NYR/CHI 12/18 Review: Blueshirts Blowout Blackhawks in Bizarre Game; Kick the Extra Point, Best Weekend of the Season, “All I Want For Christmas is a Nine Game Winning Streak,” ESPN; Kaplan & Cally, Kane Rumors, Trouba, CZAR IGOR, “The Chytil Cycle,” Boffo Box Score & More

Don’t take the following to be negative – I’m just stating the truth. On Sunday, December 18th, the Rangers got their pound of flesh out of the Blackhawks, where the Blueshirts pummeled the team that embarrassed them on home ice just two weeks ago, by a final score of 7-1. It wasn’t really until the third period where the Rangers fully ran away with the game – but hey – all that matters is that the Gallant’s Gang did what they were supposed to do this weekend – handle business against the league’s bottom feeders.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. Bring on the Penguins.

And this too: trap games? What trap games?!?! The Rangers are rolling!

Off puck drop, in case you missed them, I posted two blogs early Sunday morning, tomes which covered my time in Philadelphia on Saturday night. You can check them out here:

NYR/PHI 12/17 Pictorial Review: Over 100 Photos, Live From Philadelphia!

NYR/PHI 12/17 Game Review & Thoughts From Philly: Blueshirts Don’t Make It Easy; “Find-A-Way-To-Win” Anyway; Vesey & Goodrow Continue to Excel; Flyers in a State of Hell, Notes on Every Ranger, Miller’s Highlight Reel Goal; Gritty’s Coal, Gambling, Tony Trolled Again (Callously This Time), Six-Pack Attack Ups Win Streak To Six & More

And oh, after what I wrote on Friday night (https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/121622/ ) – to quote Larry David, I’m feeling “pretty, pretty, pretty good” about that blog right now!

While the “Three Stars of the Game” doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things; I thought that the second star, Adam Fox (game-high three assists and a game-high plus/minus rating of +4 too), deserved the first star. Instead, Artemi Panarin (one goal and two assists) got it. But as you know, the only thing that matters after tonight is two more points in the standings, following the Rangers’ seventh consecutive victory. Who would’ve predicted this just two weeks ago – especially after the Rangers’ 5-2 home loss to the ‘Hawks?

In what felt like a ho-hum type of a contest, even from the start of the broadcast (ESPN decided to air some worthless NCAA basketball game as their “pregame show,” where the final minute of that game lasted nearly a half-hour); the Rangers came out flat – as this was their second game in less than a time-span of 24 hours – and with a time-zone change to boot.

By the end of the first period, and in what felt like a rarity this season – the Rangers capitalized on all three of their scoring chances and in turn – never looked back.

While Chicago was arguably the more energized and “better” team during the first forty minutes – CZAR IGOR was even more energized – and better than the Blackhawks too.

As the Rangers continued to pummel a goalie that probably belongs in the ECHL; the 2022 Vezina Trophy winner once again dominated another team on the road.

Due to the Rangers’ seven goals scored, which featured seven different goal scorers (and seven players picked up multi-point games too); I feel that perhaps another super-human effort from CZAR IGOR will fall to the wayside.

After all, it’s tough to not get lost in the elation of seven goals – even if they were scored against a bad team.

And do you know how bad Chicago was (HOW BAD WERE THEY?); during the final twenty minutes, CZAR IGOR made the United Center sound like a funeral for a gunned-down innocent victim in the streets of the “Windy City.”

Ryan Callahan, ESPN’s color analyst, would remark, “I’ve never heard this building more silent than today.”

Heck, even Vitali Kravtsov scored tonight – a highlight reel goal to boot – as he went five-hole on the struggling Arvid Soderblom.

While there were large chunks of this game that perhaps made your eyelids heavy; again, all that matters is that the Rangers handled business and went two-for-two against two of the worst teams of the league this weekend.

I know this all sounds weird, strange and crazy following a 7-1 win; but if you watched this game with your own peepers – then you know what I mean.

Again, I’m not trying to sound negative or anything like that, because I’m extremely happy with the victory. Let me be clear about that!

However, two things from either side of the spectrum can be true – where while this win was enjoyable – this was one of the most bizarre and boring blow-outs that I’ve ever seen – the Rangers’ way!

And as tonight’s headline states; following tonight, all I want for Christmas is a nine-game winning streak!

No less than two weeks ago, I thought the Rangers win in Vegas, their second of this current seven-game winning streak, was an anomaly. Look at them now! I should’ve saved this picture for tonight! And who would’ve known that a leaky Jordan Binnington would’ve been the catalyst for all of this?

Programming note: yes, I have a 5AM train to catch on Monday morning.

I’m just reminding you of my daily bouts with slumber for one reason – I wish I had more time to fully explore every detailed minutiae of this game!

I also wish that I had the time to watch “Yellowstone” tonight too – but that can wait – and where I’m happy to report that I didn’t miss one of my favorite shows for a bad game either!

Since the Rangers arrived in Chicago early Sunday morning following their win on Saturday night in Philadelphia – there wasn’t any pregame news to be had, outside of head coach Gerard Gallant confirming that he’d be running back the same line-up, sans one change – CZAR IGOR in net.

As far as anything else; Mollie “I don’t give a shit” Walker came up with the scoop of the century, where she found out that, WOW, the Rangers wanted to win some games before Christmas. I hope she buys a bottle of Pledge to shine-up her future Pulitzer Prize!

Here was the Sunday afternoon edition of “TURK TALK”:

Here was tonight’s line-up:

FIRST LINE: Panarin/Mika/Goodrow

SECOND LINE: Lafreniere/Chytil/Kakko

THIRD LINE: Kreider/Trocheck/Vesey

FOURTH LINE: Kravtsov/Brodzinski/Gauthier

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Harpur/Schneider


BACK-UP: Jaroslav Halak


The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





26 7 19 .731 19 0 0 0 0 60:00 0


30 1 29 .967 27 2 0 0 0 60:00 0

Similar to Pierre McGuire and Sidney Crosby from years ago; I smell a new budding romance brewing between a reporter and a player – ESPN’s Emily Kaplan and Filip Chytil! While I’m fooling around right now; this much is true too – Kaplan and Chytil have more chemistry together than Panarin and Trocheck! Heck, they may even have more chemistry than the BFF’s, Kreider and Zibanejad, too! Photo Credit: ESPN

As mentioned, tonight’s game was an ESPN broadcast, where the world-wide leader, much like Miss Walker, “didn’t give a shit.”

While the commentating was great, as both Ryan Callahan and Mike Monaco were solid in their roles; ESPN, as a network, seemed like they’d rather be airing a badminton game from Alaska, rather than hosting this tilt between a pair of Original Six rivals.

For some reason, ESPN even paid P.K. Slewban for five minutes of work in the studio. Hey, it’s great work if you can get it!

Between no pregame show, predicted-and-tired, yet valid, storylines (Trouba vs the Blackhawks, Kane to the Rangers, etc), and the fact that once the final horn went off, ESPN immediately went to soccer coverage, where they gave analysis on a game that ended in a shootout from twelve hours prior in the day; you had to wonder why ESPN even acquired the rights to air these games.

But hey – all of this was better than listening to Sieve Vagistat drone on for thirty minutes!


Filip Chytil, or Filip Brittle, as Eddie G. of “The BSU Show” first coined; #72’s never-ending battles with injuries continued on Sunday night. While most of Chytil’s injuries are the end result of both bad luck and dirty plays; once again, “The Chytil Cycle” continues to motor. Photo Credit: M$GN


Off puck drop, Ryan Callahan, the former Ranger, immediately started to praise Barclay Goodrow.

And go figure, with Vesey and Goodrow doing a lot of the heavy lifting during this win streak, and with seven goals scored tonight too; neither #21 or #26 factored into the scoring in this game. But hey, it’s a 22-man roster right now and you need different people to contribute every night!

I have to say this and get it out of the way too – I still don’t know why M$GN never gave Callahan a full-time gig following his two-game try-out last season.

As I always say – replace the “V” with a “C” – and give us Cally instead of Vally! I may have written those words on this site no less than 987678696879697689676 times before – so no need for an explanation tonight – especially since I have to be up in three hours as I type this sentence!

And this too – Callahan praised the Rangers more during these sixty minutes of action than Sam Rosen & Joe Micheletti have done all season! Better than that? Not once did I hear the following:





Sadly, this stupid picture didn’t prove true to fruition!

Man, I’m burning too much time on the broadcast tonight!

Until Filip Chytil scored at the 13:04 mark of the period, the first frame was largely dominated by the home team.

Prior to Chytil’s tally, Trocheck had a GOOD LOOK at the ninety second mark, but Murphy poked the rubber away before #16 could get to Soderblom.

Not even three minutes in, we were reminded that three former Rangers, Jack Johnson, Colin Blackwell and Jarred Tinordi were in Chicago’s line-up. And you know what would’ve happened had Sam & Joe had the call!

Just 4:10 in, the Hawks had seven shot attempts – in comparison to the Rangers’ lone shot attempt – and these seven shot attempts doesn’t include a Chicago three vs two odd-man rush – one that Schneider broke up at the 4:20 mark.

Pulling a page from Nostradamus, here’s what I said early into the game:

And that’s what happened.

Another prediction that I hit? ESPN running the theme of the Kane-to-NYR rumors all game, where that talk heated up during the garbage time of the third period.

(And I don’t blame ESPN – there wasn’t much else to talk about and this is a league-wide story that everyone has interest in. After all – everyone loves big splashy trades.)

As we started to approach the mid-mark of the first period, this is when the Rangers started to find their legs a bit.

JONNY HOCKEY was denied by Soderblom. Fox almost caught the goalie off-guard. And at exactly the 10:00 mark, Soderblom made a nice glove save on the game’s eventual first goal scorer, Filip Chytil.

With the Rangers picking up their game a bit; Zibanejad tried to set up Fox for a one-timer, where one-timers was the focus of the offense tonight. However, on this particular one, Mika missed the pass, the Hawks capitalized on the turnover and rushed up ice – only for Lindgren to get back and break up this two-vs-one odd-man rush.

Down to 7:15 remaining, Callahan, who is not only good in the studio but good in the booth too; continued his streak of making good, even if they were small and obvious, points. (I think this really stood out for me after listening to Sam and Joe for so long.)

During a Rangers’ odd-man rush, Kreider shot the puck from deep, rather than driving to the net. However, as Kreider’s ex-teammate pointed out, “CK52” was at the end of a long shift and opted for a puck-on-pads play – guaranteeing that he could change – rather than running the risk of a turnover and the puck going the other way.

As we hit 6:56 remaining, Chytil kicked off the scoring:


As Callahan said (and no wonder why I like him so much, as I’ve been saying this too for a while) – you can’t call them the “KIDS LINE” anymore! They’re grown men – and veterans too.

On this play, the Blackhawks “pulled a Trouba,” meaning that they couldn’t clear a puck out of the zone.

During this failed attempt, Fox made the keep/forced a turnover near the blue line, found Lafreniere deep, and following a nifty soccer kick – the 2020 first-overall pick dished the puck to Chytil for the first Rangers one-timed goal of the contest.

Twenty seconds later, Lindgren took a delay of game penalty, the only Rangers’ infraction of the match, after sailing a puck over the glass.

Similar to some of the Rangers’ power-plays that we saw prior to this recent winning streak; the Blackhawks did everything but score here, where it felt like #88, perhaps the next man to wear that number for the Blueshirts since the days of Eric Lindros centering “The Fly Line,” had a zillion chances to tie the game.

Officially, CZAR IGOR was credited with two saves during these two minutes, but the Hawks had tripled that amount in everyone’s favorite stat, “EXPECTED GOALS.” In reality, the Rangers’ flawless penalty kill, the best PK on the road, remained without a blemish.

Following the kill, the Rangers soon “two-timed” the Blackhawks with a pair of one-timers.

With 3:05 to go, the future 2023 Norris winner picked up his second assist of the game:

2-0, GOOD GUYS – and a rare even-strength goal for the Breadman, perhaps the most perplexing player to figure out these days. While he’s not scoring goals as frequently as he used to – his 32 assists and 40 points are tops on the team.

As we went under a minute remaining, the Rangers, now with their third real scoring chance of the game, went 3-3, following their third one-timer of the period:


Rout on – despite the Hawks pretty much dominating every other facet of the game despite the only one that matters – the score.

On this goal, Lafreniere won a puck battle at the boards in his own end, got the puck to Chytil and there was the center of this line finding Kakko, now “FINNISHING” these days and picking up his eighth goal of the season.

We remained 3-0 at the end of the period – and now in front of an arena that on the first day of Hanukkah – that sounded like every Hawk fan in-attendance were sitting shiva instead.

Here’s what I said at the time:

Trouba, hated in Chicago ever since flooring Khaira last season, got his revenge tonight. Photo Credit: M$GN


Following another interview conducted by Kaplan with her favorite player, where it should also be noted how impressive Chytil’s English interviews are (it’s easier for KIDS, and not ADULTS, which Chytil is, to master a new language); we began the middle frame – where right away – “the same old shit” reared in its ugly head.

Just 1:33 in, Philipp Kurashev, after getting in front of Miller, tried to make a pass to Kane, who had Trouba beat and dead-to-rights. However, rather than Kane tapping the puck past CZAR IGOR; the puck bounced off of the Rangers’ captain instead.

3-1, good guys, and Trouba “extended his consecutive goal streak” to two games.

I can laugh about that last sentence now – because that’s what would later happen.

The Rangers, whether it was the back-to-back or perhaps playing “laissez-faire” hockey with the “dreaded three-goal lead,” had a brain-fart here.

In the grand scheme of things, this wound up being a meaningless goal for the Hawks; but at the same time, this was another example of one snafu costing CZAR IGOR a shutout – the goalie who ever since arriving in the league, leads the NHL in most one-goal games allowed.

Down to 17:53 remaining, and in a play away from the puck – Sam Lafferty crushed Filip Chytil from behind and into the boards. I don’t care what you wanted to call here, but this should’ve been interference, roughing, cross-checking or whatever other two-minute minor you want to come up with.

This hit ended Chytil’s night.

Of course, and as everyone expected – following the game, Gallant said his favorite words when discussing #72’s latest injury – “day-to-day.”

Since the NHL doesn’t like anyone using the “c-word,” as in concussion; we don’t 100% know if Chytil had a concussion earlier this season – but I think we all know that’s the injury he received during that game with Columbus – following another cheap, dirty and blind-side hit committed on the Czech.

And just like that play – we don’t know with full certainty if Chytil suffered a concussion here – but I don’t think anyone will be surprised if that’s the case.

Gut-feeling? Chytil misses the next two games and doesn’t play again until after the Christmas break – a major blow for the Rangers – especially with two pivotal games ahead with Pittsburgh and the Islanders.

And somehow – the officials missed this penalty. So much for player safety.

Here was the hit that continued “The Cycle of Chytil,” where he gets hot, gets hurt, comes back cold, and then gets hot again – rinse-wash-repeat:

As Chytil went to the locker room, so did Tinordi, as the ex-Ranger ate a slapshot from Sammy Blais, and right in the mush. As Tinordi sped to the locker room for repairs; the officials cleaned up the ice, as the rink looked like a scene out of “Law and Order SVU,” with DNA splattered all over the place.

All of this happened within the first 2:30.

Once the ice was cleaned up, Chicago just dominated play for the next eight minutes. They had back-to-back possessions of over 1:10 each, where CZAR IGOR denied all comers. At one point, Brodzinski had the wind knocked out of him too, but he’d never miss a shift.

As we approached the mid-mark of the period, and following a TV timeout, Kaplan interviewed Gallant. “This period isn’t good Emily” was the Turk’s response. Kaplan also asked “The Turk” if he thought that the Lafferty hit was dirty, but the head coach blew off the question.

Despite being up 3-1, it felt like the Rangers were losing at the time. However, Trouba changed the momentum, as for the first time this season, not only did a TROUBA BOMB hit twine – but he scored his first even-strength goal of the season too:

4-1, GOOD GUYS, as Trouba connected on a one-timer, following Zibanejad’s blind/drop pass.

As talked about a few blogs back, when Andreas Athanasiou mocked Trouba’s disgusting contract of $8M per season – the captain didn’t forget:

I found all of this funny.

Here’s Trouba, after making me a winner in two consecutive nights (I once again made a prop bet on a Trouba anytime goal – and who knew that this bet would be more profitable than my daily 4-0 bets?), talking shit to some scrub – after scoring his first 5 x 5 goal of the season.

Trouba would later have fun with this during his post-game interview.

While I thought this was silly, as Trouba hasn’t played like an $8M player this season – this was good to see.

It just shows you that his confidence level is growing – just like his team.

Plus, as any premier athlete will tell you, and Michael Jordan was most famous for this – sometimes you need to invent grudges to get going.

While Trouba most certainly had a bone to pick with “Happy To See You,” and Trouba was most certainly happy to run his mouth at the Hawks’ center; if he needed a reason to get up in a game against the league’s worst team – then do what you got to do!

Just win!

And now do it against Pittsburgh and the Islanders!

Down to 8:42 remaining, Lafferty got cute with CZAR IGOR. Ben Harpur immediately took offense.

Three minutes later, Lafferty crashed into #31 in Rangers’ white. CZAR IGOR was furious about this, as once again, the officials buried their whistles in their butt-cheeks.

At the time, and with Vitali Kravtsov once again as the least effective Ranger on the ice; I was hoping that #74 would just get frustrated and go after this Rangers’ pest in the Hawks’ #24 jersey.

Even if Kravtsov would’ve been creamed – it would’ve shown something.

To his credit, Kravtsov did show up later on – even if he did score what would be considered an “A-Rod” goal.

(And that’s what the detractors of Vesey and Goodrow would’ve said had they been the ones to score it. After all, these people discredit their GAME WINNING GOALS!)

I guess up by three, and with two big games ahead – the Rangers didn’t want to get caught up in any bullshit shenanigans with a lowly bunch.

As CZAR IGOR continued to keep perhaps his future teammate off of the board, Patrick Kane; Miller, coming off scoring the best highlight reel goal of the season, had two chances himself. However, Soderblom stopped both a point-blank Miller blast, and for good measure, denied #79’s pretty backhander too.

That said, the Rangers weren’t done yet.

With 23.4 seconds to go, Max Domi was boxed for slashing Trocheck.

Just as you thought that the Rangers would open the final frame on a wrap-around/abbreviated power-play; it would only take the Blueshirts seven seconds to push the lead to four goals:


For a guy who has hit more posts than anyone in the league, here’s Vinny Trocheck scoring perhaps a “puck luck”/fluke goal, as after #16 won the draw (seven of fourteen tonight, 50% at the circles, good for the team’s high, as every other Ranger center failed to reach 50% themselves); Fox got the puck, fired it at net, and with Trocheck’s ass to the goalie – the puck found his stick and boom, just like that – the Rangers’ special teams were motoring at 100% efficiency.

The Rangers never looked back after this. From this point on, it was a “Trail of Tears” for the Blackhawks.

Here’s what I said as the second period concluded:

I have this jersey on my “Christmas Wish List!” Photo Credit: NYR


Yes, once again, I know this all sounds insane, but despite being up 5-1; this game felt like all Chicago.

It was just that the Rangers converted on all of their chances – and having CZAR IGOR in net, rather than a fledging minor-leaguer, was all the difference.

However, now twenty minutes away from their seventh consecutive win – the Rangers not only slammed the door, they broke a few windows too.

As the third period began, Kaplan reported that both Chytil and Tinordi were done for the game.

Once the puck dropped – the Rangers just owned their Original Six peers.

Let’s breeze through this, as most of this period was garbage time – and yep – my job and that damn 5AM train.

CZAR IGOR, after making nineteen stops during the first forty minutes, made ten more in this period. He was in the zone.

Following Vesey going wide and with 11:04 to go; Kravtsov had his best play of the season, as he streaked up ice, made a move and went five-hole on Soderblom. 6-1, GOOD GUYS.

And for a Chicago team that was playing pretty gnarly and gritty; this Kravtsov goal ended all of that. This is when garbage time began.

For what it’s worth – I was happy that Kravtsov scored – especially in this arena! I was just hoping that after the game, Kane would join the Rangers on their trip to Pittsburgh – with Kravstov trading in his blue jersey for a Chicago red one!

Keep upping that trade value!

And I’m not out of line for thinking this way, as this is when ESPN really went overboard with the Kane-to-NY stuff. They just didn’t mention who would go the other way.

Also of note? This goal was scored with Kravtsov on a line with Mika and Panarin.

Due to both the Chytil injury and the blowout, Gallant gave Kravstov a look with the team’s best forwards. As Gallant would later say in his post-game interview, “he [Kravtsov] made me look good!”

Down to 6:23 remaining, the best KID on the team, Braden Schneider, dialed a puck up from the point.


At the time, I thought JONNY HOCKEY (screening the goalie) got a piece of this, which would’ve been his first goal of the season. Instead, the puck hit a Hawk defender and Schneider got his just due.

And I don’t think that JONNY HOCKEY will mind – after all, the Rangers are now 7-0 (UNDEFEATED) ever since the arrival of JONNY BROADWAY – a fact that my buddy, Steve S., loves to remind me of!

(Also of note – the Rangers are 3-0 with Ben Harpur in the line-up!)

On the Rangers’ next possession, Soderblom stopped Panarin. This was the first time that you heard the United Center make a peep all night – as they Bronx Cheered their goaltender.

As the Rangers continued to harass the Blackhawks and put their skates on their neck (figuratively, not literally – although if they did, I’m not so sure if these officials would’ve called a penalty anyway); we hit triple zeroes, and with the Rangers doing what they were supposed to do – knocking off a pair of crap teams this weekend.

Here are your updated standings:

While the Rangers have played more games than their competition; the team moved into third place in the Metro division tonight – and are now just three points out of first place too. Needless to say, and just look at those two teams in the wild card position too – these next two games are YUGE for Gallant’s Gang. Photo Credit: ESPN

Here’s Gallant after the game:

In what should come as no surprise; the only question that Miss I Don’t Give a Shit asked Gallant was about Kravtsov. Nothing about Schneider, or really anyone else – aka the usual.

Here’s Trouba talking about riling up Happy To See You, in a clip that the Rangers slashed to only fifteen seconds:

What a weekend in the now sunny streets of Rangerstown, USA, where Gallant’s seat is as cold as the weather itself.

Up next, the much-talked about game with the Penguins.

Here’s a LOCK prop bet – Trouba will be booed – and Sidney will want revenge too. However, I have faith in CZAR IGOR, and I’ll also be betting a 4-0 Rangers’ shutout on Tuesday night!

CHOO-CHOO time for me! That 5AM LIRR train to Penn comes early.



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  1. Thanks for the extra work! I never feel the game is truly over till I’ve read your take on the auction. Keep up the great work!

  2. Yeah Subban (with his coat on?!) looked like he just stopped in for a minute and had somewhere else to go …

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