K’Andre Miller Gets Paid; Alexis Lafreniere Last Domino to Drop, Drury’s Decisions/Salary Cap Drama, Crybaby Beat Reporters Want Kid Gloves; Mollie “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar” Walker Gets Roasted, M$G Safe For Another Decade, “The Top 100 Villains of New York Rangers History Update” & More

On “7-11 Day,” July 11th, 2023, Rangers’ general manager, “The Pizza Man,” Chris Drury, gave his defenseman a big-time Slurpee when he re-signed K’Andre Miller to a two-year deal. As a result, the last major thing for the ZOOM lovin’ general manager to do is to re-sign his last remaining restricted free agent, Alexis Lafreniere.

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One last time – yes, there are 100 villains profiled – but there are probably another 100 names discussed throughout the book too!

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One down and one to go… Photo Credit: NYR

At 3:30PM on July 11th, the Rangers issued a press release, where they announced that they have re-signed K’Andre Miller to a two-year contract extension.

As usual, and I know that this is one of my own personal bugaboos (and maybe you share it too); the Blueshirts, while taking to social media to promote the press release, said that their website had “the full details” of Miller’s extension.

Of course, and as they always fail to do – that wasn’t the case.

While nearly all of the other 31-teams in the league includes contract information in their press releases whenever announcing a transaction – the Rangers never do – despite, you know – this information being publicly available everywhere else on the internet.

I know that I’ve done this rant one or a million times before; but since this disgusting hard salary-cap system is what Bettman and his owners want – in turn, salary-cap hits also belong on the back of a player’s trading card just like any other stat.

The NHL has created an environment, for however right or for however wrong as it is (and it’s the latter), where fans, the media and everyone else with a pulse who follows this league are obsessed with what these players make.

And can you blame anyone and/or everyone for being concerned about how much money these players are being paid?

While I’ve previously discussed this topic in-depth on this site before, and where “Gary Bettman and his Hard Salary-Cap System” is one of the “Ranger Killers” profiled in my new book too; until the Commissioner addresses the multiple errors of his ways – then the majority of fans will continue to talk more about player salaries than what they actually do on the ice.

And to be clear – I’m not above doing so myself!

But this is what Bettman has designed.

Apparently what the most booed man in hockey today doesn’t want is a salary-cap to reflect states/provinces with high state income taxes versus the states that don’t have them, a “Larry Bird Rule” (where teams could maintain their homegrown players by going over the cap) and for fans to be 100% fully invested with the actual on-ice product.

And for the life of me – can anyone tell me where all of this gambling and new television deal money is going?

I can tell you one thing – these billions of dollars haven’t gone to the players, nor has it led to a bump to team’s salary-cap ceilings either.

But alas, I digress, I’ve written this all before and time is of the essence tonight!

Back to Miller.

The Rangers opted to bridge Miller, rather than offering him a long-term extension. Photo Credit: Padma R.

Here are the “full details” that the Rangers released on their website on Tuesday – and with the actual full details included afterwards.

The following comes from https://www.nhl.com/rangers/news/rangers-agree-to-terms-with-kandre-miller/c-345307632?icmp=int_web_nyr_news_topnav

New York Rangers President and General Manager Chris Drury announced today that the team has agreed to terms with defenseman K’Andre Miller on a two-year contract extension.

Miller, 23, established career-highs in goals (9), assists (34) and points (43) in 2022-23, ranking second among Blueshirts defensemen in all three categories. Among NHL defensemen that collected 149-plus minutes of shorthanded time-on-ice, Miller ranked third in PP GA/60 with a 4.43 mark. Miller’s 61 takeaways were the fifth most among NHL defensemen last season.

The St. Paul, Minnesota native has accumulated 21 goals and 54 assists for 75 points in 214 career NHL games, all with New York, and has a career plus-44 rating. Since his rookie season in 2020-21, Miller ranks seventh among NHL defensemen in takeaways with 153. Among defensemen taken in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft, Miller ranks first in plus/minus, third in ice time per game (21:14) and fourth in games played.

In 2021-22, the 6-5, 215 pound defenseman was the only Ranger to play in all 82 games. That season, Miller ranked third on the team in plus/minus rating (23), TOI/GP (20:36), takeaways (59), and third among defensemen in goals (7), assists (13), and points (20). During his rookie campaign in 2020-21, he registered 12 points (5G-7A) in 53 games and was named to the NHL’s All-Rookie Team. Miller averaged 21:07 of ice time per game in 2020-21, which was the most by a Rangers rookie in a season (min. 30 games played) since the NHL began to track ice time in 1997-98.

Miller was originally selected by the Blueshirts in the first round, 22nd overall, of the 2018 NHL Entry Draft.

There’s no word yet if Miller’s contract includes a “No Spit Clause.” Photo Credit: M$GN

Really, the Rangers could have stopped after “New York Rangers President and General Manager Chris Drury announced today that the team has agreed to terms with defenseman K’Andre Miller on a two-year contract extension.”

Everything else posted following that paragraph was a copy-and-paste job from Wikipedia.

In the news that everyone cares about – the salary cap-hit and money Miller will be making for the next two years.

For the 2023-24 and 2024-25 seasons, Miller’s salary cap-hit is $3,872,000. However, it’s the real money figure that’s most interesting – and which was probably the hold-up during these talks too.

Miller, who is financially secure for a long-time now, if not nearly set for life, will earn $7,744,000 in total on this contract.

However, and stay with me, as I know that the NHL’s salary-cap system can be more confusing than trying to figure out a “Rubik’s Cube” when rip-roaring drunk; in real money, Miller will be paid $2,748,000 next season. A season later, he’ll be paid $4,646,000.

So why not $3,872,000 per-season as his annual cap-hit would suggest?

Your answer, the following:

Once Miller’s contract expires, and providing that he doesn’t sign a long-term extension between now-and-then; in June of 2025, he will be 25-years-old and in turn, will also be eligible to have arbitration rights.

When it comes to arbitration at this stage, the minimum offer (or qualifying offer) a team can make to their restricted free agent is whatever their base salary was in the season prior – or in the case of Miller – that figure of $4,646,000.

While this can play out in one of several different ways; should the Rangers and Miller not come to terms in 2025, at the very least, to qualify him, then they will have to offer him at least $4,646,000 – roughly $800,000 more than his annual cap-hit.

Should Miller reject such an offer, then the other 31-teams could offer-sheet him for a higher figure, but the Rangers would have the right to match that figure in this hypothetical situation.

While this next scenario would be highly unlikely, as in a less than a one-percent chance of ever happening; should Miller not be able to come to terms with the Rangers and should no offer-sheet be presented to him either; then Miller and the Rangers would have until December 1st, 2025 to reach an accord. Then, should 12/1/25 come-and-go without a deal, then Miller would not be eligible to play during the 2025-26 season.

Again – don’t you love Gary Bettman’s hard salary-cap? Reading a textbook on thermonuclear physics is less perplexing!

Will Miller’s “best friend” make as much as him next season? The “Magic Eight Ball” says no – as right now, and barring a salary-cap trade – it’s impossible. Photo Credit: NYR

While I think that trying to predict Miller’s next contract is way too early, and where I don’t want to get lost into the weeds even further than I already have on this topic; if there’s anything that can be learnt from “K’Andre The Giant’s” new contract, then it’s this:

Drury is taking a wait-and-see approach on his second-pair LD.

Rather than “buying his bridge years,” which a long-term extension would have done; instead, “The Pizza Man” is gambling a bit – while also telling the hockey world that he’s not exactly sold on Miller.

(But of course, the Rangers’ cap issues are also a reason why it was a bridge and not an extension.)

Put it this way: Drury gave Igor Shestyorkin an extension, thus avoiding the whole RFA route and the scenarios that it creates.

Should Miller bomb out and/or not improve, then this deal isn’t of much significance.

However, should Miller excel and improve, then the rearguard will be looking for a whole lot more than $4,646,000 in two-years time – where in that case, Drury will have to make a big decision – extend-and-pay the man, or let someone else pony up the big bucks and years for him.

I don’t want to get too bogged down with what the Rangers’ salary-cap will look like as they approach the 2025-26 season, because if I wanted to do so, then I would have to make a ton of assumptions based on speculation and guess-work (what the cap-figure will be, will Jacob Trouba and his $8,000,000 salary be here, who else will be on the roster by then, etc); but in the short-term future, it will be interesting to see what Drury does with the heart-and-soul player of the team, Ryan Lindgren.

Double-nickel, who will earn $3,000,000 next season, and who is over 25-years-old, will become a restricted free agent on July 1st, 2024 – assuming that he doesn’t receive a new deal this summer or during the 2023-24 season.

As far as Miller’s new deal goes, I think it’s an overpay – but a slight overpay – and not an egregious overpay.

I will also admit that Miller’s deal “looks bad” – but only as a sum of the Rangers’ parts – aka their war with the stringent NHL hard-salary cap system.

By now, we all know all of the knocks and criticisms about Miller (not consistent, defensive liability at times, doesn’t get as physical as he should at his size, etc); but on the other hand – it’s really tough to find a defenseman who can suit-up in 82-games a season (providing he’s saving his spit for the ice – and not at an opponent) and log 25-minutes per-game if you need him to.

Furthermore, for the Rangers, allegedly a “WIN-NOW” team – it doesn’t make sense to break up their second-pair, nor force Trouba to find chemistry with somebody else either.

After all, we saw how well that worked out last year after Drury let Ryan Strome go to Anaheim, as Vincent Trocheck, Strome’s replacement, never found any sort of real chemistry with the highest-paid winger in the league last season, Aturnover Panarin.

And while you can always shake-up your forwards and your defensemen; at the same time, it’s much easier to juggle forwards rather than mixing-and-matching your blueliners.

In other words, I do think it’s better for the Rangers to have Trouba and Miller together rather than going into next season without #79 skating with #8.

But of course, new head coach, Peter Lateralette, will ultimately be the judge of this!

While it’s been alleged that Alexis Lafreniere has been doing some celebrating this summer; I do believe that Miller will have more money in his bank account than the first-overall pick of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft next season. Photo Credit: NYR

Chris “ZOOM ZOOM” Drury, as of this present moment, pretty much has 2023-24 roster set.

The last thing to really do now is to figure out a new deal with his other restricted free agent, Alexis Lafreniere.

Following the Miller deal, CapFriendly.com (https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/rangers) projects the Rangers as having $2,303,417 left in available salary-cap space.

(And I guess if anyone likes Bettman’s hard salary-cap system, then it’s the great folks at CapFriendly. Their website is amazing – and they do an excellent job of keeping fans up-to-date on all of the latest signings and NHL “legalese.”)

While CapFriendly says that the Rangers only have $2,303,417 available; they also have thirteen forwards and eight defensemen (21-players) listed as members of the varsity roster.

I think it’s safe to assume that the Rangers won’t be carrying 24-players on their roster next season, a figure that includes Lafreniere and the two goalies, CZAR IGOR and Jonathan Quick.

Once the Rangers send one of these players making six-figures to Hartford, then that would open up some money, which would then boost the team’s available cap space to $3,000,000. Another demotion would raise the cap space available to just a tad under $4,000,000.

In other words, Drury has anywhere from $2,303,417 to roughly $3,800,000 to play around with, as he continues to negotiate with Lafreniere.

As discussed with Miller, it will be interesting to see if Drury gives Lafreniere a bridge deal or an extension – but where I think we can all pretty much say with full certainty that it will be the former.

And yep – I hate talking about the salary-cap – so thank you Bettman!

Good luck to Miller, and the rest of the Rangers too for that matter, next season.

Do you remember when Gerard Gallant went off on birdbrain Mollie “I don’t give a shit” Walker during the 2021-22 season? Walker, who starts off more articles with “According to Elliotte Friedman” than anyone else, where I now wonder if the New York Post should just give Friedman a freelance paycheck, was once again fake outraged on Tuesday.

As discussed in-detail when it first happened on November 5th, 2021 (https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/11521-2/); the birdbrain of the Blueshirts’ beat, Mollie “Who’s Mark Messier?” Walker, got her “welcome to the NHL moment” when then-Rangers’ head coach, Gerard Gallant, got fed-up of her never-ending and redundant questions about Alexis Lafreniere – where in hindsight – is pretty funny and sad when you think about it today – as not much has changed in regards to Lafreniere’s status since “Turk’s Takedown.”

Walker, who must believes that you need to be 23-years-old or younger (or have attended the University of Amherst-Mass) to play in the NHL, and where if you don’t have these two attributes, then the hell with you; would not stop bothering Gallant about the struggling Lafreniere.

After being asked about Lafreniere for the 78967896796786896789689th time in a time-span of 72-hours, Gallant snapped back and said to the clueless scribe, “GIVE THE KID A BREAK MOLLIE!”

In a response, Mollie cried and moaned, as if she was writing another one of her 789678967867896789 articles about Pride jerseys and how every NHLer should go to center ice and have a massive gay orgy in support of them.

(And remember – it’s always okay to attack people of the Christian faith who don’t want to wear these rainbow threads – but talking about Muslim players and their refusal to wear them? That’s a no-no! And that’s just the way it’s taught in Liberalism 101 – and I don’t make these rules – nor do I adhere by them either!)

I don’t want to get too deep into this, because I just don’t have the time for it tonight (meaning I don’t have the time to perfectly word this rant, so I just hope you get the message and don’t twist my words around); but Walker is another one of these types that constantly reminds you that she’s WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR in all of her social media activity.

And to be clear – I have no problem with women in hockey, but at the same time, when you have to mention your gender all the time – it’s also hard for it to become the norm too because you don’t shut up about it. (I hope this makes sense.)

Put it this way: While I’m aware that Shirley Fischler, a female pioneer in hockey (if it wasn’t for her, then inferior people like Walker wouldn’t exist today), didn’t have social media during her heyday; but had she, I don’t know if she’d mention that she was a female 90678678678667 times a day.

Mrs. Fischler was always about the work – and the day that Walker breaks a story like the way Shirley did when she broke the Terry Sawchuk hospital story – then I’ll be impressed.

As long as you do a good job, then I don’t think it matters whatever your identifying trait is, whether it be gender, race, age, whatever.

(And regular readers of this site know that I call out everyone of all backgrounds, especially “WINCE!”)

Again, I hope I’m wording this right, but I think the hockey community should be just that – community. I don’t see any reason to break it all up in all different sects.

If you’re a reporter, then you’re a reporter. If you’re a fan, then you’re a fan. By having to mention that you’re a female that demands every player to wear rainbow jerseys every night of the week – then it kind of devalues what you’re doing.

I get that hockey sometimes can be viewed as the “Good Old Boys Club,” especially when it comes to front office and head coach hires (but more times than not, these are the men who played the game, so they can understand the daily ins-and-outs of an NHL locker room better than anyone); but I also think there are a lot of great female reporters out there.

For example, I think women such as Suzy Kolber, Suzyn Waldman, Linda Cohn, Jackie Redmond, Kim Jones and Emily Kaplan (albeit more as a writer than as a television personality), among others, all do a tremendous job.

Very rarely, as in never (the only time I ever hear them talking about this is when they are interviewed by somebody else asking them about this topic), do the women listed above ever bring up their own gender.

For these women, they are “just like any other guy” and doing the same job as them.

And like Shirley Fischler – it’s all about the work – nothing else.

The same can’t be said about the birdbrain.

(And I hate having to do the “qualifying statement” stuff; but I also think that men such as P.K. Slewban, Sieve Vagistat and others aren’t very good at what they do either. I’m an equal-opportunity critic!)

In my 8976789678696789678967896786786767th piece about the Rangers’ beat (and you can check out my previous manifestos for all of them in this site’s archives); on Tuesday, once again, Walker interjected herself in a story that had nothing to do with her and did the “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME COMPLAIN AND ROAR” act.

The Flyers released this statement on Tuesday after a male voice from their social media team mocked a redundant question from a female reporter. Photo Credit: Philadelphia Flyers

During a Zoom call with the Flyers’ Garnet Hathaway, Giana Han, who graduated college in 2019 (where I’m then to assume that she’s only 25-years-old, just like Mollie Walker); a member of the orange-and-black social media staff got fed up with Han’s redundant line of questioning:

Following Han asking Hathaway, “Why the Flyers?,” while alluding to the fact that Philly will suck next year; an unknown male from the Flyers’ social media team was caught on a live mic saying, “How many times does she have to ask this f***ing question?”

Right after that, someone else, in a response (it’s not 100% known if this was a fan or another member of the Flyers’ social media team) said, “Flyers suck, why are you even watching?”

When Mollie “I don’t give a shit about the GAG Line because I wasn’t alive for it, and I don’t know who they were anyway” Walker heard about the DASTARDLY TREATMENT that Han “received” – the birdbrain wasn’t having any of it.

And can you imagine if Walker was around during the Torts’ era of Rangers? At least her co-worker, Larry “I can’t believe this is what I’m saddled with” Brooks, always took on Tortorella head-on and face-to-face.

But alas, it’s a different era – and where all of these feckless new reporters of today need a safe space and must be handled with kid gloves. Everything must go by their new-age book – and where if it doesn’t – then it’s a CONTROVERSY OF THE MOST EPIC PROPORTIONS!

It’s like these freshly college graduated folk don’t even know the job that they signed up for – but when all you do is copy-and-paste whatever Elliotte Friedman says and then transcribe a few quotes from an interview – it’s not like they know the history of their profession either.

And yep – the fans lose 100% of the time – and where it’s just amazing how NYC (and Philly too) used to be a city where as a reporter – you had to make your name somewhere else, rise to the top of your craft, and then, and only then – did you then get a chance in the biggest media market in America.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Howard Stern.

It would be better for Ranger fans if Walker went back to covering the Mets. Photo Credit: SNY

Face the facts: Not many employed by these hockey clubs can stand the beat reporters. Heck, that’s part of the reason why both James Dolan and Chris Drury avoids them as much as possible.

Back in the day, hockey clubs feared the reporters a bit – because of how they could scoop and unearth stories.

Today, it’s a tired-and-pandering same-old-shit act of redundancy.

Seriously, read anything that Walker, or for that matter, Wince too, ever writes.

It’s all the same, as every story reads like this:

“According to Elliotte Friedman, the Rangers have done EVENT X. During his press conference PLAYER X said, “Insert quote here.” According to NaturalStatTrick, blah-blah-blah, the Rangers did this. “Insert quote from Player Y here.” The final score was so-and-so. The head coach said, “Insert quote here.” Friedman reports that the Rangers will play another game soon.”

While Walker has no clue about the history hockey, nor the history of her profession either; nothing gets her more pestered whenever a fellow woman is criticized – and whether the criticism is accurate or inaccurate.

After the Flyers’ fiasco, Walker wasn’t going to let this go, as she took to Twitter to say the following:

“Got to love when the Flyers’ PR department gets caught on a hot mic ripping a reporter’s perfectly valid question during a press conference, tweets it out and then deletes it.

“What a joke. The lack of respect is mind-boggling. Be better.”

While there was some of the usual “simping” going on, both from horny male and hear me roar females alike; for the most part, a lot of the feedback that Walker received questioned her own abilities – or should I say her inabilities.

Walker, who has yet to ask Drury about the Rangers’ firing of Jim Ramsay, much less ever secure a one-on-one interview with him, as her peer, Brooks, has done in the past with other figures of Rangers’ management, including James Dolan, was met with the following replies from Blueshirt backers:

Why would you care? Rangers reporters ask softball questions anyway.”@XxRobLucianxX

Mollie, and I say this with all due respect, you’ve been on the Rangers’ beat for several years now. You’ve yet to ask one tough question. You’ve yet to ask a legit follow up question after receiving a horse fodder answer. This lazy and redundant type of questioning is nonsense.


“Got to love when a reporter is outraged about absolutely nothing. Rangers beat slow today?” – @Formologie


Journalists get paid to write down what people say when they’re off guard. Don’t be surprised when you’re resented for it. – @paddymcbass


No one respects the media everyone laughs at you. @xSOLOxBLUEx

“Jokes” are beat reporters who don’t break news or ask tough questions – but tweet what they had for dinner while on the road. Mollie, you’re a good features writer, but you don’t break news and you overlooked the importance of Trouba’s helmet toss/tantrum.”
– @ScottEspo94

Flyers’ beat reporter Giana Han – who apparently is more professional than Ms. Walker – as Han has yet to comment about what “happened” to her. Photo Credit: @Gina_Jade on Twitter

Walker, who later tweeted that whoever this guy from the Flyers’ social media team was, “WASN’T GROWING THE GAME;” soon deleted that tweet after receiving hundreds of more replies that were similar to the ones posted above.

I shared only a handful of these replies for two reasons:

1) It’s nice to see that I’m not alone and that other people see through her bullshit.

2) I’m often asked, “Why do you care so much about the beat?” For instances like this – and as you can see – many others are in this same boat.

Sadly, reporting in sports will only get worse – especially with a prestigious paper, and with a humongous reach, like the New York Times announcing the cancellation of their sports-desk on Monday.

Print media is done, and in turn, the demand isn’t there, which is why you have straight-out-of-college people, with no experience or passion whatsoever, receiving more prominent jobs than ever before.

But Mollie doesn’t give a shit.

This is going way too long, so let me rapid-fire through the rest of this. After all, I have a book to promote!

I’ve said before on this site that I didn’t buy the idea of a new “MSG V” being built anytime soon. My speculation was confirmed on Tuesday.

You can read the full story for yourself (by visiting https://www.fox5ny.com/news/madison-square-garden-secures-special-permit-sparking-debate-over-penn-stations-future?taid=64ad40c75cb8af0001aa3a27&fbclid=IwAR1iC3-cebrtGtjL1rqhdUs6XGRII3CAuwMOqq3r5-IulxFkT6wssoG7LNY_aem_AU7ynCmWbdM6jEnmevmWPB9w4zkCVALwV_Wb7web16LVLn_-RRmZMwYZkTbKTUtk5kg); but it was announced on Tuesday that James Dolan’s MSG is set to receive a new ten-year permit to continue operations above Penn Station.

There has been a groundswell of support for MSG to be demolished, thus forcing the Rangers to look for new digs in Manhattan; but it seems like MSG IV will be safe for the time being.

Of note, these rumors about the LIRR and the MTA wanting to build on the land where MSGIV sits today are ten-years-old themselves, which is why I never put any stock into the latest chatter in the first-place.

While Tony DeAngelo still remains in Philadelphia, his two-time teammate, both in Flyers’ Land and in New York, Rangers’ alumni Brendan Lemieux, has joined one of DeAngelo’s former clubs.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Claude’s son had signed a one-year deal worth $800,000 with the Carolina Hurricanes.

DeAngelo, and as previously mentioned on this site, who has been linked to Carolina – and where the league recently nixed a deal where he’d return there too – is still biding his time – as the Hurricanes continue to kick tires on the Sharks’ Erik Karlsson.

Check back Thursday night on the site for the complete preorder information on my new book!

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Sean McCaffrey


@NYCTHEMIC on the Tweeter machine

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