NYR/NJD 3/11 Review: Mika Zibanejad Finally Ends Ten-Week Drought – But Needs to Make It Rain From This Point Forward, Fans Pay To See Rempe For 40 Minutes; Jack Hughes No Goals In 60 Minutes, REMPESTEIN Talk of the League Again; What Did Siegenthaler Do To Him? Special Teams Swing Games, Lavy Relies On His New “R&R Boys” in Big Win, Quick Continues Epic Comeback Season, Sam “No Relations” Rosen Has a Night; M$GN & More

Buy a lotto ticket, as Mika Zibanejad, in his 31st game played since December 23rd, 2023, finally scored an even-strength goal on Monday night in the Rangers’ 3-1 sixty-minute effort victory over the Devils. But somewhat similar to Matt Rempe out-shadowing CZAR IGOR’s Saturday night’s shutout against the Blues; once again, it was #73 who received all of the headlines following this win. And no – I don’t know what Rempe has against the Swiss-born Jonas Siegenthaler either – but whatever the Devils’ d-man said or did – Rempe is not letting go of it – and as Siegenthaler’s concussion spotter can tell you.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. What another impressive win for your New York Rangers – but of course – not one without controversy either – as Mr. Rempe continues to put the entire league on watch!

Off puck drop, and for the new readers who keep finding this site, I am currently working what I refer to as hockey-unfriendly “asshole hours,” as I’ve been removed from the “top-six” day shift to the “fourth-line” night shift.

It’s just too bad that Rangers’ GM Chris Drury isn’t my employer – because like a Blueshirts’ fourth-liner – I wouldn’t mind an $800,000 salary to work during the evening hours!

And with $800K-a-year in the bank – then perhaps I could afford a playoff ticket come the late weeks of April too!

As I’ve been doing for the past two-weeks, I am now listening to the radio broadcasts of these games in real-time, then re-watching the television broadcast once returned home from the j-o-b.

After that?

What you’re reading right now!

While I’d rather be home watching these games from the hours of 7PM-10PM, this inconvenience, you know, “employment” – in a way, it has heightened my already insane and undying devotion to the Blueshirts – and where I’m getting more insights than ever before too.

Granted, while I don’t like anyone to influence my opinions (which is why I don’t really read anyone else or watch any post-game podcast until I’m done writing my manifesto) – just listening to Dave Maloney on the M$GN radio broadcast has been all-out pleasure – and extremely informative too.

Between his experience, knowledge, and what I enjoy the most – his pure fandom (just like any one of us, he takes deep breaths during hairy plays, utters phrases such as “oh no” or “oh man,” and cheers with great enthusiasm following Ranger goals) – it’s a game like tonight where I really valued Maloney, and his partner Kenny Albert too – and especially even more so after watching the M$GN television broadcast.

But we’ll get to Sam “No Relation” Rosen during the GAME REVIEW segment – but needless to say – the Hall of Fame announcer’s performance from this Rangers’ 3-1 win left many fans asking again – “why is he in the Hall of Fame?”

They are also asking, “why isn’t he in a senior home?”

In other words – it’s been that long since Rosen has been playing at a Hall of Fame level – although every now-and-again – he does have a fastball to throw.

But tonight, he was nuttier than usual and more of a knucklehead than Phil (No relation to Fil Chytil) Niekro!

And I guess that at this time, and where I’m STARTING this blog at 3:00AM, I should talk about this big win over the Devils from Monday night – where as a result, and following that disgusting mess from the first-round of last year’s playoffs – the Rangers are now 3-0 against their Hudson River rival this season – and with the fourth-and-final match to be played on April 3rd (at M$G).

“Missing Mika” was found for one night at least – which is my way of telling you that in no way, shape or form would I say with 100% confidence that “MIKA IS BACK” – and like many others are doing right now after #93 scored his second five-vs-five goal in a time-span of ten-weeks.

While Rempe, and perhaps the suspension that’s looming in his immediate future (most likely, around noon on Tuesday, 3/12), is dominating the keyboards of every scribe and pundit in the league; in Rangerstown, USA, a more positive story is the fact that Mika Zibanejad finally showed up in the box score.

And if it hadn’t been for a triple-screened 6 x 5 empty net attack goal allowed, with only 2:34 remaining in regulation, and when the Blueshirts were up 2-0 – then Zibanejad’s first 5 x 5 goal scored since 12/23/23, which took him 31 games to get there, would have held up as the game-winner.

But even without the game-winner – the foolish and inept Blueshirt beat reporters named him as their first star of the game anyway – a designation that I thought was better suited for Jonathan Quick (20 saves, .950 save percentage) or the first-line center, Vincent Trocheck (1 goal, and 12-4 at the dots).

Much is being made ado about Zibanejad finally scoring, but to say the obvious – this can’t be it – one goal scored against a bad back-up goalie playing in front of a bad team – and a red-and-black team that just recently fired their head coach to boot.

Instead, this needs to be the start of something, a hopeful propulsion that fires Rocket Zibanejad into the playoffs and throughout.

And he needs to show up when it matters most too – and that starts as soon as tomorrow (now tonight as I write these words) in Raleigh, N.C., in the much anticipated showdown between the top two teams of the division.

While my mouth hit the floor when Zibanejad finally scored, and as hell had frozen over the Devils -and I think that I saw pigs flying outside during my dinner break too; what impressed me the most about this 1-0, GOOD GUYS goal, which was scored at the 12:25 mark of the second stanza, was how it was set-up.

In a game that the Blueshirts largely dominated, even if the score was close throughout, there was one of the newest Rangers, perhaps a reclamation project too, Jack Roslovic, flying into the Devils’ zone in order to prevent an icing.

After being successful in his task, the greatest #96 in franchise history then won a puck battle, forced a turnover and then got the rubber to Kreider.

Kreider then found his BFF – and once the puck hit the New Jersey net – Sam Rosen, Joe Micheletti and 18,006 spectators reacted as if this was Stephane Matteau scoring against these same Devils from nearly thirty-years ago!

For one night, the weight was lifted – but there needs to be many heavy repetitions ahead for the Swedish-Iranian dee-jay.

Sadly, Roslovic, because a Devil had touched the puck prior to it reaching Kreider, didn’t get an assist here – which again is proof – THE EYE TEST TRUMPS ALL.

Without the former Jet-turned-Blue Jacket-now-Blueshirt – then Zibanejad finishes the night with a 32-game even-strength scoring drought.

And because of Roslovic – maybe a future “rainmaker” – D.J. Mika now has a chance to make it rain himself.

I don’t know if there is a Canada-Switzerland rivalry or if Siegenthaler made a “Yo Mama” joke at Rempe or what – but whatever it is – Rempe has no “sympathy for the devil!”

I don’t have all the time in the world tonight in order to give you the timeline of the Rempe v. Siegenthaler feud; so instead, and in case you don’t know, then I’d urge you to read my GAME REVIEW of when the Rangers and Devils last danced, back on 2/22: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/22224/

But once again – and for the second consecutive time – Rempe knocked Siegenthaler out of the game – while also being booted from the game himself.

The worst thing about Rempe’s physical infraction this time around and as opposed to the first one – was the most obvious – he deserved this penalty – and an early trip to the showers too.

Worse than that?

This head-seeking elbow, one that landed on its target, and all of the Kurtis MacDermid aftermath that followed, negatively erased all of the positivity that Rempe had created just seconds prior.

With just 52-seconds remaining in the middle period, and with the Rangers still leading 1-0, Barclay Goodrow was kicked out of an o-zone faceoff circle.

The alternate captain’s right-winger, the intimidating Rempe, took the draw – and then won it.

Once gaining possession of the puck, Rempe immediately skated towards Devils’ goalie Kaapo Kahkonen (and a whole lot more on him – and who he isn’t related to either!) and screened him.


He was blinder than Ray Charles when trying to stop a long-distance shot sent his way by Erik Gustafsson.

With no chance in hell of ever seeing this puck, Rempe’s colossal-sized screen allowed his rearguard to score a crucial late goal – and an insurance 2-0, GOOD GUYS, goal at that.

Call it a case of uneducated rookie passion/emotion, call it stupid, just don’t talk shit to Rempe’s face no matter what you do; now jacked-up after setting up a goal that reminded fans that screened assists should be a stat that’s tracked too – Rempe charged at Siegenthaler – and once arriving – landed an elbow to the Devils’ head – and where this time – you couldn’t say it was accidental – nor blame Rempe’s large frame for such an unfortunate incident either.

It just made you wonder – what the hell did Siegenthaler do to Rempe?

Once knocking Siegenthaler out of the game, and back into a dark room meeting with a concussion spotter again too, there was the newest Devil, the goon, and one that was only acquired with the sole goal of eliminating Rempe from the equation, Kurtis MacDermid.

MacDermid, who previously tried to goad Rempe into fighting on two separate occasions (and where Maloney said “MacDermid can’t play, leave him out there!”), tried to get Rempe to fight for a third time – and let’s face it – and no matter what side of the rivalry you root for – Rempe should have obliged.

MacDermid (I have the video for you below, in the GAME REVIEW segment) said as much himself – while also smack-talking Rempe to boot.

However, the officials, perhaps wanting to remind everyone who was in control while also trying to prevent an all-out melee, didn’t allow MacDermid and Rempe to honor OLD TIME HOCKEY traditions – as the stripes quickly stepped in-between the pugilists before any fisticuffs could take place.

While you can understand why the refs wasted no time when jumping in – I thought the black-and-white should have allowed these two to fight.

I try to be unbiased (sometimes) – but MacDermid deserved this fight – and you’d be saying the same had the tables been reversed – and as every Ranger fan did when Sebastion Asshole clipped Adam Fox with an illegal knee-to-knee hit earlier this season.

Adding salt to the wound – and you’d be calling Rempe a “pussy” for not fighting if he wasn’t a Ranger too?

(To be clear – I’d never call him that – as I like having my face in one piece!)

The fact that Rempe laughed at every Devil on the ice – while also waving “bye-bye” to MacDermid.

All that was missing was Rempe riling up MacDermid even more by blowing him a kiss!

While I’ll get more into this play below, I just want to stress this point/fact/opinion one more time – Rempe set up a goal – but it’s this penalty, one that’s now garnering him a negative reputation to both the officials and the league – that will ultimately be remembered.

The chemistry and connection that Quick and CZAR IGOR have is contagious – and fun to root for too! Photo Credit: NYR

Similar to their most recent win over the Blues, and while the Rangers did do more scoring in that game than they did tonight – once again – the Blueshirts’ defense was on display.

There were several turning points and momentum pendulum swings throughout this tilt, with none bigger than the Rangers’ penalty kill limiting the Devils to only two shots on goal following Rempe’s five-minute major and game misconduct. (Overall, the PK went 4-4.)

After killing off the first thirty-seconds of this penalty at the end of the second period, it was the Blueshirts’ PK that were the aggressors during the opening 4:30 of the final frame.

No joke, and while Quick did make a few robbery saves during the first forty-minutes of action – for most of this third period – and really – only until the Devils pulled Kahkonen with nearly 3:00 remaining – he could’ve went to the locker room and once there – have a laugh and a beer with Rempe.

That’s how dominating this defense was – and where like Roslovic who helped set up the Rangers’ first score – it was the other new face, Alex Wennberg, preventing the Devils from scoring.

It also said a lot when Laviolette double-shifted Wennberg once returned to even-strength, needing an extra forward to play with Goodrow and Vesey after Rempe was removed.

Only a Simon Nemec shot, with 2:34 remaining, marred Quick’s shutout – and where as noted above – this lone goal allowed was not on him at all – not even 1% of it.

After scoring on their first 6 x 5 attack, the Devils, under new interim bench boss Travis Green, pulled their goalie again.

With a chance to tie, and with the road team most certainly needing at least one point in the standings to keep their dimming chances of reaching the playoffs alive – BOOM – there was Vincent “Ryan Strome Who?” Trocheck (and I say that as a fan of “THE STROMER!) – as #16, as if he was a Kenyan running a 40-yard dash – turning on the jets and racing the puck right into the empty net.

3-1, GOOD GUYS – and despite this goal being scored with 1:13 remaining – Green refrained from using his timeout – and pulling his goalie again too.

In other words – the Rangers were too dominant – and for a coach who is looking to remove the interim tag – he waved the white flag.

But of course, while beating the Devils, and just like any other Rangers’ rival, is rewarding – the big test is up next – the Hurricanes.

And what a long intro – as I do need some sleep tonight – egads!

Let’s get into all of usual segments, followed by tonight’s GAME REVIEW – and where yes – Sam Rosen’s pearls of wisdom and DNA tests WILL be brought up – repeatedly!

Up first, the pregame news and notes.

As the Rangers enter their second game of a schedule that has them playing six-times in a span of nine-nights; on Monday morning, the head coach stressed that it was important to manage the off-days.

Following a busy week off of the ice, and not much to do on it; the Rangers, following their 4-0 shutout victory on Saturday night against the Blues, had Sunday off.

Come Monday, and ahead of their game against the Devils, the team returned for their “RISE AND SHINE” sponsored morning skate.

During the light pump, it was reported that Adam Fox wasn’t there. Later on, it was released by the team that their 2021 Norris Trophy was feeling under the weather, and as a result, would be a game-time decision for this dance with the Devils. (And as you’ll see below – he eventually played.)

As far as the line-up during practice goes, everything remained the same, aside from two minor tweaks.

With Fox’s status unconfirmed, Chad Ruhwedel filled in.

And with the Rangers playing the first half of a back-to-back, the wise decision was made to allow Jonathan Quick get the inferior Devils, while CZAR IGOR will start against the red-hot, and on the Rangers’ heels, Carolina Hurricanes.

Here was the Monday morning edition of “LAVY’S LOUNGE” for you below:

During this fireside chat, Lavy confirmed that Ruhwedel would play in the event that Fox was unable to go.

When speaking about the man of the hour, Matt Rempe, Lavy said he couldn’t speak about the Devils looking to get revenge on the seven-footer, following #73 devouring Nathan Bastian and Jonas Siegenthaler in the last meeting between these two warring teams of either side of the Hudson River.

How prophetic.

However, Lavy did use the word that I’ve been using whenever describing Rempe the last few weeks, “infectious,” as the head coach brought up how the big man’s personality, never-ending smiles and all-out love for the game has given his team a spark.

As far as the crazy schedule, the 37th head coach in franchise history said it was important to manage the off-days, which is why the team was off on Sunday, and will be off on Wednesday too, following this back-to-back Metro set, followed by a game in Tampa, FL on Thursday night.

Here was Laviolette’s line-up for the sixty-fourth game of this 2023-24 season:

FIRST LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

SECOND LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Roslovic

THIRD LINE: Cuylle/Wenneberg/Kakko

FOURTH LINE: Vesey/Goodrow/Rempe

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Schneider

THIRD PAIR: Gustafsson/Jones



Healthy Scratches: Brodzinski and Ruhwedel

Injured but not on the IR yet: Trouba


The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





25 2 23 .920 16 6 1 0 0 58:52 0


20 1 19 .950 15 3 1 0 0 59:31 0

While admittedly, Rosen cooled his Jack Hughes love-fest during the previous two Ranger/Devil meetings from this season – the third time was a charm tonight – as at points – I thought he was going to throw his underwear on the ice like a woman at a Tom (No Relation to Zac) Jones concert!

Since I listened to this game on the radio – and their pregame show too – there was no reason for me to watch the M$GN pregame show tonight – and especially once I found out that Sieve Vagistat was flying solo.

But from the people who suffered through thirty-minutes of the useless seven-foot shithead, I was told that he was more brutal than usual – and also received a lot of this – “Where’s Brian Boyle? He should be there every game!”

Furthermore, I also was asked – “Where’s Henrik Lundqvist?”

Apparently “THE KING OF COMMENTARY” can’t stomach Vagistat that much these days either (just like every other real hockey fan) – as #30 was in the building tonight – and watching the game as a fan.

I don’t blame him.

Come 7PM, we went to Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti, and following several strong broadcasts – they reverted right back to their comedy troupe act that even “The Three Stooges” and “Abbott and Costello” would envy.

As M$GN gave us our opening and customary b-roll shots of the streets of NYC – sadly, and because it wasn’t raining – weatherman Sam Rosen didn’t let us know if precipitation was in the air.

But he did let us know, and no less than three times tonight, that the Rangers’ Kaapo Kakko, and Devils’ goalie, Kaapo Kahkonen weren’t related – as apparently he thought fans would assume that a player with the same first name as someone else’s surname would be blood brothers.

Bless Sam’s heart – as no one brings up who is related to who – and who isn’t related to who either – more than Rosen.

Seriously, at one point, I was waiting for him to belt out, “OSAMA BIN LADEN, BARRACK OBAMA, NO RELATION JOE!” – and he would’ve said this in a sincere tone too.

Up next saw Sam smiling like a dirty old man when Joe was telling him all about how young the Devils were (Rosen’s creepy grins are a sight to behold) – while at the same time – both men also reluctantly admitted how good the Rangers looked against the Blues.

After quickly glossing over Saturday night’s game, both men got on their knees, busted out the KY Jelly and then bowed down at the altar of Timo Meier.

Just sickening – and you don’t hear Kenny Danekyo on the Devils’ broadcast praising every Ranger known to man either.

But, and to their credit, Sam and Joe also praised the big man, Matt Rempe.

But of course, such high remarks for a Ranger were quickly replaced with an all-out fandom for Jack Hughes – aka the usual.

(Two sentences starting with the word “but” – my sixth-grade English teacher must want to kill me!)

Last but not least, apparently, if it’s WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT night, then M$GN will show their viewers the national anthem – and as was the case tonight.

While tonight’s singer, Jasmine Forsberg (no relation to Peter), did a good job – it would be nice to see John Brancy whenever the baritone busts out the pipes.


The best broadcasting bit in the game today? Dave Maloney’s Tullamore Dew ad reads – as not only does he bring the comedy during commercials – he’s the best analyst on the airwaves today. Kenny Albert? He remains the best play-by-man in the game – radio & TV alike – and where during tonight’s contest, he brought up how his long-time national television broadcaster, Edzo, who also calls Kraken games, gushed over Wennberg – and Drury’s decision to target him. Photo Credit: M$GN


Laviolette started his GAG Line 2.0 tonight, where at puck drop, Trocheck took the first faceoff of the match.

At the 30-second mark, Ryan Lindgren brought a puck deep after blowing by Nico “No relation to Nico Bellik from Grand Theft Auto V Joe” Hischier.

After tongue-bathing Lindy Ruff’s asshole, both announcers missed the first penalty of the game – and as the Rangers went on a 6 x 5 attack for nearly forty-seconds.

And leave it to one of the newest Blueshirts, Jack Roslovic, to draw the first infraction as a new “Ranger Killer,” Erik Haula, had tripped the former Jet-turned-Blue Jacket.

As Sam told us that the Rangers had the fifth-best power-play in the league (but 27th-overall during the past three months), the Blueshirts ultimately went 0-1 on the man-advantage here – and where the second power-play unit came on early, as in just one-minute in.

This is also when Sam reminded us that a player with a first name isn’t related to a player who has the same last name.

Bless Sam’s heart.

Following the failed early man-advantage opportunity, which also included “The Breadman” hitting a post that Rosen just flat-out ignored as he was informing us who wasn’t related to who, where of note, Jones Beach isn’t named after Zac Jones either; Quick made his first save of the game with 15:30 remaining.

A few seconds later, Kurtis MacDermid took to the ice for the first time and where he immediately tried to challenge Rempe. Rempe laughed at the clown in the red-and-white jersey – and where right away, Garden patrons belted out huge “REMPE! REMPE! REMPE!” chants.

And kudos to Sam, who told us that Matthew Rempe (who isn’t related to Auston Matthews – and where Auston Matthews isn’t related to Stone Cold Steve Austin either), wouldn’t get sucked into such theatrics – as it wasn’t necessary – or as we’d later found – at least not yet.

As both teams continued to go back-and-forth, and where the Rangers spent more time in the Devils’ zone (while not challenging Double K too much either), Lafreniere made a beautiful pass to Panarin with 12:20 remaining for the game’s first goal – or so we thought.

Upon review, it was ruled that Trocheck was offside, which wiped away Lafreniere’s amazing backhanded pass as going down as a highlight reel assist.

But Travis Green (no relation to the Green Monster) was correct when calling for the review – so game on – and a contest still tied at nil-nil.

Following the disallowed goal, the fourth line came on and where Kahkonen made a stop on Rempe with 12:07 to go. Following the whistle, Bozo The MacDermid continued his circus act, and where #73 in blue pretty much told the jerk to go eff off.

This is also when Micheletti said the obvious – the Devils only brought MacDermid into nasty Newark just to counteract Rempe’s presence.

As Sam and Joe lamented about the good chance of the Devils missing the playoffs, a Kakko-to-Wennberg play almost went for a goal with 10:30 remaining.

However, as Kahkonen recorded his seventh save, it was also revealed that we had some 2019 lottery pick on lottery pick violence, as Kakko was boxed for high-sticking Hughes.

The Devils, now on the power-play for the first time with 10:00 remaining, couldn’t do anything with it – and that would continue throughout the remainder of this bout too.

But of course, Rosen had to give us one of his SAMMY WHAMMYS, as he was going on-and-on about how the Devils’ d-men are great on the power-play.

Bless Sam’s heart.

As it was revealed that Luke Hughes and Jack Hughes are related, but how they aren’t related to Hugh Grant, the Rangers continued their successful and flawless kill.

Very noticeable on this particular PK?

Easy Pesey, Jimmy Vesey, who thwarted two separate Devil attacks.

Following the kill, Miller almost had Jones set-up for a one-timer, but for whatever reason, the young man didn’t take the shot.

Down to 7:30 remaining, and there was Zibanejad and his hundred pounds of hair flying to the net, after being set-up by Panarin. While Mika didn’t score here (the usual), he did draw a penalty, so you could give him a pass here.

Out of a TV timeout, it was revealed that Nick Fotiu, no relation to Saint Nick, was in the building.

I bring this up for one reason – someone needs to get Fotiu and Rempe together – and I’m sure such a picture would produce a few extra dollars in the Rangers’ coffers.

Once again, the Rangers’ power-play came up empty-handed here, and where Kahkonen made one hell of a save on a Panarin shot just 28-seconds into the man-advantage.

A few seconds later? Panarin’s center was also denied by the goalie who is not related to #24 on the Rangers.

Then, and with forty-seconds remaining on the power-play, a Fox turnover led to a Haula short-handed breakaway – and where JQ32 prevented a horrific momentum killer.

Right after that?

Panarin had to haul ass when preventing John Marino (no relation to Marino’s Italian Ices) from setting up a Devils’ two-vs-one odd-man shot.

Once immediately returned to full strength, Quick robbed Hischier from his goalmouth, and following the save, and now in the other end, Kahkonen denied Kaako, which led Rosen into reminding us that the two weren’t related again.

Bless Sam’s heart, who is not related to the owner of Sam’s club.

Down to 4:00 left on the clock, Vesey set-up Goodrow, but the new Devils’  back-up backstop came up with another big save.

Down to 2:33 remaining and Rempe put a hit on Haula which then ended a Devils’ attack.

As for whatever reason, as Sam was already previewing Tuesday’s game against the Carolina Hurricanes (no relation to the Miami Hurricanes), the second line had a 3 x 2 odd-man rush with twenty-seconds remaining, but Mika and Roslovic couldn’t hook up.

This is also when both Sam and Joe brought up Mika’s lack of scoring, how he hadn’t scored a 5 x 5 goal in his past thirty games and how ineffective he’s been.

And as you already know, this announcer jinx finally paid off for the home team tonight.

Scoreless through twenty-minutes – but where the Rangers were the better team – and as their 12-6 SOG tally would suggest.

In his first game since having his contract extended, Quick made his general manager look like a genius – but then again, Quick has been doing just that for Chris Drury all-season. Photo Credit: NYR


I should mention, during the first intermission, John Giannone conducted a strong interview with Jack Roslovic. I bring this up because the newest player in-town came off really well here, as he sounded like a seasoned pro while also telling fans how happy he was to be here.

It wasn’t mentioned if Jack Roslovic and former Ranger, Jack Johnson, were related by Giannone.

To open the second period, Trocheck won another opening draw – while Micheletti was demanding Ranger fans to buy Timo Meier jerseys.

Seriously, how Sam and Joe are on television while Kenny and Dave waste away on radio is beyond me – but since I’m working the asshole shift at work (and without TV access) – this terrible decision is my gain – as no duo is better than Albert & Maloney.

At just the one-minute mark and there was Quick again, as he made another nice save to keep the game scoreless.

Thirty-five seconds later and Fox almost had Roslovic set-up for his first goal as a Blueshirt. Then, and while on the same shift, Roslovic fanned on a shot – so he’s really earning his Ranger stripes – I kid, I kid!

Come the 2:30 mark, and now it was Marino’s turn to go wide  – but kudos go out to Gustafsson too – as he forced the d-man to shoot from an awkward angle (and bouncing puck too) following his diving body bock.

With 16:36 remaining, and Panarin, who was robbed of a goal earlier by the officials (okay, okay, okay – the review was legit), was now robbed by Kahkonen himself.

During a Rangers’ 3 x 2 odd-man rush with 15:30 to go, Brendan Smith broke up a Roslovic pass intended for Kreider. However, just ten-seconds later, and Smith, no relation to Will Smith, tripped Gustafsson, which as a result, the Rangers, and just 89-seconds later, were now 0-3 on the power-play, as Fox was boxed for interference on Curtis Lazar – and a Lazar who is not related to CZAR IGOR.

And this isn’t being a homer – but this was a bullshit call – and one that you’d never see called in the playoffs.

During the foreplay, Lafreniere came close to a breakaway, but no dice.

With both the Hughes’ brothers on, and where of note, they aren’t related to former Ranger Hugh Jessiman either, neither could beat Quick. Then, and in a rarity, a Ranger, this time Jack Roslovic, was featured as tonight’s KIA CARD PLAYER OF THE GAME.

The Rangers then went on to kill an abbreviated 31-second Devils’ power-play.

Down to 11:23 remaining, the Blueshirts, and who were passing the puck well, saw Lindgren go wide and then Kakko do the same on the rebound.

And when the puck hit the net? Then Kahkonen stopped Cuylle – twice.

Speaking of the word twice?

Kakko couldn’t cash in on another rebound here – but he would’ve had this game been 3-0 at the time – and for either side – as no one loves A-Rod goals more than the Feckless Finn.

But not to be outdone, Quick, who had a great 18-player defense in front of him all game, stopped Hischier with 10:20 left to be ticked.

Ten-seconds later and the soon-to-be most-winning American-born goalie in NHL history stopped Haula too.

During a fourth-line attack and Marino was actually able to knock down Rempe by the boards – this wasn’t a penalty, nor should’ve been called as one, but this wouldn’t apply to Lafreniere later on.

As Micheletti started rattling off some VAGISTAT nonsense during non-stop back-and-forth action (and this never happens whenever the seven-foot stooge-splooge isn’t on the broadcast), with 7:35 remaining, it finally happened:


As noted up top, it’s too bad that Roslovic didn’t get an assist here too – as it was his turnover created and hustle that prevented an icing which set up the whole goal.

You would’ve thought it was Game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Final when Mika scored too.

Following the goal, we were reminded that Fotiu was there, as Sam droned on about the BUD LIGHT GLASS PASS UP YOUR ASS promotion.

Down to 6:42 remaining, and a Rempe pass intended for a Schneider one-timer was denied. Also denied was Bratt, as Quick wasn’t having any of his breakaway.

As Joe told us what Vagistat was thinking, and as if anyone gave a shit, we were then told about some of the “FAMILY FRIENDLY” games that were coming up on the schedule- and where those two words, “FAMILY FRIENDLY,” must stand for “STINKIN’ FREAKIN’ RICH” too.

Need evidence?

Then check out the ticket prices for the Rangers’ next home game this Sunday:

Even if you were a billionaire, would you pay nearly $5K to sit rinkside for a regular season game? Photo Credit: TicketMaster
It will cost fans $225 for the worst seat in the house, the get-in price, for the Rangers first meeting with the Islanders on M$G ice. And oh – such a ticket comes with a “free” obstructed view too! Photo Credit: Ticketmaster

Down to a clean 5:00 left on the clock and a Panarin-to-Lafreniere shot hit the post – as now 2/3 members of the GAG Line 2.0 had hit iron.

Then, and with 3:58 to go, this is when Lafreniere was questionably penalized for “boarding” Luke Hughes, which in reality, was a textbook hit.

No matter, as the Blueshirts, and for the third time, killed this Devils’ power-play – and where Lindgren did a hell of a job when stepping in front of a Hischier shot too.

Once killing the penalty, Fox and Mercer went at it, but nothing was called.

Down to 1:04 remaining and Quick stopped Siegenthaler while Kahkonen denied Panarin again.

Following the save on Panarin, Lavy went with his fourth line to close out the final minute – and close out they did – and with two major bangs.

Here’s the first one, the positive event – a goal for Erik Gustafsson which was all set-up by REMPESTEIN – as not only did #73 win the o-zone faceoff to kick off the whole play – but he lunar eclipsed Kahkonen with his gargantuan screen too:

Now 2-0, GOOD GUYS with 51-seconds remaining, Rempe wasn’t done yet:

To jump ahead a second, and to refer to what I said during the intro segment, here’s MacDermid after the game:

I think Rempe wanted this fight and I know that MacDermid most certainly did, but the refs prevented fight fans from seeing any fisticuffs, as they didn’t want this game to get out of control.

And you have to wonder – what does Rempe have against Siegenthaler?

The Devils, down by two goals, and now with a five-minute interrupted power-play – not only were held off the board – but only managed two measly shots on goal.

And as I always say – if you can’t score a power-play goal during a five-minute major power-play – then you deserve to lose – and deserve to lose the Devils did.

2-0, GOOD GUYS, through forty-minutes – and with the Rangers’ PK about to deny the opposition from scoring on a five-minute power-play for what I believe is the fifth time this season.

As noted many times since the calendar flipped to 2024 – for as bad as the power-play has been – the penalty kill has equally and inversely been that damn good.

Wennberg, following his second game as a Ranger, is now 2-2 in strong showings. Ditto Roslovic. Photo Credit: NYR


Since it’s getting late, and to speed things up – once again – this Rangers’ penalty kill was absolutely fantastic – and where Goodrow almost picked up short-handed goal just thirty-seconds in.

Of note, I found it peculiar that Cuylle, and not Panarin, served Rempe’s penalty with the team down a man.

Then again, perhaps Lavy was hoping for the Devils to take a penalty, which then would’ve created a foreplay situation.

And yep – Sam was very sad that the Hughes’ brothers were on scoring droughts too.

Bless his heart – and where heart and Amelia Earhart are not related.

I should also mention when wrapping up on this monstrous kill  was how Alex Wennberg has taken like a fish to water, or Rosen to familial DNA, when joining the Blueshirts’ man-down units.

The best part about the end of this kill?

How all 18,006 fans inside of M$G went wild – as they knew what a momentum-swing this was.

As Rosen confused Panarin for Fox, rather than for Trocheck as he usually does; it was notable how good that Jones was looking. Ditto the man who blocked a path for a regular roster spot for him, Schneider.

Down to 13:30 remaining and Wennberg almost had his first goal, but Kahkonen was able to fight through a Cuylle screen.

The Rangers would never relent, as everyone, despite being a man-down with Rempe finished for the night, continued to put long shifts together in the Devils’ zone.

I also thought it said something how Laviolette used Wennberg on the fourth line too – as the head coach was trusting his newest toy with different linemates/responsibilities.

As Sam brought up how the Rangers are 6-1 in their new cash grab third jerseys this season (even if they weren’t wearing them tonight – so why this was brought up I don’t know), the Blueshirts never gave an inch – and where Quick could have joined Rempe in the locker room for a beer – as nothing remotely came close to going towards his net with these skaters in front of him.

Down to 8:08 remaining, and as Lafreniere was setting up Trocheck, Haula was boxed again, this time for interfering with Panarin.

The Rangers finished the night by going 0-4 on the power-play – where one last time – this has become a major weakness – and where despite his goal scored tonight – I’d still swap Zibanejad for Lafreniere.

But really, and depending on how you view the Rempe hit – this was the only true gripe any fan could have with the team on this night.

As we hit the five-minute mark, Rosen continued to top himself as he said “Jacked Off His Stick Joe!”

For those who need an explanation, Rosen was talking about his favorite player, Jack, no relation to Howard, Hughes.

As we got under three-minutes remaining, and as everyone was thinking the word “shutout” too; Kahkonen was pulled with 2:37 remaining. Three-seconds later, Simon Nemec scored while Quick was being screened by three players.

2-1, good guys – and just a damn shame that Quick didn’t get his shutout – but I’m sure the future Hall of Famer is more than ecstatic about the win – and career win #389 for that matter.

With the Devils’ net still empty and now looking for the equalizer, Sam continued to gush about Jack Hughes.

But with 1:14 remaining, NONNA TROCHECK’S BAMBINO, Vincenzo himself, put the game away as with a big burst of speed, he high-tailed it and then deposited the puck into the empty net.

3-1, GOOD GUYS and 3-1, GOOD GUYS, your final!

Another excellent working-man’s win for the Blueshirts!

Here’s Laviolette after the win – and big two points netted to boot:

Obviously, Lavy was happy about the win and with how his team played – but of course – Rempe was the focal point of this interview that’s now getting play all over the league.

All Lavy would say about the hit was that he had to see it again – and how he hopes that Siegenthaler is okay.

And of course – Lavy isn’t going to say anything negative about one of his own players – nor should he.

My opinion?

Laviolette probably saw this hit about fifty times during the second intermission – but of course – he’s not going to admit that.

As mentioned, there’s no rest for the weary, as the Rangers are right back at it Tuesday night in “Raleighwood.”

I’ll be doing what I did tonight for that game – radio, television, writing!

As far as anything else, time permitting, I’ll have something special for you about Phil Watson on Wednesday – and what his family is requesting these days from the Rangers.

I’ll also be back on Thursday night, with a Rangers/Bolts recap.

Come Saturday, I am attending a watch party at my local watering hole for Rangers/Penguins – so Butta – if you’re in town again, then you know where to find us!

Things will be back to “normal” on Sunday – as I’ll be watching the St. Patrick’s Day Rangers/Isles match-up from my humble abode – and where the “live-tweeting”/blog notes will return too.

Sunday’s recap may be delayed too – as I stuff my face with corned beef and beer – and I may need a “toilet timeout” prior to writing!

It’s just a shame that the Rangers will kind of have to forget about this win over the Devils, as there’s no day-off in-between – and a day-off that the well-rest Canes received on Monday.

See ya tomorrow night – and what’s that sound – it’s my pillow calling me, which means for you, it’s…

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  1. Sean – Your series of comments on Sam Rosen’s obsession with who is and who isn’t related to someone else with a similar name was great fun. It reminded me of how the New York Rangers and the Texas Rangers actually are related through NYR founder Tex Rickard. That story is in your NYR books, isn’t it?

  2. Sean,
    Agree that Rempe deserved a penalty, but there was an over the top embellishment as his elbow barely touched his face. Had he connected with a full intentional blow it would have been a bloody mess. Note that Rempe raised both his arms to brace himself from a collision against the boards, my way of saying he was not head hunting. Yes, the refs had no choice but to make the call, but Rempe is not a dirty player and I hope the league gives the kid a break. My fear is that the “woke” bureaucrats make an example of a 21 yr old kid that loves playing “old time hockey”. JMHO
    Keep up the great work, I don’t know how you manage to excel at your gifted craft with your awful work schedule.

    1. Agree with your thoughts on the “bureaucrats” – and now the kid has a “remputation.”

      The key to maintaining a full-time job and writing?

      Sleep four hours a day – and crash on the weekends – altho this weekend will be tough with two games – and St. Patrick’s Day too!

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