A Whirlwind Wash Friday in Rangerstown, USA: Kakko and Rooney Return, Motte Most Likely Done For Season; Chytil Hurt Again Too, Gallant’s New Line-Up Teased; Major “Turk Talk” Interview, Playoffs & More

It was whirlwind day for the Rangers on Friday, where if you looked at everything from a plus/minus stat perspective, the organization finished the day with a 0 in the column. In a classic case of “do you want the good news or the bad news first?” – for optimists, both Kaapo Kakko and Kevin Rooney are back. The bad news? Tyler Motte is most likely lost for the season, while Filip Chytil is now “day-to-day,” for what feels like the 8796786896th time in his career.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. A rare and unscheduled off-day blog today, as several developments took place during Rangers’ practice on early Friday afternoon – where unfortunately, not all of these stories are positive.

However, I’ll hit you with the following before going into everything from Friday:

After watching this Yankees home opener, I think it’s safe to say that Braden Schneider is the best athlete in New York today to wear the #45 on his back! And he’s only paid 767896696969% less than Gerrit Cole. What a bargain!

Rangers general manager Chris Drury traded for depth at the NHL Trade Deadline and for good reason. You never know when someone will go down.

The biggest Rangers’ announcement of the day was made at 12PM, when the team stated that Tyler Motte had suffered a “significant upper body injury” during last night’s game with the Penguins.

As talked about during last night’s blog (you can read it here: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/4722/), Motte received an injury during the third period, after being hit by Anthony Angello.

In case you missed it, here’s a replay of the hit/injury:

As noted last night, I thought this hit was vicious, yet clean.

After all, we’ve seen Jacob Trouba lay some thunderous blows this season on opponents with their heads down. We cheered every single time, and we’ll still root whenever the “Trouba Train” goes Troo-Troo. Big hits are part of the game.

In addition, and as I also said last night, I was hoping this wouldn’t be anything major – but those hopes are now dashed.

I’m not a doctor (you may have heard), but when you see the word “significant” preceding the word “injury” – that’s not a good thing.

I have no clue if Tyler Motte, like Sammy Blais before him, will be shut down for the rest of the season or not. Maybe he can come back during the playoffs. There’s just no way of knowing right now. However, based on what the team and Gerard Gallant said – it doesn’t look good at all.

(Ironically, in a way, Motte was brought to New York to replace Sammy Blais, as both play similar games.)

When it comes to this particular play/injury; in my eyes, it’s just one of the risks of playing the game. It sucks, but this stuff happens.

Unlike the P.K. Slewban act of cowardice committed on Sammy Blais – I don’t think Angello was being dirty, nor do I think that he made this hit with any sort of malicious intent behind it.

It’s just a shame that Tyler Motte fell victim during this hit – but he won’t be the first hockey player, nor the last, to miss significant time after an act of legal physicality on the ice.

Tyler Motte. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Tyler Motte, #64 with the team, most likely finishes this 2021-22 campaign with nine games played as a Ranger.

While he didn’t rack up the points like other recent acquisitions have done, such as Frank Vatrano and Andrew Copp – that wasn’t his role either.

Since being acquired from Vancouver for a fourth-round pick of the 2023 NHL Entry Draft; Motte, who turned 27 years old on March 10th, has been a steady fixture of the Rangers’ fourth line, where he’s played at the left wing position.

Perhaps better than advertised, the native of Port Huron, Michigan has been solid defensively. He’s done everything that head coach Gerard Gallant has asked him to do (and he’s done it well), including killing penalties. He’s also matched up well against the first lines of Ranger opponents.

As talked about ever since Motte first debuted with the Rangers, a debut which took place on March 22nd against the Devils; he’s a type of player that every Stanley Cup contender desires. He’s an ingredient of a successful “roster stew.” While he might not be the meat and bones of the pot; he brings the spice and the nice.

Every team needs reliable role players and Motte, even during his short nine-game run, was most certainly that. Losing him from the roster, and just like the adjective used to describe his injury – is a “significant” loss.

However, for Gallant’s Gang, and as the head coach has preached several times this season: “next man up” and “one game at a time.”

Speaking of the head coach, let’s now talk about him.

Following the practice, where we finally saw Kaapo Kakko and Kevin Rooney back on the ice, the head coach held his daily “Turk Talk.” This chat was also “significant.” Here’s Gallant:

When it comes to the Motte injury, Gallant said that he thought it was a blow to the head, but once he watched it back on replay, he realized that his player got hit on the shoulder.

While Gallant didn’t rule out Motte for the rest of the season, he did say that it didn’t look good and that he wasn’t happy with the play.

Aside from the Motte injury, Gallant also commented on Kaapo Kakko and Kevin Rooney, where the head coach said that both were a possibility for Saturday night’s game against Ottawa. So at least we got some good news today.

Gallant said that he wasn’t worried about practice time or lack thereof, as he said that he feels that both men will be ready to play at this stage of the season.

As noted before, both players have been skating on their own for a while, so conditioning isn’t an issue. Gallant also said that as long as the medical staff gives him the okay, they’ll be in his line-up as soon as possible. In a personal observation – Gallant sounded pretty confident about both men playing tomorrow when saying this.

On the season as a whole, Gallant, while chuckling, said it’s been pretty good. I’d concur!

Gallant also reiterated his “one game at a time” catchphrase, where he said that he didn’t have any sort of specific milestones (points, wins, etc) that he wanted to hit. His biggest concern was playing good hockey and winning games.

(And as mentioned before on this site – his team could break the franchise records for most wins and points, records which were set by the 2014-15 Presidents’ Trophy winning Rangers.)

Gallant, who I guess doesn’t read this site, then made fun of the media for their low expectations of his team when going into this 2021-22 campaign. (He laughed when saying this.)

In a poignant quote, when asked about how the season has been going, Gallant said, “I’m happy where we are at, but you can never be satisfied. Things change all the time.”

As he always does, Gallant spoke highly of a bottom-feeder team, where this time, he praised Saturday’s opponent – the Ottawa Senators.

Gallant was then asked if he’d celebrate once the Rangers officially clinch a playoff berth. (More on this below.)

In his response, Gallant shut that line of questioning down.

While he said that his expectations were to make the playoffs, he also said that he’ll only celebrate at the end of the playoffs – should the Rangers win the Stanley Cup. That got me pumped up a bit!

On the state of his goaltenders, Gallant said he is happy and feels great about both of his net-minders. He said that he’s never gone into a game hoping for good goaltending – because he knows he’ll get it.

On his young players, Gallant said that he feels like they’ve all taken a step in the right direction and have made progress. He then said that he expects all of these players to continue their development next season.

On Strome’s return, Gallant said that he’s a big part of the team and he was able to return with no issues.

If there is a silver lining (there isn’t) about the Motte injury, it is that Kevin Rooney, another fourth-liner, will most likely play tomorrow. Photo Credit: NYR

If that wasn’t enough for you, regarding the returns of Rooney and Kakko, coupled in with the loss of Motte; it was also announced on Friday that Filip Chytil is “day-to-day.”

Of course, “day-to-day” can mean anything.

Several times this season, “day-to-day” has turned into “week-to-week,” although there have been some cases where guys only missed a few games. (Ryan Strome would be a recent example.)

For the man nicknamed as “Filip Brittle” by our friends at “The Blueshirt Underground Show,” this latest unknown ailment for #72 has me wondering – has Filip Chytil ever played 25 consecutive games in his career? He’s like the anti-Phil Kessel!

While I’m sure there has been some stretch where the Czech has played 25 games in a row during his five-year career; it does feel like he gets hurt a lot.

As noted on this site the last few times where Chytil was out – it just feels like a nasty cycle for him.

It feels like he always gets hurt, returns, takes some time to regain his bearings, and just when he shows you a glimpse of what he can do – he gets hurt again.

Here’s to hoping that “day-to-day” means just that.

With the injuries and returns, Gallant put these lines together during the Rangers’ short practice:

FIRST LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Vatrano

SECOND LINE: Panarin/Strome/Copp

THIRD LINE: Lafreniere/Goodrow/Kakko

FOURTH LINE: Hunt/Rooney/Reaves

McKegg, Brodzinski and Gauthier also skated together as a “fifth line.”

Defensively, everything stayed the same, but as will be the case for the remainder of the season barring injury; we won’t know who the third pair will be.

What we do know with certainty is that the third pair will be some sort of combination of Braden Schneider, Patrik Nemeth and Justin Braun – a combination that Libor Hajek won’t be able to crack – unless he has a voodoo doll of these guys.

It’s my opinion that the Rangers will need Ryan Reaves in the playoffs.

Usually, Gallant’s practice lines are what we see come game time.

I wrote a lot about Kakko vs Goodrow last night, where now, all of that stuff is moot – due to the Motte injury.

However, at least on this day, I do feel that I have a grasp on what Gallant thinks. After all, Vatrano and Copp aren’t being bumped for Kakko – which is what I thought would happen.

With Chytil out, for ever as long as it is – it makes all the sense in the world to have a veteran like Goodrow center Lafreniere and Kakko.

In a perfect world, this new third line comes out guns blazin’. Perhaps like Lafreniere, Kakko can benefit and get going by playing with the accomplished #21 in the middle.

As far as the latest fourth line goes, I’m a fan of it.

I think it’s a wise move to get Reaves back into the line-up.

While I’m a fan of “The Grim Reaver,” and think that he’s a major deterrent for opponents looking to get wise (some have suggested that the hit on Motte wouldn’t have happened had Reaves played last night – a valid idea, but I don’t think you can think like that either, especially since the Rangers had several heavy hitters in their line-up without Reaves), I’m fine if Reaves gets every other game off.

That said, I do think he has to play in the playoffs. He’s done it before. He’s been a contributor for a Stanley Cup Finalist (for Gallant of all people).

At the end of the day, I don’t think you want to see Reaves collect too much rust. I think he’s also valuable in the locker room (and at this point, I think we can say that for a fact) and that he makes the Rangers better – now more so than ever, especially with Motte done.

It’s my belief that the Rangers should rely on their veterans once the playoffs start. Photo Credit: NYR

As far as anything else, Drury’s decision to load up on depth players was a wise one – as most of us thought/predicted.

No NHL roster finishes a season 100% healthy, nor does a NHL playoff team remain at full health neither.

Unfortunately, Motte’s season is now ruined, but that’s why Drury stacked his roster with players who can go when needed. That’s why the motto is “Next Man Up.”

While most Stanley Cup champions are able to roll out four lines, lines which all do different things; come playoff time, the Rangers will have to be doing what they’ve been doing all season – get strong goaltending, have amazing success on special teams, and to not allow themselves to get too crazy with the cross ice passes to nowhere.

I believe they will.

Lastly, before going home here, there is a big game in Raleigh, North Carolina tonight. It’s also a win-win game for the Rangers.

On Friday night, the Carolina Hurricanes host the New York Islanders. Should the Canes defeat the Islanders in regulation, the Rangers will officially clinch a playoff berth.

Should the Islanders win or lose in overtime, the Rangers can clinch a playoff spot with any type of win over the Senators tomorrow. (The magic number right now is two points.)

For me, and for as blasphemous as this may sound – I’m rooting for the Islanders to win. After all, I’m rooting for the Rangers to catch the Canes for first place in the division. An Islander win will increase the Rangers’ chances for first place.

Plus – wouldn’t you rather see the Rangers clinch a playoff berth on home ice anyway? I rather see the Garden rockin’, rather than celebrating a Canes victory over the Belmont Bozos.

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The Rangers will look to avoid being “trapped” when they host the Ottawa Senators on Saturday night. Photo Credit: NYR

Up next: Rangers vs Senators, in a game that the Blueshirts must not overlook.

Like a lay-up, the Rangers need to take two points against the bottom-feeder team from Canada’s capital.

After Ottawa, it’s a back-to-back set, where on Tuesday night, the Rangers will play their next “biggest game of the season,” when they host the Carolina Hurricanes. 24 hours later, on Wednesday night, the Rangers will look to get revenge on the Flyers in Philadelphia.

As always here, thanks for reading and…


Sean McCaffrey


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  1. Sean
    I got it, I am the Isa character on your blog……..Isa The Deductress!………nobody can get past Isa’s incredible powers of deductive and inductive reasoning

    You still didnae commit to a timeline as to how soon this C19 bogshite will end, Jack old sod!

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    Sure, it should be over and the virus should be in it’s endemic stage or something like it but that opinion is based on the ancient science of the pre December 2020 C19 era and although it was well known by one and all among scientists and was such common knowledge that even layman could have predicted the virus would be on its last legs at this point but that science has been overturned by “the science” and “the science” is now claiming that each and every mutation and variant is another throw of the pandemic death dice, which was never the case before 2020……..it goes along with other changes coming from the Foundations think tank fish in their think tank aquariums (watch out for the hydroxychloroquine, little fishies!) that are completely novel like…..”the economics’………”the history”………and such.

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    Notice not a peep from the holy monks of media and so called journalistic integrity (key Gregorian chant) over Epstein and his pals direct connections, connections to the point of actually running the show at Wuhan and investigating that show……..yet not a word about any of it from our noble guardians of the truth ion journalism………and gee you would think most people might be interested in learning about those connections, wouldn’t you?………you are frigging right they would!!!

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    It is all based on highly inflated and highly invalid junk data from a scientific perspective but apparently scientists don’t understand simple concepts like this anymore………I guess this new academic discipline called “the science” is like “the new math” to them…..they can no longer grasp any of the concepts within, either that or they have become “the scientist’s” of “the science……..frankly Jack old boy I much preffered it when it was just science with rigid rules and protocols about what is and what is not acceptable in the field but I guess I am old fashion

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    Why should anyone think this will be ending soon, considering all of that?

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    So what are the real totals?

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  3. Sean
    Financial gain in this?

    People with large positions in Moderna perhaps?

    Look no further than BlackRock and Blackstone Group which was co-founded by this guy and whose investors will include a huge amount of anointed ones at the CFR and TLC…….that I can guarantee

    Peterson succeeded David R himself as chairman of the CFR………and also he is a TLC……you know like all these characters always are………..and to top it off although Pete himself is not in Epstein’s LBB his kids are…….Holly and Ricki


    All trivial to find using an Edgar form 4 search…….any journalist could find any of this out in 5 minutes flat……luckily none of them ever bother to look, they are too busy looking for new loaded words to replace “baseless” and “conspiracy theory” as it must get tiresome using the same old words in the same old way over and over and over again……you know to jazz their headlines up with


  4. Blackrock sure jumped into Moderna at an extraordinarily and uncannily opportune moment……..wouldn’t ye say an investment in Moderna on Feb 2 2021 was rather timely and uncanny?

    No talk of vaccines or any of this shite at that time, we were still at the people dropping dead in Wuhan stage of the game from some mysterious ailment and that was all that was they were saying, they kept their lips zipped about Eco Health for months……..I guess they just got lucky, right?

    Or was it they already knew the Moderna’s vaccine train was about to make it’s fabulous run straight to Moneyville?

    No investment or bet on an already rigged game can be considered timely or uncanny, those words can only be used if you have no pre-knowledge about the outcome of the investment or the bet

  5. Sean
    If you look up

    Pandora’s box
    kettle of fish
    can of worms
    the law of unintended consequences

    You know what you get?

    You get a picture of Jeffrey Epstein!

    literally, try it!


  6. What will we do to enhance tonight’s post Ranger win uphoria?……….ok knock wood and spin in a counter clockwise direction for the anti jinx……. because even 3 goals leads can evaporate in the last minute of the game in hockey……but we got this after 2……we do have this, don’t we?

    I though Old Hank was tempting Lady Fortuna with the jink shite tonight……shut up Hank!

    Nice dish to Kreider from Scramblehead leading the rush……I was awed!


  7. Sean
    If my rants ever get as long as your 10,000 word post game blogs……..ok I would have to stop then….heh

    I may be getting there tonight

    You know in the old days of pulp fiction paperbacks…….a 20, 000 word book was a novel and exactly 140 pages at Ballantine books or Bantam I think……..yes 2 of your blogs worth……..yea and they had to be exactly 140 pages as I recall from reading about Phillip K Dick and Jim Thompson and other pulp writers of the day……….and they got something like 10 cents a word and never a residual, you had to sue for that and none of them could ever afford to sue……

    anyway I prattle……….garlic juice

    Ok 3rd is starting

  8. I would have had Kreider on for that last face off and told my guys chip it up the ice and then told Kreider he should jump like a frog in heat to get the breakaway chance……..imagine that a hat trick for 50 in the last seconds of a Ranger win?…..but I guess not, it would look like trying to rub it in and very cheesey…………but even the death of a Pope could not take the luster off of such a scenario for me!……I would have roared!!!………..Ok not this Pope of course, I mean maybe the Polish one, this current Pope is owned by Mt Olympus and currently associates with some of the most historically famous names from Epstein’s little black book…..he is working for them now for something they call “stakeholder equity”……..derp……whatever that is, they have never been concerned about anyone’s equity other than their own grasping sort, so why would they care now?………he should be excommunicated as an apostate…….and I do mean that and I am Irish

    anyway…….next Kreider goal will be awesome to see!!!

  9. Sean
    Do you remember that during that awesome run to the Finals we had with Hank that this song started every Ranger game?

    It was awesome!!


    I am already picking out my theme for this run which we MAY win….no jinx

    Unstoppable Momentum by Joe Satriani……Joe!…..Joe!…..Joe!………a guy from Long Island……you know where THEY are from……..how can you stand to live there!!??……..but I wont hold that against him


    I will listen to it before every game the Rangers play until we win or crap out


    anyway great Ranger win!!!

  10. Sean
    To sum up with a punch tonight

    I will state this

    Jeffrey Epstein was personally involved with the man who founded Metabiota, Nathan Wolfe, who were working with Eco Health Alliance in Wuhan and also closely associated with the man tasked to investigate that lab by the authorities and that man put the person running Eco Health Alliance, Peter Daszak, in charge of the investigation……….all absolutely factual and trivial to prove with a few internet searches by ANYBODY that cares to try…….ANYBODY, no PHD neccesary…….and all parties involved are connected to that club in NYC in one way or another

    So what else is there to know?

    These people are so arrogant and reckless these days they would even allow a depraved lunatic like Biden’s son in on the glom…….and I have seen some of this lap top shite the MSM ignore and the politicians kvetch over without ever revealing……..what is on that lap top!!?……….the kvetching is all theater from both sides and neither side will ever tell……….they will bitch back and forth and then drop it………..as they have already been doing for 2 years now………but I will tell you, you gotta wonder what kind of crack that lunatic is smoking……..oh wait, crack crack………silly me………but even that can not explain how utterly depraved that kid is judging by just the little bit I have seen of the lap top evidence…..and the people that run this shit show actually allowed him in on the game?

    Yea that Rosemont Capital and the funding of Metabiota shite is all true, same with the funding of the “for the greater good”……”just cleaning up Soviet era bio weapons from the pre Perestroika era Russia”…..labs in Ukraine………right…….which was in the late 80’s nearly 30 years ago……not plausible

      1. Sean
        You mean…….don’t want to know?


        You did read them, no?

        That is good enough……..these bogshiters and a little garlic juice inspire my best jokes!

  11. Sean – The comments section of your Blue Collar Blueshirts blog is being hijacked by lunatic zap crap that has nothing to do with NYR. I stopped reading and responding to most of that garbage, but I wouldn’t mind if you just deleted it.

  12. Sean

    Ok not for nothing but when this shite started someone asked me who would I expect to be in on the kaching if Moderna was not on the up and up and I said………obviously Black Rock because I already knew how closely that outfit was connected to these characters, ok but I never bothered to look even though I knew about researching the SEC’s Edgar system for beneficial ownership 13g and form 4’s from when I used to research stocks…….I never bothered because I figured it was a done deal……so yesterday I got curious and went to Edgar and sure enough there they are……….they bought a large reportable (that is over 4%, which triggers the reporting requirement) share amount on Feb 2, 2021

    Check the results!

    $20 when they bought and a peak at $450 for a measly 1800% gain……….they made billions on this on single trade

    I am tempted to get the share amounts and figure out exactly how much but why bother, nobody is taking any of this shite seriously.

    One thing that none of the media or politicians are even considering and that is all of these obvious shenanigans could be nothing but a huge financial fraud…..and it was sure lucrative for certain connected people but it will only be attributed to Black Rock and there names will never be reported or known although any investigation would reveal those names

    Another case was in Jan 2021 when that first Wuhan story mentioning the level 4 lab in the alt media hit which the MSM refused to even mention, I sent that story to my brother and said it looks like this lab is where the Bogshite came from………at the end of the letter I said exactly this……..(don’t be surprised if in the near future we are reading a story that goes like this…….western actors involved in Wuhan lab….and if that happen’s those western actors will be connected to that club downtown in NYC)……so I got the usual baah humbug crazy shit………..then they were there……..and you know what I got then?….I got……………oh well, if it happened it must be no big deal because otherwise they would tell us it was a big deal…….or words to that affect……sheesh………..yep my own brother is a Nobigdealist………it happens every time I prove something true that would be considered shocking if it actually did happen……when the proof comes in then it is and must be Nobigdeal…………..even I thought placing these guys at a lab in Mainland China was a stretch but I know this organization……..I must admit I thought the connections would be to some of their “Foundations” I never expected to find so many direct connections to that NGO………..they are getting extremely sloppy


    I laugh at all of this but believe me it can be very frustrating too

    If the link does not work you could type in Moderna on Yahoo finance and check the chart

    Yea Forbes had to rejigger their billionaire list to accommodate the new Billion Dollar Moderna Modernaires!

    If you ever tried investing in stocks you just gotta hate how these guys get away with things,


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