NYR/ARI 10/30 Review: Special Teams Lift Rangers, Special Night for “The Birthday Breadman;” Turk Lets CZAR IGOR Go Back-to-Back; Team Back on Track, A Shestyorkin Theory, M$GN, “The Mullett” & More

It wasn’t pretty, but it was special! On his 31st birthday, Artemi Panarin picked up one goal and two assists, as “The Breadman” was involved in every scoring play of the Rangers’ 3-2 win over the Coyotes. As a result – the flight from Phoenix to New York will be relaxing – where I’d also suspect a few birthday Russian vodka shots to be consumed too! поздравления! (Congratulations!)

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. The Rangers are back on track. In turn – “WE WANT THE CUP!”

This past Wednesday night (following the loss to the Islanders), eyebrows were raised and concerns were brought up, as the Rangers had just lost their fifth game of their last six.

While others around Rangerstown, USA used those two dramatic words of “MUST WIN” (I only use them whenever mathematically applicable); this trip out west wasn’t exactly that. However, that sentiment wasn’t necessarily incorrect either.

Perhaps a more appropriate phrase was “NEED TO WIN;” but then again, this is all just a battle of semantics.

Whatever phrase you want to use, this much is now known – the Rangers did just that this weekend – win – where they went 2-0 and picked up all four points afforded to them.


And oh yeah – keep it rollin’!

After defeating Dallas in a wacky sixty-minute affair on Saturday (check out last night’s blog for the full 411); just a tad over 24 hours later, the Rangers handled business in front of 5,000 fans or less in Arizona, via their 3-2 triumph over the Coyotes.

As mentioned a few blogs back on this site – the Coyotes gave the Rangers fits during their two games played from last season. We saw a lot of that tonight, but as was the case last year – once the final horn went off – it were the Rangers celebrating – again.


And yep – it never gets old whenever watching the Rangers celebrate!

Despite being a “world famous” author, where even the great Stan Fischler has written a foreword to one of my titles – I also have a real-life job!

Just a quick site/blog programming note, before continuing in this relish of this Rangers’ victory.

I teased this last week, but now it’s becoming true – my work schedule is about to change – and not for the better.

However, I’ve got accustomed to eating, drinking, going to hockey games and having a roof over my head – so I can’t turn my employer down!

For the past eight years, when I first started this site, I’ve been lucky real-life wise. I’ve mainly worked the day-shift in my trade while also occasionally working the grave-yard shift.

Starting sometime this week (most likely Tuesday – a game against the Flyers that I wanted to attend, but now that’s not possible), my hours will be “swinging” to the swing shift, 3PM – 11PM – unless one of you folk want to pay me six-figures to run this site.

I’m waiting.

Okay, I won’t hold my breath!

While all of this means nothing to you (we all have to work – unless you’re retired), it’s going to alter how I watch these games.

As mentioned 97867896867896786 times before, I “live-tweet” these games, not for my followers, but as notes for these game review blogs.

Since the Rangers mainly play at 7PM; moving forward, I’ll be DVRing all of the games. I may “live-tweet” the games starting at midnight, or whenever I get home.

(And if there’s any good thing – the Rangers have a lot of weekend games – and I don’t have to work weekends.)

In other words, I’ll still be running this site, but these game review blogs may not get posted until the day after. These blogs may also get shorter, which admittedly, may not be the worst thing in the world either!

And hopefully – I’ll soon be able to get off of this schedule and get back on the day shift – and go back to sleeping four hours a day!

Okay, enough about me. Back to the Rangers.

I remain true blue – “IN TURK WE TRUST!”

Since the Rangers played yesterday, there’s not that much pregame news to discuss. However, the following news was broken on Sunday:

While it’s nice that the NHL Player Safety division decided to fine Ty Dellandrea – I’m sure that sum of $2,333.33 isn’t much of a deterrent. (But the extra thirty-three cents is a killer!)

If the league really wanted to punish Dellandrea – they would have suspended him. However, since he’s a first-time offender, that option wasn’t on the table.

In other words, you can pretty much try to murder a guy on the ice (or try to knock him out for the season – see P.K. Slewban), but as long as it’s the first time you’ve done so – all you have to do is pay a little bit more than two thousand dollars and everything becomes copacetic.

Like the many other archaic rules that plague the league – this system should also be addressed during the summer.

As far as any other pregame news, Gallant held his daily “TURK TALK” before the game. Here it is:

Gallant pretty much said what we all expected, as there were no curve-balls thrown.

As we all thought, the bench boss confirmed that Vitali Kravtsov wouldn’t play against the Coyotes.

In a Kravtsov update, the head coach just hit his three favorite words – “day-to-day.” Kravtsov will be re-evaluated when the team returns to New York.

Since we don’t know with 100% certainty if Kravtsov suffered a concussion or not, I will say this – if he did suffer a concussion, then I’m surprised that he flew, as he did when traveling from Dallas to Phoenix. (For more on concussions, check out “Tricks of the Trade.”)

Long story short – it’s advised that people with head trauma stay on the ground.

After confirming what I thought last night (neither coach was happy about that second period in Dallas), “The Turk” also said what I wrote in this space on Saturday – the Rangers had more than 24 hours in-between games.

While this trip out west was a “back-to-back,” it wasn’t your traditional back-to-back set of two games with the same puck-drop times. (Usually 7PM EST starts.)

Therefore, since the Rangers had a few extra hours padded on between games, Gallant announced that he’d be starting CZAR IGOR in net – the first time a Rangers’ goalie has started in back-to-back games during “The Turk Era.”

Here was tonight’s line-up:

FIRST LINE: Kreider/Mika/Kakko

SECOND LINE: Panarin/Trocheck/Lafreniere

THIRD LINE: Vesey/Goodrow/Gauthier

FOURTH LINE: Blais/Carpenter/Reaves

FIRST PAIR: Miller/Trouba

SECOND PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

THIRD PAIR: Jones/Schneider




The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





39 3 36 .923 30 6 0 0 0 59:09 0


20 2 18 .900 18 0 0 0 0 60:00 0

Thankfully, Henrik Lundqvist returns to these M$GN broadcasts on Tuesday night. However, that didn’t help tonight, as Ranger fans were forced to suffer through the insufferable Sieve Vagistat on Sunday.

The Rangers, the last resort of saving this sports weekend in New York (both the Giants and Jets lost – and they lost ugly – as Big Blue’s Richie James is a bigger mess than Vitali Kravtsov), began tonight’s game at 8PM.

Come 7:30PM, there was Sieve Vagistat, all in his lonesome, since Lundqvist had the night off.

Since you know that I can’t sit through these Vagistat pregame shows anymore, and with Sam & Joe in-studio (as talked about last night) – I watched an “Impractical Jokers” rerun instead (I think TruTV airs these old episodes on a 24/7 basis).

Come 8PM, I returned to the M$GN.

I know that I have talked about this all-week, but one more time – it’s just a shame that M$GN didn’t send Sam and Joe to the desert. This was a major opportunity blown, due to the unique environment at “The Mullett.”

I don’t want to spend too much time on this, because again, I’ve talked about this before, but some quick points/observations on the Coyotes’ new barn:

— Yes, I know that the arena must be fun – but it’s terrible for the league – and for salary cap/revenue sharing reasons too.

— Despite a capacity of 4,800 people – this game wasn’t sold out. The entire students’ section was empty, as presumably, these co-eds were attending Halloween parties, rather than attending a game from a franchise who dressed up as a hockey team for Halloween.

— If you’re old school or set in your ways (as I am), these camera angles were spotty and threw off your equilibrium. It has to be tough for the three diehard fans of the Desert Dogs that follow their home team on television.

— Similar to the outdoor games, playing an NHL game under these conditions is a fun thing to do once in a while. I can’t believe the NHL is allowing this to go on for three years. It just makes the league look Mickey Mouse. You’d never see an NFL game played at your local high school field.

— As said last night, win-or-lose, the poor locker room conditions couldn’t have been used as an excuse. The Rangers just had to handle business, and thankfully, they did.

— Furthermore, the Rangers, just like every other team in the league sans Seattle, played in empty arenas during the pandemic. If the Coyotes had any advantage tonight, it wasn’t their arena. It was the fact that they are used to playing in front of crowds of 5,000 people or less, as they’ve been doing so during the last 25 years.

— And yep, I know that the media (who don’t want their credentials to be taken away) all get a kick out of all of this, but don’t let this truth escape you – they aren’t fans either.

— For the media members of the road team – it’s a one-and-done fun experience. However, as a fan and if you want the salary cap to go up, then there is no way you can support what’s going on in Tempe.

— Finally, while we all know that Ranger fans travel well; what does it say when the crowd make-up of this game was something like 90-10, in favor of the Blueshirts? Is Arizona’s marketing plan centered around getting fans from the road team to attend and enjoy the unique experience? I’d expect an abundance of road fans in-attendance whenever the Leafs, Canadiens, Bruins, etc come to town.

As far as anything else M$GN related that won’t be mentioned in the GAME REVIEW, the network went with a Halloween theme.

Unfortunately, the network didn’t decide to dress up as a competent broadcast, as once again, there were sound issues, picture problems, horrific lighting, Sam & Joe at a disadvantage, and the worst studio analyst that money  can buy too.

Lastly (and we’ll talk more about CZAR IGOR at the end of this), while I’ve yet to hit my daily 4-0 Rangers’ shutout bet this season, at least I hit one of my prop bets tonight:

More important than gambling? The Rangers won! Let’s get into it.

The Rangers are built top heavy with their forwards, so it’s crucial that the top stars perform. The Rangers’ highest-paid players did so on Sunday. Photo Credit: NYR


As a one-sentence summary about the first forty minutes of this game, you can say this – it was a tale of two halves.

The Rangers were the far superior team during the first period, while the Coyotes were much better during the second period. And perhaps not so ironically enough – it were penalties that swung the momentum for each club.

In a game featuring two goaltenders with the initials of C.I., Connor Ingram and CZAR IGOR (har-har-har); it was Arizona’s net-minder that had the better night out – mainly due to the fact that he was challenged much more than the 2022 Vezina winner.

Right away, in what was essentially a home game for the Rangers (and keep in mind that the Coyotes have only played one game in this building too); the “LET’S GO RANGERS” chants were belted out, so loud, that even Sam Rosen heard them.


2:10 into the game, Panarin had committed his first turnover. This is when Rosen mentioned that it was number ten’s birthday – a fact that was frequently repeated tonight – but this was okay – especially since Panarin was the best player tonight.

CZAR IGOR looked sharp early, when he made a pair of quick saves, including one where he was almost screened.

In a first period where it took both teams some time to get going early; Lindgren brought the physicality, as he was hitting anything that moved and pinning guys to the boards.

By the end of the game, the Rangers totaled 34 hits, with Ryan Reaves (7) and Blais (6) leading the way.

And oh yeah – with “THE GRIM REAVER” returned to the line-up – not one Coyote dared to make contact with Igor.

In a theme that continued all game – Ingram was pretty spectacular. He made a bevy of tough saves. He also made a “puck luck” save too, when K’Andre Miller blasted a puck off of the right side of Ingram’s mask.

As the two goalies did their jobs; just six seconds after the half-way mark of the period had hit, Liam O’Brien (I wonder if he’s Irish, ha!) cross-checked Zibanejad.

The Rangers’ power-play was incredible here, as the PP1 unit spent 1:15 in the Coyotes’ zone. While they didn’t score, it wasn’t for a lack of an effort, or for that matter, execution either, as Ingram just did his job.

This power-play carried the Rangers through the rest of the period, as the Coyotes rarely touched the puck after their kill.

One second after the power-play had expired, Ingram stopped a Trouba Bomb. On the ensuing face-off, and with Reaves taking a rare o-zone draw; #75 won it, the puck kicked back to #4, and Ingram made a tough save on Schneider with 7:45 remaining.

As the period progressed, Ingram soon made a difficult save on Lindgren and then got some luck, when Kreider sent the rebound over the net.

During a rare Arizona scoring chance from this first period; CZAR IGOR made a point-blank save, and immediately, Vincent Trocheck, the hero of Saturday’s game, raced up ice and had a breakaway. Again – Ingram made another lights-out save.

“OLD FRIEND” Patrik Nemeth, barely noticeable today, was only seen whenever Sammy Blais was laying body blasts on him, as #91 leveled the Swede with a big hit with 2:45 to go.

Julien Gauthier, as he’s been doing ever since being recalled, did his usual act of streaking to the net. However, this time, rather than shooting from a tough angle, he fed Jimmy Vesey, but again – (and in the Jan Brady voice) – “Ingram, Ingram, Ingram!”

Under a minute remaining, Ingram survived another swarm. After stopping both Miller and Trouba (who played together for the full sixty minutes today, as Gallant said it’s not his goal to break them up); the first line played like hound dogs, as they were sniffing for rebounds – but again, the “I-word.”

We were scoreless after twenty minutes, but this was a very encouraging period, all things considered.

Here’s what I said at the time:

It was a good night at the office for CZAR IGOR, Alexis Lafreniere and Artemi Panarin. Photo Credit: NYR


Following the intermission, the Rangers picked up right where they had left off.

Around 1:10 into the period, Miller hit some Coyote (the name is escaping me), which in turn, kept a Rangers’ o-zone possession alive, as #79 prevented an Arizona clear.

Come the 1:31 mark, this happened:

1-0, GOOD GUYS, as Alexis Lafreniere scored his second goal of the season.

Sam and Joe missed this goal, but while that’s commonplace for Sam these days – this wasn’t on him. This was on the network for keeping their announcers home. The cameras, in real-time, were dreadful on this goal.

On replay, we saw how the Rangers scored.

Following Miller’s great play, Panarin drifted to the boards near the goal line and to the left of Ingram. Panarin fired a puck right into the blue paint, and there was the first-overall pick of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft to bury the rubber into the back of the net.

Talk about a good goal, and not just because of the players involved. Here you have a Ranger, in this case, Lafreniere, crashing the net and not afraid of any contact. Better than that, he was then rewarded with a goal.

However, come 14:54 remaining, this is when things started to unravel, as Panarin, while in the Coyotes’ zone, took a hooking penalty, having committed this infraction on Troy Stecher.

This penalty was kind of out of character for Panarin, because while we’ve seen him take these o-zone penalties before (he has taken three penalties during Ranger power-plays this season too), he was being over-aggressive when trying to knock a puck off of the blade of Stecher.

I’ll also say this – this was a regular season penalty – and not a penalty you would see called during a playoff game.

The Rangers’ penalty kill was excellent for the first 1:15, but a whistle, a Coyotes’ offside, broke up the momentum.

Down to 13:15 remaining, Guenther found Crouse for a one-timer, a power-play goal for the home team.


In Exhibit #786786787896769676976 of “THAT’S HOCKEY SUZYN”: the Rangers’ power-play looked fantastic, but didn’t score. The Coyotes’ power-play, nor the team themselves at this point of the second period, didn’t even have a shot on goal until this Crouse one-timer.

Again, “That’s Hockey Suzyn!”

Just as the Rangers’ power-play had woken them up in the first period, this power-play, a successful one, woke up the Desert Dogs.

Come 8:33 remaining, Nick Bjugstad scored his first goal of the season (of course). Keller had fired a puck at Igor, Igor stopped it and the goalie then fed the puck to Lindgren. However, Lindgren misplayed the puck and Bjugstad made the Rangers pay with what was basically an easy rebound goal.

2-1, bad guys.

In what became a trend, as this happened three times tonight, and akin to Braden Holtby throwing off his mask whenever looking for a timeout; whenever the Rangers got close to Ingram, the goaltender knocked the net off of the pegs. Despite this happening three different times – we didn’t get one delay of game call.

Ingram did this again with 7:11 remaining, following a Kakko look at the net.

Under four minutes to go, Ingram stopped Zibanejad on a breakaway.

Down to 2:03 on the clock, Trocheck was tripped – but no call. However, this no call didn’t backfire on the Rangers, as just ten seconds later, this happened:

2-2, as the Birthday boy baked his second point of the contest – and a much needed goal too.

This was a hell of a goal, as Panarin had Gostisbehere draped all over him, yet Panarin was able to absorb the contact and then squeeze the puck past a goalie who had been very hot.

In something that no one brought up (this would’ve been noticeable had the Coyotes then scored on their o-zone faceoff); for some reason, and with 1:04 to go, the Rangers won a neutral zone faceoff and Trouba then blasted the puck into the Coyotes’ end for an icing.

Instead, and with forty seconds remaining – CZAR IGOR made his best save yet, when he denied the Coyotes on a 3 x 2 odd-man rush.

Twenty seconds later, Ryan Lindgren ate a puck to the face, as he was trying to block a shot. Well he did block the shot, but he didn’t mean to use his face in the process.

Lindgren immediately left the ice for repairs, but since we’re so used to this (he’s not Kravtsov) – we knew he’d be back in time for the third period. And that’s what happened.


2-2 after forty minutes. Here’s what I said at the time:

Photo Credit: Aaron Davis (RIP)


During the intermission, Sieve Vagistat said the two most obvious things, things that the M$GN were wowed about after they happened.

Vagistat (who can not stop talking about his own career – you never hear Messier, Lundqvist and accomplished NHLers do the same, unless they’re prompted – and trust me, no one needs to hear how Vagistat once played at a barnyard in Manitoba); “The Clairol King” said that he thought that CZAR IGOR would buckle down.

No shit. We see it all the time! Hell, I even call myself out when I make this obvious observation!

Vagistat, who must be trying to push this east-west passing nonsense off to the rubes who buy his stats (the Maple Leafs are his biggest client – how’s that worked out?), then babbled on about east-west passing stats from the last five years – as he’s amazed by this style of passing.

Of course, and needless to say – east-west passing has been around hockey ever since the inception of the forward pass.

Vagistat thought that the Rangers could score a goal from this revolutionary offensive brand of passing. What’s next? He’s going to proclaim himself as Nostradamus the next time Alex Ovechkin scores a power-play goal from the circle?

But at least Vagistat closed out this horrendous intermission segment with this – he admitted that he’s a clown. Another obvious observation – his best yet!

This was a nerve-wracking final frame. It was also Igor’s best period.

And while Panarin was one fight away from a Gordie Howe hat trick – I was ecstatic to see him set-up the game winning goal instead!

The first five minutes of this period was pretty much all Coyotes. Igor denied all-comers.

After Schneider broke up an Arizona 3 vs 2 odd-man rush, Gauthier went to the net – and instead of saying “you know the rest” – Ingram knocked the net off of its pegs again.

Seriously, I’m surprised that Ingram just didn’t flip the net over, as Lundqvist once did, in that game against the Penguins from many years ago:

Lundqvist did this in a response to not getting a penalty call and due to a problem with his equipment. Photo Credit: M$GN

Down to 13:10 remaining in regulation, Reaves coughed up the puck in the o-zone, which led to Igor coming up big again. Nemeth almost scored during this too – but thankfully, his shot was deflected away.

As the Coyotes continued to force the issue; down to 8:30 remaining, the Rangers had their best chance yet.

Following a shot from Fox, the puck squirted lose, despite some members of the Coyotes thinking that the puck was frozen. The Rangers kept on playing (and the officials accurately let them do so), but they couldn’t make Ingram pay.

The turning point of the game took place with 7:31 remaining, when Guenther hooked Jones.

The Rangers’ power-play, which looked great on their first attempt, yet didn’t score, looked great again. Better than that, just 47 seconds into the man-advantage, this happened:

3-2, GOOD GUYS, as Zibanejad buried a puck top-shelf on Ingram, following Kreider’s deft pass to his favorite center.

Prior to Kreider feeding Zibanejad for what would hold up as the game-winning goal; Panarin dished the puck to Kreider. In turn, Panarin received a secondary assist – and was involved in every goal scored too.

The Coyotes would make one last go of it, but with 4:30 to go, CZAR IGOR said NYET NYET NYET, not in my net, net, net!

A minute later, and with 3:29 to go, Boyd interfered with Kreider. Either the Rangers would score the insurance goal or just burn two minutes off of the clock.

Ingram gave his team a chance, as just a minute into the power-play, Trocheck found himself all alone and dead-centered in the slot. Trocheck, who finished the game with a team-high eight shots on goal, was denied on his final attempt. Give credit to Ingram.

Once the Coyotes successfully killed off this penalty, it were the Rangers who had the puck. In turn, Ingram stayed in his net until there were only fifty ticks left on the clock – and with a face-off in the Rangers’ d-zone.

For whatever reason, the Coyotes didn’t take a timeout here. I know that the Rangers had just iced the puck, but even still, you would think that they’d take a timeout, regroup, come up with a play and look for the game-tying goal.

However, that’s a problem for a fan of the Coyotes and not for me.

Kreider was the star with Arizona’s extra skater on the ice.

After making two strong defensive plays, Kreider went up ice, and with the Coyotes catching up to him – hit iron. No matter, as there were less than eight seconds on the clock, and once those eight seconds expired, 3-2, GOOD GUYS, your final from “The Mullett.”

As was the case all last season, this was another good night for Kreider and Shestyorkin. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Real quick, as it’s getting late and because I’ve talked about this topic before – yes, after just ten games played, the Rangers look like a different team this season when compared to last season. (But isn’t that a good thing? Do you really want CZAR IGOR making 40+ saves a game while his team only puts twenty or so shots on the opponent’s net?)

And yep, this is true too – CZAR IGOR hasn’t been as dominant yet, when compared to his performances from last season.

However, does it matter? The only thing that matters are wins.

Last I checked, in Igor’s seven starts, he’s received a point in all of them. His 5-0-2 record will tell you as much.

Sure, while you’d like to see his save percentage and goals allowed statistics improve (especially if you want to see him repeat and win the Vezina again) – all that matters is that middle number in that 5-0-2 record, as in zero regulation losses.

There was some stat that M$GN ran following the game, where it was reported that CZAR IGOR was the first Rangers’ goalie in over forty years (Eddie Mio) to pick up points in his first seven starts of a season.

If there’s one theory I want to throw at you, it’s this – CZAR IGOR now has a heir, as his son, Timofey Shesterkin, was born on August 17th, 2022.

As any new parent will tell you – babies have a way of impacting your sleep, or should I say, lack thereof.

Furthermore, Igor has just surpassed the two-month mark in his first foray as a parent. Like anything else, adapting takes time. It’s a whole new way of life – literally.

Since the Rangers’ beat reporters are clueless and can’t come up with this theory on their own, I’m saying it here. Maybe one of them will follow up and ask him about this, where I should be 100% clear – I’m not knocking Igor’s play at all. I’m just saying that we’ve seen him play at a higher level – a level that I’m sure he’ll return to.

Athletes, especially one of Igor’s caliber, are creatures of habit. All I’m saying is that perhaps the most important thing in his life has distracted him a bit – how could it not?

I’m sure that as the season progresses, Igor will adapt and we’ll all have a good laugh at this.

Moving on from theories and returning to facts, here’s Gallant after the game:

If there’s one thing to take out of Gallant’s ninety-eight seconds of speaking time, it’s this – while he did say this tongue-in-cheek – he also didn’t sound opposed to the idea of giving CZAR IGOR more back-to-back starts.

Like adapting to having a new-born child; NHL coaches must also adapt.

While I’m not suggesting that CZAR IGOR start every game on the schedule; it would be nice to see Gallant use his best option more frequently, and whenever the opportunity, such as this weekend, arises.

And for the people blaming Halak for three losses – that’s not the path I’m going down here. After all, he only had two goals in support during his three starts.

All I’m saying is that maybe it’s not the worst idea in the world to load-up on CZAR IGOR during the early part of the season – and then get him fresh for the playoffs during the latter weeks of the campaign.

And yes – the Rangers are going to the playoffs!

One last final note – I believe the Rangers are off on Monday – so I don’t think we’ll get an update on Kravtsov and Chytil until Tuesday.

As I go home here, I’ll be back Tuesday night/Wednesday morning – I just don’t know when.

The one trade-off of this new job site – it’s close to home – so I won’t have to deal with a ninety minute ride home!

Bring on “OLD FRIENDS,” Tony DeAngelo, Kevin Hayes and John Tortorella.


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Sean McCaffrey


@NYCTHEMIC on the Tweeter machine

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