Rangers’ COACH WATCH ’23 Update: Joel Quenneville Currently in New York City; Facts vs Speculation, Henrik Lundqvist Less Than Ten Days Away from Hockey Hall of Fame Announcement; Potential Class of 2023 & More

It wasn’t my intention to write two separate blogs in one weekend, but since the Rangers’ beat reporters won’t give you the news (unless you’re invested in the latest food items on the M$G menu), then it’s my belief that someone has to!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. The plot thickens!

On early Saturday morning, I posted a new blog on this site, one that you can read by clicking the link below:

Chris Drury Officially Next (and Last) GM to Name a New HC; NYR Clickbait Beat Still Chasing Their Tails, “The Top 100 Villains of New York Rangers History” List Announced; Book Coming Soon, Ramsay Update, Three Metro Division Teams Make Trades; Good News For Miller and Lindgren & More

As mentioned at the time during that manifesto – the 155th running of the Belmont Stakes was set to take place on June 10th at 7:02PM EST.

While I have brought up my affinity for the ponies in the past on this site; at the same time – this isn’t a horse racing blog either!

(But needless to say – by the end of the race, I had made another nice donation to the good people at the NYRA!)

However, and from the department of “Make Of It What You Will;” do you know who was spotted on FOX’s (horrible) broadcast of the race?

Joel Quenneville.

We must always give credit where credit is due. While I watched the entire FOX broadcast of the Belmont Stakes; I didn’t notice at the time that Quenneville was there. Twitter user, @PAPABEEZ (if that’s his real name), did. For what it’s worth, Coach Q., and unlike other celebrities at the race – was just randomly shown on camera – and his attendance wasn’t promoted, via a graphic or anything else of that nature, during the broadcast. Photo Credit: @PapaBeez

So… what does Quenneville’s appearance in Queens, NY truly mean?

Unlike others, let’s hit the facts first – and then get into the speculation.

FACT: On Saturday night, Coach Q. was a thirty-minute ride away from Chris Drury’s office on 33rd & 7th.

FACT: The Rangers’ general manager wasn’t in NYC; as he was in Buffalo, NY, during the final day of the annual NHL’s scout combine.

FACT: Even if Chris “ZOOM ZOOM” Drury wanted to hire Quenneville; the Rangers’ top employee, and just like every other general manager in the league – has to wait until NHL head-honcho, Commissioner Gary Bettman, gives Coach Q. his blessing – as if he were a mafia don approving a hit.

FACT: The Stanley Cup Final could end on Tuesday night. (And here’s one for you – Golden Knights’ defenseman, Alec Martinez, has a chance to win another Stanley Cup on my birthday – oh the humanity!)

FACT: Bettman maintains one of his offices in New York City. Should the Stanley Cup Final reach its conclusion on June 13th; then the commissioner and the coach could have their face-to-face pow-wow sometime this week.

Previously (right before Game 1 of the SCF), Bettman said he’d talk to both Coach Q., and his former general manager, Stan Bowman, once a winner was crowned.

SPECULATION: Of course, it should also be mentioned that no date has been revealed for such a meeting – and it could take place following the 2023 NHL Entry Draft for all that we know. However, you’d have to think that if Drury (or Rangers’ owner James Dolan) pressed Bettman about the matter, then the meeting would happen sooner than later.

FACT: Coach Q doesn’t have to linger around in NYC, in anticipation of his sit-down with Don Bettman. He has enough money to fly home to Canada and then return to the Big Apple.

FACT: Quenneville is a big horse guy. Need evidence? Here you go:

Quenneville and his friends hanging out at Hill ‘n’ Dale Stallions Row in Lexington, Kentucky. Photo Credit: PaulickReport.com

Coach Q, who was born in Windsor, Ontario, has owned and raced horses with his friends from his birth city for a long time now. One of his most famous horses was “Midnight Hawk,” who once was considered for the Kentucky Derby in 2014.

At the time, “Midnight Hawk” was three-years-old. While he didn’t qualify for the elite field; the horse earned over six-figures in prize winnings during his career, before eventually retiring and going out to stud in 2016.

Furthermore, Quenneville’s fandom for the track is well-known.

During his previous stops in Chicago, IL and Sunrise, FL, there were featured articles written by those respective beat reporters from those cities in regards to Q’s “horse-play.” (If you want to read them, then Google is your friend.)

In other words – it’s not out of the ordinary for Quenneville to attend the Belmont Stakes – especially since he’s previously attended races at that track, including in 2014, when “Midnight Hawk” won a race there.

But of course, and since most people like to subscribe to the mantra of “never let the truth get in the way of a good story;” the speculation about Quenneville’s future, perhaps with the Rangers – and just like “Midnight Hawk” – will run wild.

As previously mentioned on this site, including on Saturday morning; Hall of Fame scribe, Larry Brooks, has been adamant when opining that the Rangers aren’t interested in Coach Q. Of course, Brooks also pushed a nonsensical theory that the Rangers would land Mike Sullivan for the past month too – and then followed up that garbage by championing the cases for another 789687687969 other candidates. In other words, and as I’ve been saying all along, especially in regards to the tight-lipped Chris Drury – “WHO KNOWS?” Photo Credit: NY Post

I fully admit to you the following: Quenneville’s appearance at Belmont could be the genesis of something – or it could be nothing at all.

One more time – “WHO KNOWS?”

What we do know is this (or at least I believe this to be the case!): The Rangers (Drury) have yet to hire a head coach and have all of the leverage in the world right now, since they are now the final team, of a league 32, to be without a bench boss.

Despite multiple interviews conducted with several candidates – the Blueshirts are just two-weeks away from the NHL Entry Draft and still don’t have a head coach installed.

While you can go into a draft without a head coach; it’s not optimal to go into the NHL’s free agency period without one.

A decision will have to be made soon enough – and since Drury could’ve hired any candidate by now – it does suggest that he hasn’t been blown away by anyone either.

Finally, and as mentioned on Saturday morning on this site – for all we know, Drury could be waiting for an assistant coach, from either the Vegas Golden Knights or Florida Panthers, to become available.

But Quenneville’s presence in New York is a story – even if the Rangers’ beat reporters refuse to cover it – just like how they have ignored the firing of the now former Rangers’ trainer, Jim Ramsay.

Let’s now talk about the Hockey Hall of Fame, as they are set to announce their Class of 2023 on Wednesday, June 21st.

As Henrik Lundqvist wraps up his second-year on national television with TNT; you could argue that his broadcasting work is already worthy of the Hall of Fame. The same can’t be said about the pissant that he works with on the M$GN, his former useless back-up goaltender, Sieve Vagistat. Photo Credit: TNT

As I write these words, we are now less than ten-days away from the cloak-and-dagger & clandestine group, known as the Hockey Hall of Fame’s selection committee, from announcing their Class of 2023.

As I have written before – it still boggles my mind that names such as Stan (and Shirley) Fischler, Alexander Mogiliny, Jeremy Roenick and Henrik Zetterberg haven’t had their day in the hallowed halls of Toronto, Ontario.

To a lesser extent, I also feel like previous candidates, now past their first-year of nomination, have also been ignored, including Patrik Elias, Mike Richter and Rod Brind’Amour (who has to go in eventually, especially with what he’s done as a head coach).

This year, the following players looking to become “first-ballot” Hall of Famers (I put “first-ballot” in quotes, because the voting isn’t public and the whole process is secretive) include: Jay Bouwmeester, Ron Hainsey, Dan Hamhuis, Alexander Steen, Justin Williams, Corey Crawford, Jimmy Howard and of course, former Ranger, Henrik Lundqvist.

I’ve flip-flopped on Lundqvist’s candidacy before (when using players who are, and aren’t in, as comparisons to make an argument – an argument that I once saw both sides of); but as stated once Roberto Luongo was inducted last year (2022) – any shred of a doubt, no matter how small or how big, has all been removed.

Bold print time: Lundqvist is a Hall of Famer.

I just wish that I could use one of these sports-gambling operators, who plague every NHL broadcast with 8976786796897669 ads per-game, allowed fans to bet on this. In that event, and even if Lundqvist fetched a price as high as -100000000000000 – I’d still bet it – because there’s no way that he’s not getting in now.

While yes, the Stanley Cup evaded “The King” during his career; he does have the Olympic medal, does have the stats, and perhaps equally as important – has been a model citizen.

Put it this way: Lundqvist’s “most controversial” off-ice incident as a player? This one:

I don’t want to get into all of this again, nor talk about politics either, so I’ll keep it short (or at least “short” for me!) and make my point: When liberals, including Ranger fans, were besmirching NYPD’s finest at every turn in 2020, while also proudly stating “All Cops Are Bitches;” Lundqvist, during the COVID-19 pandemic, continued to pledge his support to the great boys in blue. When former Ranger Tony DeAngelo did the same, he was vilified for it. The same group who vilified and tried to get DeAngelo “canceled” flat-out ignored Lundqvist’s allegiance to the NYPD. After all, this “cancel culture crew” has always selectively chosen who and who not to go after – and they weren’t looking to behead their “King.” And yep – these same fans riled against most people who supported the NYPD during this time, despite you know – the top prize exclusive to any one Ranger, “The Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award” – being founded by a former member of the NYPD. Photo Credit: @Killerarms1

I only bring up Lundqvist’s lack of controversy for one reason, the following:

If Joel Quenneville had announced his retirement from hockey while at the track in Belmont on Saturday – then do you think he’d be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year?

Of course not.

Quenneville, who should be inducted one day, will have to wait many years to have his day – and sadly – perhaps posthumously.

While Coach Q may get reinstated into the NHL; the Hall of Fame doesn’t want to create any negative debates and/or headlines.

In a way, it’s in the Hall of Fame’s best interest for Coach Q to make his return to the league – and then write the next chapter of his story – hopefully a positive one – and then induct him.

Throughout Lundqvist’s career, he’s been a model citizen.

Not only does he have the track record on the ice – he may even have a better one off of it.

Whether it’s his own self-titled charity, “The Garden of Dreams,” or other philanthropic endeavors – Lundqvist has given back. The Hall of Fame likes to honor great representatives from the hockey world and Lundqvist checks those boxes.

I doubt think I’ll find much push-back here – Come November 10th, 2023, when the Hockey Hall of Fame officially inducts their latest class, Lundqvist will be the headliner.

Who else will join him?


Of the other men up for induction for the first time; I think that both Justin Williams and Corey Crawford are deserving.

When it comes to Crawford – I go back to Luongo’s own induction.

Once Luongo got in, it’s my belief that it opened the floodgates for most goalies from his generation – not only including both Lundqvist and Crawford – but backstops such as Jonathan Quick, Marc-Andre Fleury, and because of the alleged “Canadian bias,” the soon-to-be former Canadien, Carey Price.

But to go back to Quenneville for a second – the HOF selection committee may make Crawford wait a bit, as they might want to distance themselves from any sort of Blackhawks related controversy – even if Crawford, and just like Q – wasn’t the person who committed a crime.

For whatever reason, people like to focus on everyone else in Chicago from that time – and not on the actual criminal himself – Brad Aldrich – an Aldrich who belongs rotting in jail for the rest of his life.

To continue, and perhaps somewhat hypocritical – I don’t see the case for Jimmy Howard, another goalie from Luongo’s generation – the first generation of salary-cap goaltenders.

I will admit the following to you: I always wanted the Rangers to sign Williams, but during the two opportunities that they could have done so (via free agency) – they never did.

At least Glen Sather added Emerson Etem into the mix. Ugh.

Furthermore, I’m fresh off of writing Williams’ profile for my upcoming book, “The Top 100 Villains of New York Rangers History.”

When your nickname is “Mr. Game 7,” a nickname well earned and deserved – and when you win three Stanley Cups where you were pivotal in all three of those championships – how do you not get in?

Prediction: Lundqvist and Williams become “first ballot” Hall of Famers.

A sad prediction: The HOF selection committee will continue to ignore the now 91-year-old Stan Fischler – a “Maven” whose track record surpasses some of the other reporters/media personalities that are currently HOF members.

And despite his age and current living address in Israel – Fischler maintains his “frequent-flyer” status.

Following the Islanders renaming their press booth in honor of him (a ceremony that Fischler attended in 2022); “The Maven” is currently set to be inducted into another Hall this summer, “The New York Sports Hall of Fame” – and where the ceremony will be held right outside of the Saratoga Race Track.

Fischler, live-and-in-living-color, will be there.

Maybe Quenneville will be there too!

I’m back to working on this!

Barring any breaking news, such as you know, the Rangers naming their 37th head coach of franchise history – I will be taking a mini-break from this site, as I continue to edge closer to the finish line of “The Top 100 Villains of New York Rangers History.”

Some last food for thought: With the Vegas Golden Knights now one game away from winning the Stanley Cup Final – who do you think is feeling better about themselves these days – Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel?

Say what you want about McDavid’s regular season success – but should Eichel (and of course – BRETT “THE GOLDEN KNIGHT JET” Howden too) win the Stanley Cup – then this can’t be debated – it was the second-overall pick of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft – and not the first-overall selection – that’s shown up when it matters the most – the playoffs.

McDavid has had multiple playoff runs. Eichel, now away from Buffalo and during his first Stanley Cup Playoff tournament, could win the Conn Smythe Trophy on Tuesday night.

But still, Let’s Go Marc Staal!

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