NYR/CAR 1/3 Review: Rangers Flush First-Place Carolina in Thriller; Wild-And-Crazy Game at “The World’s Most Expensive Arena,” Gallant’s In-Game Moves Work Again; Chytil Benched (Then Scores!), Defensemen, Mika & Artie, Special Teams Shine, 60 Minutes of Effort & More

On Tuesday night at M$G, the Rangers hosted the Carolina Hurricanes for the first time since the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs. In a game where adjectives such as “wild,” “crazy,” “infuriating,” “exhilarating,” “maddening,” “euphoric,” “elating” and about 1,000 others that can be used to describe this contest; the Blueshirts knocked off the first-place Canes by a final score of 5-3 – where admittedly – perhaps Gallant’s Gang got a lift from the officials too – but that’s not my problem!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. And some people say that the regular season is “boring” – a rare adjective that can’t be used to describe tonight’s 5-3 victory!

The Rangers, now undefeated in their first two games of 2023, faced their biggest litmus test yet of the season on Tuesday night – where yes – I’m aware that each test will be bigger than the next.

However, for Captain Trouba’s crew and company, the Blueshirts, now two games shy of the half-way mark of the season (39 games played), aced this proverbial “mid-term exam.”

While this win over Carolina was the textbook definition of the word “roller-coaster;” by the end of it, the Rangers prevailed. This was also an example of “nothing in life comes easy,” as the home team surely proved on Tuesday night.

If there is one thing that stayed consistent throughout the sixty-minute affair, then it’s this – the Rangers played their hearts out.

They gave it their all – and where you can not question their effort and hustle – even when things looked bad.

After all, and as stated about 242478254252478748987487 times on this site in the past – the other team is paid to play hockey too – where on this night – the Hurricanes entered M$G as the hottest team in the league.

Prior to this contest, the Hurricanes had won their past eleven games, their past twelve road games and had gone 15-0-2 in their last seventeen matches.

Leave it to the Rangers, who more times than not this season, have been on the other end of these “slump-busting” streaks – and who then became STREAK-BUSTERS themselves!

And how about the following?

Despite resident M$GN ANALyst, the useless Sieve Vagistat (who unfortunately was back tonight), saying no less than three times this season that the Rangers had lost “MUST WIN GAMES;” wouldn’t you know it – the Rangers are not only in playoff positioning – but no longer in the wild card race either.

Instead, they are sniffing second-place in the division, where by the weekend (they play visitor to the Devils in Newark this Saturday) – the Rangers may only have one more team left to chase – the team they just beat tonight:

Photo Credit: ESPN

During a first period where the Rangers had issues clearing pucks and limiting turnovers, a fluke Jacob Trouba power-play goal later tied the game. However, and as would be the case until the final frame – anytime the Rangers did anything positive – something negative would happen just seconds later.

Just as was the case after Trouba had scored; later on, during the second period, Zibanejad re-tied the game, following another fluky/puck-luck power-play goal, which at this time, leveled the score at 2-2.

Following both of these rare man-advantage goals – the Canes scored just seconds afterwards.

Carolina, who entered this game 14-0-6 in one-goal games this season (a fact that Sam Rosen had to remind us of around the FOXWOODS FINAL FIVE MARK, as the Hall of Fame announcer is always hellbent on jinxing the team that pays him), took a 3-2 lead into third period.

Up next? Three straight goals for the home team – a Panarin “puck-luck” goal at the 36 second mark that tied the game, a K’Andre Miller deflection goal at the 10:27 mark (and the eventual game winner), and a Filip Chytil power-play empty netter with just 63 seconds remaining in regulation – where prior to this goal – #72 had been stapled to the bench all period.

Without question, this was a topsy-turvy match at M$G, but as mentioned – the Rangers never gave up – even when things looked bleak.

At one point, the pairing of Miller and Trouba were both minus three. (That’s how Trouba remained, while Miller’s goal brought him to a -2.)

The third line also had major issues, where once again, Alexis Lafreniere looked like an all-out mess.

However, with a strong penalty kill (3-3) and even stronger games from Kaapo Kakko, Braden Schneider, Ben Harpur, Adam Fox, Ryan Lindgren and Barclay Goodow; the Rangers were able to survive and then will themselves into winning this contest.

And we haven’t even talked about CZAR IGOR yet – who despite having his numbers pulverized again on M$G ice (a save percentage of .870) – played pretty well – where his flawless third period preserved not only K’Andre Miller’s comeback game winning goal, but more importantly than that – the two points in the standings too.

I just wish I had more time to bask in this glory (and have a few post-game celebratory pops and belts too) – but as you know – that damn 5AM train that I have to catch for work on Wednesday morning.

In other words, let’s roll.

Up first, some light pregame news and notes, followed by the GAME REVIEW.

I know that some people will complain about Gallant benching Chytil for the bulk of the third period – but how can you complain with the results and the success? The team went +2 during this time and didn’t surrender one goal. And by the end of the night – Chytil scored the insurance goal – and once again – everything worked out in the streets of Rangerstown, USA!

On Monday, and now back in New York; the Rangers surprisingly practiced at their facility in Tarrytown, NY.

I use the word “surprisingly” here, just because I thought that after a win, and since the team were away from their families for the New Year – they’d get the day off.

Not much really took place at the practice outside of the fact that Jonny Brodzinski subbed in for Mika Zibanejad on the first line, as the man who neutered the Cats on Sunday had a maintenance day.

Here was the Monday edition of “TURK TALK”:

The head coach didn’t really say much, outside of praising several of his players, including Kaapo Kakko and Braden Schneider. Gallant also brought up how Trocheck should have some extra pep in his step on Tuesday night, since he’d be facing his former team.

A day later, during his daily pregame “TURK TALK,” the head coach confirmed that he’d be using the same line-up against Carolina as he did during Sunday’s win against Florida, with one change – CZAR IGOR in – Jaroslav Halak to the bench – and as expected.

In other words – Libor Hajek took his usual seat in his now ass-imprinted chair in the press box, and with Jonny Brodzinski along side him.

Here was Tuesday’s line-up:

FIRST LINE: Kreider/Mika/Kakko

SECOND LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Kravtsov

THIRD LINE: Lafreniere/Chytil/Vesey

FOURTH LINE: Blais/Goodrow/Gauthier

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Harpur/Schneider




The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





30 4 26 .867 20 3 3 0 0 59:33 0


23 3 20 .870 13 7 0 0 0 59:00 0

Following three consecutive Vagistat-free broadcasts; on Tuesday, the seven-foot braying jackass returned, where right away, he brought up how he talks to Lundqvist, how he once played hockey and all of his usual junk.

Come 6:30PM, I was excited to tune into the M$GN, as this was a huge game on deck. However, that feeling soon subsided, as the useless Sieve Vagistat, and his bad CVS hair dye, was back.

After struggling to find my remote and suffering through 45 seconds of his garbage; I flipped to the NHL Network for the next half hour.

Come 7PM, and now returned to the M$GN; Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti, and as they always too, did their opposing team rah-rah cheerleader act – and where no less than a dozen times tonight – we were reminded that Jesper Fast and Brady Skjei were former Rangers.

Sam & Joe also brought up all of the winning that Carolina had been doing as of late – a rare reverse curse/jinx that hit tonight! (There was also some stat, that during this Canes’ epic winning streak, they had only trailed in 1.2% of their games. Wow.)

As the two commentators brought up how Pyotr Kochetkov (and not Antti Raanta) would be getting the start tonight; Micheletti wondered aloud, “what’s with it with Russia and their excellent goaltenders?”

As previously discussed long-form on this site (check the archives); ever since the Hall of Fame Russian goalie, Vladislav Tretiak (and the only non-NHL/NHA goalie honored in Toronto) took over as President of Russian Hockey (for the purpose of international tournaments – ones that the Russians are now currently excluded from – and Tretiak can thank Vladimir Putin for that) – goaltending has been the Kremlin’s focus.

While under Tretiak’s rule, and first starting with Andrei Vasilevskiy; a slew of Russian goaltenders have jumped to the NHL, and where they are just dominating – including CZAR IGOR, Ilya Sorokin and now Pyotr Kochetkov himself – a Kochetkov who is pretty much Carolina’s starter now – and who will probably run both Frederik Andersen & Antti Raanta out of town next season – if not before that.

(Holy dashes Batman! It’s late, I have to be up early and I have no time for sentence syntax tonight!)

For the purpose of this blog moving forward, I will be referring to Pyotr Kochetkov as PK (not Slewban) – but admittedly – one day – spelling his tough name will soon become as natural as spelling “V-a-s-i-l-e-v-s-k-i-y.” That’s how good he’s looked – and where he’s just scratching the tip of the surface today.


Kaapo Kakko, one assist, a plus one, one shot on goal and one missing tooth, was the best and most consistent Rangers’ forward in my eyes tonight. Photo Credit: NYR


As a generality, the bulk of this period played out like this: Rangers’ turnover, Blueshirts’ couldn’t clear, no shots on goal and rinse-wash-repeat.

While that all sounds bad; at the same time, and to go back to what I said at the top of this – Carolina is paid to play hockey too – and they play it well.

Sure, you were pissed when watching all of this go down in real-time; but again – as long as the effort was there – I didn’t think you could get too upset about what you were witnessing – where yep, and admittedly – this is much easier to say following the 5-3 win.

Since this was Trocheck’s “REVENGE GAME,” his line got the start. He lost this opening draw, but finished ten of nineteen for a winning percentage of 52.6%.

More impressive than Vinny at the dots? Barclay Goodrow, who won eight of ten draws for an outstanding winning percentage of 80%. (Zibanejad, for him, finished with a respectable 46.2% success rate, while Chytil remained putrid at the circles, where he finished at 28.6%.)

The Rangers, following the face-off loss, soon saw the first line jump on the ice, where Mika whiffed on a one-timer. Lindgren, still seeking his first goal of the season, was then denied by PK.

After this, the period flipped and was pretty much all Carolina, where CZAR IGOR immediately came up with a big save on former Ranger (a fact that Sam reminded us of 767565675685 times tonight), Derek Stepan – where Rosen sounded somewhat disappointed with #31’s denial.

Remember a few blogs back, where I talked about how Kakko corrected his mistake, when he turned over the puck for a breakaway goal the other way, only to make sure to dump the rubber the next time he was in the same situation?

We saw this play out again at the 4:00 mark, this time with Vitali Kravtsov.

A few games ago, Kravtsov showed off his hands, made some moves – but turned over the puck.

This time, and just like how Kakko rectified his mistake – Kravtsov learned from the error of his ways.

As Kravtsov pulled off some Harlem Globetrotter theatrics – rather than losing the puck – instead, he dished the puck to Panarin.

While this play didn’t lead to a goal, there was no turnover to speak of here, and better than that – this play helped to extend some rare Rangers’ zone time during these first twenty minutes.

While I’m still not high on Kravtsov, nor do I think he’s at the level that Kakko is at either (and to be fair – Kakko, despite being younger, has much more NHL experience and should be better) – without question – Kravtsov was much more effective than Alexis Lafreniere – a #13 who looks like he’s experiencing a compete mind-“Father Fink” right now.

This was extremely evident at the 5:00 mark, as following a pass from Trouba that sprung the first-overall pick of the 2020 NHL Draft for a breakaway opportunity – Lafreniere, from two feet away, and with no one in front of him besides PK himself – deposited the puck into the East River.

And let me get this out of the way – don’t believe anyone who is trying to sell you on a Lafreniere trade rumor.

Sure, he’s experiencing some lows right now – but Chris Drury knows it would be career-suicide to trade him.

As Lafreniere’s fellow French-Canadian peer, Alain Vigneault, once made famous, “it’s a PRO-CESS.”

Braden Schneider, once again sturdy, reliable and one of the better Rangers tonight; led an attack into the Carolina zone with 13:30 remaining – again – a rare time where the Rangers had some offensive play with the puck during this period.

Down to 12:45 remaining, CZAR IGOR made his first robbery save of the game, when he denied Martin Necas on a point-blank one-timer.

However, just nine seconds later, and in a disjointed play following another Panarin turnover/failed clear; Brent Burns “somehow” scored.

1-0, bad guys.

I put the word “somewhat” in quotes, only because you had Miller looking at the action, while Trouba was physically molesting and tying up CZAR IGOR.

As the puck squirted around all over the place following a shot from Slavvin; Stastny, while crashing the net, pushed the puck forward and Burns was able to get the puck across the goal line – in a play where you had to watch the replay ten times over to see how the puck went in.

Furthermore, Slavvin’s initial shot from the point got a piece of Kravtsov too.

Needless to say – this first goal allowed was tough to hang on Igor.

As this was going on, Stepan, from behind Igor’s net, clicked skates with his right-winger, Stefan Noesen. This ended Noesen’s night – a break for the Rangers – as Noesen is on Carolina’s first power-play unit (0-3 tonight).

To fast-forward a bit, as most of this period was Carolina putting on a forechecking masterclass, and with the Rangers limited to only three shots on goal with six minutes remaining; following a Lafreniere icing (the Rangers were forced to dump and change for most of this period), Chytil drew Sebastian Aho for a hooking call with 5:14 to go.

I thought this penalty was soft – but as we’d see all game – at least the officials were consistent, as these guys called soft penalties all game – and on both teams.

The Canes, who entered this game having killed their last fourteen opposing power-plays, almost upped that number to fifteen.

Following the PP1 unit’s best chance, a play where Burns broke up a Kreider tap-in goal attempt at the last second (and Carolina made several of these “last second” defensive plays tonight – that is – until the third period); the PP2 unit came on – and then scored their second goal of “The Turk Era.”

Here’s Trouba, who sure-as-heck, got a puck-luck/fluke goal here – but who cares – they all count the same:

1-1 – where as you’d expect – this wasn’t a “TROUBA BOMB” either!

This puck took a bounce off of a Canes’ d-man and trickled past PK.

Of course, since Ranger fans can’t have nice things – just sixteen seconds later – Necas beat Igor on a one-timer.

2-1, bad guys, and with 3:18 remaining.

Trouba and Miller were now both -2, while the third line wasn’t looking hot either. (Chytil, Lafreniere and Vesey all finished -2 tonight too.)

As you were just muttering four-letter words to yourself following another quick goal allowed after a Rangers’ tally; we remained at 2-1 as the first period expired.

Here’s what I said at the time:

Following the win over Florida, I questioned if both Zibanejad and Panarin would score again, now against an upper-echelon team. This “reverse jinx” worked – and wouldn’t you know it – just as they did in Sunrise, this 1-2 punch once again scored “fluke” goals tonight. And yes, I hate using the word “fluke” so much, but I’m just keeping it real!


Thirty seconds into the period, and following a Zibanejad o-zone face-off win – Trouba, from two feet away – missed the net by a country mile.

A minute and nine seconds later, and with Seth Jarvis crashing CZAR IGOR following a shot from Teravainen – Trocheck cross-checked the Canes’ young star.

This led to a wild (and boneheaded) sequence from Carolina.

With over ninety seconds left on the Carolina power-play, Kreider tripped Aho.

What should’ve been a Carolina 5 x 3 power-play was negated, as during the delayed attack, Brent Burns, rather than letting the Rangers touch-up (this is Hockey 101 and taught at the midget level), thus giving his team a long two-man advantage – Burns decided to hold Zibanejad’s stick instead.

The end result? Off-setting penalties for Kreider and Burns, while Carolina was left with 1:26 worth of a traditional 5 x 4 power-play.

Pure caveman IQ from a defenseman who with that beard – looks like a barbaric prehistoric primate himself!

As Igor did his job; once the kill was complete, PK then made a save on Vesey with 16:07 remaining.

With the Rangers now focusing on blocking shots; Braden Schneider soon laid a “SCHNOO SCHNOO” slobber-knocker train of a hit on Fast. For good measure, Blais blasted Stepan too, as the hitting in this game had picked up.

Down to 12:40 remaining, Chris Kreider almost pulled off the first successful Ranger “Michigan” goal of franchise history. No such luck for the good try though.

As we hit 10:31 remaining, and with both Trouba and Kakko attacking; Trocheck drew Jalen “Who?” Chatfield for tripping – where of course, that “who” would later score the second goal of his career tonight.

This Rangers’ power-play went like this: pass, pass, pass, don’t shoot and that was that, as PK had these two minutes off.

With 7:48 remaining, Miller was boxed for tripping Svechnikov – where much like the Aho infraction from the first period – this was another soft penalty – if a penalty at all.

The Rangers’ PK was much more effective than their previous power-play, with even more SOG to boot, as PK was forced to stop both Fox and Vesey on their GOOD LOOKS.

Once returned to full-strength, Schneider, who you may have figured out is one of my favorite Rangers, had a shot blocked, prevented a Carolina clear and then forced PK to make a stop.

With 4:01 remaining, Burns was boxed for hooking a streaking-to-the-net Artie Panarin. This was another debatable soft call – and one that infuriated both Burns, and Canes’ head coach, Rod Brind’Amour.

This also led to the Rangers’ tying the game, as while M$GN either caught Burns, Brind’Amour, or perhaps both, using F-BOMBS on air – Mika made PK say the F-word himself, following this tying power-play goal:

2-2 – and another fluke goal for Zibanejad in as many games!

On this goal, Mika was trying to pass the puck, but instead, the half-hearted pass slid through PK’s wickets.

You’ll take ’em when you can get ’em!

But of course, the good vibes were soon shot to shit, as no less than 29 seconds later; “Who” scored, in perhaps the only goal that CZAR IGOR should’ve had.

3-2, bad guys and with 2:46 remaining.

Oh Yeah Part I: this latest collapse put the Miller/Trouba pairing at -3 a piece.

Oh Yeah Part II: this puck caught a piece of Chytil – and this would end his game until the final stages of the third period.

And that’s how remained after forty minutes of action.

Here’s what I said at the time, and where I also thought this much was obvious – the Schneider/Harpur pairing deserved a bump up over the Trouba/Miller duo – where ironically, it was #8 and #79 picking up rare goals tonight – but then again, the Rangers wouldn’t have needed these goals had these two been better at even-strength:

It’s already been established that these “Broadway Hat” ceremonies are confidence boosters – and not handed out based on merit. Giving the hat to Lafreniere last game proved that. While I don’t care who gets the hat (all I care about are the Rangers winning) – for my money, Kakko deserved the hat the most – but as I speak out both sides of my mouth here – giving Miller the fedora is good for morale. Photo Credit: NYR


A complete 180.

While this was first noticeable following Gallant running through his lines in the first few minutes; by the end of the game it became fact – Goodrow was bumped to the third line, and Chytil joined Gauthier and Blais, as all three were stapled to the bench.

And prior to Chytil’s insurance power-play goal – the Rangers went +2 and played their best hockey of the game, as once again, Gallant coached from his gut and it paid off.

Of course that won’t stop the fans, who want the Rangers lines to look like the following, from complaining about Gallant’s latest in-game moves:

FIRST LINE: Kravtsov/Kravtsov/Kravtsov

SECOND LINE: Kakko/Lafreneire/Sykora

THIRD LINE: Othmann/Some player they never heard of before – but HE’S YOUNG/Cuylle

FOURTH LINE: A random thirteen year old they played with on NHL ’23/Some prospect whose last name they can’t pronounce/and “K’ANDRE MILLER USED TO BE A FORWARD!”

For me – I’m happy with the win, and as always – IN TURK WE TRUST!

As I was reverse cursing Panarin to kingdom come at the time; just 36 seconds into the period, “The Breadman” baked:


This was another “fluky” goal – but again – who cares!?!?

You can’t score if you don’t shoot and finally – Panarin shot the puck.

The Rangers never looked back.

Not only did they not give up a goal right after scoring – they’d never allow another Carolina goal again.

The Rangers were all over the Canes like white on rice, where at just the four-minute mark, they were out-shooting the road team 5-0.

Down to 14:23 remaining, CZAR IGOR made his best save of the game, when he stoned Jarvis from two feet away – and a save that prevented Miller and Trouba from finishing this game at -4.

After watching his goalie lift him up; Trouba knocked down Svechnikov, which led to, “OH JOE, THEY AREN’T BOOING JOE, THEY ARE CHANTING TROOOOOOO JOE!”

And let’s face it – this may be the first time this season where M$G were chanting TROOOOOOOOO!

As we crossed the half-way mark of the period, and as your ass-cheeks were clenching a bit – Miller redeemed himself, albeit somewhat:

4-3, GOOD GUYS and with 9:33 remaining.

My most positive takeaway here?

Following what was a poor game for this pair, Miller scored the game-winner – the end result of not giving up and continuing to play hard.

While Miller and Trouba’s plus/minus stats weren’t exactly the best; they stuck with it.

Still, for my money – the Harpur/Schneider pair was far superior.

And for Kakko, who was arguably (and he was in my eyes) the best forward of the game? He set this whole goal up.

Another #24 board play pass went to Mika and Miller then capitalized off of the deflection.

Down to 8:33 remaining, Svechnikov sent a puck over the glass, thus giving the Rangers their fourth power-play of the game – and a penalty that wasn’t “soft” either!

This power-play was pretty crappy, as the Rangers had burnt forty seconds just trying to set-up, and for good measure, Panarin, who has been an offensive-zone penalty machine as of late (but he won’t get scratched like the others who have done the same) – hooked Fast with 17 seconds remaining on the Rangers’ power-play.

Had the Canes scored here, and during their 1:43 of power-play time too – I’m not so sure if everyone would be singing the praises of Panarin right now.

Thankfully, CZAR IGOR was CZAR IGOR, and despite Sam Rosen on his hands-and-knees begging for an equalizer – we returned to full-strength with 4:45 remaining.

Even better for me? Emile Francis and Frank Boucher, who you may have heard – I want in the Rafters of M$G (I heard there is a book out there about this too!) – were the answers to tonight’s #NYR #CadillacTrivia question – “Who were the two coaches of franchise history to lead the team to winning streaks of ten or more games?”

And yep – you knew I was grinning ear-to-ear when Boucher was the answer – THE GREATEST RANGER OF ALL-TIME – even if the franchise does everything they can to ignore him and his family of today.

I was grinning even more so, when with 2:45 to go, and in the softest penalty of the game yet – Martinook was boxed for playing the puck with a broken stick.

Brind’Amour, and as he should’ve been, was absolutely irate.

Even Joe Micheletti, who admittedly, does root for the opponent a lot, was appalled.

Put it this way: if this penalty was called against the Rangers – I’d be fuming too – especially since Martinook, after having his stick broken – didn’t even touch the puck. He dropped it the second when he realized that his twig had been snapped.

Furthermore, had the roles been reversed, and the Rangers had lost this game after this display of zebra incompetence – then yes – tonight’s blog header photo would’ve had two officials, dressed in Carolina garb, with their heads firmly wedged up their Vagistat (five-hole)!

Following much-ado-about-nothing from the PP1 unit; the PP2 unit came on, where for the first time of this period – Chytil received ice-time.

In a goal that he somewhat shrugged off, as perhaps he wasn’t too thrilled with what happened; Chytil scored the second PP2 unit PPG of the season (albeit an empty-netter) and their third overall of “THE TURK ERA” – and where #72 has two of these tallies:


5-3, YOUR FINAL – as Brind’Amour, knowing the officials were against him, didn’t bother to pull PK again.

I don’t know if I’d call this a STATEMENT GAME, but this was definitely a HELL OF A WIN.

Here’s Double G after the two points:

Yawn – once again – I agreed with everything Gallant said, including:

— The Rangers had a ton of puck luck.

— Carolina is a great team and tough to beat.

— Holding the Canes to only twenty shots or so was huge.

— Igor had every right to be frustrated and Rangers can’t sit back after scoring goals.

— Kakko was “outstanding” (Gallant used that word verbatim).

— Trouba and Miller could’ve been better, but it was great to see Miller score a monster game winning goal.

— Chytil deserved to be benched.

One thing that I question?

Similar to how Gallant will always shake-up his lines; but won’t dare tinker with the power-play units – if Chytil deserved to be benched – then what about Trouba and Miller?

Of course – it’s much easier to bench one forward of twelve rather than two defenseman of six.

The Rangers will take their new two-game winning streak north of the border on Thursday night, where they will visit Lundqvist’s old “House of Horrors” – the Bell Centre in Montreal.

As you’d expect – the Rangers SHOULD handle business and SHOULD win this game.

Of course, and as mentioned – nothing is expected or easy with this 2022-23 group!

Also – the Bell Centre is one of my “TOP 100 MOST HATED RANGER VILLAINS” – the book project I’m currently working on – where admittedly – I haven’t made much of a dent into that yet, due to real life/work. (I miss the pandemic – I got all of my books done during that time!)

Tonight was a strong showing of what this team can do when they play sixty-minute games – even when the other team is playing one too.

This was also a win to hang your hat on – but it’s also time for me to rest my head in my bed – that damn 5AM train!


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