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My Live View While Jinxing The Rangers This Season

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How I Have Felt These Last Three Years at Madison Square Garden!

As talked about in previous articles and as some may know personally, for 10 years, I was involved in independent professional wrestling, wearing all types of hats. Due to my work, I really didn’t get a chance to enjoy life the way I should have. I did have great experiences, but you shut out a lot of the world when you’re working constantly. Since selling all my wrestling assets & “retiring” 2 1/2 years ago, I have all the time in the world to attend all the Ranger games I want. However, I can’t help but feel like a jinx as of late!

The sports world is a very superstitious world. Athletes are known for their weird superstitions and habits. From the extreme Wade Boggs to Lebron James, athletes have always had their quirks.  As someone who has attend 85% of Ranger games at MSG these last three years and a few games on the road as well, I always feel I’m the bad luck charm. However, I also feel like I’m bringing them luck whenever I’m squeezing my stress puck too.

The NY Rangers are beat-up this season. They are coming off a long playoff run. Dan Boyle, their #3 defenseman and the anointed messiah of the power-play, went down in the first game. Starting center, Derek Stepan got hurt in practice before the season, and is expected to miss at least six weeks. Due to advancing to the Stanley Cup, other teams took notice and plucked away at the Rangers. The salary cap didn’t help matters either, as veteran players like Brad Richards were forced to seek work elsewhere. The Rangers, while having many similar faces as last years team, are also breaking in several rookies and guys looking for a chance at the Cup.

The Rangers have always been a slow-starting team and I’m not worried. It sucks spending your money and seeing them putting out a piss-poor effort. However, you ride the team through the highs and lows. I did just that, this past Monday night, when the Rangers took on the Wild.

Forget the 5 goal third period. Before that even took place, the “Fuck The Rangers” button was on in full effect. Two major penalties and game ejections were called by the referees, sending Chris Kreider & John Moore to the showers early. Calls against the Rangers were blatantly missed. Despite giving up 16 minutes of power-play to the Wild, the Rangers killed off each power-play, only to give up three quick even-strength goals. The icing on the cake was at the 30 minute mark in the game, the Rangers had 6 shots.

I was fucking livid as you can imagine, as I’m a die-hard fan of this team. Making matters all that more pressing was that I told my girlfriend I would meet her at her friend’s graduation party, 10 blocks away.  With a 3-0 deficit, feeling like shit after seeing the team get spanked in Montreal, and seeing these refs, I felt like I’ve seen this movie before. I did something I’ve never done before, and left before the third period. I gotta admit, if it wasn’t for the party, I would’ve stayed, but I figured I could watch the team play miserable for another 20 minutes on TV.

Of course, the Rangers, for the second time in their 88 year history, put up 5 goals in the third period and go on to win the game. It’s one of the most historic games in Rangers history. Everything went right. And everything went right the second I left the building.

I have now come to conclusion that I will just attend games, and leave after the puck is dropped. When the Rangers win the Cup in June, you can thank me then!


I’ve already done an article on how I think you could fix the Jets. Check out the archives to find it, as I wrote it when the Chargers waxed the Jets a month ago. However, the Jets continue to nose-dive to the bottom of the NFL, after starting 1-0. 

Mike Francesa did his epic rant on the Jets. We’ve seen the Smith & Vick 1-7 picture all over the internet. We heard Idzik’s silly press conference. What more is left to say? The Jets suck and will continue to suck because they refuse to fix what’s broken. As mentioned, I’ve done an article on this already, but here’s 5 quick, but not easy fixes to fix the Jets:

1. Seriously look for a young white QB that you can invest in for years. The black scrambling QB, the old legend, the bible thumper or whatever gimmick QB the Jets are currently looking at is never going to work. I just know that true to Jets form, somehow, Jameis Winston will be in Jets camp next year.

2. Spend some fucking money. Being a NY team and having $20 million in salary cap surplus is no way to win.

3. Idzik is going to plead with his job because he never got to hire his coach. Before repeating the cycle all over again, fire Idzik and Rex at the same time. Rex is a defense guy and has no clue how to build an offense. No one respects Rex either & Rex hasn’t given people a reason to either. From flashing middle fingers, to sucking toes, to having a mexican football player tattoo to promising winning Superbowls, all Rex is missing is the red clown nose. I’d back up a dump truck full of money at Cowher’s house or wait Harbaugh out. The Jets need someone militant there.

4. Take a step back and look at the successful teams in the league. Why are they successful? What type of people are in these organizations and how do the Jets get people similar?

5. It will never happen, but this is the biggest, get a new owner. Woody Johnson is the ring leader of this circus. I am going to do an article on this eventually for this website – the battle of NY sports. Most fans in NY are either Yankees/Rangers/Giants or Jets/Mets/Islanders. The former teams have won championships and have had success while the other three have not. And do you know why? Because it starts at the top. The Yankees & Giants have had superior and Hall of Fame ownership for most of their existence. The Jets & Mets have some of the weakest owners in sports. Dolan is no peach for the Rangers, but Wang and previously John Spano gives Dolan the advantage by default.

I feel bad for the Jet fan, but you bring this upon yourself. If you pay for seats, watch the games or buy merchandise, you’re not hurting this team in the wallet nor making this team take notice. The Jets have been a futile franchise for most of their existence. It is no wonder their most famous player is a drunk guy who comes off like Quagmire. 


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