NYR/CAR 1/2 Review: New Year’s Hangover Creates Blueshirt Headaches; Rangers Flat as Cheap Champagne – But Not a Loss To Worry About Either, Special Teams Swing Games; “Lavy’s Lot” Swung Around A Lot, The Return of Artem Anisimov For Walking Wounded Wolf Pack; Return of Negative Trends Too, M$GN Presents “The Brent Burns Bonanza” & More

In a word, the first-place New York Rangers looked “off” during their first game of 2024 – a 6-1 loss against the Carolina Hurricanes. Unlike many other residents of Rangerstown, USA – I am not screaming scorched earth tonight. While perhaps I’m making an excuse by saying that Lavy’s Lot looked somewhat “hungover” – regardless of that notion – when you have been playing well all season – then you can have a game like this and forget about it – which is what the Rangers will do come Thursday night when they host the Chicago Predators Blackhawks.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. <HIC!>

“Da, we played the “Sam Rosen Drinking Game” last night when watching old game back at New Year’s Eve party. We were still drunk and seeing double at puck drop. Not good game, we beat the Nashville, I mean, Chicago Predators on Thursday.” – CZAR IGOR, following Tuesday night’s 6-1 drubbing.

Okay – CZAR IGOR didn’t really say that, but if he did (and in reference to my final blog of 2023 which you can find here: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/123023/ ) – then I would’ve understood.

And really, while many other Blueshirt Backers are beginning 2024 by returning to their ledges, shotguns and bottle of pills, and as they all scream, “THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SEASON IS OVER” – I am not part of this mass hysteria.

After all, and as I write these words, I’m currently under my security blanket, you know, my season-long daily disclaimer, which goes like this:


Furthermore, I’m just not into the whole idea of negative team-wide referendums following every loss, where need I remind you – the New York Rangers have a healthy lead as the first-place team of the Metropolitan Division.

Last general thought about this loss before getting into every piece of it?

Unlike perhaps the popular perception that’s out there – this was NOT a playoff game – nor ever felt like one either.

While of course, I’m not happy about the final score – I just see it for what it was – the first game back following a major drinking holiday.

(And ask yourself – how did your work day go on January 2nd?)

Granted, while the residents of Raleigh didn’t seem boozy nor woozy tonight – when you’ve done nothing but exceed expectations all-season – then you have every right to blow off steam – and which I’m to assume that the Rangers did this past Sunday night, when as a TEAM (this speaks to their chemistry), they rung in the New Year at Jonathan Quick’s palatial estate.

And oh yeah – do you think that anyone is going to remember this loss come April?

This too:

A game like we saw on Tuesday night is why the HUMAN ELEMENT always has to be considered – and not a stupid ANALytic that treats every game of the season in an equal manner.

After all, these players are flesh-and-blood – and not black-and-white statistics on some silly spreadsheet.

My, oh my, how does the pendulum swing! As all of Rangerstown, USA were throwing confetti and blowing kazoos on Saturday night following the Blueshirts’ big win in Tampa – many of these fans pulled a 180 some 72-hours later, as I guess that the Rangers have to go 82-0 every season – and win every game by five goals or more too! Photo Credit: NYR

Hungover, not ready or “just one of those nights” – whatever term, phrase or word that you want to use – all apply – as the Blueshirts were seemingly out of wack from the first puck drop.

At just the thirty-second mark of the match, Alexis Lafreniere was banged for a two-minute minor when he interfered with Seth Jarvis at the Rangers’ blue line.

While some fans took umbrage with the infraction – I was fine with it – especially since this wasn’t the first time when Lafreniere has made “incidental-accidental” contact with an opponent.

(In other words – he’s building a reputation – and NHL referees do take notice.)

What wasn’t fine was both Sam Rosen and the Rangers’ penalty kill.

As the resident mush of M$GN blurted out, “CAROLINA’S POWER-PLAY ISN’T THAT GOOD JOE, THEY SHOULD KILL THEMSELVES JOE, THEY ARE A FREAKIN’ EMBARRASSMENT JOE!” (Rosen may have not said these exact words verbatim – but that’s how I heard it!) – bang – there was Jack Drury, nephew of Rangers’ G.M. Chris, for a one-time rip at just the 1:49 mark.

This goal was a harbinger of what was to come – and set the tone for the next 58:11 too – as every negative Ranger trend came to life like Frankenstein – and let’s count the ways:

— One of my “Ranger Killers” from my new book, a third string goalie having the game of his life against the Blueshirts at M$G? Check, as Carolina’s Pyotr Anatolevich Kochetkov, while not challenged much, made the big saves when tasked.

— Inconsistent officiating? Check – and especially during the first period (although at the end of the day – you can’t blame the refs for this loss – they just didn’t help matters).

— Rosen mushing the Rangers left-and-right? Of course!

— Giving up an early goal allowed followed by a last-second goal allowed during the end of a period? Check and check!

— An opponent scoring his first goal since seemingly the Harry S. Truman administration? Check, and as Jordan Martinook did.

— Giving up a back-breaking goal right after you gained some momentum? Check – and as once again – as Jordan Martinook did.

— Ex-Rangers picking up points all over the place? You know it, as Brady Skjei picked up three-points (all assists) – and of course – Brendan Lemieux picking up his first assist of the 2023-24 campaign too.

— Really, all that was missing was Tony DeAngelo torching the Blueshirts – but like Zac Jones – he too spent tonight’s tilt up in the press box – where I’m to assume that Wince and company were shaking in their boots at the sight of him!

Maybe I was too quick with my “GOAL A GAME 2.0 Line” moniker for the Rangers’ top line, Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere! Still, while neither of these three scored a goal tonight – they can go scoreless for the next fifteen games (which I wouldn’t bet on!) – and they would still be averaging a goal a game this season! Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With that all said, and as you’re probably well aware of by now too – what really turned the tide tonight was the Rangers’ special teams – as both the man-up and man-down units were at their all-out worst this season during this loss.

The Blueshirts’ power-play, who entered this game as tops in the league, and the Rangers’ penalty kill, Top-Five in the NHL too, were both uncharacteristically horrible and unsuccessful tonight.

Officially, the Rangers’ PK went 2-4 tonight, but Carolina’s power-play opened this game as a perfect 2-2 – and with the second power-play goal, scored with just 31-seconds remaining in the first frame by Andrei Svechnikov, held up as the game-winner.

The Blueshirts’ power-play, again best in the league?

A goose-egg, with no goals on three tries and where despite six-minutes of a man-advantage – the visitor’s third string goalie only had to make two saves – and where the pair of Ranger shots weren’t even close to beating the backstop.

Trailing 2-0 at the start of the second stanza – I admit it – I fully thought that the Rangers would come back.

After all, that’s what they usually do.

And at one point – it almost happened – but this ray of hope was only temporary.

At the 4:30 mark of the period, a backhanded Chris Kreider tip/deflection following a shot from the point by Jacob Trouba brought the Blueshirts within one.

Now trailing 2-1, it felt like the Rangers had shaken off their hangover.

However, it ultimately wound up being a late night pissing out of the toxins – and then right back to bed – which is where the Canes put ’em.

Just two-minutes later, and following perhaps the worst miscommunication from a Rangers’ goalie and defenseman that we’ve seen this season (okay – it was the worst) – a flub between CZAR IGOR and Braden Schneider, akin to two outfielders failing to call for a pop-fly in middle-to-left field, led to Martinook’s 3-1 goal.

Just like this hypothetical “bloop hit” – Martinook scored a “bloop goal” – but either way – they all count the same.

That was pretty much the death’s knell for the Rangers tonight.

The Rangers, who actually opened the final frame on a 1:21 power-play, couldn’t get the puck on net.

No less than twelve-seconds after being returned to full-strength – blammo – the sniper known as Jalen Chatfield made the game 4-1 – and where on this night – “the dreaded three-goal lead” was fiction and not fact.

And then, and in our final negative trend of the game – the usual – giving up a pair of goals within ninety seconds or less – as Svechnikov beat CZAR IGOR for the second time at the 2:56 mark to put the visitors ahead by a score of 5-1.

A late “F-U goal,” scored by Michael Bunting, following a feed from an unscathed Brendan Lemieux, put the Canes up 6-1 – and where for the second time this season – the 2022 Vezina Trophy winner had surrendered a touchdown.

Having allowed six goals off of twenty-seven shots, CZAR IGOR’s .778 save percentage didn’t exactly instill hopes in winning a second Vezina Trophy this season.

But alas, there are multiple silver linings, including, but not limited to, the following:

—- The Rangers are 9-1 following losses this season – as they have only lost two games in a row once during this campaign.

— The lowly Blackhawks are up next – and talk about a “get-right” opponent if there ever was one – even if this is an “Any Given Sunday” league.

— Last but not least, and I do think that this is the most important silver lining of the bunch – receiving a good old-fashioned hiney-kicking was perhaps what was needed – as it’s a reminder that the Rangers can’t rest on their laurels – nor their record either.

Had the Rangers dropped a one-goal game, then they would have lost a close hockey game – and where the status would have remained as quo.

Instead, they got molly-whopped on home ice – a stark and cold reminder that you’re only as good as your last game.


Following this game, where a lot of ice baths were needed for sore and redder asses than M$GN’s resident stooge Sieve Vagistat – the Rangers will rip off a major winning streak.

While again, I wouldn’t say that this game ever had “playoff vibes;” this loss should become a “learning lesson” – and this team has proven to us time-and-time again this season that they respond once faced with adversity – and where let’s face it – there have been many more highs than lows too.

At this time, let’s breeze through the pregame news & notes and then get into tonight’s (truncated – no reason to relive everything) GAME REVIEW.

Up first, LAVY’S LOUNGE!

“LAVY’S LOT” are rolling – even with tonight’s loss factored in.

Following their weekend excursion to Florida, come Sunday, New Year’s Eve, the Rangers had the day off. However, once the ball had dropped and the kazoos were tossed aside – it was back to work.

On New Year’s Day, the Blueshirts reconvened at their training facility in Tarrytown, NY for a sponsored “RISE AND SHINE” morning skate.

Once concluded, we then had our first “LAVY’S LOUNGE” of 2024:

Really, when these birdbrain beat reporters are still asking about Kaapo Kakko every day – then you know that nothing of significance was said.

Artem Anisimov is back under the Rangers’ umbrella. Photo Credit: Getty Images

On Tuesday morning, the Hartford Wolf Pack announced the return of a former Rangers’ “legend.”

The following comes courtesy of:


HARTFORD, CT – New York Rangers Assistant General Manager and Hartford Wolf Pack General Manager Ryan Martin announced today that the Wolf Pack have agreed to terms with forward Artem Anisimov on a professional tryout agreement (PTO).

He will join the Wolf Pack immediately.

Anisimov, 35, appeared in 55 games with the Lehigh Valley Phantoms a season ago. He recorded 36 points (19 g, 17 a), good for sixth on the team in scoring. His 19 goals were the third most among skaters on the Phantoms during the 2022-23 campaign.

The native of Yaroslavl, RUS, is entering his second stint with the Wolf Pack. He appeared in 154 games with the club during the 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons, scoring 124 points (53 g, 71 a). In addition to his time with the Wolf Pack, Anisimov appeared in 244 games with the Rangers, scoring 108 points (46 g, 62 a) during the 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, and 2011-12 seasons.

In all, Anisimov has appeared in 771 career NHL games with the Rangers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Chicago Blackhawks, and Ottawa Senators, scoring 376 points (180 g, 196 a).

In addition to his time in the NHL, Anisimov has played in 209 career AHL games with the Wolf Pack and Phantoms, scoring 160 points (72 g, 88 a).

Anisimov was selected in the second round, 54th overall, of the 2006 NHL Entry Draft by the Rangers.

For those who don’t know, due to the injuries in Hartford (Riley Nash) and with the injuries on the varsity roster too (Kaapo Kakko and Filip Chytil) which means that the ‘Pack have been without captain Jonny Brodzinski for a while – the AHL affiliate needed some help.

While who knows where this will all go – gun to my head (and who would put a firearm to my cranium over such a thing!) – I wouldn’t expect a Rangers’ return of Anisimov, a former “kid” himself (when he once skated with the likes of Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky) this season.

Maybe Double A can earn a contract in Hartford for the remainder of the season – but a second act on Broadway, and to quote the great Gorilla Monsoon, seems “highly unlikely.”

On Tuesday morning, seven-or-so hours prior to puck drop, Laviolette spoke to the birdbrain beat one last time:

Nothing of value was said here – or at least not anything that you didn’t already know.

The biggest question asked? If Laviolette polls his players about their stays with former teams – and where the head coach said it rarely happens. (This was in reference to Trocheck’s stay in Carolina – two years ago.)

Here was Laviolette’s line-up for the thirty-sixth game of this 2023-24 season:

FIRST LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

SECOND LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Wheeler

THIRD LINE: Cuylle/Bonino/Brodzinski

FOURTH LINE: Vesey/Goodrow/Pitlick

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Gustafsson/Schneider


BACK-UP: Quick




The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





29 1 28 .966 24 2 2 0 0 60:00 0


27 6 21 .778 15 3 3 0 0 60:00 0

“Sam, Brent Burns’ hammer is this big and that’s why he’s our KIA CARD PLAYER OF THE GAME!” Photo Credit: M$GN

Come 6:30:00PM, I was hoping to see either Henrik Lundqvist or Brian Boyle on my television.

Sadly, and instead – I was disgraced when I saw the smug seven-foot jackass, Sieve Vagistat, in the Chase Bridges with John Giannone.

Before I could even grab my remote and change the channel – the worst back-up goalie in franchise history, and the worst ANALyst in hockey too, was going on-and-on about his made-up arts & crafts and charts & graphs.

No joke – it took me thirty-seconds to find my remote, a painstaking half-a-minute to boot – yet the slimy jerkoff had plugged his shitty little ANALytical company twice.

I don’t know how anyone else can sit through this shit – and shit that was worse than the actual 6-1 loss itself!


Once returned to M$GN at 7PM, and no longer having to object my good eyes by sullying them to the evil works of Vagistat; Sam Rosen wished us a “Happy New Year” and then said, “OH JOE, 1984 JOE, ANIMAL FARM JOE!”

This whole entire face-time segment prior to puck drop was god-awful, and let’s count the ways:

— I’ve said this about 98767867868978968 times in the past – and here’s one more time: The Carolina Hurricanes were the first opposing franchise that Sam & Joe ever fawned over. For whatever reason, these two bleed red-and-white – and that bled through our television screens too.

— Whether it was busting out the Jergens for Teuvo Teravainen, Sebastion Asshole or Brent Burns (with the latter who really had the cartoon hearts popping out of Sam & Joe’s eyeballs) – once again, M$GN became “Raleigh Sports North.”

— Joe, and no less than 9876786788968968969 times tonight, told us how much the goaltending in Carolina sucked. I should’ve known right then what was in store for the Blueshirts.

— Joe, and in his gravest tone of voice, then told us that Carolina was relatively healthy and are back to being good again. Praise the hockey gods – as every Ranger fan was deathly worried about their struggles!

— Despite Sebastian Asshole previously and intentionally injuring Adam Fox this season – this was never brought up. Instead, Sam & Joe slobbered over Aho as if they were “Beethoven” the dog.

— Sam, a Hall of Famer if you can believe it, then reported this breaking news: There are three players on a line. Where would we be without this pertinent information?

— Joe, as a follow-up, then told us that Panarin and Lafreniere have grown together on the same line after all of these years. Of course, these two players were never on the same line until this season – but I guess the motto is one of my old cliches – “never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

— To close, Micheletti tongue-bathed Teravainen’s balls some more and actually said, “I hope he can go back to scoring goals Sam.” Again, this is a broadcast where I’m to assume is supposed to cater to Ranger fans.

And oh this too:

Do you know what we didn’t see?

John Brancy singing the National Anthem – despite the Rangers promoting it on all of their social media channels.

I guess looking at the two bulbous foreheads spewing out pro-Carolina propaganda was more important for M$GN viewers.

Trash – and much like how the rest of the night went.

(And yep – when I’m ragging on the broadcast this much – then you know that the Rangers got spanked!)

GAME REVIEW time, where as said up top – I’m going to rush through this one.

However, if you want the complete play-by-play, then just check out my Tweeter feed over at: https://twitter.com/NYCTheMiC

If the Rangers get scalped by the Chicago Black Marks, then I’ll be concerned – but only a little. Please refer to the season-long daily disclaimer!


As mentioned during tonight’s intro, just thirty-seconds in and Lafreniere was already in the box for his stupid penalty.

And seriously – if you’re going to hit someone without the puck, then why not make it Sebastian Asshole on this night?

Speaking of Asshole (government surname, Aho), he got the Tony DeAngelo treatment tonight, as every time that he touched the puck throughout the course of this match, loud and thunderous “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS” rang out.

(Oh yeah: “Sebastian Asshole” nickname credit goes to Roc of the “2 Guys, 1 Cup” podcast.)

It was at this time when the light bulb went off in Sam’s dim head, as he said, “OH JOE, RANGER FANS ACTUALLY REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME WHEN AHO PLAYED AGAINST FOX!”

Kenny Albert can’t take over soon enough.

The first of six goals that CZAR IGOR gave up probably could have been stopped (because we’ve seen him do it before), but as I always say on this site – unless it’s totally egregious – then I don’t blame goalies for power-play goals allowed.

And yep – this first goal allowed wasn’t egregious at all – and in no way, shape or form.

Drury’s first strike of the game was scored following a one-timed feed from Stefan Noesen. It was a near-perfect shot too, because as CZAR IGOR was hugging the right post, “The Pizzaman’s Nephew” aimed at – and succeeded in – finding the top left corner of the net.

1-0, bad guys, just like that – and before most Garden patrons had even sat in their seats.

Following the goal, and where I’m to assume that Sam’s senility is contagious, Micheletti brought up Rangers’ captain “Jason Trouba.”

Then again – I guess everyone was hungover tonight – as this is not a mistake that Micheletti ever makes. (And I’d tell ya if he did!)

About a minute after the 1-0 goal, CZAR IGOR came up with a robbery, when he denied an Aho-to-Svechnikov redirect from the top of the goal mouth.

This was pretty much CZAR IGOR’s rare highlight of the night – and where Micheletti trashed him a bit too.

To Joe’s credit, he was right – CZAR IGOR was so out of position which is why he had to come up with this type of save in the first place.

But with these Canes, made of candy no more – the Lion that is CZAR IGOR can’t play with his food either – and as we’d later endure.

With 15:36 remaining, Panarin, who was about to go on a breakaway, was hooked, mauled and ultimately held, by Chatfield.

In a response, the Rangers’ power-play played hot potato with the puck and just passed it around for two-minutes. Somehow, they were credited with a SOG here too – but the lone SOG was the end result of a harmless flutter puck sent Kochetkov’s (PK for the remainder of this) way.

Down to 12:47 remaining and following a PK freeze, this much had become apparent – the Blueshirts were in agony whenever trying to enter Carolina’s zone.

The Canes really didn’t give up much, and despite Lavy’s Lot out-shooting (29-26) the head coach’s former Stanley Cup winning captain in Carolina (2006), Rod Brind’Amour’s team – I’d reckon to guess that PK only had to make four or five “tough” saves – and where I may be even possibly over-estimating such a total.

Out of a TV timeout, John Giannone told us that Will Cuylle and Brendan Lemieux were jaw-jacking at each other – but Sam and Joe failed to bring up how Lemieux was kicked out of a game against the Rangers (when he was with the Kings) when he cowardly boarded Ryan Lindgren from behind.

(This would later play into the game too.)

In a response, Sam Rosen said that he would pull a Florence Nightingale for the Canes’ injured Jesper Fast.

As we hit the half-way mark of the period, it just felt like another one of those games where the Rangers would have to suffer through a shit first twenty-minutes – and then respond when finding their legs in the second period.

Of course, that’s not what happened.

Down to 9:45 remaining, one of PK’s rare and few tough saves, when he stabbed his glove at a Lafreniere one-timer.

I’ve already done the rant about Lafreniere’s lack of finishing two blogs ago – so no need to do that all again here.

While at the end of the day, I don’t think this would have made a difference in the final score; down to 6:45 remaining, Mika Zibanejad, while streaking towards Carolina’s net at center ice, was hacked, whacked, slashed, hooked, held and all-out assaulted by Noesen – BUT NO CALL.

This was absolute bullshit – especially considering the two-minutes previously assessed to Lafreniere.

And as you’d expect – the Garden Faithful gave the referees an earful.

Also shown? Trocheck, who had just exchanged hits with Kotkaniemi, beyond pissed-off about the no call, as he was slamming his stick and screaming at the zebras from the bench.

Trocheck spoke for all of us.

In a comedic moment (laughter is the best medicine), CZAR IGOR, while trying to pass the puck around the boards, had his play called by Sam as, “Igor with a nice rim job Joe!”

I turn 42-years-old in 2024, yet I find this sophomoric and puerile comedy to be absolutely hilarious!

Down to 5:00 remaining, and this should be noted too – PK connected on his third homerun pass of the game.

Mainly due to the teachings of Vladislav Tretiak – all Russian goalies these days (and for the past fifteen-years or so too) are growing up and learning the same style of game – including puck-handling.

By the end of the game, PK had connected on four of these homerun passes. CZAR IGOR, somewhat famously known for them, attempted four himself – but 75% of them led to turnovers and/or icings.

As the refs continued to allow a lot of holding and grabbing from the visitors, with 1:45 to go, I thought “OH JOE, JOE PESCI, JOE” (Sam has said this in the past – but he got Brett Pesce’s name right tonight) had tripped DJ MIKA – but upon replay, it was revealed that #93 had spun over his own two feet.

Down to 55.3 seconds remaining, and after Aho getting away with a penalty on Trouba – the refs decided to box the Rangers’ “GREAT EIGHT” instead – and then boxed the captain for holding Asshole.

Twenty-five seconds later?

CZAR IGOR, who had just made three rapid saves in a time-span of five or six seconds, didn’t make the fourth – as a Bunting-to-Svechnikov one-timer, a mirror-goal of what we had seen earlier, went into the back of the Rangers’ net.

2-0, bad guys – and the score at the end of this period too.

Here’s what I said at the time:

Looking for another silver lining? At least Kreider scored tonight, as he continues to chase Rod Gilbert for franchise goal #406. Photo Credit: Aaron Davis (RIP)


EYE TEST OBSERVATION (and the stat geeks can feel free to double check me too):

It feels like whenever the Rangers’ fourth line starts a game, then the Blueshirts win.

(And I’m not saying that this is a 100% thing – but I do believe it’s a 90% thing.)

Tonight, the first line started the game – and then Lavy went with his third line to open this period.

(For the record, the third period began with the Rangers on a power-play.)

Just sayin’ – but I’m sure that the numbers, should you dare to doubt me, will support my pair of peepers!

As Sam Rosen practically blurted out, “OH JOE, BRENT BURNS’ BEARD JOE, I WANT TO SIT ON IT JOE,” Cuylle blocked a shot from Martin Necas, while PK stopped Lafreniere (the usual) again.

A few seconds later, and not even at the two-minute mark to boot, this is when PK came up big.

On one possession, PK stopped Trocheck on a mini-breakaway and then stopped Panarin on the rebound.

Right after that, PK stopped Miller – but gave up a bad rebound in the process. As Zibanejad was seeking the red lamp, Martinook was called for slashing.

End result? A Rangers’ power-play at just the 1:44 mark.

PK stopped Panarin and that was the end of a Blueshirts’ power-play that seemed allergic to shooting (an anti-NRA power-play) – and where you have to give some credit to the Canes’ PK too.

And at this time, the Canes’ power-play was 2-2, while the Rangers were 0-2.

But no less than a minute following the Rangers’ second powerless play, Kreider put the team on the board:

2-1, bad guys – and where at the time – you thought that this Kreider goal was going to ignite the comeback.

(At least I did! Maybe my “glass half-full” mentality from last season never truly escaped me!)

Instead, the Canes doused such an idea, as right away, this is when Martinook capitalized following the CZAR IGOR/Braden Schneider miscommunication.

3-1, bad guys and with 13:28 remaining.

A minute later?

The Canes were back on the power-play as Pitlick was boxed for slashing Svechnikov.

(In a weird occurrence, Goodrow was originally assessed with the penalty, but the refs reviewed the film and then kicked Goodrow out of the box and replaced him with Pitlick. It’s amazing – as a devout and long-time fan of this league – I have no clue what’s reviewable and what’s not reviewable anymore. I didn’t know that you could review two-minute minors in this way – but then again – Bettman’s Boys have a whole new rule book on a game-by-game basis.)

The highlight of this Rangers’ PK is when Bonino, while channeling his inner Connor McDavid, tried to go 1 x 4 against the Canes. While it was a good attempt, he didn’t score as McDavid once did against Alexandar Georgiev.

After that, the Canes just missed from scoring their third one-timed PPG of the game – but they missed (a pass that was off by two inches) – so the Rangers remained down by two goals.

Down to 7:28 remaining, CZAR IGOR, on a homerun pass intended for Bonino, iced the puck. When Bonino is your deep man, then that speaks volumes.

Thirty-seconds later, Cuylle had Wheeler set-up on a tee, but the pass had to be handled with Wheeler’s backhand – and not his forehand. A better pass, then the Rangers would have (or so I am to assume) scored here.

Come 5:57 remaining, Miller sent two pucks wide and then on his third attempt – caught Mika in the left cheek. Thankfully, this wasn’t another Goodrow situation.

Sam, who temporarily came up for air after blowing Brent Burns all game, then informed us that 1994 Cup champion, Jay Wells, was in-attendance as part of the Bud Light “GLASS PASS UP YOUR ASS” promotion.


A few seconds after being hit in the face, Mika then broke up a Canes’ 2 x 1 odd-man rush.

As we hit seventy-seconds remaining – “The Rangers’ Special” – and where Lafreniere has been doing this a lot lately:

Despite being wide-open and in front of a goaltender, rather than shooting (with a two-goal deficit no less) – Lafreniere opted to pass the puck to the blue line instead – a turnover.

Is it me, or are set PUCK ON PADS PLAYS a thing of the past?

Am I a dinosaur?

These guys would rather fire the puck to the point than try their chances on receiving a potential rebound.

With 38.1 seconds to go, this is when Necas held Fox.

The Rangers wouldn’t score at the end of the period – nor score at the beginning of the third either.

3-1, bad guys, after forty-minutes.

Here’s what I said at the time:

I wouldn’t say that the Rangers “quit” tonight, and as the designer of this shirt did – as they did display effort. They just didn’t display execution. Photo Credit: NYR


As noted during the intro, the Rangers failed on their power-play and then the Canes scored three more goals.

Prior to the 6-1, bad guys, final, here’s what also happened:

— Down 4-1, the M$G crowd did a loud “POTVIN SUCKS” chant. How embarrassing.

— I was hoping for some sort of a modicum of revenge on both Aho and Lemieux – but it never came.

— The closest thing that we saw to “revenge” is when Giannone reported that Lindgren, from the benches, was chirping at his former teammate and brought up how Lemieux barely plays – as the former “bad boys” in New York, Lemieux and TDA, are largely healthy scratches in Raleigh.

— Of course, Lemieux would get the last laugh with his 6-1 assist.

— Both Bonino and Pitlick went to the locker room after blocking shots. Bonino returned, Pitlick did not. In other words, if Adam Edstrom is recalled tomorrow, then you’ll know why.

— Wheeler took a stupid o-zone penalty when down 5-1 – but the game was already over.

— In a response to Wheeler tripping Burns, Sam and Joe pulled down their pants and played “fireman” with each other.

— As the Rangers killed off this penalty, Joe, who sounded like he was talking about his dead dog, was extremely worried about the Canes’ salary cap and coaching situation next season.

— Again – I thought this was a Rangers’ broadcast.

— But Sam cheered up his good pal when he gave Burns the “KIA CARD PLAYER OF THE GAME” designation. Micheletti asked for a Kleenex to shoot into after.

— I was wondering about the following: If you watched the Canes’ broadcast tonight, then did their announcers ever worry about the Rangers’ cap situation and their injuries?

— My guess: NO!

— Much like most of this game, the final ten-minutes saw Sam and Joe talk about everything but what was going on in front of them – aka – the usual. (But to be fair – the game was long lost – so they really didn’t have much else to talk about.)

— During these ten-minutes, these two bumbling bozos brought up their friend “BUD LIGHT BILLY,” The World Juniors tournament, the size of Brent Burns penis and what it tastes like, how PK is not a good goalie, and how much they couldn’t wait to get their lips around Connor Bedard.

(Note: One of the items above is completely made-up – and I’ll let you figure it out.)

— Last thing worth mentioning? Once past the FOXWOODS FINAL FIVE MARK, the Canes had two more chances to kick the extra point, but of their own doing, and not because of CZAR IGOR – they failed to.

6-1, bad guys, final.

Burn the tape – but don’t forget this feeling.

Here’s a not-so-happy Laviolette after watching his team get their dicks kicked in:

One game out of eighty-two.

On to the next.

See ya Thursday night after the Rangers/Blackhawks Original Six tilt.

Word to the wise:

If you really want to get steaming-pissed drunk, then take a shot whenever Sam and Joe say the words “Connor” and “Bedard.”

Prediction: These two jackals will be completely unbearable when watching Bedard play for the first time.

And if you are attending this game and sitting under Sam and Joe – then bring an umbrella.

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  1. No worries Sean. I watched the Canes broadcast in its entirety. Mike Manescalco and Trip p Tracey make Jack Edwards sound unbiased. Manesscalco yells ‘GOAL’ loud enough for Dave Mishkin to hear him in the Lightning radio booth. Bally Sports announcers are almost uniformly bad. Indeed, ANY 3 man commentary detracts from the game, and that includes Kenny and Edzo! Sam and Joe are no exception. Give me a Solo play x play man and a man behind the glass any day. Always watch Canadian teams when possible is what I do.

    1. Hey Tom—

      Tripp is the ultimate homer, same level as Butch Goring and Kenny Daneyko – and that’s fine.

      Hockey moves so fast that three people is too much, totally agree with you.

      Speaking of Canadian broadcasts – I’m interested in seeing how M$G covers Jim Ramsay on Saturday in Montreal.

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