NYR/MIN 10/13 Review: Redemption Rangers Wild Out in Minnesota; Another Team-Wide Effort in Blueshirts’ Blowout, Multi-Point Games Galore & CZAR IGOR, Mika Selke, Gallant Does It Again, Kravtsov Who, Isles LOL, M$GN & More

In the Rangers’ first road game of the season, Gallant’s Gang laughed their way through a 7-3 victory in Minnesota. If it wasn’t for Sam Rosen’s fat mouth, it may have been a 7-1 win! I kid, I kid – and my explanation about this comment is located in tonight’s GAME REVIEW!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. The REDEMPTION RANGERS continue to roll.

If you were a Ranger fan in Minnesota on Thursday night (and plenty were there – Blueshirt backers always travel well), then you saw it all.

CZAR IGOR had another stellar showing. Multiple Rangers kept the official scorers busy all game. And for good measure, “THE GRIM REAVER,” Ryan Reaves, won his first fight of the season.

Personally, this game had me doing the Barry Horowitz act (self-pat on the back) all night – and that’s not only because I said all summer that I didn’t understand why the Wild paid Marc-Andre Fleury, rather than paying Kevin Fiala instead.

While many of these crybaby, millennial, and analytical fans (and beat reporters too) question and whine about Gallant’s every move (why they continue to do this I’ll never know) – “The Turk” proved all of them wrong – AGAIN.

One of the biggest complaints from that clueless crowd? This one:


That kid line, the third-line, the first-round draft pick line, whatever you want to call it; that former line, consisting of Alexis Lafreniere, Filip Chytil and Kaapo Kakko, were all separated tonight.

The end result? Kaapo Kakko scored a goal. Filip Chytil scored the game winner.

And for these same people, and just like the ultimate contrarian, a fellow blogger named NO FLEX; they are also adamant in this stance – “THE RANGERS NEED VITALI KRAVTSOV ON THEIR SECOND LINE TO HAVE SUCCESS!”


Heck, at this point – I have more faith in Pavel Brendl lighting lamps for the Rangers. At least Brendl wanted to be a Ranger!

With Kravtsov now out of the line-up (more on this below), Lafreniere, who will play at any position even if he’d prefer to play left-wing, his natural position – #13 had the best game of his career at his off-wing yet.

It’s really tough to single-out any one individual (this was a team-wide effort) for this 7-3 win tonight (I just went with CZAR IGOR, for reasons I’ll explain during the GAME REVIEW segment); but needless to say, Lafreniere’s presence was felt all game. You can see the confidence dripping off of him.

Not only was Lafreniere a thorn in Minnesota’s side while on defense – the man primed for the best season of his career picked up two assists too.

For one game at least, the shouts of “Kravtsov who?” were heard around the streets of Rangerstown, USA – where yes – I may be one of these people bellowing this chant out!

(Check the archives of this site for more on my OPINIONS – not just FACTS – on Kravtsov. I don’t want to get into my whole spiel again tonight because I know this blog will go long, especially after seven Ranger goals! Plus, you should know my stance on #74 by now anyway!)

And Dryden Hunt, who all of these fans are down on, fans who seemingly don’t understand the simplistic theory of having a “roster stew” and a well-balanced line-up?

With much speculation about Hunt’s near-future, where many suspect Hartford may become his new home – he more than delivered tonight – salary cap space accrued be damned.

(By the way – I’m always amused whenever fans and/or reporters make 13th forwards and 7th defensemen the center of their ire. And for what it’s worth – there’s nothing to be angry about right now – but I’m sure these people will invent something. It’s in their nature, but enough about NO FLEX for one blog!)

As mentioned many times before on this site – injuries happen. That’s why the “NEXT MAN UP” mantra is a cliche. We see it all the time. We saw it again on Thursday night, as Gallant jumbled his lines, relied on his young players, called on Hunt and boom – seven goals against the 2021 Vezina winner, Marc-Andre Fleury.

Before getting into everything from this game, let’s recap all of the news from Wednesday, the Rangers’ off-day.

Injuries will always take place during an NHL season. Due to the recent injuries suffered by Vitali Kravtsov and Sammy Blais, Dryden Hunt now has a chance to earn a spot on the roster. Photo Credit: Getty Images

As somewhat expected, on Wednesday, a day following the Rangers’ 3-1 home-opener victory over the Lightning, the club announced that Vitali Kravtsov will be out for a while.

The Rangers didn’t provide specific information about Kravtsov’s injury, so it could be anything, from a concussion, a shoulder injury, a neck ailment or something else.

What we do know is that Kravtsov didn’t board the Rangers’ plane to Minnesota on Wednesday. He’s out at least until Monday, when the Rangers host “OLD FRIENDS” Ryan Strome and Frank Vatrano (Anaheim Ducks).

While Kravtsov will miss at least two games (and it’s assumed that he’ll miss more than that), the good news from Wednesday was that Sammy Blais was back on the ice. However, “BLAIS DAY” was skating in a non-contact jersey. That said, and as opposed to Kravtsov – Blais did travel with the team for this two-game road-trip.

Having Blais available was good news for Rangers’ general manager Chris Drury, as not only did he get his player back, it meant that he didn’t have to call anyone up from Hartford too, as everyone and their mother monitors the Rangers’ salary cap situation and the Blueshirts’ quest to accrue cap space for the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline.

And yes, I’m fully aware that worrying about the NHL Trade Deadline in October is somewhat silly, but due to the hard salary cap – it’s what we’re forced to do.

Plus, it’s not a bad thing that we’re so invested in the NHL Trade Deadline either.

After all, it means that we all expect the team to contend. I much rather think about who the Rangers can land in March (I know you’re sick of those two words, “Patrick Kane,” but it’s not going to stop until #88 departs the Windy City), rather than think about what draft picks and prospects the club will be after.

Since Kravtsov was unavailable, and with Blais skating in a non-contact jersey too; as I said on Tuesday night, and as you all expected too – Dryden Hunt is the next man up.

I’ll have the full line-up from tonight’s game for you below, but what we saw at Wednesday’s practice is what we saw tonight.

One last thing to note from Wednesday before getting into everything else – the off-day edition of “TURK TALK!” Here it is:

Aside from the injury information, I took two things out of Wednesday’s “TURK TALK.” Those two things were:

1 – I liked how Gallant went out of his way to praise Braden Schneider. While the head coach also praised #4’s partner, #6, Zac Jones; “The Turk” showered heavy praise upon his youngest defenseman, even going as far as saying that it feels like Schneider looks like a seasoned veteran.

2 – I brought this up on Tuesday night, and I know many of you also noticed this, but Gallant admitted that the Miller/Trouba pairing could be his “first pair” on some nights, and with no disrespect meant to Lindgren/Fox. While Gallant said things could change game-by-game; the biggest takeaway here is that the Rangers have one of the best quartet of rearguards in the league, if not the best.

The Breadman baked enough goodies to last a week, as #10 in Rangers’ blue finished tonight’s contest with one goal and three assists (four points). Photo Credit: NYR

Here is the line-up that Gallant used tonight, where after this game, and despite Blais itching to return – a line-up I think we’ll see in Winnipeg on Friday night:

FIRST LINE: Kreider/Mika/Kakko

SECOND LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

THIRD LINE: Vesey/Chytil/Goodrow

FOURTH LINE: Hunt/Carpenter/Reaves

FIRST PAIR: Miller/Trouba

SECOND PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

THIRD PAIR: Jones/Schneider



Mika Zibanejad (two assists) and the hometown kid, K’Andre Miller (one assist, a team-high +4) had plenty of reasons to smile on Thursday night – just like the rest of the team. Photo Credit: NYR

BOX SCORE time – and is there a lot to discuss right now!

The following information and graphics come courtesy of ESPN.com:




35 7 28 .800 18 9 1 0 0 58:51 0


36 3 33 .917 17 11 5 0 0 59:19 0

I wasn’t expecting to see Henrik Lundqvist on the panel tonight, only because this game had a late start time, but it was nice to see him there. As mentioned all last season – he’s a natural in his new job – a job that’s not so easy to do. Photo Credit: Henrik Lundqvist

As talked about last blog, I will only recap these M$GN segments whenever Lundqvist is on. I can no longer deal with the worst analyst in hockey today, Sieve Vagistat. He’s become thirty minutes of nails-on-the-chalkboard for me.

During the pregame show, Lundqvist said that he was very impressed with the Rangers’ home-opener. Who wasn’t?

“The King” then said he thinks that Mika Zibanejad is one of the best players in the league.

At this time, I want to put this out there, and FULL CREDIT to friend of the site, Mike The Esquire, who first said this, as he’s the one who put this thought in my head.

Can anyone give me a good reason why Zibanejad shouldn’t be considered for the Frank Selke Trophy (best defensive forward) this season?

Not only is Mika scoring short-handed goals, he’s also a signature piece of a stellar Rangers’ penalty kill, where he’s always clearing pucks out of the zone.

Plus, and more times than not, #93 is always matched-up against the best forwards on the other team.

Yes, it’s a long season and we still have eighty more games to play, but I’m jumping on Mike’s idea – I’m the first passenger on the MIKA FOR SELKE train! (Expect me to continue to bring this up all season – and again – full credit to Mike for suggesting this. Unlike others – I always credit everyone for their ideas!)

On former teammate, and the newly minted captain, Jacob Trouba, Lundqvist said: “The Rangers were in a good position this summer. They had good options. Good game, bad game, Trouba is always the same kind of guy. He’s a leader. You know what you’re getting from him. That’s why I think he’s going to be a great captain.”

Following Lundqvist’s remarks, Vagistat said, “Hank, the thing about goaltending is….”

I muted the Clairol King right after this – and then watched the Flyers put a beating on the Devils. (I’m interested in Tortorella – and hey – good games for the Rangers’ alumni too, as both Tony DeAngelo & Kevin Hayes picked up two assists each in the Flyers’ 5-2 spanking of the Devils.)

Seriously, this seven foot jackass is going to tell Lundqvist about goaltending? That’s how out of control his ego is.

(Later on, during one of the intermission segments, Vagistat then started going on-and-on about east-west passing rates from the 2017-18 season. How this was relevant to tonight’s game I don’t know, nor could I be bothered to listen to this doof’s explanation. I’m just done with him!)

On Shestyorkin winning the Vezina, and then following up on it, Lundqvist, a former Vezina winner himself (you may have heard), said: “You see yourself as one of the top goalies. Igor is one of the best goalies in the game today. Igor’s mindset won’t change.”

Lundqvist then added that he thinks Igor’s Vezina win will only power him into repeating this season. I concur!

And if you’re a long-time reader of this site – yes, I’m also surprised that I see the game a lot like Lundqvist does – and I’m not saying that my hockey knowledge is like his. Far from it.

I’m just saying that he’s an eye-test guy and often says stuff that I’ve previously said on this site. (And I’m not suggesting he’s parroting what I’m saying either – so don’t start with that!)

One thing Lundqvist also brought up that I’ve been saying for the past few weeks? How it’s going to take time for Panarin and Trocheck to create chemistry, where to be fair – this is pretty elementary stuff.

Of course, Vagistat couldn’t leave well enough alone. The worst back-up of the Lundqvist Era then told Hank how his homemade arts-and-crafts charts told him that Lafreniere will score 30+ goals this season.

If you’ve been reading me all summer – I said the same exact thing – and I didn’t need crayons and graph paper to come up with that take!

The M$GN also had some great camera work tonight. In the arena, the crew spotted Miller finding the autistic fan he formed a bond with earlier this summer in “Da Beauty League” – a story previously recapped on this site. Miller gave this young fan a signed stick. And if you read my preseason game six blog from a few days back – I love stuff like this.

Another camera shot saw two members of Gallant’s 2018 Western Conference Champion Vegas Golden Knights team, Ryan Reaves and MAF, catching up.

Also spotted was Mats Zuccarello, where Lundqvist was pretty funny during this segment.

If you recall last year, when the Rangers retired Lundqvist’s #30 in January of 2022 (against the Wild), the Swede joined Sam and Joe in the booth. At the time, Zuccarello had the puck, and Lundqvist said, “don’t let that guy score.”

Two seconds later, Zuccarello scored.

Tonight, Lundqvist said that he wouldn’t say the “Z-word,” as he tried to “reverse the curse.”

No matter – the curse of Rangers’ alumni continued tonight, as #36 in Wild green did score – a meaningless goal in the grand scheme of things, as opposed to when he scored on “Lundqvist Night.”

Lastly, during one of those segments where the crew goes behind a net and explains goaltending; Lundqvist said, “you don’t want him to come in the backside.”

(Yes, I have a Vagistat joke to share, but since I’m now an accomplished author, I’ll refrain from sharing my Artie Lange inspired humor with you here!)

And yep, since I have the same maturity level as Beavis, famously of “Beavis and Butthead” – I was howling – just like how the Rangers laughed their way through this win.


“The Great One” and Wayne Gretzky! While a 7-3 final suggests this game was all about scoring – the black-and-white numbers don’t tell the whole story. CZAR IGOR dominated and never let the Wild come close – despite the home team out-shooting the Rangers all-game. Photo Credit: TNT


Following Sam Rosen (who must’ve used the same hair gel tonight that Cameron Diaz once used in “There’s Something About Mary”), and Minnesota’s own, Joe Micheletti, previewing the game; we then had our first puck drop of the contest.

While this doesn’t mean much, outside of noting it here; the Rangers got off to a slow start at the dot, but by the end of the game, the two teams won nearly an equal amount of draws. In turn, many of these early faceoff losses led to a busy period for CZAR IGOR, but #31 was most certainly up for the task in this game.

Also of note, and as discussed both last blog and earlier during this one? Miller and Trouba started the game.

Again, this doesn’t matter much, as the top two defensive pairs are interchangeable. Fox wound up logging a team-high 25:57, but like most stats, that’s also somewhat misleading – only because of all the penalties that took place during the sixty minute affair. (Of all Rangers’ defensemen, only Fox plays on both the PP1 and PK1 units.)

In addition, Miller was bloodied during the third period and missed 2-3 shifts. However, once returning? Miller assisted on the game’s final goal – a shot that Kreider deflected past MAF for his second goal of the season.

I said the following a few times during the preseason, and I said this on Twitter on Thursday before this game too – the Rangers are prone to being dominated by opposing top lines.

We saw a lot of that in this game (especially during this period), but due to CZAR IGOR, and a stronger defensive effort as the game progressed – the Wild’s impressive top line, Kaprizov/Hartman/Zuccarello, didn’t score while at even-strength. (Zucc’s goal was a power-play goal.)

Right away, the Wild’s top line had a 3 x 2 odd-man rush, but Hartman missed the net.

Hunt, still looking to avoid Hartford, had a strong first shift. Due to his forechecking, Jacob Middleton was forced to trip #29’s linemate, Ryan Carpenter, at just the 3:11 mark.

The Rangers’ power-play, which had issues during the preseason, wasted no time here:

1-0, GOOD GUYS, an easy tap-in goal by CHRISTOPHER JAMES KREIDER, “CK52’s” first goal of the season.

Mika’s pass was so perfect that I think that even Jim Abbott, with his one arm tied behind his back, could’ve scored here.

And I forgot to mention this – this game was the Wild’s home-opener.

Right away, the Rangers sucked some life out of the building – and by the end of the period – the home crowd booed their team off of the ice too!

With 14:06 remaining, CZAR IGOR, who must’ve made a dozen or so “HIGH DANGER” saves tonight; made his first tough stop of the contest, when he stopped Hartman while knocking on the Russian’s doorstep. Once making the denial, the 2022 Vezina winner made his first of four homerun passes, where on this one, he targeted Hunt.

About two minutes later, Rosen and Micheletti had some playful banter. I actually enjoyed these two tonight – where yes, the final score does play into that too!

Micheletti brought up how Miller had fifty people in the crowd tonight and how #79 took out his mom for a sushi dinner the night before. “Jumpin’ Joe” then brought up that he only has one issue with Miller – how Miller decided to attend the University of Wisconsin, rather than the University of Minnesota. All of this was light and entertaining.

With 11:11 to go, MIKA SELKE forced a Wild turnover, which then led to a save for MAF – a rarity on this night.

Two minutes later, and with the Wild’s top line having their way; Kaprizov checked Lindgren. Lindgren, who was getting frustrated after not being able to get a clear, then crosschecked the Wild’s superstar. In turn, the Wild went on their first power-play of the game.

Igor, who was already up to eight saves at this point, then made four saves in fifty seconds while a man-down. All four of these saves were no walk in the park – even if #31 made it look easy.

Down to eleven seconds remaining on the Rangers’ PK, and 7:26 in the period; Hartman tripped Trocheck, thus negating the Wild’s man-up attack. However, as Hartman went to the box – he then crosschecked Trouba for good measure – and right in front of an official. NO CALL – which was ridiculous – especially after watching the Rangers’ home opener where the Bolts were gifted a two minute 5 x 3 power-play.

As friend of the site Howie S. would say – there’s no consistency with these officials. Garage league!

Not much was doing on this Rangers’ power-play, as following Kakko falling on his rear-end while in the slot (many players, from both teams, were falling down tonight – maybe bad ice), the Wild then had a 2 x 0 odd-man rush, but the fear of Igor in net scared them straight – no shot on goal.

Down to 4:00 remaining, Miller made one move too many and lost the puck. However, Panarin immediately retrieved it, and just three seconds later, this happened:

2-0, GOOD GUYS, as Panarin, from Gretzky’s office, found Lafreniere. Similar to the pass that Zibanejad made on the Rangers’ first goal, the 2020 first-overall pick perfectly set-up Fox. Kravtsov who?

As the Rangers kept forcing the issue, they wouldn’t stop their pressure until the final horn went off. They’d be rewarded for this effort, as with just thirteen seconds remaining in the first frame, this happened:

3-0, GOOD GUYS – following another assist from Lafreniere!

And one more time, if it wasn’t for CZAR IGOR’s brilliance – the Wild wouldn’t have had a goose egg on the board.

Here’s what I said in real-time, following the period:

You knew that the Wild would come out hot for the second period, especially after being humiliated and booed by their fans. CZAR IGOR and crew were ready.


The Rangers had some chances to extend their lead early, as Lafreniere almost had Trocheck for his third assist of the game. Then, just 66 seconds into the period, Hartman went to the box again, this time for hooking Panarin.

This wasn’t exactly a highlight reel of a power-play for the Rangers, where it was CZAR IGOR, and not MAF, who was tested more during these two minutes.

Once returned to full-strength, Lafreniere, who was all over the place tonight (in a good way), came up with a big shot block. Once the third line came on the ice, Chytil forced a turnover on MAF – a lucky save for MAF after the Czech fired the puck right back to him.

In a never-ending parade to the penalty box type of a game; at the 6:19 mark, it was Jones’ turn to sit in the box, after he hooked Brandon Duhaime. It was around this time where Eriksson Ek became a major nuisance. He must’ve crashed into CZAR IGOR three times, where on each occasion, a Ranger immediately went after him for doing so.

It was during this Wild power-play when Zuccarello scored. 3-1, good guys, a goal scored after a long attack in the Rangers’ zone.

As Ek continued to go after Igor (no calls), Fox was questionably penalized, a phantom tripping call. 37 seconds later, and at the 9:10 mark, Kreider was boxed too, for going after this douchebag Ek, who would not stop going after Igor.

This Kreider penalty, in my estimation, was pure BS. You see players going after opposing players all the time whenever someone makes contact with their goalie. You’d never see this called during the postseason, and during most regular season games – you don’t see this call either. Maybe the officials were trying to keep this game close, with this call that reeked of “home cooking.”

The end result, the second 5 x 3 penalty kill in as many games, where this time, the Rangers had to kill 1:23 while two-men down.

This is where Jacob Trouba really shined, as he spent the entire two minute PK on the ice – and wouldn’t budge one iota. Also of note? MIKA SELKE made two clears during this too.

With 8:14 to go, the Rangers survived. Igor was up to 28 saves at the time.

In what was telling – your favorite goalie and mine, CZAR IGOR – would only make five more saves for the remainder of the game – one more during this period and only four during the final frame. This just tells you how the Rangers woke up defensively – sans a mini brain-fart which we’ll soon get into.

Also worth mentioning? Gallant, and as he’s been saying in all of his “TURK TALKS,” has complete faith in everyone. He didn’t care about the Wild’s top players at all, as often, the Rangers’ fourth line and third pair were matched up against the Wild’s explosive first line. His players showed up for him.

With 3:06 to go, and after surviving the turning point of the game (the 5 x 3 PK), it was Chytil’s turn:

4-1, GOOD GUYS, a crushing dagger courtesy of #72.

On this goal, Fox blasted a puck from the point and Chytil, no longer scared to (cleanly) crash the net no more, was right there to collect the loose change. Just as good – if Chytil didn’t pot this puck, then Jimmy Vesey would have done so, as #26 was right next to Chytil during this play.

This is when the wind left the sails in Minnesota. You could’ve heard Vagistat applying his cheap hair dye at this time.

4-1, GOOD GUYS through forty minutes of action. Here’s what I said at the time:

Reaves picked up his first win on his fight card this season during the third period.


Up 4-1 and with the Wild crowd as lively as a graveyard; four minutes into the period, Sam Rosen said what I was thinking – but something I wouldn’t say out loud, just because I’m superstitious – “Joe, the Rangers haven’t given up one five vs five goal all season.”

The Rosen curse proved true – AGAIN. It never fails.

Death, taxes and Rosen jinxes are the only three guarantees in life.

Immediately after Silly Sammy said that, the two teams traded two goals a piece and in a time-span of two minutes.

At the 4:18 mark, Panarin, after trying to get Trocheck going all night, succeeded. 5-1, GOOD GUYS, the first goal of Trocheck’s Rangers’ career.

58 seconds later, and after a Rangers’ defensive lapse and collapse – Matt Boldy scored – the end result of a disjointed/broken play. 5-2, good guys – and the first even-strength goal allowed all season. Thanks Sam.

Thirty seconds later, Kaapo Kakko, who didn’t have a shot on goal yet in this game (nor during the Rangers’ home-opener either), scored on his first shot on goal of the season. This was an amazing play, one that will only boost his confidence.


Thirty-four seconds later, Boldy scored his second goal of the contest, as he was able to get by the Jones/Schneider pair. 6-3, good guys – and the final Wild goal of the game.

That Father Finkin’ jinx Sam Rosen!

Following Kakko’s goal, MSG cameras caught Miller getting slammed into the boards, where his head took an awkward hit on the glass. This made you think concussion, but he was ruled fine – although he had a huge gash above his left eyebrow – one that Rangers’ trainer, Jim Ramsey, took care of.

Miller missed a few shifts as he was being repaired – but to show all of Rangerstown, USA that he was fine – he then assisted on the final goal of the game.

However, before getting there; with 6:43 remaining, Reaves took issue with Marcus Foligno, the player who smashed Miller into the boards. To Foligno’s credit – he dropped the gloves and honored the unwritten code.

Foligno held his own during this fight, but it was Reaves who was throwing right hands like Oprah Winfrey throwing out prizes to a studio audience.

While #75 never put Foligno on his ass; Reaves easily won this fight (one that the refs broke up while the two men were on their feet) – a technical knockout victory!

Forty seconds later, and perhaps inspired by the fight and/or the fact that he had fifty friends and family in the crowd; Kreider took a goal away from Miller (I’m joking!):

7-3, GOOD GUYS, as Kreider tipped Miller’s blast behind MAF.

It would’ve been nice for Miller to get this one, but he didn’t care – all that mattered was the goal, and more important than that – the win.

Once under five minutes, MAF left the bench for an extra attacker. Nothing happened here, and thirty seconds later, MAF returned to his net – where I assume he was in fear of giving up the snowman (eight goals).

The two-point conversion after the touchdown almost happened too, as with 3:38 remaining, MIKA SELKE drew Jonas Brodin for tripping.

In another example of the EYE TEST, and not analytics and stats telling you the story; Gallant put Lafreniere/Chytil/Kakko/Goodrow/Jones on the ice – a reward for their hard work – rather than trying to run up the score with his first power-play unit.

7-3, GOOD GUYS, your final from Minnesota!

And hey, while my 4-0 daily prediction didn’t hit – I did have the four-goal margin correct! However, I don’t think that Vegas will pay me out!

Expect Jaroslav Halak to make his first start of the season on Friday night in Winnipeg. Photo Credit: NYR

All in all – the “FIND-A-WAY” Rangers did it again – and they did it in a multitude of ways.

Gallant’s Gang will try to ruin another home-opener on Friday, when they take on the drab and dreary Jets of Manitoba – the Rangers’ first back-to-back game of the season.

Three videos before going home here.

One, here’s a very happy Gallant after the game:

Two, our friends at “The Blueshirt Underground Show” returned on Thursday night, in an episode recorded before tonight’s game. I didn’t get a chance to listen to it yet, but I’m sure it was good. You can watch the show here:

And three, and in a case of “saving the best for last,” there’s this:

If you watch the video above, you’ll see a dopey Islanders’ fan getting rejected during a marriage proposal!

Two things really made me laugh here, besides this clown being rejected in public:

One – how the Isles’ cameraman got the hell out of the dodge when the bride not-to-be said no.

Two – how the proposer got off of his one knee and put his one ass in the chair – and then pounded a beer.

While it’s always nice to laugh at Islander misery (they also lost their home opener to the Panthers, 3-1, so that was good too); I hope this was staged. If not, that poor schmuck!

Speaking of poor schmucks, I’m predicting a 4-0 Jets’ loss on Friday night!

See ya after the game!


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Sean McCaffrey


@NYCTHEMIC on the Tweeter machine

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