BCBS For 2/1: The Never-Ending Tony DeAngelo Saga Nearing Its Conclusion; New York Rangers Waive Tony DeAngelo, DeAngelo’s Altercation with Teammates, TDA’s Temper, Looking At Every Possible End Result of this Major Decision, Facts vs Fake News Fiction; ESPN Exposes Adam Hermtrans, NYR Salary Cap, David Quinn’s First Pivotal Moment Of His John Tortorella Act; DQ’s Hot Seat, NYR Now in Sink or Swim Territory & More

Stuff has hit the fan in Rangerstown, USA.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. After writing a 10,000 word manifesto last night, I didn’t expect to be back tonight, nor did I have any idea that I would be talking about Tony DeAngelo being waived by the Rangers, which was a transaction that the Rangers made on Sunday morning. Needless to say, this Rangers season hasn’t gone the way I thought it would. Going into the season, I thought this team was taking one huge step in the right direction. Now? It feels like this team is falling off a ladder and hitting every rung with their chin on the way down.

This is a different type of blog than the usual fare here, because while I’ve previously covered Tony DeAngelo stories and recapped his “Watch Your Tone” podcast episodes on this site, the news from Sunday morning trumps all. Seriously, I’ve been doing this site for nearly seven years now. I can’t think of another big story that broke like this and in this fashion during my time writing about the Rangers. When it comes to previous big stories, we all had a hint that they were coming, whether it was the Lundqvist buy-out, the Panarin signing, the trades after “The Letter” or something else. I guess the Marc Staal trade came out of left field too, but that story doesn’t feel nearly as big as this one. Perhaps like a Mike Tyson or a Conor McGregor, it’s DeAngelo’s name value that makes this story feel so huge.

In the past, I have found previous Tony DeAngelo stories, which were reported elsewhere, to not have much substance behind them, meaning that I didn’t think what he did was a big deal. Big whoop, he left Twitter. Oh no, he went golfing at a Trump owned golf course! However, being waived by the Rangers is a real story and a real story with a ton of consequences for the Rangers, David Quinn and Tony DeAngelo himself.

Without question, Tony DeAngelo is the biggest lightning rod in franchise history. I have never seen a player get so much ill-advised hatred, over non-hockey related matters, like the way DeAngelo does from a certain section of the fan base. Of course, social media, cancel culture and politics of this era are the reasons for the never-ending controversies and sometimes invented stories (you’ll read about one of them shortly here) regarding Tony DeAngelo. Put it this way, had Sean Avery played in this era, he’d probably be the biggest lightning rod in franchise history. That said, Avery did a pretty good job of ruffling feathers himself!

Real quick, in case you missed it, here’s last night’s blog, which covered perhaps DeAngelo’s last game as a New York Ranger:

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I’ve talked a lot about Tony DeAngelo on this site, where I feel like sometimes I’m using a flyswatter against the social justice warriors in my writing. I feel a lot of stuff out there on DeAngelo is “click-bait”, as the thirsty savages in the “GOTCHA” cancel culture community will always foam at the mouth if there’s a chance to attack DeAngelo. As I’ve said in the past, I hate writing about those types of stories. Heck, I don’t take much joy in writing this one either.

I talked a lot about David Quinn last night, which is why I linked the blog above, as I don’t want to go into repeat mode here. In addition, you can check out the archives of this site for my previous articles on DeAngelo.

In short, last night, I talked about DQ’s questionable decisions, not only about this inane idea of rotating his goaltenders, but how some players are ridden harder/treated differently than others.

Tony DeAngelo slams a penalty box door. As a result, DeAngelo is a healthy scratch for two games. Brendan Lemieux commits a penalty in a game, a game which followed a game which featured Lemieux sacrificing himself in, as he writhed in agony on the bench, after blocking two shots. However, because he took a penalty, Lemieux gets scratched. To go even further here, despite his team being gassed, tired and unable to get the puck away from the Penguins in the last six minutes of Saturday night’s game, DQ stapled Brendan Smith to his bench. With Colin Blackwell out with injury, DQ decided to go with 11F & 5D in a period where the Rangers didn’t have their legs in.

Conversely, Chris Kreider and Jacob Trouba have been taking dumb penalties all season and have not lived up to their contracts at this point in time, yet David Quinn doesn’t make a move. In fact, DQ praises these two as team leaders! Even worse, Jacob Trouba and DQ routinely make excuses for Trouba’s poor play thus far in his Rangers career, because despite earning $8M a season, Trouba needs time to adjust. You know who didn’t need time to adjust? Adam Fox, who plays the same position as Trouba for 1/8th the money and who gives the Rangers 8 times the production as Trouba. Of course, the NYR lame-stream media will never bring any of this up, because it doesn’t fit their narrative. In fact, you got Larry Brooks campaigning for Trouba to be captain!

I have nothing personal against Jacob Trouba, but his contract has been a huge mistake so far. I will say, I was disgusted with his actions at the end of the second period last night, as recapped during last night’s blog.

Early Sunday, the Rangers casually tweeted out the following:

Photo Credit: NYR

Right after, Elliote Friedman, of SportsNet, confirmed the news. What happened next were Ranger fans coming up with conspiracy theories that rivaled the JFK assassination and the Zodiac Killer. No joke, I read the following “headlines”:




Someone who regularly gives me accurate information on the Rangers gave me this wild headline, a headline that I didn’t want to believe:

— Tony DeAngelo and Alexandar Georgiev had an altercation in the tunnel, right after Crosby scored the game winning goal. As a result, Chris Kreider broke it up and punched DeAngelo in the face.

Here’s what we know for a fact. DeAngelo did confront Georgiev after the game, regarding Georgiev’s gaffe prior to the Crosby goal, a gaffe that perhaps cost the Rangers a much needed clear and shift change. There was no violence here, as there were no punches thrown, no MMA moves being applied, or anything of that nature. However, what did happen, was that DeAngelo, who is self-admittedly hot-headed and gets fired up easily, got into Georgiev’s face. What happened next gets sketchy.

I think we’ll know the full story in a few days, but I was told that teammates separated DeAngelo and Georgiev, with the thinking that this altercation could get physical. I was also told that Kreider punched DeAngelo, which makes this story sound “sexier”.

Of course other sites are running headlines that read like “KREIDER TKO’S DEANGELO’S NOSE”, without being able to confirm this as fact. However, it’s not like these other blogs worry about the truth getting in the way of a good story, hence the recent nonsense they ran regarding an obvious fake Twitter account pretending to be Tony DeAngelo. (And really, I can’t believe that a big site like Yahoo gets away with outright slander these days. I didn’t realize you could call anyone you want a racist and report on fake Twitter accounts as being real, with no consequences.)

And do you know why Kreider is linked to this story? Because of this picture:

Photo Credit: Mike Silvers/MSGN

You see, if you zoom in really close, you can see that Kreider’s hand is bruised a bit. Of course, Kreider was involved in some rough stuff during the end of the second period last night, rough stuff that Jacob Trouba cowardly skated away from last night. (Of note, Tony DeAngelo, along with Ryan Strome & Artemi Panarin, were right there with Kreider in battling the Penguins. Trouba was the only fat cat that shied away. Instead of getting involved with the big dogs, Trouba played with the gear of a Penguin, like a kitten playing with a piece of string. How cute.)

As far as what I can say with 100% certainty, it’s that Georgiev & DeAngelo definitely had a screaming match, a screaming match which was started by DeAngelo, as a result of Crosby’s game winner. The team broke up the two, in an incident which was 100% DeAngelo’s fault. Whether or not Kreider got rough with DeAngelo, that can’t be confirmed right now.

I’ll also add this – had the media been allowed in the locker room, as they would’ve been if it weren’t for this pandemic, I’m sure we’d know much more about this story. In fact, I bet we would’ve known that this DeAngelo transaction was coming. However, the media is not allowed in the locker room right now, which is why details of this story are slowly trickling down the vine.

Let’s take a look at what happens next.

Like many Rangers this season, Tony DeAngelo did not get off to the start he wanted. Photo Credit: MSGN

As you read these words, this is obviously an on-going story, so I will give you the facts here and try to limit the speculation. DeAngelo was waived at noon, on Sunday, January 31st. If no team claims him by noon Monday, DeAngelo will have cleared waivers.

When it comes to any team claiming DeAngelo, my gut feeling is that no team does. With DeAngelo’s new contract and with the salary cap staying flat, it’s hard to see a team jumping on a contract that comes with a $4.8M cap hit annually. (Watch someone claim him the second I hit “publish” on this blog!)

In addition, as I’ve always said about young players always on the move, when a player is on three or four teams by the age of 25, there’s a reason for it. (Anthony Duclair would be the best and most recent example of this.) While a lot of what is out there about DeAngelo is all fake (the Sarnia stuff, anything regarding K’Andre Miller, the burner accounts, etc) what is true is that if DeAngelo suits up for another team, it will be his fourth franchise in five years. Of note, DeAngelo just turned 25 years old this past October.

During this site’s history, I recapped every episode of Tony DeAngelo’s “Watch Your Tone”. On the podcast, DeAngelo admitted that he has an issue with anger and was uncoachable during his stint in the Tampa Bay Lightning organization. While I know saying “TONY DEANGELO ONCE SAID AS A KID, HE DIDN’T LIKE PUFF DADDY RIPPING OFF LED ZEPPELIN SONGS. K’ANDRE MILLER HEARD THIS & THE RANGERS JOINED IN UNITY, SUNG “WE ARE THE WORLD” & DEMANDED THAT DEANGELO BE WAIVED” or garbage like that will get clicks, the real issue here, is that in this particular situation, DeAngelo’s anger got the best of him again. He’s at fault here.

I don’t care about the social media bullshit, the people with DeAngelo Derangement Syndrome or in this case, even David Quinn, who I do feel is partly responsible for this. (More on DQ as we move along.) For one second, throw all the bullshit away and look at this black and white fact – Tony DeAngelo started an incident with Georgiev. While I do believe that anything DeAngelo does gets magnified and blown out of proportion, he takes the blame here. It’s at the point where people, including people who do like DeAngelo, are getting tired of always seeing his name in the news.

And yes – unlike these people throwing parades about this news, I admit, I hate this story. It’s not good for the Rangers and it’s not good for DeAngelo either. I’m also aware, unlike others talking about this story, that players and teammates do have dust-ups between each other. This applies not only in hockey, but in all sports. Sometimes players need to air stuff out and get the bad blood out of their system. Unfortunately for DeAngelo, he’s playing in 2021 and not in 1971. Hell, Shaquille O’Neal & Kobe Bryant fought with each other in the early 2000’s and they went on to win multiple championships. Of course, Tony DeAngelo isn’t at the same level as those two.

With DeAngelo having a target on his back already, there was just no way he was coming out of this situation unscathed, especially with a coach who sometimes comes off like he wants to role-play the John Tortorella vs Sean Avery feud with DeAngelo.

And really, what’s going on with the NYR media? Not one of them can get a quote from DeAngelo right now? While DeAngelo might not pick up the phone, and even if he did, he’d most likely say “no comment”; shouldn’t these reporters do their due diligence and at least try to get DeAngelo’s side of the story? Then again, perhaps these reporters like stupid things like this to spread:

We all know that I’m a Georgiev fan, if not the biggest, but come on, do you really think TDA went off on Georgiev about his goalie mask? The way people spin stuff on social media is incredible and it doesn’t help that the real reporters don’t do much to dispel such garbage. Many times, they promote it.


And just as I was about to publish this blog, ESPN.com finally stepped up to the plate and refuted one of the 7896789679678 erroneous reports from Adam Hermtrans, someone who can’t assess players without attacking their personal beliefs if their beliefs aren’t in line with his.

K’Andre Miller. Photo Credit: NYR

Really, I didn’t want to give this type of story the time of day, because it’s all horseshit. Even by talking about this now, I’m giving this maroon credence. At least ESPN took away any credibility that some rubes thought that Adam Hermtrans, and people of his ilk, had.

If you’re not aware, and don’t follow social media, there is a gaggle of GOTCHA people, who make up rumors about Tony DeAngelo all day. One of the fake news rumors created by these people is that Miller and DeAngelo don’t get along, because you see, DeAngelo is the David Duke of the NHL, despite absolutely no evidence suggesting this at all. DeAngelo may be immature and hot-headed, but if you read some of the drivel written by others, you would think that DeAngelo burns two crosses before breakfast. Again, I hate giving this stuff any burn, because I’m just validating it. However, this story is now on ESPN, so I’d be remiss if I omitted it.

As I was writing this blog, Adam Hermtrans created some poorly written fan-fiction, where he accused Tony DeAngelo of bullying K’Andre Miller and how DeAngelo stole Miller’s puck from his first goal. OF COURSE, AS WE ALL SAW AFTER THE GOAL, TONY DEANGELO GRABBED THE PUCK OUT OF THE NET DURING MILLER’S CELEBRATION AND GAVE IT TO A RANGERS STAFF MEMBER, FOR THE PURPOSE OF SAFE-KEEPING! YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT IF YOU THOUGHT DEANGELO WAS HIDING THAT PUCK FROM MILLER ALL GAME!

To the credit of Hermtrans, because he does have some marks believing anything negative he writes about DeAngelo (and this is right after posting #BellLetsTalk and orating a speech about anti-bullying from this Twitter pulpit) people ran with this story. So not only was DeAngelo already every name and -ist in the book, he was now bullying and robbing Miller of a monumental keepsake.

Enter ESPN.

With the story from Hermtrans getting traction, ESPN reporter Greg Wyshynski chimed in. You can read his report from its original source here: https://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41106827-4

Here’s what Greg W. wrote:

“Defenseman K’Andre Miller’s agent, as well as a Rangers source, refuted a report that his teammate Tony DeAngelo kept the puck from Miller’s first NHL goal. Miller’s agent Ian Pulver told ESPN: “It’s K’Andre’s understanding that the NYR equipment manager, or whoever is responsible for getting it, has the puck and that it’s being framed like other first goals. At no time did he think otherwise.””

Doubling-down on his fake news, after ESPN.com’s report, Hermtrans said he stands by his horrible made-up story. Who are you going to believe, Miller and his agent, or some jerk-off who has written about 7864782615782635784265789265789462 negative words about DeAngelo?

Wyshynski also wrote the following on Twitter:

“A source close to the Rangers indicated that while DeAngelo was seen collecting the puck from the Sabres’ net, he immediately handed it to the training staff and that the puck is due to be sent out for framing this week.

I also asked a source about the relationship between Miller and DeAngelo on NYR and was told “it was a normal teammate relationship.” So take all of this for what it’s worth. At least when it comes to the “stolen puck,” a lot of pushback on that report.”

In addition, Greg W. said that when it came to Miller not taking a picture with the puck, it was because the Rangers lost the game. That’s the way it’s always been. After all, just look at Alexis Lafreniere from this past Thursday night. He scored a game winning goal, and within seconds, out came the “Broadway Hat” and a picture with the puck. The Rangers never celebrate losses, despite what Adam Hermtrans may lead you to believe.

I can’t believe I wasted my time and your time with this, but it is a story. If there’s any irony here, it was funny watching Greg W., who is a liberal and has written negative stuff about DeAngelo in the past, take down Hermtrans, who is just bat-shit crazy with his politics, so bat-shit, that he’ll make up stories on a whim. It was nice to see Greg W. put his own personal political beliefs to the side and slam the door on this, as if he were Tony DeAngelo himself, slamming a penalty box door!

And wouldn’t it be something if the Rangers all rallied behind DeAngelo right now, because of the bullshit Hermtrans put out there? How ironic would it be if this waiver wire story goes up in smoke, as the team unites over the routinely published fake news by Adam Hermtrans?

Most of the hatred that fans have for DeAngelo are politically rooted. In fact, a simple picture from the @TrumpGolf account this past summer, featuring DeAngelo & Vinni Lettieri, got more responses than any other tweet from the account. Photo Credit: Trump Golf

If DeAngelo is claimed by another team, the Rangers will wipe their hands of both him and his contract and scot-free. However, as noted, there are most likely not any suitors out there, for a player with maturity issues and with a $4.8M cap hit to boot. (DeAngelo will be paid $9.6M overall, after this season and the 2021-2022 season.)

Come 12PM February 1st, if no team claims DeAngelo, the Rangers will have some decisions to make.

What is known, and as first reported by Larry Brooks of the New York Post, Tony DeAngelo is on regular waivers as opposed to unconditional waivers. What this means, is that DeAngelo’s contract can not be terminated for some sort of violation. Had the Rangers put DeAngelo on unconditional waivers or try to find a loop-hole to terminate their contract with DeAngelo, the Rangers will find themselves in a war with the NHLPA union. And really, that’s a battle neither the Rangers or the union want. I would venture to guess that it’s not a war DeAngelo wants either.

What’s also known is that DeAngelo wasn’t at practice Saturday. In other words, it seems highly unlikely that he’s being waived for taxi-squad purposes. While DeAngelo is being punished right now, and wouldn’t have been at practice anyway, it’s just hard to envision him joining the taxi-squad after the comments David Quinn made after practice. (I’ll have all of those quotes for you shortly.)

Also worth noting here, is that with DeAngelo now off the main roster, at least for the time being, the Rangers would save $1.075M on the salary cap, in the event that TDA doesn’t suit up for the Rangers again while under contract to the club.

At this time, there’s only one question to ask – “what’s next?”

If TDA is done with the Rangers, I will miss seeing the “thumbs up’s” after wins. Then again, winning games hasn’t been the Rangers forte this season. Photo Credit: Getty Images

If there’s one thing to keep in mind here, when it comes to Rangers general manager Jeff Gorton, it’s these two things. First off, Gorton has more dead cap space than any other general manager in the league. Currently, the Rangers are carrying cap hits of $6,083,333 for Kevin Shattenkirk, $5,500,000 for Henrik Lundqvist, $1,111,111 for Dan Girardi and $300,000 for Ryan Spooner. Combined, that’s 17.18% of the team’s salary cap for this 2021 season. Assuming that no team claims DeAngelo, and that the Rangers want to move him, the Rangers will most likely add more dead cap space in the event that they trade DeAngelo. (And think – if no one claims DeAngelo, the only way the Rangers have a shot of moving him is if they eat 50% of his contract. I suppose the Rangers could also buy-out DeAngelo, but that would be a tough pill to swallow. I can’t believe we’re even talking about this.)

The second thing to keep in mind here, when talking Jeff Gorton, it’s this – under his regime, he once waived Brendan Smith. Smith would go to the Hartford Wolfpack, where he wound up breaking his hand after getting into a fist-fight with Vinni Lettieri. (Another example of teammates fighting with each other, as an old-school way to blow off steam/settle bad blood.) As you know, today, Brendan Smith is back with the Rangers. In other words, while it doesn’t look good right now, there’s still a chance that DeAngelo one day wears a Rangers jersey again. Of course, the Rangers may not even take the chance of sending DeAngelo to Hartford, if it’s their belief that they need to move on from DeAngelo completely.

Let’s get into what David Quinn said.

I think David Quinn’s always changing line-up led to this DeAngelo blow-up.

In a short zoom chat with the media after Sunday’s practice, Quinn said the following:

“This was just a decision the organization made and we will see how it works out. I get the questions, I know you want more specifics, but like I said, a decision we made as an organization, and in 24 hours we will be able to probably be a little more specific.

A handful of guys maybe aren’t playing at the level they were playing last year and you could probably say Tony would be one of them, but he’s not the only one.

This isn’t about one incident, it’s not about one thing. This is a situation that the organization felt was best at this current time and we’ll see how the situation plays out.”

As this is an on-going and developing story, you better believe that Quinn and the Rangers will get more specific. I would also expect John Davidson, who has been open and transparent with both Ranger fans and the media alike, to say something too. I also think Jeff Gorton should say something too, at least if he wants to back up his head coach. Similar to last year, when Henrik Lundqvist was relegated to the team’s third-string goaltender, for right now, David Quinn is the only one talking to the media. That’s an unenviable position, but when it comes to DeAngelo, I think this is all rooted with David Quinn, rather than with Jeff Gorton or JD anyway.

If there’s anything that truly bothers me about DQ’s quote, it’s the “we’ll see how the situation plays out.” This isn’t DQ tinkering around with his line-up anymore, this is now him throwing darts with player contracts and the personnel. From what he said, there didn’t seem to be much confidence behind his words. That’s scary.

Now let’s really dive into David Quinn vs Tony DeAngelo here.

This whole story, much like everything else with the Rangers this season, is just a mess. Like all of us, DeAngelo was eager to see the Rangers back in action. Photo Credit: WYT

This is something we can all agree on – the Rangers are coming nowhere close to the expectations set upon them this season. Whether it’s the goalies, the fat cats, the losing or Tony DeAngelo himself, it’s been nothing but disappointment this season. And really, since the NHL resumed from their pause, the Rangers have won only one game in regulation. In other words, the Rangers have only won one regulation game out of their last eleven. Spare me the words “rebuild”, “development” and “growth” – the bottom line is that all of this losing is a major issue right now.

As I said repeatedly prior to this season, I thought Tony DeAngelo was going to have a down year, at least offensively. I thought losing Marc Staal as a partner was going to be a major blow, as Staal’s style of play complemented DeAngelo’s. Now paired with the likes of Jack Johnson and Brendan Smith, DeAngelo, who already was trying to focus more on his defensive game than his offensive game, was going to be spread thin. In addition, with the Fox/Lindgren pairing being a pairing that should never be broken up, the Rangers and DQ want to get Trouba going. That’s why Trouba had four different partners starting at training camp and into the first week of the season, with DeAngelo originally slotted to be Trouba’s partner.

DQ has decided to make it a priority to get Trouba going, because of that horrible, horrible and did I mention horrible, contract that Trouba has. Since signing that contract, not only have DeAngelo and Fox out-played and out-performed Trouba, but so did the much more affordable Neal Pionk, who went to Winnipeg as a result of the Rangers trade for Trouba.

With Trouba being a focus, such a focus that DQ even broke up his top pair of Fox and Lindgren temporarily, Trouba has been slotted with K’Andre Miller, who is the second best left-handed defenseman on the team. (And who knows, by the end of the season, Miller could be the best LD on the team.) In turn, DeAngelo routinely plays with the worst left defensemen that the team has to offer. It’s tough to get going like that.

It should be stated, that it seems like DeAngelo and DQ haven’t always had the best relationship, as in DQ’s first year with the club, he would make DeAngelo a healthy scratch repeatedly. However, last season, the 2019-2020 season, with both Artemi Panarin and Mika Zibanejad having career years, DeAngelo had a career year himself, as he finished up as the fourth highest scoring defenseman in the NHL. Fast-forward to today, these three aren’t replicating the seasons they had last year. Not only is losing contagious, but it also breeds contempt and hostility.

Screaming “rabbit ears” during a profanity laced tirade which earns you a two minute bench minor is okay, slamming a penalty box door is not. Photo Credit: MSGN

Obviously, a 4-0 loss to start the season, and to the Islanders nonetheless, is nothing no Ranger fan, Ranger or DQ himself wanted. As previously recapped, this led to DQ making an example out of DeAngelo, where DQ scratched TDA for two games, over slamming a penalty box door. If there is anything that’s been consistent about TDA over the course of his Rangers career, it’s the fact that he gives a damn, and maybe in this era, cares too much. This is why you see the word “immature” sometimes, when talking DeAngelo. (Of course, when he was playing well last season, you didn’t see that word as much. Losing and not playing well changes things.)

With hindsight being a guide here, singling out DeAngelo was a move that continued the wedge between DQ and his newly paid star. After all, when explaining that opening game loss to the Islanders, it’s tough to solely finger-point at DeAngelo. The whole team was bad. In addition, by the time DeAngelo took his penalty, the game was long over. It’s not like slamming a penalty box door was the difference between a win or a loss. Hell, you could argue that DQ was the difference, as his team was no match for the Islanders on that night, nor were they prepared.

And really, as someone who has defended Quinn the whole way, and as someone who will defend any Rangers player or coach until they give me a reason not to, this is where I think it’s put up or shut up time for Mr. Quinn.

Photo Credit: Aaron Davis

I’ll save you my “Greatest Hits” on DQ here. Simply said, I’m not in the “FIRE DQ” camp at all. However, that campfire is burning ever so bright after this news. I also want to reiterate here, that all the crap and BS rumors that are put out there about DeAngelo by these limp-wristed people, that’s all it is – feces. (Seriously, some of the garbage that Adam Hermtrans put out there today? Well he might as well have blamed TDA for the coronavirus!)

When you boil it all down, the Rangers, whether it’s the players, the front office or the coaches themselves, collectively, all they care about is winning. They don’t care who’s on what social media platform, who voted for who or any of that crap that some fans get riled up about. It’s all about delivering on the ice.

David Quinn, who does sometimes seem cocky in his interviews, especially for a guy who has never won any major championship/Cup, decided to single out Tony DeAngelo. He pressed all the buttons, while treating other players differently. While you can’t absolve DeAngelo from any blame in this incident with Georgiev, I truly believe that TDA has been boiling with rage ever since being scratched. As talked about on past blogs, to me, TDA is like a Larry David from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” type, which means that anything TDA does, he’s automatically wrong and whatever he does gets a ton of press/attention. After all TDA = clicks/ad revenue/content for many people. (That said, just like “LD” on “Curb”, the good stuff that TDA does is often ignored. As you know, negativity sells.)

It’s tough to say that a guy who is being paid nearly $5M a season was “dealt a bad hand”, but it has felt like TDA has been on the wrong side of DQ more times than not, with perhaps this incident marking the last time these two are at the same bench together.

While I don’t think the Lundqvist situation had anything to do with DQ, as I think that was just a player’s battle against Father Time, this situation with DeAngelo is rooted with David Quinn. For the first time, in now his third season as Rangers coach, DQ’s actions led to the dismissal of a player. (Again, TDA isn’t innocent here either and being immature, rather than biting his lip, is also part of this.)

If there is anything David Quinn needs right now, it’s to right this ship. A winning streak would not only validate David Quinn in his moves with DeAngelo, it would take a lot of pressure off of this team. Yes, the Rangers are young, but losing can never be acceptable. You don’t want to create a culture here that currently exists in Buffalo and Edmonton. In addition, it’s not like the Rangers roster is just young kids. You have some heavily paid players on this team, which DeAngelo was/is as well.

It’s my opinion, that now moving forward, if DQ can’t get this team to win, all of these DQ post-game interviews, which now all sound like the same old shit night in and night out, will only continue to grow frustrations. I don’t know if the term “hot-seat” is appropriate just yet, but with DQ perhaps fueling DeAngelo’s rage, thus meaning he didn’t know how to motivate a player correctly, combined with all of the continued losing, all of this could lead DQ right out of town as well.

No one, not even the most ardent TDA haters, had DeAngelo out of town just eight games into his new contract.

I don’t know what the future is for Tony DeAngelo. Gun to my head, I feel the Rangers eat half his salary in a trade. The Penguins could use a d-man. So could Boston. However, would the Rangers trade with someone in their own division?

I do know this – DQ has to get this team winning, as it looks like he’s lost his locker room a bit here. We do know that TDA has close bonds with Adam Fox, Ryan Strome and Brendan Lemieux. How will they respond to this?

Again, no one expected any of this and the Rangers are failing at the 1/7th mark of the season. Yes, they’ve played well enough to win nearly every game they’ve played this season, but this is a results based business. This isn’t horse shoes.

It’s also worth stating here – perhaps not having a captain or true leaders on this team also factors into all of this chaos. Sometimes the players need to police themselves, but with no chief, perhaps that locker room has a “Lord of the Flies” feel to it.

Of course, I expect more details to come out tomorrow, so who knows, maybe something egregious is reported and maybe the Rangers had no choice here. For right now, we don’t know.

From this point in time, there are only two ways this can go down for the Rangers. On one hand, maybe this move rallies the team and David Quinn, and this move becomes a catalyst for greater things. On the other hand, this could be the beginning of the end for David Quinn’s tenure here, as the team not only is in the running during the Draft Lottery, but in dead last place in their division.

Going into this season, I said the only way I envisioned David Quinn getting the ax is if the Rangers had an ungodly win-loss record. This DeAngelo move just increases the pressure to win.

I enjoyed TDA’s passion on the ice. Photo Credit: Getty Images

I want to close with this. This story just sucks. There’s no silver lining here, unless you’re a TDA hater. Even then, this could’ve been handled better. Rather than trying to keep this news in-house, and in an attempt to make a trade, the Rangers have now destroyed all of the worth of this near $5M per season asset. Maybe Reddit can help the Rangers boost TDA’s stock on Monday morning.

Bad teams find different ways to lose. Teammates turn on each other on bad teams. Bad teams lose coaches. For a team that I personally was extremely optimistic about going into this season, my hope for a playoff bid (a playoff berth that DQ and the players themselves talked about before the season) is now escaping like air out of a tire that was stabbed by a machete.

If you get anything out of this rambling (my phone has been going crazy as I write this, so I apologize if I come off as all over the place, in an attempt to gather all of my thoughts) it’s this – it looks like the downward spiral is continuing, a downward spiral that might only cease to end with the removal of the head coach. For months, I’ve been as positive as anyone, in anticipation of this season. Now, just eight games into this season, this season looks like it could be lost by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. (And I don’t think TDA and DQ will be exchanging boxes of chocolate with one another either!) At this point in time, we need a winning streak badly.

There will be a lot more DeAngelo talk tomorrow, as his future and the Rangers salary cap situation will now become stories. I know for many fans, this stuff makes you groan.

Real quick before going home here, let me get into the rest of the news as a result of this story.

When one door closes, another one opens. (Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images)

With TDA now out of the picture, David Quinn said that Island Park, NY native, in Anthony Bitetto, will get his first game of the season on Monday night against Pittsburgh. I’m happy for the kid. This is a dream come true for him, as this life-long Ranger fan gets to play on MSG ice, for the first time as a Ranger. As talked about on past blogs, I have mutual friends of Bitetto and I know they are all excited. Maybe that’s the silver lining to this story! (Of note, I’ve only met Bitetto once or twice at a bar, before his NHL career began, and the extent of my conversations with him were “hi” and “bye”.)

Colin Blackwell is now expected to miss anywhere from 7-10 games. Julien Gauthier is now expected to re-enter the line-up in Blackwell’s steed.

Georgiev didn’t practice on Saturday, as he had a “maintenance day”. While DeAngelo and Georgiev didn’t get physical with one another, maybe Georgiev got the day off to calm his nerves. Then again, he faced a lot of pucks on Saturday night, so maybe he was going to get the day off to begin with.

If Monday night against Pittsburgh wasn’t big enough, as the Rangers try to turn the tide, this game is now even more important for the Rangers to come out on the right end of. And just to think, the Rangers haven’t played any of the top three teams in the division yet, in the Capitals, Flyers and Bruins. Things could get scary real quick.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to this blog for the next update:

The best of luck to Tony DeAngelo moving forward. Without question, he is now at the crossroads of his career, where he will need to keep his temper in control. If he doesn’t he’ll be considered too toxic to sign. Photo Credit: Aaron Davis

24 hours ago, I closed this blog off with, “see ya Monday, and with hopefully a more positive tone.” It’s amazing how time can change everything.

See you tomorrow night.

As always here, thanks for reading and…


Sean McCaffrey


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32 thoughts on “BCBS For 2/1: The Never-Ending Tony DeAngelo Saga Nearing Its Conclusion; New York Rangers Waive Tony DeAngelo, DeAngelo’s Altercation with Teammates, TDA’s Temper, Looking At Every Possible End Result of this Major Decision, Facts vs Fake News Fiction; ESPN Exposes Adam Hermtrans, NYR Salary Cap, David Quinn’s First Pivotal Moment Of His John Tortorella Act; DQ’s Hot Seat, NYR Now in Sink or Swim Territory & More

  1. Yea that Adam Hermyn has really proved himself to be a class A sleazebag.

    The irony is that people like Hermyn act so holier than though, self righteous and seem to think they occupy some morally superior high ground yet they will gin up an obviously phony non story just to slander someone who’s political opinions they disagree with.

    Anybody that follows hockey knows what Tony Denagelo intentions were when he retrieved Miller’s puck on his first NHL goal because it happens nearly every single time a rookie scores his first goal.

    It is age old tradition for a team mate to fetch a rookies first goal as a memento and I have seen the same thing a 100 or even 100’s of times going all the way back to the 1960’s

    Hermyn knows this but he saw a chance to drum up a gotcha and throw out the racism card so he went with it even though he knows it was a false claim and that is indeed a sleazebag move.

    If Tony had skated away and left the puck there THAT might have been notable and an indication of trouble between him and Miller not the other way round.

    The nasty little prick even added a gif of Tony D fishing the puck out of the net as if it was some kind of big reveal or gotcha moment!!…..look! look! …Tony D is keeping Miller’s puck!!!….Oh my God!….racism!!… racism!!……and it is all completely contrived bullshit and slander.

    These other stooges on BS Bullshit and in the hockey MSM going along with this nonsense as if there was any controversy at all is sickening as well.

    How the hell can you have the moral high ground when you have absolutely no sense of ethics or fair play?

    Wyshniski is no better and if he reported the actual truth of the matter my guess is he only did so in order to stick it to Hermyn….they are a vindictive and petty lot these social justice warriors……..hey but it is all for a good cause right, so anything goes and the truth does not matter, right?

    Some moral high ground.

    Well at least as a perpetual Ranger fatalist I always quickly throw in the towel and resign myself to the fact they are probably going to suck so there will be no aggra going forward and if they can turn it around I get a bonus.

    1. I don’t even know how Adam H. is a hockey fan. Maybe it’s because he can make charts of it.

      Exactly, the hypocrisy among those folks knows no bounds. Do as I say, not as I do.

      What did these people think, TDA put the puck in his shorts and hid it in the locker room? It’s so crazy that people entertained this as being true.

      Next thing you’ll know, these people will report that TDA tried to get on the ice before Miller and Lafreniere could have ice to themselves, before their first NHL game.

      I really hope TDA sues Hermtrans, he has a huge case if he does. I don’t know how anyone could buy this Miller goal story as true. It’s so ridiculous.
      It is always entertaining to see these high morale hypocrites go after each other tho, as you said!

      How do you feel on DQ? YOu see him lasting?

  2. I don’t know, I usually blame the players and not the coach and I was ok with Torts, AV and up till now DQ but maybe the Rangers will need to change coaches.

    I think if the Rangers continue to slide we are in for a new coach whether we like it or not.

    One thing I am sure of is that there will be an endless stream of these race bait stories coming out of the NHL from here on in and I have been anticipating this happening since the day they hired Kim Davis from JP Morgan to run the leagues diversity operation.

    If your job depends on finding race issues you will find them anywhere and everywhere.

    Next up I expect the HDA to latch onto and trot out some current disgruntled players to further their objectives…….the main one being squeezing money out of the league which will then go towards 6 and 7 figure salaries for the “executives” at the HDA………most of the money going to SG&A expenses………and very little to the actual “cause”……….which is how these grift rackets and most organized charities in general operate these days. Then it all becomes a self fulfilling prophecy……they need to find race issues to grieve about because they need the grievances to get the money and the money then provides the motive to find even more grievances in order to get more money…….then on and on it goes in circular fashion and in perpetuity.

    1. Kim Davis is definitely helping to ruin the NHL. I bet she’s largely responsible for that disgraceful BLM promotion in the bubble. Their playoff ratings were down 60%, but I don’t get the impression that they’ve learned their lesson. The last team sport with any hope for not being completely SJW-run, but that hope is fading away unfortunately.

        1. True, there are literally no funny comedians anymore. Amy Schumer gets pawned off as what’s “funny”. Even Chris Rock doesn’t say anything funny anymore because someone will always be offended.

          Dunno about the whole world. America is particularly overrun with SJW. I watch tennis and it was so refreshing, after the BLM U.S. Open, to watch the French Open and just see sports with no political crap. Other countries are much more sane right now in their cultures.

          1. Look how they canceled Anthony Jeselnik too. Schumer was never funny. It’s a shame Artie Lange has issues because he was always my favorite. I don’t watch Tennis, so thanks for sharing that story.

  3. My God Hermyn is an incredible dweeb, he is now playing the victim and looking for sympathy claiming he is so so very very “anxious”

    : (

    He slanders a guy with a completely contrived story in order to play his racism gotcha game yet he is the victim here?

    : )

  4. Who knows, maybe Tony clears waivers, gets sent to Hartford, cooler heads in the locker room prevail and they realize they need him playing……cooler heads including Georgiev……Tony does a stint in the minors and decides he must mend his ways because the handwriting is on the wall then after a cooling off period he is back on the team and after that it is wins and wins and hugs and kisses and nice nice Kumbaya stuff all around…………..and we all learned a valuable lesson!

    I am not counting on it though

  5. The same SJW jerkoffs who are offended by POTVIN SUCKS are threatened by Tony D. simply because he has a differing point of view. Their abject lunacy is never grounded in truth or reality whatsoever. The Adam Hermtrans and his ilk of the world are so off base and delusional that it makes you wonder how they conjure up such utter horseshit. The flimsy accusations, constant race-baiting, and groupthink outrage begs the question who are the real racists? Makes you wonder…

    1. What Hermtrans did to Miller was pure hypocrisy. Hermtrans wanted to sue Miller’s background to serve his own purpose. Good on JD for killing that shit.

  6. I’m still living rent free in your head. I know you miss me. I know I’m the one you think about when you can’t sleep at night. You know you still want me as your goalie now that I’m not there. I’ll see you again tonight when you can’t sleep or the Rangers come on Sean. Bye for now.

  7. Don’t pretend to know what JD is thinking . But do know he didn’t delay canning Todd Richards and bring in Tortarella after an 0-7 start. CBJ was then 1 game over .500 rest of the season but did not make the playoffs because of that start. Pretty much since Igor’s injury, this is a 4-14 team in a parity league that should have any team win at least 45% of it’s game by showing up alone. But really you get into what’s the alternative. Gerard Gallant has a solid rep, but is this a guy JD and Gorton know. And after Gorton circling back to Quinn after he turned him down the first time he asked, can he fire him and eat the crow involved in that.

    Since nobody wants Deangelo, entirely possible under a new coach(or even Quinn) he could be back here as Brendan Smith is right now.

    1. I feel that Gallant lands with Seattle. After the press conference on Monday, I thought it JD & Gorton backing their coach, as well as everything else that was said. Looks like TDA is finished, which blows for both parties.

  8. Even though it appears unlikely, I’d like to see DeAngelo play in the minors for a while and come back. I want to be able to continue to root for the Rangers, and have them not be responsible for ending the career of one of the very few courageous conservatives in pro sports. (There are plenty of conservatives, but they hide their views so they don’t get heat from pronoun-identifying morons on twitter.) If Tony D goes to another team I’ll root for him there. Most of all I hope he’s doing ok personally. He’s a kid has lots of talent and gets a lot of unwarranted attacks. One of the most interesting hockey players around.

    1. Yeah, he’s not going to Hartford.

      With what’s happened with TDA, you’ll rarely see a player admitting they are a Republican again, even if the majority of the league has these views.

      I’m rooting for TDA the person, he got destroyed by assholes from day one and he could never get over it. Now, he’s on thin ice. I hope he has a redemption story.

  9. Was listening to Michael Kay show and Don LaGreca said the DeAngelo waiver is due to him being a hothead, as well as his struggles this year. Denied it had anything to do with his support of Trump or any issues with K’Andre Miller. Don said the Miller rift stories are completely untrue.

  10. Sean
    Not to worry, all will be well now that we have Jonny “The Puck Goes Inski” Brodzinski playing center for us!

    : )

    Well it could happen

  11. Agreed. I saw a commenter somewhere who suggested Tony might be better off in a smaller market with less of a SJW contingent. From what I gather he would fit in well in Columbus. Maybe Buffalo, Florida, or Arizona again. Regardless, I am rooting for him also. My advice to Tony is to focus completely on hockey. Become a better player. Stay off social media for the most part. Years from now he can work for Fox or run for office or whatever. Now, he needs to become the player that shuts the haters up.

    I’d say it’s already the case that outward conservatives are rare in the team sports because of the media sharks. Brady and Brees couldn’t even do it. UFC has tons of Trump supporters.

    1. While Hermtrans and that ilk didn’t help, at the end of the day, it was TDA who started with Georgiev. Idk if a market matters really. He just has to keep his head on his shoulders and be a good teammate. While Dana White gets shit, nothing has been able to take him down, which is refreshing. They have tried to cancel Colby Covington, but have failed too. (Colby needs to start winning fights again tho.)

      Look at the retired athletes – you have people writing hit pieces and trying to cancel Orr and Schilling over their views too.

      1. Schilling might not make the Hall of Fame because of his political views, which just astounds me. He’s not even close to a borderline case. Colby DID win his last fight – against an open BLM supporter. Lots of trash talk before that one. But the media was vicious to Colby, calling him “racist” for saying some borderline racial stuff to Usman. What is wrong with these people? It’s all in good fun. I had no problem with that Clippers player who called Luka a “bitch ass white boy” last year either.

        1. I’m a Yankee fan, so eff Schilling and the Sox, but he did have a HOF career. You’re right about Colby’s last fight, I was talking about his big fight with Usman. That was the one he needed to win. His fight over Woodley was a step in the right direction, even tho Woodley is probably shot and near retirement.

          I don’t have a problem with that NBA incident, except for the hypocrisy. After all, this is the same league that got rid of a 30+ year announcer over saying everyone’s life matters.

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