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As of this writing, Wednesday night’s game between the New York hockey rivals is a go. Thursday morning and/or afternoon may change that.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. Just a few things tonight, prior to the Thanksgiving Eve tilt between the Rangers and the Islanders.

Following the exciting win over the Sabres from Sunday night, the Rangers had the next day off. (Monday, November 22nd.) On Tuesday, the Rangers reconvened for what was pretty much “another day in the office” type of practice, meaning that not much took place.

After the practice, the only thing worth talking about (and as usual), was Gerard Gallant’s press conference. You can watch the seven minute interview here:

Gallant didn’t really say much on Tuesday, but he did hint that his four lines from Sunday would be the same lines, come Wednesday, at the IBS Arena. Gallant also mentioned that he had heard nothing about a possible postponement in regards to the current COVID drama that the Islanders are experiencing. (I talked about this last blog and will have more about this below.)

Also of note – the media didn’t even bother asking Gallant who his goalie would be for the game and for two obvious reasons. One, we all know it’s CZAR IGOR. Two, Gallant rarely tips the media off on his goaltenders.

If there was anything else interesting about Gallant’s press conference, it was the way the Rangers head coach easily swatted away the annoying and redundant questions about his third pair and seventh defensemen. Let’s get into that for a bit.

If you read articles from some of the clueless NYR beat (the non-Larry Brooks types), and paddle through the tears on Ranger social media pages – you’d think that every defenseman on the team must possess a skill-set akin to Brian Leetch. Photo Credit: Getty Images

I’ve been talking about this ever since the off-season – some fans (and media members) will never be happy. The Rangers could go 82-0, and win every game 10-0, and you’d still have some of these miscreants saying the following:




I think you get my point, especially since I’ve talked about this before.

As is always the case during a period of downtime; members of the NYR media (and just like many in the fan base too) had to scramble to make up something negative for clicks and web-traffic, despite the team’s current record of 11-4-3 – good for third overall in the best division in hockey, the Metropolitan Division.

And as talked about 97678678678969786 times before on this site – negativity sells. That’s why every news broadcast opens up with some horrific story, rather than a good-natured human interest story. It’s just the way it is. Negativity is good for business.

I like Larry Brooks and his work. I think he’s the best reporter on the beat – hands down. That said, when Libor Hajek, who hasn’t played this season, is one of your biggest stories – it feels like something for a slow news day rather than a true testimonial of the team’s affairs. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Before continuing down this road, may I remind you, that unlike every member of the NYR beat (and many in the fan base) – I did predict the Rangers to finish with one of the top three playoff seeds of the division. The majority of everyone else had the Rangers projected to challenge for a wild-card berth – if they even had the Blueshirts contending at all.

(Yes, I know we haven’t even hit the 25% mark of the season just yet, but it’s my opinion that the Rangers, despite the Blais injury (which no one could’ve predicted), will only improve as the season progresses, as they adjust to Gallant (and his systems) and continue to gel as one cohesive unit.)

As I write these words to you on the evening of November 23rd (and with the Rangers exceeding all expectations); rather than hearing stories about how Adam Fox leads all defensemen in points, Chris Kreider leading the league in power-play goals, Artemi Panarin’s status as seventh place for most assists, or CZAR IGOR Shestyorkin as an early Vezina favorite – instead, the bulk of the attention is on the Rangers third pair and contenders for the press box – aka the seventh defensemen. Really, that’s what you’re worried about?

If you’re looking to maintain citizenship in the Land of Pessimism, then sure, go ahead – tell me all about Alexandar Georgiev and the options for the Rangers back-up goaltending position. While I try to maintain my often mocked “glass half-full” mentality on this site, even I addressed this situation fully at length last blog. That’s a credible story and a situation that will eventually have to be addressed – especially if Georgiev can’t regain his footing in his next start – assuming he gets another start. (I think he’ll get the game against Chicago next week.)

“Planes, Trains, Automobiles” – it doesn’t matter. Over 75% of Ranger fans believe that Georgiev needs to play his next game without the familiar diagonal “RANGERS” letters on his chest. Photo Credit: Alexandar Georgiev

Of note, in regards to Georgiev, I ran the following poll on Twitter on Monday:

The poll received nearly 200 responses. In addition, I received another sixty or so responses in the form of emails and direct messages. Plus, even Ron Duguay, who has been a critic of Georgiev’s from day one, chimed in, where once again, the former #10 let his opinion be known – Georgiev needs to go – whether to Hartford or elsewhere.

The responses I received in the poll pretty much represented the other feedback I got. 53.3% of the audience think that Georgiev should be demoted to Hartford. 24.6% believe that Georgiev should get one more chance. The remaining 22.1% believe that Georgiev should be the next player that Drury trades.

For you math whizzes out there, that means that 75.3% of the fan base (and others), believe that someone other than Georgiev should get the next slated back-up goaltender start on behalf of the Rangers.

(In addition, based on my personal correspondence with people who didn’t vote on the poll, three out of every four (75%) of my conversations aligned with the results of this poll – Georgiev needs to play somewhere else.)

Of course, since I’m usually on the minority side during such controversial issues, and as stated last blog – I think Georgiev should get one more start. However, I would 100% completely understand if that wasn’t the case.

In other words, while I wouldn’t mind if Georgiev got one more chance – I wouldn’t be up-in-arms if that doesn’t happen either. (This “go with the flow” opinion was also my take on the Rangers firing of David Quinn. It’s my belief that you don’t need a 100% one-sided opinion on everything – perhaps another controversial approach!)

At the end of the day, all of these numbers, polls and opinions pretty much equate to nothing. The only thing that matters here is what Chris Drury and Gerard Gallant think. We’ll see their line of thinking soon enough, especially with a scheduled back-to-back coming up on 12/3 and 12/4 (San Jose and Chicago, respectively).

Georgiev tangent over. Back to the defensemen!

If you want to argue that Zac Jones should be called up, I got no issue with that. However, to constantly cry whenever Tinordi or Nemeth start is ludicrous to me. Photo Credit: NYR

If there’s one thing Ranger fans (and the beat reporters) love to complain about, it’s Ranger defensemen. Similar to what I just said about Georgiev – once again, I find myself in the minority here.

After all, just look at this site’s archives or anything I’ve ever said on social media.

While fans (and other bloggers) have cried and cried about Ranger defensemen over the years, d-men such as Ryan McDonagh, Dan Girardi, Marc Staal, Kevin Klein, Kevin Shattenkirk, Keith Yandle, Tony DeAngelo and others – I was always talking up and supporting these players. And if you really look at it, with the exception of Girardi and Klein, who both soon retired after their Ranger days were over – all of these defensemen have continued to play well and successfully.

That said, I will be fair and admit that I’ve been harsh on Jacob Trouba, but as a caveat here – it’s what I always go back to – the disgusting NHL salary cap.

At $3M, Trouba is great. At $8M, not so much. The salary cap and Trouba’s contract are two topics I’ve spent enough words on, so no reason to go down this road again. You know my opinions on all of this already.

Anyway, ever since the Rangers thriller over the Sabres from Sunday night, the following names have garnered the bulk of attention throughout Rangerstown, USA: Jarred Tinordi, Patrik Nemeth, Nils Lundkvist and Libor Hajek. Not Adam Fox. Not Ryan Lindgren. Not CZAR IGOR. Not Artemi Panarin. And not Chris Kreider either.

I am sick of talking about the bellyaching whenever Nils Lundkvist is scratched. Photo Credit: NYR

I know some of this stuff may sound redundant, but yeah – I don’t care who is in the line-up, especially after a Rangers victory.

As stated about 78678678689767896 million times on this site – we are not there, we are not in the locker-room, we don’t know what goes on day-to-day, and we don’t know what’s truly going on at practice. Whenever Gallant (and maybe Drury) decide to go with Tinordi over Lundkvist – there’s a reason behind it, even if we’re not privy to it.

Is Tinordi here for the long-term? Of course not. He’s most likely a one-and-done Ranger, where if you are to read some of the complaints about him – you’d think the Jack Johnson of last season was the second-coming of Harry Howell.

Yes, Nils Lundkvist, in theory, should have the better career of the two, but as our old friend Alain Vigneault likes to say – “it’s a pro-cess”.

In essence, to moan and groan every time #27 in blue is scratched is a waste of time – or so I say!

There are a few things I said about Lundkvist when going into this season, and I think we’re seeing some of that now:

— The transition from Europe to America is a tough one, especially for a kid who didn’t grow up on the American game. Plus, prior to this season – Lundkvist never stepped one foot on American soil either.

— I thought that Lundkvist should’ve started the season in Hartford. After all, that’s what CZAR IGOR was forced to do.

However, the Rangers hyped this kid up so much (pretty much guaranteeing his roster spot before his plane even landed in New York), that unless he came out like fireworks on the Fourth of July, he was never going to reach these initial insane expectations bestowed upon him – from both the team and the fan base themselves. These were also the same fans who also told you how amazing Lias Andersson was going to be. Ditto Vitali Kravtsov.

— The Rangers, from the very tippy-top (James Dolan, Chris Drury and Gallant), and to the very-bottom, are in WIN-NOW mode. This is a team game. For everyone who continues to use the word rebuild – you’re lost. That word went out with Jeff Gorton, John Davidson and David Quinn.

— With Artemi Panarin, Mika Zibanejad, Chris Kreider and Jacob Trouba all in their prime (or so we think, especially with the latter), it’s all about winning. The Rangers aren’t going to coddle guys like Lafreniere, Kakko and Lundkvist himself. Twenty guys dress every game. Gallant and company are doing what’s best for a playoff run – and will not do what’s best for individual development. So to scream about Lundkvist’s lack of ice-time or Lafreniere not being on the power-play – it’s a futile thing to do. End of the day – this is a results-based business.

— Patrik Nemeth, despite the plethora of tears flowing out of the sockets of the ANALytical community, was signed for many reasons, with the biggest reason of them all being in order to help facilitate Lundkvist’s transition to the NHL.

Is Nemeth the best possible option available? No – Jones would be better. However, and despite how archaic and/or out-of-date this line of thinking is – in the past, elder Euros have worked wonders in mentor roles for their fellow countryman. Heck, this has even worked for former Swedes, even while at relatively the same age – look no further to the first pair of Swedish Rangers to play together for the club – Anders Hedberg and Ulf Nilsson.

The Rangers could’ve went after any available defenseman they wanted during last off-season, including retaining one of their own in Brendan Smith; but instead they decided to pluck Nemeth from Colorado due to his Swedish heritage. Photo Credit: Getty Images

I think a lot of the insane overreaction is pandemic-related, where otherwise sane people have gone off the rails a bit. It’s like they forgot everything that’s previously worked before. To celebrate every victory like the Super Bowl, and conversely go “gloom and doom” after every loss, is extreme. The same applies to player performances from game-to-game.

There is a reason why the adage “for the greater good” is a thing. That’s what the Rangers are doing with their third pair and seventh defenseman situations.

While you do need depth at the blue line, at the end of the day, if your biggest concern are the guys getting the least amount of minutes and who are in the press box – then your priorities are all screwed up. I’d be more worried about the lack of goals out of the soon-to-be $8.5M center – and not whatever Tinordi, Nemeth, Hajek or Lundkvist are doing.

Have Nemeth, Tinordi and Lundkvist been on the ice for many goals allowed lately? Sure. At the same time, aren’t they supposed to be? I mean, surely, you don’t want to see your top two defensive pairs giving up more goals than your last pair of rearguards. The goal differentials (for and against) should favor Fox, Lindgren, Miller and Trouba – even if the second-pair have had issues at certain points.

In a salary-cap world, and I can’t believe I even have to explain this – no team is going to be perfect, not even the Tampa Bay Lightning. There’s always going to be a weakness to exploit somewhere, in a league that wants to be in bed with parity.

(Then again, the NHL seems to enjoy a good old “menage a trois” too – as they usually have gambling in bed with them as well. When it comes to this “three-way” dance, the NHL enjoys the “Lucky Pierre” role.)

Lundkvist isn’t coming along as hoped – yet. But I think the insane expectations, where many of those people who were shouting Lundkvist’s name from the rooftops, didn’t even stop to think about the transition from playing in an inferior league to the best league in the entire world.

Can Tinordi and Nemeth be better? Sure, but they should be the least of anyone’s concerns.

And when it comes to Libor Hajek (and if you read the latest from Larry Brooks on Tuesday, you would’ve thought that Hajek’s agent Allen Walsh slipped him a few bills), I really could care less. As talked about last blog, I don’t even know why the Rangers re-signed #25 during the off-season in the first place.

When you boil it all down, even if Hajek starts to get some games as the Rangers 6D (Brooks is usually accurate with his predictions), will that really make that big of a difference?

For the Rangers to be successful, make the playoffs and then make some noise in them; it all comes down to this – the superstars showing up, CZAR IGOR playing lights out, and being able to roll-out four lines. Whatever the third pair does shouldn’t make or break the team, especially when their minutes will continue to be slashed as playoff games intensify.

And yes, I can’t believe I wrote so much about what really is an afterthought in regards to future Rangers success. I was baited in!

Moving on, how about Wednesday night’s game with the Islanders at the Irritable Bowel Syndrome arena at Belmont?

The cover boy will most likely see his BFF on the other side of the ice on Wednesday night, in the Islanders Ilya Sorokin. Photo Credit: THN

As like any other Rangers vs Islanders game, there are plenty of storylines prior to puck drop.

The lede story, which I’m about to get into, is obviously the Islanders issues with both injuries and COVID. That story takes away from lesser stories, such as this being Gerard Gallant’s debut in this historic rivalry, where he will face the head coach who defeated his Vegas Golden Knights in the 2018 Stanley Cup Final, Barry Trotz. Sadly, COVID-19 also postpones Zdeno Chara’s return to this feud, where very likely, not only will he miss this game – but Sunday night’s rematch at M$G too.

(One of my favorite Ranger vs Islander memories as a young adult (while attending a game), was when Theo Fleury got into it with Chara, where #14 in blue wound up his stick, and like a 1927 Babe Ruth, swung his lumber at the knees of Chara. Dirty? Yes. Entertaining for a Ranger fan – hell yeah!)

Before getting into all of the misery and medicals on the Islander end of things, let me say the following:

— Do you think Islander fans, and their players, gave one rat’s ass about the recent Rangers rebuild? No! Kudos to the fishsticks – they took care of business like they were supposed to.

— Additionally, do you think the Islanders and their fans cared about destroying the Rangers at the end of last season, which pretty much ended the rebuild and led to the multiple firings around Rangerstown? Of course not.

— Do you think anyone who supports the Islanders ever said, “yeah, we beat the Rangers, but look at us and look at them.” Of course not – and I wouldn’t expect them to either.

I say all of this, just to say that I have no sympathy for the current woes that the Islanders are enduring.

In turn, I’m also saying that the Rangers better handle business at the IBS Arena, as they have every advantage (including home ice, as that building will be full with Ranger fans), going into this game. Even with Potvin’s #5 hanging in the rafters – you’ll hear plenty of “POTVIN SUCKS” chants on Wednesday night.

If the Rangers win – they will have done what they are supposed to do.

Again, while not a “MUST-WIN” game, a Rangers loss would be catastrophic. Not only would the Rangers drop two points to a heated rival, they then would have given the Islanders some hope and confidence – a last place Islander team that’s currently on a six-game losing streak. The Rangers can’t be the ones to snap that streak – they have to extend it to seven games.

The Rangers of recent seasons would have definitely played the role of “slump-buster” here. Gallant’s new look team, who have defied some heavy odds this season, must do it again and knock off these Belmont Bozos. A loss would incite “SAME OLD RANGERS” comments. While a loss wouldn’t be the end of the season – it would be a setback.

Despite the season-ending injury incurred by Sammy Blais, the Rangers are relatively healthy. The Islanders are the complete opposite at the present moment.

The Rangers need to pile on to the train-wreck known as the Islanders.

Going into this game, the Islanders will be without Zdeno Chara, Josh Bailey, Anders Lee, Kieffer Bellows, Ross Johnston, Adam Pelech and Andy Greene, with all of these players currently on the NHL’s COVID-19 list. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Islanders will also be without Brock Nelson (lower body injury) – who also is the only Islander to score a goal at the new stable. Also missing from the line-up is one of the best Islanders defensemen, Ryan Pulock.

In turn, the Rangers will be facing an Islander team that only has their “Identity Line” (Martin/Cizikas/Clutterbuck) in-tact, mixed in with many AHLers. Hello Ryan Reaves!

I talked about this in-depth last blog (see the PLUGS segment below for that blog), but it’s my opinion that if this wasn’t the Islanders opening week at their new home, then last weekend’s pair of games, and this game too, would have been postponed. The Islanders currently have eight players on the COVID-19 list, two less than the Ottawa Senators, who were forced to cancel three games last week due to COVID issues.

That said, Islanders head-honcho, Lou Lamoriello, on Tuesday, did say that he talked to the league’s office about a possible postponement. However, as of this writing, the game is still on. Of course, by the time you read these words, the Islanders could’ve spread the virus around to more players on their roster. If that happens, that would most likely lead to a postponement – something that Islander fans are begging for.

After all, check out this text message from one of my friends in a group text, as I’m attending tomorrow’s game (if played) with him and several other of my friends:

Suck it Tom M.!

As stated, no Islander player or fan cared about the Rangers issues from last season (including injuries), nor celebrated their victories any less. And I’m fine with that. That’s what Islander fans should’ve done.

During the course of a season, every team will have their issues, whether injury-related and now COVID related too. For the Rangers, they have to seize the moment (carpe diem), and do what they are supposed to. Even better? If the Rangers can blow the Islanders out of the water to a tune of 9-0 or greater!

If the game does go on as scheduled, I’d shudder to think of the reaction should the Rangers lose. So simply stated – don’t lose. JUST WIN BABY!

And hey, it’s not the Rangers fault that the Islanders were doing Mexican porn with the horses at Belmont and got sick! I kid, I kid! Or am I? Hmmm!

Speaking of Ranger rivals, let’s now take a quick look at Uncle Daddy Marty Brodeur and those horrendous third jerseys the Devils will soon sport.

P.K. Slewban modeling the Devils hideous attempt at a third jersey, a sweater that seems to pay tribute more to the Chicago Blackhawks than to the Devils themselves. Photo Credit: Chicago Blackhawks and NJ Devils.

There are many images of the Devils new third jersey, a jersey that made the light of day on Tuesday. You can Google or search the Devils social media pages for more images, but since they are so hideous and graphic, I have only decided to include one – the picture depicted above.

Allegedly, these new jerseys were the brainchild of Marty Brodeur, who also modeled these jerseys on Tuesday too. Yeah, Marty had the better career, but if I was looking for a goaltender to give me fashion advice, I’d seek the opinions of Henrik Lundqvist.

After seeing the word “JERSEY” front-and-center on this new jersey (and New Jersey too I suppose), I also have to wonder if Brodeur has the words “WIFE” and “SISTER-IN-LAW” proudly showcased on his family members as well. <Rimshot!>

Black jerseys (and sporting apparel), the common craze in the fashion world, have been requested by Devil fans for some time, especially since that color is also featured on their home red sweaters. I’m not opposed to the Devils having black jerseys, but simply putting the NJD logo on black fabric would’ve been better than whatever the Devils were going for here.

In a separate note, I was asked by Ranger fans if the Rangers plan on having a third/alternate jersey this season and/or if they will go back to the Liberty jersey. I honestly don’t know. If you know me, then you know that fashion is not my area of expertise!

However, if the Rangers do go with a third jersey, I’d have to think they’d come up with something new – just because this is a cash game and new swag equals more profits.

Plus, while hockey is a niche sport in America; the dedicated hardcore fans will always show their support with their wallets – and the Rangers (and the NHL) have no problem abusing that knowledge.

One last thing before getting into the PLUGS and the NYR podcast scene wrap-up – my latest article for Stan Fischler’s “Fischler Report”.

Unlike the Devils, the Coyotes do have a sweet third jersey, with their “Kachina” threads. Photo Credit: Arizona Coyotes

On Monday, my latest piece for Stan Fischler’s Java Jive ran, an article on the Arizona Coyotes, where the goal was to present a positive outlook – admittedly a tough task considering the current state of the franchise. However, while trying to do my best, I did find some things for Coyote fans to look forward to.

You can read the article from its original source here: https://www.thefischlerreport.com

However, some of you told me that the article is behind a paywall, and since the article has been up for a while, here it is in this space for you, my regular readers. Enjoy!


THE JIVE: Our roving-the-continent reporter, Sean McCaffrey, takes a more positive look at the Coyotes and their situation in Glendale. See what you think:

It hasn’t been easy for fans of the “Desert Dogs”, a team now celebrating their 25th anniversary in Arizona. Since the 1996 move from Winnipeg, the franchise has never won a Conference Final, much less a Stanley Cup.

To compound matters, the club recently endured a myriad of issues, including the Mitch Miller controversy, the debacle with former general manager John Chayka and last season’s firing of head coach Rick Tocchet.

If that was enough drama on the Coyotes plate, not only was the team forced to move from a weak Pacific division to a more competitive Central division – the team will also have to relocate from their current digs at the Gila River Arena (Glendale) at the conclusion of this season. At least Buffalo is secure in their home!

Despite everything (as Arizona flirts with the 1974-75 Washington Capitals record of futility), fans of the Kachina remain loyal and proud. Taking in an Arizona home game will show you as much. Rather than spiting the team in their current state, these true-hearted fans look ahead to better days – even if the future is in Phoenix, Tempe or possibly Houston – a different can of worms for another time.

Prior to the pandemic, attendance figures were climbing upwards in the desert. A few weeks into this 2021-22 season, while there have been some soft crowds, the Coyotes have been able to reach a capacity number of 88% on some nights – a strong number when you consider that league-wide attendance across the board is down, as fans slowly start to return to the arenas.

Inspiring faith in the Grand Canyon State, is 2020 hire, general manager Bill Armstrong, who won a Stanley Cup in 2019 as the assistant g.m. of the St. Louis Blues. Among Armstrong’s numerous duties in St. Louis was scouting and developing young talent, where he was able to pluck signature pieces for the Blue Note Cup run.

Following Tocchet’s dismissal, Armstrong’s hiring of head coach André Tourigny should help the rebuilding franchise with its youth, as the man behind the bench has had success at both the national and minor-league levels.

With the new front office pressing the reset button, the Coyotes acquired a lot of expiring contracts this season, where come the off-season – the club only has four (yes four) NHL contracts on their books. From there, it’s all about the 2022 NHL Draft, where the team will be a favorite to land projected #1 overall pick Shane Wright – a centerman thought to be a franchise player.

If being in the running for the first overall pick wasn’t enough positive news, the Coyotes also have two more 2022 first-round selections, via their previous trades with Montreal (Christian Dvorak) and Colorado (Darcy Keumper). The club also possesses a whopping five 2022 second-round picks as well. And with an incredible projected salary-cap space of $51,265,000 for the 2022-23 campaign – the sunbelt team will not only load up at draft, but can be players during free agency too.

Even better? Armstrong is most likely to make trade-deadline deals this season, which will only bolster the team’s cupboard of draft picks and prospects.

In the near-future, Coyote fans will be treated to power-forward Dylan Guenther, the 9th overall selection of the 2021 NHL Draft. A 2021 gold medalist from Canada’s Under-18 team, the 2019-20 Jim Piggott Memorial Trophy winner, and current alternate captain of the Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL), should also help to brighten hopes.

No fan wants to see his (or her) team lose. However, every team, no matter what the sport, endures aches and pains. It’s part of the business.

While things are bleak now, Armstrong and company have given fans a whiff of what’s to come. Between building a sturdy foundation, acquiring prospects, accumulating draft picks and a ton of upcoming salary cap space to boot – this current season will hopefully one day become a footnote for exceptional things ahead.

For the franchise’s dedicated fan base, devout supporters through these tough times, for their sake – let’s just hope the team is still in Arizona when those days come. Those fans deserve it.

As we wind down – the PLUGS and the podcast news. Up first, the book plug!

The hardcover version of my book, available now at Amazon.com

The first plug of tonight’s blog – the mandatory plug for my new book, “The New York Rangers Rink of Honor and the Rafters of Madison Square Garden”. And let me say this – thank you to everyone who has bought one, as my Amazon sales have exceeded all expectations, where for a limited time (that damn Mark Messier who just released a book!), my book was number one on the Amazon hockey book sales charts.

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Here are my last few blogs, in case you missed them:

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As an immature male, I love the Howard Stern inspired “whackpack” feuds on “The Blueshirt Undergound Show”. Listen to the show for the Ranger analysis; stick around for the comedy. Photo Credit: BSU

In no order of importance, on Tuesday, my three favorite Ranger podcasts returned, as these programs got ahead of Thursday’s Thanksgiving holiday.

Up first, Ron Duguay’s “Up in the Blue Seats” podcast, which you can listen to here:

This was another short episode of “Up in the Blue Seats”, where I thought the segment with Larry Brooks was the best. Denis Potvin won’t generate interest among most Ranger fans, but his interview was good for hockey fans. It’s also apparent that Duguay’s co-hosts should brush up on their history before interviewing NHL legends. Duguay knew the origination of the “POTVIN SUCKS” chant – his co-hosts did not.

And I know I’ve said this before, but while I enjoy the morning-show banter between Walker and Brown – it would be great if they knew the history of this franchise. I know this is probably something that bothers me more than most – after all, I wrote about a book about Rangers history, as BSU whackpacker Cutter will pleasantly remind you of!

“The Blueshirt Underground Show” also returned on Tuesday. To listen/watch the show, click the play button below:

If you just want comedy, fast-forward to the end, and enjoy the bit between Matt Morello, the self-appointed leader of the “mWo”, as he spars words with fellow whackpacker “Salty” Cutter. If you liked the old Howard Stern bits, featuring Jeff The Drunk, Crackhead Bob, Beetlejuice and whackpackers like them – you’ll love this. Plus, there is also some good Ranger talk on the show too.

Seriously speaking, while BSU, like this site, definitely embraces the comedy – they also provide great thought-inducing opinions on the Rangers too.

As I was posting this blog, our friends over at “2 Guys 1 Cup” announced that they’d be releasing a podcast late Tuesday night, with our buddy Danny Mack as a special guest. The show’s preview says co-hosts Shawn and Roc will talk about the latest in Rangerstown, the state of the Wolfpack, Brennan Othmann and the future of Georgiev.

You can find the latest episode of “2 Guys 1 Cup” by visiting the program’s Twitter account @2G1CRangers or by clicking this link:


If you haven’t already, subscribe to this blog for the next update:

Photo Credit: Forbes

Up next: Islanders vs Rangers on Wednesday night, hopefully.

As mentioned, I’m attending this game, so the recap will either be posted extremely late on Wednesday night, or perhaps early Thursday afternoon, before I head off to my sister’s house for a Thanksgiving meal.

I’m also supposed to attend a Rangers/Bruins watch party on “Black Friday”, so that review will most likely be posted late too.

Stay FABULOUS my friends.

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5 thoughts on “Rangers vs Islanders Round One Preview; COVID Concerns, Gallant, Power of Positivity vs Negativity; Fans & Beat Ignore Impressive Stats; Focus on Seventh Defenseman Instead, Georgiev Poll Results, State of the Arizona Coyotes, Those Disgusting Devil Jerseys, NYR Podcasts & More

  1. Sean
    We are hearing of all these C19 protocol cases in the NHL so here is the thing and I think this is a very important question

    Since we know nearly 100% of the players were vaccinated, how many of them actually came down with C19 and were there any cases of players that previously recovered from C19 and were vaccinated that were reinfected?

    In these things the NHL players can serve as a sort of proxy data base of a fully vaccinated group.

    I don’t know when they will ever admit it but it should be obvious by now to all this vaccine does not even work.

    It is a shame that a simple observation like my last statement is now dangerous to a person’s reputation and well being to even say out loud but that is where we are at.

  2. Hartford
    To work with Benoit Allaire and get some games in, I don’t think a team should just give up on any goaltender simply because he had a few bad games when that goaltender has put as much time in on the team as Georgiev has done with the Rangers…….also if Georgy could return to his previous form the team would be better off going as planned with Shesty and Georgy……I guess the whole thing boils down to, what is wrong with Georgiev’s current game? and can Allaire fix it?

    Jesus!……..these people are lunatics and it is getting way passed funny.


  3. I want Georgiev to work on his game and get back to form. Goaltending is a confidence thing and he has been playing through a bad streak. There are not many goalies who have not gone through steaks of mediocre and sub par performance in their careers. Funny thing with Rangers fans always seem to focus on the performance of non key players.

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