Blistering Blueshirts Look To Extend Winning Streak To Seven Games This Weekend; “SHOULD WIN” Games Up Next, Dissecting Turk’s Lengthy Chat with The Birdbrain Beat; Praise For B-Schneids, “The Check LOLine,” Fickle Fans & “The Kids,” Never-Ending Kravtsov & Kane Trade Talk, Line-Up & More

The New York Rangers, fresh off of back-to-back wins over two of the three best teams of the Eastern Conference, New Jersey and Toronto, “SHOULD” handle business against two of the bottom-feeders of the league this weekend, Philadelphia and Chicago. And yes – that altered Blackhawks’ logo sums up my photoshop skills too! BRU-TAL! But in my own defense – I’m a writer – not a graphic artist – and as you’ve probably figured out!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on Who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am!

While I don’t like to use the phrase “MUST WIN” on this site, as I’ll only use it whenever it’s mathematically applicable; nevertheless, the Rangers “SHOULD WIN” their next two games, thus extending their winning ways to seven straight games, prior to a pivotal litmus-test match-up against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday night – the Rangers’ penultimate game (and final road game too) prior to the annual Christmas break.

As we all know, there have been more downs than ups during the Rangers’ roller-coaster ride in their first thirty-one games played – but what’s done is done. All you can do is look ahead.

Currently, and following many losses to bad teams this season (disgusting defeats that have been previously discussed to death on this site); the Rangers are now riding a season-high five-game winning streak.

With a pair of extremely “winnable” games scheduled this weekend, both on the road against Philadelphia (second-worst in the Metropolitan Division) and Chicago (worst team in the NHL) – the Rangers have to snag these four points – and in any which way, shape or form.

Pretty or ugly – it don’t matter. JUST WIN!

Of course, since the NHL is an “Any Given Sunday” league, meaning that anyone can beat anyone on any night (just ask the Islanders following their embarrassing loss to the Coyotes on Friday night – and yep – I had to get that in!) – the Rangers can’t treat this weekend and these two games as 48 hours of “trap time” – especially with games against the Penguins and Islanders looming ahead.

Whatever inspired the Rangers to play a full sixty minute game against Toronto must be there again this weekend.

For whatever unanswerable reason, the Rangers tend to play up to the competition, while also playing down to the competition too. The latter must cease to exist.

In the event that Gallant’s Gang can handle what “should be” easy business transactions this weekend (yep – easier said than done, as noted); if the Rangers can extend their winning streak to eight games on Tuesday night, then one more game remains before Santa Claus hits the streets of Rangerstown, USA – the final Rangers/Islanders game of the season, which will be played on Thursday night (December 22nd) at M$G – and a chance to push the winning streak to nine games.

Who would’ve thought I’d be talking this way just two weeks ago?

While yes, I’m looking WAY ahead right now, especially since I’m a disciple of “The Turk’s” “ONE GAME AT A TIME” mantra (heck, I even wrote a book about this!); who knows – perhaps for Christmas, the Rangers will gift their fans this proposed & potential nine-game winning streak!

Of course, first things first – the woeful Philadelphia Flyers.

It’s been all downhill in Filthadelphia ever since a police dog took a meaty dump on the Flyers’ logo at center ice, as this canine did back on December 6th, 2021. Photo Credit: Bar “Stool” Sports

As mentioned last night – I will be attending Saturday night’s game in the city of “Brotherly Love” – where I’m hoping for no barbaric activity in the stands – especially since my friend’s 75-year old father is taking the trek down I-95 with us!

But hey, while Philly is known for their savage fans – at least nobody has lost a finger yet. You can’t say the same about “The Mullet Arena” in Arizona these days!

However, the Coyotes do dine on “Fish Sticks,” as they did on Friday.

(Wow – already two references to the Islanders’ most recent loss! I don’t think I’ll have any complaints about this though!)

Going back to Philly now; there was also that whole incident following the 2012 Winter Classic, where nineteen orange-and-black cowards jumped a Purple Heart recipient and a NYPD officer – just because they were wearing Rangers’ apparel. That can’t be forgotten.

Seriously, and for the bulk of this readership, we’re all Americans here – these players don’t fight over your jobs – which is why I find all of this stuff to be horrendous.

In other words – if Kevin Hayes and Mika Zibanejad want to show up at my job, and then drop their gloves over me and one of my co-workers – then, and only then – will I consider doing the same with a fan of the opposing team.

And at my age (40-years old) – punching someone hurts!

Needless to say, I rather have an ice cold beer in my hands – instead of my hand inside of a tub of ice!

Following what I felt was the Rangers’ best win of the season on Thursday night against Toronto; a day later, Friday, the team reconvened for practice in Tarrytown, NY.

If there was anything to note about this practice – there won’t be another one until Tuesday.

With back-to-back road games this weekend; there will be no morning skate on Sunday.

Due to the league’s CBA rules, the players will have off on Monday, and will then have a pregame skate on Tuesday in Pittsburgh.

The more you know!

As far as Friday’s practice went – not much took place.

Gallant used the same line-up, lines and defensive pairings as he did on Thursday night. This arrangement of players is what we’ll most likely see on Saturday night – but then again – I thought the team from Monday night’s win over the Devils would be the line-up that we saw against the Leafs!

Disclaimer aside – I do think we’ll see Thursday night’s line-up on Saturday.

After all, that victory over Toronto was their best win of the season. The win over the Devils paled in comparison.

Following the practice, head coach Gerard Gallant spoke to the media for nearly eight minutes.

Here was Friday’s edition of “TURK TALK,” a notable one at that – and our lede story for tonight too:

No matter how you feel about him (and you know that I’m a fan of “THE TURK”) – Gallant’s non-stop line-up tinkering has worked out for him – despite the head coach stating that he’d like to stick with the same lines and pairs for a lengthy amount of time, rather than changing them “day-to-day.”

As brought up last night on this site – I don’t know if I’ll be able to do a game review following the Rangers/Flyers game.

It will all depend on what time I get back home – and if I can keep my eyes open once returned!

Since I do have some free time tonight (and no 5AM train to catch on Saturday morning either); I wanted to run-down Gallant’s interview from Friday – just because if I don’t get to it now – I never will.

Furthermore, since the great Adam Rotter has already transcribed this interview word-for-word; I’m going to use the transcript that he provided, with my opinions on every quote following each “TURK THOUGHT.”

The following transcript comes courtesy of:

Do you think that the ice time was more balanced last night, “Honestly, I never checked. I don’t worry about the ice time being balanced, I worry about the team…but when you look after the game. Some games I check it between every period and some games I don’t bother, it just depends what the score is and what we are going at because sometimes you want to balance ice time. I just go with the feel and that is the way it goes. I want to play Panarin 21-22 minutes a night some nights, but it’s the way the feel of the game is and the way you are coaching the game and worried about the score and trying to get the best guys on the ice at those times.”

MY THOUGHTS: It always surprises me how some media members and fans believe that coaches have a stopwatch in their hands at all times.

In other words, Turk’s response to this question didn’t surprise me at all.

Most old-school coaches, especially former players, coach on instinct.

Unless you’re truly a rebuilding team, which the Rangers haven’t been ever since bringing Panarin and Trouba into town – coaches coach to win games – and do whatever they feel is best to attain that goal.

After all, how can any coach be worried about equal ice-time for everyone – especially whenever one of their players is on a heater – and as Jimmy Vesey was on this past Thursday night?

Sometimes, you just have to ride the hot-hand, simple as that.

And as “The Turkmaster General” said, you want your best guys on the ice during crunch time.

I think that’s an easy concept to grasp – but then again – based on some of the stuff that I’ve read from others – this idea is a terrible struggle for some!

What was behind putting the second PP unit out, “A lot of times we look at it…for the most part I like our top guys when they go out there for 1:20, well, 1:20 turns into 1:50 very often because there are no whistles. There was a minute gone on the PP, why not give those guys a chance. I’d like to give them 45 seconds every time, but a lot of times you don’t get the chance to change because they are in the zone and making plays and they don’t come off. In a perfect world 1:15 would be good and :45 for the other guys would be perfect.”

MY THOUGHTS: Again, another simple answer to a simple Rangers’ crop of beat reporters (sans Larry Brooks, who does know what he’s talking about).

Chris Kreider said this recently, but I know I’ve said this before too – CZAR IGOR is one of the best puck-handling goalies in the game today, and arguably, the best one since the days of Martin Brodeur.

Due to his never-ending homerun passes, the 2022 Vezina Trophy winner keeps the power-play moving.

And for all of the talk about Filip Chytil scoring the first PP2 unit PPG of “The Turk Era?” Just look at when CZAR IGOR began his career with the Rangers, and also with Henrik Lundqvist, who could never handle the puck well, at the end of his future Hall of Fame career.

Simply stated – it’s not a coincidence that the PP2 scoring dropped once CZAR IGOR took over the pipes.

Furthermore, and when compared to other goalies around the league – you don’t see Igor freeze the puck/leave a puck for his defenseman as much. Instead, he always has the rare goaltender assist on his mind!

On how The Kid Line forechecks and plays, “it’s definitely a big part of it and you see, when they have trouble they are trying to make plays and turning pucks over. There are two sides of it, I want them to make plays, but 7 out of 10 times you can’t turn it over at the offensive blue line. I think they play their best hockey when the pucks are below the goal line, Kaapo uses his big body and skates out, beats some people like that. Low cycle plays, putting pucks back to the point and going to the net, I think that is their best hockey and, again, you want to make those plays, but they are dangerous plays and sometimes you turn it up and are trying that fancy little play in the middle and you know what happens then, we have three guys going that way and they got 3 on 2 going the other way. Just be responsible, we always talk about managing the puck.”

MY THOUGHTS: Yes – I still hate “THE KIDS LINE” moniker, and for the reasons as previously stated on this site – Chytil is not a kid, that nickname has been done to death during previous eras of NHL history and etc.

While I do believe that Chytil continues to make strides (and as he should, now in his sixth season, and as he nears 300 NHL games played); I also think that it’s concerning that both Kakko (fourth season), and Lafreniere (third season), still struggle to score goals.

That’s not an indictment on the pair of lottery picks, but at the same time – I think it’s tough to say with a straight face that either of them are playing up to the once lofty expectations bestowed upon them.

Put it this way: the player that the millennials love to cry about, Barclay Goodrow (6 goals), has as many goals as Kakko. Another player that these chart-humpers love to moan about, Jimmy Vesey (5 goals), has as many goals as Lafreniere.

I know that everyone wants Lafreniere and Kakko to play sixty minutes a game – but like any other player – Gallant has to coach with what’s best for the team first – everything else second.

Do you know what’s funny, and a prediction that will ring true in the near-future? This one:

When and/or if both Kakko and Lafreniere finally get going, then you’ll have this collection of stalkers (the guy who collects players’ DNA and whose house smells like a locker room), chart-boys, stat-geeks, analytical bums, millennials, whatever descriptive term you want to use here, you name it – who will all DEMAND, with tears streaming down their faces and splashing their toes – “THE KIDS MUST PLAY” – and in steed of the veterans.

What am I referring to? Easy – and you can take this to the bank – these tweets from Rangerstown, USA in the year 2024, if not sooner:





To paraphrase the Men’s Wearhouse slogan – I guarantee you’ll see this!

After all – no one is more fickle than Ranger fans!

If it weren’t for the NHL’s archaic age rules, and the fact that the temperamental Kravtsov can’t go to the Wolfpack without first clearing waivers too; then Brennan Othmann would have already played his first NHL game for the Rangers by now – or so I believe! Photo Credit: NYR

On the Kids Line being aggressive on the forecheck, “That is ideal for me and they have their best success doing that. We show them a lot of clips, trust me….don’t get me wrong, it’s not them alone, it’s just the way the game is today. Young kids want to make their plays and it’s like going to a Casino and you play the odds and when the odds are good they are usually good below the goal line, not so good when they got backcheckers coming back and sticks in the lanes and they go the other way.”

MY THOUGHTS: This was a tough analogy for Gallant to make, especially since I doubt that any of these beat reporters, sans perhaps Brooks and maybe Arthur Staple too, have ever placed one bet inside of a casino.

If Gallant had made a buffet and/or food analogy, then maybe the millennial reporters of the beat would have understood this.

Was sitting out a reset for Sammy Blais, “Sammy’s been fine, we wanted to get Kravy into a game and somebody’s got to come out. I think Sammy’s played fine, he’s frustrated, he’s got no goals, but over the last number of games I thought that lines been fine.”

MY THOUGHTS: I didn’t really touch on the Blais healthy scratch from Thursday night during my NYR/TOR game review, so I’ll give my take on this move here.

Despite whatever I think about Kravtsov, I was fine with it.

After all, I always preach that the coach knows his players and the team better than me.

For any reporter or fan to suggest that they know this team better than the head coach – well, I think that’s egocentric thinking – and erroneous too.

Sure, Blais is one of the team’s hit leaders, and yes, he’s still trying to regain his game following his ACL surgery; but swapping Blais for Kravtsov wasn’t a deal-breaker for me.

And I do get it – if you think that Kravtsov being scratched is the sole reason for only one Stanley Cup win in 82 years, or if you just want #74 to play in order to boost his trade value – then someone has to sit.

With Carpenter gone, Blais is now at the bottom of the totem-pole.

The only thing that raised my eyebrow was the timing of it all, and as said last night – Gallant rarely fools around with his line-up after wins.

Not only did he make this move, he tinkered with his defense too.

I’ve often compared Trouba’s first season as captain to Kevin Shattenkirk’s first season in New York.

Who knows, by the end of it, perhaps Sammy Blais, like Shattenkirk, will have fallen victim to “Murphy’s Law.”

It just sucks what P.K. Slewban did to him, but it’s tough to say that Blais, TODAY, is the same player that he once was.

It’s been a “PRO-CESS,” but he’s had his chances too.

What did you think about Kravtsov, “he was fine. It was one of those games, a tight game, going back and forth. Sometimes I want to get him some shifts up with the top lines on the right side, but the way we were checking their top guys and the guys I have in those spots…I felt I was doing the right thing….we know where he fits, so we’ll see where it goes.”

You could swap him and Goodrow for certain shifts, “definitely. Goodrow or Vesey or whoever, it doesn’t matter. We always pick on Goodrow and all he does is do a good job for me (laugh). And trust me, I know what he is, but he’s been a pretty good player for us the last year and a half.”

MY THOUGHTS: As you’d suspect, and as is always the case, all of the Kravtsov line of questioning came from the clueless millennials of the beat – where this time – I get it – asking about Kravtsov was warranted following Thursday’s game.

That said, I did chuckle how these feckless freaks, who barely know the game, and who always try to tell Gallant what to do!

I also slapped my knee when I saw Gallant call out these bozos, clowns who can’t write one article without copying & pasting stats from analytical websites, for always picking on Goodrow – you know, one of the team’s most reliable players – and the team’s best Swiss Army knife player too.

But hey – if it doesn’t look good on a chart, then Mollie Walker “doesn’t give a shit!”

Based on Gallant’s tone, I think he was alluding to the fact that Kravtsov hasn’t played in a while.

I don’t think it’s a secret that #74 isn’t a stereotypical fourth-line player, especially since grinders can play whenever visiting a dentist; but since Kravtsov had been idle – I think this was Gallant’s way of easing him back into the swing of things.

(Also not a secret? Goodrow serves the team best in a bottom-six role, but due to a lack of top-six options – #21 remains in the top six – for now. I suspect that will change after the trade deadline.)

Had the media really wanted to turn on the pressure, they would’ve asked this:

“Did upper-management [Chris Drury] influence you into playing Kravtsov?”

While Gallant may have blown this off, at the very least – you’d get him on record.

After all, during the past two weeks, and in no less than four separate interviews too, did Gallant say some iteration of: “I’m happy with our line-up and Kravtsov is our practice player.”

What changed during a time-span of 24-hours?

Like him or dislike him – Gallant pulled a 180 on #74. That’s a fact – and not an opinion.

Since the media didn’t ask this, as I guess they “didn’t give a shit” about this either – we don’t know.

The clueless youngsters of the Rangers’ beat believe that a 52 goal scorer is part of a “checking line.” I’m not making this up. Photo Credit: NYR

Do you see Kreider, Trocheck, Vesey as a checking line going forward, “I don’t want it to be a checking line, I want it to be a full, play both ways. There are too many good players there to be a checking line. I see them being responsible, yea, they can play a two-way game. Mika’s playing with Bread and Bread is not the most, biggest checker in the world, but I think he’s been working hard and playing harder.”

MY THOUGHTS: I’m surprised Gallant didn’t walk away after being asked this ridiculous question.

I do wonder if these reporters just hear terms or phrases, such as “left wing lock,” “umbrella,” “bumper,” and in this case, “check line,” and just regurgitate them – as if they know what they actually mean.

Terms and phrases that they definitely know? The following: “cooked, baked, raw, al dente, boiled and fried.”

Seriously, the Rangers are the league’s most profitable team, play in front of the largest audience, are an Original Six franchise and so on and so forth; yet these are the inane questions that the head coach is pestered with – and on a routine basis.

Hugh Delano, Stan Saplin and Walt McPeek must be rolling in their graves.

In case you’re not aware, Kreider is second-best in goals scored (14), while Trocheck is third-best (10). Vesey scored the game winner and the insurance goal on Thursday.

Furthermore, Kreider (24) and Trocheck (22) only trail Panarin (35), Zibanejad (33) and Fox (31) in points.

Check line. Someone should check the heads of these beat reporters – and also check out whatever is being taught in journalism classes these days.

Reporting standards, and this isn’t just exclusive to hockey and/or sports, have never been worse.

What did you see from Ben Harpur, “I thought he played pretty solid, a big man out there, he had a real good stick. Murph was happy with him this morning, how he played.”

MY THOUGHTS: Prior to Thursday’s game, Gallant said that Harpur reminded him of Jarred Tinordi and didn’t know anything else about him.

After Thursday’s game? I think Gallant is more aware of what he has in Harpur – and where I think Libor Hajek will become victim again to another new defenseman on the roster.

That said – come the deadline, I do believe that the Rangers need to add some sort of a veteran depth-defenseman for the playoff push.

And wouldn’t it be something if the Rangers, never averse to adding a shiny new toy, made another trade with one of their frequent trading partners, the Coyotes – for Jakob Chychrun?

I may become even more obnoxious than usual – but yeah – I want to sing the praises of Schneider from the roof-tops – because I think many are overlooking him – and as I’ve been saying all season. Photo Credit: Padma R.

On Braden Schneider, “The kid grows every day, he keeps getting better and better and solid. Whats he got? 4 goals, scored some big goals. But he just looks confident, he does the right things every day, he’s a true pro at a young age.

“You always say, ‘I wish every kid was like that.’ You don’t want every kid the same, but he prepares himself. He comes to practice, he’s prepared for practice,  he comes early in the morning, he’s eating the right foods. He does all the right things, he’s in the weight room, does the right things. It probably came from when he was back home, his parents, the way they raised him and he does the right things all the time and it shows in his game.

“For a young player, to play the way he’s played. I can’t remember once this year I come after the game and said, ‘what was Schneids doing tonight?’ I don’t remember being upset with his play at any time this year or last year. He’s just consistent and he doesn’t try to do too much. He sees the opportunities and jumps in. Obviously, really like the kid a lot.”

MY THOUGHTS: Of note, Larry Brooks, the only one with an eye for hockey among the beat, asked this question – while the millennials of the beat were playing pocket-pool about a scenario where Kreider is on a check line and Vitali Kravtsov never leaves the ice.

I was extremely elated when hearing Gallant speak about Schneider.

I don’t know why, but I feel that both the millennial beat, and the fans that support them, just ignore Schneider.

Maybe that’s because he’s a defenseman. Maybe they just take him for granted.

Either way, I really don’t know, because I don’t think like these mooks.

Whatever the case; hands-down, and in the opinion of this eye-test BOOMER – Schneider, not Kravtsov, not Kakko, not Lafreniere, is the best “KID” on this team.

While Gallant couldn’t come up with one bad Schneider game this season; I could only think of one – and even then – I can’t even remember what game it was. I just remember he finished -2. But that was one game, and to focus on that would be ridiculous.

More important than that one “bad game?” Schneider, along with Lindgren, leads all Rangers’ defensemen in the plus/minus stat, with a +7.

Conversely, Jacob Trouba, who makes over eight times the salary as the player nicknamed after him, is a minus 6 – “good” for worst among all Rangers’ d-men. (Only Panarin, -7, has a worse plus/minus stat than “cappy.”)

I’ve been raving about Schneider for some time now. I hope everyone else starts to do the same.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because Adam Fox, a former Norris winner and now a perennial candidate for that trophy too, plays the same position as Schneider, that #4 is somewhat overlooked; but whatever it is – the Rangers have hit a homerun with the 19th overall pick of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

I’d even go as far to say that Schneider has provided more of an impact than the first-overall pick of that draft too – where that’s solely just praise for Schneider – and not a knock on Lafreniere.

Tony DeAngelo, who is currently inactive for the Flyers, due to the passing of his grandmother (my condolences), may not return to the team in time for Saturday’s game.

The Flyers, an all-out mess, despite their 2-1 win over the Devils from Thursday, will enter Saturday’s contest banged-up – the story of their 2022-23 season.

Of course, that was also the case the last time these two teams played, where it took a CZAR IGOR shut-out, and a Chris Kreider overtime goal too, to beat them.

Let’s hope for an easier path to victory on Saturday – especially for a Rangers’ team, that prior to the last time these two teams had met, had blown out the former “Broad Street Bullies” – and on multiple occasions.

Should the hockey gods be willing – and the Rangers do what they’re supposed to do – dispose of the Flyers on Saturday; 24 hours later, the Rangers will look to extract revenge on Chicago – a Blackhawk team, and you can’t sugarcoat this, that flat-out blew-out & embarrassed the Blueshirts on M$G ice prior to this recent five-game winning streak.

The Original Six tilt between the Rangers and ‘Hawks will air on ESPN, where you can bet your mortgage, your first-born child, and perhaps a kidney or another major organ too, and no less than fifty times to boot – will you hear about the Patrick Kane to New York rumors.

I, along with everyone else with an asshole between their legs, have talked about these rumors to the point of exhaustion. Everyone knows the deal and how a trade would benefit every party involved.

However, and simply stated: nothing will happen until the NHL trade deadline.

For these rumors to be proven true, one thing has to happen – the Rangers must be in the thick of things and have a secure handle on a playoff berth.

For Kane to even think of waiving his no move clause – the Rangers must be legit – and look like a Stanley Cup contender.

If not, Kane will waive his NMC and go elsewhere (where I still think that Colorado is the favorite – and where I can see the Avalanche freeing money for both Kane and his long-time buddy, Jonathan Toews. And who cares how many assets the Avalanche would give up in this scenario – they’re the Cup champs and needless to say – looking to defend that title.)

While we can talk more about this as we approach the March 3rd, 2023 NHL Trade Deadline; it will be interesting to see if Kane and/or the team that trades for him, will have to give him an extension or not, as part of the deal for the pending unrestricted free agent.

In other words – I don’t think it’s a given that Kane is a 100% “rental.”

He may be – but I’m just saying that until we get there – we don’t know.

As far as who goes the other way in this trade scenario? I’d assume Kravtsov, a 2023 first-rounder, a late-round draft pick and a player or two from Hartford.

And despite what’s out there – I can’t see Lafreniere and/or Kakko being involved.

Ditto Miller, whose name, to a lesser extent, has been thrown into this hot-stove talk.

While the Rangers don’t exactly have the best track record whenever acquiring big names via trades (and I would know – after all, I wrote a four-volume set of books about this!) – I wouldn’t mind seeing Kane in a blue sweater. This is a win-now team and I think that Kane would only help the Rangers – and their top-six issues to be specific.

Screw Pat’s and Geno’s – I’m going to Tony Luke’s!

I should, at the very least, have a pictorial blog up sometime following Saturday’s game, as I do have good seats.

Since my buddy, “TEN O’CLOCK TOMMY,” is driving our merry gang to Philly, I can post these pictures while sitting shotgun! (I called it!)

If I don’t do a game review blog on Saturday night, I’ll be back Sunday, where I hope to be writing about the Rangers’ seventh consecutive win.


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NYR/TOR 12/15 Review: FIVE-ALIVE! Rangers Put Forth Best Sixty Minute Effort of the Season; Snap All Negative Trends Including “The Curse of the Liberty Jersey,” Jimmy F’N Vesey, Gallant’s Seat Cold As Ice; “Turk’s” Late Line-Up Moves Successful (Again), Perfect Special Teams, “Cappy” Trouba & The Cross-Hairs, “Coyote Ugly,” The Sharks & More

NYR/NJD 12/12 Review: Schizophrenic Rangers Overcome Poor Start & Captain Trouba’s Turnovers; Show Resolve & Moxie in Overtime Victory; Longest Winning Streak of the Season, Gallant’s In-Game Changes Work (Again), Special Teams Clicking, A Signature Statement Game, Kult of Kravtsov, M$GN & More

NYR/COL 12/9 Review: A Signature Shestyorkin Showing Saves Rangers; Out-Duels Georgiev in a Shootout Rematch, “Baby Trouba” or “Old Man Schneider? – An Ode to #4; Goody Got It (Again), “MLK Line,” Captain Fights, “JONNY DOTS” Sends Carpenter to Hartford, The Panarin “Hat Trick,” Longest Winning Streak of the Season, Emile Francis, M$GN & More

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4 thoughts on “Blistering Blueshirts Look To Extend Winning Streak To Seven Games This Weekend; “SHOULD WIN” Games Up Next, Dissecting Turk’s Lengthy Chat with The Birdbrain Beat; Praise For B-Schneids, “The Check LOLine,” Fickle Fans & “The Kids,” Never-Ending Kravtsov & Kane Trade Talk, Line-Up & More

  1. Thanks for the update on DeAngelo. I was wondering why he was off the Flyers active roster. Sorry about the death of his grandmother.

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