NYR/WPG Reaction: An Ugly Win, Thoughts on Lundqvist, “The Mask”, Beast Mode Girardi, Kreider Pisses off Montreal, Dirty Dustin, Horrible Officiating Again, Powerplay Actually Scores & More

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Calm down you twitter animals, I was wearing this all game!

Welcome everyone to another blog, here on the new and improved DOINOW.com. Thanks to everyone reading this right now, as my last few blogs have been the most viewed blogs thus far, in my silly blogging journey!

Again, time is of the essence tonight, so as always, check out the right hand of the site for the live tweets, archives, search button and all that good crap! In addition, don’t forget the essentials: Don’t drink and drive, tip your bartenders, and when things don’t go your way, just use the lyrics of Taylor Swift, and “Shake it off!” Oh, and don’t forget to use “IN CAM WE TRUST” as your personal mantra!

The Rangers defeated the Winnipeg Jets, 3-2, on the road, on Tuesday night. The win snapped their first back-to-back losing streak, a streak they didn’t have under Cam Talbot’s reign as starter. It also helped break a 3 out of 4 game slide. However when it was all said and done, it was great to get the two points, but nothing impressed me with this win.

It is fun to follow the Ranger games on twitter, during the commercial breaks. The wide range of emotion on twitter during these games are through the roof. Someone sucks. Someone is god. The team sucks. The team is great. Most of the time 99% of twitter are pumping their chests out after a win, and retreat after a loss.

Let me tell you, there was no reason to pump your chest out after this win. All the same problems the Rangers have had were all evident and on showcase here tonight. Turnovers in front of the net? Rangers did that. Can’t control the puck? Rangers were all over that.  Get dominated for chunks of time? Rangers had that covered too. Powerplay looks horrible? Rangers did find a PP goal tonight, but it’s been a rare occurrence as of late. Refs press the “Fuck the Rangers” button? That happened too!

These last dozen games have all had one thing in common – if the Rangers don’t get Vezina-level goaltending, they aren’t winning games. This isn’t a Hank vs Cam thing, this is a Rangers thing. Listen, the sky isn’t falling, the Rangers have the #1 seed in the east, but as much as I can see them winning the cup, I can see them being tossed out of the first round by Boston, which would be the first round match-up if the playoffs started today. Hank is 1-8 in his last 9 vs Boston, and there was nothing I saw in his first two games back that tell me he will figure it out against them anytime soon.

That being said, I am happy that Hank got his first win since January tonight. The team needed it, and I think he needed it more. I really wonder what both Hank and Talbot are really thinking. I’ve played team sports throughout high school, as I’m sure many of you guys reading have too. We all want to be the best and not suck out there. As a competitor, Talbot has to feel he has earned the right to play, even if he would never say it and for Hank, he doesn’t want to be upstaged by Talbot either.

We all know that Hank will be starting come the playoffs, barring any injury. Do you think he wants the season to end without a Cup and everyone wondering if Talbot could’ve done it? This was a good win for his confidence. However, with the way the team has been playing, they need the Hank of those 2012 and 2013 playoff runs, and not the one tonight. Let’s hope that happens.

For the love of fuck, get us a cup!

As I said, this wasn’t a pretty game for the Rangers. Hank came up huge early. Again, the Rangers committed horrible turnovers in front of the net and the more I see Yandle, the more I see why Coyote fan sites/blogs weren’t upset when he was dealt. Yandle is a great player and hopefully will turnaround, just like Marty did last year, but he has been brutal recently. Sure, he is getting a few assists here and there, but his turnovers have directly led to goals for the opposing team. Hank was able to bail out Yandle early, making a huge stop after a bad turnover.

I thought Hank looked great for the first five minutes, where the Rangers were out-shot 7-0.  However, Yandle again, bad turnover, Jets all over the place, and Jim Slater taps one by Hank. 1-0 Jets. While I wouldn’t blame Hank for the goal, because of the turnover, but if he wants 10% of team payroll, wants to be called a King, wants to be the highest paid goalie in the league, then you got to make that save. It wasn’t a bad goal on Hank’s end, but it something he has saved in the past, 99/100 times.

Hank, to me, was a rollercoaster tonight. He showed flashes of brilliance tonight. However, a better team would’ve capitalized off his horrible rebounds, intercepted passes and being out of position. If there is anything you take out of this blog let it be this: DAN FUCKING GIRARDI.


I know many Ranger fans get upset at me for calling out Henrik Lundqvist. I get it, they are diehard biased fans, who can’t look at things objectively. In the same vein, I get mad at people who bury Dan Girardi non-stop. I know he has had some bad turnovers (Ugh the Cup series), but the man does sacrifice himself everytime he’s out there. He set a record, blocking 10 shots here tonight. Put it this way, the Rangers have a playoff spot, should have home ice, and have even led some games by big margins. Doesn’t matter. Dan Girardi is out there blocking shots and diving in front of every puck. He’s saved a few goals too this season.  JT Miller got the Broadway Hat tonight, and not to discredit JT, but to me, DG deserved it.


Zucc, someone who I heavily advocated during the trade deadline (Not that it means anything what I say, just putting it out there), has been hot as of late, lighting many lamps during these last few games. Zucc, with Ranger fans nervous because of another slow start, allowed Ranger fans to unclench their assholes, when he took a shot/pass from Rick Nash and put it past Ondrej Pavelec, the Jets netminder. 1-1 game, at the half-way point of the first period.

Zucc’s goal was big, because the Rangers were playing like shit, flat-footed and the Jets were doing whatever they wanted. The goal was a momentum killer, in a loud building. Just imagine if MSG catered to the blue collar crowd? Maybe MSG would half as loud as Winnipeg was tonight. Gotta give it to the Winnipeg Jet fans, you guys know how to create a fun and loud environment.


Keeping up with the way things have been going this season, ex-Ranger Lee Stempniak didn’t wait a whole season to score against his ex-team, as he lit the lamp 90 seconds into the second period, putting the Jets ahead 2-1. The Rangers have been giving up game winning goals to ex-Rangers all season, like Del Zaster and Richards. I’m surprised Dorsett didn’t put up a hat trick against them already!

With that goal, I gotta admit, at that time, all I could do was groan. It was a bad goal on Hank’s part. While he made some pretty good saves tonight, that should’ve been one of them.

With the Rangers already having another one of their powerless plays, I wasn’t that amped when Perreault went off the ice for interference. Imagine my shock when Derick Brassard banged home a PP goal, at the near half-way mark of the game. Hearing Sam Rosen say “IT’S A POWERPLAY GOAL” never felt sweeter. 2-2 game. Another big goal from Brassard, who has been playing much better as of late. Ditto Derek Stepan. Look what happens when the Ranger centermen shoot! SHOOT THE PUCK!

It would be insulting to shit to call Dustin Byfuglien a piece of shit

Dustin Byfuglien, or Buff, because I’m not typing his last name again, became a new enemy of the NY Rangers after his disgusting and dirty play here tonight. With the score tied, JT Miller was down on the ice, after attempting to score. Buff just cross checked him right down into the ice. Of course, no call from these NHL refs. How many times have I said this on these blogs? The NHL officiating is the worst it has ever been. I always say the NHL refs are the best in the four major sports, but this year, the NHL refs are looking to change that. If Tanner Glass got fined $4000 the other night, then Buff should get a huge fine and a suspension for his actions here tonight.

Since I’ve been doing my predictions all year, I’ve been pretty good. I thought it would be a 4-3 game, with Kreider getting a hat trick. What we got was a one goal difference, with Kreider getting the winning goal. I’ll take it!

Chris Kreider scored the winning goal, after the Foxwoods Final 5 ad, with four minutes remaining. It was a goal that Canadien fans must’ve went insane about, as he went right into Pavelec when scoring. It’s funny, since everyone knows I’m the conductor of the Talbot Train, I made a joke that it would be funny if Kreider did that to Hank, and the reaction that joke got. Note to anyone who couldn’t see it was a joke: Don’t watch the Beiber Roast on Comedy Central. I can’t imagine the reaction you guys would have to a 9-11 or Isis joke, that aired on regular Cable TV.

Kreider got the game winner, and it was a struggle to get that game winning goal. Kreider has heated up as of late, and is having the best season of his career. Remember when Torts couldn’t stand him?

With the Jets pulling Pavelec in the final minute, dumbass Buff took a slashing penalty against Zucc, and was looking for more violence. Just a dumb penalty when your team is down a goal and you pulled your goalie. If the NHL doesn’t take action, I’ll be furious. The hit on Miller alone could’ve been a potential match penalty. For a team looking for a playoff berth, I rather see the Kings get the playoff spot after the shit I saw Buff pull tonight.




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I’m surprised there isn’t a riot in Montreal right now

As a result of the Rangers win, the Rangers reclaim the top spot in the East and have games in hand on everyone looking to take it. The Rangers trail the Ducks, 105 points to 103, but the Rangers have two games in hand on them as well. The Rangers could still very well find themselves with the President’s Trophy when it’s all said and done. That would be a nice bow to this season, but at the same time, a first round series with Boston doesn’t make me feel great either.


Going back to Hank, his best hockey was in the third. The Rangers were out-shot 34-24 this game and that’s with the Rangers blocking 24 shots as well. I still think Talbot is the better option moving for the playoffs, but it’s not up to me. At this point, all you gotta hope for is Hank to reclaim his form from 2012. As long as the Rangers aren’t losing playoff positioning as he works out the rust, I’m fine with that. That said, this game wasn’t on him. He contributed to the win, and came up big several times when the Rangers needed him to. You just don’t want to see him give up that crap goal to Stempy.


For Ranger fans, the team has first place in the conference again, but it’s hard to be overly confident about the playoffs until the Rangers work out their kinks. I feel no more confident about this team in the playoffs as I did in the beginning of the year. I expect the Rangers to be there, but man, if they run into a team with size, like the Boston’s, the LA’s, it doesn’t look pretty.

For all you people who don’t get my diatribes about Hank, let me say it again for the people with no reading comprehension. Sports is a business. It’s a business with a salary cap. Hank was paid handsomely for his 9 years in net as a Ranger. There was no reason to give him a $2 million raise, where he won’t be in his prime and until he’s ready to retire. You’re not getting the same production or skill. That is all. How many long term deals ever work out in any sport?

While on Hank, what’s up with the new masks every game? Is this about a TV show or winning games? Most athletes are superstitious and want the same equipment every game. I’m surprised Hank has a rotating mask thing going on, especially from the injury he’s coming back from. At times I was wondering if he was wearing the Michael J. Fox mask, because he looked shaky at times, har-har-har. I’m really just surprised he doesn’t have a mask custom suited to the injury he’s recovering from.


The Rangers get WILD on Thursday night. If you remember earlier in the year, the Rangers played the Wild at MSG. It was a game I left early, to go hang out at my girlfriend’s friend party in NYC, because the Rangers were already down 4-0. By the time I got the party, it was 4-1. A few minutes later, Duke & Zucc gave the Rangers a 5-4 win. A fucking 5 goal third period, go figure.

What has been crazy about this recent stretch is the Rangers have been playing a ton of 7th and 8th potential playoff seeds. Each game the Rangers have been playing a desperate team. Hopefully, these tests will get the Rangers ready come the playoffs. Don’t be fooled – these regular season wins are great and I’m ecstatic, but this is a year the Rangers have to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup in the air. This needs to be the year that Hank immortalizes himself in NY and sheds that Ewing reputation. For the love of the Cup, let’s hope that’s what happens.

See ya Thursday night!

Oh yea, anyone else thinking of going to the Yankees home opener on Monday and the Rangers game at night? Now that’s my idea of a doubleheader!

Sean McCaffrey


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  1. No more masks, commercials or TV crap for Hank. Play goal and concentrate on that. That’s what we are paying you for. BTW, nice job, again!

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