Sean Avery’s “Ice Capades: A Memoir of Fast Living and Tough Hockey” Book Review

Released on October 24th, Sean Avery arguably has released the best sports book of 2017.

What’s up everyone and welcome to another blog here on This time, I present to you another book review, as I explore one of the newest hockey books on the market, in Sean Avery’s “Ice Capades: A Memoir of Fast Living and Tough Hockey”.

If you’re new to this site, I have reviewed countless hockey books on this blog. You can essentially Google “<Insert Book Title Here> BlueCollarBlueShirts Book Review” for numerous hockey book reviews. Yes, I know that’s ghetto, but I’m a one man show here. One of these days I’ll get the time to make a book review section and have everything linked in one place!

When Sean Avery first announced his autobiography (he calls it a memoir) nearly a year ago, I was excited for it. Like many New York Ranger fans, I thought that if the book was even half as exciting as his playing days, you knew it would be a good one. True to his character and expectations, Sean Avery brought the goods to “Ice Capades.”

Going into this book, I had a feeling that if you weren’t a Sean Avery or a New York Ranger fan, then you might not enjoy this book as much, as if you are a fan of Avery or the Rangers. When I finally finished the last page, I somewhat felt that way. The reason I mention this, is because if you’re not a Ranger or Avery fan, and have somehow stumbled onto this review, I want to be clear from the top, that I was a fan of Avery and I am a fan of the Rangers.

What makes a book great for a reader, is that when you finish the book, you’re actively seeking out more information about the book & seeing what others thought. When I finished “Ice Capades”, I immediately read a ton of reviews because I wanted to see if others felt the same way about this book as I did. I also wanted to see what what non-Ranger fans, who may have read the book, had to say.

Not gonna lie – reading the negative reviews were more entertaining than the positive reviews. I say that just because you can see the contempt from people who already had a preconceived notion of what they were going to write before they even read the book. I mean, I read one review where the whole review was about Avery & his shenanigans, but failed to mention Avery’s side of the stories!

All in all, the reviews from the “professionals”, were mixed and wide ranging. The reason I put the word “professionals” in quotes is because after all, Sean Avery himself, reached out to me, to say that I was a “dude with a blog”. He’s not wrong though.

Obviously, many readers will be interested to hear what Avery has to say about Fat Marty. (Told you, this is a Rangers fan blog!) Avery doesn’t disappoint when reliving his time with Brodeur. Photo Credit: CBS Sports/Getty Images.

To me, Sean Avery was always one of those players that you love if he was on your team, but hated if he was on the other team. However, readers who may have a negative opinion about Avery, should put those feelings on hold and give “Ice Capades” a chance.

I know many of you are familiar with this site and my work and some of you may not be. When I say I have read 300+ hockey books, I am not bullshitting you. When I tell you that “Ice Capades” is now on my personal Top 5 list, it means something, because I’ve had read a wide array of books. (Three other Ranger related books are on my Top 5 list, and after checking out “Ice Capades”, check out “When the Rangers Were Young” by Frank Boucher, “Playing with Fire” by Theo Fleury and “Thin Ice” by Larry “Ratso” Sloman.)

I am aware that in this ADD world, many people don’t have the time or patience for books. Some people who have interest in books, but can’t dedicate the time to read them, opt for audio books. That said, if you read one hockey related book this year, make it “Ice Capades”

Compared to other autobiographies, (Again, Avery calls it a “memoir”, which I’ll get to below) “Ice Capades” is a fast paced book with no dull moments. Many other autobiographies or biographies in general, spend the first 100 pages on a player’s childhood, playing shinny in a random town like Owen Sound, and some family stuff that you will forget an hour after reading. In “Ice Capades”, Avery gets right into it, as the book begins with his days when he was breaking in with Redwings.

You know a book is good when you don’t know what excerpts to include in a review. The book is just full of stories and interesting opinions. As you’ll see below, instead of using all the juicy stuff on Brodeur or Torts, there were other things that grabbed my attention more.

Sean Avery calls himself one of the famous third line players of all time. While that’s an exaggeration, he sure was one of the best agitators of all time. Photo Credit: Images.

If you’re not familiar with me, I worked in the wrestling business for 10 years. To me, Sean Avery, the hockey player, was a character right out of “WWE Monday Night Raw”. In “Ice Capades”, Avery admits that a lot of what he did was for show. Like a professional wrestler, Avery found difficulties in being Sean Avery the human being and Sean Avery the hockey player. While he was able to eventually go in and out of character, the hockey media could never see what he was doing.

Sean Avery knew how to market and make a name for himself, without being a criminal. Whether you liked Avery’s style of play or not, you can’t argue with his abilities to promote himself. I mean, Exhibit A is this book itself. The fact that I’ve seen more publicity for this book, than any other hockey book in recent memory, speaks volumes.

“Ice Capades” is full of random raw truths about the league, the game and the teams Avery played for. While at times it felt like Avery tooted his own horn too much (If you had a $1 for every time Avery mentioned people chanted his name at M$G, you would be able to afford season tickets), Avery also isn’t shy to cast himself in a bad light either.

If you’re a NYer, no explanation is necessary and if you’re not a NYer, no explanation may do, but as a NYer & a Ranger fan, reading about how Sean Avery took to NY like a fish in water, was fun to read about. Knowing that Avery loved being a Ranger and the Ranger fans, I mean, how could you not like the guy? Very often, sports are our escape and we live vicariously through these athletes. Hearing Avery’s tales of playing in NY and living in NY itself, were a treat.

You may have heard – Sean Avery isn’t a fan of John Tortorella. Photo Credit: MSG Networks/Getty Images

Sean Avery, always his own best promoter (many athletes could learn from him), has done a ton of media and interviews for this book. One buzzword he’s used a lot is the word “memoir”. While this book is essentially an autobiography of Avery’s NHL career, to Avery, it’s a memoir.

As mentioned above, I saw many negative reviews about how Avery saw things. I do not share those same feelings. While I do not agree with everything Avery said in this book, who am I or anyone else, to argue or debate HIS STORY? You may not agree with things Avery says either, but you can’t deny that he is opining on the events through his eyes.

Akin to the pro wrestling “shoot interview”, Avery is telling stories from his point of view. For media members and fans alike, we were not there for these stories. All we can do is listen to Avery’s stories, and take it for what it is, a story from the viewpoint of Sean Avery.

Case in point. I do not agree with Avery’s opinions on John Tortorella or Henrik Lundqvist. To me, Tortorella is a successful coach and a winner. Henrik Lundqvist is not a winner. I’m not gonna revisit my whole spiel on Lundqvist here. However, you can read the archives for my stuff on Hank. That said, if you’re new, essentially his contract sucks in the salary cap era and he’s extremely mediocre for the salary paid.)

However, when reading Avery recollect his time with those men, I enjoyed Avery’s take. Again, I’m just “a dude with a blog” and have my opinion from what I see and read. Avery was there and you get his opinion on those men, many other people in sports and the NHL in general, in “Ice Capades”.

In fact, here are a few pages that really jumped at me:

(The following photos are from “Ice Capades” and the property of Penguin Random House.)

Avery set the tone for the book right from the jump. This is what Avery fans expected.
Sean Avery drops raw truth throughout the book. You can see he’s not full of shit. This story described here is just a natural human emotion.
If there was anything annoying about this book, it was how much Sean Avery mentioned that M$G used to chant his name. If Zuccarello ever writes a book, it would be 10000000 pages long, if he mentions all the time his name was chanted by Ranger fans.
It really is a “tell-all” book. Even more telling, legends like Brett Hull, Brendan Shanahan and Chris Chelios all loved Sean Avery. Says something about his character.
Can’t argue with Avery here.
How many blogs have I done talking about the NHL & Bettman with regards to how clueless both are? I mean, this is the same league that will air a Redwings vs Sabres game over a Penguins vs Oilers game. They have no clue how to promote stars.
Homosexuality and homophobia come up in this book. As I mentioned in another blog, I have never taken the word “Fag” to be a slur. It’s akin to calling someone an asshole, albeit, in a harsher manner.  That said, it’s easier to call someone a cunt. After all, why upset innocent homosexuals? I mention this because Avery uses the word “fag” in this book, when telling stories that occurred in his career. To be clear, Avery isn’t calling anyone a fag in this book, he is talking about what others said.
As a kid who used to get autographs, I always found it creepy when I saw 50 year old men stalk players, who were 20-30 years younger, for autographs & disposable camera pictures.
I think it’s mandatory that every Ranger related book has to mention Larry Brooks. Kinda funny how Brooks always slammed (and continues to slam) Torts and how Avery was friends with Brooks, huh?
Amazing how Avery’s first goal is like the goals his good buddy, Henrik Lundqvist, gives up daily.
Unlike Phil Esposito in “Thunder & Lightning”, Sean Avery loved becoming a New York Ranger and embraced everything about NY. As a life-long NYer and a Rangers fan, this made me like Avery even more. Again, your miles may vary with this book, depending on your allegiances.
Maybe the Rangers should get strippers instead of begging people to buy the $55 seats?
Sean Avery’s recollection of Derek Boogaard was sad. You should also check out “Boy on Ice”, a book on the life and death of Derek Boogaard. I previously reviewed that book on this blog.
And you thought the NCAA had money issues!
Without realizing it, Avery admits what I’ve been saying for years – the Rangers don’t fart without telling Hank & getting his opinion on it. No wonder why NYR hasn’t won a Cup.
While Avery doesn’t come off apologetic for the “sloppy seconds” line (and why should he, it was a funny line and it brought interest to a regular season game) he did feel bad for offending his former girlfriend and for getting Brett Hull in hot water.
I think things have changed from even 15 years ago, but can you imagine what Matt Murray’s last two summers were like?
Canadian athletes love or anthem more than American athletes. The NFL is SAD!
Another raw truth in this book. Everyone wants a crack at the show.
To me, this made me dislike Avery a bit. You don’t break the bro code.
As mentioned above, Avery’s calling was as a WWE wrestler. He knew how to get a crowd, akin to a Connor McGregor.
I didn’t agree with some of Avery’s opinions in this book, but it is is memoir. I’m glad he shared them. That said, Avery’s best years came under Torts and Torts is still winning Jack Adams awards. Bobrovsky, Torts latest goalie, is also winning Vezina’s, while Lundqvist hasn’t sniffed a nomination in years.
Joe Micheletti would love a rub & tug called the “Swedish Touch.”
Sean Avery is the only person in the world that would call the biggest loser in sports, James Dolan, “the greatest owner in sports.” Then again, maybe Avery is reverting to his WWEesque persona, and trolling here.
Shots fired! Odd that Avery got along with many other stars, (NHL stars, not the Dallas Stars in particular) but couldn’t find common ground with Modano.
Unlike Craig Carton, it was safe to buy tickets from Sean Avery!
While Sean Avery has no problems with breaking the bro code and snaking his friend’s girlfriend, banging your sister-in-law is where he draws the line.
Kind of amazing how dumb the NHL players were during the lockout.
Photo Credit: @Travjax71

When I told you Sean Avery was a master of promoting (and really, the Florida Panthers could use some help there, just check out my latest blog on my trip to Sunrise, Florida for more) I wasn’t joking. reader, and my friend, Travis Jackson, had an interesting encounter with Avery.

If you haven’t seen by now, and if you’re a hockey fan, how can you miss it, Avery has been all over the place promoting this book. He’s signing books at random book stores then tweeting out the location of where you can find the book. He’s doing live chats with fans to promote the book. He’s on national morning television shows to promote the book. Really, I can’t hammer this point home enough – the NHL could really learn from Avery on how to P-R-O-M-O-T-E!

Avery also found another way to promote the book – by meeting a fan off of a Twitter exchange.

Now when I tell you the story, all I can say is that I’m not aware of any other athlete that’s ever done this. Maybe someone else has done it before, but to my knowledge, Avery is the only person to have done this.

Sean Avery and (a most likely buzzed) Travis.

Travis, who lives in Upstate, NY, which may as well be in Guam for this Long Islander/Daily NYC Commuter, doesn’t come to the City often. He bought Avery’s book and decided to read it on the long train ride to Penn Station, this past Tuesday night. While attending the Rangers victory over the Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday, Travis tweeted his pleasure with the book & said it would be great if he could get the book autographed. Avery immediately responded.

As you can see in the pics above, Avery “slid into the DM’s of Travis”, and Avery told him where he could meet him after the Ranger game. I don’t know what Avery has going on, what his schedule is, etc, but he was accommodating Travis, by waiting until after the Ranger/Vegas game, to meet up.

Keep in mind – TRAVIS ALREADY BOUGHT THE BOOK. It’s not like Avery is out on the corner, peddling books like an Asian woman selling bootleg DVD’s for Five Dorrah! No, Avery took a few minutes out of his night, to leave whatever he was doing, get dressed for the cold, and meet Travis. Travis now has a great story to tell for life, in addition to his picture and autograph with Avery.

THESE ARE THE STORIES THAT NEED TO BE TOLD! Far too often, negative stories plague the sports media. When you hear an athlete going out of his way to make a fan’s night, man, that is the stuff more people should hear.

I don’t know if Avery has done this for anyone else and I can tell you this, while he’s a publicity whore (that’s a compliment), it’s not like the NY Post, or Bob McKenzie is going to run a story on the interaction between Travis and Avery. Avery just wanted to help out a fan. He already had the money of Travis. I just thought this story was great and I hope when people are burying Avery for other things, they at least say, “but yeah, he’s still a good guy.”

Avery will sign his book for anyone that sees him

Overall, this was a MUST READ book for any Rangers fan. If you’re just a fan of the NHL and the personalities in the league, this is a book you should put on your list.

You can purchase “Ice Capades” at book stores. Then again, are there even book stores anymore? The easiest and fastest way to purchase “Ice Capades” is to buy it off, and the direct link for the book is here:

I can’t recommend this book enough. If you read this review and decided to get this book, feel free to let me know what you thought about this book as well.

Thanks for reading!

As always….

“Let’s Go Rangers”

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