NYR/CAR 11/2 Review: Best Win Yet & RangERs Make It Six Straight! CZAR IGOR Beyond Great; Trouba & Cuylle’s Big Balls Score Late, Injuries To Fox & Chytil Sour Mood; Kaapo “It’s Gallant’s Fault” Kakko (1 Goal in 10 Games) Continues to Brood, CK20 Continues To Make History, LAVY LOUNGES, M$GN; Bill “Promo Code” Pidto, Lundqvist Cologne, Inept Officials & More

In what was an emotional roller-coaster of a game, a match that created feelings of anger, frustration, irritation, joy, gleefulness, ecstasy and perhaps above all else – concern; the BIG BALLED BLUESHIRTS gutted their way to a 2-1 victory on Thursday night against the Vegas odds-on favorite to win the Stanley Cup in 2024, the Carolina Hurricanes. Crazier than that? Down two players due to injury (Adam Fox and Filip Chytil) and two more due to ineffectiveness (Alexis Lafreniere and Kaapo Kakko) – “LAVY’S LOT” still found-a-way to get it done. I-M-P-R-E-S-S-I-V-E!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. These refs suck – and I say that after a Rangers’ victory.

I wish I could be happier right now after this huge win; but of course, and like most of you guys and gals too – my concern lies with the status of the 2021 Norris Trophy winner, Adam Fox.

While we’ll get into everything Fox-related during the GAME REVIEW; if you’re looking for an immediate update, as right now, the top story in Rangerstown, USA is what’s up with #23; at the earliest, we won’t know anything until Friday, when the Blueshirts land in Minnesota for their Saturday night tilt with “old friend” Mats Zuccarello and company.

Following tonight’s game, head coach Peter Laviolette said that Fox (lower-body injury) would be evaluated tomorrow (Friday).

And maybe this is looking too deep into this, but the head coach didn’t say “day-to-day” either, a three-word catchphrase that his predecessor once made infamous.

Furthermore, when it comes to Filip Bryhtil (Chytil), who also left this game early with injury (upper-body), he too will be evaluated on Friday.

In other words?

Both Zac Jones and Tyler Pitlick, press box stalwarts, will get a second shot to impress Laviolette soon enough.

Gut feeling?

Even if both Fox and Chytil are okay on Friday, it’s probably best not to push it – especially since the Blueshirts are rolling right now with their first-place 8-2 record.

As you all know by now, it’s only about the big picture, which now brings us to our season-long daily disclaimer on this site, you know, this one:


For the first time in his career, “CUYLLE HAND LUKE,” aka Will Cuylle, not only was named as the game’s first star – but he also scored the first game winning goal of his career too. Another first? His first goal on M$G ice!

Going into Thursday night’s tilt, I saw many idiots, including the dolt Blueshirt beat reporters, suggest that this match was going to be a “STATEMENT GAME!”

Need I remind you, it’s only November 2nd.

Between the Rangers criss-crossing multiple time zones in their 6,000+ miles traveled over the past two weeks, and not having much time off once returning to New York either; if anything, then tonight’s game was anything but a “STATEMENT GAME” going into it.

In fact, both the Rangers and their head coach repeated the phrase “jet-lagged” prior to puck drop.

Following the 2-1 win over Carolina, a Cup contender?

I still don’t think that it was a “statement game.”

However, and with that said, I do believe that tonight’s win was a testament to this team’s character, a character that we saw throughout the five-game road-trip.

Once again, the Rangers rebounded, displayed their resiliency, and above all else – found a way to win on Thursday night.

And oh yeah – that CZAR IGOR feller sure made it easier for his team to display these noble character traits too!

Another thing similar from this victory, and as it was during the past five wins?

It were the FAT CATS, the Rangers’ leadership group, that led the way.

As Kaapo Kakko, Filip Chytil and Alexis Lafreniere continue their disappointing 2023-24 seasons; once again, there was Artemi Panarin, who continued his point streak this season, a streak that’s now ten games and running with a point next to his name in the box score – and where in the majority of these victories – he’s had multi-point games too.

This time, it was an absolute beauty of a backhanded pass during a Rangers’ power-play, which then set-up another team-leader, and the longest-tenured player on the club, CHRISTOPHER JAMES KREIDER, for his seventh goal of the season.

While who knows if CK20 can keep up this torrid goal scoring pace; currently, Kreider is out-performing his career-best 2021-22 season, where as you may have heard – he scored 52 goals that season.

He also made history tonight, as with the goal, he tied Andy Bathgate for the fourth most goals in franchise history (272).

By the end of the season, he’ll be top three in Rangers’ history – a topic that we’ve discussed plenty of times before on this site.

As the game progressed, where along the way, Seth Jarvis scored an equalizer while on the opposing power-play; the Rangers lost their best defenseman (Fox) and their second line center who can’t score, win a faceoff or stay healthy for any significant amount of time too (Chytil).

Now down two men; the Rangers grinded and like John Cena, “Never Gave Up!”

And once again, whatever that shit show was against Nashville from two weeks back looked like an anomaly after tonight – as the Blueshirts’ effort was revved up to maximum volume.

With both teams not affording much (offensively), once again, the Rangers’ leadership core struck.

In what wound up becoming the game winning goal late into the third period; Goodrow got the puck to Trouba, and for the second time in as many games, the captain, when channeling his inner Bobby Orr, made a flawless pass, full of pure perfection, to an awaiting-and-streaking-to-the-center-of-the-crease Will Cuylle – who then scored the no-doubt-about-it one-timer – a one-timer that I hope Mika Zibanejad took notice of!

And some people/fans/reporters once ranted-and-raved about the players known as “The Kids.”

How about BILLY THE KID, aka Will Cuylle, who has been marvelous thus far in his first full campaign in the NHL?

It’s a ten-game sample size, which is a decent enough, but not an all-encompassing amount of time neither; but try this on for size:

Rookie Will Cuylle: 2 goals, 0 assists, and absolutely killing it on the third line.

Fourth-Year Man Alexis Lafreniere: 4 goals, 0 assists and if you can believe it, taking away from Panarin’s skyrocketing point totals.

Fifth-Year Man Kaapo Kakko: 1 goal, 1 assist and it’s no wonder why Zibanejad and Kreider are struggling to score during 5 x 5 play these days.

Seventh-Year Man Filip Chytil: 0 goals and 6 assists – and where his apple totals are boosted and hollow, as most of them are secondary – and mainly because Panarin is hotter than Ranger fans are at Sebastion Asshole right now.

You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole, which is my way of saying that I don’t think that Lafreniere, Kakko or Chytil are top-six players.

You know who is?

Yep, groan if you must, but you know where I’m going, this guy:

I know you’re sick about this talk but I can’t help myself! Photo Credit: NYR

I’ll be quick on the Kane reunion talk, because I know that it’s redundant; but one more time – I go back to my season-long disclaimer.

Yes, the Rangers are 8-2, and on the surface, look like world beaters.

But you need as many weapons as possible for the playoffs – and where since I have a one-track mind – as all I’m thinking about right now is the post-season.

Just take a gander at the Rangers’ top-six.

Kakko is abysmal.

Lafreniere is slightly better.

Both players, lottery picks at that, are dragging down Kreider, Zibanejad and Panarin at even-strength, and where even before the Chytil injury tonight – Lavy had enough – and reformed the super line of 20/93/10.

You just need viable scoring options.

Kakko and Lafreniere aren’t it.

Kane can be it.

Then again, with the state of the Ottawa Senators these days, who on Wednesday, learned than an inept GM who can’t read a no-move clause on a contract will receive a harsher punishment than a franchise that allows male rape to run rampant under their watch; who knows?

Maybe Vladimir Tarasenko, and not “Showtime,” will be the returning Ranger this season?

But alas, I’m getting way ahead of myself and selling you perhaps an unlikely scenario.

But the Blueshirts do love their big names, and come the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline, Tarasenko, as he was during the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline, may be the biggest name available – again.

Whatever the event; I just don’t see how you can go into the playoffs with a top/first line right winger, who now gets power-play time – and who only averages one goal every 30 periods played.


Sorry fellow Blueshirt fans. I too was once full of positive energy and wanted to believe.

But at some point, you have to face reality.

After all, don’t you know what the textbook definition of the word “insanity” is?

And if it isn’t Kane, Tarasenko or another right-wing rental – then I’d rather see Brennan Othmann afforded an opportunity instead of anyone else.

This team needs some scoring pop, especially at even-strength – pop that neither Kakko, nor Lafreniere either, can provide at a consistent basis – if at any basis at all!

You can’t blame Gerard Gallant anymore for the inconsistency issues that plague both Lafreniere and Kakko, two players who are now playing top-six and power-play minutes. As I’ve been saying for a while now – you can only assess the players themselves.

There’s a lot to get into tonight, and worse than that – I have an early alarm clock in my future too!

In other words, let’s get it all rolling.

Up first, the pregame news and notes.

Peter Laviolette looked as well-rested as he possibly could be during Wednesday’s edition of “LAVY’S LOUNGE.”

Following the Rangers perfect 5-5, ten-points netted in the standings, five-game road-trip; the team, now back in the Big Apple, had off on Tuesday, October 31st.

But of course, sleep, catching up, readjusting to the Eastern Time Zone and just getting a day to relax didn’t come easy – as trick-or-treaters banged on their doors harder than the Patrick Kane rumors that are presently being bandied about the mean streets of Rangerstown, USA.

On Wednesday morning, and where I’m sure that the off-day felt quicker than Usain Bolt; the team reconvened at their practice facility in Tarrytown, NY.

There wasn’t that much news to come out of the practice – a good thing – outside of the fact that Tyler Pitlick was listed as being out for “maintenance.”

While I don’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill here, as at the end of the day, this is all a big fat NOTHING BURGER; but I was surprised to see that Pitlick, who hasn’t played since since the third game of the season, was out.

It should be mentioned that November 1st, 2023 marked his 32nd birthday.

Was he partying? Was he out with his kids for Halloween? Or was he sitting behind a big-bodied teammate on the team plane, such as Jacob Trouba or K’Andre Miller – where in this hypothetical – they reclined their seats all the way back and to Pitlick’s knees!

But of course, the Rangers fly first class on their own private plane – so such a hypothetical could have never taken place!

Another hypothetical?

With Patrick Kane gearing up for a return, maybe the Rangers were trying to keep Pitlick healthy!

And yes, this hypothetical is PURE CONSPIRACY THEORY – and devoid of any morsel of truth too!

But as the old Metallica song goes:


Here was the Wednesday edition of “LAVY’S LOUNGE,” one that ran for nearly twelve-minutes – and longer than it takes to read one of these blogs!

The story that most of the birdbrain Blueshirts’ beat took out of this episode of “LAVY’S LOUNGE” was that the head coach prefers the word “HUDDLE,” and not “HUGS,” when describing the end of his practices – which is when the entire team meets at center ice, sings “Kumbaya” and then enjoys a riveting circle jerk.


When you’re winning, and as this team currently is, then you can joke about stuff like this – and as Laviolette was doing here – as he was laughing the whole time when asking the media to use the right noun.

(But just don’t get clueless Mollie started on what pronouns to use!)

In some irony, especially since as noted, these “LAVY LOUNGES” can go on as long as the team’s recent two-week road-trip; Lavy, when talking about “huddle” vs “hugs,” said that he wants the players’ voices to be heard at the end of the practice – as he said that he talks too much during these practices and that he also doesn’t want his voice to be the focus.

Could have fooled me!

As far as any real news, and despite talking as long as a U.S. sitting president when addressing the state of the union, there wasn’t much – which again – is a good thing.

A day later, Thursday, game day; the Rangers had another of their “RISE AND SHINE” morning skates at their practice facility.

Following the light pump, Laviolette spoke to the questionably potty-trained beat reporters:

When the media is focused on the scoring analytics of fourth liners, need to be told that winning in the playoffs is the main goal and how division games usually have some extra oomph to them; well that tells you all that you need to know about this press conference – and how bad these beat reporters are.

Here was Laviolette’s line-up for the tenth game of this 2023-24 season:

FIRST LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Kakko

SECOND LINE: Panarin/Chytil/Lafreniere

THIRD LINE: Cuylle/Trocheck/Wheeler

FOURTH LINE: Goodrow/Bonino/Vesey

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Gustafsson/Schneider



HEALTHY SCRATCHES: Pitlick and Jones


The following graphics and information come from ESPN.com:





26 2 24 .923 19 5 0 0 0 58:48 0


27 1 26 .963 22 3 1 0 0 59:28 0

Henrik Lundqvist was pimping his new cologne, which is also being sold at M$G these days, during tonight’s broadcast. He should have sprayed this concoction on his co-workers, and the officials who worked this game too, as all of them stunk to high heaven. I’m also hearing a bottle of this aroma elixir is going for $200 a pop – which makes sense, since other products with alcohol as an ingredient, mainly beer, goes for $22 can at M$G! Photo Credit: @HLundqvist30

At 6:30PM, I tuned into the M$GN, where both John Giannone and Henrik Lundqvist greeted us from the “Chase Bridges.”

For the “KING OF COMMENTARY,” he was in a good mood, as not only was he pushing his cologne, but he never had to stand side-by-side with that seven-foot smug jackass, Sieve Vagistat, all game.

Instead, Vagistat was buried in the bowels of the building, where the annoying twit pushed his bullshit ANALytics to anyone who was desperate enough to listen to him.

To open, Lundqvist reiterated what he said on Monday night – winning makes you relax and play the right way. I’d say.

After that, we went to a CAPTAIN-ON-CAPTAIN interview, where Trouba told Dave Maloney that he was happy about how hard his team was battling – and how proud he was of his goalies too. I’d say again!


While Trouba didn’t say this on-camera, Maloney relayed to us that during an off-camera interview, “THE GREAT EIGHT” told him that he feels less pressure as team captain this season.

Before Maloney even explained why – this all made sense.

After all, the first year will always present the most pressure, as the job is new and you’re overeager to succeed.

Maloney said that Trouba’s explanation was because no one was asking him about the 2022 Eastern Conference Final anymore – where I’m not so sure if that’s a good thing or not – but I understand what he means.

Following two strong segments, we then went to Sieve Vagislime, who said that in the salary cap era, it’s imperative that your top stars play to their contracts.

Funny enough, he disagreed with me on this topic in 2015.

One returned to Lundqvist, he said that to have success, then you need all of your top players to show up at the same time – which in a way – pretty much sums up all of the Rangers’ playoff failures in recent years – including during “The King’s Era” too.

Following another boring Vagistat segment where he says the same old shit, such as “east-west passing,” “d-on-d plays” (he sure loves saying “D-Play”) and “royal road” (where his gerbil is located); the man of the most epic 46 games-played in all of NHL history then plugged his horrible made-up stats company, “Clear Sighted Assholes.”

In a response, Lundqvist blew off all of this and then mentioned how it’s tough to get back into the groove after a long road-trip – where he also cited that you have to catch up on everything that you missed at home – which obviously affects the married with kids players more than the single folk.

Giannone, now awkwardly stationed outside of the M$GN team store, as I’m to assume that he was working his way down from the bridges to across the street, where the M$GN studios are located; brought up the five-game road-trip sweep – but didn’t bring up the fact, that you know, that such trips weren’t in existence until the 1980s – as instead, he sold the streak as if it encompassed all 97-years of franchise history.

To close the pregame show, we went to the M$GN studios, where Bill “KILL YOUR GRANDMA, GET THAT INHERITANCE, ROB YOUR MOTHER, PAWN HER JEWELRY AND PULL OFF AN OCEANS’ 11 HEIST” Pidto was joined by the M$GN Gambling Show’s meth partner, whose name I didn’t get, nor care to ever learn in my lifetime either.

For the next ten-minutes, Bill “PROMO CODE” Pidto promoted the fun world of first period bets to impressionable children and teenagers.

I wonder if he tells his kids to blow all of their money on first period betting too?

Does this man have no shame?

I mean really?

You got Pidto, and his employers, telling fans to blow their life savings by betting on the first period of a hockey game.

I truly hate all of this shit – can you tell?

I get he’s just doing his job, but after this segment – not even the best chiropractor in the world can save Pidto’s backbone and spine.


Maybe like Artemi NoHairIn, both Sam and Joe can shave their heads too? Photo Credit: Mike Silvers’ man cave

Come 7PM, we went to the booth, where Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti welcomed us – and where it was Sam – and not Joe – who said the word “FABULOUS” at 7:00:05PM.

And, yes – I can’t keep my eyes off of that tuft of hair on Micheletti’s forehead. Shave that shit Joe!


Following some chatter about the game, both Sam and Joe talked in their solemn voices and then brought up the tragedy from this past weekend, the death of Adam Johnson.

Our beloved broadcasting duo then told us that the Rangers would pay tribute to Johnson and then go to John Brancy, as our new favorite baritone was going to belt out the National Anthem.

Instead of seeing any of that, M$GN then cut right to commercial – where no less than four different gambling sponsors were advertised (Draft Kings, Bet365, FanDuel and Caesars).

Bill Pidto’s response?


More and more, and whenever watching CZAR IGOR in net, I’m reminded of the series finale of “Saved By the Bell.” In the episode, where the cast of Bayside High graduates, Principal Belding tells Zack Morris that he knows that Morris is special, and hopes to be alive one day to see his student unlock his full potential on the world. In the same vein, I hope to be alive one day to see CZAR IGOR post another shutout in his career. There’s a reason why I retired those 4-0 bets – and let me be clear – 90% of the time, if not more than that – the reason why #31 doesn’t finish a game with a shutout is nothing of his own doing. But it is aggravating watching Shestyorkin’s BFF, the Isles’ Ilya Sorokin, seemingly post a shutout in every third game played. Worse than that? Watching Sorokin’s back-up, Seymon Varlamov, do the same – and as he did tonight in the Fishdicks’ 3-0 win over the Crapitals.


To open the game, two things of note:

  1. Lafreniere’s MOVEMBER mustache resembled a single male who owns a dirty old van – and who also drives around in school districts. In other words, someone akin to Stalk Boy Steven.
  2. Joe Micheletti predicted a goal tonight for Filip Chytil. The poor bastard.

The Rangers’ third line, and as would be the case all game, especially in the latter stages, had a strong opening shift. Cuylle just missed and then had another shot stopped, while Trocheck, who was looking exactly like Super Mario tonight, was also denied by Canes’ sometime goalie (always injured), Frederik Andersen.

At just the 1:28 mark, the Canes committed the first penalty of the game, one of those lovely too many men on the ice penalties.

In a response, the Rangers scored at the 2:41 mark:

1-0, GOOD GUYS, as, and to quote the great Nick Adams, “Kreider Did It” (again)!

Man, oh man, is Panarin having a hell of a start.

On this play, “The Breadman,” from about two feet away from the boards bench side, made a perfect backhand pass, a pass that even my Buffalo Trace intoxicated ass could have scored on! (Or at least I’d like to think so!)

(And yep – this was another game where I was hitting the Buffalo Trace bottle. I’m superstitious, so I’m willing to have a black liver for the benefit of this team! Don’t fix what’s not broken!)

(An aside, everyone older than me was right. Whisky > Beer. I must give credit to my good old dear pal, the often mentioned EDDIE WHISTLES – as he was the first to bestow such knowledge upon me!)

For Kreider, barring injury (and where those two words will make you feel queasy tonight), he’s going to surpass Rod Gilbert’s 406 goals franchise record one day.

Plan the jersey retirement ceremony now – as Kreider’s #20 will go to the rafters.

After all, and unlike the legends that I championed for in my first book (https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/nyrroh/ ), including career-long Rangers who have won three Stanley Cups for the team (75% in franchise history) – the Blueshirts can make money on a Kreider Retirement Night – and that’s all they care about.

But don’t get it twisted – CK20 will deserve that night once we get there – and hopefully not too soon either!

Following the goal, Rosen remarked that Kreider had tied Bathgate for fourth all-time in most goals scored.


As expected, predicted, and admittedly hoped for too (I always liked him, and I still do – but it’s true – the booing gets to him so I’m all for it); Tony DeAngelo inside of M$G is akin to a 1980s Iron Sheik squaring off against Hulk Hogan at this same venue.

At the five-minute mark, he touched the puck for the first time – and where the boos and jeering soon followed.

Unfortunately, Brendan Lemieux (healthy scratch) didn’t play – as I was hoping for some retribution on the former Blueshirt, following his actions from the last time when he was inside of M$G – when he cowardly crosschecked (and was subsequently thrown out of the game too) Ryan Lindgren.

Then again, following the multiple displays of “Canes’ Cowardice” tonight – I’m not so sure if anyone would have picked a fight with him either. (More on this below – and where Trouba did comment about this contest devoid of such a five-minute major.)

At the six-minute mark, there was the “PRAYING MANTIS” once again, #79, K’ANDRE THE GIANT, as for the 7895656757th time in six games played – he broke up another odd-man rush – this time, when diving to prevent an easy backdoor pass. (Vagistat’s favorite!)

With 13:54 remaining, new Cane, the former Leaf Michael Bunting, was boxed for holding Erik Gustafsson.

The Rangers, who began their power-play by going 1-1, finished 1 for 5 tonight – and where the injury to Fox most certainly derailed the man advantage’s effectiveness.

This was another strong power-play – at least for the first unit, as right away, Panarin, from long distance, heard a <DING> as he just missed.

As the PP1 dominated the zone, Andersen stopped Fox with 55-seconds remaining on the Canes’ PK. In turn, the PP2 came on – and man, oh man, did they absolutely SUCK tonight.

This five-man quintet, led by Chytil, Lafreniere and Kakko, couldn’t get anything going. To end the power-play, Lafreniere cleared the puck for the visitors with a bad pass and that was that.

With 10:52 remaining, CZAR IGOR made his first of twenty-six saves. At the time, the Rangers were out-shooting their opponents 9-0 – and with the Panarin <DING> to their ledger too.

Come 10:28 remaining, it was LAVY’S LOT to reciprocate the favor, as they too took a too many men on the ice penalty. And much like the Rangers’ first power-play under these conditions – the Canes scored too.

Just 21-seconds into the red-and-white power-play, and as Ranger fans were booing their alum, TDA, out of the building; he picked up a secondary assist, as #77 found Sebastion Asshole and Mr. Asshole then found Seth Jarvis – who streaked into the zone, split two defenders and BOOM – finished off CZAR IGOR too.


And the last goal that Carolina would score all game, as once again, it was one goal allowed and then nothing else for the 2022 Vezina Trophy winner.

Sebastion Asshole, now with an assist, wasn’t done yet.

Take a look:


The two-minute power-play not afforded to the Blueshirts is the least of anyone’s concerns here.


Here’s how I covered this play in real-time:

As stated, in the moment, it looked like Fox took a horrible hit – but was okay.

He actually played another shift – but that would be it – as his night was through.

Again, we have no clue what his injury is, nor the severity of it either – but it doesn’t look good.

But Luxemore and Sebastion Asshole don’t care – who needs MCLs and ACLs anyway?


Equally as bad?

The fact that not one Ranger dropped the gloves with this Tonya Harding wannabe.

(Again, more on what Trouba said at the end of this – but even if Aho didn’t want to fight – take the penalty.)

With 4:41 remaining, Trouba drew his first of two penalties, and the second Carolina o-zone infraction too, when Martin Necas high-sticked the Rangers’ captain.

With no more Fox; Gustafsson then manned the point for the PP1 unit, while Miller did the same for the lifeless PP2 unit.

The PP1 unit was a little disjointed here, while the PP2 didn’t even look at the net.

But don’t worry – Kakko and Lafreniere have ANALytical stats that support their lack of scoring production!


As the period wound down, both Goodrow and Lafreniere were high-sticked – and right in their mouths.

In other words, while the Rangers did draw three power-plays in this period – they should have officially had six power-plays.

And this my friends, is my crux of my argument, and with all of these Blueshirt backers who act like ostriches, with their heads in the ground, whenever the topic of Summer Softball himself, Alexis Lafreniere, comes up.

Lafreniere, who without a shadow of a doubt – DID DRAW A PENALTY – immediately tried to pick fights with both Svechnikov and Aho.


Let’s face it, when you’re ONLY showing fire because you individually feel wronged – then that’s a problem.

Why not be engaged the entire game?

Furthermore, there were two instances when Lafreniere could have been boxed for roughing and/or unsportsmanlike conduct, but fortunately, never was.

In my eyes, he was on a solo mission from this point out, looking to right the wrong perpetrated against him – team be damned.

And for all of the talk that he wanted a fight – he never dropped the gloves and popped one of these Raleigh rejects.

Instead, he flapped his gums and did nothing.

He may as well write a blog about this game!

And don’t lose sight of the following:

Your first-overall pick finished with two SOG, two shots that a shooter tutor could have stopped – and did NOTHING during his 2:44 played on four separate Ranger power-plays.


That doesn’t win playoff games.

1-1, after twenty minutes.

Here’s what I said at the time:

Besides my own books, this is a book that I’d suggest that both Lafreniere, and his cult of fans, to read and devour. Photo Credit: Jon Taffer


Prior to Sam belting out, “SECOND PERIOD, WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR HERE JOE?” (COMPETENT OFFICIATING SAM); I remarked on the Tweeter machine:

A few minutes later, the inevitable:

It gets worse.

As the period opened, and as Rosen didn’t notice Lavy giving Luxemore an earful; just 1:49 in, this happened:

CZAR IGOR, who has a history with these groin injuries, made every resident in Rangerstown, USA shit their pants.

Following a brief delay, and as you already know – CZAR IGOR not only finished the game – but he was flawless in the final two periods too.

But can you imagine this team without both Fox and CZAR IGOR?

Let’s not.

In fact, perish the thought!

To make matters worse, right after this heart-scare, both M$GN and Optimum, Dolan’s former cable company, decided to dookie:

Many readers sent me illegal streams to this game – where after watching this second stanza on such said Chinese-hosted  streams; the following:

— I pay $250 a month for cable, high speed internet and for my DVR. Despite all of this, I couldn’t watch the game on the official M$GN app. What am I paying for?

— What goes on in these illegal stream chatrooms is insane. No way that the people participating in these rooms talks like that in real life.

— I had to click out of 987678678696978 pop-ups before getting the stream to work, and where “JERKMATE” seems to be the most popular advertiser.

I guess it makes sense, as the Rangers were jerked around by this former “Bunch of Jerks.”

But the Blueshirts would ultimately have the last laugh too.

At the 6:38 mark, headcase Kakko took a bad penalty when he hooked Slavvin.

CZAR IGOR made three saves on this Rangers’ PK and kept the game tied in the process.

With 9:20 remaining, former Ranger Brady Skjei “Skjlashed” Trouba.

Lavy used his PP1 unit for the entire two-minutes.

Gallant’s fault!

But worse above all else was the fact that for the second consecutive Rangers’ power-play – they didn’t log one SOG.

Once returned to full-strength – Lavy had enough.

It was at this time of the game when Panarin was bumped to the first line.

Right after that?

Chytil was done for the game too:

Oh wow, another injury for Chytil!

I bet Bill “PROP BET” Pitdo cashed in on that wager!

I saw that in real-time, that some people mentioned Chytil’s previous history with concussions – but after watching this clip several times over – this didn’t look like a head-related injury.

Maybe I’m wrong (it’s happened before – but it’s rare!), but this looked like something else and “Body Cavity” related.

For all of the present talk about the NHL needing mandatory neck guards (and that talk is pertinent and worthy); perhaps Chytil can ask for league-mandated kevlar flak jakets?

As far as the Kakko benching/Panarin being double-shifted?

It was a long time coming – as the Finn can’t Finnish – and he has been horrible.

Kakko played 15:42 tonight, while linemates Chris Kreider played 20:42 and Mika Zibanejad (no peach tonight either) played 22:08.

And while special teams is part of the TOI discrepancies – Kakko played 15:42 more than he earned.

And for all of the talk that the dumbasses on the Blueshirts’ beat had to say about the Rangers’ fourth line?

Goodrow has as many points as Kakko does this season.

Why is that ignored?

As the broadcast progressed, Herb Brooks was the answer to tonight’s #CadillacTrivia question.

In a response, Mollie Walker tweeted out, “I DIDN’T KNOW THAT LARRY’S BROTHER COACHED THE RANGERS!”

With 3:02 to go, Kreider was tripped, but the officials decided to call every third penalty committed by the Canes tonight, rather than calling all fifteen.

Tied at 1-goal a piece after forty minutes.

Here’s what I said at the time:

“Cappy!” – Ralph Cifaretto


My heart, my asshole, my entire fandom, was in my throat during this final frame.

Again, I’m extremely ecstatic about the win – but I can’t get over the two injuries incurred – and how not one Ranger dropped the gloves with these Carolina Reaper Creepers.

We all know how I feel about Peter Laviolette (I would have never fired Gallant, I feel this hiring was a lateral move and we won’t be able to judge the result until the 2024 Playoffs) – but this was a coaching masterclass.

Down two players, Lavy relied on his bottom-sixers to grind, grind and grind – while waiting for the go-ahead goal.

And of course, having a lights-out CZAR IGOR in net didn’t hurt matters either!

Going into the period, I said this:

And really – don’t lose sight of that fact.

Despite everything against them – the Rangers, because of their effort, usurped a Cup contender at full capacity.

Let me speed through the rest of this – as I just took a look at the time – and that alarm clock in my future is almost as bad as the Fox injury from tonight.

With 13:42 remaining, old friend, “Kaapo Kakko 1.0,” aka Jesper Fast, hooked Ryan Lindgren.

Andersen robbed Trocheck with 50-seconds remaining on the Rangers’ power-play.

Following the stoppage, the PP2 unit came on, and once again, didn’t even look at the net, much less put a SOG.


Even Jumpin’ Joe, channeling his inner Bill Chadwick, screamed, “SHOOT THE PUCK!”

With 9:39 remaining – it happened.

Despite all of the penalties and savage attacks that the Canes got away with on this night, and despite the even worse officiating – the Rangers would not relent.

Enter Trouba to Cuylle:

Big time players come up in big moments – and Trouba and Cuylle, like Peter Gabriel, are most certainly “BIG TIME!”

Right after this 2-1, GOOD GUYS, goal?

Slavvin elbowed Miller – no call.

Also after this?

CZAR IGOR made what felt like 78967867565675675668 saves to protect and maintain the lead.

While the Rangers sure relied on their goalie way too much down the stretch – they also did what they could.

Everyone was blocking shots, including Lindgren (game-high 4) and Trouba (3, to add to his league-leading totals), and as a result, the Blueshirts more than doubled-up their opponents in this pertinent stat, 21-10.

And this can’t be stressed enough either:

Once again, in crunch time, and in the most crucial moments of the game – there was CZAR IGOR, like Fort Knox, to hold down the fort, slam the door and/or whatever other metaphor that you want to use here.

Even better?

The Rangers kept up their attack, and as a result, Andersen, like a “guest” on Chris Hansen’s old show, couldn’t “take a seat” until there were only seventy-seconds remaining.

Vesey soon cleared a puck, where as a result, Rod “The Bod,” bench boss of these perennial losers, called his timeout with 37-seconds remaining.

To close the game, Goodrow missed an empty net – but that didn’t matter (unless you bet Pidto’s puck line) – as what mattered was that the Rangers’ had control of the puck – and better than that – the WIN – and the two points gained in this four-point division game.

Here’s Trouba on why a fight never came to be tonight:

Here’s Cuylle on the best moment of his career thus far:

Here’s Laviolette, who as you may suspect, was not happy with the officiating tonight, although he didn’t blast them, as he didn’t want to risk a fine:


Without question, and yes it’s early – this was the best win of the season.

Unlike the previous seven wins – the Rangers beat a Cup contender – and with everything in the world going against them too.

Moving forward, all eyes are on Adam Fox – and pray to the hockey gods that he doesn’t miss any significant amount of time.

That 6AM alarm clock is about three-hours away for yours truly – and once again, while I know this is the longest and most detailed recap of this game out there – I hope I’m not short-changing you either!

And sorry if a lot of tonight’s GAME REVIEW came off as negative.

I’m just worried about the future – and I’m not so sure if Kakko and Lafreniere should be part of it.

I do believe that Kane, or any other right-winger with a successful proven playoff track record, should be part of a hopeful 2024 Stanley Cup Playoff run.

Back at it Saturday night, with a Rangers/Wild review.

Then again, maybe back tomorrow, should we get concrete news on Fox’s future.

You better be ready Mr. Jones (and me).

But let me close with this:


Courageous coaching.

Excellent effort.

Big Blueshirt balls.

Keep it rollin’.

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