NYR/NYI 4/1 Review: April Snooze Day! Rangers Play Like Horse Manure; Isles Still Stink, M$GN Broadcast Worse than NYR; Romulus & Remus, “National Isles Month,” Wolfpack D-Men Report; NYR Sign Another, Kakko, Gallant Laughs Then Fumes & More

The Rangers lost a snoozer of a game on Friday night, where they allowed the Belmont Bozos to shut them out by a final score of 3-0. Despite the score, you could argue that the M$GN broadcast was infinitely worse than the game itself.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. Ugh.

“We were horseshit.” – Gerard Gallant, Friday, April 1st, at 9:35PM.

(Of note: that word, “horseshit,” will be featured a lot during this blog. You’ve been warned!)

On Friday night, at the “World’s Most Expensive Arena,” the Rangers, who going into this contest, were riding a four-game win streak, put forth one of their most listless performances yet, if not their most listless performance of the season; where the end result saw the home team get embarrassed by the inferior Islanders.

Note that I used the word “performance,” and not “effort.”

This was a tough and slumberous game to watch – assuming that you stayed awake during the entire sixty-minute affair.

To fast-forward to the aftermath of this game, and as Gallant’s quote would suggest – there are many residents of Rangerstown, USA questioning the team’s effort after this game. I totally understand that.

Call me a homer, call me too positive, call me delusional, call me what you want; but I don’t know if the effort was the issue – even if the head coach and his players said as much.

While I do think that the Islanders wanted this game more, as they relished in their spoiler role; there was never one point in this game where I thought that the Rangers gave up.

As much as it pains me to say it, Seymon Varlamov, the Isles’ netminder, and a current Rangers killer too; in my opinion, he was absolutely the best player on the ice.

There were many times during this game where the Rangers could’ve broken up what eventually became a 3-0 shutout, but Varlamov wasn’t having it on this night.

Compounding matters, was that the Rangers, collectively as a group, all looked “off” too; where many times throughout this particular tilt, they went wide on shots that they’d normally bury. It was like they were paying tribute to Julien Gauthier tonight.

Between Varlamov and the many misses – the Isles were able to prevent the Rangers from grabbing two points in the standings tonight. To say that the effort wasn’t there? I think that’s easier for Gallant to say, as a motivational tactic, rather than yours truly, perhaps a “simp” of this team, myself.

If you’re a real Rangers fan, then you hate the Islanders. If you don’t, then you’re not really a Rangers fan – just like those two goofballs, Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti – two broadcasters who I’ll soon get into.

Obviously, for the Rangers – this game sucked. In fact, it sucked big-time.

What makes this loss even worse, is that of all 31 teams that the Rangers play during a regular season – it were the Islanders who drubbed the home team on this night.

Had the Rangers lost in this fashion to a non-rival, it would be much easier to say, “forget it, burn the tape and move on.”

As someone who has been “glass half-full” all season – that’s still my mentality after this disgusting loss. However, if you want to throw a bitch fit and go into gloom-and-doom mode – I won’t stop ya!

No Rangers fan wants to see a loss like this. The same applies to Ranger bettors. It also most certainly applies to the fans who paid sky-high ticket prices for this game:

The walk-in price (worst seat in the house) for this game ran nearly $200 tonight. The reasons for this highest ticket price of the season were obvious – the Rangers are rollin’, the Isles were the opponent, and it was Friday night. Photo Credit: StubHub

Outside of the opponent being the Islanders, a team that plays in a horseshit infested stable, which is what made Gallant’s quote so fitting; I think a major source of frustration was watching the Rangers play out of character.

This game wasn’t like the 68 others we’ve seen.

Sure, the Rangers have had bad losses before (Calgary and Colorado), but you could explain those losses away. (The schedule, COVID, injuries, etc.)

This loss was unique. It came with the Rangers riding a strong winning streak, a winning streak where the power-play was scoring and where Trouba’s new pals were thriving. Even the top guys (Chris Kreider, Adam Fox, Mika Zibanejad and Jacob Trouba), where only Artemi Panarin was the lone exception, couldn’t get going.

I know how everyone overreacts and runs to the bridges after a bad loss, but that’s not me. To me, this game was an anomaly – and not the norm.

As I said after the recent loss to the Devils – I 100% expect the Rangers to win their next game, and in turn, this game will soon be forgotten. Unfortunately, the Rangers don’t play on Saturday night, so us fans will have 48 hours to stew until the Rangers take the ice again. I’m sure the team themselves will be stewing too. I know Gallant is.

My remedy for fellow fans? Think about this:

— The Rangers are still in second-place and control their own destiny for home ice in the playoffs.

— This was a “Stanley Cup Game 7” game for the Islanders. They will be golfing come May. They have peaked and you won’t see them in another Eastern Conference Final for a long, long, and do I mean long, time.

— The Rangers usually rise up against quality competition, and come out flat like a fart in church against horseshit teams – which the Islanders are.

— Come the playoffs, where the Rangers will be in just a month’s time; they won’t see the Islanders. They will most likely see the Penguins – a team that the Rangers have played well against all season. To worry about one game out of 82 is the work of a fool.

In this 2021-22 season, this game was a big win for the Islanders. For the Rangers, they have bigger fishsticks to fry.

If there was anything that truly “bothered” me after this game, outside of the HORRENDOUS, TERRIBLE AND OUTRIGHT BRUTAL M$GN broadcast tonight; it’s the fact that Ranger fans were so quick to turn on their team after a loss.

After all, no team goes 82-0.

Sure, the loss sucked horse dong, but since the head coach buried the team (where it’s my opinion that he only did so as a motivational tactic – and not as an overall assessment of his team’s season), fans will and/or can parrot what “The Turk” said.

Similar to the word “soft,” which I’ve discussed on this site before; once the head coach says something negative, it gives fans the right to mimic what the bench boss said. Tonight, that word will be “horseshit.”

If anything, I just hope that fans don’t take this one-game indictment as a generality about the season itself. And if some fans do – so be it, it won’t impact my outlook!

Plus – everyone is entitled to their own opinions anyway. These blogs are just mine – nothing more, nothing less!

And while my pregame predictions for Friday night couldn’t have been any further from what actually happened; I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Rangers go on another four-game win streak, when they play the Flyers, Devils, Penguins and Senators.

Should the Rangers win these next four games; following that, it’s a home game with Carolina. Win that game, and no one will remember this “horseshit.”

At this time, let’s get into the news, interviews and of course, the main event – the GAME REVIEW.

However, up first, Rich Murphy’s third and final look at the Hartford Wolfpack, where in this go-around, he wraps up by taking a look at the defensemen.

Check out Sunday night’s blog for Murphy’s report on the state of Hartford Wolfpack goaltending and Tuesday night’s blog for his take on the ‘Pack forwards. Photo Credit: Rich Murphy

The Other Side of the Glass

The Defensemen

Jeff Taylor – he has recently been playing as a fourth line forward, rather than at his natural position.

Not a strong defenseman, this journeyman has one offensive play – a shot from the point that may hit the goalie. I never liked this signing. He has bounced between the Jacksonville Icemen (ECHL) and Hartford. Grade D. He should be scrubbed from the team.

Zach Giuttari – now in his second season with the ‘Pack, Zach played a forward role at Rangers’ rookie camp.

A right defenseman from Rhode Island, he usually plays on the third pair. However, with Schneider now in New York; he is regularly featured on the second pair – only if Hunter Skinner isn’t in the lineup (which surprisingly is often).

I like the kid – he tends to pinch when needed, works well to command a point on the power-play when asked, and he’s also defensively sound. Grade B.

Jarred Tinordi – we didn’t understand the need in New York when JT was first signed by Drury.

Tinordi, who has spent most of the season with the ‘Pack; has no leadership skills despite now possessing the “A” that Anthony Bitetto (now with the San Jose Sharks organization) had before he was traded.

He misses assignments regularly and in a new wrinkle, often takes bad penalties. The only thing I can say that he does well that Taylor doesn’t, is that Tinordi can play some effective D in the neutral zone.

That said, the losses vs Springfield this week were the end result of blown assignments by Tinordi and Lundkvist. Like Karen Kinkaid, I don’t see this unrestricted free agent back next season. Grade C-

Zac Jones – during the preseason, we all tried figuring out who would play RD with Nemeth. I really thought that Jones, at the start of the season, had the better chance. Instead the opportunity was given to Lundkvist, and Jones soon departed to Hartford, in a move to get him more playing/ice time.

Jones was quickly paired with Schneider on the first pair (many thought Robertson, with his skill, would be on the first pair, but Jones was the right move).

Since then, Jones is THE D-MAN of the ‘Pack.

PK1, PP1, LD1, RD at times – Zac is the backbone of the blue line. He’s usually double-shifted too.

Jones has strong puck handling skills and can lead the scoring rush as well.

Grade – A. He’s truly the bright spot right now of the defense.

Nils Lundkvist – I’m really confused with him. He’s touted as a skilled d-man. However, he’s playing like a wet noodle right now. He clearly doesn’t want to be on the ice.

I’m unsure if it’s due to the long season, the lack of leadership, homesickness, or all of it combined; but in either event – he’s lost his way.

He takes too many penalties, has too many miscues, makes too many passes to no one, and often misses assignments. All of the “too many” errors are piling up.

Overall he’s a C/C-. However, recently, he’s playing at a D-level.

Lundkvist is the biggest disappointment in Hartford.

Sure, Tinordi is a disappointment too – but we all know that he’s at the end of his tenure.

Lundkvist, with his alleged “talent;” at the moment, he’s looking to be another shortfall from Sweden (ala Lias Andersson without the drama – and not Henrik Lundqvist who definitely wasn’t a shortfall). I hope to be wrong about Nils, but so far Steven Voogel’s hype of Swedish stars is looking to be 0-2.

Hunter Skinner – Skinner started the season trying to do everything possible. And he paid for it – by living in the penalty box.

Since a benching (which took place prior to the COVID outbreak), Skinner returned and became more reserved in his play. He has been working the lanes, he became even tempered, and he is now more of a contributor. This led to Skinner scoring goals around Christmastime.

Due to the addition of Scanlin, the need to play both Jones and Lundkvist, and Guittari also proving well; Skinner has now become a healthy scratch.

I hate the move, but that’s what happens when Guittari, Skinner, Jones and Lundkvist play. Grade: B

Matthew Robertson: there were high hopes that Robertson would play on the first pair, given his strong training camp from last season.

The 6’4″ LD seemed to have two left feet at the start of the season. That, along with the depth at the position, fell Robertson to the third pair.

Since that time, he has made a strong claim for the team’s second pairing left defenseman, where he’s currently behind Jones/Lundkvist.

I look forward in seeing more from this rookie’s development, especially given his size. He can easily make a case for PK1, and possibly a case for PP2. too. Grade: B+

Going into this game with the Isles – there was one given – the cover boy himself, CZAR IGOR, would be starting. Photo Credit: The Hockey News

Following the pair of back-to-back wins on the road, the Rangers took Thursday off.

On Friday morning, the team took a pregame skate. Following the light practice, both Ryan Reaves and Gerard Gallant spoke to the media.

Here’s what “The Grim Reaver” said:

Aside from praising his teammates, where #75 raved about Chris Kreider and his new teammates too; Reaves talked about his own situation. Reaves said that while he’s never happy to sit (nor should any player have that mentality), he’ll never bring any negative energy to the locker room. Reaves also mentioned that due to his age and experience – he understands it.

Reaves, who prides himself on being a veteran leader in the locker room; also said that he will always bring a positive influence and energy to the locker room. Reaves also brought up how the playoffs are a whole different animal, and how you always have to be ready – especially because of injuries and wear-and-tear.

As always is the case, I thought that Reaves once again came off as open and honest. He never holds back.

The head coach shared some roster updates in his latest edition of “Turk Talk.” Here’s Gallant:

Gallant, who was in a good mood (and it’s easy to understand why, or at least why prior to this match with the Isles), joked around a bit during the interview.

Towards the end, Gallant said that he wouldn’t be revealing his line-up changes, where after saying so, he stated: “I’m not sure yet. It’s April Fools, you aren’t going to believe me anyway.” Gallant, who laughed as he said that, followed that up with, “I’m funny today, ain’t I?”

(He wasn’t laughing after tonight’s game.)

In serious news, Gallant said that Ryan Strome, who didn’t practice with the team, is skating by himself. At the time, Gallant said he didn’t think Strome would be able to play against the Islanders, but he didn’t rule it out completely. (In the end, Strome didn’t play.)

When it comes to Kaapo Kakko and Kevin Rooney, “The Turk” said that neither would be playing this game, nor on Sunday, when the Rangers host the Flyers. However, Gallant said there was a possibility that both could return sometime next week.

I know I brushed upon this a few times on this site already; but Gallant’s job is going to get a lot tougher once Kakko and Rooney return.

In my opinion (and let me stress for the 86348383838348th time on this site that I’ll be fine with whatever Gallant does), it’s easy to work in Kevin Rooney, a fourth-line grinder, back into the line-up. He can easily replace Jonny Brodzinski and/or Greg McKegg.

When it comes to Kakko, that’s a tougher pickle in my eyes.

It all comes down to this – who are you bumping? Surely not Frank Vatrano. And assuming that Strome will be returning soon – I don’t see how you can bump Andrew Copp from the second line right wing position either.

I know some people think the quick fix is installing Kakko on the third line, in favor of Barclay Goodrow, but I’m not so sure about that either. I know that many people think that Kakko has the potential to be better than Goodrow; but on this date of April 1st, 2022 – I much rather see Goodrow – especially when you consider that #21 is successful at the faceoff circle.

And should you believe that Kakko, and his two goals in 22 games prior to his injury (where need I remind you, that both of these goals were scored in the same game against the crappy Coyotes), is a better player than Goodrow; I’m not so sure that Kakko complements Lafreniere and Chytil as well as Goodrow does. There’s something to that “veteran factor.”

I know other people may say, “well, you can bump Motte or Hunt then.” My response to that is that Kakko isn’t a fourth-line type, and I much rather see what Gallant has been doing.

I think you also have to keep the following in mind – all season long, Gallant has said he’ll do what’s best for the team – and not what’s best for one player. Gallant also said that he doesn’t want to give his young players five-to-six minutes a game, in order to just play them.

If I’m hinting at anything – I don’t think Kakko is an “automatic given” to play in every game that the Rangers play from this point on, and into the playoffs. I’m not saying that he won’t play and/or be “shutdown”, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get some time in the press box either.

At the end of the day, that’s why Gallant gets paid the big bucks. He’ll figure this stuff out, while I’ll stay home and opine. And with what Gallant has been doing all season, I’ll be fine with whatever he does.

Plus, as the head coach always says – “ONE GAME AT A TIME!”

In a move that was expected following the trades of Anthony Bitetto and Tarmo Reunanen; on Friday afternoon, the Rangers signed University of Massachusetts defenseman Bobby Trivigno. He’s expected to play for the ‘Pack on Saturday night. Photo Credit: NYR

After the Rangers practice and media interviews, at around 2PM Friday afternoon, the team announced that they had come to terms with defenseman Bobby Trivigno.

During the past few weeks, the highly heralded collegiate player was linked to the Rangers.

After all, the Long Island native grew up rooting for the Rangers, and like his blue line brethren, Adam Fox – he too wanted to play for the Rangers. Better than that, especially if Trivigno can ever make an impact with his favorite team – the defenseman spurned the Islanders during this process.

Here’s what the Rangers said about the signing, courtesy of https://www.nhl.com/rangers/news/rangers-agree-to-terms-with-bobby-trivigno/c-332520426:

New York Rangers President and General Manager Chris Drury announced today that the team has agreed to terms with college free agent forward Bobby Trivigno.

Trivigno, 23, recently completed his senior season at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Hockey East), where he served as captain for the Minutemen.

In 2021-22, Trivigno tallied a career-high 20 goals and 29 assists for 49 points and a plus-22 rating in 37 games. Among NCAA skaters, he ranked tied for third in points, tied for eighth in assists and tied for ninth in goals. Trivigno was named the 2021-22 Hockey East Player of the Year, the College Hockey News Player of the Year, and a Hobey Baker Award Top 10 finalist, the award for the top collegiate hockey player. He also became the fourth player to win the Walter Brown Award in back-to-back seasons, presented annually to the best American-Born Division I college hockey player in New England.

The Setauket, New York native finished his collegiate career with 53 goals and 78 assists for 131 points and a plus-73 rating in 139 games. In 2020-21, he helped guide the Minutemen to a national championship, where he was named the Most Outstanding Player of the Frozen Four and to the All-Tournament Team. That season, he led UMass in scoring with 11 goals and 23 assists for 34 points in 29 games. In 2020-21, he earned CCM/AHCA Hockey First Team All-America honors and was also selected to the All-USCHO and to the Hockey East All-Star First Team. As a freshman in 2018-19, he played in a career-high 39 games, finishing 16th in the nation in freshman scoring (13G-15A) and tied for fourth in the Hockey East.

A 5-8, 161 pounder, Trivigno played one season for the Waterloo Black Hawks of the United States Hockey League (USHL), notching 16 goals and 27 assists for 43 points in 58 games and a plus-11 rating. Trivigno attended Shattuck St. Mary’s, where he won a national title in 2016 with the U-16 team.

For Trivigno, this is a dream come true.

I’d also like to wish Trivigno all the best of luck moving forward.

In addition, the Rangers latest signee is someone who certainly makes Mollie Walker, of the New York Post (who like Trivigno, is a fellow UMass graduate herself), extremely happy. (Just like with her stuff about Zac Jones, Walker has already taken an extreme bias to her fellow alumni – and I don’t blame her one bit!)

Here’s what “The Turk” went with for this “Glenn Healy Tribute” game:

FIRST LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Vatrano

SECOND LINE: Panarin/Copp/Hunt

THIRD LINE: Lafreniere/Chytil/Goodrow

FOURTH LINE: Motte/McKegg/Reaves

Defensively, we had this:

FIRST D-PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND D-PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD D-PAIR: Nemeth/Schneider

And in net, CZAR IGOR


The following information and graphics come from the new world-wide leader in NHL coverage, ESPN.com:





27 0 27 1.000 23 2 2 0 0 60:00 0


18 3 15 .833 9 2 4 0 0 59:18 0

I don’t recall one moment in my life when John Davidson, the Rangers analyst of my youth, ever praised the Islanders. Photo Credit: M$GN

A 3-0 shutout loss to the Islanders is infuriating. More infuriating than that was this entire M$GN broadcast.

A few blogs ago, when the Rangers dropped a decision to the Islanders on St. Patrick’s Day, where the zebras most certainly played a part in that (however – you can’t blame the officials for this Rangers loss tonight); I told you that I attended that game.

I later told you that many people, including people who I respect and whose opinions I value, including Jim S. of “The Blueshirt Underground Show;” all told me how bad the M$GN broadcast was.

While hearing that the M$GN broadcast was bad didn’t surprise me; what somewhat surprised me was everyone telling me much the crew were pro-Islander.

As you may know by now, the M$GN is one giant happy family, where they are more like the “Brady Bunch” kids, and less like the “Step by Step” kids. (Of note – “Step by Step” was such an underrated TGIF show, a show from my formative years that I still vividly remember today! “The Codeman!”)

For over two-and-a-half hours, or however long this broadcast was; it was non-stop Islander propaganda. It was like Sam Rosen, Joe Micheletti, Sieve Vagistat and John Giannone were all inspired by the Russian and North Korean media.

This was sickening.

I’m not exaggerating or making any of this up either.

At one point, the broadcast started running Anders Lee profile packages. What Ranger fan wanted to see that?

They also had one of those corny bits featuring two family members who root for both teams.


Can you tell me what Ranger fan wants to be subjected to this crap? Or better yet, horseshit?

Needless to say, these two dorky brothers weren’t exactly Romulus and Remus. (And if any other hockey site is busting out a Romulus and Remus reference, I’d like to know who!)

The material was so bad, that it made you want to violently vomit.

As if we aren’t aware that people in New York root for both teams. However, and for whatever reason – two family members rooting for different teams gave Sam and Joe raging boners.


I think I made my point, even if I’ll go back to this!

Another classless and disgusting move by the Rangers M$GN crew tonight? After the Islanders honored the legendary Stan Fischler (who is in town) on Thursday night, as “The Maven” turned ninety years old on 3/31 – the Rangers absolutely ignored Fischler’s birthday. Running multiple segments about two brothers wearing two different jerseys was more important. Photo Credit: New York Islanders/M$GN

The broadcast was horseshit the second 6:30PM hit.

Rather than Henrik Lundqvist in-house, we had to deal with the irritating Sieve Vagistat. This was kind of fitting for this horseshit broadcast, since Vagistat is a former Islander himself.

At least David Cone, of the YES Network, who played for both the Yankees and the Mets; WAS A STARTER, that you know, ACTUALLY WON CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES. Vagistat is just horseshit – no matter how much he tries to pump up his legendary and epic NHL career of 46 games.

Also worth mentioning? Ever since Major League Baseball instituted inter-league play in 1997 (and with the YES Network coming into existence in 2002) – I HAVE NEVER HEARD THE YANKEES CREW EVER RAVE ABOUT THE METS.


Tonight, it was just a non-stop Islander love-fest, where if Michelle Gingras (who just gave birth two weeks ago) was there, she may have become pregnant again.

Vagistat, more horrible than usual, opened up the broadcast by giving us more of his war stories from the 46 most magical NHL games ever played. He then started talking about his relationship with Brock Nelson, and how he once coached him. No wonder why the Islanders choked during their last two Eastern Conference Finals!

Again – this is a Rangers broadcast, yet the seven-foot Clairol King goof was wasting our time by telling us about how much he loves Brock Nelson. WHAT RANGER FAN WANTS TO HEAR THAT HORSESHIT?

Equally as pathetic, was M$GN showing us shots of these adult cretins begging for free shit on the glass during warm-ups. I’ll save you from another rant on this – but these warm-ups are for the kids – and not for these grown adults begging for a free puck. Get a life.

Seriously, what goes through the mind of an adult male (without a child in tow, where then this is acceptable – as if you’re doing it for your seed, I’m fine with that), who makes signs that say:





And so forth.

(And yep, my frustration and anger about this game is projected on the broadcast. The Rangers have been great all season – the Henrik Lundqvist-less broadcasts have been awful.)

The only decent thing about the broadcast was Dave Maloney, who understands the rivalry. He talked up Braden Schneider and “Trouba’z Treehouse Gang.”

After naming K’Andre Miller’s walk-off game winner against horseshit Buffalo as “the number one play of the month of March” (not featured during the Top Ten moments of March? Georgiev’s shutout against Carolina); we then went back to Vagistat, who pulled out his homemade arts-and-crafts charts and told us that Panarin is good at hockey.

What ever would we have done without Vally’s hieroglyphics and ANALytics? Without them, we might not have known that Panarin is a great hockey player!

Once 7PM hit, we went to Sam and Joe.

No joke, after watching this broadcast, I think Micheletti was auditioning for Butch Goring’s job. Maybe Micheletti is getting ready for Sam to retire.

Speaking of Goring, NEVER, not once, have I ever seen him promote the Rangers. I have never heard him make excuses for the Rangers. Goring gets it. I respect him for it. Heck, he even mocks the Rangers on social media.

And to clear, I’m not saying that Sam and Joe have to wave Ranger pom-poms all game. I’m just saying that they don’t have to talk about the Islanders as if they are the greatest thing to ever exist. Even worse – making excuses for the Islanders when they are not doing well.


I know, I went way too long on this horrible horseshit broadcast, but this is my way of venting. Plus, we can somewhat breeze through the GAME REVIEW.

Speaking of, let’s get into it – I have stalled long enough.

I thought Artemi Panarin (in addition to the penalty kill) was the lone bright spot during a bad loss. Ironically, he too, like his head coach, went to the world of fecal matter in his post-game interview, where he said that the team played like they had “shit in their pants.” He should’ve heard the broadcast! Photo Credit: NYR

The Islanders pretty much foreshadowed what was to come at the onset of the period.

After Brock Nelson defeated Mika at the dot; just under thirty seconds later, Igor was forced to make a tough save on Anthony Beauvillier. A minute later, Dryden Hunt, who didn’t exactly have the best game of his career tonight; kept a puck in the Isles’ d-zone following a big hit. The Isles soon iced the puck afterwards.

In another foreshadowing moment; at the two minute mark, Adam Fox razzled-and-dazzled his way into the Isles’ zone. He then set-up Panarin, who rang a puck so hard off of the crossbar, that even Sam Rosen heard it, a Rosen who then temporarily stopped talking about the Islanders to talk about this <DING>.

In one of those “what if” moments, and following Breadman’s clank off of the iron; the Isles got into the Rangers d-zone.

In something that we’ve seen a lot of this season, the Rangers had a “Craigs List Missed Connection” when trying to clear a puck, where this time, Braden Schneider was the offender (and not much of a defender tonight too.)

Ryan Pulock, as a result of this failed clear, grabbed the puck and found Casey Cizikas in Igor’s paint for one of the most easiest tap-in goals that you’ll ever see. All Patrik Nemeth could do was watch.

1-0, bad guys, just 2:40 into the period. So much for my 4-0 Rangers shut-out prediction!

I really don’t want to single-out anyone here, as the team, as a whole, all collectively struggled; but this was probably Schneider’s worst game of the season. He finished with a game-low -3. His partner, Nemeth, finished -2.

And as you already know – I’m fine with whatever Gallant does. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if Justin Braun plays against his former team on Sunday. Whether Schneider gets a break, of if Braun is tried out on the left-side – I see Braun playing in either event.

Right after the goal, Kyle Palmieri was left wide-open in the slot, where fortunately for CZAR IGOR’s numbers, the former Devil went wide.

Nearly six minutes in, the SOG were in favor of the visitors, 3-0.

Ryan Reaves gave the Rangers their first hint at offense, as he blocked a blast from Zedno Chara. The Grim Reaver then raced the puck up ice, and as a result, both Fox and Motte put SOG – two saves for Varly.

At exactly the six minute mark, Hunt had a chance to tie it, but Varly made perhaps the best save of the game, when he denied #29’s backhander with a clean glove save.

At the eight minute mark, the third line got going, where Godorow was tripped in the corner to the left of Varly. No call, but with the Rangers power-play going 0-3 tonight, a call here probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

At the 9:21 mark, Grant Hutton, playing for the injured Cal Clutterbuck, tripped Tyler Motte.

During these two minutes, a Fox blast was stopped, a Mika-to-Kreider deflection play was snuffed out, and Mika hit the side of the net when shooting from his office. Towards the end of the power-play, Trouba was forced to break-up two-vs-one Isles odd-man rush.

As Sam and Joe would not stop raving about the Islanders; at the 12:51 mark, Copp high-sticked Nelson. This was a legit call.

During the penalty kill (the Rangers would prevent the Isles from a SOG during their first two power-plays, and overall, the PK finished 4-4 – a lone bright spot for the Blueshirts on this night), Trouba had a bomb stopped by Varly.

Trouba put forth several bombs tonight, but unfortunately, about 99% of them left marks on the boards behind Varly – rather than going into the net behind the Isles’ goaltender.

With 2:48 to go, Fox stopped an Isles threat, and then made an alley-oop pass to Panarin, a #10 who had the puck to himself in the Isles’ zone. Panarin then waited for the 2021 Norris winner to catch up, and then fed a streaking-to-the-net Fox. In turn, Wahlstrom tripped #23 in blue, in what was a smart penalty to take.

The Rangers power-play, one of their strengths, had a pretty awful outing here. Vatrano broke his stick while whiffing on a wide-open shot, which pretty much speaks to how this game went overall.

After twenty minutes, we remained 1-0 bad guys. The Rangers were winning every stat (faceoffs, SOG, hits, etc), but didn’t lead the only stat that mattered – goals for.

If there is anything that Vagistat got right tonight, it was that you were just waiting for the Rangers to get going, and how you always thought that they would. It just never happened – a rarity for these 2021-22 Rangers.

It felt like the Rangers were going to mount their comeback early, as the team was now seeking their 25th comeback win of the season.

Twenty seconds in, Varly made two tough stops, on both Vatrano and Trouba.

At the ninety second mark, Varly then stopped Copp on a wrap-around try, where really, I think only K’Andre Miller, because of his long reach (and as he’s done before), could’ve scored.

With the Rangers pressuring a bit here, I (horse) shit you not – Sam and Joe started talking about the Islanders schedule and their opponents. This is the first time that I ever heard a “home” announcing crew run down the opponent’s schedule, much less a rival of the home team.

Despite the Rangers possessing more pop at the start the period; at the 4:48 mark, Johnston forced a turnover, the Islanders had a 3 x 2 odd-man rush, and Matt Martin, from a mere few feet away, beat CZAR IGOR. Hunt tried to block the shot, but I had a better shot of blocking Boomer’s son-in-law from my couch.

2-0, bad guys, and a deflating goal allowed to say the least. After all, this goal was the first Isles’ SOG of the period.

No joke, the “M” in M$G may as well have stood for “Morgue” on this night, as the Garden Faithful were as listless as the Rangers themselves – a complete 180 from the last time when these two teams played. (Of course, some St. Patrick’s Day pregame boozing could have been a part of that too!)

Following a big save from Igor; Sam and Joe cackled like two old hens playing canasta, when talking about an Islander fan sitting next to a Ranger fan. Riveting material.

With 13:03 to go, Lindgren was boxed after high-sticking Zach “his numbers suck Sam, but he’s phenomenal” Parise.

For what it’s worth, I thought Parise embellished this penalty, but calling embellishment penalties are now a thing of the past.

Barclay Goodrow had the best scoring chance during these two minutes, where the PKer was stopped by Varly. It looked like Varly was trying to dodge this shot – rather than playing it cleanly.

Goodrow wasn’t done just yet, as he’d later block two shots on this same PK.

At the end of the kill, Adam Fox tripped on the Isles’ blue line, as his edge gave out. He stayed with the play and pushed the puck up ice, which then prevented an Isles’ breakaway. Later on, this was named as the Rangers highlight of the game – Fox’s skate blade breaking. Incredible.

With 8:35 to go, the Rangers survived a fifty second Islander attack.

On the next Rangers possession, there was a lot of traffic in front of Varly’s net. As the goalie tried to regain his bearings, Filip Chytil slammed a shot into the East River.

With 6:04 to go, Reaves was boxed for high-sticking Cizikas. The Rangers killed this power-play pretty easily.

Under three minutes remaining, Panarin displayed his hands and got the puck to Trouba. Trouba bombed the puck to kingdom come, rather than putting the puck on net. Again, just an off-night.

Following Trouba’s miss, CZAR IGOR stopped Henrik Lundqvist killer Jean-Gabriel Pageau from a foot away. This was the loudest that M$G would ever get; as following the save, the “IGOR! IGOR! IGOR!” chants broke out.

With just one second remaining, Igor stopped Josh Bailey.

2-0 bad guys after forty minutes, where once again, the Rangers led every pertinent stat except the one that mattered most.

Not even “CK46” could get his team going tonight. Photo Credit: Padma R.

I won’t lie to you – at the time, I really thought that the Rangers would comeback. After all, after watching this team all season – I had every reason to think this way. However, that’s all it was – a good thought.

The highlight of the period was this:


Seriously, there’s no way in hell that Sam Rosen knew who Method Man was. However, thinking about Rosen in a yellow logo Wu-Tang Clan shirt has me cracking up. (I have to find something to be happy about after this horseshit game! I always try to find the silver lining whenever I can!)


Also worth bringing up here? An Igor shutout would’ve paid you $700 off a $100 bet. A Varly shutout? $1500 off that same $100 bet. As you may know already – I backed the wrong goalie tonight.

2:47 into the final frame, and following another wide shot (Nemeth on this occasion, one of many who put pucks nowhere near Varly tonight); Barzal got the puck, and got all alone with Igor. A backhander then increased the deficit to three.

3-0, bad guys.

In what could’ve been a turning point of the game, and I stress the word “COULD’VE;” at about the 3:45 mark, Lindgren laid a clean, hard and legal hit on Beauvillier. A few seconds later, Lee retaliated and laid a dirty hit on Lindgren. In turn, Lee was boxed for interference.

Now with a power-play and a three-goal deficit to erase; the vaunted Rangers power-play had no wattage on this night. (I know that’s corny, but just go with it.)

The best chance the Rangers had here was with thirteen seconds remaining, when Varly struggled and juggled a shot off of the blade of Lafreniere. However, Varly successfully made the stop and the power-play was killed.

Once Lee got out of the box, Goodrow made a bee-line at him. The two went to fight, but instead, both men quickly fell to the ice. The refs then broke it up, but they also gave Goodrow an extra two minutes for an unsportsmanlike conduct.

The Rangers penalty kill actually had two chances here, but the Isles came out of it unscathed, as they stopped Motte and Fox.

Andrew Copp, who probably could’ve had a hat trick tonight had things went his way; had two chances after the kill, but couldn’t capitalize after strong passes from both Fox and Panarin.

With 7:38 to go, Gallant pulled Igor. Down by three, why not?

However, just thirty seconds later, and a faceoff in the Rangers’ zone, Igor returned to the net and stayed there for the rest of the game.

The Islanders then clamped down for the remainder of the game and that was that. There’s nothing else really worth mentioning.

3-0, bad guys.

Worst loss of the season? I’m not sure. The most uncharacteristic loss? Definitely.

Yea tonight sucked, but my faith remains unchanged.

Here’s “The Turk” after the game, a head coach who was much harder on his team (and as he should be) than I was during this blog:

This is the angriest we’ve seen Gallant all season. I think the Rangers will most certainly take notice of his comments.

Earlier during this blog, I said, “call me a homer, call me too positive, call me delusional, call me what you want…”

The same applies to what I’m about to say next – the Rangers will blow out the Flyers by four goals or more on Sunday.


PLUGS time!

On Thursday evening, Ron Duguay’s “Up in the Blue Seats” returned with a new episode. To listen to it, click the link below:

Of note: on this episode, Ron Duguay talks about how he met Sarah Palin and how the two got together. (In an act of “millennialism” – he “slid” into her DMs!)

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The Rangers go from the Islanders to the Flyers on Sunday.

Up next: Rangers vs Flyers, Sunday night, at M$G. The Rangers have to win this game against the beat-up and beat-down Broad Street bullies.

As always here, thanks for reading and…


Sean McCaffrey


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27 thoughts on “NYR/NYI 4/1 Review: April Snooze Day! Rangers Play Like Horse Manure; Isles Still Stink, M$GN Broadcast Worse than NYR; Romulus & Remus, “National Isles Month,” Wolfpack D-Men Report; NYR Sign Another, Kakko, Gallant Laughs Then Fumes & More

  1. Less said about this shit show, the better.

    See a lot of social media braying about what and institution Sam&Joe are. But for the last few seasons all I’ve seen is 2 old guys who read the game notes during the game rather than watching the ice.

    Recall the Nemeth goal few weeks back; neither appears to give a shit n important goal had been scored, rather they wanted to get ANOTHER story out of their mouths. Rosen misses goal calls every night. Joe’s “Keys to the Game” is almost always “Get fast start”. Duh. It’s never “need to break out vs. middle zone pressure of Isles” .

    These are 2 geezers are doing it on muscle memory, and their muscles are atrophying before out eyes and ears. Grant you there are worse if you watch NHL games on Disney+ any night. MSG should have either given Kenny Albert the job with Lagreca as his backup, and either Dave Maloney or Duguay a long time ago.

    1. Sam is an institution, Joe not so much. I think Joe has had some good moments, but whatever that game was on Friday wasn’t that.

      It’s the TACO BELL TAKE SAM, score on the powerplay!

      I think Kenny Albert gets it whenever Sam calls it a day.

  2. The Kakko Conundrum…. I know he’s been playing better but maybe they need to bump Chytil. ( Same issue as KK tho. He’s out of the lineup bc he’s useless on s 4th line – but at this point make a choice on two “similar” players on upside/ceiling and go with it) Not like we’ll be missing Chytil on draws!

    Try: Laf – Goodrow – KK

    Or: Bread – Strome – KK
    Laf – Copp – Goodrow
    Motte – Rooney – Hunt

    * disclaimer: I like Chytil and think he’ll be a career solid middle sixer with a good ROI on the cap. But with these additions for the playoffs he might be the odd man out. Very nice depth piece in case of injuries. Then can choose to bring him back if Copp or someone else replaces Strome, etc….

    1. Kakko can slot right in there on the 3rd. And since he has another year of entry level, he’s going nowhere. Hunt of Martin’s goal; was right there, could’ve put a body on him but…instead…dropped to the ice to do snow angels. Which blocked Igor’s view. Martin is a big guy, but not expecting Hunt to have a fight, simply play defense.

      Copp so far is doing everything possible to make Strome an ex-Ranger.

      1. This is Kakko’s last year at entry level. He’s a RFA come the summer.

        Strome is in a damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t place. If he gets hot, he’ll price himself out. If he goes cold, NYR won’t want him.

    2. I’m not high on Chytil either, but I think Gallant prefers him in the line-up at center. But Goodrow centering 13 and 24 isn’t a bad idea.

  3. Sean
    Here I was thinking before the game, we will get a hat trick from Kreider and then to really rub it in an empty netter for his 50th!…….wow wouldn’t that burn their butts!?………Kreider getting his 50th against the Porta Potty Squad and on an empty netter!!……….I guess it is like they say, some things are too good to be true so they never are.


    Remember folks when you are getting your 5th booster shot always make sure it says…..Epstein Gates Wolfe Daszak Biden Kerry Heinz Gates and CFR on the label………because they are names you can trust in vaccine’s!………..I think the Heinz family are going for another 57 varieties only this time in vaccines and booster shots and not ketchup and condiments.

    By the way several of those names are the progeny of the founding members at Mt Olympus in Manhattan……..(class of 1922)

    You know that “it’s a big club and you aint in it” that George Carlin used to talk about?……..that is the club he meant whether he knew it or not.

    I would think most people would shite themselves if they ever really knew about these people and the shite they get up to but they don’t because nobody ever reports on any of this and even if they do it is all spun up with ad hominem’s and “conspiracy theorist” straw man nonsense and then it all goes right down Winston Smith’s memory hole.

    Ok Sean I get what you are saying about non hockey related comments and if you want I will try and shut up about these things………I am not making any guarantee’s though because when I see credible proof of something like Epstein + Wolfe + Metabiota + Eco Health + Wuhan…..+ Gates and Nikolic too, one could easily suppose?….I feel like I have to at least blurt something out to someone!!!……..heh………..and I will tell you something that is also true, there are no places where you can actually talk about things like this because nearly all media sites have shut down comments sections and everything with a comment section is heavily moderated and censored………you know, for OUR safety.

    The reason for that is obvious, it is because propagandist want monologue, they don’t want dialogue…….they want to tell you what to think and then you should think it……no discussion or debate allowed

    Anyway lousy game but hopefully they will come back strong as they have done before after a loss.

    I hope the logjam of good players helps Kakko step up his game, one thing I like about Kakko is that he does seem to have a high level of competitiveness so I am sure he knows he will have to step up in order to crack this Ranger lineup and maybe he will

  4. Sean
    I know you appreciate history in a big way and not just Rangers and hockey history so I was wondering………if you were to write a history of another subject what historical time or event would you write about……..and believe me I am not suggesting you write about this one because I have seen what happens to those who do starting with Barry Goldwater and historian Antony Sutton and Carrol Quigley and such……..they just get written off as nuts…………but what history subject would you write about?………at your rate of production I am sure you could knock out a history of say……….the history of NYC………Manhattan………..The Big Apple………just to pick a random subject………in lets say 3 months and however many bottles of Jameson’s it takes to do and a credible one at that………heh

    Ok here is a musical interlude I see we both agree on………….I always liked the drums on this one but it turns out that was Dave Grohl drumming and not Taylor Hawkins but that is ok, I am sure he played it equally well……..I am not a follower of popular bands anymore so I dont know all about them but I do know of the songs I have heard from them, like this one and Hero and some others and they are a good band.

    I never liked Cobain and his whiney BS but I did appreciate how the Nirvana completely demolished the career’s of all those God awful “Hair Bands” of the day that were completely dominating the music world at the time via MTV………….the guy from Motley Crew went from lighting a cigar on the cover of Musician Magazine with a US $100 bill celebrating the bands incredibly ridiculous 30 – 40 million dollar contract to not being able to get a deal or a gig…….in like 2 years……no kidding……grunge destroyed all those bands in less than 2 years……….and they all deserved it for going willingly playing a role for the record industry execs who prompted them to do so for the coinage…….hell the guys in Poison, Motley Crew, Winger and the like had bigger hair and more makeup than the gals in the band Vixen……..probably bigger tit’s too, strategically hidden somewhere under all that leather gear…….and the gals in Vixen were not short on tit’s

    Anyway……….this garlic juice is making me prattle…….you know what garlic juice is right?

    1. I think the Foo Fighters are the last real rock band left, the last of the big rock bands that can still sell out a baseball and/or football stadium.

      Grohl wrote all the drum parts and played them on the first album. As the Foos got older, Hawkins wrote his own stuff for the band too.

  5. Sean
    Ok in case you dont know Vixen……….the guys in those other bands looked exactly the same……..except less appealing for some strange reason……deh

  6. Sean
    If you want to know why I take such a dim view of the whole “Hair Band” scene it is because those guy and the record industry crowded out a whole lot of musicians who were much more talented, serious and capable from getting contracts……….and some of them had to wait until they were 30 or more to ever get a deal……….sure they could play clubs and make some money but a viable career doing that is a huge struggle and most people would give up and strictly persue music just as a hobby well before 30 years of age…………Stevie Ray Vaughn……Eric Johnston…..Joe Satriani………Steve Morse……Steve Vai…..these guys are struggling while Motley Crew is burning $100 bills?

    I hated those hair bands……….and their biggest source of inspiration……….Kiss!

  7. The intermission shows (except for the 150) are mostly bullshit; rarely will you get any info that you didn’t already know. Its mostly a waste of time. What’s even worse are the interviews. The players have their standard replies “We gotta get pucks deep” “Get in on the forecheck” “Get pucks to the net” “Blah, blah, blah” Like they’re really gonna tell you their coaches’ game plans! It’s stupid, mindless really and rarely do I watch. So Sean I normally take your word about how bad Vali is. Last night he was saying during the second intermission how the game was lackluster for a big rivalry game and sometimes that happens and blah blah blah. So why didn’t he tell us that both the Rangers and the Islanders were playing their 3rd game in 4 nights? Hell, I knew that. I’m sure most die hard fans (you know the fans that these experts are supposed to be targeting) knew that. Didn’t he think that maybe that had something to do with it? Like I said, waste of time.

    1. If you watch other broadcasts, you really will see how bad these M$GN broadcasts are.

      I think Vagistat ignored what you said, because the Isles played the night before. By saying that, it would make the Rangers look worse.

      1. Sean
        I know you want to remain non committal but you did notice that Epstein is now in this mix with actors at these labs and that is confirmed and not theory or speculation?……….also that is a total of 4 Mt Olympus members and or their families at Wuhan…….Heinz, Forbes, Kerry and Karesh…………Coincidence Theorist’ must be having a field day with this one……..by the way long before this latest lap top reveal connecting Metabiota to the Wuhan lab I did tell you these people and this organization would be there and they are, no?

        Think about it.


          1. Sean
            Seriously, why not?

            And it is no problem, I get people giving the “talk to the hand routine” about these things all the time including from people close to me that I have known my entire life.

            The only thing that bothers me about this is that they will do this and will never ever look at any of the evidence presented even to the point of having some visceral aversion to it, and that I cant understand……..I mean they wont even look…….it is like……..get it away from me!!!………and I say what, it is an academic peer reviewed paper………..still no good get it away from me!!

            Let me ask you something, is it because you think the details I am telling you are bogus, fabricated or cadged from some wild ass conspiracy site?

            Because everything I have asserted about Wuhan and these connections is public record and trivial to verify but just because nobody in the media ever reports on any of this people think it is all made up……..or its Putin propaganda…..or it is crazy talk.

            I understand this because I know that politicians, media, academics have never and do never talk about anything regarding the CFR or Tri Lateral Commission and their members so people do not know.

            Sean, you may not know anything about this for the above reasons because it is rarely discussed but do you realize the implications of a guy like Epstein being a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri Lateral Commission?

            A compromise agent running a honey pot operation by anyone’s reckoning
            and he is running it out of the CFR and the TLC!????

            And he is connected to a guy at the Wuhan lab?

            The “conspiracy theorist” straw man argument is so powerful no people are willing to dismiss anything without even bothering to consider any evidence.

          2. This site is about the Rangers, where unfortunately, Covid-19 became a topic of conversation. I don’t wish to devote my free time to Covid. Rather spend the free time I have talking puck.

  8. Oh well nice comeback and a point but no win……….and before the game I was going to post…….please no heroics from Hayes!……………….damn, why is it always an ex Ranger that kills us?

    Chytil zucks in shootouts, I said he is going to miss as soon I saw it was him………..I would have went with Copp or someone else.

    1. I was surprised to see Chytil get the nod too, but he did have a good game. Shouldn’t have even gotten to that point anyway.

  9. Great win, glad to see Georgy shake off that first goal!

    As expected once that lap top was verified I knew the anointed ones at Mt Olympus would be turning up like cockroaches in a tenement in NYC and considering Epstein’s personal relationship with Wolfe I knew he would be in the mix as well.

    This guy below is a very big wheel at the CDC, WHO and Lancet and of course he is also a CFR member and a personal friend of Epstein’s

    You could look that up by merely typing the organizations full name plus membership roster and looking under S at their web site.

    “Sachs is a former special advisor to the UN, the former head of the Millennium Villages Project, and was recently appointed Chair of the newly-formed EAT Lancet Commission on the pandemic. In September 2021, Sachs’ commission named Daszak to head up its committee on the pandemic’s origins. Daszak is also on the WHO’s committee to investigate the pandemic’s origin. He is the only individual on both committees. These leadership positions are not the only reason why Peter Daszak is such a central figure in the COVID-19 pandemic, however. His appointment dismayed many of those who are aware that Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance funded bat coronavirus research, including virus collection, at the Wuhan Institute for Virology (WIV) and thus could themselves be directly implicated in the outbreak.”

    Sachs is a current CFR member and a close associate of Jeffrey Espetein, he is in Epstein’s little black book, no less…..by the way he also appointed Daszak to “investigate” the “lab leak theory in Wuhan” for The Lancet yet another “trusted source” investigating the “xenophobic and racist lab leak theory” this last ism and phobia according to Daszak himself in that notorius Lancet editorial and that was for the Lncet’s own investigation…the same Lancet who hastily published a study designed to blackwash hydroxychloroquine as inefective against C19 after it’s use was proposed by doctors and scientist’s in Asia that was a complete and utter FRAUD, as was easily verified about a week after that “study” was published……published with no data for the study provided.

    Se we have Sachs outfitting every single Wuhan investigation with Daszak because what better way to investigate a crime than having the very criminal who committed that crime investigate it himself, no….and we have Epstein’s personal relationship with Nathan Wolfe of WUhan fame via Metabiota…the connections to Epstein just got way deeper in the Wuhan scandal.

    Here is Daszak in action “investigating” his own lab and on 60 minutes yet…..even Inspector Clouseau could catch himself at something but Daszak was not even capable of that!……heh


    Any and all of the above easily documented and independently verified by anyone caring to look so it is just fortunate that nobody in “authority” ever has or ever will or will ever need to because they knew all of this already.

    By the way here is Chris Heinz who was funding Metabiota with Biden’s crack addled son.

    Scroll to the bottom for a reference to his membership at Mt Olympus


    Luckily this is all factual and did happen therefore it all must be no big deal.

    Joe Rogan looks a little less “crazy” today in my opinion because these are the same people who also ran the exact same smear campaign against the drug Ivermectin as a C19 treatment as they did against hydroxychloroquine and this with the full cooperation of the “authorities and the media.

    The plot ripens……heh

    Yes C19, Heinz 58th long awaited variety.

      1. Sean
        Whoops another your “comment is awaiting moderation”……check that first comment when it turns up because it leads to this one

        This C19 shite is dirty and so are these people and all of it leads directly to that private membership by invitation only club in NYC.

        Take it for what it is worth but all of this is factual and trivial to prove because it is all public record.


        I saw an article tonight about another one of our celebrity robots like Neil Young and many many others mocking and slandering Joe Rogan for his C19 “misinformation and disinformation” when they themselves know nothing about any of the information itself…..how the hell can you declare something misinformation or disinformation when you don’t even know what the hell the guy is talking about in the first place?…..this time it was Kathy Griffin or whatever the hell her name is…..the dopey red head

        I don’t watch Rogan but I know he has been talking about Ivermedctin and hydroxychloroquine both respectively characterized as horse dewormer and fish tank cleaner by all of the major media sources and propagandist’ recently…….this after a billion doses of these 2 drugs have been prescribed to humans by doctors and both are only those other things if they are prescribed by a veterinarian or purchased at a pet shop……when they are prescribed by MD’s they are MEDICINE….but of course they already know this but why let the facts get in the way of a good smear campaign against a potential treatment and against a person advocating for those treatments to be investigated.

        Like most Coincidence Theorist’s and propagandists, they criticize things they know absolutely nothing about or even care to know about….because it is all oh so virtuous and they can never pass up an opportunity to slather themselves up in bogus virtue and egotistically strut around in it for their own self indulgent narcissism and for the entertainment and edification of the know nothing hoi polloi.

        Below is a study from the Lancet that turned out to be a complete fraud and an easily verifiable fraud at that….remember the Lancet and the club put Daszak in charge of the “lab leak investigation” in Wuhan…..no data provided and that was how it was exposed and when scientists looked at the papers author and his previous peer reviewed research papers they found he used photoshop on several of them and those studies too were complete frauds……the Lancet then were forced to retract the hydroxychloroquine study and had to admit it was a fraud…..and I do mean a deliberate scientific,academic, medical and financial fraud because it covers all those bases in one single go.


        They published that because there is no way they wanted to take any chances that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine or any other cheap drug treatment might prove effective against Heinz’ 58th variety…C19… and upset the money train rolling in on potential earnings from Dr Fauci’s Patented Holy Water…………Anticipation……Anticipaaayaaaytion…..is making me wait….finish the lyric for bonus points and bragging rights…..heh

        They should all be up on RICO charges but who will charge them, other anointed members from Mt Olympus? Because that is what it would take so it is never going to happen but that does not mean Joe Rogan or anyone else s factual information are “disinformation and misinformation”

        I cant say I completely blame these people because none of these facts or facts of this kind have ever been mentioned by politicians, media or academics because Mt Olympus is involved, so there is no way they could know unless they looked into it themselves but before slandering Joe Rogan maybe they ought to have at least tried to understand what he has been saying…..naah they would rather just blindly watch CNN and listen to the CDC, WHO, Lancet, Fauci or whoever else is blowing smoke into their eyes, ears and up their asses…..Neil Young should be ashamed of himself, what a doddering old credulous cretin he turned out to be…..all of those power chords at super high volume must have damaged his noggin and his noodle therein..

        Don’t worry you wont be hearing much about any of these current scandals either and it will all go down Winston Smith’s memory hole as everything does when it concerns this NGO and it’s members inside and outside in government

        Chose Fauci Brand C19 Holy Water!!

        It cures Gout, Toothaches, Shingles, the Chillblains and even the Vapors, in fact it is good for all ailments!!!….except apparently for C19 as the only immunity if offers is immunity from prosecution for the crooked manufacturer’s under the EUA.

  10. Whoops I thought I posted that on the other thread!

    It was awaiting moderation so I assumed it did not post yet……….anyway the second one is a follow up

    Yea now Epstein is right in the mix at Wuhan considering Sachs and Wolfe are……….you would think the people would find that uhhhhh interesting?………..I think they would, maybe too interesting, that is why they will never hear a word about it.

    1. I like to use my Viktor voice when I am “conspiracy theorist” making “baseless claims” mode!


      Have I at least tickled your curiosity about these nefarious characters, Jack old boy?

      Check this one out featuring……Courtney Love…….yea, she is in Epstein’s book too and highlighted at that………maybe Epstein got his hooks into Jarecki through her getting the goods on Jarecki Jr.

      Remeber execpt for my opinions about any of this all of this is factual and trivial to find, I am no genius researcher and just stumble onto these things merely using search and now the Gale system……anyone could, say anyone at Fox news perhaps…….but they wont or if they ever did the story would be squashed at the editorial level and you want to know why?……..because Rupert Murdoch is also in Epstein’s LBB………….so much for Fox news and that is one huge news source


      We know Epstein’s connection to Gates…..also Epstein inexplicably made Gates science advisor Boris Nikolic executor of his estate…..to which Nikolic claimed to know nothing about turning the position down…..yea because guys with $500 million dollars name random people they hardly even know as executors of their estates…. science advisor would be the wrong description for Nikolic as he relates to Gates, who was obviously caught in Epstein’s honey trap, I would think “handler” might be the better term

      Hey I got it…..Gatesgate!…..I mean we have had many gate stories, Watergate, this gate, that gate, it is all the rage, Jack old boy, why not Gatesgate for the ultimate in gate stories!

      Here below is an example of Epstein’s connections to Soros (CFR TLC BG)…also Soros nephew is in Epstein’s Little Black Book so that connection was already a done deal…..he is even highlighted in the LBB as a “person of interest” in the investigation of Epstein’s compromise operations……well not that anyone ever really investigated anything about him but you get the idea.

      “About a year and a half ago, a small circle of wealthy investors collected Dollars 2m (Pounds 1.2m) to conduct a novel experiment on the extent of global academic freedom.

      The group, which included George Soros, Henry Jarecki and Jeffrey Epstein, established a fund to help scholars escape threats in their home countries and find teaching work elsewhere. The donors made their offer in the spirit of the movie, Field of Dreams, which held that “if you build it, they will come”. Still, they were stunned by the response.”

      Source is from 2003 and The Financial Times (Gale system) when Epstein was supposedly fooling the people that literally invented central banking, investment banking, merchant banking, finance as we know it and hedge funds and this by pretending to be a big shot fund manager himself?….a guy with 0 credibility as a financier as is widely admitted now, naaah I dont think so…think someone like Epstein could fool someone like Soros?……Epstein was a cut out, his role at these organizations was as a “Compliance Officer”…..yea his job was to get other members to show their members…..so to speak!….to ensure their “compliance” to orders from the Gods at Mt Olympus as necessary and if necessary at a later date…..and comply they always do.

      We know Epstein is personally connected to Jeffrey Sachs (CFR LBB) who deliberately sabotaged the investigation of the WUhan lab being conducted by the WHO, CDC and The Lancet by putting Peter Daszak the guy running the leaky laboratory there in as a lead investigator and even more astonishing they are both connected to Wolfe of Metabiota and we also know Epstein had Gates in his back pocket…..Fauci is just a sock puppet that does what he is told, either that or he is a massively incompetent idiot and I am not buying that excuse……all of these people like Fauci the CDC, WHO, Lancet, Sachs knew about Eco Health and that lab at a much earlier date, yet they said nothing and took extraordinary measures to try and bury the story and the investigation with a completely credulous or if not that a completely compliant media going along with the whole shite show.

      Who the hell Jarecki is I don’t know but I would bet he is just another shit heel judging by the company he keeps…..oh wait I just checked and Karecki is not connected to the club, however he and his son are connected to Epstein’s circle of ahem fiends uhh friends I mean “In December 2015, Jarecki was reported to be in a relationship with Courtney Love”

      that last is from the Jarecki kids Wiki

      Courtney is in Epstein’s LBB and highlighted at that, likely she was a procurer for Epstein along with Naomi Campbell who is also highlighted in the LBB….and who I consider not only a suspicious person in general but downright sinister seeing as she is in Epstein’s book and was spotted visiting that creep John Of God of Oprah fame…and remember, not once did anyone ever declare Epstein’s LBB a fake or a forgery because there is no way they could, there are just too many stories from before the scandal and membership lists connecting them all together…..even Winston Smith’s memory hole could not handle all of it

      1. Along time ago I saw a story about Campbell in which Mia Farrow accused her of accepting some fantastically valuable and highly illegal “blood diamonds” from Charles Taylor no less, a truly evil and despicable man……Farrow witnessed this and the story was true…..so who the hell gives a washed up model a fortune in diamonds?…………I thought that story was very odd, then low and behold I see her name in Epstein’s little black book!……….ok so there is definitely something manky about that wee lassy, do ya no agree there Jack old boy!?……….then the John Of God thing came up and again her name in connection to that creep.

        They are one crooked bunch, I can tell you that………as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

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