JETS RANT from a Giants Fan Perspective

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Ok I still can’t sleep & I’m reading a thousand posts on the jets. As a diehard Giants fan, who watches every Jets game cause I love the National Felony League, here’s my take on how to fix this awful franchise.

There are three ways to win a Super Bowl. A great quarterback, a great coach or a great defense. Jets have neither currently. The farthest they’ve ever gone in the playoffs in recent years is when they had a great defense.

Jets need to look at reality and race. When will someone be like me and openly say, historically, blacks are not great quarterbacks. Quarterbacking is not a black mans game, it doesn’t play to their strengths. Conversely the same is true of white running backs and defensive secondary players.

White quarterbacks are just more strategic and what they lack in athleticism to black athletes, they make up for it in decision making. Why do you think all these black NFL players are the one beating women, killing people, sexually assaulting females, smacking the shit out of kids, shooting themselves, not paying child support, abandoning their pregnant partners, etc? Poor decision making. The QB is a decision making position.

However black athletes are far superior to their white counterparts in athleticism, speed, power and explosiveness. Why all this is, is just basic evolution. There is a reason why a man is stronger than a woman. Why a woman lives longer than a man. It’s simple genetics and evolution.

There is nothing wrong with these facts. Blacks generally are better basketball players than whites because of this. Whites are better hockey players. Some sports and positions in sports favor a certain race. Sure there are exceptions to every rule, but we can prove and accept that this applies to the majority.

Back to fixing the Jets. Outside of two quarterbacks, Doug Williams, who had a great defense & HOF coach and Russell Wilson, who also had a great defense and championship coach, black QBs don’t fare well when it comes to winning Superbowls, just like outside of Mike Alstott, white running backs don’t fare well either.

Black quarterbacking, and again, not everyone, the majority, is a lot of scrambling, running and quick passes. This style leads to shorter careers, taking big hits and injuries. There are more RGIII’s than Warren Moon.

Jets, black or white, have never had a QB in their prime except for Joe Namath. They have failed at the position. Sure they have had former MVPs & good QBs join their squad in the twilight of their careers, like Favre, Odonnell, Testeverde, Esiason, etc, but except for the “I wanna kiss you” guy, never had a franchise QB, from day one to the end.

We all know Geno is not the answer. Vick isn’t either. Look at the NFL. You win with a white QB. Whether it’s through the draft or hoping for a star to emerge out of nowhere like a Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, etc, you need a white man at this position, just like how you need blacks in the secondary and at running back.

Give the Simms kid a shot. Maybe he will be better than anyone thought and catch lightening in a bottle. If that doesn’t work, do what you have to do to trade up and grab one in the draft.

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The coaching sucks. Rex Ryan is one of the biggest laughingstocks of the NFL. Fire him. For who to go with next at the helm, either offer a truckload of money to Cowher or Dungy, both no nonsense and winning coaches or see if Jeff Fisher is willing to bolt St. Louis. Perhaps even Harbaugh will leave San Fran. Regardless, Jets need a disciplinarian, and someone with grooming a QB experience. There is none of that with toe sucking Rex.

Great coaching and a franchise QB is how you win in the NFL, long-term. Defense is also key. Wilson won his SB solely because of it. Ditto Dilfer and Johnson. Jets have always been better on this side of the ball & should continue to draft wisely in this area.

Jets are terrible. Everyone loves to talk about them for whatever reason. However, to win they need a great coach and a franchise QB at the same time. Belicheck & Brady won’t be around forever, so the time is now.

Being a subpar team for another year or two while grooming a stud QB, won’t hurt the fanbase, because the jet fan is used to being disappointed and used to losing. It’s time to cut bait on previous failures and adopt this strategy, a strategy that has worked for every other SB champion.

Or you could just sign Jason Giambi.

by Sean “The Mic”
Twitter: @NYCTheMiC

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