NYR/PIT 4/7 Review: CZAR IGOR Shuts Out Penguins; Rangers Dominate Season Series, “Trouba’z Treehouse” Continues Point-Per-Game Pace; Firm Grasp of Second Place, ESPN + Officials = Horrible, Kakko v Goodrow, Gallant, Panarin & More

Behind CZAR IGOR’s thirty saves, and a strong team-wide sixty minute performance too; the Rangers knocked off the Penguins on Thursday night by a final score of 3-0. With ten games remaining for each team, the Rangers now have a six-point cushion over the black-and-mellow-yellow attack for second-place in the division. And a special shout-out to “GEO” for this horrible blog photo idea! You’d think that I’d get better at these photoshop jobs over the years, but you’d be dead wrong – just like the officials and the ESPN broadcasters tonight!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. I was one goal away from my daily and silly prediction of a 4-0 shutout proving true tonight! However, who cares about that? The only thing that matters is the win!

On Thursday night at M$G, during a “national” telecast on ESPN+, the boys in Blueshirt blue defeated the Penguins by a final score of 3-0.

This Rangers’ victory was much to the chagrin of both the ESPN broadcasters and the officials themselves. These two entities were massively butt-hurt over Sidney Crosby missing this contest – a fact repeated ad-nauseum for nearly three consecutive hours.

I open up this blog by mentioning that Sidney Crosby missed this game tonight, in what was described as a “non-COVID illness.” I guess we’re left to assume that he ran out of Midol.

(And not for nothing, I can’t wait for the days that whenever we hear that a player has an illness, that we don’t have the phrase “non-COVID” preceding it. Those days are coming soon – no matter what long-time reader Zap has to say!)

I’m also left to assume that had you watched this broadcast, then you’re a million percent aware that Crosby missed this game. After all, that’s all the ESPN broadcasters/analysts talked about tonight. (I feel like Phil Mushnick, of the New York Post, with my scathing opinions on tonight’s broadcast!)

No joke, even with just two minutes remaining in regulation, ESPN, which to their credit, didn’t bombard us with their never-ending Epileptic Seizure Provoking Network camera angles tonight; they would just not shut up about Sidney Crosby. That said, I guess I’d rather hear about Crosby’s illness than be subjected to those erratic camera angles.

During a broadcast where I was waiting for Pierre McGuire to show up, and then sob tears over Crosby’s menstrual cramps; it was not mentioned at all, that as a result of this win, the Rangers finished the season-series 3-1 against their heated rivals.

Also not mentioned? The Rangers outscored the Penguins 11-4 in these four games. Not too bad for a Blueshirts team that had struggled against these Penguins during the last 2-3 seasons.

And oh yeah Part I – for the first time this season, CZAR IGOR battled an opposing goaltender on four separate occasions, where in all four games, CZAR IGOR was much better than Tristan Jarry. Should the Rangers play the Penguins during the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, this should all bode well for the team from the Big Apple.

And oh yeah Part II – the Rangers’ lone loss of the series? A 1-0 loss, a loss where the officials played their part in.

And oh yeah Part III – remember when the idiotic beat reporters, some fans, and even Sieve Vagistat himself, were all saying how CZAR IGOR was struggling? HA!

In a response to all of that ridiculous talk, Igor casually shut-out the Penguins – despite the officials gifting the Penguins several late power-plays during the course of the game, while also ignoring the nefarious activity of “Carrie Mathison.”

CZAR IGOR and the Rangers didn’t allow the Penguins offense to get much life in this game. Photo Credit: Not me, but someone on a LIRR Facebook group posted this!

There is a lot of positive aftermath following this game – where of course, CZAR IGOR’s shutout, and the Rangers spot in the Metropolitan Division standings, trumps all.

While the Rangers did their job tonight, and increased their lead over the Penguins to six points; the Carolina Hurricanes did their job too on Thursday night.

In a game where the lowly Buffalo Sabres (who were recently officially eliminated from playoff contention, and for the eleventh consecutive season) choked away a 3-1 lead; the Canes marched back and won the game behind four unanswered goals, where they ultimately won the contest by a final of 5-3.

As a result, the Canes maintained their two-point lead over the Rangers for first place, where it should also be mentioned that Carolina has one game in-hand too.

However, and as mentioned several times during the past few days on this site – the Rangers will host the Canes in two separate games later this month. Win those two, and who knows – the Rangers could finish the season in first place.

And should Carolina keep their grasp over first-place, it won’t be that big of a deal anyway.

After all, aside from me, and a few of you guys too – back when Chris Drury first took over the organization, who predicted that the Rangers would open up the playoffs on home ice?

Furthermore, when talking about the standings – most Ranger fans would rather open up the playoffs against Pittsburgh anyway, rather than seeing Boston, Tampa or Washington in the first round.

While the Penguins seem to be a favorable match-up for our beloved Blueshirts; at the end of the day, I don’t care who they play. I’m just happy that they are there. I also don’t put much stock into regular season series victories as others do. Everything changes once the playoffs commence.

Lastly while on this topic, and perhaps the most important FACT (not an opinion) of them all – NOT ONE TEAM wants to see the Rangers in the first round – especially with CZAR IGOR at the peak of his powers.

This might look like an old photo – but it isn’t. Once again, CZAR IGOR received “The Broadway Hat” after a big Rangers victory. Photo Credit: NYR

While CZAR IGOR will receive the lion’s share of praise from everyone across the playoff-bound streets of Rangerstown, USA; make no mistake about it – this was a dominant sixty minute performance from the entire team. There was no weak link tonight.

Gallant’s Gang never deviated from their game-plan.

After a defensive first period, the Rangers then scored two goals in the second period. It wasn’t until the third period where the Penguins finally showed some offensive spark, where some of that was due to the officials giving them power-plays; man-advantages for the road team which I thought were bogus.

And as is usually the case, when the Rangers needed their goalie the most – CZAR IGOR was there to slam the door on the opposition.

I thought everyone had a strong game tonight. Was it perfect? Of course not, but what NHL team is perfect?

If there was any negative coming out of this game, it was a hit that Tyler Motte received from Anthony Angello (not that one, as there is no “De” in front of his surname) during the latter stages of the third period.

Motte was leveled on the ice for a good thirty seconds or so, but he was able to skate to the bench under his own power, after Angello was assessed with an interference call.

As of this writing, there is no update on Motte’s status. We probably won’t get a true update until Saturday, when the Rangers play next.

Hopefully, Motte will be okay. Not only do you not want to see anyone get hurt – Motte has been stellar for the Rangers ever since arriving. In tonight’s game, he had another solid showing, only marred by this unfortunate injury.

There’s a lot to get into tonight, so at this time, let’s get into the news, interviews, and of course, the main event – the GAME REVIEW.

Following the bounce-back win on Tuesday night against the Devils; once high-noon on Wednesday hit, the team was back at practice.

A few of the regulars (Mika Zibanejad and Ryan Lindgren) had the day off for “maintenance.” Outside of that, and as expected – head coach Gerard Gallant used the same lines and pairings during the light skate.

Also of note, neither Kevin Rooney, nor Kaapo Kakko, were at the practice. However, they have been skating on their own. When these two will be available to play is anyone’s guess. (More on Kakko at the end of this blog.)

Here was the Wednesday edition of “Turk Talk”:

There wasn’t that much to come out of Gallant’s daily chat with the media, as it was a lot of the same stuff – “one game at a time,” “can’t look ahead,” and “we have to be ready.”

Gallant, who was in a good mood, also lauded heavy praise upon the youngest player on the team, Braden Schneider.

In fact, it was #45 himself who was the proverbial “Man of the Hour,” as it was the “Western Canada boy” (as Gallant described him), who had the top interview from Wednesday:

As mentioned since he first joined the Rangers – at only twenty years old (he can’t even legally buy a beer in America yet), not only does Braden Schneider carry himself like a veteran on the ice – he carries himself like a veteran off of the ice too.

While you can see glimpses of his youthful exuberance on display; at the same time, he’s quick not to get caught up in all of it. He’s also very complimentary of his teammates.

Schneider, who had the media laughing (Mollie Walker’s laugh always seems to dominate these interviews), mentioned that prior to Tuesday night, he only had one fight before, a scrap which took place during his days of junior league hockey.

Schneider said he went “black” when Sharangovich challenged him and then let his instincts take over. Those were some instincts, if I say so myself!

The right defenseman also talked about how his teammates have nicknamed him as “TJ” (Trouba Jr.) and as “Baby Trouba.” After watching that game with the Devils, I don’t think Boqvist, Sharangovich and Vesey would consider Schneider as a “baby!”

“Trouba Sr.,” aka Jacob Trouba, also spoke to the media, where he too jokingly told stories and ribbed Schneider.

If there is anything to take away from this, it’s that Schneider is already well-liked and fits in well with his teammates.

Aside from the jokes, laughs, fun-times and talk about kicking the crap out of the Devils; Schneider also said that he has no problem if he has to sit out whenever Gallant decides to go with Patrik Nemeth and Justin Braun as his third pair of defensemen.

Number 45 then echoed what his head coach has been saying all season – “I have to work hard and be ready.”

Schneider also admitted that he had a bad game against the Islanders and that he was happy with his performance against the Devils.

All in all, Wednesday was a happy day in Rangerstown, USA, where it felt like Braden Schneider had the keys to the city. He definitely deserved it after that game inside of “The Pebble!”

A day later, at 5PM Thursday, Gallant met with the media one more time prior to puck drop, where he stuck to his guns and didn’t give out any line-up information. However, he did laugh and suggest that everything would be staying the same, sans the goaltender.

That wouldn’t be the case, as during warm-ups, we saw that Patrik Nemeth was in, and Justin Braun was out.

Since my motto is “IN TURK WE TRUST;” I didn’t mind the change. Maybe Braun had an ailment. Maybe Gallant knew something that I didn’t.

(Update: in his post-game presser, Gallant said that Braun was fine and this change was a coach’s decision. Gallant just wanted to work Nemeth into the line-up.)

That said, I would’ve preferred Braun, especially since I thought he deserved the start after his last game; but who am I to question Gallant, a head coach who has pressed the right buttons all season long.

Here’s what “The Turk” went with for this “Scott Gomez Tribute” game:

FIRST LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Vatrano

SECOND LINE: Panarin/Strome/Copp

THIRD LINE: Lafreniere/Chytil/Goodrow

FOURTH LINE: Motte/Brodzinski/Hunt

Defensively, we had this:

FIRST D-PAIR: Lindgren/Fox

SECOND D-PAIR: Miller/Trouba

THIRD D-PAIR: Nemeth/Schneider

And in net, CZAR IGOR


The following information and graphics come from the new world-wide leader in NHL coverage, ESPN.com:





23 2 21 .913 21 0 0 0 0 57:11 0


30 0 30 1.000 24 1 5 0 0 60:00 0

On a rare occasion, I thought the media got “The Three Stars of the Game” right – even if this doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things! Photo Credit: ESPN

Tonight’s broadcast was an all-out mess.

In a game that was featured on ESPN+; M$GN had a thirty minute pregame show, and then followed the game with a post-game show.

I must enjoy pain, because I actually tuned into M$GN at 6:30PM, where once again, Bill Pidto was filling in for John Giannone and where Sieve Vagistat was filling in for a competent analyst.

Do you know what? I usually spend time talking about how bad Vagistat is, but I don’t want to let another horrible showing by the seven-foot Clairol Chart King goof bring down my mood. All I’ll say is that he questioned CZAR IGOR again, suggested that he was struggling, and by the end of the night, the legendary goalie of 46 NHL games was proven wrong – AGAIN.

One day, maybe we will find out who he has pictures of and/or who he is related to.

Somewhat worse than Vagistat (if you can believe it), was everyone on the ESPN panel. That includes Steve Levy, Hilary Knight and Rick Dipietro. No better were announcers Bob Wischusen, Brian Boucher and AJ Mleczko.

Why ESPN would have two people associated with the Islanders, in Rick “Even Bobby Bonilla is jealous of my contract” Dipietro, and the nauseating AJ Mleczko along for the ride too, call a Rangers game is beyond me. Both were horrid.

Dipietro barely talked about the Rangers tonight. Instead, he was focused on the rest of the league. AJ, like everyone else on the broadcast, spent all game crying about Sidney Crosby being out.

We all get it – Crosby being out isn’t a good thing for the Penguins.

However, after the 7896786896967896th time that this was mentioned – I think we all understood the point. In addition, it’s not like Crosby was much of a factor during the three previous games between these two rivals.

And it wasn’t just all about #87.

All of these morons spent a good chunk of time talking up “Rakell Rakell The Musical: A Man’s Journey from Anaheim-to-Pittsburgh,” as if he was Pittsburgh’s savior. In three games against the Rangers – he’s done jack shit.

Two players who should’ve received equal heavy praise and attention were Andrew Copp and Frank Vatrano – two players who pretty much average a point-per-game for the Blueshirts, and two players who have made a bigger impact with their new team (where this can’t be debated at all) than Rakell.

And let’s throw Tyler Motte in here too – he’s been infinitely better for the Rangers than the erotic journey (Seinfeld reference) has been for Shitsburgh.

If you thought that Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti were bad, whenever our beloved long-time duo are fellating the opponent (especially whenever talking about the Islanders) – these two came off as the biggest Ranger homers after listening to the dreck that ESPN provided tonight.

The Rangers just dominated this game for sixty minutes and played strong playoff-vibe hockey.

Instead of talking about that, all we heard about was a player that wasn’t playing. Then came all the excuses for Evgeni Malkin (shut down by the Rangers), Kris Letang (shut down by the Rangers), Bryan Rust (shut down by the Rangers) and Jake Guentzel, who yep he too, was shut down by the Rangers!

One day, Sidney Crosby will retire. When that happens, these broadcasters aren’t going to know what to talk about.

Let’s pull this plane’s nose out of the waters of negativity and go back to the dignified air of positivity – and talk about this big-time Rangers victory!


After the two losses to the Islanders and Flyers (remember those – these Rangers don’t), Gallant preached that his team needed to go back to the way that they had played during their two wins over the Penguins. Gallant’s team did just that on Thursday night.

Just a few generalities before getting into the thick of things:

— Unlike last game, where Braden Schneider’s hit (and the fight that ensured) was definitely the turning point of the game – there was no turning point tonight. That’s not a negative. That’s a statement, as the Rangers owned this game from wire-to-wire.

— Unless you’re a huge “Nervous Nellie;” there wasn’t one point in this game that you ever thought that the Rangers would lose it. They were great defensively, got their goals, and then buckled down to protect their lead.

— Sure, some might talk about the 0-2 power-play, a power-play that didn’t register a SOG during their four-minutes of action; but at the same time, the Penguins have the second-best penalty kill in the league. The power-play isn’t always going to be 100% effective, so it was great to see the Rangers put up two even-strength goals and then secure the win.

— While the Rangers lead the league in comeback wins, and have set a single-season franchise record for most wins in this fashion (25) – I much rather see a game like this, to say the least!

— I think what’s often lost in the never-ending world of second-by-second “instant gratification,” two words that often go hand-in-hand with the word “complaining;” is that the other team is paid to play hockey too. While this game wasn’t completely flawless, the Rangers held up their own end. They battled. They won. That’s all that matters.

Chris Kreider (one assist) didn’t score a goal tonight. He now has ten games to score eight goals. If he can do so, he’ll surpass Jaromir Jagr’s franchise record of 54 goals. Photo Credit: Padma R.

Mika Zibanejad, who has been much better at faceoffs lately (he won fourteen of twenty, for a winning percentage of whopping 70%), won the opening draw of the game. Just 29 seconds later, Jarry was forced to stop Kreider, as the Pens’ goalie prevented “CK47” of his 48th tally of the season.

A minute later, Trouba and Miller put out a Pens’ scoring threat, which then led Jarry into making a stop on Strome.

After Jarry stopped Motte; at the 3:41 mark of the period, Jacob Trouba (or is it “Trouba Sr.” now, in light of Braden Schneider’s new nickname?) was boxed for elbowing Jake Guentzel. This was a legit penalty – a rarity.

Once again, and is always the case, Barclay Goodrow stood out on the penalty kill, as he killed off 10-15 seconds by pinning a puck into the boards. Ryan Lindgren was equally as impressive, as he almost had Motte sprung for a breakaway.

Following the fantastic penalty kill, one that CZAR IGOR made two saves on; Motte turned over the puck at the 6:10 mark to Teddy Blueger – but fortunately, the Pens’ centerman went high-and-wide on this gift-wrapped opportunity.

In what was the Rangers’ best scoring chance of the first period; with 11:33 to go, Chytil streaked towards Jarry, but to his credit, Jarry made the save. During this, the net went off the moorings, just as Goodrow was looking for the goal. Mike “Don’t Call Me Carrie” Matheson blocked this try – but had #21 in blue scored, it wouldn’t have counted anyway, as the shot came after the official blew his metal apparatus.

With 9:28 to go, the Rangers were out-shooting the Penguins 8-5, as Jarry made a save on Nemeth.

In other words, in just ten minutes worth of time, the Rangers had doubled-up their SOG production when compared to the final 28:15 worth of time during their win over the Devils.

Ten seconds later, Trouba was tripped by Rakell Rakell the Musical.

This Rangers power-play wasn’t that good, where the Penguins second-best penalty kill of the league halted the second-best power-play of the league. The Rangers didn’t get a SOG during this, much less set anything up.

With six minutes and change remaining, the ESPN announcers started crying on-air about the lack of offense exhibited. It was like they were wishing for a 1980s Oilers’ game here, rather than realizing that they were watching a game with playoff vibes attached to it. (That most certainly was the case once the final horn went off.)

In perhaps Jarry’s best save of the period; with 4:59 to go, Adam Fox did his shoulder shimmy move, got to the net and Jarry fought off the shot with a save off of his own shoulder.

Under four minutes remaining, CZAR IGOR, who wasn’t really tested that much during these first twenty minutes, made a pair of saves on Rodrigues.

As we started to wind down to the end of the period, two things were extremely noticeable.

One, the Rangers were getting too cross-ice pass happy in the Pens’ d-zone, where they had a tough time connecting on passes. Two, the Rangers weren’t going to be aggressive and/or force the issue, as instead, they were going to bide their time and wait for Pittsburgh to make mistakes.

With five seconds to go, Kreider had a clear path to Jarry, but missed the net.

After twenty minutes, we remained scoreless, in what was a pretty evenly matched game at the time.

While Crosby didn’t play tonight (you may be aware!); “Trouba’z Treehouse” did. Vatrano, Copp and Trouba himself, all recorded points in this game.

After suffering through several brutal intermission segments, we returned for the second period.

Just 24 seconds into the middle frame, this happened:

1-0, GOOD GUYS! Frankie Vatrano, our new favorite “eye-talian,” did it again!

This goal was a hard-working goal. (“Oh Joe!”)

Following Mika’s faceoff victory; Kreider stuck with a play and muscled a puck towards Jarry. That’s all it took, as Vatrano then banged home the rebound. Another pure first-line goal for the GOOD GUYS!

After the goal, the Penguins then had a long shift in the Rangers’ d-zone, with the Rangers’ second line and second pair on the ice. However, no matter for the Blueshirts, as during this time, Trouba blasted Boyle and Vatrano (who came on afterwards) laid a nice hit on Rust himself.

The Rangers continued to motor on as the period progressed; but Jarry, to his credit, was then able to stop Panarin, Trouba, a Chytil stuff-in try, and then with 13:00 to go, the goalie also made a “short-stop” glove save on Miller.

After ESPN actually spent time talking about the Phish banner that hangs from the rafters of M$G (I won’t go into this again, but you can buy my book for more on this pet peeve topic of yours truly), Jarry stopped Fox again, with 12:12 to go.

In something that ESPN didn’t notice at all (nor did Vagistat during the post-game show) – if there was a turning point in this game (and I don’t think there was), it started with 10:32 to go.

At this moment in the game, the Rangers iced the puck. On the d-zone faceoff, a rare loss for Zibanejad on this night; just seven seconds later, Igor made a clean glove save on Rodrigues. In turn, the Rangers were able to make a change and get their tired skaters off of the ice.

Twelve seconds after Igor’s stop, this happened:

2-0, GOOD GUYS, as “The Breadman” took a pass from Copp and scored one of the best looking goals of this season, as he backhanded a puck top-shelf past Jarry!

Seriously, if you didn’t see this goal, watch that video above.

I don’t know if this was the prettiest goal of the season or not, but it’s up there. And before you say it – yep, they all count the same.

For me, I’m a bit impartial to the Miller wrap-around goal against Detroit, because he’s the only player on the team, due to his long reach and stick, that could’ve scored it.

That said, this was a beaut for Panarin. Even better – the Rangers had their insurance goal.

With 8:06 to go, and now up by two; the Rangers’ fourth line had a two vs one odd-man rush, but Dumoulin was able to break it up in the nick of time.

Three minutes later, it was evident that the Rangers’ game plan was working. They slowed the pace of the game to the speed of a snail, and just wouldn’t allow the Penguins to even sniff Igor.

However, that would temporarily change with 2:48 to go; after Mika failed to shoot when wide-open. (He forced a pass to Kreider instead – a turnover, in a play that had me wondering if these guys are trying to get Kreider to goal #55. And for the record, if that’s the case – these guys would never admit it anyway, nor do I think Kreider cares – he just wants to win games.)

After the turnover, CZAR IGOR was forced to make a stone cold save on Guentzel. The Pens’ left winger was inches away from CZAR IGOR on this try, but #31 in blue said “NYET NYET.”

On the Rangers’ next possession, Jarry made a save and tried a patented CZAR IGOR home-run pass, a pass that Panarin intercepted at center ice. Jarry then bailed himself out, when he made a glove save, a save which prevented #10 from getting his second score of the game.

Chytil, like Mika earlier, would soon have a wide-open look at Jarry, but instead, he made a blind drop pass to Lafreniere for a turnover. I get being unselfish, but sometimes you need to go for the glory.

Not to be outdone, with 18 seconds to go, Kreider had another GOOD LOOK at Jarry, but he forced a pass to Copp – another Rangers’ turnover. Kreider has been prone to this, but that’s just him displaying his captain qualities, as he rather get his teammates going than being greedy.

As a generalized thought, I don’t think all of these turnovers were indicative of bad play; I just think it’s the team mentality and everyone wanting to be a good teammate. And had the Rangers not had a two-goal lead, perhaps these guys would’ve shot these pucks themselves.

Right after the final horn went off, as in 1.5 seconds following the siren; Zibanejad scored. However, this was obviously a late goal, so we remained 2-0, GOOD GUYS, after forty minutes of action.

It was disgusting listening to the ESPN guys go on-and-on about Rakell, who did nothing against the Rangers for the third time this season. Photo Credit: Seinfeld

After listening to the ESPN guys and gals force themselves into talking about the Rangers, an experience which felt like it was painful for them; two minutes into the final frame, K’ANDRE THE GIANT broke up a Penguins two vs one odd-man rush. If he hadn’t, the Penguins probably would’ve scored here.

Rather than talking about Miller’s great defensive play; the ESPN crew tickled Crosby’s balls some more and then gently stroked Rakell.

With 16:20 to go, Motte laid a monster hit on a black-and-yellow fellow, which in turn, forced Jarry to stop a sneaky Zibanejad, a #93 in blue who was camped out to the right side of the goaltender. This save kept the game alive – at least for this moment in time.

Two minutes later, Braden Schneider made a FABULOUS play, where he showed off his stick-handling and skating skills, when he thwarted a Penguins’ attack and got the puck out of the Rangers’ d-zone.

As CZAR IGOR started to get challenged a bit, challenges that he aced; with 13:26 to go, the refs called a phantom interference penalty on Trouba. This was complete bullshit and another example of the officials trying to swing a game. You’d never see this called in the playoffs, as Trouba hit Malkin just a nanosecond after #71 vacated the rubber.

At this time, I should also share the following PROP bet that I made before the game:

My shutout bet hit tonight. With the $70, I can now afford half a beer at M$G! And yep – it was only a “Five Dolla Holla,” but they all count!

Listen – my own personal bets mean shit. All I care about is the team winning. Everything else is gravy after a Rangers win!

However, for CZAR IGOR, the 2022 Vezina winner – this was another example of the officials trying to take a shutout away from him. We’ve seen some really bad officiating this season, and one day, perhaps friend of the site, Howie S., can write the manifesto of all manifestos concerning terrible officiating.

You know how bad this penalty was? Even the pro-Pittsburgh ESPN announcers were calling out the officials for this horrid call.

Igor would stop Letang six seconds into this kill. Following that, Zibanejad, Goodrow and Motte made some good plays. Then, just as the power-play was set to expire, Ryan Lindgren made a diving block and that was that. Puck don’t lie!

As the two goalies continued to exchange saves; with 7:23 remaining, we had the play with Angello and Motte, a play which I described at the top of this blog.

I thought Angello’s hit was clean, but as talked about last blog following the Schneider hit; the Rangers defended their fallen teammate. I have no problem with teammates sticking up for each other, whether it be the Rangers or their opponent.

The end result was an Angello interference penalty, where upon review, I’m not sure if this was really a penalty. I think the aftermath led to the call, as Motte was near the puck when the hit took place.

Again – no update on Motte yet, but here’s to hoping that it’s nothing serious.

The Rangers power-play didn’t do anything here. Once the Penguins had their kill, Lafreniere laid a nice hit on Angello.

With 4:52 remaining, JONNY HOCKEY was boxed for a hook on Letang, as the officials continued their best at trying to rob Igor of his shutout.

After Igor made two saves on the PK; with 3:27 remaining, we saw more ineptness out of the officials, where this instance was the most egregious.

As Goodrow and Malkin went at it, Carrie Mathison attacked Goodrow. Matheson (correct spelling, as opposed to Clare Danes’ character from “Homeland”) even face-washed an official during this display of grotesqueness.

To recap, and to be clear – Matheson dropped the gloves with Goodrow and hit an official during this.

The end result? Off-setting penalties for Malkin and Goodrow. Should I even be shocked anymore?

Matheson just went to the bench and wasn’t assessed a penalty at all. Once again, the ESPN analysts, despite their black-and-yellow colors on; screamed foul. They too thought that the Rangers should’ve received a power-play here.

Once returned to full-strength, with 2:52 to go, Jarry was pulled.

Just like the last time these two teams played, the Penguins made it interesting for a bit.

After watching the Penguins test the Rangers; with just 37.9 seconds remaining, Dryden Hunt, from long distance (beyond his own blue line), dialed up a goal. 3-0, GOOD GUYS.

3-0, GOOD GUYS, your final!

But wait K-Mart shoppers, there’s more.

With the game now concluded, the Penguins, obviously frustrated after getting their asses handed to them, incited a brawl with the Rangers.

The end result of all the physicality?


Here’s the CZAR, after his shut-out, telling the Penguins “BYE BYE!”

This was another display of CZAR IGOR showing off his compete level, and perhaps his sense of humor too.

If you recall last season, following the Georgiev/DeAngelo debacle (against these same Penguins no less); the Rangers won their next game, where following it, Igor and Panarin had a mock fight in the tunnel.

Igor and Panarin allowed the good times to roll during their post-game interview too:

During the interview, the two “Redshirts” Blueshirts joked about their salaries and scoring. It’s worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.

And as someone who enjoys kicking an opponent when they are down, especially when the opponents are the Penguins – I enjoyed Igor and Panarin hamming it up here!

Great win tonight!

One last thought before signing off – one that you may disagree with. (And that’s fine too – we’re all entitled to our own opinions. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing – the Stanley Cup!)

Let’s not forget the reason why Chris Drury traded for and then signed Barclay Goodrow – for the playoffs. Photo Credit: NYR

While what I’m about to say next is opinion-oriented; this is also an observation.

As talked about before, where does Kaapo Kakko fit in now?

Not only has Kakko been out longer than expected; there are only ten games remaining too.

And let’s face it – Kakko is somewhat streaky, and takes a bit to get going, where the word “going” is being kind.

I know that many, especially young fans from the ANALytical realm, think that Kakko, once healthy (whenever that day comes), should walk right in and play.

As stated previously on this site – how can you bump Vatrano and/or Copp from the top six?

Both players, during their short duration in New York, have been infinitely better than Kakko. Can anyone truly argue otherwise?

Plus, Drury traded for these two for the playoff push – a push where Gallant will go with the best line-up possible – and not what’s best for the young Finn.

I know that others, who are with me and agree that Vatrano and Copp should be the Rangers 1-2 right wing punch; at the same time, also believe that Kakko should take over the third right wing position from Goodrow.

My response? How do you do that?

The Rangers’ third line is the best it’s ever been. Lafreniere is playing with more SWAGGER. Chytil is playing his best hockey of the season.

And sure, while you could have Goodrow center Lafreniere and Kakko – do you really want to mess with what’s working?

Furthermore, I wouldn’t want to see Goodrow demoted to the fourth line either.

In my eyes, Goodrow, a Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award candidate, should be playing as much as possible.

Not only does he win faceoffs, but he’s a valuable player on the PK too. And then there are all of the intangibles that he brings.

Where Kakko could become a problem on the third line; Goodrow, who is defensively minded, even if he’s enjoying the best offensive performance of his career – complements his young linemates. He’s a veteran presence – Kakko is not.

Again, while I’ll be fine with whatever Gallant does, as he would know better than me; we all must remember that Goodrow was acquired because of his successful playoff experiences.

In less than a month’s time, when these games really start to matter – I’d rather see Goodrow than Kakko.

There are a lot of players on this team without playoff experience. Goodrow has to be there. He’s been great all season – no matter what some analytical geeks may suggest – geeks who are ALWAYS wrong.

And while I’m not saying that Kakko should never play again – I’m just saying that Goodrow’s playing time shouldn’t become collateral damage.

To wrap-up on this, and as stated 7896768967896789689 times before – it’s not a bad thing if Kakko takes a back seat. It will only help the Rangers negotiating power with him, come the off-season. He’s not getting a contract that his peer from that 2019 NHL Entry Draft, Jack Hughes, received from the Devils.

When contract time comes, the Rangers will really be up against the salary cap – a topic we can get into once the playoffs are over. For now, my eyes remain on the prize – the Stanley Cup.

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The Rangers will look to avoid being “trapped” when they host the Ottawa Senators on Saturday night. Photo Credit: NYR

Up next: Rangers vs Senators, in a game that the Blueshirts must not overlook.

Like a lay-up, the Rangers need to take two points against the bottom-feeder team from Canada’s capital.

After Ottawa, it’s a back-to-back set, where on Tuesday night, the Rangers will play their next “biggest game of the season,” when they host the Carolina Hurricanes. 24 hours later, on Wednesday night, the Rangers will look to get revenge on the Flyers in Philadelphia.

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  1. Great win, great game, great Igor, great greatness!

    Ok lets not get carried away….heh

    The BSBS types will be calling for blood if Kakko is anything but a shoe in for this lineup but how can Gallant just do that when by anyone’s standards Copp and Vatrano are playing so fabulously…….I think the new guys we have will be the best thing that happened to Chytil, Fosho and Kakko because now they have guys they need to be better than to play and really have to step up and play well to push them out of the lineup which is the next stage of all 3 guys development and they know it and accept it because I don’t believe any of these 3 guys are molly coddles and they know that is the way it goes on teams.


    Ok by “C19 will end soon”……..how soon?……….we need at least some firm commitment to a timeline from ye Jack old boy!…….hell soon could be 5 years from now and you could still be saying soon, then you will declare victory as soon as it does end saying…….see that Zap, I told you it would be ending soon!…….self back pat……..heh…….how soon is this particular soon?

    I will say it again this C19 shite will not end any time soon because the people promoting all of it don’t want it to end….for instance Germany had a vote yesterday about making vaccinations mandatory for C19 when here it should be all over…..it was voted down but they will be back with more or a new variant or somesuch…….I do’na have a crystal ball but I am confident about this one.
    Here is some shite about that 19 string Moderna patent

    Moderna’s “tiny” 19 string sequence…..constantly calling this string tiny is like calling the numbers in a powerball lottery tiny from a mathematical perspective….they keep throwing out the words tiny and small for propaganda purposes….a genetic mathematical data algorithm used in the field placed the odds at 3 trillion to 1 of this string occurring in nature.

    I have seen this debunked in what appears to be in a credible way…….but here is the rub with that, I saw the debunkers who were indeed scientists and post grads and such make the statement that entering this string in the BLAST system and finding numerous other examples from Nature was as simple as inputting the code and hitting enter…….ok here is the problem with that….there were numerous scientists involved in this study and they claim the only references they got were exactly 3 and all were from Moderna patents..they placed odds on it at 3 trillion to 1 using an accepted mathematical tool for the purpose……none of them even noticed those other entries?…….so all these scientists from a dozen reputable Universities commuted academic fraud?..yet none of the debunkers even claimed they did?…or was it that the database was tampered with AFTER the paper was published and would a search of all the occurrences in nature be part of the data on say a back up archive of that data or were these natural occurrences tampered with and added later?……see what I am getting at?….my suspicions about Moderna actually creating this virus have risen considerably and if you look into any of this there have been high level cover ups on this shite from the ever line, Jack old boy!…..from the proverbial ever line!…….so who the hell can trust any of them?…..and I know this sounds like a stretch but I am not buying that debunking……….and with these people and anything that connects to Mt Olympus if it looks suspicious it is suspicious

    Here I believe is that string from one of the research papers

    “We did not find the 19-nucleotide sequence CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG in any eukaryotic or viral genomes except SARS-CoV-2 with 100% coverage and identity in the BLAST database”

    It simply does not add up that these scientists could have missed any other references to that string……therefore when they did the search those references were likely not there and only added at a later date.


    The fraud would be revealed by anyone looking into the BLAST archive……luckily for them nobody ever will or if they do no media will ever report on it because that is the way it always goes with the Machiavellian doings of the club.

    Someone should check the back up archives of this data from before the paper was published or from before C19 was ever a thing because if this debunking was fraud the answers will be there.

    I wonder if all these proposed matching strings from organism’s in Nature turn up in the exact same location at this “furin cleavage site” that they keep referencing and if so what the odds of that occurring are but I could not tell you anything about it so I don’t even know if that is possible or significant because I am a “baseless Coincidence Theory” debunker not a scientist!!………heh

    1. New blog up. Funny how fast everything can change. Losing Motte sucks, but with Chytil out, it’s now easy to bring back both Rooney (who I thought was a lock anyway) and Kakko.

      I think you need a break from the COVID stuff. Can’t let it overtake your life.

      1. Fraud abounds in what is the most serious issue for all of mankind currently…….hey I still watch the games………but this stuff is more serious and important than, yes I will say it………..more important than even a NY Ranger Stanley Cup victory!!!!……….heh…….Yes, Jack my boy, more important and consequential than even that!…………or as Phil Rizzuto put it when the Pope died and he had to report it after a Yankee win……….he said something like………..this news even takes the thrill out of an exciting Yankee win!!…….and you know Rizzuto, he was not joking

  2. Check this out it has everything………Trump as straw man in the headline……..criticism of Trump for pulling Daszak’s funding which is comically ironic……and of course “unfounded conspiracy theories” just to make sure the hapless reader gets the message about how they should think…….AND………Daszak lying his frigging ass off, claiming he had nothing to do with Wuhan!!!……..and once again the baseless claims…..unfounded conspiracy theories…..turn out to be 100% factual……..and what happened to Daszak after this?…was he dragged before congress to explain himself? no……was he dragged by the press?……no….what happened was Sachs and Fauci the WHO and CDC and the Lancet put him in a lead role as investigator at the WIV……….at his very own lab!!!………I mean this shite is serious as a heart attack but some of it is just so laugh out loud rediculous that you cant help but laugh………here is the Gale link

    Jack old boy, Daszak is obviously incompetent, he was tasked to search his own laboratory for his own virus and STILL came up with bupkus!


    This I believe is called a “smoking gun”……..he is denying everything here and to the government at that.
    Then it all comes out later and is completely ignored by one and all in “authority”


    EcoHealth Alliance denied sending any of its $3.7 million in government funding to the Wuhan institute. The Wuhan lab

    EcoHealth Alliance denies all charges

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the US public health agency who sent the research grant, told EcoHealth Alliance in an email that it also needed to stop spending the rest of its 2020 grant, worth about $370,000.

    “At this time, NIH does not believe that the current project outcomes align with the program goals and agency priorities,” an NIH deputy director wrote in a letter to EcoHealth Alliance officials seen by Politico.

    The director also emailed Peter Daszak, the president of EcoHealth Alliance, days before funds were frozen, asking for a list of all Chinese links to the group’s study.

    EcoHealth Alliance said in a statement that it was planning to speak with the NIH “to understand the rationale behind their decision.”

    “For the past 20 years our organization has been investigating the sources of emerging diseases such as COVID-19,” the group said, according to Politico. “We work in the United States and in over 25 countries with institutions that have been pre-approved by federal funding agencies to do scientific research critical to preventing pandemics.”

    According to Politico, Daszak told the NIH that “no funds from [the grant] have been sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, nor has any contract been signed.”

    The facility has received over $3.7 million in research funding between 2014 and 2019, and has published over 20 scientific papers since 2015 on how coronaviruses spread through bats, according to the report.”

  3. Sean
    Same results from another scientific team in Delhi, also with the exact same 3 trillion to 1 odds…..the string is in a Moderna patent and that is confirmed……….and there is 0 mention of any competing appearances in nature and you think they would mention it if it were the case……….

    Note these sources are more than credible from an academic point of view……….yet none of them found these so called natural occurences that should be part of any search results?……….does not add up.


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