NYR/NJD 12/12 Review: Schizophrenic Rangers Overcome Poor Start & Captain Trouba’s Turnovers; Show Resolve & Moxie in Overtime Victory; Longest Winning Streak of the Season, Gallant’s In-Game Changes Work (Again), Special Teams Clicking, A Signature Statement Game, Kult of Kravtsov, M$GN & More

Schizophrenic, manic, Jekyll & Hyde, infuriating, intoxicating, diarrhea-inducing, nerve-wracking, maddening – whatever phrase or adjective you want to use tonight – all of them are valid, following the Rangers’ 4-3 overtime victory against the beast of the east, their Hudson River rival, the New Jersey Devils.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. Sam Rosen said it best during tonight’s frenetic second period – “OH BABY!”

And oh yeah – a happy 72nd birthday to my dad! At least the Rangers came through for him – and everyone else too!

The Rangers, who entered tonight’s match with the Devils on a season-long three-game winning streak; Gallant’s Gang extended that streak to four-games on Monday night, following a wild-and-crazy 4-3 overtime victory over the red-and-black attack.

This game was never in doubt – am I right? Okay, I kid, I kid!

Needless to say, this game wasn’t a walk in the park – but when Filip Chytil said “GAME OVER” at the 2:15 mark of the bonus period – you could feel the pressure escape the room. All feelings of negativity had evaporated.

And yep – this win felt like a game ripped straight out of last season, as on this night, it was CZAR IGOR and the special teams standing tall, during the team’s biggest comeback victory of this 2022-23 campaign.

Furthermore, after looking dead-and-buried in the standings when these two teams last played (a Devils’ 5-3 win on November 28th); just two weeks later – and the Rangers are right back in the thick of things:

Sure, the Rangers have played in more games than both the teams who are chasing them and who they’re trying to catch too; but at the end of the day – they still control their own fate. As mentioned around Thanksgiving time on this site – that’s why I don’t put much credence into the “if you’re not in a playoff position by Thanksgiving, then you’re out of it” junk. Photo Credit: ESPN

There are a lot of positive takeaways from this game – even if this game looked extremely bleak after ten minutes played.

Of course, there will always be some fans and/or customers that will never be satisfied – including the “Kult of Kravtsov.”

To them, I say – “BOO-HOO!”

All I care about are wins and losses – and I don’t care about the analytics, nor the “expected” nonsense either.

In reality, the Rangers won – that’s all that matters.

So while many others are trying to promote their own negative narratives (these mooks would rather be proven correct in regards to their “doom-and-gloom;” rather than be proven incorrect and be happy about a huge two points in the standings); for me – I’m ecstatic.

While I’ll lay it all out for you during the GAME REVIEW (one that I have to somewhat breeze through, as I do have a 5:00AM train to catch for work on Tuesday morning); if you can’t be thrilled about this win – then I don’t know what to tell you.

Lost in some of the negativity (and I get why people felt like crap during the first period – heck, I was one of them!), is the following:

— The other team is paid to play hockey too.

— The Devils are one of the best teams in the league.

— After watching the Rangers fold like a cheap Sieve Vagistat suit during previous games reminiscent to this one – they never gave up. Instead of accepting defeat, the team worked hard and rallied back.

Following a first period that can best be described as “garbage,” sans a late goal scored with 1:35 remaining, Chris Kreider’s fourteenth tally of the season; the Rangers didn’t throw in the white towel as they did against Chicago, Ottawa, Anaheim, Nashville, San Jose, etc.

Instead, and following a bunch of in-game line-up changes by “The Turkmaster General;” the Rangers kept grinding.

Down 3-1 at the time, and following a CZAR IGOR penalty shot save on the “home” announcers’ favorite player, Jack Hughes; the Rangers scored two quick goals in a time-span of seven seconds.

CZAR IGOR, who admittedly, had his numbers/statistics crushed once again on M$G ice (however, all that matters is that his win total increased); #31 held down the fort during crunch time, the third and overtime periods, which then allowed Artemi Panarin to find Filip Chytil for the walk-off game-winner.

We saw this script a lot last season. We haven’t seen it as much this season. But hey – no time like the present!

And now when you look back it – perhaps that uninspiring win over St. Louis was just what the doctor ordered – all prior losses to bad teams be damned.

Simply put – you can’t cry over spilled milk. What’s done is done and there are now 52 games to go.

After perhaps three “lucky” wins during extremely fortunate circumstances – this fourth consecutive win spoke volumes.

Sure it wasn’t pretty, but no team paints a Picasso every night. The Rangers didn’t only hold their own against one of the league’s best – they beat ’em too. You can hang your hat on that.

Let’s first get into all of the pregame news & notes, and then get into this big-time win – where I want to close this intro with this: had the Blueshirts lost tonight; it would’ve been more hellfire and brimstone in the streets of Rangerstown, USA – especially since the team doesn’t play again until Thursday night.

By extending the win-streak, the Rangers can hold their heads up high and get ready for Thursday night, when another upper-echelon team of the league visits “The World’s Most Expensive Arena” – the Toronto Maple Leafs.

While this site caters to an older demographic; I was also happy to receive some feedback from the younger readers, people who weren’t exactly familiar with Emile Francis’ legacy with the franchise. Blame the Rangers for that. Photo Credit: Garrett G.

As predicted/expected last night (and thanks for all of the feedback to the Emile Francis story, which you can read here: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/121122/ ); Chris Drury has selected to play the paper transaction game with Ben Harpur.

After waiving Harpur on Saturday to accrue a day’s worth of cap space; on Monday, the spare defenseman was officially recalled. In other words, the Rangers had seven defensemen on their roster prior to puck drop on Monday.

Furthermore, and this is the bad part of these paper transactions – Harpur lost a day of NHL salary. For fringe guys who find themselves in these situations – it all adds up.

Prior to tonight’s game, Gallant held his daily edition of “TURK TALK.” Here it is:

Again, and as expected – Gallant said no line-up changes.

Also expected? The media couldn’t help themselves and once again asked about the status of Kravtsov. Gallant’s response, “I’ve already answered this question.”

The head coach, who has been asked about Kravtsov four times during the past two weeks, said that #74 practiced today and reiterated that he was happy with his current line-up.

Despite the team on a three-game winning streak, the media also decided to ask “The Turk” about Sammy Blais and his zero goals, which was the build-up to the Kravtsov question.

Gallant said he’s been fine with the way Blais has been playing and stated the obvious – #91 would like to score a goal this season.

There wasn’t one question about Adam Fox, Igor Shestyorkin, Ryan Lindgren, Braden Schneider, Artemi Panarin, or anyone else who has played well during the past three games.

Here was tonight’s line-up – a line-up that was shuffled very early into the first period:

FIRST LINE: Lafreniere/Mika/Kakko

SECOND LINE: Panarin/Chytil/Goodrow

THIRD LINE: Kreider/Trocheck/Vesey

FOURTH LINE: Blais/Brodzinski/Gauthier

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Hajek/Schneider


BACK-UP: Jaroslav Halak


The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





23 4 19 .826 14 4 1 0 0 61:44 0


29 3 26 .897 25 1 0 0 0 62:15 0

I was absolutely thrilled to see Dave Maloney on the broadcast tonight. And yes, this is another one of my horrible photoshops!

From start-to-finish – this was the best M$GN broadcast of the season.

Dave Maloney, the youngest captain of franchise history, and who really is a jack-of-all-trades (he can do color commentary, the radio, work in-studio, conduct interviews, go between the benches, etc), replaced Sieve Vagistat tonight, as the arts & crafts, charts & graphs, regular in-studio ANALyst, must’ve had a case of the “Kravtsov’s” – he wasn’t feeling good.

Following the game, Gerard Gallant said that Vagistat was “day-to-day.” (Okay – I just made that up!)

For thirty glorious minutes, we didn’t have to hear any of this:

— East-west passing

— Royal Road

— “When I played in Russia…”

— Any talk about bloody groins

— “Clear-Sighted ANALytics”

And you get the rest.

Furthermore, NOT ONCE, did Henrik Lundqvist, sitting alongside of Maloney and John Giannone, ever mention that he talks to Vagistat on the phone.

And yep – this should be the full-time panel – and something that I’ve been clamoring to see for a long time.

Here you have a future Hall of Fame goalie, a Rangers’ legend, not far removed from his playing days, providing expert analysis. Seated with him is a former captain of this team and someone who still bleeds blue to this very day, in Dave Maloney.

Not on the panel – an ex-Islander back-up going on-and-on about his homemade charts and his never-ending tales from his epic NHL career of 46 games.

Praise the hockey gods!

It always amuses me how Henrik Lundqvist preaches opinions from the eye-test perspective. I’m a fan! King! Photo Credit: NHL on TNT

Lundqvist and Maloney wasted no time getting into it, as right away, Lundqvist said, “things can change so fast in hockey.” Lundqvist brought up how the win against St. Louis was perhaps the start of something big. Maloney replied, “take it step-by-step, do the simple things and the winning will come.”

Lundqvist brought up Panarin’s new focus on defense and said how that can jump-start the team when they see their top player committed to this side of the puck.

The captain and the king then started talking about the Rangers from an eye-test perspective.

Maloney brought up how important physicality is. Lundqvist added that speed is just as important. This then spit-balled into a discussion about big hits, and how during Maloney’s era, players were taught at an early age how to hit – and how to take hits too.

Maloney added, that due to the awareness of concussions during this era, and how the game today was much faster in comparison to his days on the Rangers’ blue line, that everything had changed. Lundqvist agreed.

As they often do; M$GN then rolled footage from ten years ago – the famous fourth line brawl between these two rivals, a game where Lundqvist was in net.

Hank replied, “I remember something was about to go down. What I loved about that is that you worked yourself up for those games. It’s not hard to dislike the other team.”

Lundqvist’s final piece of advice for the Rangers? The following:

“The Rangers have turned the corner a bit. They have the pieces. They just need to feel more confident. Play on your toes. Can’t play on your heels. This is a good test at home against a better team of the league.”

The Rangers passed this test, where no matter if you want to give them a grade of a “C” or an “A+” – either way, they passed. That’s all that matters.


The first period was an all-out mess; but eventually, the Rangers marched right back. Once Kaapo Kakko tied the game during the second period, you could feel the momentum pouring off of your television screen. Photo Credit: M$GN


As mentioned earlier, I have 5:00AM train to catch – a train that takes off in five hours as I write these words.

Since this period was pretty much trash; we can bullet-point this first frame:

— The Rangers first shot on goal took place with just 8:48 remaining – a weak shot by Libor Hajek – and not by any of the Rangers’ “fat cats.”

— Sam and Joe did their usual act where they fawned over Jack Hughes all-game. To be fair, these two didn’t really have much to rave about, at least not from a Rangers’ perspective.

— Trouba made two god-awful turnovers, both on failed clears.

— On the first one, the captain flipped a puck right to Tomas Tatar. CZAR IGOR, in his first save of the game, bailed out #8 with a big time stop.

— Mika Zibanejad, who remains horrible at the dot (7 of 18 tonight for a face-off percentage of 38.9%), and who seemingly lost every zone face-off draw that he took; was beat on the drop following Igor’s major denial.

— After Zibanejad lost the draw, Jonas Siegenthaler fired a puck at Igor, the puck clipped a piece of Devils’ captain, Nico Hischier, and boom, 1-0, bad guys, at just the 3:05 mark. As the puck was going in, all Trouba could do was watch.

— I wouldn’t put this goal on Igor, but yeah – we’ve seen him stop these pucks before – especially whenever away from M$G this season.

— On Trouba’s next shift, he attempted a sliding block. Once getting the puck, he turned it over again, which led to a Devils’ two-vs-one right in front of Igor/behind Trouba.

— 2-0, bad guys, at just the 4:46 mark, as Mercer, rather than passing/forcing a turnover, beat Igor.

— At the time, this is when you said, “oh no, not again.”

— It was also at this time where I said – “promote Braden Schneider to second-pair right defense, and drop Trouba to third-pair right defense.”

— And that’s what Gallant did – where it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this move had to be made.

— On Trouba, yeah, you can make the injury excuse for him, but when does it end? These were two clears that had to be made and I don’t think you can blame injuries for these costly giveaways.

— Maloney, now in-between the benches, said,“YOU CAN’T KEEP TURNING OVER THE PUCK.” Micheletti, also dumbfounded by Trouba’s poor play, whole-heartedly agreed.

— The Rangers, now down 2-0, lost every loose puck battle imaginable.

— With Vitek Vanecek having no work at all, I thought that CZAR IGOR should’ve air-mailed a puck at him, just to see if the Devils’ goalie was still awake.

— It was at this time where I was reminded of what I wrote last night on this site, and in a column that appeared on “The Hockey News” on Monday:

By the end of the night, the Rangers kept their “drive for five” alive. However, that didn’t look to be the case during the first period. Photo Credit: THN

— Following Hajek’s first Rangers’ SOG of the contest; down to 6:45 remaining, the Devils were out-shooting the Rangers, 6-1.

— With 6:21 to go, Vesey and Severson took off-setting two-minute minors. Maybe this is my narrative, but this bout of physicality woke up the Rangers.

— It was around this time where the word “schizo” showed up. After being initially out-shot 6-0, the Rangers ended the period with the final seven SOG of the period – and with the Devils now on a long shot on goal drought.

— The Rangers showed some life here, where Fox caught the lower half of Vanecek’s mask – a lucky save.

— While Gallant had already flipped his second and third right-defensemen; he also changed his top six, where we saw Panarin/Mika/Goodrow and Lafreniere/Chytil/Kakko. His third line, Kreider/Trocheck/Vesey remained unchanged. This “no-change” worked out, as with 1:35 remaining, and in a period that was all Devils, this happened:

2-1, bad guys, as Kreider, who has exhibited more chemistry with Trocheck than Panarin ever did; buried a puck past Vanececk on a sweet set-up pass during this two-vs-one odd-man rush.

This was crushing for the Devils, who prior to this, had dominated the game. This goal gave the Rangers some life.

We remained at 2-1 following twenty minutes of action.

Here’s what I said at the time:

From day one, Vincent Trocheck has embraced his new home. He’s been a hell of an acquisition – and doesn’t care what line he is on or who he plays with. A personal suggestion to Gallant? Let Trocheck take all zone draws, especially whenever on special teams! Photo Credit: NYR


Following their Hindenburg first period, the second period started off as more of the same.

Just 1:45 in, CZAR IGOR had to make another tough stop on a rushing Devils’ attack. Following that, Jack Hughes went untouched, as he looped around the Rangers’ net. Igor stopped this wrap-around try.

Two minutes after this, John Marino shot what felt like a 300 MPH heavy puck – another big time stop for the 2022 Vezina winner.

At the 5:10 mark, and with the Rangers bleeding chances while also giving up GOOD LOOKS left-and-right; Mercer got a case of “Trocheckitis,” and hit the post. As mentioned recently on this site – it’s nice to hear these <dings> go the other way.

Twenty-five seconds after the post-job; Hajek held McLeod.

The Rangers, now tasked to employ their special teams for the first time of the game – came up huge – just as they would do on every man-down and man-up situation during this match.

This particular Rangers’ penalty kill was fantastic – even if Zibanejad lost another d-zone draw. Vesey almost scored, and despite some hairiness at the end of the two minutes – the Rangers didn’t allow the Devils to log a SOG.

Right after the kill, as in 22 seconds later; the officials gifted the Rangers a power-play, following a phantom roughing penalty assessed to Haula.

While that’s a problem for a Devils’ fan – I admit it – Haula didn’t touch Fox, but hey – that’s not my problem either!

As we’ve seen many times before, the Rangers did everything but score here.

By the end of these two minutes, Vanecek had amassed four saves, while four more Ranger attempts went either high or wide. The Rangers’ PP1 unit, sans for about two seconds, spent the entire power-play in the Devils’ zone.

When Haula came out of the box, he received a jack-in-the-box try – a save for IGOR – and with the Garden chanting his name right after the stop.

However, with 8:53 remaining, Hughes, Rosen and Micheletti’s favorite player, capitalized on a mini-breakaway (Lafreniere missed when trying to high stick a puck away from the 2019 #1 overall pick), and beat CZAR IGOR with a backhanded shot that went top shelf.

3-1, bad guys.

While they weren’t there en masse as they were the last time these two teams played; this is when the spattering amount of Devil fans mocked Igor again, with the “EEEEEE-GOOOORRREEEE” chants that we first heard during the Rangers’ first-round playoff series against the Penguins from last season.

And yep – a momentum shift. The Rangers’ PP couldn’t score, despite their numerous chances, and just minutes later – the Devils scored this back-breaking goal.

With 7:10 remaining, a turning point of the game.

Jack Hughes, once again, went on a breakaway. This time, Braden Schneider tripped up #86, in order to prevent what most likely would’ve been a goal.

Now with a chance to put his team up by three goals, via a penalty shot; Hughes got too fancy, over-skated, and Igor flung his stick out to end this chance – and before Hughes could shoot.

CZAR IGOR, who kept the deficit at two, would soon be rewarded – and it all started just 37 seconds following this penalty shot save.

With 6:33 remaining, Siegenthaler interfered with the Rangers’ now first-line right winger, Barclay Goodrow. And yep – this was a craw in the paw for the “Kult of Kravtsov” – as Goodrow drew this penalty – a penalty that would soon produce two Ranger goals.

Just 31 seconds into the Rangers’ power-play, Adam Fox ripped a shot from the point and there was Trocheck to tip/deflect it, as the puck took a short-hop on the ice and right past Vanecek.

3-2, bad guys – and after a pretty power-play prior to this one – the Rangers got the bounce that they needed here.

Just seven seconds later, and now returned to full-strength; Chytil won the draw. Miller got the puck, and with Kakko by his side, fed the Finn for a no-doubt-about-it one-timer!


Take a look at these two goals:

I must mention once again that the Devils are a good team and had largely dominated this game. However, since the Blueshirts didn’t put on their “poo poo faces,” nor gave up – the Rangers hung in there and tied it.

While this would be the final goal scored during regulation; it were the Devils that maintained their edge over the Rangers – but to the credit of Gallant’s team (and CZAR IGOR too) – they were able to push this game into overtime.

Down to 4:00 remaining, JONNY HOCKEY was boxed for tripping McLeod, as the Devils’ center had now drawn his second penalty of the frame.

Once again, these two minutes of action favored the Rangers.

Put it this way: the toughest save CZAR IGOR had to make here? When Vesey, when trying to block a puck, accidentally kicked it towards his goalie. Fortunately, following #31 doing the splits (and knowing his previous bouts with groin injuries) – Igor didn’t allow this friendly-fire to hit his team.

Perhaps more fortunate than that? Sieve Vagistat wasn’t there tonight. If he was, then we’d have to hear about his bloody groin for the 789678678968796th time.

As the period wound down, CZAR IGOR made one more save on Jesper Bratt (really a non-factor tonight) to keep the game tied at 3-all.

Here’s what I said at the time:

While you were on the edge of your seat and chomping on your fingernails all night; you know it’s an exciting game when Sam Rosen is screaming at the top of his lungs – and dropping an “OH BABY” or two too! Photo Credit: M$GN


Entering a period with a lot of narratives on the line, such as “they didn’t play a full sixty minutes,” “the previous three wins were hollow,” and “KRAVTSOV WOULD’VE SCORED 100 GOALS IF STUPIDHEAD GALLANT PLAYED HIM,” versus “they found-a-way-to-win,” “they gutted it out,” and “Gallant pressed the right buttons again;” by the end of the night, the latter narratives, the positive ones, won out.

But yeah – it didn’t always look like it would be that way.

Once again, the Devils dominated this period, but somehow and someway (CZAR IGOR) – the Rangers survived.

It’s funny, after this game, I saw the analytical babies whining about metric stat this and metric stat that, and how Igor was “forced” to steal a game.

My response – isn’t that what your 2022 Vezina Trophy winner is supposed to do?

After all, that’s why he gets the big bucks – and why he’s one of the greatest goalies in the world ever since the day that he arrived.

Interesting stat: now in their 30th game of the season, this was the 15th time (in order words, 50% of the time) where the Rangers entered a third period tied.

3:00 minutes into the period, Igor had already made five saves.

Five minutes down, the best Rangers’ shift came from the fourth line, but Brodzinski whiffed on a Fox one-timer pass.

As both teams tried to play conservative, the Rangers had trouble exiting their zone – an icing call for Trouba with 12:56 to go.

Down to 10:00 remaining, as I blow by this period as my train inches closer-and-closer; the Devils were out-shooting the Rangers 9-2 and where Vanecek was hardly tested.

Two minutes later, and after his own snafu; Schneider got back and broke up a Devils two-vs-one look at Igor. Thirty seconds after that, the Devils had another odd-man rush, where Mercer missed the net.

One of the better, if only, Ranger scoring chances came with 6:30 remaining, as Trouba, still seeking his first goal of the season, fired a bomb at Vanecek. The goalie gave up a juicy rebound but there was no Ranger to cash it in.

As we hit the FOXWOODS FINAL FIVE mark, I said this:

No joke – I really meant this.

Just getting a point, after largely being dominated for the majority of the game, would’ve been a step in the right direction – especially when you consider how great the Devils have been this season.

With both teams somewhat playing “prevent” defense/hockey; we remained tied 3-3 after sixty minutes.

Overtime would be needed.

Here’s what I said at the time:

I was hoping that Trouba, who had one of his worst games of the season tonight, would score the game winning goal, which would’ve somewhat redeemed him. Instead, it was Filip Chytil who put the Devils away. Photo Credit: NYR


To the surprise of everyone – Zibanejad, teamed-up with Kreider and Fox, won the first face-off of the overtime.

However, the Devils forced a quick turnover, and with Hughes wheelin’-and-dealin’; Kreider made two strong defensive plays, including one to get the puck out of the Rangers’ zone.

At the two minute mark, Mercer went wide and CZAR IGOR came up with another monster save, this time on Severson – the last save that was needed.

Fifteen seconds after Igor kept the game tied, this happened:

4-3, GOOD GUYS, as Miller got the puck to Panarin, and “The Breadman,” who is now racking up the primary assists as of late, found his new center for the game-winner!

Talk about playing to the very end.

It wasn’t pretty, but who cares?

And if you will – take a look at how the Rangers celebrated their final three goals scored.

No one can say that they “don’t give a shit.”

And when the game was over – for a team that has had a dark cloud over their heads for most of the season, you can feel that a weight was lifted.

The wins over St. Louis, Vegas and Colorado all came with asterisks. This one didn’t.

While the phrase “turning point win,” has been used a lot lately; this one felt like it.

Here’s Double Gee after the game:

“The Turk,” who many thought was on the hot seat just last week – perhaps has cooler buns tonight – ass-cheeks as cold as the ice on M$G itself, following this win.

I wish I had more time to expand on this win, but my job, my train and blah-blah-blah.

However, with a few days off, maybe I’ll return on Wednesday, 24 hours prior Rangers/Leafs.

That said, before closing, I want to reiterate what I said at the top of this, especially since Gallant hinted at this again during his post-game interview.

Stop crying about Kravtsov!

Gallant has repeatedly said that he’s happy with his line-up, doesn’t want to change his line-up and will only tinker with his line-up, in-game, whenever the team needs a spark.

Seriously, following this win, my Twitter feed was blown up with Kravtsov talk again. Give it a rest! The Rangers won. They are on their longest winning streak of the season. They knocked off a top team!

Instead of worrying about Kravtsov at every fart-and-cough; instead, let’s praise CZAR IGOR, Adam Fox, K’Andre Miller, Braden Schneider, Artemi Panarin et. al – the guys who performed well tonight.

If you can’t focus on the positives; then instead of talking about Kravtsov – set your cross-hairs on Trouba.

At least Trouba plays – even when hurt.

And yep, had the Rangers lost this game – the amplified intensity and rage for the captain would have been even worse.

Simply stated as I go home here – Trouba owes his goalie, and his special team units, a nice night out on the town.

How do you say “caviar and lobster” in Russian?

Back at it on Wednesday, if not, see ya following Thursday night’s game, when the Rangers try to make it five in a row.


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Sean McCaffrey


@NYCTHEMIC on the Tweeter machine

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