RIP 2022-23 New York Rangers: Complete Exit Interviews Coverage; Player Quotes, Playoff Report Card, “Move ‘Em or Keep ‘Em,” Gallant Incensed About Rumors; Potential New HC Looming, Drury’s Decisions; Censored Turk, “Same Old Script;” What Lies Beyond, NYR Beat & More

The 2022-23 New York Rangers, who died last Monday night, officially had the dirt thrown on their casket on Wednesday – as many of the players and the head coach held their final interviews of the season. And as opposed to last year – nothing encouraging came from it. There’s just no way to find a positive spin or silver lining after this season. They failed – and a day of reckoning may soon be upon us – in the form of a new head coach. However, even if the Rangers could hire an-in-his-prime Scotty Bowman – it’s all for naught if the team’s top players don’t show up during the playoffs – the real issue that doomed the Blueshirts in 2023.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on RIP to our beloved 2022-23 New York Rangers.

But hey – at least you don’t have to worry about pregame nerves, upset stomachs, and an overwhelming feeling of an all-out panic-attack, as if you were Tony Soprano talking to Dr. Melfi, anymore.

And very much like the late-and-great James Gandolfini, who portrayed Tony Soprano – the 2022-23 Rangers passed away too soon.


No less than 48-hours removed from the Rangers humiliating and embarrassing 4-0 Game 7 loss to the New Jersey Devils; come Wednesday morning, and through the afternoon – both the players, and the current head coach, Gerard Gallant – all of these men spoke to the media one last time, during their 2022-23 campaign final exit interviews.

Once all of the interviews were completed – that was that.

The 2022-23 New York Rangers are dead. An off-season, a “reincarnation,” now awaits.

If reality hadn’t sunk in late Monday night, then it most certainly cemented itself on Wednesday night – as it were the Carolina Hurricanes hosting the New Jersey Devils – and not the New York Rangers – in Game 1 of their second-round series.

(And of course – the newest “Rangers’ Killer,” Devils goaltender, Akira Schmid – looked like shit during the game.)


While I believe that everyone already knows the following (but I’ll just say it out-loud for new readers who may have stumbled upon this obituary) – I’m not an accredited member of the Rangers’ beat – but I am much more knowledgeable about this franchise than 99% of them (Larry Brooks is the 1%).

Want another self-pat on the back? (Ugh!)

I believe I do a better job than all of them too – and as many of you have stated!

(Sans Brooks – I can’t compete with a Hall of Famer!)

I’m also an author and a Rangers’ historian – and where you can find all of my Blueshirt history books here:

I have made these remarks (perhaps very egotistical), for three reasons:

One, unlike what you may read from the beat – reporters who are NOT fans and who are supposed to be unbiased – I am not that.

I am not colorless, nor devoid of emotion.

Instead, I am fully invested in this team, which is my way of telling you that I DO care about the Rangers losing.

Even now, as I look at this blank white monitor and try to get my thoughts together – my brain is moving faster than my fingers – as I have a lot to say about the crime committed against hockey – the all-out assault that the Blueshirts perpetrated upon their fan-base – especially during Games 5 & 7 of this series.

(I haven’t been able to keep down solid food ever since that Game 7 loss – and don’t ask for the visual evidence either! This is a family website!)

Unlike the beat (and this isn’t a knock on those bozos) – I DO go to bed with angry thoughts about this team!

My current nightmares, the 2023 finish, has prevented me from getting any real sleep ever since it happened.

Simply stated – this is not my job – but my hobby, my passion and my devotion.

Two, due to this site, now nine-years in-existence (and my status as an author too), I have made many contacts along the way – and where time-to-time – I get emails/correspondence from the alumni about what’s written here – both positive and negative!

(Full disclosure: I have no contacts to the team from today – and really, outside of Brooks – I don’t think anyone else has a pipeline to anyone of significance either – which means Rangers’ owner James Dolan and the team’s general manager, Chris Drury.)

Later during this blog, I will share one of the quotes that I received from a prominent Ranger from the early 2000s – and his opinion about the present relationship between the players and their head coach – where both Gallant’s name, and his status moving forward, is a hot topic not only in New York, but amongst the entire NHL.

Three, and as you may have figured out all-season – I really believed that the Rangers were going to win the Stanley Cup in 2023 – despite the franchise’s historical record (four victories in ninety-seven years) suggesting otherwise.

The optimism, and the glass half-full perspective, that I’ve been writing from ever since the new regime took over in the Spring of 2021, wasn’t a “gimmick” nor a “put-on.”

No joke, and as I did last season – I was working on a Rangers’ 2022-23 season book throughout this campaign – and where I fully expected to have a picture from the “once-assumed” June parade on its cover.

So much for that – but I tell you this to hammer my point home, much like how the final nail was put into the Rangers’ casket from Monday night – I really believed.

Moving forward?

It’s hard to maintain those positive vibes.

As mentioned following the events of Game 7 ( ) – this was supposed to be the year.

It wasn’t.

While we’ll get into all of the player exit interviews in just a bit; many of them talked in cliches – something that they largely did all-season.

Whether it was, “getting another kick at the can,” “we’ll learn from this,” “we’ll use the summer to get ready for next season,” and/or “BLAH BLAH BLAH” – because that’s what it was – BLAH BLAH BLAH white noise – and where once again – it was #ALLTALKINNY – rather than letting their actions speak louder than words.

(Sans CZAR IGOR – of course!)

Since the wound is very raw and extremely fresh – it’s easy to “hate” on both Mika Zibanejad and Artemi Panarin right now – and as I’m seeing a lot of throughout the streets of Rangerstown, USA. As the spring turns into summer, and as the summer turns into fall – a lot of these feelings will subside in my opinion – but only in the case of Zibanejad. Heading into the 2023-24 campaign – I think Panarin will remain as a target – and I’ll explain why below.

Despite having a ton to say right now – this is when I DO wish that I was a member of the Rangers’ beat – and for one reason only – the help from an editor!

In other words, I apologize in-advance should a lot of this come off as a “stream-of-consciousness,” rather than staying focused on one subject. But I shall do my best!

(Plus, as someone who writes one long tome, rather than breaking all of this up into 897678669676 different and short articles for the sake of artificial site traffic purposes – an editor would be key!)

In an attempt to keep everything in order, and to prevent my habits of rambling and going off on tangents; I’m going to pick-up from where I left off following Game 7.

I think the best course of action is to cover all of the news in a chronological order, where the stories about Gallant dominated all headlines on Tuesday, May 2nd.

Following that, I’ll talk about every exit interview, give you my playoff report card grades (no surprises – and you probably can predict all of them on your own), and also assess each player’s future moving forward.

To close, we’ll then take a look at the final “TURK TALK” of the season – where if the head coach wasn’t already fed-up with the birdbrain beat – then he sure was on Wednesday afternoon.

And spoiler-not-a-spoiler: It’s not looking good for Gallant right now.

But as mentioned, before getting there – let’s first talk about the “turkey” in the room – “Turk’s Tuesday.”

If you don’t know by now, then here you go – I remain as an ardent supporter of Gerard Gallant – the head coach who possesses both the best winning and points percentages of franchise history. (And as noted before – yes, I’m aware – a big part of that is the era that he coaches in – but you can only do whatever you can do under the parameters defined during your own era.)

When it comes to “THE TURK,” I don’t want to repeat everything that I’ve previously said; so if you haven’t already, then just go back and check out the archives of this site – or at the very least – take a look at every blog written from the past two-weeks (and especially my Game 7 review).

But long-story short?

I 100% believe that he should be brought back for next season – but I don’t see it happening – not after Wednesday.

That said, try this on for size:

Had Artemi Panarin shown up just once in any of these seven games, and even if he had shot at just 5% during his numerous breakaways, odd-man rushes and 27 power-play opportunities – then none of these negative narratives would exist – nor would we be wondering about who will be behind the Rangers’ bench next season.

Heck, had Panarin looked like an $11.6M player (highest-paid winger in the league) – and not as a player earning $1.16 (and that figure may even be too generous) – then we’re talking about Rangers vs Hurricanes – and not about the Blueshirts’ murky future.


Come Tuesday morning, and not even 12-hours following the Devils’ death-blow on the Rangers; the media, as if they were jackals devouring a carcass that hadn’t even had a chance to go cold yet – all of them were already selling the “GALLANT IS OUT” headlines.

This wasn’t just exclusive to the in-town beat reporters either.

Gallant’s future reached both national and international levels, as both Darren Dreger (TSN in Canada), and the most prominent hockey reporter of ESPN (not like there’s much competition), Greg Wyshynski, were all over this story like a dog on a (turkey) bone.

Here’s how these two covered it:

I really don’t want to get into Joel Quenneville tonight – especially not about his past – nor his current “suspension” from the league either.

I’ll only do a deep dive into Coach Q. should he become the next head coach of the New York Rangers.

However, I will say, should it be “Q,” and not “TURK,” that’s behind the bench next season – then it would be very on-brand for the Rangers.

As we all know, James Dolan loves big names, and with Quenneville’s resume – I wouldn’t be shocked to see that scenario play out.

If there is anything to these rumors – then I doubt that the Rangers would care much about the damage control they’d have to do either – as wherever Coach Q. goes next – there will be a media blitz – but after a day or two of intense scrutiny – it will blow over – and just like any other story in the media’s 24/7 news-cycle.

Kyle Beach who?

Furthermore, let’s face it:

Should it be Quenneville, then you know what happens next. The following:

Fifty percent of the fan-base will go into psycho “CANCEL” mode – where that chatter will be deafening. Forty-nine percent of the fan-base will be all-in on the hiring – only to then turn on him after one preseason loss. The final one percent in this scenario would be like me – support whoever is behind the bench – and be patient and await post-season results.

And should this firing-then-hiring play out?

It could be a way to get Patrick Kane, who won three Stanley Cups under Coach Q., to return – but more on Kane later on tonight – and SPOILER ALERT – a full-season in New York for #88 isn’t something that I’d bet on.

I found Wyshynski’s words to be comical – and untruthful.

After all, the ESPN scribe said that the chatter in regards to “Turk Out, Q In,” was “deafening.”

I guess these words were so “deafening” (HOW DEAFENING WERE THEY?) – that nobody even heard about this until Tuesday morning – and only AFTER the Rangers had lost their Game 7.

Put it this way: Everyone knew that Mike Keenan was looking to leave New York during the 1994 Stanley Cup Playoff run and how he was negotiating with other teams at the time – perhaps a fact that’s often ignored today – because everyone now remembers 1994 with fondness.

But had it not worked out for the Rangers in 1994?

Then “IRON MIKE” would have been remembered as a villain today – and where that Mike Gartner for Glenn Anderson trade would’ve been remembered as one of the worst transactions of franchise history too!

But as noted many times before on this site – winners write (and can revise) history!

(Speaking of 1994 – following the Rangers’ 2023 loss, where next season will mark thirty years without a silver chalice in the Big Apple – how long before we start to hear “19-94” chants, as it once were with the “19-40!” bellows?)

I am to assume that there is something to the Joel Quenneville rumors, because as noted – you had two prominent reporters, both north-and-south of the U.S./Canadian border, saying as much.

At the same time, and as I always say on this site – Rangers’ g.m. Chris Dury is one of the most tight-lipped executives in all of the league – and only rivaled by someone nearly forty-years older than him, the Islanders’ Lou Lamoriello.

What this tells me, and by the process of deduction, is that these rumors are coming from Coach Q’s camp, perhaps originated by his agent – rather than Drury & the Rangers themselves.

(I also doubt that Dolan even knows who Coach Q. is – at least prior to Tuesday morning!)

While this was going on, perhaps the most plugged-in reporter of the league, Elliotte Friedman (SportsNet), presented both sides of the story – and he pretty much said what I said following Game 7:

“You can’t fire players, but you can you fire coaches.”

In other words, while it’s tough to blame Gallant for his players not showing up; at the same time, it does feel like someone’s head has to lay beneath the guillotine following this disgusting fiasco.

What Friedman didn’t say, and as I said on Monday night; was should Gallant get nixed, then in that event, unequivocally, and without a shadow of a doubt – it’s the first real black mark on Chris Drury’s ledger – as it would be an admission that he picked the wrong guy just two-years ago.

It’s funny how fast time can move – and how fast people can forget too. Just one year ago, Gallant, who finished second runner-up, should have arguably won the Jack Adams’ Award. No less than a year later – many are calling for his head – and for the “Turk” to be stuffed like a turkey too. Photo Credit: NYR

While we’ll get into the final “TURK TALK” of the season at the end of tonight’s manifesto; to follow-up on what was being reported on Tuesday – I received an email from a member of the Rangers’ alumni.

I was asked by this player to keep his name anonymous, as he doesn’t want to publicly throw himself into this situation – as it was his goal to share his opinion from his experience – rather than choose sides/get involved.

All I can tell you is that he played on the Rangers post-2000 – where in other words – it’s not a Blueshirt from the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s – where 99.9% of my alumni contacts come from!

(And most of my regular readers know who these players are.)

Here’s what this player had to say, where I’ll add this – he had a lengthy and great career – as he wasn’t just a player of 46-games or less in the NHL – as if he were Steve Valiquette!

“Something happened between Rangers players and Gallant after Game 3. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a decline of performance like Rangers from the first two games to the last three. I’m convinced that the Rangers are beating themselves.

“I can see something is not right on Rangers players faces; especially in Game 4.”

I was later told that these remarks were made in a response to my pro-Gallant outlook.

And unlike Adam Herman – I can confirm this player, this source, to be 100% genuine and authentic!

While I do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion; I just can’t get on-board the “FIRE TURK TRAIN” at all. (I still have my monthly ticket to the “TROO TROO TRAIN” though!)

But I will say, I also thought there wasn’t something right on the Rangers’ faces either – but during Game 7 – and not Game 4.

If you recall, when things were getting way out of hand, and when the game’s final victor had already been long determined; there was “THE TURK” screaming his lungs out at Vincent Trocheck.

None of the Rangers’ beat reporters bothered to bring this up – a major disservice to hardcore fans like me and you.

Instead, Mollie Chuckles was too busy laughing it up, and where I am also to assume that Wince Mercogliano was day-dreaming about his next meal. (The dude loves his M$G $50 prime-rib sandwich – on the arm of course!)

When it comes to Gallant, and before returning to this subject later on; there were two telling things from Tuesday, and then into the exit interviews from Wednesday.

One, Chris Drury didn’t bury these rumors.

While the g.m. has yet to speak to the media (and who knows if that interview will even be for public consumption – as more times than not – these chats are conducted via ZOOM – and are never shared with the fans – you know, the people who are asked to pay insane money to watch this team); he very easily could’ve came out and debunked such chatter.

Two, Chris Drury allowed Gallant to conduct his final interview on Wednesday.

While this isn’t the rule; more times than not, whenever a coach is about to get fired – then that coach doesn’t talk to the media one last time – at least not in an official capacity.

I think only John Tortorella, in 2013, and Alain Vigneault, in 2018, were the last Rangers’ coaches of this century to have done so – and where as you know – Torts’ is a different cat than most! (AV is/was more laid back.)

And isn’t it amazing Suzyn how everyone and their mothers had all of their attention zeroed-in on Gallant, yet not one word muttered about Senile Glen Sather – who still collects a check from this franchise, now in his 23rd-year?

Sather remains as the longest-tenured general manager in the history of NYC sports to have never won a championship; yet eight-years removed from his own decision to step-down (not fired) – he still gets paid to “advise” the club.

That’s the textbook definition of the word “insanity.”

And this too – I wish I had a job like that!

Much like the Rangers – moving on.

We should all be lucky to have a job, and to be as handsomely as paid, as Artemi Panarin – where better than that – you can take credit for every positive event – and then use the “No English” excuse during dark times! Next time you mess up at work – tell your boss “No English,” and then let me know how it goes!

The exit interviews, conducted on Wednesday, May 3rd, were different when compared to previous years.

Rather than the traditional interviews held at a podium, a more professional setting; instead, the media members crowded each player’s locker and talked face-to-face, while only two-feet apart.

But we didn’t have another Dan Boyle v. Larry Brooks moment.

Poor Brett Crygalis too!

(And after seeing the way Ms. Walker conducts herself – laughing like a hyena – I now miss Mr. Crygalis!)

Only Gallant held his interview in an official and team-facilitated capacity – and there’s a lot to talk about there – and as we soon will get into.

Rather than jumping back-and-forth through each player; I think the best course of action for the purpose of this blog is to look at every player on the roster, one-by-one.

Below, I’ll have all of my playoff grades, what each player said, and my “keep ’em or move ’em” thoughts for you.

Furthermore, and to give credit where credit is due – all player quotes are taken from SNYRangers (@SNYRangers on Twitter – and they did an amazing job on Wednesday) and the official YouTube account of the New York Rangers.

At this time, let’s look at every member of the roster, in an alphabetical order, and position-by-position.

And yep – bust out your favorite beverage – we’ve got a lot to discuss – especially should this be the final blog on this site for some time!

(Although now – I’m not so sure – but again – we’ll talk about Gallant one more time soon enough!)

Of note: You can find my 2022-23 Regular Season Recap and Final Report Card Blog here:

Um…. can the Rangers get a refund on the new four-year contract that they just handed out to Filip Chytil? Photo Credit: Getty Images



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $4,437,500 (Year 1 of 4)


Go figure – Chytil, who statistically, was the worst faceoff center of not only the Rangers – but of the 112 centers who ranked this season – was the best Blueshirt at the dot during these playoffs (60.9%).

Want more? Here you go:

The Czech, who has been very much maligned at the circles throughout his six-year career, was the only Blueshirt to finish better than 50% too – as Goodrow finished at 48.3%, Zibanejad finished at 48.1%, and Trocheck, the team-leader in this department during the regular season, finished at 47.2%.

As you all know by now, the Rangers’ third line, who some refer to as “Kids,” despite over 750 games of NHL experience amongst them; not only did they take a huge step back from their performance just one year ago, during the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs – but they also fell completely off of the ladder – and right onto their faces.

Heading into the series, many thought that Chytil’s line could be the difference.

Instead, and just like the other three lines in the Rangers’ four losses – they struggled – and they struggled big-time.

To his “credit,” Chytil finished with one goal and three assists – the exact stat line as the team’s number one center, MIA Z.

Since Chytil just had his contract extended late into the season – there’s no way that the Rangers will trade him during the off-season – especially since he’s a center.

However, during the summer, I’d imagine that Chytil will be asked to work on his faceoff game – and perhaps experiment at the right wing position too.

In his exit interview, Chytil said, “You have goals before the season. I’m not saying I met them all, but I’m very happy with how I work. It’s showing somewhere – not just in the stats, but in my play.”

While that’s all nice – the Rangers needed scoring stats from him during the playoffs – but again – Chytil was far from the only one who fell short in this area.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $3,641,667 (Year 3 of 6, Modified NMC)


As of this writing, presently, Goodrow, by default, is either the team’s first or second line right winger – due to both Tarasenko and Kane being unrestricted free agents.

In his best role on the team, as the club’s fourth line center – I thought that Goodrow flourished.

As part of the team’s penalty kill, #21 did his job there – and his one goal scored matched the one goal that MIA Z. scored during the series too.

Of course, and as suggested in other corners of Rangerstown, USA; should the Blueshirts look to free up salary cap dollars, then Goodrow, and his modified no-trade clause, is the only salary that Drury can really shed from his books.

But if the g.m. moves Goodrow – then the Rangers may find themselves in the same spot that they found themselves in during the playoffs – a lack of a bottom-six, grit and experience.

While this is a case of hindsight being 20/20, because let’s face it – if Panarin showed up, then we’re not talking like this – you do have to wonder how much the Rangers missed someone like a Ryan Reaves – as “The Grim Reaver” played well for Minnesota.

For the Rangers to move Goodrow – then they’ll need to have their own version of Goodrow in their own system.

Maybe that’s either Brennan Othmman or Will Cuylle – but that seems like a major leap in faith – and where it should be mentioned that neither player can play all three positions, nor on all four lines, like Goodrow.

Due to his status as a “Swiss Army Knife;” I’d be more inclined to keep Goodrow, rather than to part ways with the two-time Cup champ.

After all, he wasn’t the problem.

In his exit interview, the alternate captain gave a vote of confidence for Gallant, when he said, “He’s a coach that lets you go out there and do your thing.”

That went against what Panarin had previously said this season.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $2,100,000 (Year 2 of 2, Expiring RFA)


Kakko, who may be the team’s default number one right-winger right now, depending on your thoughts on Goodrow; finished the series with one goal and one assist.

The Finn just completed his fourth-year in the NHL – and while he’s still young – when does it happen for him – if ever?

Sadly, the Rangers drew the first-overall pick in 2020 – and not the year prior – and as was evident when watching the play of Jack Hughes – where to be fair – the Devils’ 2019 first-overall pick is a center – and not a winger.

Much has been made ado about Kakko’s ability to get pucks deep and work the perimeter – but for a player of his draft status – he’s hardly made a mark.

And at the sake of being redundant – yes, his line showed flashes, but there’s no way you can suggest that they even came close to sniffing their performance from last season – where yep, one last time – they aren’t the only guilty party.

Due to his position (RW), and where the Blueshirts are now back to where they were at the start of this season – a lack of depth – I think the Rangers are more apt to keep him than deal him.

But if a deal can come Drury’s way – I think you have to consider it – especially since Kakko will be a RFA next season.

Kakko, despite his shoddy post-season play, does have confidence, as during his exit interview, he said, “[I want to] get some power play time and also play more. That’s the next step.”

Not mentioned by Kakko?

Both he and Lafreniere spent a lot of time in the top-six this season – and received a bunch of power-play time too – where neither did much with it – despite their overwhelmingly amount of opportunities.

And as I first said two years ago, when the deal was possible – I still wish that the Rangers traded Kakko for Matt Tkachuk.

In other words, I don’t think this tweet that I sent out on Tuesday night is wrong – as I’ve been saying this for some time now:

But as you know – that ship has long sailed – and it’s Kakko, and not Tkachuk, that’s with the Rangers.

So is Panarin.

While I’m still hesitant to use the word “BUST,” whenever talking about both Kakko and Lafreniere (but I was 100% confident in using that word when talking about previous Rangers, such as Vitali Kravtsov and Lias Andersson); four years down – and he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.

Of note: The young and clueless members of the beat were absolutely obsessed with who and who weren’t going to participate in the IIHF Worlds Tournament – as if any Ranger fan gave a shit about that.

The only time the IIHF Worlds Tournament matters for any NHL fan, and for any team? During a time of rebuild.

This is my way of saying that both Chytil (Czechia) and Kakko (Finland) will be participating.

I’d rather see them participate in the second-round of the playoffs – but you already know how that went.

I wore this jersey during nine different games this season – and I’m not sure if I’ll reach double-digits from this point on.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: UFA

KEEP ‘EM OR MOVE ‘EM: KEEP – But only under one condition

Of note: Nineteen Rangers (everyone sans Halak) spoke to the media on Wednesday.

The Rangers, officially, via their YouTube channel, only shared four of these interviews – the letter-men – Trouba, Kreider, Zibanejad and Goodrow.

Apparently, Panarin, an alternate captain himself, was in “NO ENGLISH MODE.”

I bring this up because it was interesting to see how the Rangers ignored this interview – especially since Kane spoke so bluntly and honestly.

Kane gave the most telling interview on Wednesday – where he admitted that he was hurting all-season, how the Rangers knew about his hip troubles, and how he may now require surgery during the off-season.

Verbatim, #88 said, “If I can I feel better, with this team and with this opportunity, I would love that chance. I know they have young guys to sign and probably other priorities. But I don’t have a bad thing to say about the organization and the situation.”

While Kane himself admitted that a return doesn’t seem likely; I’d bring him back under one condition – if he goes and gets the surgery he needs, takes a cheap deal – and if needed – sits-out most of the season on the long-term injured-reserve list.

But that’s a lot of hurdles and a hell of a hypothetical to jump through – so I just don’t see it happening.

Despite Kane not being anywhere close to 100% – he still was the team’s third-best scorer, with one goal and five assists (six points). Only Kreider (6-3-9) and Fox (0-8-8) fared better.

And let’s not forget – Kane cost the Rangers next to nothing, yet his six points matched the combined total of both the healthy players of Zibanejad and Panarin – the two highest-paid forwards of the club – and two FAT CATS that take up nearly 25% of the team’s payroll.

A healthy Kane? Then maybe as he said, “I felt I could’ve made more of a difference.”

While Kane was never the player that he’s been in the past; what also hurt besides his hip was that he had to sit-back. He wasn’t the top dog. He was a complementary player and was never allowed to take over the locker room.

Simply put – this wasn’t his team – It was Mika’s. It was Kreider’s. It was Trouba’s. It was Panarin’s.

Kane joins a long-list of other big names throughout Rangers’ history to not make much of a difference in New York – but I wouldn’t say that he was necessarily bad – just like the many names on that list either.

If you’re critical of Kane, then look no further to Drury – who knew that the superstar was hurt.

But when you can get Kane for next-to-nothing – how do you say no?



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $6,500,000 (Year 4 of 7, NMC)


As we all know, Chris Kreider, the longest-tenured Ranger, was the only Blueshirt forward to show up during the playoffs.

But of course, he was also a -4 during the do-or-die Game 7 – as a result of being on the ice for all four goals allowed.

Kreider, as mentioned, had his full interview posted on the Rangers’ YouTube page.

You can view it here:

Maybe Kreider’s most-telling quote? When he said, “It’s a different level of disappointment. We went as far as we possibly could last year and were on our last legs when we lost Game 6 to Tampa. We had a lot of injuries and really poured everything out. I just felt like we had a lot more hockey in us this year.”

Too bad the rest of the “FAT CATS” weren’t as hungry as he was – including his BFF – MIA Z.

If it wasn’t already known, then Kreider’s playoff performance, not only from this season, but as a culmination of all of them, has pretty much guaranteed that he’ll be the last Ranger to ever wear the #20.

A Stanley Cup victory one day (don’t hold your breath with this franchise) would erase any tiny thoughts of doubt.

It truly sucks.

After all of the talk about 2022 (and as Kreider brought up) – the forwards from last year did nothing to back up that talk – that is – except for Christopher James Kreider.

While Alexis Lafreniere finished the season strong; let’s also not forget that he struggled throughout the first 75% of the season – and after having a solid run during the final 25% of the regular season – he went 0-0-0 when it mattered the most – the playoffs.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: RFA


I know that I used “On The Fence” for both Kakko and Lafreniere – because really – I don’t know what you do with these two.

In other words, Drury has a tough off-season ahead.

If a good deal comes along for either, then I’m reviewing it.

And I know that I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

Furthermore, what does it say when your top-two lotto picks, Kakko (#2 overall) and Lafreniere (#1 overall), don’t have concrete futures set in stone with the team that drafted them?

For Lafreniere – thoughts of him becoming a high-profile scorer seem like dreams – and not reality.

In a way, you have to wonder if his ceiling is as a “Jimmy Vesey 2.0” – that’s how bad it’s been.

Sure, #13 has shown flashes of brilliance every now and again – but seeing these highlight-reel goals feels like a one-time, akin to Haley’s Comet, rare occurrence – and in no way the norm.

As you all know – the two biggest RFA’s that need addressing are both Lafreniere and Miller – and where neither player did their agents any favors during this season, nor the playoffs.

While both regressed this season – due to their young ages, and for Lafreniere, his first-overall status – you just know that if you part ways with them – then it’s only a matter of time before they shine elsewhere – “THE RANGERS’ WAY!” (Trademark still pending!)

But as mentioned a few times this season and into the playoffs – if you think that Brennan Othmann can be an answer – then where does the left-winger fit in?

Panarin and Kreider aren’t going anywhere.

Do you really want Othmann on your fourth line?

Do you really want Lafreniere on your fourth line?

That’s why I’m on the fence, because if you put your eggs into the Othmann basket, following three-years of pretty much blah from Lafreniere – then it’s a numbers game – and #13, again, a first-overall pick, becomes the odd-man out.

Who would’ve thought that we’d be talking like this when that ping-pong ball popped up in the Summer of 2020?

During his exit interview, the see-saw Lafreniere said, “It’s tough to lose like that, especially when I feel like I could’ve done better. I want to be back here, so hopefully we’ll get something done soon.”

Silver lining?

In only three-years and over 200 games of NHL experience – Lafreniere already sounds like the rest of the “FAT CATS” – he can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk.

In other words – expect a eight-year contract – one with a NMC of course!



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: UFA


Collectively, you can argue that the Rangers’ fourth line was the best of the series – as Kreider was an anomaly on his line – and where five of his six goals came on the power-play too.

Motte didn’t pick up a point in this series – but unlike Lafreniere, who “accomplished” the same – it’s not Motte’s job to score – or at the very least – not in the same fashion as the players in the Rangers’ top-nine.

In his second-run with the team, Motte was useful on the penalty kill – and that’s why the Rangers went after him (again) in the first place.

As opposed to last season; this year, Motte sounded hopeful about a return, as during his exit interview, he said that he had a great dialogue with Drury and how there are always solutions before free-agency begins.

But of course, and due to the salary-cap – “Apple Sauce” may find himself jarred – unless he’s willing to settle for less money than he was paid this season – and as he first received from the Ottawa Senators.

While I can’t see Motte accepting six-figures, a seven-figure salary, $1M on the nose, would be ideal.

Remember when this was a thing during the 2021 season, when Panarin became a victim of Russian politics? Two years later, Panarin took his second leave of absence from the team – during the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Photo Credit: NYR



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $11,642,857 (Year 5 of 7, NMC)

KEEP ‘EM OR MOVE ‘EM: MOVE, but you can’t.

What can I say about Panarin that I haven’t already said before?

In his three playoff runs with the Rangers (including the 2020 bubble) – he’s never been a factor – his Game 7 overtime goal from last year be damned (let’s face it – it was a fluky goal – even if it does count).

All over the league, you see top stars performing – and performing at a high level – during the playoffs. Panarin is one of the rare exceptions.

Hell, Joe Pavelski, seemingly 50-years-old these days, just came back from a concussion – and then scored four goals for the Stars this past Tuesday night.

Cap hit or no cap hit – Panarin has become burnt toast when the games mean the most.

But of course, without him, do the Rangers even make the playoffs?

I’ve written so much about Panarin this season, where everything still remains true – he’s the greatest free-agent signing of franchise history – but he’s also one of the most polarizing superstars that the franchise has ever had too.

If only there was a way to keep him for the regular season – then trade him for accomplished playoff talent at the deadline!

But he does have an iron-clad no move clause, and as he’s said many times before – he has no interest in waiving it – and where even if he did – what team would want his contract?

And don’t say the Arizona Coyotes – because even if they would want a superstar to help boost ticket sales in their 5,000 seat arena – they only want bad contracts of players who have already retired – or who will never play again due to injury!

For the people suggesting a buy-out of Panarin – that’s ridiculous talk too.

One, that’s never going to happen. Two, the Rangers would return to cap-hell, and where the buy-out would only save them six-figures in savings. Three, Panarin is still valuable – but just not in the playoffs.

I have to go back to what I keep on saying in regards to THE TURK:

Had Panarin shown up in just one of the four games that the Rangers lost – then we’re not talking about this team in a negative manner – and we’re not talking about Gallant’s status neither. Instead, we’d be talking about Rangers vs Hurricanes.

Similar to last year, when Drury brought in all of Trouba’s friends; the g.m. loaded up on Panarin’s pals this season – and it didn’t work.

And go figure, it were the other players on the team that had better chemistry with both Tarasenko and Kane than Panarin ever did.

Even now, as everyone is talking about Joel Quenneville – another reason for these rumors? His previous success with Panarin.

For $11.6M, the highest-cap hit on the team – when does this player inspire and lift others?

Why does the team need to get players and other people to lift him? It should be the other way around.

Panarin will be back – it’s impossible to move him.

The man has to figure out a way to stop with the turnovers.

You also have to wonder if he’s a coach-killer too – as previously this season, he said that he doesn’t like to listen to Gallant and just wants to do his own thing.

(Of course – he said that in English – following a four-goal performance.)

How’d that work for him sans that one game?

Panarin privately (as opposed to everyone else who spoke publicly to the media – cameras on), said on Wednesday, “I for sure did not play well. In the beginning, I didn’t get the result and got frustrated too early. It snowballed.”


It was a mother-effing extinction-level-event, similar to the one that once wiped-out every dinosaur from the face of earth.

Panarin was a T-Rex sized monster of problems – and if you want to blame anyone for this disaster – then it’s him – and NOT Gallant.

Vladimir Tarasenko’s family stayed with him all-season (Kane’s family did not) – and you just have to hope that they really embraced the city’s slogan – “I LOVE NY!” Photo Credit: Mrs. Tarasenko



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: UFA


Of all the free agents, restricted, unrestricted or otherwise; I’d make it my mission to keep Tarasenko on the roster next season.

Following what was a strong run during the regular season; Tarasenko then scored three goals during the playoffs, second-best only to Kreider.

(And let’s not forget that Tarasenko wasn’t on the first power-play unit until Game 6.)

That’s also three times as many goals as Panarin and Zibanejad scored – combined.

But as previously said on this site – it’s all going to come down to a matter of dollars-and-cents – and does it make sense for Tarasenko, both personally and professionally, to stay on team where the top-two stars disappear when it matters most?

As opposed to Kane, who sounded realistic about moving on, Tarasenko left the door open, when he said the following:

“I liked everything. I can not say a single bad about my time. I enjoyed everything. [The Rangers] are one of the top organizations in the league, if not the best.”

Tarasenko also said that while everything is still fresh, he has two priorities this off-season.

First, finding a team that suits his family best, and second, finding a winning situation.

It did seem like his family loved New York – and they did enjoy their time attending Knicks games too. Plus, there’s always that Russian section in Brooklyn.

But if he wants a winning situation?

Then, and like everyone else, it’s not going to be with MIA and Moldy Bread.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $5,625,000 (Year 2 of 7, NMC)


Trocheck scored one goal in seven games played – and wasn’t that hot at faceoffs either.

There was also that o-zone faceoff, that he won, but that led to Palat’s game-winning goal during Game 5.

I have nothing negative to say about Trocheck’s hustle or effort – but what plagued him during the majority of the regular season sprung up again during the playoffs – a lack of chemistry with Panarin – where to be fair – how many odd-man rushes, breakaways, etc, did Panarin miss the net on followng a pass from Trocheck?

Trocheck used the word “disappointing” several times during his exit interview, while also bringing up his veteran status – and no rings on his hands.

Going into the season, it was always about Trocheck vs Strome – where now a year removed – I don’t think there is a winner of that debate.

After all, Strome was hurt during the playoffs last year; but it’s not like he got one of his best buddies, Panarin, going during the playoffs either.

While this has nothing to do with the post-season; I think you can make the argument that Trocheck is better suited as a bottom-six center, but with his salary – it’s not going to happen – and during the few times that this scenario did go down – that’s also not exactly a ringing endorsement of the contract that he signed.

Worse than that is his NMC.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $800,000 (Year 1 of 2)


At a salary of $800K, Vesey is perfect for this team next season.

Best-case scenario – he continues his career renaissance.

Worst-case scenario – you boot him to Hartford – and with no salary-cap penalty.

Vesey wasn’t featured much during the exit interviews, but he too was disappointed with the way things played out.

He finished the playoffs with one assist in seven-games played – but like his linemates – his role is as a grinder – and on the penalty kill too.

For his role, and his cap-hit, he was better than most – but not a difference maker either.

His one point was one more than Lafreniere too.

For a center being paid elite money, MIA looked meek during the playoffs.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $8,500,000 (Year 2 of 8, NMC)


Despite another bad playoff outing – Zibanejad, like Panarin, isn’t going anywhere.

For whatever reason, and much like his regular seasons – Zibanejad always has slow starts.

But unlike the regular season – the Rangers can’t afford to have their top center go into Casper mode during the playoffs.

Plenty of times in the past, I’ve brought up Zibanejad’s early struggles.

What happens next season, when Zibanejad will become a ZibaneDAD?

Will he suffer whatever CZAR IGOR endured at the start of this season?

For a player who stinks at the start of every regular season – it could be the same old shit – or even worse – new diaper shit for Mommy Mika.

Zibanejad did his usual pouting act during his exit interview, when he said, “I’m extremely disappointed. We came into the season with higher expectations than the previous year.”


Adam Fox, regularly compared to Brian Leetch, started off with a Conn Smythe performance, but quickly tailed-off.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $9,500,000 (Year 2 of 8)


Whether it was burn-out or something else; following two-games where Fox was breaking every Rangers’ defensemen playoff record known to man, and a few NHL postseason records too – Fox fell off – and saved his worst for last too – during Game 7 – just like everybody else not named CZAR IGOR.

In the Rangers’ three wins, Fox picked up eight-points.

In the Rangers’ four losses, Fox finished without a point.

As the team-leader in ice-time (23:05), was #23 burnt-out – or did he suffer with the same plague that the rest of the team were battling?

On falling apart, Fox said, “Maybe frustration took over a little bit.”


If that’s the case, then this team will never win a Stanley Cup – because there will always be frustration and trying times whenever trying to win sixteen games.

And to suggest that frustration only crept in a “little bit?”

I’d say the team was overly frustrated – BIG TIME and MAJORLY!

I’ll still never understand how during the first two games, Fox routinely blasted pucks from the point for Kreider tips/deflections – then got away from that during Games 3 through 7 – especially whenever on the 5-27 power-play.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $3,000,000 (Year 3 of 3)


Lindgren, who missed over a month’s worth of games towards the end of the regular season; during his exit interview, the defenseman admitted that his left shoulder was still bothering him during the playoffs.

Lindgren, not known for his offensive-wizardry, still scored a goal and picked up an assist in this series – and do I have to keep on comparing the production of non-scorers to the alleged scorers on this team?

Double-nickel, who led the team in the plus/minus department during the regular season, finished with a +3 during the playoffs – the team’s high.

Second-best you may ask?

Mikkola, who finished +2 – while every other Ranger besides Chytil and Vesey (both at +1), finished at zero or with a negative stat next to their names.

Just to reiterate what I said during my Game 7 review – with the salary cap the biggest nuisance amongst everything – if it comes down to Lindgren vs Miller – I’m paying Lindgren.

I know that many are concerned with the mileage and damage that #55 has endured during his relatively young & short career – but I rather go down with a warrior, who will give it his all – rather than lose with a disappointing “potential.”

However, perhaps Drury can accommodate both of his top-two LD, as the salary cap is expected to significantly jump for the 2024-25 season – when Lindgren will be due for a new deal.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: UFA


After a tough start during the first two-weeks of his Rangers’ career; Mikkola finished strong – and was one of the better players of these disappointing playoffs.

During his exit interview, Mikkola, when asked about a return, said, “I loved my time here. We’ll see.”

Of course, a deal has to make sense, and it’s thought that Mikkola will seek $2M+ this off-season.

But similar to Lindgren, if it comes down to Mikkola v Miller, and assuming Drury and company are still operating under a “WIN NOW” mentality – then I’d rather #77 than #79.

I just won’t hold my breath about it.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: RFA


Similar to Lafreniere and Kakko – Miller, another first-round pick (albeit much later), does show potential and rare glimpses of greatness – but like that pair of forwards – took a step back too this season – and didn’t fare much better during the playoffs.

I don’t know if “SPIT GATE” pretty much ended any chance of Miller regaining his game, but what I do know is that he was struggling long before it – and where it felt like Trouba had to do a lot of the heavy lifting for this pair.

For a guy his size, Miller had issues using his reach against the speedy Devils – nor played with much physicality – and is as required at this time of the year.

And for someone who showed to us that he can score from time-to-time – only one assist isn’t going to cut it either

During his exit interview, Miller seem more concerned about being paid than anything else.

After saying that he wouldn’t play for Team USA in the IIHF Worlds, as he didn’t want to risk injury while as a free agent; Miller when asked about his restricted status, replied, “Thankfully, I have an agent right now. So let him go to do his job there and I’ll try to just do my job and focus on hockey, get in the gym again and get back feeling good for next year.”

Maybe the wound is still too fresh for me – but I was hoping he’d feel good during the playoffs.

I’m sick of waiting.

Since this is a league that promotes its salary cap more than their players; I’m fine with letting Miller go – and investing in other players, including players in the pipeline.

Furthermore, and while I know this is a long-shot, it will be interesting to see if some team tries to take advantage of the Rangers’ poor cap situation – and offer-sheets Miller and/or Lafreniere.

Hello Montreal, where Jeff Gorton, who drafted both of these players, may be interested?

You can’t rule it out.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $925,000 (Year 3 of 3)


One more time, and to go back to Miller – with this team having nearly 80% of its salary cap already settled – most likely – there will be an odd-man out – and it shouldn’t be Braden Schneider – the soon to be 22-year-old – but who acts and plays like an accomplished veteran of a dozen seasons.

But as mentioned with Lindgren – the cap will go up by the time Schneider is due for a new contract – and fortunately for the Rangers – Schneider will run them less than a million bucks next season.

A defensive stalwart, the third-pair RD, who averaged two seconds less than fifteen minutes-per-game, scored one goal during these playoffs, where say it with me – was one more than Fox, Trouba, Miller, Lafreniere and Panarin – combined.

Doesn’t that say it all about this team?

During his exit interview, B-Schneids said, “It’s a feeling that I don’t want to ever feel again.”

Sadly, there’s not much he can do to change it.

He played well.

The FAT CATS did not.

Fifteen goals in three wins.

Two goals in four losses.

That’s not on this Rangers’ defense – which is why their grades are much better than the forwards.

As previously mentioned on this site – I thought Trouba had a good showing during his first year as captain. I also think you have to ignore the start of his 2022-23 season, since he forced himself to play while injured, as he didn’t want to disappoint anyone. Photo Credit: NYR



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $8,000,000 (Year 5 of 7, NMC)


As opposed to his first two-years in New York; Trouba has improved leaps-and-bounds in the two-years that followed, including during his first year as team captain.

Here’s Trouba’s exit interview:

Of Note Part I (which doesn’t matter): For whatever reason, nearly every player wore a hat during their interviews – but a non-Ranger cap. Is there some rule that these players can’t wear the Ranger logo following the season – despite being signed to the team?

Of Note Part II (which does matter): Trouba seemed very careful in what he said, and where this interview was reminiscent of the interview that he gave following the “HELMET TOSS HEARD ROUND THE WORLD.”

It seemed like Trouba, in his role as captain, tip-toed through the murky waters.

At times, he praised Gallant – but he also gave himself an out with his long pauses, especially when he said, “He’s a guy that players respect <long pause> and enjoy playing for.”

At other times, it sounded like he questioned Drury too, especially when he said, “Teams are built differently. We have some guys that are fast, but I don’t think we’re an overly fast team. But it’s not my decision to make the construction of what we need and what we don’t need.”

But perhaps the #ALLTALKINNY starts at the top, especially when he said, We had a better team than we showed. This team is built to be competitive now.”

They weren’t – end of story.

But while Trouba remains grossly overpaid – there’s nothing you can do about it now – and he was the least of the Rangers’ problems during the playoffs.

While he didn’t pick up one point; due to the horrendous forwards in front of him – he was constantly breaking up odd-man rushes and breakaways.

These four losses could’ve been much worse than they were – due to the play of both Trouba and CZAR IGOR.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: UFA

KEEP ‘EM OR MOVE ‘EM: KEEP – But only if the price is right.

Halak, who will turn 38-years-old later this month, and with 295 career wins to his name – will play somewhere next season.

While he wasn’t interviewed (at least not publicly) on Wednesday; previously, he brought up how he had five overtime losses this season – where had things gone the other way – he would’ve hit that magical milestone of 300 wins – and perhaps – then would’ve retired.

If Halak wants to win a Cup, a piece of hardware that’s eluded him throughout his illustrious career (and more playing time too), then perhaps he goes somewhere else.

However, the Rangers may be his best option – and Cup or no Cup – he’ll get 25-or-so starts with the team next season – and his 300th win (and beyond).

The only other thing I can envision preventing a Halak return to Broadway is if he wants to make more money.

If he wants more than what’s offered, then cheaper goalies can be had.

CZAR IGOR was Superman for the Rangers – despite his forwards playing like a bunch of Lex Luthor villains in front of him.



2023-24 Salary Cap Hit/Status: $5,666,667 (Year 3 of 4, Modified NMC)


Why not the A+?

Like it or not – Akira Schmid out-played him.

The stats don’t lie.

But still, CZAR IGOR, and by far-and-wide, was the best Ranger of these playoffs. That’s not even up for debate.

CZAR IGOR isn’t going anywhere; but somewhat similar to his predecessor before him (Henrik Lundqvist) – he took this series loss hard.

No. 31’s exit interview was withheld from the public, but he did say that he was going to come back bigger and badder than ever before, especially when he said, “New season, new Igor.”

Igor also relayed that he learned that he couldn’t punch players during the playoffs (he really said this) – but didn’t specify if he was talking about Nico Hischier, who bowled over him twice – or the Rangers themselves.

Shades of Gump Worsley Batman!

(If you don’t get the reference, then read my books – or if you’re too cheap to buy one – Google it!)

I just hope to see CZAR IGOR, one day, to become the second goalie of franchise history to win both the Stanley Cup and the Vezina – and as Dave Kerr did in 1940.

If not, then CZAR IGOR will join a long list of franchise goalies to be the team’s best player – and have all of his incredible work left for naught.


CZAR IGOR, who always lets his actions speak louder than words, wins the Vezina in 2024.

Another prediction?

Drury extends CZAR IGOR before the Russian netminder has doubts about chasing a Cup elsewhere.


It’s very telling that Drury hasn’t squashed the Gallant-to-be-fired rumors. Photo Credit: NYR

Gallant held his final chat with the media on Wednesday – and as opposed to every single TURK TALK from this season – the Rangers didn’t share it, nor publicize it, on their usual channels.

While you already know how I feel about Gallant; this tells me that there is something to the rumors – and who knows – by the time you read these words – he may have already been fired.

With the club ignoring what Gallant had said to their fans; fortunately, SNY posted several videos from the press conference.

Here they are – and with the quotes attached:

Do you know what this felt like to me?

Alain Vigneault defending his job, and making his case to fulfill his contract, at the end of the 2017-18 season.

And unlike others – I take no pride in writing that.

For what it’s worth – Gallant still has two-years remaining on his four-year deal that pays him $14M overall ($3.5M a season).

But for James Dolan – and say what you want about him, but don’t call him cheap – money isn’t an issue.

Dolan loves his shiny new toys – and whether it’s Joel Quenneville or someone else – Dolan will buy that toy – for full market value – and right off of the rack – no questions asked.

Equally as telling as the Rangers not sharing this interview?

When Gallant said that he hadn’t spoken to Drury yet – where again – the general manager is allowing this story to not only gain momentum – but to become one of the top talking points of the league.

As of this writing, and as I hit word 12,000 (where like Monday night – I still feel like I have another 10,000 words in me – but I know that I have gone on long enough for one blog) – it’s not known when Drury will address the media, nor if it will be for public consumption or not.

I don’t want to see “THE TURK” fired (and in the effort of full-disclosure, the only coach of this century that I wanted fired in the moment was Bryan Trottier – outside of Sather himself!) – but as a betting man – I wouldn’t put my money on a Gallant return.

Drury has had every chance to debunk this – and he hasn’t.

And all of these league reporters can’t be wrong.

I’ll wait to see what happens next, but just a few parting thoughts on the potential candidates that fans (and the media) are talking about:

MARK MESSIER – That ship has sailed.

Furthermore, I can’t see Drury (and Dolan) going with a first-time coach either.

Plus, hiring Messier (and you already know all of the tired talking points – including how you’d have to fire him one day – thus potentially fracturing his positive relationship with the franchise), would also force Drury into having a coach that would overshadow him – and perhaps force him out of a job too – especially since Dolan is a “star-effer.”

Sieve Vagistat – I may give up on the team if this ever happens!

I only bring up Vagistat, because the following tweet crossed my desk on Wednesday:

While not exactly like Phil Esposito in the 1980s, where some accused him of politicking for a management job while as a broadcaster – this is what Vally, on his podcast, co-hosted with Mr. Fake News/Islanders fan, Arthur Staple, reminded me of.

It’s also known that Drury and Vagistat are friends – and live nearby one another.

But like Messier – who would be much more qualified – I can’t see Drury hiring a first-time coach.

Joel Quenneville – The consensus favorite, and for the reasons as already mentioned.

I was sick-to-my-stomach when watching the Devils’ 5-1 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes on Wednesday night. Photo Credit: Getty Images

As we get to the end here – some rapid-fire:

— Similar to the Vagistat tweet, someone sent me something that Wince Mercogliano wrote on Wednesday. Here is what he said, and with my responses attached:

— The legacy of Akira Schmid, the Martin Brodeur of our generation, is over. After looking unbeatable against the Rangers (where to be fair – he wasn’t challenged that much) – Schmid gave up three goals in the Devils’ 5-1 loss to the Canes – and was also pulled just three minutes into the second period.

— One final time – the Rangers only scored two goals against him in their four losses. UGH! UGH! UGH!

— I’m band-wagoning (rooting) for the Florida Panthers to win the Stanley Cup.

— Second-Round Predictions: Panthers over Leafs, Devils over Hurricanes, Knights over Oilers and Stars over Kraken – predictions I made prior to this round commencing on the Twitter machine.

— New Stanley Cup Final Prediction (and I know shit – I went 2-6 in the first-round): Panthers over Knights.

— Conn Smythe Prediction: Matt Tkachuk – and while this isn’t really true – he feels like the one that got away.

The Rangers could’ve given up Kakko in a package for him – much like how they once could’ve traded Tony DeAngelo to Calgary for Tkachuk’s new teammate in Florida – Sam Bennett.


Moving forward on this site – I’ll check in at least one, if not two, times a week. So subscribe to this site by clicking the button below.

I fully expect to return within the next 3-5 days – as I do expect Gallant to be fired – and much to my dismay.

Simply stated (easy for me to say!) – There’s just too much smoke to the fire – and I’ve seen this three times before during this “Social Media Era” too – with Torts, with AV and with DQ.

Until then, it’s back to real-life for me – and working on my next book, “The Top 100 Villains of Rangers’ History” (working title).

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To purchase Volume III: Glen Sather (2000-2015), visit

To purchase Volume IV: Jeff Gorton (2015) – Chris Drury (2022), visit

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Now on sale!

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10 thoughts on “RIP 2022-23 New York Rangers: Complete Exit Interviews Coverage; Player Quotes, Playoff Report Card, “Move ‘Em or Keep ‘Em,” Gallant Incensed About Rumors; Potential New HC Looming, Drury’s Decisions; Censored Turk, “Same Old Script;” What Lies Beyond, NYR Beat & More

  1. Fock the New York Power Rangers team. My brother Salomanco once watch Mark Messier raise the big silver vase overhead in 1994 while washing dish and serve fries at sports bar in Manhattan. This team no have the cojones to skate on ice and put the pelota in fishing net. They lose to the New Jersey Chupacabra. Martin Brodeur and Scott Stevens once tip my brother $7 dollares for serving them.

  2. Sean, I love your articles, but as an old retired English teacher,please use the correct Present,Past and Past Participle form of the verb go. It’s go, went , has, have or had gone!

    1. Sorry Steve – it’s hard to be perfect when you write 10,000 words – that’s why I said I need an editor lol

  3. Last year we led Tampa 2-0, Cooper made adjustments and we lost 4 straight. This year Ruff makes adjustments after we go up 2-0 and again, the Ranger coaching staff has no response. How long have we known that the Rangers are abysmal at 5X5, rely on their PP and their superior goaltending? Gallant and his staff have had 2 years to fix this problem. I have a hard time believing that the Rangers constructed a roster that can’t play 5×5. At some point you have to question the system. The Rangers have too much talent to be outplayed at 5×5 for this long. To put all the blame on Panarin and Mika seems short sighted to me. Are they being put in the best possible position to succeed? Believe me, Sean I’m the LAST guy to overreact and fire a coach but the roster isn’t gonna change that much next year so something has to give. Right now there’s probably not a better replacement available for Gallant. IDK maybe some assistant coaches need to go. Drury can’t sit on his hands here, that’s for sure.

    1. What adjustments did Ruff really make? Did he tell NYR not to shoot at Schmid?

      Well you got your answer on Gallant – so these overpaid losers will have a third HC to blame soon enough.

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