for visiting Feedback has been strong since the announcement of this new project. As time goes on, we will make changes to the site to make it more user friendly. As I said in my “WELCOME BACK?!”column, I rather do the writing than the webmasterbating stuff. We are working on getting someone just to clean this site up and make it mobile-friendly as well.  I also said in a previous column, here at that it wasn’t time for the Giants to panic after a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. However, after last Sunday’s 31-21 loss to the Dallas Brokeback Mountain Cowboys, major concern is in order for any New York Giants fan and for the team.

The New York Giants started this season slow, building a quick 0-2 record after losses to the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals. However, the Giants bounced right back and were into the thick of things after ripping a three game winning streak over the then 2-0 Houston Texans, the last place Landover Racists Washington Redskins and the inconsistent Atlanta Falcons.  After the Falcons game, it looked like the Giants had mastered the new Bob McAdoo offense and things would be alright. However, the Giants would then run into a brick wall 90 minutes up the I-95 and would be embarrassed 28-0 against the Lombardi-less Philadelphia Eagles. 
After the Philly loss, I wrote that there is no reason to panic. After all, the Giants started 0-6 last season and if they could’ve beat Dallas in the latter weeks of the season, could’ve tied for first place. However, each season is independent of another. Dallas sits at a lofty 6-1 which would make their usual annual December collapse, (PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN FOOTBALL GODS) that much more hilarious for a diehard Big Blue fan as myself. The team with no rings in Philly sits at 5-1 but does look beatable. Philly shows signs of missing notorious headcase DeSean Jackson. Philly also has a tainted win in their record, as the referees must’ve had money on them to beat the Colts, as one horrendous penalty and one no-call penalty, at the end of the game,  gift-wrapped a prime-time win for Eagles.
So for the New York Giants and their fans, is it time to panic now? We are nearly half-way through with this NFL campaign. We are seeing a lot of turn-over in the league, as teams that used to be sure-fire playoff teams, like the Saints & the Steelers are regressing while teams like the Browns & Cardinals are playing better than anyone thought they would. We are also witnessing the rise of the next face of the NFL, that scraggily beard wearing Andrew Luck. The New York Giants haven’t found their identity yet. Are they a team on the bubble or are they are a legit playoff team?

Myself (Far right) & other Giants fans pre-gaming with cheerleaders in front of my friends tailgate school bus

The Giants are going to find out if they are a playoff team real soon. Their upcoming schedule is brutal. After a bye-week here in Week 8, the Giants start a stretch against the Colts at home, travel to Seattle then host the 49ers. Also coming to visit MetLife Stadium are the Cowboys & Eagles. These are 5 games against quality opponents that can make or break the season. 
For me, I’ve seen the Giants win many times. I’ve also seen them lose many times. Their loss against the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday was one of the worst. It was frustrating. A 12 year old kid playing Madden could’ve came up with a better offensive game plan. The best player on the NY Giants is Eli Manning, by far. He’s had the most success. He makes the most money. He makes the dumb faces. Oh and before continuing on, let’s touch that as well. Eli Manning has the worst fucking body language in all of sports.
How many times have you seen this?

Eli Manning is two-time Superbowl MVP. He has given Giant fans some of the greatest moments of our lives. He has made plays that will never leave the minds of football fans. However, the Eli Manning body language needs to be fixed. How many times have you seen Eli make these weird contorted faces? The non-stop shoulder shrugging after an incomplete pass. The throwing the arms up in the air after a busted route? The looks of disdain and pouting while on the sideline? Eli Manning is the Giants leader. How can anyone have faith in what the team is doing if he’s having these fucking aneurysms on his face all day long? He may be cool, calm and collected on the field, but his body language doesn’t reflect that.

Sure, Eli isn’t the only one to pout. But you rarely catch the greats do it. When was the last time you saw Eli’s brother, Tom Brady or Drew Brees pull the circus act that Eli does? What I do see is Peyton, Brady and Brees screaming on the sidelines, talking to their receivers and talking about what to do next on the sideline. I’ve never seen Eli call out one of his receivers for fucking up. I get that being militant isn’t for everyone, but if you’re the other team, and you see Eli having an out-of-body experience on his face, it’s just fuel for the fire. Eli needs some sort of coach, therapist, doctor or whatever to get this fixed. It is comical and almost a parody of himself at this point. Our leader, as Giants fans, should act like a man, not like a kid who is being punished & sent to his room without Nintendo.

Going back to Eli’s play on the field, Eli is the man of the NY Giants. Then can Bob McAdoo or someone explain to me WHY THE FUCK WERE THE GIANTS RUNNING THE BALL ON EVERY FIRST DOWN? Even better, WHY DID THE GIANTS START OFF THEIR FIRST DRIVE WITH THREE STRAIGHT RUNS WITH THEIR 3RD STRING RUNNING BACK? Say what you want about Kevin Killdrive Gilbride, but I miss when the Giants, on the first play of a series, would just launch a hail mary & try to catch the other team off guard. The play calling this past Sunday was absolutely atrocious. The best player is Eli, let him make the decisions, let him make the plays, why are we relying on a third string running back to carry the team?

What infuriated and gave me the Tom Coughlin red-face the most was the Giants third down defense. They gave out more gifts than Santa Claus. CAN THE GIANTS STOP ANYONE ON THIRD DOWN? It was fucking embarrassing. It was pure insanity. Dallas would run on first, get stuffed, incomplete pass on second, then convert on 3rd and long all day. WHERE IS THE DEFENSE? The play-calling and lack of stops on third down made this an easy win for the owner who frequents hookers and his team.

Sure, the Giants are missing their number 1 receiver in Victor Cruz. Yes, they also lost David Wilson, who was supposed to be the starting RB forever. Two major injuries on the offense. But the defense had more holes in them than a black man in 1960’s Alabama. The play-calling was like a toddler randomly smashing buttons on a video game controller. The coaching and lack of execution let us down.
The Giants during their winning streak

Hope should not be lost for Giant fans. This loss better be an eye opener for Coughlin and his staff. On the bright side, Odell Beckham Jr. has broken out after returning to the squad after injury. Larry Donnell looks like he can be a playmaker, if McAdoo would call his number, instead of calling for Peyton Hillis 48834 times a game.  Seattle and San Fran are beatable. The Giant fans in the building should give Dallas & Philly a tough time. This bye week couldn’t have come at a better time. It is time for the Giants to regroup. Study film. Fix spots. 3-4 is not a lost season just yet. Anything can happen in the NFL. There is only one question left to answer. Is this a team of destiny or is this a team destined for the draft? Only time will tell, but as fans, all we can do is scream, “LET’S GO GIANTS!!!!”

See ya in Week 9 Andrew Luck.

Thanks for reading. For fans of my old DOI work, I promise I’ll do an indy wrestling, WHERE ARE THEY NOW feature. Maybe that will be my Christmas present for you guys. For now, this blog will remain mostly sports. For my new readers, thanks for giving me a shot and I hope you enjoy the ride.

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