Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

HANDS UP - DON'T SHOOT (1) Bumper Sticker STOP THE KILLING Free Shipping/ Ferguson Mo.
This has got to be one of the most dumbest and backwards things I have seen in quite some time.  How did we as minorities manage to bring ourselves back to the 1950’s and 1960’s?  I’ll tell you how, because we have become more ignorant and breed more racism than those we are accusing of being racist towards us in the first place.  Now I am not writing this to say racism and bigotry do not exist, it is alive and well, especially amongst our own people.  This bullshit of “if you’re black, you’re a target” or “if you’re latino, you’re a target” needs to stop and stop now!  If you carry yourself like a target, then you’ll be one.  By identifying ourselves by the color of our skin, we’re pushing ourselves back into time with this nonsense.  Those of us who carry ourselves accordingly, have careers, pay our bills, parent our children, know how to properly speak to someone and obey the law hardly ever get messed with on the streets by law enforcement.  I am sure you still have your few upstanding citizens who have been stopped before, but they’re far less than those of us who try to look like whatever rapper is hot right now and speak like we have no sense.  It’s 2014, we need to pay attention and wake the fuck up.  Instead of focusing all this energy on protesting and “fighting back” which is getting us no where, pick up your fucking pants, get off the corner, read a book, get a job and show our sons, daughters, little sisters and brothers that we can be as successful as anybody if you put in work.  Lets be proud of who we are and stop automatically thinking the world owes us something because of the color of our skin.  Nobody owes us shit! 
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