Rangers Hit Lucky 7, Hank Makes You Sweat Again, Helping Two Important Causes & More Ranger Reaction


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The Rangers returned for another home game, this past Tuesday night, hosting the Washington Capitals. The Rangers, who won the game, boosting their win streak total to 7, had a lot on the line during this game. The Capitals were ahead, two points in the standings, above the Rangers. However, the Capitals also played two more games, giving the Rangers two games in hand. When it was all said and done, the Rangers are now third place in the Metropolitan division and have played two games less than the Capitals. All in all, an early Christmas present for Ranger fans.

To add even more excitement for Ranger fans, the Islanders lost on Tuesday night. The Rangers have closed the second place gap to 6 points, and have two games in hand on the Islanders. With 2015 coming to a close, the Rangers are quickly ascending in the standings.

This was a major gutcheck game for the Rangers. This blog-article would’ve had a different tone had the game remained the same from the second period to the third. I was ready to write how I was impressed with goalie Henrik Lundqvist. I was ready to write how Hank was back. I was ready to chant “HEN-RY” with the rest of the Rangerstown. However, Hank proved me right again, as he made every Ranger fan sweat like a fat lady in an elevator. He made Rangers fans sweat more than telling a black joke at an office party and Leroy from accounting just happened to pop up behind you.

You know the drill on this blog/site. Henrik Lundqivst is an overpaid Swedish slug. He’s King Contract. He’s King No-Cup. He’s had every advantage possible, but time and time again comes up short. He’s not the reason for this Rangers win streak, it is the play of the defense and the immense goal scoring during certain games. Cam Talbot has a better GAA, a better SV% and has more Shutouts/per game than Hank. When will Blueshirt nation wake up, and realize that Hank is the Hank of 2014 and not the Hank of old? Henrik Lundqvist’s disgusting contract will cripple the Rangers going forward, just like Carmelo Anthony’s contract will cripple the Knicks. Bank that.

This particular Rangers fan/blogger has been leading the Talbot Train for some time now. I understand due to money and history, Hank will start. However, is there any reason why in any other situation, Cam Talbot wouldn’t get more looks? Hank had a 3-0 lead tonight, and by 5 minutes left in the third period, you were waiting for the Caps to come back. There has to be some stat, where when your team scores, how fast the other team scores right back. There’s no way Hank isn’t leading momentum killer goals this season. Talbot is posting shut-outs left and right. Why isn’t he getting more burn? To satisfy the ego of an overpaid Swedish hack who has no Stanley Cups and his prime is behind him?

Great General Managers will tell you that players are assets. Hank has not been an asset for the Rangers this season, he’s been a liability. For $7 million less, you have a better goalie, who has just as many Stanley Cups as Hank. He’s younger as well. He’s not as worn. He has better stats than Hank in every category, except for Games Played. If Hank ever gets the mumps, it would be the best thing for the Rangers.

You’ve been reading me here, so I’m not gonna go any more into this, but deep down, every Ranger fan’s heart beats in this tone, “IN CAM WE TRUST!”


 What more can be said about Martin St. Louis? I can not reneg my original thoughts on him. I thought then, and still think today, that Sather could’ve traded Callahan for Sather straight up, without sacrificing the two draft picks. However, with still less than a full season as a New York Ranger, MSL has etched himself into Rangers history through his strong playoff run last year and with his play thus far.

MSL, who I think has been better for the Rangers than Gretzky was when he was here, lit up Holtby for two goals, with his signature shot from the dot in the far right circle. The second goal was somewhat a gift from the Capitals netminder, but it was right on target. It was great to see MSL get back on track with a beautiful two goal game.  MSL has been a beast all season with his on-target passes all season. It was nice to see him put two past Holtby tonight.


 Joining MSL in putting two goals past Holtby, was Rick Nash. What more can you about this guy? It’s amazing what he’s been, in his first full season as a healthy NY Ranger. When Nash first came here from Columbus, this was the production every Ranger fan expected. Let’s hope he can keep up this torrid pace in the playoffs.

Nash has been a monster all year, and is a first line All-Star this year. The man can do no wrong. He’s using his size to get position. He’s finishing on break-aways. He’s lighting lamps. Fans sort of expected Nash to own this team when he first got here. Instead, that went to players like McDonagh, King No-Cups, MSL and Girardi. I compared Nash to A-Rod, when it came to playoff time in NY. I hope he makes me the most wrongest motherfucker in the planet, come April. NASHTY is alive and well in MSG.

Player reviews aside, the Rangers played another strong defensive game. The powerplay, which has looked weak of late, produced two goals, both off the stick of Martin St. Louis. As usual, the workhorses, like DG, Klein, ZUUUUUUUC & Hunwick played superbly. These wins during this streak has truly come off as the cliched “team effort.” This club is skating well and finding ways to win. It’s all you can ask for. This was the biggest win during this streak, gaining two points above a close division rival.

It should also be mentioned, that Anthony Duclair is playing phenomenally during the World Junior Hockey Championship. It will just give the Rangers another weapon as the season moves along. Also missing during the last two games has been Lee Stempniak, who has been solid for the blueshirts all season. He should be back for Saturday, against one of the Ranger’s biggest rivals, the NJ Devils.


 Up next for the Rangers, as they try to extend this win streak to a Great 8, are the NJ Devils. The Devils have been up and down all season, and this would be a great way for the Rangers to end the year at MSG, by beating their cross-river rivals. The Devils are coming off a shoot-out loss, against the last place team in the Metropolitan division, the Carolina Hurricanes. As the great John Cena says, “THE TIME IS NOW” for the New York Rangers. With a three day break, it is time for the Rangers to keep this ball rolling, as the Devils are a team searching for answers.

For the 10 or so people who have asked to meet me and for the 3 that have actually offered to buy me a beer at a Rangers game, I’ll be in Section 213 this Saturday, to watch the Rangers kick some Devils ass. Hit me up on the twitter, and we’ll meet the Obama looking beer vendor at 214 for beers!

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Forever and always, LET’S GO RANGERS!

Sean McCaffrey

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