NYR/WSH Round Two Game 3 Recap: Rangers Crap The Bed, Holtby Outplays Hank, Kreider, Another Paint-By-The-Numbers Brutal Rangers Loss & More

Recapping the NYR vs Washington Game 3 event in one picture

Blah, blah, blah, insert intro here.

I’m so mad right now, I don’t even know what to do with this blog. Should I give you the same effort the Rangers gave tonight and just tell you the Rangers lost 1-0 in Game 3 and call it a night? Unlike the Rangers, I’ll be better than that. However, if you’re looking for an optimistic view or glass half full perspective, go elsewhere.

The Rangers got absolutely outplayed in Game 3, losing 1-0. If you read my preview blog with Rob Parker, a writer that covers the Capitals at JapersRink.com, everything that could’ve went wrong for the Rangers did.

For starters, the Capitals kept the game to the boards, neutralizing the Rangers speed. The Rangers didn’t have many open ice opportunities and when they did, they either shot at Holtby or shot right at his glove. I don’t know if they thought the puck would go through Holtby like a nuclear missile or if they thought shooting weak line drives at Holtby would work, but that was their strategy.

Once again, the Rangers powerplay was a fucking joke. Do they even practice it?

What makes you more irritated, frustrated and furious is the fact that when you look at all the other playoff series going on right now, all the favorites are up 2-0. The fucking President Trophy winners are now down 2-1 to fucking Washington, a team the Islanders took to 7 games. The Rangers have been outscored, outplayed and can’t win a fucking faceoff if their fucking life depended on it.

All that said, is this series over? No. I said Rangers in 6 before this series and I still believe that. I truly don’t believe Washington is the better team, which makes this all more infuriating. I feel like the Rangers need their backs truly against a wall to 100% show up for a game.

Holtby has neutralized Lundqvist

I know I’m the Talbot guy so people will twist what I say, but Holtby has outplayed Hank this series. Hands down. Just look at the tape of game one if you need any more proof.  Has Hank been great? Sure. But look at this:

Lundqvist = 0 Cups, $8.5 million a year.
Holtby = 0 Cups, $2 million a year.

Please explain why Hank is worth that much to me. I don’t get it. He’s aging. You could get Talbot or anyone else and with the money saved on that disgusting contract, you could get better defensemen. Hank’s contract is worse than the result of the game tonight.

That said, Hank has been great this series. He’s just not worth the money. However, we’re stuck with it.

Hank made some great saves, especially when he stoned Ovi one-on-one in the first period. However, Holtby did his job on the other end, especially when he stoned Marty St. Louis on a breakaway.

Just look at the three games. Did Hank outplay Holtby at any point? NO. That is why he’s not worth 4.25 as much money as Holtby. That’s all. You can argue that Hank is the reason why they lost game 1.

In game 3, Holtby posted a 30 save shutout as opposed to Hank making 21 saves on 22 shots. Still, we all know that Lundqvist will bury and complain about his teammates in his press conference, like usual. However, for once, I don’t fucking blame him. I hope he rips them to shreds after this game. I never defend Hank for burying his teammates, but if he wants to tee off tonight, he has every right.

Will he ever get his Cup?

For Lundqvist, he has to be just as mad as me right now. The team sucked dick tonight. I’m sorry for all the four letter words in this blog, but I don’t do it often, and I’m trying to make a point. I don’t want to type in all “Capitals” and textually scream this whole blog, but fuck, what a fucking shit show tonight.

Lundqvist isn’t getting any younger. This may be his best chance to get a Cup. If he never wins a Cup, he will be a Ewing in this town.

One key to Washington winning this series was Holtby outplaying or matching Lundqvist’s performance. It’s happening. Lundqvist can’t win games if his team don’t score. While I will give him partial blame for game one, what can he do here tonight?

Jay Beagle, at the 7:31 mark of the second period, beat Lundqvist behind the net, with a shot that went off Yandle’s skate and past the goal line. My criticism of Hank here was that he was out of the net right before this play and wasn’t settled into net. Fluky goal? Yes. Something that could’ve been prevented if Hank was in better position. Yes.

Hank was incredible throughout the game. However, Holtby was just slightly better. Holtby did have some easy saves, for someone of his caliber, as the Rangers just kept shooting at him, rather than trying to angle shots past him. He was tested a bit, and passed every time.

The series would be 3-0 Caps without Kreider

If all the Rangers gave the effort Chris Kreider put in tonight, the Rangers are easily winning this game tonight. I felt that Kreider once again, was the best skater on the ice for the Rangers. He took shots, made good passes, hit hard and was all over the place.

The Rangers are really missing Mats Zuccarello. No excuses, because the Rangers are the better team, but they are missing Zucc’s fire and grittiness on the ice.

Let me be clear. Coach AV is a great man and knows hockey. He has forgotten more about hockey than I know. However, if he doesn’t bench Dan Boyle in favor of Matt Hunwick on Wednesday, I would really like an explanation. Dan Boyle has been awful. Sure he got a PPG on the Nash screen on Saturday, but he has been a liability all series. I’m not blaming him for this loss, as it’s a team effort, but more times than not, Lundqvist is bailing out Boyle after a dumbass play or because Boyle was just beat by a better hockey player.

I’m so furious after this loss, there’s not much more to say. The Rangers did all their typical shit in a Rangers loss. Can’t win a faceoff. PP sucks. Boyle is horrible. Can’t convert on open looks. Overpass the puck in the offensive zone. Take lazy penalties. They also had a good first period but then came out flat for the second period, just like in Game 2.

I’m not one of these people who are saying the series is over. I still expect the Rangers to win in 6. What just gets my blood boiling is the fact that they are a better team and had every advantage going into this series and into this game 3. I said it before, playing these one goal games is nerve wracking and you won’t win every one. For the love of all that is holy, can they ever just blow someone out and give us a comfortable win?

What makes this loss hurt more, is that this is the one game the Rangers held Ovi pointless.

I’m done and going to bed mad.

If they don’t win game 4, then you can press the panic button.

Until then, see you Wednesday night.

Sean McCaffrey


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2 thoughts on “NYR/WSH Round Two Game 3 Recap: Rangers Crap The Bed, Holtby Outplays Hank, Kreider, Another Paint-By-The-Numbers Brutal Rangers Loss & More

  1. sean now you know how we felt in the first round. It should have been isles Rangers this round they got lucky with us and they got real lucky last night

  2. Hey Sean,

    I posted the link to your blog on the Rangers-Washington Game 3 recap. I made sure I stated that I was not the one who wrote, but I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the games. We all know the Rangers can bounce back from this and I am also always screaming “GET OFF THE ICE, BOYLE!” Hopefully AV thinks about Yandle and Boyle. They both need to rotate on the fourth line, they suck.

    Anyways, hopefully after that rant the Ranger get a fire under their asses and smash Washington tomorrow. We need a dominating win to make a good comeback for game 5.

    Keep writing though, I enjoy reading it. Post on NHL.com after you are done if you feel like it.

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