Mets Get Ass Kicked in Chicago, Fire Terry (Again), Burn the Blue Jerseys

Pathetic. Listless. Atrocious.

All adjectives which describe your first-place New York Mets, folks.

I wrote on Tuesday that the Mets needed to nip a problem in the bud before waiting too long until the season was lost. They needed to be proactive and fire Terry Collins. In the three games since that article was posted, Collins has only further emphasized his ineptitude by saving a closer for a 10th inning save that didn’t exist, benching his hottest player (that’s Murphy right now) and by consistently making every pitching change (or non-change) a head-scratcher.

Now, after being swept out of Chicago in embarrassing fashion, it’s truly evident that this team cannot wait any longer to make a change. I don’t care about any excuses whether it be talent or injuries or weather. Enough is enough. At some point, he has to get something, anything out of these players. He’s gotten nothing. Collins has to go.

I understand the club has done everything possible to bury Wally Backman to Vegas, but that needs to change immediately. He’s got rough edges. He’s had a dust-up with the law. I don’t give a flying fuck. I want a guy who’s going to win me some fucking baseball games. Wally Backman has won a lot of baseball games over the last few years. Not only that, but he’s won those games with a hell of a lot of guys who are currently now on the Mets’ roster.

I like to think of myself as a patient and reasonable fan. I’m not the type that wants to see money spent or nonsensical trades just for the sake of making moves. A lot of people would saying making a move at manager at this point in the season would be jumping the gun. I disagree. We’ve seen plenty of Collins to know that he is not the guy to lead this team now that it’s competitive.

The team getting off to a hot start absolutely did more harm to Collins’ future prospects as well. With the Mets getting the jump on the rest of the division, the team raised the expectations around them and made hitting the panic button a lot sooner incredibly more real.

The Mets have not been a good team since the 2007 and 2008 seasons. And we know how those turned out with back to back late season collapses resulting in absolutely no postseason games for a team that looked primed and ready for a long, competitive run after the 2006 season.

After going 10-0 on their opening homestand of the season, the Mets have gone 7-12 and are looking now like those previously mentioned 2007 and 2008 teams that just couldn’t get out of their own way near the end. No hitting, bad managing, egregious mental mistakes. This cannot be accepted or allowed to continue. With a win tonight in San Diego, the Nationals would be a half-game back of the Mets. The season is not over yet. Make the move now before it’s too late.

The rational baseball fan in me sees the situation with the manager and tangible things that we all see when we watch the game. But the irrational fan in me that you’d probably meet across from the Broadway machine at the Bold in East Rockaway (Sean would be at the machine while I’m watching the Mets) would be throwing a fit over the goddamn blue jerseys.

I don’t know what our record is in these fucking things, but I can guarantee it sucks. I swear, once we went into the series with the Yankees and wore them for every game, it’s been nothing but downhill. Sure, we’ve managed to scratch out some wins  here and there, but wearing them for four straight losses in Chicago is unacceptable. Burn these motherfucking demon ribbons now.

I’m serious. I don’t want to see them anymore. And you know what else? That fucking hat they wear with the road blues doesn’t even fucking match! For some reason, the caps contain the interlocked NY in white with an orange outline that really doesn’t go with the jerseys which feature an almost silver tone to the lettering. I dunno what it is. It’s fucking horrid though and they’re losing all the goddamn time and I want those jerseys burned like a Harry Potter collection at a Catholic Church.

Will that help? Probably. Yes it will. Of course it will. The road grays are snazzy and – by using advanced stats that I haven’t created yet – teams are more likely to score a lot of runs and give up less when they’re nattily attired. You’re going to have to take me at my word on this. But please trust me when I say that these blue jerseys ain’t helping shit and they need to go. #BurnTheBlues

Um…I guess we can get into the good stuff from the series against the Cubs. There was…well, Thor showed up. I went to the game. That was kind of cool. Harvey pitched well, but they lost that game too.

OK, so that about sums up the positives.

I’m annoyed. Beyond annoyed. Completely heated. This was a disgrace. No other way to say it. Going in there and getting swept in that fashion in the situation this current team is in needs to have some kind of consequences. That means the manager. Can’t fire the players because you can’t afford to replace them. But there needs to be a new voice there. I was convinced of it last year and now it burns me. When Terry Collins gets off the plane in Queens, it needs to be as unemployed man.

I’m going to stop here before I just keep repeating the same stuff. Collins sucks. Like I said, I did go to the game Tuesday and will have a review of Wrigley Field coming up. The Mets are back home this weekend. They better be wearing the home whites with pinstripes. I swear, if I see goddamn blue jerseys, I’m going to lose it.

Joe DiLeo

1 thought on “Mets Get Ass Kicked in Chicago, Fire Terry (Again), Burn the Blue Jerseys

  1. I’m not a great admirer of Collins, but I think the root of this is Wilpon, and then, the first sprig of the Wilpon shoot, Alderson.

    I feel that the absurd handling of pitchers comes from the top. Along with most of the other hapless crap that afflicts this team.

    The one place were I might disagree with you is that I think Cashen had the right idea….sometimes one trade for a Mega Star ignites a team, as in Gary Carter and Piazza.

    Great column here on a crappy organization, and I’m glad you wrote about those demonic uniforms.

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