LTIRangers: The Blueshirts Get Back Adam Fox From LITR; Kaapo Kakko & Filip Chytil Placed On It, Kakko’s Potential Season-Ending Injury Hurts Him More Than His Team, The Book of Kane Closed; Let The Book of Tarasenko Reopen, JONNY HOCKEY Hoping to Pull a GUS BUS, Corey Perry’s Alleged Affair & More

Never a slow day, never a slow day!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on Any news?

Following the Rangers’ blah 5-1 loss to the Buffalo Sabres from Monday night ( ), come Tuesday morning, we received news on the other loss from that game – Patrick Kane is expected to sign with the Detroit Red Wings!

I kid, I kid!

But we will talk about Showtime in Motown in just a bit.

In all seriousness, the Rangers, while not releasing an official statement about Kaapo Kakko’s status, had Peter Laviolette, during Tuesday’s “LAVY’S LOUNGE,” confirm what most suspected – Kakko will be out for a long time – and where the phrase “significant amount of time, but not season-ending” was repeated from Elliotte Friedman, Larry Brooks and other accomplished hockey reporters.

But of course, and at the same time – since the Rangers won’t specifically comment about Kakko’s injury, outside of saying the NHL standard line of “lower-body injury” (which by definition, could either be a stubbed toe, a thumb up the ass or a torn MCL), we can’t make an educated guess on when #24 will be able to return to Lavy’s line-up – if at all.

(For what it’s worth, everyone keeps stressing that Kakko will eventually return. For reference, when Sammy Blais was Slewbann’d, it was announced that he was done for the season. Ditto Ben Harpur last week.)

Even without knowing both the specifics and the true severity of Kakko’s injury; either way you slice it – this isn’t good for him.

As brought up about 78956678567567855 times before on this site, the Finn, now in Year Five of his NHL career, has been absolutely terrible this season.

Simply put, one assist and two goals (and where one of them was off of a defenseman’s skate following an attempted pass) in twenty games played isn’t going to cut it.

Let’s also not forget that Kakko began the season on Laviolette’s top line, before being demoted to the bottom six following his first nine putrid games played.

Worse than that?

Kakko, who turns 23-years-old on February 13th, 2024, and who has never been a world-beater at any point in his NHL career (259 regular season games played, 29 playoff games played) is on the last year of a two-year deal that annually pays him $2,100,000.

While who knows if Rangers’ general manager Chris Drury ever entertained the thought of dealing the young second-overall pick of the 2019 NHL Entry Draft or not, either way, that idea is now shot.

Also shot?

Kakko, who is set to become a restricted free agent this summer (with arbitration rights), receiving a healthy raise.

Somewhat similar to Chytil, where injuries are always a concern; Kakko, who also does have to battle against his celiac disease too, has only played in one full-and-complete 82-game NHL season in his five years with the Rangers.

Between being sick (it was never reported if this was the result of his celiac disease or not – and this took place during his rookie season when he was adjusting from Europe to North America), a broken wrist (2021-22 season) and whatever is ailing his left leg today – Kakko now has a “success” rate of 20% in regards to playing every game in a season. (He even missed eight games, of fifty-six, during the 2020-21 COVID-plagued campaign.)

While perhaps not as blatant and/or apparent as Chytil, either way, Kakko has trouble with staying on the ice too.

And as noted last night, I felt like something bad was going to eventually happen to him this season, as it was only a matter of time before someone crushed him into the boards.

While that’s not the reason for his latest injury, as it was the end result of a freak accident; had this not happened, then I still think something would’ve eventually knocked Kakko out from action.

You simply can’t stay glued to the boards during an NHL game and not expect to take huge hits.

I hate to sound like I’m kicking the guy when he’s down, but to be fair – I’ve been very critical about Kakko all season – and where I even thought that he deserved some time in the press box too. That said, this is not how I wanted it to happen it either, as I do NOT root for injuries. Photo Credit: Getty Images

A lot of news took place on November 28th.

In an effort to fill you in on everything tonight, let’s cover every story in the order in which they were broken, as I now present to you, “TIMELINE TUESDAY!”

It’s “unofficially” official – Patrick Kane is now a member of the Rangers’ alumni. Photo Credit: NYR

If you recall, then last night, when I was coming up with ideas on how to fill the Rangers’ right-wing void, I said the following:

I know, I know, I know – you’re sick of Patrick Kane, but as stated 78966785676785685 times in the past – his name won’t leave the Rangers’ rumor mill until he signs his name on an NHL contract somewhere – including in New York!

Another thing that I know, I know, I know?

How many fans believe that Brennan Othmann should receive a call-up.

(And where I also suspect that about .000001% of them have actually seen Othmann play this season too!)

While I understand the excitement over Othmann – I just don’t see it happening this season – and for the reasons that I’ve previously explained on this site.

In short, those reasons, including a new one (Cuylle), are:

— Look at how slow Lafreniere and Kakko began their NHL careers. Perhaps they would’ve been better off served starting in Hartford. (To be fair, due to the pandemic, that option wasn’t available to Lafreniere in his rookie season.)

— Look at how good Will Cuylle has been this season – who did begin his professional career in Hartford.

— This is a WIN-NOW team, and while every Cup contender needs a young rookie or low cap-hit veteran to exceed expectations – the Rangers already have all of that – and in bunches (Cuylle, Erik Gustafsson, Nick Bonino, etc).

— No matter what the situation is with the varsity team, it’s probably best for Othmann to get a full year of AHL experience under his belt – and then make his NHL rookie debut during the 2024-25 campaign.

Long story-short?

I just don’t see the benefit of throwing Othmann out there – especially since he isn’t exactly tearing it up for the Wolfpack right now.

If Othmann was heads-and-shoulders better than everyone else in the AHL (and as CZAR IGOR was during his limited tenure in Hartford), then yeah – I guess I’d give this idea some thought. But since he’s not, again, I just think it’s better off if he stays howlin’ for the remainder of this season.

In the interim, and again, we don’t know what’s up with Kakko’s injury yet, Brodzinski is most likely to be the NEXT MAN UP.

But seriously, who’d you rather long-term – a healthy low-risk Patrick Kane or a 4A player?

Kane, like the other six-figure signings Drury made this summer, screams low-risk and high-reward.

If he stinks, then ya cut him. At least you tried.

If he excels, then oh baby – watch out.

And come on, you don’t think that team owner James Dolan doesn’t want his big-name toy back in his toy chest?

Furthermore, the Blueshirts, under the American Dolan, also have an American general manager and head coach.

You don’t think that they want the greatest American player back into the fold too?

I won’t go on-and-on about Kane, because one, I’ve said it all before, and two, it’s all redundant at this point – but if the idea of Kane was ever 100% ruled out (I never bought Brooks’ report – as I thought the Rangers were doing their usual act of using him as a conduit during another contract negotiation), then I’d have to think that it’s back in play now.

And while what happened to Kakko sucks – admit it – he’s been Crappo this season.

No less than six-hours after publishing these words, the great Elliotte Friedman of SportsNet reported that Patrick Kane had a deal in place with the Detroit Red Wings and where “Showtime” will carry a cap-hit of $2.75M.

(Depending on when Kane officially signs, in real money, he’ll make a tad over $2M, as this deal is obviously prorated.)

In other words?

Kane won’t be joining the Rangers this season – yet.

I’m not going to give you the Mickey Eight Janitors/Mouse conspiracy stuff (“MY SOURCES IN MY HEAD TELL ME…”), because I’m not reporting this – I’m just throwing this theory out there – but should Detroit be out of the mix come the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline, and should Kane prove that he can play at a high-level following his surgery – then who knows?

But for now, the book on Kane is closed and the books on the returns of other former Rangers, such as Frank Vatrano, Vladimir Tarasenko and Anthony Duclair are now reopened.

(And have I mentioned that my personal favorite, Vinni Lettieri, was recently waived by the Minnesota Wild? He fits the former Rangers’ right-wing mold! Get it done Drury!)

And while it doesn’t have to be a former member of the alumni that fills a Rangers’ right-wing void that seems even bigger than it was last season; either way, this hole must be filled.

If there was anything that I found “peculiar” about this story, then it’s the fact that as I type these words over twelve-hours after Friedman first broke the news (and all the reports that trickled in from his peers afterwards), the Detroit Red Wings haven’t officially announced anything about this Kane signing yet.

And unlike the Rangers last season, who had to tinker around with their cap and wait for a specific date in order to execute their trade for Kane from the Blackhawks – the Wings aren’t in the same boat, as the currently have over $4M in cap space.

Since Kane hasn’t officially signed yet with the Wings, but even if he did, then I doubt he’d be available to play on Wednesday night anyway – we won’t see Ranger fans chant “PATTY! PATTY! PATTY!” as they once chanted “EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!” in November of 1975 when Eddie Giacomin returned to M$G as a Red Wing. Photo Credit: NHL Archives

If you have ever wondered why these blogs run so long, and why I repeat myself often, then it was my tweet about this story from Tuesday morning that explains everything:

Tangent Time!

Some people found my tweet above to be serious – and despite the exclamation mark indicating comedy!

Seriously speaking?

I hate that we all have to use qualifying statements, prefaces and disclaimers (and I’m not a fan of LOL either) whenever making a joke.

I can write (and I do write) 10,000 words per-blog, and without fail, I’ll always get the “GOTCHA” comments from the Dudley-Do-Right crowd where they will misinterpret a joke as a serious statement.

Social media is one million times worse, especially since if you write something as basic as “I like apples,” then you’ll soon receive 9675678786567856785678567856 responses saying, “HOW COME YOU DON’T LIKE BANANAS? WHAT ABOUT ORANGES? AND HOW DARE YOU BESMIRCH THE GOD ALMIGHTY TANGERINE TOO – YOU FRUIT-IST!”

Thankfully, 99.9% of you guys and gals understand my “brand” of comedy – and unlike most social media users – have a sense of humor too!

Eh, at least this is better than having a #88 Kenny Hodge jersey!

Just to wrap-up on Kane, as this story is somewhat related to the Rangers – I guess that at the end of the day it all boiled down to the money.

If Kane wanted to win the fourth Stanley Cup of his career, then he would’ve signed a cheap contract with the Rangers, the Vegas Golden Knights, the Boston Bruins, the Colorado Avalanche, the Toronto Maple Leafs or the Dallas Stars – teams that have a real shot at winning the Stanley Cup this year – and unlike the Detroit Red Wings.

Heck, while the Wings are currently in playoff positioning (third-place in the Atlantic Division) – they also have better odds of missing the playoffs than winning the holy silver of hockey.

Once again, Buffalo’s futility has come back to bite them in their rear ends, as it was once thought that Kane would take the money to play for his home team. But since the Sabres are historically bad, and where they are on track to miss the playoffs for the thirteenth consecutive year – there was just no way that Kane was going to spend his swansong years on a last place team.

Aside from the money, Kane, and as he did last season with Artemi Panarin, is looking to rekindle his Chicago past in Detroit, this time with Alex DeBrincat.

In their final full season together in Chicago, the 2021-22 campaign, Kane scored 26 goals and picked up 66 assists, while DeBrincat scored 41 goals and added 37 assists.

Best of luck to Kane – and I hope he enjoys the money – because I don’t envision him hoisting the chalice come June.

Let’s now get into the news that directly impacts the Rangers.

Guess who’s back, back again? Brodzinski’s back, tell a friend! Photo Credit: NYR

From last night’s blog:

That said, Chytil isn’t even practicing with the team yet, so should he eventually return, it’s definitely not going to happen on Wednesday when the Rangers play next.

In other words, the Rangers will have to recall a forward for Wednesday night’s national tilt with the Red Wings, where come 10AM Tuesday, I’d expect the Rangers to tweet (or “X”) out:

“Forward Jonny Brodzinski has been recalled from Hartford.”

Come 10AM Tuesday, two-hours after the Kane-to-Detroit story broke, the Rangers tweeted out the following:

As expected, the captain of the Wolfpack – and not Brennan Othmann (and as predicted in this space – what an ego!) – “JONNY HOCKEY” himself, Jonny Brodzinski, is back with the varsity club.

While who knows if the Kakko injury will speed up the trade deadline process; in any event, for now, Brodzinski, who has been on a heater in Hartford, will get another spin with the Blueshirts.

If there was anything odd, then it was when the Rangers announced that Adam Edstrom had been recalled too.

Odder than that?

Five-hours after this initial tweet, and when the team announced the following:

I have no clue why the Rangers called-up Edstrom for only five-hours.

Heck, I have no clue why they called him up at all, only because the Rangers are at home on Wednesday night.

Had this Original Six tilt been scheduled in Detroit, then yeah, I understand recalling a spare forward for a road-trip.

But like most paper transactions, perhaps this will be another, assuming that Edstrom receives a recall come 10AM Wednesday – and just in case something happens during warm-ups – and I’m not talking about a stick tape issue!

Connor Mackey being returned to Hartford came as no surprise, as Adam Fox will make his return on Wednesday night.

As talked about last night on this site; with Fox back, this means that Zac Jones will return to his usual seat in the press box – and before his ass indentations could be removed!

Poor Jones, as he will now have to listen to birdbrain Mollie’s hyena shrieks.

While we’ll see what happens tomorrow; should the Rangers not recall Edstrom, and should someone receive an injury during pregame warm-ups (and this is an unlikely scenario), then I guess that Laviolette could go with a 11F/7D line-up with Jones currently as the only spare skater on the roster.

Something that I’ve been saying for the past two-weeks on this site played out on Tuesday. Photo Credit: NYR

As I’ve been saying during the past fourteen days, and even as most recently as last night – I didn’t understand why the Rangers placed Filip Chytil on the injured reserve, rather than on the long-term injured reserve.

To me, this felt like Ryan Lindgren 2.0, deja vu from last season, when the Rangers decided to carry his cap-hit, rather than freezing it on the LTIR.

At least Drury learns from his mistakes.

(And maybe that’s why he didn’t want Kane back too – and yes – that was painful to write!)

While the Rangers didn’t officially announce this (they never talk about salary-cap related stories – and they are one of the few franchises in the league to stay out of such talk too); did:

I’ll get into the cap mumbo-jumbo in just a bit (and yes, one more time – I hate talking about this stuff – as we spend more time talking about the salary cap than anything else in the sport), but for now – both Kakko and Chytil are on LTIR.

In the case of Chytil, he was placed on the LTIR retroactive to November 3rd.

As a result, this move created extra cap space for the cap-space-strapped Rangers.

Due to the Rangers already announcing that they recalled two forwards earlier prior to practice, and with the reports about Kakko missing “significant time” too, it was a no-brainer to put the Finn on LTIR.

Come 12PM, the team reconvened at their practice facility in Tarrytown, NY – and with three expected line-up changes.

Since it makes no sense to screw around with the team’s fourth line, Brodzinski swapped in for Kakko as the team’s third-line right-winger.

Easy peasy (Jimmy Vesey).

Defensively, and with Fox back, Laviolette went back to his starting six from the start of the season, with his Norris Trophy winner back with Ryan Lindgren, while “THE GUS BUS,” Erik Gustafsson, your 2024 Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award winner, returned to his spot as the team’s third LD – and now back with Braden Schneider as his partner.

As far as anything else line-up related, since Fox is back and with the useless-on-the-power-play Kakko out of action, #23 returned to his role as the quarterback of the team’s first power-play unit, while Gustafsson returned to his role as QB2.

Similar to swapping in for Kakko on the third line, Brodzinski replaced Kakko on the team’s second power-play unit, as this man-advantage quintet also includes Jimmy Vesey, Alexis Lafreniere and Blake Wheeler.

And if JONNY HOCKEY can fill in for Kakko (where really – that doesn’t say much) as Gustafsson filled in for Fox (where really – that says A LOT) – then the Rangers will be in good shape.

Due to the countless injuries sustained by his team, a lot has been thrown at Laviolette early this season, but he’s handled all of it with no problems whatsoever.

Following the short forty-minutes of practice, the main event of the day – “LAVY’S LOUNGE.”

Here’s what Laviolette had to say about all of the team’s roster moves:

The good news?

Laviolette confirmed it: Adam Fox is back, has been ready for some time now and will play on Wednesday.

Everything else?

Laviolette, and as he’s done since Black Friday, confirmed that Chytil continues to skate on his own – but isn’t ready to practice with the team just yet.

And in a sign of the times, the head coach also brought up the salary cap when speaking about the Czech too, when he said, “He’s moving in the right direction. There was no setback there. It was just to clean up some [cap] room and make things available if we need to.”

(A comment like this also tells you that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, as you’d have to be an idiot to think that Laviolette and Drury aren’t on good terms. Heck, Laviolette championed his new GM for both Nick Bonino and Erik Gustafsson this summer, and I’d say that has worked out swimmingly, no?)

And yep, and as mentioned throughout this manifesto – Kakko will be out for quite a while and where it’s hoped that he’ll be able to return sometime in 2024.

But at the risk of sounding boorish – will the Rangers really miss Kakko, the weak link of this team throughout the club’s first twenty games?

I don’t think so.

Anything else?

Laviolette laughed at such a notion that there was a “power-play quarterback controversy,” which really is a good thing – as it tells you how well Gustafsson has subbed in for Fox during #23’s absence.

The head coach also commented about Patrick Kane – and I was surprised that he did. Heck, even Lavy seemed to be surprised himself when he was asked about #88.

How surprised was he?

He immediately said, “I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be talking about players on other teams.”

Lavy pretty much wished the best of luck to Kane and talked about what it was like coaching Nicklas Backstrom last season (Washington), as the Caps’ star wasn’t successful when attempting his comeback after going through the same hip-resurfacing surgery that Kane just did.

My favorite Corey Perry moment!

Before going home, I guess I’d be remiss if I didn’t give you an update on the league’s biggest story from Tuesday, if not of this entire season in general – the stuff in regards to the now former Blackhawk, Corey Perry.

As you probably heard of by now, and 956575656785 times over at that; Perry recently left the Blackhawks last week for “personal matters.”

I have no clue where this rumor started, nor the veracity of it either, but ever since Perry left the team (and some accredited reporters even said this was true), it was thought that Perry had a sexual encounter with the 45-year-old Melanie Bedard, mother of the first-overall pick of the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, Connor Bedard.

It should be noted that both Mr. Perry and Mrs. Bedard are married (not to each other!) – but even if there is just one morsel of truth to this story – then they wouldn’t be the first, nor the last, married people to have an affair.

Maybe because this rumor is so ridiculous, so ridiculous that it has to be true, that people are running with it.

And whoever came up with this story – I guess give this person some credit as this individual used the facts presented and available (such as the Blackhawk mothers attending several road games, as part of the team’s annual Mom’s Trip) to strengthen his tale.

On Tuesday, and while all the Rangers’ news was going on, the Blackhawks issued the following statement:

Photo Credit: The Chicago Blackhawks

Since the soon-to-be 39-years-old Corey Perry is currently mired in controversy (that doesn’t matter) but has a cap-hit of $4M (that does matter) – none of the other 31-teams in the league are going to claim him.

And since the Blackhawks didn’t explain why they are going to terminate his contract – this only fueled the “Perry is a MFer” rumors.

Come 4PM EST, Hawks’ general manager, Kyle Davidson, held a press conference – and the only thing accomplished was muddying up the waters even more:

Photo Credit: Elliotte Friedman

Since Davidson won’t say what earned Perry his termination, the rumors of him having a sexual (and consensual) affair with Mrs. Bedard won’t go away.

And again – since these rumors are so ridiculous and comical – I’m inclined to think that most people who aren’t directly affected by this story don’t want these rumors to go away either.

After all, as a man of cliches, here’s another – “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!”

Deep-down, I don’t believe that anything sexual happened between Perry and Bedard (but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy the jokes); but until this disgraced franchise tells us exactly what happened, then these rumors will only continue, rather than cease to exist.

Some parting thoughts on the Rangers before hitting the publish button.

Just this past Saturday, I brought up how cunning Chris Drury has been in acquiring players when needed. I have full faith that he’ll do it again come this year’s trade deadline too.

Since I feel like the salary cap accrual stuff can get tedious, if not exhausting, and especially since we can’t predict what will happen between now and the NHL Trade Deadline – I’ll just tell you that the Rangers currently have $112,185 in available cap space – but they could also play around a bit with both Chytil and Kakko now on the LITR.

Furthermore, and just to throw it out there – at this point, the Rangers may be better off shutting down Kakko for the season, rather than having him return late into the season.

His $2.1M cap-hit could help the team better themselves at the deadline – and it’s not like he was a force to be reckoned with anyway.

While Kakko is not exactly a Nikita Kucherov, the same principle applies.

Plus, who knows?

Maybe someone else gets injured in the playoffs and then you’d have a healthy and chomping-at-the-bit Kakko ready to go.

Again, this is all stuff for Chris Drury to decide/mull over and when you look at his track record – he’s been pretty damn successful. (And even if I was not a fan of his firing of Gerard Gallant!)

Despite the recent rash of LTIR injuries, I remain unchanged.

What, you thought you’d get away without yours truly sharing my daily season-long disclaimer, you know, this one:


The Rangers hit the quarter-mark of the season on Wednesday night and win-or-lose – they’ll maintain their healthy first-place standing in the Metropolitan Division.

A win will only bolster their status as the top team in the league too.

So yeah – I’m not that concerned about two players who haven’t done anything this season going down at the moment.

In fact, I think this is addition by subtraction – and a blessing in disguise too.

It’s NEXT MAN UP time for the Rangers, and as we’ve seen thus far all season – these Blueshirts have no problem rising to the challenge.

And just to think, Adam Fox now returns to the best team in the league.

Bring it.

See ya Wednesday night following Rangers/Wings – where fans of both Eddie Giacomin and Patrick Kane will be openly weeping in the building!


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